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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 11, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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now. thanks juror joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. new surveillance video is out tonight showing what the public defender describes as disturbing behavior. it's a string of tapes. the other tapes forced the department and district attorneys to drop dozens of cases. jodi hernandez has a copy of the latest video. it seems like a bottomless well. where does sfpd go from here? >> reporter: that's a very good question. the public defender's office says that the newest video helps prove that there are serious problems with the way the san francisco police department handles cases. the department's new chief says he is not going to rush to judgment but is determined to get to the bottom of the
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allegations. >> we have an extremely disturbing video. >> the dissfrikt attorney says this video of a december 2010 arrest and search shows serious police misconduct. the video captures a by stander being violently detained and an officer with an illegal search and seizure of suspect's property. >> for the first time we're getting to match police reports against what these cameras capture and what we're finding is that there is a very serious problem. >> the police report states officers saw him with baggies of drugs in his hand inside of the hotel but in the video, santana appears to have his hands in the pockets. the report says that he then
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consented to a search, but attorneys say the video actually shows santana shaking his head no. the video also clearly shows officers removing a duffle bag when the police report doesn't list a duffle bag as being seized at all. >> i've been through the rin ger. i've spent three months accusing the staff at my building for stealing my property and it wasn't them. it was the police officers from the mission district. i've been through the ringer, man. >> there is absolutely no justification for that bag being taken out of that room by that police officer at that time. >> i have no place in this police department for dishonest police officers. >> the police chief says he has every internal affairs officer investigating the allegations. he says the character of his officers is paramount. >> this situation will play out as soon as possible and the
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officers are innocent until proven guilty and if they did something, they will be held accountable. >> reporter: the case against santana was dismissed last week after an officer subpoenaed to testify failed to show up to court. an internal investigation is under way. all of the officers are still out on the street working and they will continue to do so unless it is determined that they did engage in some sort of wron doing. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. the chp says an officer arrested for allegedly stealing electronics from a target store was on leave because of an injury. he allegedly took an xbox system and other equipment with more than $1,000 during separate occasions to the target. the officers stole the stolen property on the internet.
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the injury was not related to the officer's job. now to new details a. story we just broke for you at 11:00. students are nervous tonight. in the 30-year history, there was a shooting there. damian trujillo has more. >> reporter: police cannot identify the victims or the shooters. it happened on the fifth floor of this parking garage behind me on tenth street in san fernando. very tragic for the students out here. police found two people dead inside of a car and a third person dead outside of it. >> it kind of sounds like a pop, like firecrackers going off. but it was two -- the reason was because it was too repeated, like firecrackers going off. >> there was about a few short
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pop, pop, pop and then two pop pop. >> erin is a sfud ent and also a production assistant at nbc bay area. there was an alert via the p.a. system telling classrooms there was no danger since the incident appeared isolated. through facebook and twitter, people started posting it. >> this incident is unusual, unprecedented, the first time ever. so we're going to be learning and we're going to be staffing appropriately. >> reporter: had there been imminent danger, they would have sent out text messages immediately. now a week before finals, students are left with an inexplicable tragedy. the double murder brings the homicide rate up to 20, the same number as all of 2010. so we are at a record pace.
