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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 9, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. we begin tonight with a bay area couple who thinks they have a solution to a nationwide problem, the rising cost of health care. it seems pretty simple, like a gym membership. but is it really working and why aren't more doctor doing this? we bring in marianne favro. >> reporter: medical membership is designed for people who have lost their jobs and have no insurance and part-time workers who may not get full benefits. patients can save a lot of money by signing up for direct primary care, because they can eliminate the middle man, in this case the insurance company. >> let's listen to your lungs. why don't you come on in. >> reporter: richard gregson says he couldn't be happier with his medical care. his new doctor helped him recover from walking pneumonia. richard thought he might be recovering from a hefty bill. but because he is a med lion
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patient he only pays a $49 a month membership fee and $10 a visit, less than most gym memberships. >> i'm feeling better. i feel much healthier. and probably the most important thing, i don't have to worry about who i go to if i'm sick. >> reporter: dr. kamar and his wife started med lion in monterey just over a year ago. their medical membership practice grew so fast they just opened a new office in mountain view, mostly serving the uninsured and unemployment with no insurance. how can he afford to keep patients' rates so low? >> insurance paperwork can take up to 30 to 40% overhead for a physician's office. we save on all of that because we just bill the patients directly. there's no insurance, there's no coding, there's no rebilling. >> reporter: and because this practice is not bound by insurance regulations, the doctor doesn't have to see thousands of patients to turn a profit.
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he says he won't accept more than 2,000 patients, less than the national average. with fewer patients, he has more time with each. most visits last 30 to 45 minutes. dr. kamar also helps patients navigate other medical services. if you do need to see a specialist, medlion can refer you to a doctor who is willing to offer substantial discounts for cash-paying patients. the practice also negotiates lower fees for patients. >> they receive up to 40% to 50% off with laboratories that we have contracts with. they receive 40% to 50% off of imaging with private radiology firms we have arrangements with. >> reporter: it's not just the care that has left richard breathing easier. >> you walk out feeling like i'm going to be okay. i'm not going to fall through the cracks. >> reporter: medical membership, insuring good health without insurance. this concept is so popular,
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medlion is looking into opening offices in berkeley and san francisco. >> what happens if it's something more serious that requires surgery, for instance. then what happens? >> reporter: that's a good point, medlion encourages all its patients to take out high deductible catastrophic insurance to cover the cost of surgery on any other major medical emergency. well, federal investigators are checking the background of a man who they say rattled the nerves of passengers and crew on a flight to sfo. investigators say that that the man holds a passport from yemen, home to one of the most active branches of al qaeda. that security scare comes as concerns that extremists will try to attack in retaliation for osama bin laden's death. we want to show you a photograph that shows the chaos inside that airplane's main cabin. kris sanchez joins us with the very latest on this investigation. that must have been some very
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unnerving moments on that flight. >> reporter: i would assume so. we have the court documents today that detail exactly how this all happened. according to that court document the flight attendant saw the somebody go up to the cockpit door and mess with the handle. he directed him to the bathroom on the other side of the aisle. that's when the suspect allegedly looked at the flight attendant, leaned in and rammed his shoulder into the cockpit door anyway. a passenger picture from last night's american airlines flight 1561 illustrates the moment when ten moments before landing at sfo, a fellow passenger allegedly walked through a coach through first class to yell and bang on the cockpit door. this is a 28-year-old man after he was arrested for allegedly refusing to return to his seat and ramming his shoulder into the door of the cockpit instead. >> my understanding was that he did go up to the door and he did place his hands on the door. no access was made into the flight deck at all. it does go into lockdown there when the flight is in the air,
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so no access was gained into the flight deck. >> reporter: two flight attendants and two passengers managed to take the man down, cuff him and hold him until he was handed over to police after landing. the man has a california i.d., a vallejo address and a passport from yemen. that fact plus the recent killing of osama bin laden makes some passengers nervous. >> we arrived here two weeks ago. when we heard the news a couple of days ago about that, it just, oh, dear, how is this airport security now and how is flying secure. >> red flags. you think about that and you think about the troubles over in yemen and how a lot of the terrorist activities sort of come out of that part of the world. so, yeah, it does make you think. >> reporter: this was the third recent in-air scare for passengers in addition to the american airlines incident, on a continental flight a man allegedly tried to open a plane door and a delta flight was
