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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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may across the bay continues this morning. we are waking up in fremont. good morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll have more from this historic farm where i am. but first we want to check in with christina loren for a look at the forecast for this wednesday morning. >> good morning to you, laura. i can't wait to see that horse segment. we are looking good this morning. we're not horsing around with the fog that we do have out there. give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination safely as we are noticing a little bit of that low cloud cover starting to creep up along the bridges. so take it easy, especially if you're near the water. our temperatures are cool, it's a little breezy so grab a jacket. i'll let you know where we're headed today. pretty nice second half of the day and rain is on the way just in time for the weekend. we'll break that down for you. right now 6:00 a.m. mike, is it getting busy out there? >> it is. that's why i want to cover a surface street.
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there's water on the road because of a fire crew on scene. a live picture, willow pass road. we have police and fire department there. allen, our photographer on scene, just tells me the westbound, that is your commute direction, is open as you're coming past farm bureau road so westbound willow pass road is open. eastbound still closed. that's in concord as you're cutting through off of highway 4 down to 242. highway 4 itself shows the traditional build. it's a wednesday but still the commute is in effect. i'll give you the rest of the commute showing up around the bay, laura. we'll send it back to you for now. >> thank you very much. it's starting out as a tough morning on the san jose state university campus after three people were killed there. we have the very latest on the investigation. let's turn to christie smith live on the campus. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, for such a horrible shooting to have happened here last night, it's rather quiet here this morning. in fact we haven't seen very many students walking around at
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all. three people died here. now, the shooting happened inside of this garage behind me here on the fifth floor of the north garage is what they call it. it happened around 8:40. we did shoot some new video this morning up there on the fifth floor. a university police officer confirms that the garage is back open today, including the fifth floor. now, two of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene. a third person believed to be the shooter died at the hospital. one student told us it sounded a lot like fireworks with several pops. >> i was getting ready to go back to work. i was on my dinner break and i heard several pops. i didn't really think anything of it. i just didn't know what it was. nieg i got in my car and was heading to work and i saw six police cars come one after the other and i got to work and started asking questions. i looked on facebook and all my friends were in awe of what happened and talking about there was a shooting.
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helicopters are flying over. >> reporter: now, san jose police are involved and university police are involved in the investigation as well. some students had complained right afterwards that it was rather slow, the campus was, in getting information to them about what was going on, that it just wasn't fast enough. but a spokesperson said that the threat was actually over rather quickly an they wanted to secure the scene as they were getting the information out to students. we also wanted to mention that on the facebook page of san jose state, it does mention that counseling services are available today for any students who might need them. christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you for the very latest there. for the rest of the day's news, we want to turn to marla tellez. she's got a cap of it for us. >> good morning to you at home. it is now 6:03. we have a live look right now, firefighters checking for hot spots in contra costa county after a warehouse in concord went up in flames early this
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morning. firefighters say they arrived at the smoke-filled abandoned warehouse about 3:40 this morning. the battalion chief tells us it took firefighters about an hour to get the fire under control at this building on willow pass road just east of farm bureau road. >> when they arrived on the scene they found smoke and flames coming from the roof. this building is a total loss. it's an approximately 5,000-square foot building, total loss. unknown as to the cause of the fire. we will be doing an investigation. >> no one was hurt in the flames. it took firefighters, 12 of them, to put out these flames. as mike just mentioned in his traffic report, if you're headed to this area on willow pass road, you can expect some delays. two cal berkeley graduates are not on trial in iran as expected today. officials are not giving any reaches for the postponement. the lawyer for shane bauer and josh fattal only says the two men were not brought into the courtroom today. they have been held in iran