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damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. on his last day of office, governor schwarzenegger reduced the prison sentence of his friend's son. schwarzenegger reduced the prison sentence from 16 years to seven years. esteban is the son of former california speaker after he pled guilty in the stabbing death of a san diego college student. jerry brown, the director of the state department of corrections, and the state prison warden were named. >> the last connotation made without all of the facts or input from the parties only fueled the public's mistrust of government and greatly diminished justice. >> the san diego d.a. says it is the first time of this situation. an unarmed man shot and
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killed by a b.a.r.t. officer is fighting back. a $50 million lawsuit has been cleared to go to trial. a federal judge says a jury should decide most of the allegations against current and former b.a.r.t. police officers involved in the shooting death of oscar grant. the lawsuit is now focused only on the officers who responded to the fruitvale platform. they revealed that b.a.r.t. could not be held responsible for the killing. he was killed on christmas day 2009. the mountain rangers could actually destroy everything that we enjoy. we're talking about living in earthquake country. tonight, scientists are getting closer to predict the next big quake by actually studying how the san andre faults impacted by earthquakes miles and miles away. elise joins us live. >> reporter: we all know that
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living in the bay area is just a matter of when the next big earthquake will hit. now new research is giving scientists a better idea of what is happening beneath the earth's surface. >> this earthquake was a magnitude 5.1 in southern spain. >> reporter: yet another earthquake, the latest happening in southern spain or at least eight people are feared dead. >> we could have a similar kind of casualty if we have an earthquake under an urban sea. >> reporter: now new research finds earthquakes thousands of miles away, like the catastrophic one in japan and the 8.8 quake in chile caused parts of the san andreas fault
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to partially slip. >> it's not generating big earthquakes and it will rupture. >> while no one knows for sure when the next big one, like the 1906 earthquake could hit again. he says learning how deep sections of the san andreas react when slammed with seismic waves takes a step closer. >> and the earthquakes were recorded in the ten-year study have a magnitude of less than one. nbc bay area news. two days after pg&e began pressure testing part of the pipeline system, the utility was told it could face a more costly and time consuming program to
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verify the safety of its oldest pipes. an administrative judge ruled that pg&e will have to test or replace 705 miles of natural gas transmission pipelines. to complete this task, it would have to take five years to do so and cost the utility upwards of $350 million. pg&e says it is reviewing the decision and to improve safety worldwide. new bill boards are going up in an effort to find the men that severely beat a man. they are putting up sketches of the suspect. here is that story. >> reporter: the stowe family can do little elseut bray and hope that brian will recover. their son, their brother who was attacked as leaving a dodge injury game is still in a coma. although their energy is focused on brian, the stowes are kept up
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to speed on the investigation. the attack has left some people afraid to go to the games. when lamar heard that they would be passing on a company night at the ballpark, the manager decided he had to do something. so with the blessing of the lapd, beginning tomorrow, this billboard will go up all over l.a. and eventually 200 locations. somebody somewhere has got to know something and maybe says baker they will see the bill boards and pick up the phone. lapd says they have nothing new to report as yet but they have seen things like a billboard campaign lead to arrests in other cases. jose says the grace and patience he has witnessed from the stowes makes him even more determined to solve this case. he is working night and weekends to solve this case. >> that kas kerry for us.
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a string of encounters in one east bay community. also coming up -- >> doctors told her there was a good chance she would never survive. now she's thriving. i'm marianne. coming up, the doctor that fixed the heart that other doctors said could never be fixed. also ahead, not going down without a fight. the proposed cuts to after-school programs that had a bay area students taking action today. plus, it's supposed to be an express lane but a new study shows the new lane may be anything but. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it's sunny and the temperatures didn't warm up too much. only 64 in san jose. we'll see more fog tonight. however, the bigger thing in my forecast is actually some thunderstorms commianngour wey.
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the 680 expressway from highway 237 in mill pete das, it opened last fall and car pools have free access but drivers can pay anywhere from 50 cents to 7.50 for congestion to use the lane. commuters only saved a minute. we want to give you a live look, tough new vehicle admission standards being drawn up by the resources board which could save the state billions of dollars and improve lives. a new report from the american lung association says california could save $6 million by calling for more fuel-efficient vehicles.
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>> it's the silicon valley that is about to get smaller soon. >> scott budman, the tech giant, and john chambers, it's been rough for cisco, hasn't it? >> yes. they are shutting down the flip camera division and they are set to lay off more employees while reporting the earnings tonight. cisco admitting that a staff reduction is coming up. they will know their fate and commodities like gold and oil, good news for commuters and gas prices and investors are nervous about the strength of the economy and today they will pull money out. google making more news this
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will be a direct take on of microsoft. built in it will rent to users starting at $20 a month, eventually $449 and starting to come out in mid-june. and we have a quick launch, that launched today, over your facebook page, independent films will be able to watch for free. >> we put the money on the flip watch platform and take advantage and make it a movie theater. it's a complete experience. we can watch their movie, comment on the movie. pause it, start it, watch it with friends, watch it by yourself, but the thing is, it's a complete social experience. >> the first 1,000 people will be able to watch for free. they will get in front of a potentially huge audience and also good news for movies and social networking at the same
