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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 10, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening. thanks for joining us. >> like a phoenix, we give tonight with the story of a family who lost everything including their home in the san bruno pipeline explosion. tonight, though, they're the first to break ground on a new home in that devastated neighborhood. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez in san bruno where the emotional ground breaking took place. boy, what significance for one family to start. >> reporter: very emotional. i'll tell you, this family has been through so much. this is the lot where their house of 37 years used to stand. now the husband who lived here barely escaped with his life. i'm going show you something. he managed to get his car and drive away but it was so hot out here, his tires melted a track right down the street. now this family is finally on the path to come home. >> it was our home. i mean, you know, it's no big,
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fancy house, but this home. >> reporter: nancy hansel says she has a hard time believing the tragedy that wiped out her neighborhood and her home. her san bruno house was one of 38 homes destroyed when a bg&e pipeline exploded last september. >> just wanted to get back home. >> reporter: and soon, she'll be able to. >> it's a start. >> reporter: they became the first family to break ground on a new home today, dignitaries, neighbors and firefighters helped them mark the occasion. >> this is like giving birth once again. this is about new life. this is saying, you know, we can overcome and indeed we are doing that here today. >> reporter: bob was home watching tv when the explosion happened. he barely escaped. >> there was a big, loud explosion, a lot of noise, there was debris hitting the house. it got very orange and started
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getting very hot. >> reporter: though eight neighbors died in the blast, they knew from the start they'd gather the strength to rebuild and return. >> when i thought about it, i thought, this was our home, the kids grew up here, and i -- that's what we decided, we would come back. >> reporter: the hansells are hopeful others will follow and the neighborhood that suffer sod much will rise up again. >> i have pictures of the neighborhood what it was, and you know, that's what i look at and i hope to see it again. >> reporter: we are back here live. looking at easter decorations. though their house noise longer here, the family has continued the tradition of decorating their yard for each holiday. you can also see there are champagne bottles lined up here because the family celebrated the big occasion with a toast. if all goes as planned the family should have a home to
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return to within a year. reporting live in san bruno, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a federal judge has denied bail for a man accused of charging the cockpit. it happened on the san francisco bound plane on sunday night. prosecutors say the citizen is a danger to society. 28-year-old was quiet in court today other than to answer through an arabic interpreter that he deunrstands the charge against him, interfering with the flight crew. he carried no luggage on the flight and california relatives were not expecting him. on the flight, as he allegedly rushed the cockpit, he was subdued by a crew member and passengers including a retired secret service agent and retired san mateo police officer. we're hearing from the man who iseing called a hero. kris sanchez joins us with new details about the story. >> reporter: hi, raj. larry wright acted short offing in but a police officer when he saw theful low passenger charge
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toward the cockpit door. he was police officer with the san mateo police department for 27 years when he had to retire four years ago, it united states only because of a back injury. those 27 years of law enforcement experience rushed back when 28-year-old raje allegedly ran past him toward that cockpit door. when he heard him yelling god is great, 4 knew there would be trouble. he rushed toward the cockpit door, fast enough to bring him to the ground. he got plastic handcuffs around the hands, his feet, and looped his belt around both to make sure he could not get away. >> at that point we decided to go ahead and put him in the first row right up against the wall of the airplane. and at that point i basically sat on him until we landed. and waited until san francisco police department arrived to take custody of him. he never spoke to me directly.