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since july, 2009, when they were arrested while hiking along the iran/iraq border. iran accuses them of being spies. a third hiker, sarah shourd is back in the u.s. iran released her on half a million dollars bail. the yemeni man accused of trying to open a cockpit door is still in federal custody this morning. yesterday prosecutors argued the 28-year-old is a flight risk and should not get bail. prosecutors say he had no luggage on the flight from chicago to sfo and was carrying two checks totaling $13,000. he has a yemeni passport, three i.d.s from new york and a california i.d. he claims he was on his way to visit family in vallejo. those relatives say they didn't know he was coming. the family of injured giants fan bryan stow is speaking to nbc bay area. they say the 42-year-old father of two remains in a coma in a
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southern california hospital but he may be brought closer to home soon. doctors say stow is stable enough to be transferred to the medical center at uc san francisco. his sister says while the seizures have stopped, the injury is still tough to deal with. >> for me, today is a little bit of a rough day. even though he's going in the progression that we want and there hasn't been any brain seizures, but it's still really hard to look at my older brother laying there, just looking for any sign that he can hear us. so it gets hard. >> stow's family says he is getting great care at usc medical center. a state judges asking pg&e to perform pressure tests on more than 700 miles of gas pipelines. in a ruling yesterday, a judge for the california public utilities commission ruled the utility must perform the tests to rebuild trust in its safety
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operations. reports show it could take five years to complete, cost $350 million, and cause more customer inconvenience. now, the order comes just as pg&e began testing 152 miles of pipelines across the bay area this week. that's the latest from the newsroom here. 6:07. time now to go live to laura at ardenwood farms in fremont. >> if you've never been here, i'm going to make you come with the kids because it's simply fascinating. they have got so much history here. we'll have a lot more live from here coming up. the sun is coming up and not too bad of temperatures across the bay area. we want to check in with christina loren. >> hey there, laura. you're looking good as the sun comes up. it is getting a little cooler out there, grab a jacket but something you can peel off later because we are in that transitionary period between spring and the summertime when the weather in the afternoon is downright perfect. you can open up the windows in your house, open up the doors, let the fresh air in and that
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will be the case for today and tomorrow. but we're going to have to get through a good deal of cloud cover for the first part of the day. the marine push will push all the way inland creating cloudy skies through antioch and the sacramento valley this morning. so that will be the case the first part of the day. once that fog starts to lift and break apart, we'll see sunshine for the second half of your day and then we've got a little rain to get through over the weekend. pretty significant round of rain. it looks like the heavier rain will arrive on sunday but we'll have to get through some on saturday as well. so watch out for that. keep that in mind when you're making your outdoor plans for the weekend. probably better to do so indoors if you can. 49 in livermore right now, 53 in hayward. if you're headed to the city by about noon, we're still dealing with a good amount of cloud cover, 60 degrees. by 4:00 p.m., 65 degrees, breezy conditions and a pretty good amount of clearing at that time. so that's good news. you can give your ac a break,
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roll down your windows on your way home if you'd like. 79 in san jose today, 69 in oakland and 74 in santa rosa. overall we'll drop off a degree or two from yesterday's highs and our temperatures are going to continue to drop as we get closer and closer to the weekend. cold air is going to surge into the bay area and keep our temperatures in the 60s as we head through saturday, sunday. we'll talk about that coming up. you've probably got to get to work right now. if you do, the man to help you out, hey, mike. >> good morning, christine avmt yeah, i'm going to let you know about an issue that might help you. if you're in livermore, westbound 580, this is a concern. an accident still there on the shoulder westbound 580 at north flynn road. the reason that might help you out, if you're west of there, things are a little lighter so we do see the slowdown heading through central livermore into pleasanton but not quite as bad as we typically see because some folks held back some of the out of the altamont pass. 17-minute drive out towards the dublin interchange. 580 is smooth all the way over
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towards hayward. here of some of your approaches to the bay bridge toll plaza and a nice, smooth drive there as well. there's a disabled van on the upper deck. the chopper has scanned the entire route from the east bay and didn't see any major slowing so we trust that the bridge crew has taken care of that. the low clouds not an issue for your commute so the toll plaza is where our concern is right now. there's not a major backup and no metering lights registering yet. i'll get that final check with chp. yep, no metering lights so a smooth drive over across into the city. we'll watch as things continue to develop and, laura, we'll send it back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, mike. we're live out here in fremont as our tour across the bay continues. more on how tesla motors is certainly changing this community.