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time. raj and jessica? >> we like both. thank you. >> you bet. from dear dreary to vibrant, it's time to build. >> we're talking about the shipyard in san francisco. it will eventually be a neighborhood of thousands of new homes. but that's not all. here's more. >> on a bearen plot of land, a group of workers go about the task of installing street lights. but these street lights won't always eliminate weeds and empty lots. soon they will light up san francisco's newest neighborhood. >> we are ready to start building houses. >> this july, the lanar corporation will break ground on a new housing development. a toxic military base at the center of years of controversy. >> it's good to show everybody that we're hear with everything and put in the infrastructure and improvements and we're here to start building homes. >> reporter: san francisco's
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southeast area has been long called the city's forgotten neighborhood. only these days it's getting plenty of attention. city leaders today kicked off a project in hunter's point with landscaping trees and new drainage. >> what they are doing on this block is what some of the other neighborhoods in san francisco already enjoy. so it's good that we're finally going to get a little piece of it. >> reporter: and in the west point middle point neighborhood, construction is under way for housing projects. but despite waves of progress, some still regard change with a suspicious eye. >> i'm a native san franciscon. i know what redevelopment did. it was terrible. it was a crime. >> even in the shipyard, some fear its toxic past is not past at all. >> if i own a dog, i don't have one, i would not let my dog be over there. >> reporter: despite those fears, the work is pushing forward. signs that the city's forgotten
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neighborhood is finally on everyone's radar. nbc bay area news. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. >> it's not your weekend yet. raj likes to start his weekends on friday, usually. it's 64 in san jose. meanwhile, 63 in livermore, 69 in san francisco, 68, los gatos. low to mid-60s. the warmest spot from gilroy to the valley and few low 70s with not too much fog down there. the fog will depress a lot of the temperatures across the bay area. anshore flow is still strong this hour. westerly 10 to 20 miles per hour. that is going to help the fog to return pretty easy here as we head into the overnight hours. right now, though, from the east bay looking towards the san francisco skyline, 58 degrees
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and some pretty good visibility out towards the temperatures in the mid-50s. already the 50s in livermore and 60 in san jose. so while it was on the cooler side today, we'll see a little bit of warmer changes coming our way for tomorrow. fog here is off shore and not as consistent as it was yesterday at this time. so while we'll see that patchy fog return, it's not going to be nearly as thick tomorrow. so let's get a look. big changes ahead. a lot of cold air and even some showers and possible thunderstorms in the forecast. more of that coming up in the seven day. meanwhile, upper 40s and low 50s at 5:00 a.m. but by 11:00 a.m., the fog will clear out quicker for thursday. 63 in livermore and 62 at 11:00 a.m. so details on that thunder and also a look at the beta breakers forecast. yes, that's coming on sunday. details on what it's going to look like coming up.
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>> all right. we'll wait to hear that. thank you. could bedbugs get any creepier? how about super bedbugs? you knew that was coming. bacteria that some bedbugs may now be carrying. >> also, a poetry jam for the white house. also it comes with controversy. plus, a project that could be a maj or maj hasore forsl drivers heading to the sierra. while timing is being
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we're back in two. santa clara has a new county fire chief. they partner with other jurisdiction to provide service. kehmna starts in june. a new bill is making its way through the legislature that could save california fire departments millions of dollars.
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it could also save jobs. state fire departments would receive federal dollars for their cost of treating and transporting medical patients. the bill would make a positive financial impact on more than 160 public agency fire departments. >> what this bill will allow the state to do is actually take the bill, saying we're paying this much and then draw down a federal match for that, therefore, being able to increase the payment back to the fire department without actually incurring additional expenditures. >> $90 million in this first year after that. >> highway 50 is closed for the next two weeks. cal trans is repairing a wall at echo summit. they have a deur in place but it's going to add about 35 miles from the drive from sacramento to south lake tahoe.
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you can avoid it by taking highway 80 or 88. our sister station in sacramento has more details for you. >> reporter: you are looking at the very moment don greer says made him the luckiest driver of all today in the sierra. >> i'm the last one? let me get over. >> reporter: he was the last driver allowed over echo summit before the highway 50 was closed to all traffic. >> reporter: do you feel lucky today? >> no. >> reporter: and vicky was the very first car told to turn around and take a nearly 50-mile long detour. >> you were within three minutes. >> that's really upsetting. >> reporter: this is exclusive video from live capture where the road is now closed and the cc meyers company is replacing 1300 feet of historic rock wall for safety reasons. casey was in one of the last cars allowed through. this shows just how close to the edge crews are working and how narrow the road is. now, for those of us that know this area well, johnson pass road, on the other side of this
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budget truck, does connect to highway 50 on the other side of echo summit past where the construction is. and it is opened. however, the chp says you must have a special permit to gain access so johnson pass, meaning drivers like vicky cannot get through. >> we have to go all the way back so we can go back to tahoe. >> reporter: this road -- >> that was mike reporting. and the hope is to have highway 50 reopened in terms -- before the memorial day weekend. still ahead at 6:00, they were told that she would never survive. now one couple is planning their daughter's first birthday party. coming up, how bay area doctors fixed a heart that nobody said could be fixed. also ahead, how two strong urrthquakes left spain with tjor damage. the diary of a killer. they have recovered osama bin laden's personal journal.
