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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 10, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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up in hayward. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. thanks so much for joining us on this beautiful morning across the area. we want to check the temperatures with christina loren. >> good morning to you. well, where you are in hayward, we are in the upper 40s, hence the leather jacket. this morning is a cool start. we are headed toward mostly kuhny conditions. a warm day on tap. temps in the 70s, tomorrow, the marine layer comes back in. right now, let's talk to mike to see how the drive is shaping up. how does it look? >> we expect heavier traffic. that's what we have. a new accident reported westbound 580. it should be clearing quickly. it is clear. it's going to build over the next half hour. meanwhile, closer to the bay bridge toll plaza, i'll give you a look at the toll plaza and the rest of the commute. now, back to laura.
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>> thank you very much. we are covering the day's news this morning. we have more on the brazen attack that happened in danville. robbers used a truck to smash into a costco store to steal an atm machine inside. let's check in with christie smith. she's got the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. danville police have good leads, but they are asking for the public's help to find the two people who did this. it's getting brighter out here. you can see the tire marks in front of the door. the people took a stolen utility truck and smashed it through the roll-up door and grabbed an atm on the other side here at costco. when police arrived, they found an abandoned truck inside and the cash machine was gone. how much money was in the machine, they are not saying. the truck rocked the atm off its
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foundation and may have used another car to haul it away. the truck was stolen from san ramon. there's surveillance tape. it doesn't give a clear view of the thieves. i was wondering how you would get a machine like this open once you got it out of there. i remember covering a story where someone stole an atm and police said oftentimes what people do is throw them off an overpass when no cars were there in the hopes it would break open. no word of anything like that happening here. police are asking for the public's help. reporting live in danville, christie smith, today in the bay. >> it will be interesting to see if they have surveillance video as well. for a look at the rest of the day's news, we turn to marla tellez. she's in the news room including the college rape case. good morning. >> good morning, laura. good morning to you at home.
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it is 6:02 now. the woman at the center of the college gang rape could get millions of dollars. court documents released show the wok obtained multimillion dollar settlements. she substantiates to receive $2.3 million from each of their insurance companies. they transferred their rights to the woman to sue the companies. the d.a. is re-evaluating to see if criminal charges will be fired. teacher demonstrations expected today over budget cuts. they are going to hold grade-ins across the area. they are grading people to show how much they work after school hours. this comes after a vocal night in sacramento. it is hard to make out there, but they are chanting education not incarceration.
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their week-long gathering is designed to persuade them to hike taxes. governor brown's tax extensions would help their cause. 66 demonstrators were arrested last night. >> one peninsula school district is making news. it has nothing to do with budgets. the palo alto school will talk about starting the school year a week and a half earlier. by moving the date, students are less stressed by taking exams before winter break. if passed, the measure would take effect in the 2012 school year. we are learning more about the man accused of storming a cockpit during a flight from chicago to sfo. he's from vallejo and scheduled to be in court today. witnesses saw him walk quickly down the plane aisle sunday night and straight for the
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cockpit. flight attendants tackled him and held him until the plane landed. his cousin, who happens to have the same name told us he does not know what was behind his cousin's acts. >> he didn't mean harm. he's not a terrorist. he's not political or religious. he's a regular guy trying to feed his family. >> he has california id, a passport from yemen and vallejo address. he went to new york to find work. he had no idea he was coming back to the bay area. at 6:05, a crook who made off with an 18-year-old giants fan commemorative bobble head is still on the loose this morning and the prized possession is still missing. the giants gave out special bobble heads to mark his 80th
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birthday. the team handed out a miniature replica of the willie mays statue. besides the bobble head, the miniature statue was also stolen. 6:05. time to head back out live to laura in hayward this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you and good morning to everyone at home. kind of giving you a taste of cities across the bay. turning to national news this morning, the president's focus turns to immigration and of course, the continued budget battle with congress. i want to check in with tracie potts. she's live in washington, d.c., with details. >> reporter: the president tries to take up immigration today. he's headed to el paso, texas. the state with the most undocumented immigrants. he's going to talk about comprehensive reform, something he promised in his campaign.