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good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon and our "may around the bay" tour continues this morning. we are waking up in fremont. we are at the historic ardenwood farms. we'll have more on that coming up. but we're joined by the vice mayor of fremont, sue chan joins me out here this morning. you may recognize the tesla car out here as well, which means big things for fremont. >> oh, absolutely. we are so thrilled that tesla chose fremont to be the headquarters for its operations. it's going to be starting production in 2012, so very, very excited about them. as you can see from the beautiful car, it's an exciting car but it's also the beginning of clean technology for fremont. we are the hub for many, many clean tech firms, such as solaria, so it's an exciting time for us and we are thrilled that tesla has chosen fremont. >> oh, sure. it's a win-win for both sides,
6:14 am
for the economy and everything. but fremont is growing in itself. talk a little bit about b. amptle -- bart and new shopping areas. >> we're growing and it's exciting because b.a.r.t. is coming to extend in fremont and that's going to open up the entire bay area as it goes down into santa clara. so that along with our expansion of pacific commons. we'll have a 16-screen century theater as well as a large target and there's going to be an area called the block, which will have boutique restaurants and retail so that it will become a real destination for people to go and have entertainment options. >> i can tell that you love living here. tell me what's the best thing that you get out of it? >> oh, it's the community. we are so ethnically diverse. it just has the caringness of a community that is growing, on the leading edge
6:15 am
and poised to expand and become even more special. >> but not forgetting where you came from as well. i love it, i love it. thank you so much for having us out here today. >> thank you for coming. we're really happy that you are here. >> it is a thrill for us as well. we'll have a lot more from ardenwood farms but we're covering the day's news and we want to check with marla for a look at that. it's now 6:15. going to a california state university next spring could become much more expensive and that's if you can get in. the system's chancellor is planning to raise tuition by 32% and close enrollment for next spring. the increase means costs could rise to $7400 a semester. that's more than twice what it cost just three years ago. the board of trustees has until july to vote on the proposal. an update on the surprising split. arnold schwarzenegger is talking about his separation from maria shriver at a public event last night. he said they love each other
6:16 am
very much and are taking it one day at a time. 6:15 now. time to get a check on your forecast with christina. good morning. >> hey, marla, good morning to you. yeah, we've got an interesting forecast today. it's not as nice as yesterday, although i'd love to stand here and tell you it's going to be a beautiful day. it will be for the second half of your day but we have some low cloud cover, a little bit of fog to get through as we head throughout the early morning hours, that fog will lift and break apart and we'll see the sunshine. it's just going to take a while, probably about noon. onshore flow back in effect. coastal fog will be a factor at least through 10:00. then we'll talk about an overcast sky, clearing the second half of your day. and then this system of low pressure, the jetstream comes back into play. that means we'll see cooler weather overall and a little rain as we head into the weekend, so we are watching for that. now, the good thing that is going to accompany this rain is a lower pollen count. if you're somebody who has been suffering from allergies, there is relief on the way but we'll be in the high range all the way
6:17 am
through friday, so keep that allergy medicine handy. turning to the 70s later on today and your seven-day forecast shows you a significant cooldown on tap just in time for the weekend. some showers as well. really not a great weekend for outdoor plans. today, though, outdoors, at&t park, 7:15, should be downright perfect for a baseball game. 59 degrees. laura, we want to see our giants win once again, don't we? >> of course we do. we always are cheering on the giants. but instead of giants this morning, we've got a giant horse out here. his name isn't paul revere but we're out here at ardenwood farms, just one of the many animals you have which is great for all the city dwellers. >> this is jigs, a belgian draft horse and is semi retired. he pulls the train here. and this is randy, who was kind enough to bring jigs out to meet us. >> i've been around a lot of horses, but my first impression
6:18 am
is he's a big one. >> he's big but actually our other horse is 200 pounds heavier. >> are you kidding me? >> he's about a ton. he used to be about 2200 pounds. as he's getting old, he's losing a little weight. >> right, right. just one of the many animals you find out here. you've got pigs, you've got rabbits, we saw a little goat kid. >> we have sheep and cows, chickens and turkeys. so we have all the farm animals you'd expect to find on a farm 100 years ago. >> and it's a big posterity out here. >> it is. we have 205 acres. about 100 acres are farm fields that have actively been farmed. >> it gives folks a good idea of what it's like in this area. they have preserved all this land. it's very easy to get to just off of 880. you talk about this kind of horsepower that they have in fremont but then you go to this kind of horsepower. a lot of people would love to get into one of these. tesla motors, of course, we all
6:19 am
know coming to fremont. camille ricketts joins us from tesla. >> we're superthrilled to be here. it's right across the bay from our showroom and we have this huge, great factory to grow into. >> tell us when production is going to start. and you're bringing a lot of jobs. >> right now we're retooling, we're bringing in a lot of equipment. that's going to happen the next few quarters and hoping to get production geared up for the start of next year, release our new electric sedan in the midpoint of next year. >> and you're going to be hiring as well? >> we are going to be hiring, we think up to 1,000 workers will be brought on board to start the production of the sedan. >> why did you choose free sglaunt basically because it's so close to where our operations are based but also because this plant was here and we have so much room to grow into. its production capacity is 500,000. we're starting with 20,000 so there's a lot of room for tesla to have a bright future there. >> which is perfect. hopefully we're going to jump in this car a little bit later.