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what it's revealing.
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we're back inhe two minutes.
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well, as the state threatens again billions of dollars in cuts to education, teachers aren't the only ones that are frustrated. today, students just walked out of class to make clear how those cuts will hurt them. nbc bay area's chris sanchez is in union city with what the students want and who they are mad at now. >> reporter: an ordinary ending to a school day that for many students began like this. more than 600 students lined the road in union city between their school and the new haven unified district office to make sure their parents and teachers and communities know that if they cut activities, it won't be without a fight or without consequence. >> they are not just affecting the fact that we don't have sports but they are affecting our grades and future and a lot of things without sports. >> when it failed by sport and
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other activities, failing to keep school days and class sizes. >> very close when you have to get 64.4 and 82 more people voted yes, either way we went, that's tough to take. it's tough to swallow. >> reporter: in the weeks before the vote, students handed out leaflets. >> we tweeted and facebooked the video everywhere. we spread the word by word of mouth. >> reporter: now many of the students and their parents will try to raise funds to save the sports themselves, whether that will work is anyone's guess. >> i don't know really. no one knows the future. >> reporter: almost immediately after the parcel tax failed, parents started to fund raise to try and save the sports and after-school activities themselves. the first fund-raiser is a run scheduled for june.
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in union city, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. the mt. diablo school district is laying off hundreds of workers. the school board voted to let go of 180 teachers and school employees. the district may need to slash about $27 million from its budget if the governor proposes an all cuts budget which he might be doing next monday. and the san francisco school district is issuing final layoff notices to more than 300 employees. here's the breakdown. 139 teachers, 13 administrators, and 120 aides will all lose their jobs. they hope to rescind the notices by the end of the next school year. budget cuts were the topic of protests. there were 400 empty chairs.
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>> because those chairs don't represent just 100 teachers, they represent 100 dynamic forces in a child's life and their absence has resulted in incredibly difficult backward, wrong direction conditions in the schools. >> the campaigning and lobbyinging continues as they try to approve tax deductions to prevent deeper cuts. it took place on the 29th anniversary of california's day of the teacher. it's creepy and perverted but the case against a man who literally pulls the pants off of women is growing. the police believe the same man has been on the prowl since 2007. he yangs down the pants of female joggers and then runs away. this has happened near patterson
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and north mines road. none of the women have been and salted, just their pants taken off. >> there is a water line that broke sending millions of water into this field. thousands of people saw the water pressure dip and turn brown. crews worked until early this morning to repair the water transmission line. workers picked up back again and are expected to finish the line by this evening. family and friends held a private memorial service for san carlos mayor. the 46-year-old mayor died suddenly yesterday from a heart attack. he called 911 after not feeling very well. he was then taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. he became the mayor this past december and was set to run his term through november. sound of bag pipes playing today
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at an emotional memorial at the city hall rotunda. 11 portraits were laid out. although the event is not a political one, the unprecedented personnel department was on the minds of many. >> police in the south bay are searching for a more and her boyfriend in connection with a child abuse case. campbell police are looking for this little girl, 3-year-old deja. she was last seen yesterday afternoon with her mom and her boyfriend. police were tipped off about the child abuse case when they went to the home the couple had disappeared. investigators believe the couple is still somewhere in the san jose area. well, the uc berkeley grads accused of espionage and trespassing in iran had their trials postponed again. they were not moved to the court as was expected today. bauer and fattal were arrested
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in 207. shourd was released on humanitarian grounds. she did not go back to iran saying that she's suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. they pled not guilty at a closed-door hearing in february. it can be punishable by death. a select group of politicians, including dianne feinstein, is heading to the cia headquarters to view osama bin laden's corps. they are pouring over pages of the handwritten diary. bin laden worked every day to come up with new ways to target the united states and to kill as many americans as possible. they included strikes against small cities and targeted planes and trains. two earthquakes rocked spain today, toppling historic buildings, killing ten people and injuring dozens. the quake struck in southeast spain near lorca.