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diverted to albuquerque for an unfounded suspicious device search. more than one passenger says spending extra time in security is no problem. >> coming here i was chosen randomly and i'm happy to cooperate. i don't have anything to hide, so that's fine. >> reporter: now, the suspect will appear before a federal judge in san francisco tomorrow. we're hoping to hear more details then. but we do know one thing and that is that the two passengers helped to restrain him certainly knew what they were doing. one was a retired san mateo police officer, the other, a former secret service agent. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. new tonight at 6:00, a shootout in houston that's connected to san francisco. a man wanted by sfpd is dead after a two-hour standoff in texas. 20-year-old jesse brown injured two police officers before killing himself during a shootout that began at a downtown houston bus station over the weekend. they say he may have been on the run since a gang-related shooting that injured three
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people in san francisco last halloween, which included a 3-year-old girl. brown was on his way to georgia when he exchanged gunfire with officers after a greyhound ticket agent saw his handgun in his baggage. in south san francisco our nbc helicopter working this scene. a s.w.a.t. team responding today to a situation at a home near miller and orange avenues right off 280. neighbors tell us the s.w.a.t. team was in full gear and a sniper positioned himself on a nearby rooftop. witnesses also say two people were taken into custody and another person was taken away by ambulance. pg&e is now conducting the first hydro static tests on more than 150 miles of natural gas pipeline across the bay area. first up, a gas transmission line in mountain view. the mile and a half section of pipe runs between shoreline gulf lynx on shoreline boulevard and creditendon middle school on rock street. the crews will conduct testing to detect any defects similar to
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the ones that caused a deadly explosion in san bruno last year. crews are also veptinting, whics the process of eliminating natural gas in the line. well, she lived through an unimaginable or deal and now she's ready to share her story. kidnapping victim jaycee dugard about to have her heart-breaking memoir published. she recounts her abduction by philip and nancy garrido. both have pleaded guilty to kidnapping and holding her captive 18 years. the book covers when she was taken at age 47in 1991. she opens up about what she experienced, including having two children with garrido. now to the dilemma with hybrid cars. those yellow stickers which allow solo drivers free access to the car pool lane are about to expire. thousands are scrambling for another option.
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we bring in jodi hernandez who jones us from concord. what's the next big thing here. those free passes was a huge perk. >> reporter: i tell you, people are very disappointed. thousands of hybrid drivers are getting letters like this one from the dmv letting them know the state is putting the brakes on the yellow sticker program. that means thank yoousands of p who have grown accustomed to driving in the diamond lane will soon have to move over and slow down. >> not happy. definitely not happy with the system right now. >> reporter: that's because john weeks' daily commute is about to get more painful. his honda hybrid yellow stickers, weeks' key to the car pool lane, are about to expire. starting july 1st, 85,000 hybrids will be sent to the slow lane as the popular car pool perk program comes to an end. >> i'm not thrilled about it. it's going to add another 15 minutes each way to my commute. >> the only cars you can get stickers are to replace those
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are the natural gas vehicles and fully electric vehicles. >> reporter: the folks at berkeley honda say commuters are scrambling to trade in their hybrids for even cleaner-burning cars that still qualify for the diamond lane pass. the honda civic gx is one of them. >> within the last three or four weeks, there's been a real influx of the people that are about to lose their lane stickers, and they want something that can get them back into the commute lanes. >> reporter: but dealerships are selling out fast. berkeley honda has just two left, and more of the natural gas cars aren't expect ed to come in until october. >> it's a great car, it drives great. you wouldn't know you're not driving in the regular civic. and if you wait too long, you're going to have to wait a long time. >> reporter: but while weeks will miss his diamond lane privileges, he says he's not quite ready to experiment with electric or natural gas. >> natural gas, there's just not
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enough support for them right now and not enough places to fuel them up at this point. so until the infrastructure gets in place to support those kind of vehicles, right now we're stuck with hybrids. >> reporter: and that means stuck in the slow lane with everyone else. again, the yellow sticker program will expire in less than two months. starting july 1st, hybrids caught driving solo in the fast lane will face a fine of $450. reporting live in concord, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. that hurts. >> wow, that is steep! okay, thanks, jodi. still ahead at 6:00, it's a map without batterieses, without a computer. yes, believe it or not, the project that may be among the first of its kind in the u.s. that aims to bring a bay area community together. how it's helping them find their way. i'm scott budman. it's no longer a hit record, now it's a hit download. coming up, the music and tech summit and how you can benefit.