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the only thing he said about approximately 30 times was allah akbar. >> reporter: now, as wright came to talk to us today he brought the shirt that he was wearing on 9/11 and says that serves as a reminder he made to himself on that day to never be a victim whether he's a hero, he only comes forward to tell his story so that he can return to a very private life. wright says what he did, he did not do alone. and is it a reminder to all of us we need to be prepared every single day. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kris. an 18-year-old man thought to be suicidal was found at the scene of a deadly car crash this morning. the chp says he crashed his silver camry into a red pickup truck along highway 101. unfortunately killing the 54-year-old driver outside of the truck inspecting it at the
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time. he was not injured. chp investigators say it may have been accident but they're looking into the accident. the brother reported him missing early this morning. new at 6:00, state analysts want to put the brakes on california's high-speed rail project. the office recommends almost a complete overhaul of the plan. the lao recommends asking the federal government to delay the start of construction. they also want to move construction starting point away from the central valley and to shift responsibility for the project from the high speed rail authority to cal trans. the biggest concern so far, funding. >> there's a lot more money that the state would have to get from the federal government in order to be able to complete this project and we all know what the situation is with the federal government's budget. >> the report also concluded that the speedy trains could aliviate the need to spend money on freeways, runways and departure gates to meet future
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needs. a tense evening for hundreds of school teachers a vote could finalize lay-offs. more than 180 teachers and school employees could be out of a job. about 140 school teachers at san francisco unified school district are set to be laid off. cuts stem from budget cuts as well as declining enrollment. both districts will meet to determine the fate of more than 300 school teachers. the best teachers don't stop working when the final bell rings. hundreds of local teachers are making bay area malls their classrooms. it's happening as we speak. let's bring in nbc bay area's george kiriyama. i would say this is a unique way to generate awareness of what's happening with the budget cuts. >> reporter: that's right. these teachers are doing overtime right now because this event was supposed to end at 6:00. we're a few minutes after 6:00. they have been sitting here for last couple of hours atted foot
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court grading papers. they want to visually show how much work teacher dozen after school, the work doesn't stop after of the last bell rings. every day they bring their work home but decided to grade papers together at the mall and hoping to let the public know about the state budget crisis and the potential impact of what deep cuts do to education. california has a 15.4 billion deficit, $4 billion of which could be slashed from the public school system and that's on top of the $17 billion that's been slashed in the past few years. the teachers are encouraging those at the mall, families to come up to their tables and ask, what are they doing. >> families with kids, these are our customers, these are people we want to show and these are the people that we need to help us influence legislature to vote for the tax extensions that we're trying to get passed right now. >> now, this was part of a week-long state of emergency education campaign. eight other bay area malls the past couple of hours they were doing the same thing, having
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grade-ins and letting people know what's going on. live from the west field oak ridge mall, george kiriyama. aids and hiv have long been critical issues in the bay area. and even today santa clara county has the ninth most cases in the state. health care workers came together at an hiv conference in san jose to talk about the problem, especially for one part of the population. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us live in front of the health department with a look at challenges facing people still working front lines. >> reporter: well, jessica, here in santa clara county, 2,127 people are living with aids, and public health officials here tell us that, african-americans and hispanics are disproportionately affected. robert smart remembers his reaction when he learned he had aids. >> i broke down and cried. i broke down and cried. >> reporter: that and 11 years
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ago. today he feels great, and is giving back working with aids patients in sane ta clara count >> two groups of people disproportion naturely affected by hiv aids, the rates are highest among african-americans and hispanics. >> reporter: claudia rodriguez trains service providers working and aid clients. they need to be aware of cultural barriers. >> latinos in latin america and this country are practicing catholics so a lot of times what that does is that for some people it might inhibit or prohibit our aability to openly have conversations around sex or even safer sex. >> reporter: today, eight special conference in san jose day, health care providers came together to talk about hiv aids and care and prevention. they learned many patients may have another sexually transmitted disease. >> syphilis, last year in 2010
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we had almost 90 cases of primary and secondary syphilis, when it's kquite infectious to other compared to a handful a decade ago. >> reporter: more than half affected with syphilis have been diagnosed with hiv. one reason for increase, many hiv patients are living longer and getting lax about safe sex. but internet has played a role, too. >> the internet has facilitated meeting partners and fa ticilitd meeting anone muss partners. more sex with more partners means more transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. >> reporter: these health care workers are dedicated to finding new ways to spread the word about prevention. while there is still no cure for aids, patients are living much longer than they did 30 years ago. some of them have been able to get their medications down to one or two pills a day.