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they hit about two hours apart with magnitude of 4.4 and 5.2. you can see the video here. chunks of stone falling from a church as they were broadcasting live. the ten deaths so far is the highest death toll in more than a sent tree. stunned citizens were in the streets of lorca. the quakes occurred in a seismicly active area beneath the mediterranean sea. >> the bay area doctor who helped a little baby girl have a second chance at life. also, do bedbugs carry superbugs? the new concern about what bedbugs may be spreading. that video always makes my skin crawl. i'm jeff raineer yee. temperatures are cooling off in .he east and south bay
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l wetalk'lot only about the fog but a return to rain and
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even thunderstorms in my forecast. a high school teacher from san jose is among six teachers chosen by nasa to take a ride on a flying observatory. she will get to fly on the observatory for infrared as stron knee. it's a modified boeing sp aircraft that has been fitted with 100-inch telescope. they will be studying black holes and the formation of stars. the white house had bay area flavor. several students were on the stage as the first lady hosted poetry workshops for young people. mrs. obama did not speak in rhyme but spoke about the por s importance of language. students got to share their own
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work. >> the dark dawn reseeds and the birds wake up and drunks wake from the sidewalk webs. >> she's from san francisco. musician amy mann brought her guitar to one of the workshops. tonight they are steve martin and the rapper poet common. common's appearance is controversial because of lyrics attacking former president bush. what we need is poetry in motion from the sharks. >> they need that. they certainly do. taking it to the limit right now. pushing this to game seven. just what will turn the tide? and high in the sky, above the bay area, tim takes quite a ride. he's got wings. he talks about the airborne
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experience coming up. all right. come on, sharks, do i need to get in that weumae ak take a livlookt the b bridge. fog-free conditions right now e but we'll let you know when it
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returns and rain in the weekend forecast. be warned here, if you hate insects or are afraid of worms,
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canadian scientists have discovered bedbugs. they were found on three hospital patients in a neighborhood. the germs are often seen in hospitals and experts worry about nurses and other health care workers spreading the bacteria rather than killing the insects. it's not known where the bacteria originated. well, before their daughter was even born, kennedy's parents were told that she would never survive because of a heart defect. now instead of living with her memory, they are preparing for her first birthday party. marianne introduces us to the bay area doctor who fixed the heart that other doctors said couldn't be fixed. >> reporter: kennedy enjoys playing with her big sister. when shawna was 18 weeks
6:45 pm
pregnant, she had potentially six heart problems. doctors offered no hope. >> i remember him specifically saying that she has no chance, that as soon as she's born, she's gone. they began an exhaustive search for someone that could help. he performed three separate open heart surgeries to prepare the blood flow to her lungs. >> he created a good bed of blood vessels for both her left and right lung that didn't exist when she was born. >> reporter: throughout it all, kennedy remained strong, despite weeks in the hospital. now she's a peek-a-boo expert. the surgery scar is the only clue that she once had a hole in her heart. as she outgrows her artificial heart valve, she will need a replacement but her prognosis is excellent and she should lead a normal, healthy life.
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she will celebrate her first birthday next week. >> she means everything to us. she's wonderful. >> all of the events in her life, we'll look back and say, you know, she's always going to be that special little girl because she very well could not have been here. >> a family once heart broken now he embracing a new heart and a new life. in palo alto, nbc bay area news. >> so cute. happy birthday to kennedy. they moved here to be closer to the doctors at the hospital. >> celebrate her birthday every year. >> every day. every day. >> jeff ranieri is here with us. take it away. >> you may not be celebrating the forecast as we head into the weekend. big-time changes. you may want to enjoy the sunshine we're going to get in between. we have the wind i can kickinging up in advance of the
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fog returning tonight. winds at 16 and current temperature of 56. highs today on the cooler side. it was the south bay that had the warmest conditions right into gilroy with low 70. 71 in the valley and weather watcher calling that in. los gatos calling in those upper 60s. 58, livermore, and currently 66 in santa rosa. throughout tonight, the fog comes back. it's going to be chilly with temperatures in the 40s and throughout thursday we'll have more afternoon sunshine, even a little bit of warming. but here's the thing you want to focus in on. this weekend, late season rain, even the possibility of thunderstorms. this system off shore is really weak and producing rainfall to the north. however, for us it's just going to mean more fog tonight and also more fog for tomorrow. temperatures should break into the 70s for most of the inland spots and for friday, the system offshore, we'll watch closely
6:48 pm
for a potential of thunderstorms. 7:00 p.m. tonight, the fog continues to build offshore. by 11:00 p.m., we see the fog moving across the bay he into the east bay and then as we head into the morning hours, we start off with the patchy fog but by the afternoon, a sunny forecast as we head throughout thursday. tomorrow is much better day, more sunshine out there. we start off with conditions in the mid-to upper 40s here from the south bay right into livermore. and the beta breakers, happening this sunday, three hours and 12 hours away. erststormsmse of rain and also u herere. tetempereraturures 5 50 t to 55. i'm sure while people are goi to be having a lot of fun out there, they will find plenty of ways to stay warm. i'll leave it at that. okay. let's get a look at our numbers for tomorrow. 71 in santa teresa. 70 in morgan hill. throughout the south bay, plenty of mid- and upper 60s and for the peninsula, less fog for tomorrow. the sun should come out earlier. 65 in san mateo.