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also, you be the judge. is it elitist or simply practical? the controversial new plan for the uc system that could make uc berkeley's tuition even more expensive. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a great start to the week. we did have some 70s but already starting to cool off with plenty of 50s right along the coastline. we'll talkfor bo raifor ai tomorrow and we're even tracking a few showers that. and your seven-day forecast coming up. to
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well. well, they have already raised tuitions, cut classes, had layoffs and now they want to vary tuition rates at ten campuses. those considered among the best in the system would cost more than others. opponents say it's completely elitist. here's the breakdown. >> reporter: in sacramento, the
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first day of a week of protests as unionized teachers attempt to pressure legislative republicans who are blocking an effort to extend billions of dollars in tax hikes, money that without which could result in more cuts to public education. david sanchez heads the california teachers association. >> together we'll be talking to lawmakers and we will be engaging in special activities each day. >> reporter: the unions face a deadline, increases in car taxes, income and state sales tax expire at the end of june and polls indicate the public is less likely to agree to new taxes than to extend ones they're already paying. the california system of k through 12 education isn't the only institution facing billions more in budget cuts. so too, for example, is the university of california, which is rethinking the way it raises and spends money. uc officials are considering a plan that would increase tuition at the two most sought-after campuses, cal berkeley and ucla.
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the other eight campuses would cost less. >> would you pay more to come here? >> if i could afford it, i would. >> reporter: can you now? >> probably not. >> i've been to riverside, i think i'd pay more to go here because it has the reputation and the name. >> reporter: much targeted to out of state students. >> i chose ucla over other ucs, so i think it would because i just really liked it a lot more, so yeah. >> reporter: you'd pay more? >> i would. >> it will be an interesting debate. conan nolan reporting from los angeles. six bay area cities are still in the running for an economic boft. uc berkeley is building another campus for its lawrence lab. they want to consolidate 20% of its workers who are currently scattered across sites in the bay area. the six finalists for the second campus are alameda point, berkeley aquatic park, brooklyn basin in oakland,
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emeryville/berkeley, golden gate fields and richmond field -- and the richmond field station. the decision will be made by late november. police suspect arson in a two-alarm fire that destroyed a home in east contra costa. it happened in oakley. here's the map on the bayview drive. the two-story home was gutted. no one was home when the blaze broke out around midnight last night. when crews arrived, the house was completely engulfed in flames. it took three dozen firefighters about 90 minutes to control this blaze. the house is a total loss, but crews kept the blaze from spreading to adjacent homes. san francisco mayor ed lee says the city will provide free charging of electric vehicles for everybody. 19 city-owned garages and the san francisco international airport will provide the charging stations. mayor lee says the new infrastructure will make it easier for people charge when they're not at home.