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but aids activists tell me that now teenagers view this as a manageable disease and they're no longer taking necessary precautions to prevent hiv infection. reporting live from sans jose, mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. still ahead at 6:00, could increasing a child's intake of cholesterol be a good thing? the serious condition that could combat. i'm scott budman at the google developer conference where music is the star. we'll show you how it works and how you can take it with you. plus, from the bay area to the white house, a group of local students getting a personal meeting tomorrow with the first lady. and if you're in the south bay today, it was stunning outside. temperatures in the 0s and a lot of sun. for the coastline, cooler in san francisco.ogng i adylreteang we'll talk all about the fog and even still that rain in my
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seven-day forecast.
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so, were you one of them? did you see it in the sky? the world's largest passenger plane made a grand entrance today. there it is. lots of people looking on, as the airlines a-380 glided on to the runway. the first at sfo to offer regular daily flights with the massive jet. the plane can carry 525 passengers. aviation fans say it's a blnds of engineering and technology which is a good fit for the bay area. >> you know, a bunch of geeks out here. normally we should be sitting behind our desks doing the silicon valley thing. but this is a great demonstration of what you can get done. >> sfo is only one of a half dozen airports in the world which gates big enough to accommodate the jet. muni is looking to reduce extra pay for driver whose work
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off hour shifts like overnights. the transportation agency negotiate is new labor pact with operators operator ares trying to modify a contract that rewards drivers with extra bonus. they want to reduce 8% pay bump, they want to reduce to 4%, the operator's union wants to double it. the board of directors must approve a new contract before that date. negotiations could go to a third party if the two sides reach an impasse. tomorrow, bay area students will have the experience of a lifetime when the writers visit the white house. joe resosato jr. >> reporter: the bay area's home to writers abound, ginsburg, some of the names batted around. but today at sfo, with chaos in full swing, a fresh group of poets stepped into the ring.
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>> since i learned how to read i've been driven to write. >> reporter: she headed to her flight. these studentsen and instructor from san francisco's writer corps have a prestigious mission in store. they're invited to the white house for a poetry gathering but enough of this reporter's needless blatherring. >> go to the white house, which is a once in a lifetime experience, meet some amazing writers, some former poet laureates who are going to be teaching you. >> reporter: that honor doesn't come along every day. they'll be talking poetry with another other than our nation's first lady. >> something i never imagined happening. i can imagine standing on the lawn and looking at it, but being there, a time like this. >> reporter: with the headlines filled with wars and bin laden, high schoolers are pleased the white house still has time for writing. >> it's really important that the youth really express themselves and i think it's so amazing that they don't forget something that's really
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important in our lives. >> reporter: words like those can only come from the lines. >> every day i'll wake up and see a reflection of myself. >> reporter: writing spoken word, they say, is a skill in itself. with poetry in check the group headed for their gate because when the white house is calling, you don't want to be late. joe rosato jr. >> no one can see me but me, myself. >> emily dickensons. they'll attend workshops during the day and in the evening performances with well-known poets. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, do your live weather cast from the white house. you like to take the show on the road. >> that would be nice. getting green screen on wheels. we'll head on out. we'll get the whole staff. 75 in san jose. 77 in gilroy. an expensive budget.
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76 livermore. 58 in san francisco. plenty of low to mid 70s down the pin peninsula. currently clear, rain-free. the problem, that on shore flow with winds 15 to 20 miles per hour real breezy especially around the coastal hills. looking at decent visibility from oakland toward san francisco. temperature 57. winds west at 14 in oakland. everyone at the coast cooling off with 50s and low 60s, even starting to cool nauf livoff in livermore and san jose. a sign of the fog building up, marine layer at 1,000 feet. is it's going to have a easy time scooting inland in the next eight to ten hours. higher levels shower offshore but we're not going to have to wore by that. it's just the fog here. ahead big changes in the forecast, colder air, rainfall expected here in our forecast. start off tomorrow morning we'll look at 40s here in san jose, 48 livermore, 48 in san francisco.