6:20 am
it sounds like a golf cart but, boy, it doesn't rev like one and we'll take it out in a little bitful. we've also got the day's news. including why you've got to be careful, mosquito season quickly coming upon us. you may have heard there are a lot of kids on facebook that shouldn't be there, but is it illegal? we'll take a look at that coming up in tech today. and a lot of young adults heading toward san jose state. a nice easy drive past the shark tank. come on, sharks! yocou where things are ame i'll show you where things are a lilittle slower than you'd like coming up. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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welcome back. 6:23 now. if you're just getting ready to head out the door then you want to know what's going on on the road. might be, the problem in livermore. better news there. >> better news for some folks. not so nice if you were expecting lighter traffic because westbound 580 at north flynn road, we had the accident in lanes, then off to the shoulder. now it's causing some slowdown heading into livermore. now things have cleared there. so better news coming into the area. if you're in livermore, you'll see more folks as they have gotten past the log jam. no problems heading towards the dublin interchange. 580 through the castro valley y moves slowly as does northbound 238 with 880. 880 and 92, not a problem right now. there's some haze in the air but we did have an earlier wind advisory for the san mateo
6:24 am
bridge but that has been clear all morning. the high rise might get a gust or two and as the east bay hills. we'll look on the other side and we see 101 coming off of 92 moving smoothly all the way past highway 84. the dumbarton bridge, an accident also cleared also southbound 101. the 7 where it says san jose, that's the tully road interchange, but construction crews continue to work there. that might be a tractor causing a slow reading on our sensors. we'll follow this and send it back to you, marla. at 6:24, with warmer temperatures in the bay area comes a new warning about west nile virus. rising temperatures combined with winter's heavy snow and rain are creating an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos. to protect yourself, experts say you should spray bug repellent with deet on your clothes and try to wear long sleeves and long pants when you're outdoors.
6:25 am
fix and install window and door screens and drain standing water in pools, buckets, and flower pots. san francisco's phone book restriction is moving closer to becoming reality. the board of supervisors gave its initial approval with a 10-1 vote yesterday. if passed, the new rules would restrict the distribution of phone books in the city. it is a three-year pilot program that would start next year. companies would have to ask people and businesses if they want a book before one could be delivered. it turns out there may be as many as 5 million children on facebook lying about their age. scott mcgrew says every parent already knew this. >> absolutely, yeah. "consumer reports" says there are 20 million minors on facebook that's under 18. 5 million of those are under the age of 13. that's the minimum age that facebook sets for its members. you are absolutely right. if you have a child who's on facebook, you are already know some of the kids on his or her friends list are much younger
6:26 am
than they're claiming. oftentimes they do with that parents' knowledge. they say they're in high school. they're really in junior high or elementary and that gets them around facebook restrictions. facebook says it is aware of the problem and it's working on the problem. it's not really facebook's fault. if you lie about who you are in the agreement, well, that's on you, not facebook. so is allowing your 13-year-old to open an account on facebook illegal? it doesn't violate criminal law. the children's online protection act says kids under 13 need their parents' permission to enter data on a website, so if you do have your parents' permission, you're okay there. but facebook's policy says nobody under 13 is allowed, period. lying to get around that policy is probably not going to put you in criminal court but would violate contract law and theoretically expose you to civil liability. but this is one of those things that almost every parent knew before "consumer reports" said. >> that's right. parents have got to keep tabs on
6:27 am
what their kids are doing. we're outhere live in fremont this morning. boy, look at these guys, they're putting me to work at beautiful den farm. some of my newest, closest friends, i think because i'm the snack lady this morning. more coming up.