6:49 pm
59 in half moon bay. and we are looking at upper 60s and low 70s for the east bay. meanwhile, in the north bay, we expect 69 in sonoma, 70 in lakeport. on the morning channel, if you're doing any traveling, they have a great travel section there on your seven-day forecast at home. a chance of showers on saturday and sunday. we have a possibility of thunderstorms that could even produce hail and temperatures in the mid-60s. >> really? >> yes. >> getting worse every day. >> i'm sorry. >> were you insinuating colorful tactics? >> i'm just saying to people, a nice way to stay warm. >> i'm sure you have. let's bring in lawrence scott. >> will the sharks rebound tomorrow or will this be the biggest meltdown in team history? having won the first three
6:50 pm
games, they have since lost the past three and it comes down to a divisive gave seven. detroit has a very mentally tough team with pride and experience and they know how to pull this kind of thing off. they do not want to play into the reputation that they are throwing out there. the best team that's never done anything. we've heard it from the canadian media. they know the stigma and they are sick of hearing it, too. losing it s not an option. >> we're confident here. we're going to go into the game, you know, knowing that we're going to win. that's the way you've got to play. we've got to be on our toes. we can't sit back and let them take it to us again. so i expect us to play really well tomorrow. >> game seven is our lot of fun and in front of our home fans, it's going to be a great atmosphere and i'm really looking forward to it.
6:51 pm
>> pick any cli shai up want, we're ready to go. we believe in each other. that's probably the most important part. we're going to lean on each other through this and we believe in this locker room and we're going to find a way to pull this one out. >> as they throw down tomorrow at 6:00, comprehensive coverage is on comcast sportsnet bay area. full 30 minutes at 10:30, sharks playoff analysis. at 10:30 on sportsnet central. the a's returning home from texas this evening and bringing home good news and bad for the season and undergo shoulder surgery. a tear in his shoulder causing him considerable coverage. and for a frame of reference. and it's different in each case.
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texas, the host of the a's today, as they wrap up shower of luck, the beneficiary with a soggy turn of events, part of a seven run inning for the rangers and there would be a silver lining in the dark clouds. a rain delay in the fourth and over two hours later they called the game. there wasn't enough of it to be official. which means that the stats don't count. it was the worst of his career as if nothing ever happened. afterwards gio was quoted assaying, one apology i want to make to s to mitch, sorry buddy i'll deaf knee sign you over and tim pumped eight scoreless innings and did not rbi in the ninth. wilson picked up his third win and three and three, era shade over two and he leaves the
6:53 pm
majors in strikeouts. plus, recently, he took a short break in and out hamburgers and pilot kirby, endorsement deal with red bug which also sponsors different types of stuff. and better than being a guest of honor is sight seeing adventure. come on, it's the freak in flight. >> is this a ged just g just go up on red bull plans like that? >> it's red bull planes. i coul
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now. we'll be right back. strong enough for a man, no longer just for women. tonight at 11:00, the one produced by millions of women for years that is helping men regrow hair. also, not for profit? not so sure. we'll introduce you to an employee blowing a whistle on a company that provides services to disabled adults here in the bay area. the company relies on millions of taxpayer dollars but is it being misspent? tonight we go in depth after law and order. okay. the hat that was the talk of the royal wedding, don't worry, it can be yours for a price. the now famous fascinate for
6:57 pm
worn by princess beatrice, she said that her daughter plans to put it up for auction on ebay. it's that curly thing there. it will be donated to the children in crisis, which ever money they get from it. hat maker, philip treacy became popular it's fascinating. >> learn amazing things from her. >> yes. >> brett canon is here to preview the 6:00 newscast. >> an interesting story, bay area man who goes to one of the most dangerous, volatile places in the world. he is helping villagers in afghanistan. we're going to talk to him about his latest efforts and how about the osama bin laden thing is affecting what he does in
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afghanistan. that's coming up. co186.
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>> we'll


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