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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  May 11, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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test. test. because she's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. bower and fattal pleaded not guilty back in february. under iranian law, espionage can be punished by death. >> while inside the mind of a terrorist, coming up, the dark secrets emerging from osama bin laden's diaries. and the end of political
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favors for friends, a bay area family fights back in honor of their son. why they now have some high profile help in the effort to keep the man responsible behind bars. >> and there's nothing better than performing in front of an audience. up next, how a group of bay area students got a chance to do that at the white house of all places. and good afternoon, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. after a foggy start, san francisco getting some sunshine. temperatures in the 50s, we'll talk more about the fog, even for tomorrow's forecast. and even thee som dee here of some thunderstorms. that's coming up in minutes. [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ]
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one in, one out. today former house speaker newt
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gingrich who embodied the republican party of the mid'90s declared his bid for the white house. at the same time, chris christie, a major new face of the gop, said emphatically he will not run. we bring in steve handelsman with the latest on the race. >> reporter: he's a republican with name recognition, 93% of americans have heard of newt gingrich and he's got experience. but the former house speaker has baggage. two divorces, one reason he's putting his current wife calista front and center. but declaring his run for the white house on twitter does not make gingrich the front-runner, says karl rove. >> he could earn his way into the top tier, though, and that's what is going to be interesting about this contest. new jersey governor chris christie urged by many republicans to run said today in d.c., no way. >> no. >> i'm kidding. >> my god, i'm not running for
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president. >> reporter: mitt romney is seen by some as the front-runner. donald trump in new hampshire today did poll number one. till he challenged president obama's birth, trump has lost 69% of his support in one poll. tea party republicans will keep the 2012 focus on deep spending cuts. >> so we can preserve medicare in the long run. >> reporter: democrats want tax hikes and an end to big oil's $21 billion in tax breaks. >> you don't need the subsidy, and it ought to go to reducing the deficit. >> reporter: president obama's polls rose on the death of osama bin laden, but his approval on economic issues is just 37%. >> so as long as the economy is weak, barack obama has got a fight on his hands. >> he's back in candidate mode. '08 style. >> yes, we can. thank you, very much, everybody. god bless you. >> reporter: the incumbent president raising money last night in texas.
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>> members of congress, including california senator and chair of the senate armed services committee, dianne feinstein, making their way to cia headquarters to view the photos of a dead osama bin laden. at the same time analysts are poring over the pages of bin laden's handwritten diary. the information coming out is bin laden worked every day to come up with new ways to hit the united states and kill as many americans as possible. those plans included strikes against small cities and targeted planes and trains. brian williams will have more on the story coming up at 5:30 after this news cast. on his last day in office, governor schwarzenegger reduced the prison sentence of a friend's son. today the san diego da's office filed a civil suit to overturn the governor's decision. schwarzenegger reduced the prison sentence from 16 years to seven years. esteban nunez is the son of fabian nunez. the younger nunez pleaded guilty
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to the stabbing death of a staying college student. today's suit names the current governor, jerry brown, the director of the state department of corrections, a warden and esteban nunez. >> the last-minute come mutation made without all the facts or input from the parties only fueled the public's mistrust of government and greatly diminished justice. >> the san diego da's office says the lawsuit is believed attorney the first of its kind in the nation. a dogfight brewing tonight after santa clara county now decides to hold owners of pit bulls and other dangerous dogs accountable for the dog's actions. the board of supervisors approved a measure that gives more authority to animal care and control to label dogs as potentially dangerous. the law also requires anyone walking these dogs to be over 18, capable of controlling the dog, and have increased liability insurance. critics say the board should not have targeted a particular type of breed, but instead increased education and training.