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6:29 am
our "may around the bay" tour continues this morning. we are waking up in beautiful fremont. this community has so much to offer. i'm live at ardenwood farms. i'm laura garcia-cannon. christina loren has a look at the forecast for us. >> wow, it's quite nature-like where you are. i think i just saw a raccoon run by in the background. we're looking good this morning. onshore flow has brought that cloud cover back so we're going to see a marine push that's going to push all the way inland. overcast conditions the first part of your day. then the sun comes out and warms us up into the 70s but changes
6:30 am
on the horizon. it's 6:29. how do the roads look, mike. >> no raccoons, those are for laura's shot with the sheep and the deer and the cows. metering lights on the toll plaza and the live look shows you the backup in most of those lanes at least to the back of the parking lot making their way to the 880 overcrossing. slowing off of the berkeley curve. and the chopper has joined folks as they're merging on to westbound 80. as you're coming off of the richmon richmond/san rafael bridge. we'll send it back out to you. >> all right, thank you very much, mike. we're also following the day's news this morning. there was an overnight shooting in san jose at st. george state university campus. three people died. the investigation continues this morning. we want to check in with christie smith live on the campus with the very latest.
6:31 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, the university spokesperson is supposed to update us this morning after 7:00 but i just got off the phone with san jose police and they confirm that they are assisting with a team of homicide detectives, but there are still a lot of questions this morning like were these students, the victims. now, the shooting, the gunfire happened here in the north garage on the fifth floor last night. we have new video and the garage is back open this morning, even the fifth floor. here's what we know. someone opened fire around 8:40 last night. evening classes were still in session. three people died. two victims and one person believed to be the shooter. police are saying they believe that this was not a drive-by and not a random shooting. officer jose garcia with san jose police just told me because there are three dead, the university called in for mutual aid, so city homicide detectives and crime scene investigators will be helping out. they'll likely continue trying
6:32 am
to contact the victims' families and trying to determine exactly what led up to this. some students have complained, though, that the school took too long to notify them of what was going on but a spokesperson says they used a campus notification program. i spoke with one student who's back to try to retrieve her car. she couldn't get it last night because of the investigation but she said she wasn't notified at all of what was going on so she's trying to learn a little more this morning. we should also mention that on the university facebook page, it does suggest that if students need it, counselors are available. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, christie. and these three deaths now bring the death total in san jose up to 22. you know, the "san jose mercury news" put together a map of where all these homicides have taken place. it's quite alarming, the numbers, because in all of last
6:33 am
year, there were 20. that's in 2010. 20 homicides. the city is certainly going to have to make some tough decisions. once considered one of the safest big cities in america, now facing budget cuts that could have an impact on the police department. we're certainly keeping tabs on that this morning. also keeping tabs on the day's news. we want to check in with marla tellez back live in the studio with more on b.a.r.t. officers and a case that they have been facing. >> good morning, laura. we'll get to that in just a moment. right now at 6:33, we're going to take you live to concord where firefighters are checking for hot spots after a bar that's no longer in business went up in flames early this morning. firefighters say they arrived on the scene about 3:40 this morning. this is on willow pass road just east of farm bureau road. the battalion chief tells us it took firefighters about an hour to get the flames under control. the good news is no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. now, it took 12 firefighters to put out those flames.
6:34 am
a $50 million federal lawsuit filed by the family of an unarmed oakland man shot and killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer is cleared to go to trial. a federal judge says the jury should decide most of the allegations against current and former bart police officers involved in the death of oscar grant. the lawsuit is focused on the officers that responded to reports of a fight on a train. the judge ruled b.a.r.t. as an organization cannot be held responsible for the killing. santa clara county is holding owners of pit bulls an other dangerous dogs accountable for their dogs' actions. the board of supervisors approved a measure that gives more authority to the animal care and control department to label dogs as potentially dangerous. the law also requires anyone walking these dogs must be at least 18 years old, capable of controlling it and have increased liability insurance. critics say the board should not
6:35 am
target a particular breed but increase education and training. the week of action for teachers continues today and now the giants are taking part. teachers will be honored before tonight's game against the diamondbacks at at&t park. outside parents will hand out leaflets in support of schools. all week long teachers have been protesting the deep state budget cuts. some have even been arrested, including a few from the east bay. hard to make out there, but they are chanting "education, not incarceration." the president of the oakland education association says she and seven other union members were arrested along with 12 other teachers and dozens of students. two of those teachers say they were arrested monday night and released early yesterday morning after refusing to leave the capitol building when it closed. the time is 6:35. time to head out back live to laura in fremont. i saw a peacock behind you just
6:36 am
a second ago. >> very good. you know your animals. i was going to give christina loren a hard time for saying a cat was a raccoon. we'll have more live from ardenwood farms this morning. in the news headlines this morning, facebook, because of the number of users under 13 years old. we want to check in with brian mooar live in washington, d.c., with that part of the story. >> reporter: good morning, laura. 150 million facebook users, 20 million of them are minors, 5 million under the age of 10. all of which is very nice, but facebook has a self-imposed age limit of 13. "consumer reports" has found that lots and lots of kids are getting around this requirement, just signing in and saying they're older than they really are. this comes at a time when facebook is under fire for perhaps not adequately protecting the privacy of some adults.