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the president has been pitching, providing a path to citizenship to people who are undocumented immigrants. a lot of republican backlash on that. they want to work on and focus on strengthening the borders. the white house tells us the president will also allow undocumented immigrants who have gone to school in the country have done well, encouraging them to stay and open their businesses. you can deal with both issues at one time. expecting to hear more on that from the president in el paso. he sits down with democrats and republicans when he gets back to talk about the budget and the looming debt ceiling approaching. if we hit it, we won't be able to pay our bills in this country. republicans are saying they will refuse to raise the debt ceiling unless we cut trillions of dollars out of the budget. today, while he's on the road, vice president biden will sit
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down with democrats and republicans together to try to hammer out a solution. laura. >> all right. thank you very much. we are live here in hayward this morning. sad news to report this morning. overnight, our former governor, arnold schwarzenegger and former first lady of this state, maria shriver announced they are separated. the couple married back in 1986 and they said it is a personal matter. we'll have more in a live report coming up at 6:30 this morning. photos of, it appears, happier times for the couple. let's hope they work things out. i want to check the forecast. the sun is out warming things up. it should be a nice day. >> good morning to you. the wind is not blowing around too much out there. we have lighter winds this morning. it's still on the breezy side. the mountain passes.
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the bay area is nice and clear. as i zoom in, you can see the marine layer is not going to have a chance to push inland. it's hazy. we have a moisture rich atmosphere. overall, we are looking good for today. we will see the marine push tomorrow. it's when we are expecting the fog to creep in. it will have a good inland push. 49 degrees now in concord. 48 degrees in fairfield. in hayward, 50 degrees out there now where laura is standing live. we are going to see the clouds to start you out. the clouds clear out by 4:00 p.m. mostly clear conditions. breezy in the city. not too bad. if you are headed to the giants game, bring a jacket. once the sun goes down, the warmth, the energy maker, the temperatures drop like a rock. 71 degrees in oakland. 70 in fremont. i have your seven-day outlook coming up in moments. we have a good round of rain for
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the weekend. we'll talk about that. right now, let's get you out the front door with mike. >> good morning, christina. we'll stick by for that. the roads are dry. highway 4, we have a plus, minus. a positive-negative situation. slow around 80 street. there's a new accident at hill crest. it might provide benefit for the slowing toward loveridge. we'll follow highway 4 carefully off that bridge. across the benicia bridge, southbound on 680 from the north bay to east bay, chp is trying to locate that. no accidents reported there. carquinez bridge is moving nicely. berkeley to emeryville is an 18 minute drive. a smooth drive across the bay. let's look at the chopper and see the beautiful view. lower deck, no problems. the outage on vaness, all but a
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few, about 100 people had their power restored. watch it right around sacramento and pacific heights. vaness might be one or two signals with power issues there. we send it to laura with a beautiful view of the bridge. >> it is. simply beautiful. the skies are clearing, making fo day across the baaty. day ac. we are waking up in hayward. what is a stop without looking
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at and thinking about the
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hayward fall. coming up next. today about the bay continues this morning. we are waking up in beautiful hayward. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. hayward is known as kind of the heart of the bay. it centers around the three biggest population centers.