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lee is hoping to reduce greenhouse gases 20% below 1990 levels by next year. the charging stations will stay free until 2013. by now, most muni riders have already replaced that paper fast pass card with a clipper card. now seniors and kids have to make the switch to clipper. as of june 3rd, seniors need to make the transition. kids, though, have until the start of the new school year. seniors and youth require special applications and must prove their age in order to get the discounted card. the reusable clipper cards need to be reloaded each month, so you know. there's a major traffic alert on the road to lake tahoe. highway 50 will be closed for the next two weeks beginning this wednesday. caltrans is repairing a wall at echo summit. they have a detour in place but that detour will add about 35 miles to the drive from sacramento to southlake tahoe. you can avoid this altogether by taking highway 80 or highway 88. >> if you go this weekend,
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though, you might get a little bit of rain, jeff ranieri? >> oh, yes. we are talking about bigger changes coming our way in the next seven-day forecast. today was a real nice start to the week with warmer weather. 69 in san jose, sdmechb livermore and also upper 60s and low 70s right throughout the north bay and of course along the coastline a little bit cooler. let's take a look at the rare. we are tracking a few sierra snowflakes from this late-season system pushing across the sierra. not much expected. it also did produce a few raindrops here in south bay. otherwise right now outside across the bay in oakland, looking towards the north bay, 62 right now, winds westerlily at 12 and we're not seeing any fog forming at the moment. 66 in san jose and currently 65 in livermore. tonight we have a few clouds coming our way. no major activity here offshore and this little spinner of a system will continue to push down to the south and we are
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looking at some dry conditions here into tomorrow. however, big-time changes ahead. yes, we have this region of high pressure offshore that. will keep us dry the next three days, but much cooler air and even some rainfall is awaiting us here in the next seven-day forecast. meanwhile as we start off into tomorrow, a look at those numbers in the 50s and 60s and then by 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. a decent warm-up coming our way. we'll talk about the rain a little later on in the show. still a aheadt 6:00, fired up teachers descending on the state capitol to kick off a week of protests over education cuts. also ahead, research has long shown that gay men are more at risk of contracting hiv. but a new study shows they're more likely to develop another serioushe condition. and the tech giant overtaking goog for a prosperous
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you're heard the expression what's in a name. maybe the better expression should be what's in a brand. how about $150 billion and that brand is based right here in the bay area. >> in fact many of the world's most valuable brands come from the silicon valley, all about 15, 20 miles apart from each other. scott budman is with us. not just bragging rights, scott, this is big money here. >> very much, raj. if you ask the annual most valuable brand survey, we buy our tv sets, even soft drinks largely because of the brands. apple is the most valuable brand in the world. the iphone and ipad maker's brand alone said to be worth $150 billion. google came in second and four of the top five brands in the world come from tech. the exception, mcdonald's. that's a pretty popular brand too. the fastest growing brand in the world also from here, that would be facebook in 35th place overall. speaking of big money, let's
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check yours. a good day for the markets, even as housing markets continue to fall. stocks up today, commodities also up. big rebound day for oil futures, up more than 5%. all right, you can make money in stocks or commodities, but music? that's been tough lately, as the music business changes. as we saw it, san francisco's music tech summit today, the web is the place to go for musicians, but profit takes patience. it looks and sounds like something you'd play in the star wars cantina. but if you like drums or acan you say -- acoustic guitar or even the cello, you can make it happen with this harp. >> the thing behind this was to create an instrument to play
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with expression but using electronic sounds. >> reporter: whether you play classical music or if techno is your thing, you're probably using the internet, especially social networking sites, to get the word out. >> you know, you want to reach out to your fans and that's what your fans are using. it's a great way to interact with them. >> for instance, facebook with plug-ins like root music or sound cloud allow them to share music and get votes on music and audience feedback. it's very easy to spread that through friends of friends of friends. >> reporter: it's all about making friends here at the tech music summit where artists no longer chasing or being chased by major music labels are turning to technology to attract paying customers. no sure thing, as most of us expect our dot-com dant fconten
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free. >> it's one thing to get a whole bunch of youtube views or facebook fans but how do you turn that into money. that's a problem that you need a manager to tackle. >> reporter: tech and music are likely to be linked from here on out, still trying to make money, but already sounding pretty good. the music tech convention pulled in close to a thousand people today. if you're interested in that harp we showed you, it is for sale for about $7,000, raj. >> all right, thank you. topping our healthwatch now, new research shows gay men are almost twice as likely to report cancer than straight men, but the findings don't necessarily mean that being gay increases the risk of cancer. more studies are needed to see if the findings suggest that cancer history stems from gay men receiving more diagnosis more than straight men or if they are surviving cancer. they also found lesbian are