6:37 am
the worry here is that kids may be all the more vulnerable to not just computer viruses and scams, but bullies and predators as well. "consumer reports" found that 21% of facebook parents have posted their kids' names or photos. 15% their current location or travel plans. one-fifth of parents have not even bothered to use the privacy controls. facebook is retooling its family safety center and says it wants to get a new lesson plan out to teachers to help teach safety in social media. facebook released a statement to us saying, quote, there is no single solution to ensuring younger children don't circumvent a system or lie about their age. we appreciate the attention that these reports and other experts are giving this matter and believe this will provide an opportunity for parents, teachers, safety advocates and internet services to focus on this area with the ultimate goal of keeping young people of all ages safe online. "consumer reports" says
6:38 am
basically the bottom line here is adults, you should friend your own children to keep track of them. in washington, i'm brian mooar. laura, back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, brian mooar. we should also probably move away from the computer and get into the great outdoors. places like ardenwood farms in fremont, that is where we are coming to you live this morning. take a look at all the creatures that are coming out this morning. this is a peacock that's been kind of squawking on me. maybe i'm on the turf this morning. but beautiful animals that they have out here. christina loren, i'm going to drag you out here some day. you'll come with me and the triplets and learn about a lot of animals. >> i'm learning a lot just watching you from this climate-controlled environment. good thing we've got a stone cold fox out there, laura garcia-cannon. we're looking good this morning. low pressure is going to move inland today. that is going to push that marine layer inland and that means today we'll start out with an overcast, kind of a dreary morning. a clear start out there but
6:39 am
later on the sun will come out and make for a mild afternoon with temperatures in the low 70s. tomorrow we'll deal with another round of fog. tomorrow bike to work day. keep that in mind if you're biking to work. of course mike inouye is all over that. 49 in livermore, 53 in concord and 53 in hayward. our true view is even picking up that low cloud cover that will keep our temperatures down from yesterday. overall looking pretty good today. rain on the way for the weekend. we'll tell you when and how much coming up. right now 6:39. how do the roads look, mike? >> tomorrow bike to work day. a lot of folks might like the cooler weather. highway 4, things are heating up as far as the volume. 19 miles per hour right at l street sensor and that's a traditional slowdown. also through bay point, that 41 showing up. marla showed you the shots from concord where the fire, the crew is clearing up but willow pass
6:40 am
road there's a smoldering building right around farm bureau and that's a visual distraction. no major slowing through the scene. we'll watch that through the course of the morning and let you know if any problems are reported. benicia and carquinez bridges, smooth drives. the approach to the maze and the toll plaza moving smoothly now. the metering lights are on. the chopper heading out to show you where things are slowing down coming off the berkeley curve and approaching that toll plaza. further up, that section between the toll plaza that goes all the way across and the metering lights keeping things moving smoothly across the upper deck. we'll end with a live shot of oakland where there are no major issues for 880 but it's building in volume there. >> i'm out here at ardenwood farms where the pace is much slower than all the traffic. fremont s haa lot tohaoffer, ing clinthw laho paeyd yeud big role in the early days of motion
6:41 am
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20 cities in 20 days. it's been so much fun to take you to all the different cities around the bay area. this morning we're wakingup in fremont. we're at ardenwood farms right off of 880. ira has been here, what, 20 years? >> 20 years. >> and in that time you've shelled a lot of corn. >> we have. corp is one of the crops we grow here on the farm.