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it is known for having a good earthquake fault line. i want to check in with bob redell. he's got more on that for us. good morning, bob. you are in hayward. >> reporter: yeah, if you don't know where you are stepping, you could step on the fault line. we are on mission between a and b streets. you can see the crack in the asphalt. it looks like wear and tear on asphalt. we have dr. david schwartz here. thanks for getting up early. how do you know this is a fault line? >> if you were looking at aerial photographs, you see a knife edge line going from san pablo bay to there. you can see a series of cracks. >> they run parallel, right? >> and they step to the left and
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continue like this. this is very, very characteristic where one side moves past the other. this fault is creeping. it affects parking lots, wushs, buildings. >> reporter: there's a bit of a step from where you are at to here. >> you can actually feel the fault moving up over time. five years ago, the pavement is smooth. now, it's breaking through. >> reporter: over here is that curve you were talking about. when you see that kind of shifting, is that like the strike slip. >> exactly. this is the curb being offset. we can trace it. if you look at that building, there's a crack running through the top. you can see bolts in the side. it's be it it's been bolted. when the fault line moves, this building is going to have
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trouble. >> there was a great quake of 1868 in hayward. the thought is there's a big earthquake on this fault line every 130 to 140 years. >> we are right there. we are in the window. >> what is the professional opinion on this fault line and what might happen? >> i think we consider this to be one of the most dangerous faults in the united states. it's the most heavily urbanized. 2 million people sit on top of it. 450 structures built across it. all of the infrastructure comes across the hay ward fault. when this fails and produces a large earthquake, which it will, we are going to have a lot of work to do in the bay area to clean up. >> could this be as bad as loma? >> it could be worse. it's like taking it and plunking
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it in the middle of the bay area. >> reporter: fast nating and unnerving. there isn't much we can do except be prepared. if you aren't retro fitted, do that. >> work out a personal preparedness plan. when it happens, you are that much better off. >> thank you for getting up early. i know we caught him on his commute across the bay. what's fascinating about the fault line is if i were able to walk over with the camera, i could show you the side of the building. you can see the building boeing in and out on either side from the movement of the strike slip fall. the fault line continues right on the other side. you can see it through the concrete across the street. it's fascinating. it makes hayward very unique. >> definitely so. you'll never look at a crack in the ground the same or a building.
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thank you, bob. we are covering the days news this morning. let's check in with marla tellez. good morning. >> good morning, laura and good morning to you at home. it's 6:17 now. a state bill that allows california counties to levy their own taxes could have a big impact. if the bill is signs into law, counties have the power to put vehicle registration fees on local ballots along with soda, alcohol and gas taxes. sfo is celebrating as the german airlines start using the airbus 880. it's the largest passenger jet. a plane spotting party is planned at bay front park at 11:00 this morning. 6:18 now. get ready for the nicest day of the week. good morning, christina. >> good morning.
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it's going to be a nice day. over all tomorrow, it's going to be as nice. cloud cover for the first part of your wednesday. overall, we are looking good. temperatures this time of year are right about where they should be seasonally. we are going to see the 70s for a few days, then the rain pushes in for the weekend. you might want to go ahead and check the forecast before you make the weekend plans. we will get to that in a minute. let's start with what's happening now. warm. mostly sunny conditions. it's going to bring temperatures up a bit. tomorrow morning, the patchy fog, over the bridges, pushing inland from the marine layer. low cloud cover for the first part of the day. encompassing the entire bay area. won't be as sunny tomorrow. today, we'll get a lot of sunshine. get outside today if you can. mostly clear this morning. we are expecting the marine push tomorrow morning. clear conditions this afternoon. temperatures are going to climb
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as a result. 49 degrees right now in concord. 50 in hayward. 44 in santa rosa. we are going to turn to 60 or 63 degrees in hayward. up to 68 degrees at noon in livermore. you can see the contour, you can see the on shore flow impacting the peninsula as early as today. temperatures are going to get to 70 degrees in san francisco. 70 in redwood city. tomorrow, we are going to level off, if not give or take a degree or two with that cloud cover that's going to keep the temperatures down for the first part of tomorrow. we are up to 74 degrees by friday. a few more clouds. timing of the next round of rain looks like this. late saturday, a light round. sunday throughout the day, intermitt tant rainshowers picking up to half inch of rainfall in places like the north bay. a quarter inch in the south bay. i'll update you each and every day until then. we are going to get a little something over the weekend. back to you in hayward. hey, laura.
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>> good morning to you. thank you very much. we are not going to talk about the rain yet. these were the old stomping grounds for the academy award winning actor. i'm talking tom hanks. he spent time in hayward going to college. now, he's produced, starred and directed in a movie based on it. it's called "larry crown." >> what did they say? >> you have to listen twice. >> larry crown to the common break area. it's employee of the month day. how many will this be? >> nine. >> a parting of the ways. >> it sounds like you are firing me. they said it's because i didn't go to college. >> get you knowledge and you are fireproof. >> you are never too old to learn. >> you are never too old to learn. >> hanks says it was inspired by his time spent at college.