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a tough new vehicle emissions standards are being drawn up by the state air resources board. these new standards could save california billions of dollars and improve air quality. a new report by the american lung association claims california can save $6 billion in health and fuel costs by calling for more efficient vehicles by the year 2015. the group also wants to see conventional gas-burning cars to start to phase out within six years. >> california does more than other states, but we have to do more because we have the most severe air pollution problems in california. right now, about 9,000 people die every year from premature deaths related to air pollution. >> researchers compare the auto industry's reluctance to make more zero emission vehicles to previous fights over seat belts, air bags and catalytic converters. several bay area students were on stage as the first lady hosted several poetry workshops. mrs. obama didn't speak in rhyme
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but did talk about the importance of language in music in a modern world. students also heard advice from former poets such as rita dove and billy collins, and students shared their own work as well. >> the dark dawn recreeds, the birds wake up, the shots open, the drums wake from their sidewalk beds. the tea kettle boils. [ applause ] >> musician amy mon brought her guitar to one of the workshops as well. tonight students are enjoying steve martin and the controversial rapper/poet common. for many travelers this doesn't come as a surprise, sfo is ranked dead last in terms of on time arrivals and departures. theibili visibility is to blame. mike mckaren was surprised by the ranking, he says on a clear day they can land 60 planes an hour compared to 30 planes an hour on a foggy day. they're hoping new technology, which is on its way, will help
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track planes and avoid late landings in bad weather. here's the list in terms of the best. dallas/ft. worth came in first and ronald reagan came in first place in terms of on time departures. >> wow. today was a beautiful day to either leave on time or arrive on time, no matter how you put it. >> as long as it was an afternoon flight, if you were heading out this morning, that fog was pretty thick outside. right now the visibility has cleared out from oakland looking towards the city, a sweet view. current temperature is 60, winds westerly at 20 miles per hour, the onshore flow helping keep things cool here, the fog is pushed back behind the bridge so a lot of sunshine in downtown. however, temperatures are not nearly as cool or as warm, rather, as they were yesterday. 62 in livermore, 64 san jose, 64 san matteo. as we look ahead towards tonight the fog is going to be returning. it will stay on the chilly side with plenty of 40s. warming for tomorrow, and here
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is the thing for the upcoming weekend. look at this, possible thupder in my forecast. we'll have more on that coming up in the seven-day. the next 48 hours, this weak system pushes in and we'll keep the fog pattern in place throughout thursday with a few 70s inland and for friday, our next system is going to be offshore and that's one that looks to bring rain throughout the forecast. we'll see that fog rebuilding back here off the coastline and continuing through about 11:00 p.m. so we'll see that patchy fog once again for the east and also for the south bay. then as we head throughout tomorrow morning, we will have patchy fog to start, we will get sunshine as we head throughout thursday afternoon. meanwhile, tonight, 45 in los gatos, 51 san jose. 47 in napa, and 45 in santa rosa. all this talk about bay to breakers, it's happening sunday from 7:00 a.m. to noon, three days and 13 hours away. yes. a chance of rain, unfortunately, and also the possibility of a
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thunder storm and it will be on the cold side. only 50 to 55 degrees in san francisco. however, i don't think it's going to stop any of the festivities or the fun. everyone's kind of die hard about this event. if you are headed out there, just be prepared for the possibility of rain and also the colder temperatures. for tomorrow, we're looking at upper 60s and low 70s. 69 san jose, 69 dublin, 69 in palo alto, 65 san mateo, 64 san francisco. and for our inland spots, upper 60s to low 70s. so a little bit of warming tomorrow as we see less fog to start. that's the good news. 70 in santa rosa, 72 in cal stoeg ga. on your seven-day forecast, it stapes dry through friday and then saturday we'll see a chance of showers. it's sunday, though, we could see measurable rainfall and also the possibility of thunderstorms. and look at that, temperatures also drop off from the 70s inland all the way down to the 60s. so it's unusual, but, hey, look
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at it this way. i'm giving you one extra chance to pull out that umbrella. you know, just i know you want to. >> wonderfuwonderful. we wanted that. >> exactly. up next, the power of parents. why some parents in the south bay are celebrating tonight in a battle over school safety and a cell phone tower. plus, you know that legendary swoop, don't you? but what makeson dd trump's hair tick? the donald shares his secrets next.
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parents at a south bay high school are celebrating a victory after the san jose school district voted against a cell phone tower on the grounds of leeland high. back in january, the board approved a contract with t. mobile to add a transmission tower. it would have brought in $24,000 annually. the parents in the area were concerned about the health risk associated with that tower. so the board bowed to those concerns. san jose unified has at least
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ten other cell phone towers located on school properties. when it comes to using your cell phone, nowadays millions of people text more than they talk and now there's a way to make money by texting. san diego based textango wants to add banner advertising to each one of your text messages. here's the deal, you sign up with the company, tell them a little something about yourself, and then the people you text will get an ad with every message. could be a little annoying for them. why would anyone want to do it? money. the company will pay you. >> you, the texter, can actually make money on this. >> they say high volume text ters could earn anywhere from a penny to ten cents per text. they plan to pay its users through prepaid visa cards and prizes. >> well, behind the combover. >> donald trump reveals his
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heresy krhair secrets. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309.
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here we go, "rolling stone" magazine has its newest scoop, they've cracked the mystery of donald trump's hair. >> investigative journalism at its best. you'd think it would take an architect or engineer to create hair that doesn't move that way but the man who wants to succeed president obama insists he just washes it and let's it air dry. really? kind of looks that way. then he says he only uses a comb to create that amazing combover over his forehead. he did not admit to using gel and sadly the reporter did not press him on that issue. >> no follow-up questions? >> yeah. maybe they need a certificate to find out exactly more about that hair. >> we're giving him a hard time. thanks for joining us tonight, "nightly news" is next. we'll see you for more local
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news at 6:00. >> bye-bye.
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