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twice as likely to report fair or normal health after reporting cancer. a bay area man's labor of love leads to a free gift for everyone in mill valley. a first of its kind giving everybody a never-before-seen look into the town. also ahead, a new lease on life. the man who received the first full patient transplant in the united states makes his first public appearance. and mounting concern in the tennessee valley as the mississippi river is expected to crest at what could be record levels. and why a newspaper is apologizing over what apologizing over what it did to that iconic white house picture from the night osama bin laden was killed. we're back in two minutes. it
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not buying it. according to an nbc news poll that just came out, 71% of americans don't believe the pakistani government when it says it did not help hide osama bin laden. the government meanwhile is warning washington that if the
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u.s. sends more navy s.e.a.l.s, pakistani forces may attack them. nbc's steve handelsman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: aides say president obama expected today's tough talk from pakistan. the prime minister denying pakistan was, quote, in cahoots with al qaeda, saying don't blame us for the failure to find osama bin laden. >> pakistan alone cannot be held to account for flawed policies and blunders of others. >> reporter: he wander any future u.s. strike could meet pakistani counterforce. at the white house today, no apparent offense taken. >> well, we remain confident that we will continue to be able to cooperate with the pakistani government. >> reporter: and pakistan today agreed to let u.s. agents interview osama bin laden's wives. meanwhile, as the public watches bin laden's home videos seized by the s.e.a.l.s, experts say analysis of his hard drives is revealing al qaeda's secrets,
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dot by dot, code names, phone numbers. >> you'll see the ability to take those mundane dots and the more explicit dots, the names of war, and connect them in a way that will ultimately unravel the organization. >> reporter: on "60 minutes" president obama predicted the end of the bin laden branch. >> we've got the opportunity, i think, to really finally defeat at least al qaeda in that border region between pakistan and afghanistan. >> reporter: which is why, he said, u.s. forces have to keep the pressure on in afghanistan. 80% of americans in today's nbc news poll back the decision to kill osama bin laden. strong approval that pollsters say could rub off on the commander in chief. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. that's one of the most notable photos of the year so far, the image of the white house situation room taken on may 1st as the president's team followed the progress of the raid on osama bin laden's
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compound. the photo was republished by news organizations around the world, but a newspaperder tzitung removed images of hillary clinton and a female staffer and says it never publishes women's photos because of modesty. stay with nbc bay area news for our continuing coverage of the death of osama bin laden. we also have extensive coverage on our website over at now on nbc bay area follow-up, the san ramon police officer arrested last week in connection to a alleged law enforcement drug scheme, an alleged dirty pi chris butler is out on bail tonight despite investigators fears that he may be in danger. in court documents obtained by nbc bay area, the prosecutor says lombardi has made illegal threats to several people and that he may be a danger to the public. the prosecutor also claims
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lombardi illegally kept money seized from police investigations and that he may have used that money to post his $500,000 bail. lombardi, by the way, will be back in court on friday. teachers up and down california are cutting class to carry out a week-long protest at the state capitol. reporter kevin riggs has more from our nbc station in sacramento. >> they say cut back, we say fight back. >> reporter: they circled the capitol to dramatize what the california teachers association has dubbed a state of emergency, hoping to head off deep cuts in state spending. >> we discovered that being cordial and polite hasn't worked, so now we're going to ratchet it up a bit. >> reporter: educators are alarmed by governor brown's failure to reach an agreement with republicans to place tax extensions on a statewide ballot. they are paying for classroom substitutes to allow teachers to come to the capitol. >> the concern is if you put it on an initiative in the fall, it
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is no longer an extension of the current taxes, it becomes new taxes and that is more challenging to pass with the public. >> for every one of us that does show up, there's a good 50,000 in the classroom to make sure the kids get an education. >> they assume governor brown would sign the taxes even though he said a public vote must come first. >> if they couldn't get two republicans in each house to vote to put something on the ballot, i doubt they'll raise them directly. >> reporter: kevin riggs, nbc bay area news. a bill to ensure that charter schools are doing a good job is making its way through the state senate. schools that continually fail to meet goals will not automatically have their licenses renewed. california has more charter schools educating more students than any other state. even the head of the charter school association says the schools need more oversight. that bullet train from san francisco to l.a. is picking up speed. today a $300 million grant from the federal government. when florida's governor rejected