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at that time, he enrolled because it was his only option. it turned out to be a great option for the award winning actor. it's the jumping off point for his career. one that isn't always as glittery as you think. >> this is how it is to make movies. >> larry crown is hanks second directing effort. you have to love it. coming up in san francisco this morning, they have works under way to help electric cars and get rid of the archaic phone book. >> 6:22 now. microsoft makes the biggest purchase in history. what did it buy? we'll tell you, coming up. heading south on 101 into silicon valley, anow. now.
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things are building. the traffic is gaining and i
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show you where it's getting
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ahold, coming up. welcome back, folks. we go to livermore where we are following this slowdown. the reason is, there's an accident there.
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a tow truck just arrived on scene. there's going to be spectator slowing. now, a 21 minute drive. just over the next 45 minutes. smoother through kaser valley. a nice drive across the bridge. a live look to show you the haze in the air. christina has been talking about that. not a big deal. the metering lights are turned on. there's the sunshine there. we end with this shot. you need the sunglasses as you head out to the roadways. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:26. san francisco mayor, ed lee says if you own an electric vehicle, you get a free charge in the city. 19 city owned garages and the san francisco international airport. sfo houses the charging station. the first charging station will be installed in june with more than 80 others in place by year's end. 20% below 1990 levels by next
6:27 am
year. charging stations will be free until 2013. the san francisco board of supervisors vote today on a measure that stops unwanted deliveries of the phone book, the yellow pages. you can get them, but only if you request them. if passed the city is the first in the nation to limit the phone book. backers of the measure say 1.6 million books are delivered each year, most ending up in the trash. critics say it will make it harder for people without internet access to find services. in less than two hours microsoft ceo steve balmer takes to the stage to announce his company is the latest to buy skype. scott mcgrew joins us. it's not every day someone buys skype. >> right. it's more like every other day. this is the third time skype has been bought. the first time by ebay, then net
6:28 am
skap founder, then flipped it to microsoft. microsoft is going to pay $8.5 billion for skype. it's more than ebay paid for it before they dumped it. in fact, it's the most microsoft paid for anything, ever. press conferences in san francisco and london at 8:00 a.m. our time. how are they going to connection the conferences? over skype? nope, satellite. skype is not a unique product. it's voice and video over internet. apple has the same with face time product. it may be what has microsoft concerned. they have wound face time. microsoft doesn't have the equivalent. $8.5 billion. wow. nora, you mentioned you skyped with your mother-in-law over the weekend and liked it. let me ask you this, how much money did you pay for that call? >> nothing. that was her mother's day gift.
6:29 am
no, no, no. i'm not that cheap. >> let's think about that. microsoft paid $8.5 billion for something you paid nothing to use. we'll leave it there and see how it works out. >> thank you very much for the service. i appreciate it. thank you very much, scott. we have a lot more coming up. we have live in hayward. weday's coverg eday's ns including our former governor arnold schwarzenegger and his wife, maria shriver are separated. more in a live report. cl
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our tour across the bay continues this morning. 20 cities in 20 days. this morning, we are waking up in hayward. good morning, i'm laura garcia-cannon. thanks for joining us this morning. we are in front of buffalo bills.
6:32 am
come on out if you are in the area. we would love to meet you. i want to check in with christina loren with the weather. >> buffalo bills, hey little lady. i would love to be out there with you this morning. we are going to warm up. patchy fog tomorrow is going to keep the temperatures down a degree or two. we are going to end up in the 70s. rain on the way for the weekend. a lot to talk about when it comes to the forecast. stay tuned for that. maybe you have to get out the door. it's getting busy out there, hey, mike. >> yeah, it's getting busier. we have more commuters and traffic. things are jamming up at the toll plaza. i want to report eastbound 580 into oakland, reports of debris where there's an earlier accident. of course, affecting the curve, the metering lights are on. the back up there and coming out of emeryville. the back up is there and the sun
6:33 am
is coming off the lower deck as well. a live look on the peninsula side as well. a smooth drive out of san francisco. no back ups now. we'll see the commute along the peninsula as well. now, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, mike. this morning, police in the east bay are investigating a brazen robbery. i want to check in with christie smith, live in danville with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i remember seeing a movie about this, but you don't think people do it. apparently they do. you can see the tire marks in front of this costco. police are saying a thief rammed into the door and stole an atm inside. this is about 2:50 in the morning on sunday. danville police got quite a shock when they got here.