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so much colder start than we've been used to. by 10:00 a.m., still on the cool to cold side with fog expected to be in the inland spots for east and south bay. we'll talk about the seven-day forecast. yes, rain returning. feels like a february forecast instead of what is it not june, may. it's may. had to think about that one. >> jeff we'll check back in with you in a few moments. u.s. fish and wildlife service considering dropping rat poison on the south fair line i tips to kill nonnative mice. mice are harming native species of seabirds. wild care says it's a bad care. they're concerned other animals could ingest the poison, causing health problems and spreading it through the food chain. a decision on what to do is not yet been made. they're looking for the public's input. still ahead at 6 can, sad
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news off the peninsula. hours after taking part in city council meeting, a bay area mayor dies. how he's being remembered and his place in history. also ahead, a ecofriendly record set right here in california last year. plus, nner>>, just in time. we have the list of which diets work best.,
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we'll show it to you when we úñ.
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victory for the environment and more money in your pocket it seems. californians recycled 82s or of beverage containers in 2010 which match an all-time high set the year before. aluminum recycling up 94% from 91% the previous year. glass recycling rose up five points. plastic recycling fell a bit, falling to 68%. privacy laws that cover your kindle state senators in sacramento approved a bill requiring government agencies
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get a warrant before accessing your records from bookstores and online book sellers. legislation is similar to protection in place for library records. digital book services can collect details about books readers and even notes they write in the margins. san francisco senator yee drafted sb 602 which is supported by the american civil liberties union. it will now go to the assembly. to the state's ongoing budget mess. we have two major updates here which could be game changers. state senate president pro tem daryl steinberg is sponsoring a bill which allows local governments like the cities and counties to extend taxes in areas ranging from income taxes to school taxes. this can raise up to $13 billion annually but it is controversial. also we have updated numbers. the state could gain as much as $6 billion more dollars in revenue than previously expected.
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so two major story lines. joined by our political analyst, larry gershwin. power to the people locally, but it could be dangerous in terms of school districts like palo alto, more affluent districts might outraise. >> it can establish great differences between cities and counties and school districts, no question about it. look, his office by the way i called his office. what's the story with the bill you want to raise $13 billion, which is the amount that governor brown wants. is there a coincidence here? no, we're just keeping options open. here's the trick with the bill. only takes a majority, a majority, ladies and gentlemen, to pass this bill in each house. that has to have republicans in a tizzy, knowing that all of these taxes might be raised at local levels. >> republicans also want that, bringing power to the state and county level? >> they'd rather see power at the local level, they'd rather see no taxes at all at least in terms of increases. so they're kind of caught here. to use a football analogy, looks
6:26 pm
like the democrats may be trying an end around. >> extra $6 billion in revenue that comes with california. things fluctuate. does it take the wind our of jerry brown's sails? >> it puts the governor in a tough spot, between a rock and a hard spot. on the one hand you see $6 billion come in, wow, that's terrific. but does it take away from the argument? some would say it does. brown would say, we have vagaries when it comes to collecting revenues we have to come out with some way to stabilize this, let me extend temporary taxes until we get your tax system straightened out. >> two possible game changers. thank you. still ahead at 6:00, high cholesterol levels are not typically considered a good thing but they may help some children dealing with autism. also ahead, the story that parents might not look. the surprising report on how many children are on facebook
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though parents don't allow them to be. i'm scott budman. huge deal in the tech world, why google wants to change the way you get your music next. the de anz acase may be far from over.