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the cash for its high-speed rail project, the transportation department gave it to california and 14 other states. the money will fund the central valley portion of the rail line where the train will reach its highest speeds of 220 miles per hour. ultimately the line will run 520 miles, linking san francisco and l.a. even though billions of dollars are still needed, construction will begin by the fall of next year. otherwise, the state could lose previous federal grant money. reports of mortgage fraud were down last year. that's the upside. the downside, mortgage fraud dropped primarily because the real estate market is so poor. regardless of the market, though, be aware for the fifth straight year california is one of the worst states for mortgage fraud. the "sacramento bee" reporting california ranks third behind new york and florida. arizona's governor is going straight to the top and predicting that the u.s. supreme court will allow her state to enact its controversial immigration law. governor jan brewer says she'll
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ask the u.s. supreme court to overturn a ruling that put parts of that law on hold. that decision came last month. arizona's attorney general says going straight to the supreme court will save time and money. among the provisions are mandates that immigrants carry registration papers and allow police to question the immigration status of anyone they stop. well, the mighty mississippi just keeps rolling right over its banks, and that means flooding from memphis and cities downstream tonight. relentless rainfall and snow melt from up north has the mississippi at its banks, cresting in memphis 14 feet above flood stage. low-lying areas are looking at four to five feet of water and it took more than a week for the river to rise this high. officials there say it will take at least a week or more for it to recede. the army corps of engineers opening flood gates to help ease pressure downstream. >> we've reached the trigger to operate the spillway, which is
6:37 pm
1.2 million cubic feet per second passing new orleans. >> people in louisiana are already moving out of the way of the coming water. levees have been weakened by storms, tornados and, yes, lots of storms. they're going to try it again after weeks of delay. the space shuttle is now set to lift off one week from today. space shuttle "endeavour" will have its second chance for its final voyage. on april 29th you might recall an electrical problem prevented the shuttle from blasting off. commander mark kelly will lead the six-man crew. he is the husband of arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords who was shot in the head earlier this year. once again, she does plan on being there for the launch. "endeavour" is loaded with a $2 billion particle physics experiment for the international space station. still ahead at 6:00, forget that gps. a bay area man is keeping it old-fashioned. his unique project mapping out his hometown. and the man who received the first full facial transplant in the united states makes his debut in front of the cameras. what he's saying about the
6:38 pm
procedure. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a few 70s today but still on the cool side for you in san jose th 69. tonight we will be mesoindanmels a l aetlit a bit of thund storm activity here from -- just beforehue 6:00 in send send us your pictures if you have them from san martin down to gilroy. 7 u
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go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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. the story is remarkable but we want to warn you some of the video might be disturbing. a transplant patient is now facing the public and he couldn't be happier. six weeks after receiving the first full face transplant, the 26-year-old construction worker is speaking out. dallas weens of ft. worth, texas, joined surgeons in boston after receiving a new nose, lips, skin, muscle and nerves from an unidentified donor. two and a half years ago he suffered life-threatening burns to his head during an accident at work.
6:41 pm
he says his faith in god kept him going and his 3-year-old daughter. she climbed into his lap today and called him handsome. >> she actually said, daddy, you've so handsome. >> since this operation in march, a second person has had a full face transplant at the b brigham and women's hospital in boston. a fuel tank problem that could affect more than two and a half million ford f-150 pickup trucks is under scrutiny by the federal government tonight. the national highway traffic safety administration said the steel straps holding up the truck's gas tank can fail and that allows the tank to drop and make contact with the road which could in turn spark a fire. a couple of hundred reports of falling tanks have been issued along with two resulting fires. luckily no one has been injured in those cases. ford is kwaup rating with the investigation. lawrence scott joining us now. this is a controversial sharks story, talking about patrick
6:42 pm
marlo last night. >> why would you say this. a former teammate calling patrick gutless. he said it twice. it was so rude, he had to say it twice. yeah, this morning the sharks heading back to hockey town. they could have kept the jet in the hangar but they lost last night and they addressed the claim that patrick had a gutless performance. meanwhile 49ers players doing work at a secret location in the south bay. staying disciplined is the key during lockout. and we follow a super bowl champ as he returns to a bay area homeless shelter that he lived in as a child. the full tour with james jones next in sports. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a live look at san jose. we did have some rainfall pass throughout gilroy and martin earlier. you can send us your pics at we're trking big changes in my seven-day forecast. e