6:34 am
the truck was still inside. the machine was gone, along with the two thieves. detectives believe they used another car to haul it away. there is surveillance tape of this. we have calls into police to see if we can get ahold of that. apparently, it doesn't show the thieves very clearly. investigators say they have good leads, but they are still asking for the public's help, if you know anything about this. reporting live in danville, christie smith, today in the bay. >> it is amazing. thank you very much. for a look at the rest of the day's news, we turn to marla tellez live in the studio this morning, including more on an update on an accused serial killer. >> it is 6:34 now. this man kept thousands of photographs of naked women who
6:35 am
posed to look dead. detectives are analyzing the photos along with his handwritten notebooks. they think he snapped many of the pictures himself. some of the women in bondage. he's charged with the murder of four women in northern california. he will defend himself, but he has to enter a plea. a san jose school wants to bring awareness to the dangers of concussions in youth sports. a program to identify and treat brain injuries in athletes. figures show more than 760,000 youths visit e.r.s each year for a brain injury. the event starts today in the science building. people living in san bruno and mill bray could see a slight hike in garage service bill. city councils will meet to talk about a man to add 1.5% in trash fees.
6:36 am
it would cost less than $23 a month. people in mill bray would pay $27 for a similar size bin. if passed, the rates take effect july 1. 6:35 now. heading back out live to laura in hayward. >> thank you very much. talk around the state this morning is the split between our former governor, arnold schwarzenegger and his wife of 25 years maria shriver. we are joined live from brentwood with details. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning. notice now, this is one of the top trending things on twitter. the two names, maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger after 25 years of marriage, it's splitsville. they are the ultimate power couple of 25 years of being married. they are meeting after a tennis match many, many years ago.
6:37 am
they have four children 14 to 21. it's interesting, considering their background. you have a body builder, actor and someone from the kennedy family. arnold schwarzenegger became governor in 2003 when maria shriver was pushing for women's issues. then the governor, when he decided to leave office in january, talked about returning to his roots in the movie business. he has three movie roles ahead of him. maria shriver continuing with women's issues. she apparently has a youtube channel, too. in the last few weeks, she's talked about this difficult transition in her life. the most recent, april 19th, she was not wearing her wedding ring at the time. it's around the time they
6:38 am
celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. we noted on facebook and twitter, it went by unnoticed. now, we are looking at 25 years of marriage now ending. they released a joint statement last night saying they ask for privacy, but wanted to point out they will be joining each other as they continue to parent their four children together. that's the latest from brentwood, where they were living. back to you. >> thank you very much. that's tough news to hear this morning. i hate when a marriage breaks up. we are live in hayward this morning. the sun is up warming things up. should be a beautiful day across the bay. let's check in with christina. good morning. >> good morning. hopefully they will be back together soon. the sun is over the bay. it's going to make for a nice tuesday. we have changes as soon as tomorrow. if you want to make the outdoor plans, maybe you have been putting off the gardening, if you can get outside today, it's a perfect day for that.
6:39 am
high pressure is the reason why. the clouds are arcing up and around. the ridge is going to warm us up for today and keep us a little bit level tomorrow. we are not going to climb in temperature because of the fog. 50 degrees for now in hayward. 49 in san jose. turning over to the upper 60s at noon as you break for lunch, close to 70 in san jose. the temperatures are going to be warm today. between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m., we climb to 75 in santa rosa. 70 degrees in fremont. we have a ball game in town tonight. if you are one of the thousands of people headed to at&t park, it's a little on the cool side. 60 degrees. you might want to bring a jacket. as the sun goes down, the temperature drops like a rock. we could pick up to a half inch up in the north bay. significant rainfall on the way. a late season spring storm.