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nngn stunning and sad news from the peninsula tonight. mate of san carlos died suddenly at his home. the 46-year-old mayor made quite an impact on the peninsula. here's nbc's kris sanchez. >> reporter: at san carlos city hall, flags nigh at half-staff in honor of the mayor omar amad, he was 46 years old. >> we lost a leader on our council. a dynamic mayor. >> reporter: he call 911 from his home 7:00 this morning, saying he didn't feel well. when crews from station 13 arrived they found him
6:30 pm
unresponsive. he was transported to sequoia hop, where he was pronounced dead. >> anyone who knew him liked him as a person. many who liked him as a person didn't agree with the politics but that's the type of guy he was. >> reporter: leading the city to $400,000 surplus, first in 11 years, he was well-known as a tech leader in silicon valley, active at his mosque. >> it's just been a shock. i've been getting phone calls from people and everyone's crying. >> reporter: the religious director says that ahmad loved to help with outreach. >> especially over the last years, when events weren't at times pleasant for the muslim community, he was there for us as well trying to bridge both communities together. >> reporter: he says when he saw him at friday services he didn't think it would be the last time. and at san carlos city hall, the vice mayor said last night, he
6:31 pm
waved good-bye and smiled, never knowing it would be for the last time. kris sanchez. breaking news happening out of napa. according to the police department's website, there's a water main break at the intersection of emola and foster road west of highway 29. it is not a large water main but it is impacting a lot of people in the city. the pipe is 36 inches. the latest update says people are experiencing a drop in water pressure, not that they don't have any water but the water pressure is significantly lower than it was before. some people may be getting brown water coming from the faucet. now that may happen again also when service is restored. obviously crews are on the way to try to fix the water main break. we'll have updates but that's west of highway 29. well, the woman who claims that she was gang raped at a party attended by members of the
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de anza college baseball team did receive thousands of dollars despite losing her civil trial. two men who were dropped from the trial paid out settlements totalling $500,000 via their insurance companies. the woman has won the right to sue insurers of two other men and can seek as much as $4.6 million in a settlement. a judge will likely consider her request in an upcoming hearing set to take place. a new survey by consumer reports says millions of children are active on facebook and that violates faik facebook's own rules. magazine estimates of the 20 million minors on facebook, 7.5 million are under the age of 13. and more than 5 million are under the age of 10. this is violation of the site's terms of service. how is this possible? minors skirt facebook's terms of service by falsifying the birthday when they register. facebook says it has procedures to find underage users including
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getting information from other users. once found accounts are permanently deleted. a blockbuster deal in the tech world announced today with the silicon valley giant's plans to change your listening habits. scott budman, a busy day for you, locally and nationally. >> very big in the tech world. let's start with the big deal between a couple of well-known companies with a big presence in silicon valley, microsoft shelling out $ 8.5 billion to snag skype. the third time skype has been dealt. now bought by microsoft one of the most sought after companies ever. wall street loves a big buyout. shows confidence in the future. and that's what the stock market is all. stocks higher on the news. commodities also moving up. as microsoft was announcing its big deal today, rival google was putting pressure on rolling out a new service to store your music. giving android fans a little
6:34 pm
something to hold on to. >> reporter: the line was huge. hundreds of people waiting for their free google powered android tablet. entertained by a small android and did i mention that they came from all over the world? >> this is where the late ef technologies are happening, this is where the future of mobile connected devices will be. especially in this area as well, google's the forefront of it. >> reporter: is this the pad you'd use over anything else on the market? >> this is the pad i've got to use, it doesn't matter what else is on the market. i'm not a rich man, so i'll just enjoy this one. >> reporter: google's annual io developer conference is where the latest technology gets shown off from apps to keep you walking to apps that give you something to listen to when you're walking. >> walking down the street, whether by new york city or in moscow or wherever you might be you hear the stories that are around you, there's a virtual
6:35 pm
layer of stories around you and stream into your headphones based on your location. >> reporter: google also got into the act rolling out a new cloudbased music service that lets you store and organize your collection on a laptop, tablet, or phone. >> the advantage of having your misexin the cloud is that the same music collection is available on any device that you might want to use to access it you don't have to worry about moving files from device to device. you don't have to worry ow much storage a device has. you don't have to worry that you have the cable that you need to connect the device to your pc. >> reporter: whatever you're using google knows you want to take it with you no matter how you're getting around. >> google is beta testing new music in the cloud service. at first by invitation only. >> thank you. president obama's approval rating is up to 52% since killing osama bin laden, that's according to a new nbc poll. today he took that popularity