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it used to be if you were heading on a trip you would look all through your drawers and find your maps. >> i still have a stack of maps in my car right now but one map maker is going back in time. joe rosato jr. showing us how he's putting his own community on the map. >> drive 0.6 miles. >> reporter: these days if you're heading into foreign territory, there's likely an electronic gizmo to help you find your way. >> recalculating. >> reporter: call him old-fashioned, but bernard prefers a map that doesn't
6:45 pm
require batteries. >> we think there's -- that there's a role for the printed product, and we think the role for it is to be very detailed. this is called a key map. >> reporter: his company, my map book, has begun mapping bay area communities starting with his hometown of mill valley. but where other maps might only include streets or buildings or trails, his maps have them all. >> we add elements that are not usually on other popular maps, so we add the building outlines. it sort of makes the map come alive, you might say. >> reporter: he figures the more the community knows about itself, the closer it becomes. >> this is the part of mill valley so everybody knows the depot. everybody comes here. it's very lively, it's like an italian piazza. >> reporter: his map showing biking trails and escape routes in case of disaster. >> this is a fire road that
6:46 pm
leads to a place where there is danger of forest fire and it could be an evacuation road for people in the area. >> reporter: this weekend, the company mailed out 12,000 free copies of the map books to mill valley residents. >> this is a marshland that was built over and this is the area called enchanted knolls over there. >> i think that it really brings the community together. i grew up in mill virginia so it's great, because i didn't explore all the trails myself. >> reporter: the company supports itself by selling advertising. >> what we think is since maps on the internet are free and there's so many applications, free. >> reporter: he plans to map san rafael next with other cities to follow. a bold dream you might say is all over the map. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> okay, with that story of course there's an addendum here. the map maker hasn't completely ignored the modern world.
6:47 pm
you can find online versions of his maps at all right, let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. we needed a map when there was rain a little earlier today. >> we were talking about in our 5:00 p.m. show this isolated area of rainfall and heavier rainfall just outside of highway 101 earlier tonight but just after 5:30 we did get our picture in here from a viewer, amy mckinney, and take a look at this of the storm shaft as it produced that moderate and even heavier rainfall right across the foothill locations. so, of course, we want to see your pictures. send those in any time to there were also some wind gusts associated with it that did bring down a few power lines. again, very isolated activity to san martin, gilroy and also morgan hill. let's bring you back and get you a live look at the radar. once again, that was around 5:30. you can sear we are completely
6:48 pm
dry from that popcorn thunderstorm that just obviously popped up and throughout most of the south bay we're currently looking at clear skies. up across the sierra, we do have some snowflakes happening, some late season snow. nothing major. not expecting any huge accumulations but definitely keeping the roadway slick. otherwise right now it is cool out there. 59 in san mateo, 65 in livermore and currently 66 in livermore. so let's get a look at tonight. we are going to see some breezy conditions. it's going to stay cool but tomorrow the thing to watch is the wind as it will ramp up and we'll see warming inland. then a dramatic turn in our weather with a late season storm we'll be watching in our seven-day forecast. as we head throughout tomorrow a look at some 70s inland. also breezy conditions. and then throughout wednesday we'll see the numbers go down a little bit but it's going to be very enjoyable outside. let's get a look. throughout tonight we're not seeing anything in the way of cloud cover building here off the coastline, it's clear.
6:49 pm
and then tomorrow morning fog-free conditions for the k t coastli coastline. tomorrow for the east bay we're looking at mid to upper 40s to start. around 11:00 a.m. the wind picks up and temperatures in the mid-60s. as far as tomorrow morning goes, 46 in los gatos, 47 in napa and 44 in santa rosa. how are you all doing over there? we have some visitors in the studio. what high school are you from? amador valley high school. thanks for coming on out. low to mid-70s. they're right next to the green wall so i had to say next to them. it would not have been nice to ignore you guys. >> don't badger them. >> i'm not, i'm not, i said hello. 74 in concord and we're looking at 74 in santa rosa and 55 in bodega bay. on your seven-day forecast, we talked about big changes saturday and sunday with showers and mid-60s. there's time that this still could change a little bit, but, raj, your barbecue may be on hold.
6:50 pm
>> oh, my goodness. we'll just have to hang out with the kids. >> and you know their color is purple so -- >> let's bring in lawrence scott with sports. good evening. this really is a lot of flying around and the sharks could have had one less round trip to and from detroit but that required winning last night, which after leading 3-1 in the third became easier said than done with the red wings scoring three unanswered goals to keep their season alive. so today the sharks left san jose addressing criticism. more specifically criticism from a former teammate in the post game last night versus studio analyst jeremy ronick intimating patrick played with a lack of heart with a, quote, gutless, gutless performance. those harsh comments addressed today. >> you know, things that are said, i mean there's nothing i can do about it.