6:40 am
let's check the drive with mike. >> we look at the beautiful livermore sky. you are talking about the altamont pass. there's the accident, not so pretty. slow out of altamont pass. 24 minutes, continuing to build in livermore. the accident on the shoulder of north livermore avenue. heading west, you are doing better because of that distraction. the sunol is great. no delays. northbound is moving nicely. 29 registering around tele. the slowdown off 85. a start for the downtown slow down as well. the free way off the carquinez bridge. the metering lights are on. the sun is in full effect as well. it's warming up and you are out in hayward. >> yeah, that's right. one of the e of the
6:41 am
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today, around the bay continues in may. we are waking up in hayward this morning. good morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. hayward is known as the heart of the bay because it is centered
6:44 am
around three of the big population centers. there's a lot to offer here. a beautiful downtown, a gorgeous city hall. a bustling shopping district. it's home to cal state east bay. one of the old brewers buffalo bills. >> if you are planning to head to lake tahoe, listen up. a major traffic alert. highway 50 will be closed for two weeks starting tomorrow. the most direct route to south lake tahoe from the bay area and sacramento has to be closed while they prepare a wall. a detour will be in place. dozens of people in walnut creek will be taking it off the top
6:45 am
today for a good cause. they are going bald in solidarity for kids diagnosed for cancer as part of the fund-raiser for childhood cancer research. the event is at 4:00 at the art center. 6:44. the sun is going to be shining today across the bay. christina, good morning. >> good morning to you, marla. the sun is always shining with you in the studio. warm, mostly sunny. dress in layers today. tomorrow, we lose a lot of the sunshine, unfortunately. the marine layer encompasses the entire bay area at one point. it's going to keep the temperatures down. today, mid to upper 70s. it's looking good for us. warm, mostly sunny by wednesday. patchy a.m. fog in the morning. it returns overnight and then we deal with the fog on friday morning as well. we are calling this the best day of the week.
6:46 am
you can see from the satellite, clear in the bay area. we are noticing a bit of the moisture in monterey. a moisture rich atmosphere. we don't have the fog. that's tomorrow. high pressure is going to keep us nice and dry and clear. we are going to see a lot of sunshine for the second half of the day. if you want to make outdoor plans, this is going to be the best bet. 49 degrees in san francisco. 46 in san mateo. at noon, a good mix of sun and clouds. 64 degrees. mild conditions by 4:00 p.m. we are going to lose a lot of cloud cover. make your way home from the city, roll down the windows, give the ac a break. 70 degrees in fremont. 72 in gilroy. if you are headed to the ball game tonight, wear a jacket or put on a hat as 70% of the heat from your body escapes through
6:47 am
your head. one round of showers saturday. a light round on sunday, then monday, a little bit of clearing toward the second half of the day. overall, we are going to drop in temperatures. we are going to get a taste of the wintry spring mix of weather. it's may and we are getting closer and closer. enjoy the 60s while we have them. >> we'll take what we can get when we get it. thank you very much. taste of a little micro brew here in hayward this morning. this is one of the nation's oldest brew pubs. buffalo bills, they call it. we have bob redell and the brew master. he's going to show us how it's done. >> you said you have zero, zoe row one in the state of california. you have been doing it since 1998. >> i have. >> what is the common misperception about brewing up
6:48 am
here? >> geez, what is the common misperception? people don't know what the ingredients are. >> we have them here. water. >> water is the most important. you have to have water to brew beer. malt, hops and yeast. for our special beers, we incorporated rice. we made japanese style superdry. we made that to help benefit disaster relief in japan. when the tsunami came around, we decided that it was time to make beer that has benefits besides entertainment. >> that surprised me. you were able to turn that so fast, in such a short amount of time. that's what's nice about brewing beer. wine takes months, years. here, it's the day of process, from the kettles, extract it and
6:49 am
fermentation tanks. how long is it there? >> a few weeks. sometimes just a week or so. depends on the beer. >> how many flavors do you have on tap? >> we normally serve six at a time. a dozen throughout the year. >> how many flavors do you think you have left? >> geez. i have hundreds of flavors. you can incorporate anything. >> there's one named after him as well. >> which is that? >> johnny mid nites. >> you are here at all hours. >> i am. i used to brew at midnight. i would have to come in at 11:00, brew after hours, leave at 11:00 in the morning. during that time, i developed a chocolate oatmeal recipe and the name stuck. >> it's cool, your creativity can come through.