6:36 pm
boost to texas to promote his immigration reform plan. the mexican flag within the border town of el paso where the president toured the facility with janet napolitano. congress still lags behind when it comes to addressing immigration. >> everybody recognizes the system's broken. the question is, will we finally summon the political will to do something about it. the president says a stumbling block to bipartisan agreement is the creation of a bathway to citizenship for the country's 11 million undocumented workers. republicans maintain that that is still a deal killer. u.s. senators on two key committees will able to see the death photos of osama bin laden but they'll have to make appointments and travel to the cia headquarters to do it. several congressional aides are saying senators who sit on the intelligence committee, like
6:37 pm
diane feinstein and the armed services committee only ones granted permission to see those photos. president obama announced last week the photos will not be released to the public. also, new tonight, two new york congressmen are proposing that the $25 million reward that had been set up for the capture or killing of osama bin laden go to charities which helped 9/11's first responders and families. the state department approved the bounty for bin laden back in 2001. problems continue in the south. the mississippi rib somewhere its backed up tributaries are washing away crops and forcing mississippi residents to evacuate. in the northern part of the state, the river is swallowing up the homes and casinos of tunica and washing out the town. the river's moving millions of cubic feet of water per second, in some places 20 times the amount of watt that goes over niagara falls. the river's expected to rise
6:38 pm
another five feet before it crests next week. levees are getting reinforced with black sheeting. still ahead at 6:00, trying to lose some weight? aren't we all. a new consumer report out is out and it tells you which plan really helps you shed the pounds. a simple change in diet that could be a key in fighting autism. but is it safe for children? good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. tracking fog at the coastline. cooler temperatures in san francisco. right now 55. and as we head throughout tonight fog will be creeping into the east bay.
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topping our health watch tonight, important news about autism. researchers believe the number of children who have autism spectrum disor order is higher than previously thought. good news, studies show that a
6:41 pm
simple change in diet may make a major difference for some kids. dr. bruce hensel has the story and surprising advise. >> how many? >> one, two. >> reporter: rose barker's having a lot of fun with the simple preschool lesson. but just a few months before the tape was shot, rose hardly ever acted like this. >> this is a child that would have a blank stare and run from other people if she didn't know them. i would have to literally care her up the stairs with me if i went from one level to another. >> reporter: rose has autism. her mother and researcher eugene arnold of ohio state both believe the reason for the change in rose's behavior are packets of cholesterol added to rose's diet. >> it's possible that too low a cholesterol could be one of several causes of autism affecting subgroup of children with autism. >> reporter: the theory comes from surveys which suggest high
6:42 pm
fat diets might relieve some symptoms of autism in some children and from the knowledge that that is necessary for brain and nervous system development. in the initial study, arnold added two packets of pure cholesterol to autistic children's diets. rose's mother said she saw a major different in rose once she had been eating the packets for a few months. >> personally, the cholesterol's changed our life. it was exactly what she needed. her development started almost immediately. she smiles again. >> reporter: rose's results were encouraging, arnold and other researchers caution, cholesterol might be only one factor and even if it is, it may only help a small percentage of children. >> it's very important that we not just rush out and try to give everybody with autism cholesterol because for some of them, it may be harmful. >> reporter: arnold is expanding the study with the national
6:43 pm
institutes of health in the hopes that comparing dietary fat in controlled long-term research will help us learn whose lives might be chak nged like rose's was. a different diet now, dieting for summer vacation, the swimsuit season, consumer reports tested a variety of diet plans and came out with the list of the best one. at the top, jenny craig, slim-fast second, and weight watches are was third. they say dieters find jenny craig easy to follow and able to ultimately lose weight. the ratings are based on the overall effect on weight loss, adherence and how well they followed the u.s. dietary guidelines. jenny craig combines weekly counseling with company-produced meals and home made side dishes. >> full body wet suit, i think, the answer for the summer. then you don't worry about it so. >> a tense night.