6:51 pm
people are going to say things. i'm going to go back to what i said earlier about what i can control is how i play and how i get ready for the games. >> we're not going to give up, he's not going to give up. we all need to be better and he's a huge part of this team. hopefully the next game will be his best. >> comprehensive coverage of every bay area team at 10:0030 on comcast sportsnet central. pro football players with a league that won't let them come to work must take matters into their own hands even if it means hiding out while working out at an undisclosed location in the south bay. they site security concerns. alex smith and other members of the 49ers team getting ready for if and when there's this season and they're doing it sledgehammers, scissor kicks and other drills. we also found a member of the packers back home in the south bay. before he made his name in
6:52 pm
football and green bay or at san jose state, james jones was homeless as a child. he recently returned to one of the shelters he lived in to bring the families there now a message of hope. >> hi, i'm james jones, super bowl champion. today i'm just going to take you guys into the homeless shelter where i stayed at, where i grew up at. we're taking a tour. the place looks a lot different than when we were here, but a lot of similar stuff as well. we're just taking a tour and bringing back a lot of memories, you know. this was home for us one time so, you know, it's good to come back and see how it's doing. they're doing a great job, a lot of good stuff for the people here. oh, yeah, they done hooked the basketball court up. i never could miss on that thing. there wasn't no net when we was here. i stayed in the corner one right there. >> that's a pretty little room. >> it was.
6:53 pm
>> i should take a picture by our door. get ready to serve dinner. you know, a lot of people have foundations and all this stuff and, you know, they have got other people doing stuff for them. from my humble background, i always told myself if i made it and i started a foundation, i want to be a part of the kids' lives. so i'm hands-on, so i'm going to get my hands dirty. i'm trying to serve some food. we've got lemon cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. we have garlic bread, we have fried chicken, we have spaghetti, we have salad. we've got hem made lemon aid over there, so it feels good to be on the other side and be able to give back. we understand what they're going through and how they're feeling. to make a person smile, you go through their stomachs so hopefully they're smiling out there. that's the reason i take time out of my day to do things like this, to give everybody hope because to me it's bigger than
6:54 pm
the game of football. yeah, i'm blessed to play football, but how am i going to bless others. so i love making especially little kids smile, little kids happy and brightening up their day. >> it's cool to ng out with james. >> the giants have the night dry mouth is uncomfortable. it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief.
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finally tonight, bob dylan not only provided the soundtrack for a generation but he's helped write some of its laws. in a recent opinion piece, chief justice john roberts wrote when you got nothing, you've got nothing to wrote. an analysis shows dylan's words are invoked in more legal opinions than any other musician. the beatles are second. attorneys quote the artists they grew up with which tells us upcoming lawyers might start quoting justin bieber. >> let's just go with i can't get no satisfaction instead. >> scary moments on that american airlines flight that you talked about, somebody pounds on the cockpit door and other passengers have to restrain him on the way to san francisco. and in light of a city councilman being pulled over for dui, we talk about what your rights are. flip over to comcast 186 in just a few seconds.
6:58 pm
>> see you guys. >> we'll see you at 11:00. most of you agreed with our last editorial in favor of an extraction tax on oil and gas companies, to raise billions for education. gary says "our students deserve stable funding. an oil and gas extraction tax is a better solution than increases in sales tax." chris believes we should allow offshore oil drilling with very, very strict environmental laws. that way california can collect millions of dollars in royalties. peter adds "the fact oil companies pay zero extraction tax is just insane.
6:59 pm
even texas has an extraction tax, and texans love their oil companies." but the group californians against higher taxes disaees, claiming it would cost californians 10,000 jobs, require us to import more foreign oil and would drive down property tax revenues. we appreciate your comments. join us online, nbc club card specias like sweet strawberries, 2 pound packages are only $2.97 each. i need to know that when i'm here, the low prices will be too. monday, tuesday, everyday. i'm a big fan of everyday. [ male announcer ] and with thousands of everyday low prices, you'll save all over the store. [ female announcer ] low prices you can count on. at safeway, that's our promise. that's ingredients for life.


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