6:50 am
>> he's been doing it so many years now, instead of coming up with a recipe and taste, he does it by paper. it takes a few weeks. is that normal, you don't do a taste test in advance? >> a lot of brewers do that. we do a lot of research. >> is that research with quotation marks? >> is that the kind of research bob does? >> i wouldn't do much as head brewer. there wouldn't be much profit left. >> you are looking for profit. you have great graphics that i s happening.e designed locally. >> i don't know. hopefully, out's not the hayward fault. úe havebb2jpvfytt1a3ndue hayward
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6:53 am
aremorning.[ga94 it is 6:52 now. good morning. a live look at hp pavilion, a live look at the home of the sharks. let's talk traffic. good morning, mike. >> sharks, you are killing me, guys. the accident at a street is out of lanes. we have a slow drive-throu thro loveridge. a distraction 26 minutes like we talked about, building past 25 minutes out of the altamont past and smooth past dublin.
6:54 am
sunol not a problem. 580, a nice drive as well. northbound 101 on cue slow from telly. the sun is a factor on the morning commute as we continue to see the sunrise change. marla, back to you. >> thanks, mike. is giants are back on the field. tim lincecum takes out the arizona diamondbacks at at&t park. the game gets under way at 7:15. as for the sharks, they are in detroit this morning trying to close out the series. they left yesterday amid harsh criticism from a former teammate. he says they have a lack of heart. he called the performance gutless. he says he can't control what's said in the media and is focusing on the game. the game is at 5:00. catch it on versus. the royal honeymoon is under
6:55 am
way. the royal family says prince william and kate middleton took off to an unnamed location. they are asking everyone to respect their privacy. they have another trip coming up. they will visit california for three days in july. 1 mi z=t of the royal weddings. they range from speaking endorsements to a $5 million offer from a pornography studio. she's turning them down at the advice of the royal family and she's hiring a public relations firm to help her handle the attention. at 6:55, let's not forget the queen. she's a gadget lover. >> she has a cell phone, two ipods and now an ipad. her grandsons, they were in the news lately, you may have caught
6:56 am
that, taught her how to use the touch screen. we assume they don't play angry birds in britain. they are mildly angry who face unfortunate circumstances. her royal highness with an ipad. dow is up 35 points. you would think microsoft would be bigger. it's down 20 cents after announcing they are buying skype for $8.5 million. >> the queen is ahead of me technology wise. i don't have an ipad. >> she had an ipad, too. >> she's way ahead of me. laura, does laura have an ipad? >> no. >> she has beer, though. >> i don't need one. hey, thanks a lot. we don't need it. we are out and about across the bay area. bob redell is joining me live in hayward this morning. right now is when we decide where we are going to head tomorrow. >> we have the may around the
6:57 am
bay map. we have no idea where it's going. random process, which makes us all the more exciting. we have hops and honey. i'm going to take a hop leaf, dip it in the honey and see where it sticks. laura, duck. three, two -- where is that? hold on? >> let's see. it looks like -- fremont. >> wow, how random is that? you know ha they have? niles district film museum. the art and historic farm is there, too. >> love it. that's what's so great about the bay area. laura. >> no problem. we can't wait. we have to thank all the great people in hayward this morning. taste of hayward, that's coming up june 8th. come out and get a taste of it. buffalo bills.
6:58 am
they are fantastic out here. a great brew pub. thank you for joining us. it's been great. sounds like fremont we are on .p have a great tank tops. [ female announcer ] grab a box of multigrain cheerios, get a code to a seven-day plan to get going on your summer weight loss. get the box, get the code, get started. that's ever happened to cinnamon. introducing cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% daily value of fiber bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon. new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds. we're getting the day started with athenos greek yogurt. later we're gonna ride bikes and go to the -- [ male announcer ] wonderful! let's see what yiayia thinks.
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