6:44 am
people can help us harvest the corn every october and we save the corn all year and use it to feed our animals, so i'd like to put you to work. >> all right, let's do it. >> we're going to take the corn off the cob. you drop them in. >> you've got the hard job. this looks like a very old piece of equipment. how old is this? >> this machine is actually from the early 1900s. and we've worked on it and restored it a few times. but it's part of our educational program here with the east bay park district showing people how life was like on a farm in this area 100 years ago. but we're not done. you have to crack the corn now. >> okay, let's do it. jimmy crack corn and i don't care. see, kids, corn doesn't just come in a corn called corn flakes here. you've got to work it here.
6:45 am
do kids even know that song? this is better than a coffee grinder, right? nobody call me a monkey grinder. i could be here all day. these poor animals are going to starve as long as it's going to take me but that's good. it shows people how it's all done. perfect. very educational out here at ardenwood farms. >> we try to make it hands on. >> we're going to feed the animals in just a little bit. you know, they played a huge part in the making of silent films. the niles district in fremont is home of the silent film museum. bob redell will take us in there in just a little bit. i always thought it would be really cool to be in a silent film. what do i do to get my foot in the door? >> reporter: generally silent film actors and actresses have to overexaggerate their facial expressions. you want to blink your eyes
6:46 am
really fast a lot. a stupid hat helps and slapstick. that's random and completely out of the blue. >> oh, bob redell. i don't know if i'm going to regret that or not. he joins me live from the silent movie museum in niles. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. i give you major props for your acting chops there. you know, we're not the first people who have made a silent movie here in niles. probably the last, but not the
6:47 am
first. hundreds were made here between 1912 and 1916. i want to take you inside the old historic edison theater that is now the niles s & a silent film museum. just a block from here was the manufacturing company that's a film studio. this is just over close to 100 years old and a very famous movie star made movies here. you're looking at charlie chaplin. this image taken from the movie "the tramp." he was here during that time period for just a few months, made five films, including "the tramp." we're actually walking in his footsteps because he was known to come and frequent this theater. and you've probably driven on this very road where this scene was filmed. right here is highway 84 through niles canyon. back then it was a dirt road. but if you were to drive down this section, these features are still recognizable today. let's take you inside the theater right here. the real star that maybe you're
6:48 am
not as familiar with was a guy named bronco billy anderson. he's considered to be the first true cowboy western star. his history is detailed in this book here written by historian, film buff dave keene. good morning to you, dave. >> hello. >> reporter: how are you? >> good. >> reporter: you know, i think the one thing that i always wonder, you hear about how many films were made here. 350 in four years. >> yeah. >> reporter: why wasn't this hollywood? why didn't this become hollywood? >> well, there were a lot of companies making films, mostly in los angeles. even by the midteens, there was a lot of concentration in los angeles. it's just that things just didn't quite work out in the bay area. >> reporter: and bronco billy, who was a partner in the s & a, the a for anderson, decided to shut things down and that was kind of it. it was just a four-year stint? >> that's right. there were other companies that worked in the bay area but s & a was the biggest and the best.
6:49 am
>> reporter: and when you come out here in the theater, you still run silent movies. i know you do these frequently on saturdays. you're having a charlie chaplin festival the first weekend of june. who shows up to these? i'm curious. especially in this day of iphones and mobile media. >> well, it's a different kind of thing here. it's its own type of media. live piano music and you get this audience atmosphere that's unique. so we get people from all ages. families and anybody who's interested in not just silent films but movies in general i think will find it fascinating. >> reporter: dave keene, thank you very much. laura, if you want to get more information on the niles silent film museum, you go to you can see we've got our "may around the bay" map. we're going to be throwing something at it coming up in a
6:50 am
little bit to find out where we're headed tomorrow. >> we can't wait. we've had a lot of fun, haven't we, bob. thank you very much. but we're also covering the day's news and want to check in with marla back in the studio. >> good morning, laura. your time is 6:49. this morning new information that deep an distant earthquakes have much more of an impact on the san andreas fault line than previously thought. usgs researchers say the 9.1 quake in sumatra in 2004 and the 8.8 quake in chile last year caused parts of the san andreas fault to suddenly slip, that set off small tremors. researchers say the new information is helping them understand how deep sections of the san andreas fault react to seismic waves, which could help scientists predict quakes in the future. in other news this morning, the 15-year-old boy accused of fatally shooting his friend in san francisco's bayview district will be arraigned this morning. the boy faces murder charges but he will not be tried as an adult. he's accused of shooting andy