6:44 pm
>> if you're watching the shark's game, you're et oohing your fingernails. all out in game six. detroit needs this to stay alive. the sharks don't want to come home, having lost three straight. the latest from joe louis in a bit. giants welcome back key players start of a serie against arizona. we check in. the a's inex tas and one of the former managers is stepping away from his current team to deal with a health issue. >> good evening, i'm jeff ra ai. the north bay, we have sunshine. we'll tell you about the fog and
6:45 pm
even rain.
6:46 pm
jeff ranieri is with us. any question for jeff? an up and down week. >> is the rain still in the forecast? >> there is. i keep getting grilled lately. i'm like, what do you want to know now? 55 in san francisco right across the golden gate bridge. clear right now. we have fog building right across the coastal mountains, wind west at 25, it's going to help to kick in this fog as we head throughout the night. temperatures dropping with cooler flow. 50s and 60s at the coast. dropping to 60s for most of our inland spots. fairfield, concord, santa rosa, you're the outliers, still low 70s. tonight we'll see fog forming even pushing into inland spots. for wednesday, the fog and the sun will help keep temperatures lower. as we mentioned still rain in the forecast.
6:47 pm
here's the latest system that's kicking off the changes. just going to increase onshore flow and fog in the forecast throughout wednesday and thursday. temperatures in upper 60s for most of the inland areas. tonight, 10:00 p.m., fog moving into the coast and peninsula. 6:00 a.m., look at this widespread coverage of the north bay patchy fog, east bay, and areas in the santa clara valley and the santa cruz mountains. by afternoon and evening hours we'll get a break, we'll get clearing and some sun. and that is what's going to help to warm us up. for the morning hours, cold start for us, 46 in los gad dough, 47 san jose. 47 san rafael. close to the 40s in san francisco. and for tomorrow, it will be very enjoyable here in the south bay. 70 in livermore. and for the peninsula, cooler with the patchy fog and just so close to the coastline there,
6:48 pm
all of the cool air has to do is get over the coastal mountains and it's right in the peninsula. 73 fairfield. 72 concord. 70s peppered throughout the north bay. 70 sonoma. morning time, if you're doing travel, saturday a slight chance of showers, that's the better day in the weekend. by sunday, temperatures drop about ten degrees and he could see measurable rainfall, not a big storm but out of character for this time of the year. >> beta breakers sunday. >> i don't think it's going to stop those guys. i have a feeling. >> really? >> probably make it better. >> make you run fast. >> thanks, jeff. let's bring in lawrence scott with sports. good evening, a fast and furious start to game six in detroit tonight. the sharks trying to join van curve in the conference finals with a win, a lot of conscience tration going to wrap things up
6:49 pm
tonight. detroit has put pressure on the sharks already but into the second period looked very much like luck is on the side of the sharks. off the power play, a puck gets loose. danny cleary on the breakaway. can't convert. pace has been so hectic, neither team has gotten much footing. right now, in the second intermission, there is no score in this game. incredible stops thus far. 0-0 is the score at this moment. comprehensive coverage of every bay area team on sportsnet central comcast bay area. 30 minutes of coverage including exclusive sharks playoff analysis and inside access. go deep with sportsnet central 10:30 only on comcast sportsnet bay area. giant at home starting a series against the diamond backs and not just welcoming back key
6:50 pm
guys but put themselves themselves straight? the starting line-up. two great character guys, andres torres and mark derosa. derosa will bat eighth and play at third. giants made room on the roster by sending bullinger. bruce boe bochy has a lot of options. guys off the dl are thrilled to be among options while making returns here at home. >> i'm here to support my team, play or not, i'm going to do the same thing, bring some energy, some, you know, just try to support my teammates. that's how we do it, come here, do our best, see what happens. >> it's been frustrating since halfway through '09. now finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. i'm excited to be out there, excited for the opportunity. i know it comes at a price, but i plan on playing and hopefully playing well until he gets back.
6:51 pm
a's got the best of texas last night with trevor cahill taking his record to 6-0. former oakland coach ron washington watching bret anderson starting. things going well until the bottom the fourth, lets in two runs, first one walked. second of the two, bases loaded craig gentry, rbi single. rangers have added to it. a's trying to get back into it. texas leading 5-1, just started pouring in texas by the way. a rain delay. former oakland manager tony la russa temporarily left his post. dealing with a painful health issue. time frame for his return uncertain. la russa diagnosed with shingles and spent the day in arizona with doctors performing tests at the mayo clinic. the 66-year-old st. louis skipper dealing with facial swelling for week and related issues. on the pga tour, tiger woods dealing with knees and achille's
6:52 pm
injuries. he got in half a practice round today. he hasn't seen any competitive action since the masters but he's joining the field at tpc sawgrass for the players championship. he skipped last week's event saying that he was basically not able to hit the ball since leaving augusta national. so while dealing with multiple injuries, getting back to form in a timely manner has not been easy for tiger woods. >> i went through a couple of periods where there were down times but this lasted longer where i would like to expect. but it is what it is. keep progressing, playing lieu it, let it happen. >> is the knee back to 100%? any other aches and pains that you had? >> yeah, the knee -- knee's better, no doubt. the achille's is better as well. i'm here playing. >> back to that hockey game tonight. standing on his head, spinning plates, lighting fireworks. it's absurd what's go on in the game right now.
6:53 pm
>> i can't wait to see that. >> if sharks win, it's over. if they lose, game seven in san jose thursday, correct? >> game seven on thursday, exactly. >> i'm not going to be debbie downer, as jessica calls it. we talked about the beta breakers here. it's sunday. caltrain is going to keep up sun's big race, they're going to get everyone there on track. caltrain will launch four express trains from mountain view and san jose early sunday, trains arrive in san francisco before the 7:00 race time. they'll get there at around g its part. b.a.r.t. trains run early bird trains at 5:00 a.m. i am a sneeze whisperer.
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i am an allergy analyst.
6:56 pm
bermuda grass. ragweed. willow. i am a dander decoder. chihuahua. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief. tone at 11:00, only on nbc bay area news, the family of brian stow, the severely injured giants fan, is speaking out. also tonight -- >> always was totally a singer at heart. >> she's getting attention of the nation. tonight, meet the bay area rising star who's turning heads and chairs when we take you behind the scenes of nbc's hit show "the voice" tonight at 11:00, after the voice on nbc. okay. there's a marriage proposal mystery in the south bay.
6:57 pm
check this out. someone wrote out the question, meg will you marry me on the side of the hill off highway 85. we tried to find meg. we tried to find the person who wants to marry meg. so far, no luck. if you know meg or if you know the person who wants to marry meg, let us know. our e-mail news hope the story is a happy one and the answer's not no. >> years ago on a hillside it was laura, will you marry me and she said yes. >> believe it or not. yes, she did say yes. >> bret cannon here with the 7:00 newscast. >> your favorite teacher at a mall near you. why they're having a grade-in in local malls. we'll talk to a bay area teacher. immigration reform, hot topic today, talking about what the president's doing. and beta breakers 100th anniversary this weekend. fun things to do now. we'll telu yoabout that live coming up in a few more minutes. >> invitedou on the 7:00?
6:58 pm
>> come along any time. >> thanks. most of you agreed with the editorial in favor of an ex-track tax on oil and gas companies to raise billions for education. gary says, our students deserve stable funding, an oil and gas ex-track tax is a about thor solution than increases in sales tax. chris believes we should allow offshore oil drilling with very, very strict environmental laws. that way california can collect millions of dollars in royalties. peter adds, the fact oil
6:59 pm
companies pay zero extraction tax is just insane. even texas has an extraction tax and texans love oil companies. the group kalens against higher taxes disagrees claiming it could cost californians 10,000 jobs require us to report more foreign oil and drive down property tax revenues. foreign oil and drive down property tax revenues. we appreciate your comments. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankymier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.


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