6:51 am
zeng just last month. the boy says they were playing with the gun and he did not know it was loaded. 6:50 now. it's a chilly start to your wednesday. christina, it's going to warm up, though, right? >> yes, it is going to warm up and the overcast skies that we'll see for the first part of your day will turn over to mostly sunny conditions later on, so we do have a little bit of fog to contend with this morning. a lot of it is starting to lift at this point and you will notice a gray sky overhead but it won't last long, as you know from living here in the bay area, the fog will probably last for the first part of your day. by noon we'll see those clouds break apart and the sun will come out and warm us up into the 70s today. the big weather story we're working on is this weekend rain. we've got two rounds of rain, one on saturday an a stronger round on sunday. overall we could pick up to a half an inch of rain in the north bay so a significant spring storm on the way. we'll talk more about that each and every day as we get closer to your weekend. by noon in san francisco, we'll see a lot of cloud cover lift
6:52 am
and break apart. by 4:00 p.m., 65 degrees, breezy out there. elsewhere, our temps are expected to be in the 70s, so a little more mild towards the bay today. 69 in oakland, 67 in san francisco. elsewhere, the low 70s. 71 degrees today in san jose. 72 in gilroy and of course 7:15 as our giants take on the diamondbacks, it should be pretty comfortable out there on at&t park but a little on the br breezy side so make sure you're ready for a cool game. 75 degrees on friday. we're dropping into the 60s saturday and sunday. one thing is for sure, laura, it certainly smells better here in the studio than where you are this morning. how's it smelling out there. >> how do you know? hey, it's good fresh farm air, it's good for you, christina. come out every once in a while, you big city girl. we've got a lot more coming up from ardenwood farms where wee her'r feedinghe t her feed goats. keeping them fed this morning. hey, what about the sharkies, though? we'll check in and see what's
6:53 am
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good morning, folks. 6:55. i'm covering the traffic but right now we have breaking news. the chopper has just seen smoke over oakland. just off of the 580 and 980 interchange. 1127 lindon is where the incident is reported. the shopper is over the scene where some firefighters are now addressing a building with smoke pouring out of the windows. no reports of any injuries. reports just coming in. this is not affecting your commute but it is going to be visible from 580. we'll take you back out to some slowing at the toll plaza as well. the live shot we'll end with is the backup at the toll plaza itself. low clouds often will make an issue as far as seeing the smoke. it won't be as much of a distraction because those are
6:56 am
hovering around the roadways. marla, back to you. the sharks are killing us. the sharks lost their third straight game against the detroit red wings last night 3-1. they started off the series winning the first three games. all they had to do was win one more to seal the deal but unfortunately now the red wings can do the same. the seventh and final game is tomorrow night at the shark tank. you may have seen those billboards claiming the end of the world is coming next saturday. scott mcgrew says that has been a boone for one business. >> we've talked about these guys before. they're a group of people who aren't so sure the world is going to end so they're willing to watch your pet for you. they figure they are not going to be called anywhere so they'll stick around and feed your dog. eternal earth bound has raised its prices this morning. it said due to demand because of the claims by some groups that the end of the world is coming a week from saturday. if you are still investing
6:57 am
for the long term, good news out of intel. they're raising their dividend 16%. that's the second time in six months that intel has given more money back to investors. >> good for intel. >> yeah. laura, she's riding in style this morning. good morning. you look good in the car. >> all right, thanks a lot. hey, i don't know what you guys are doing here in the studio, but i'm in my new -- the peacock doesn't want me to talk. i'm in my new tesla. look at this. i think i need a booster seat honestly. this has been so much fun. we're out here in fremont this morning. ardenwood farms is just one of our many stops. so tomorrow, i want to check in with bob redell. where are we headed tomorrow. >> reporter: well, we're going to find out from the niles s & a silent film museum. you can see we've got our may around the bay on the floor of the historic edison theater here. i've got a charlie chaplin cane. we're going to drop this and see
6:58 am
where it lands. 3, 2, 1. and where did it go? old on. is that -- i've got to get down there and take a look. it looks like somewhere on the peninsula. can you read it from there? it is -- we are going to san francisco! san francisco. a place with natural beauty and a forward-thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today, we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate.
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