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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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unfortunately. dealing with cloud cover as we head into this morning. low cloud cover, a little fog, but our temperatures will reach the 70s before all is said and done today in the south bay. a little more mild today. up in the north bay, east bay and along the peninsula. we'll break it down. now get to the work on time with mike. >> we'll watch, of course, surface streets. a lot more bicycles. hopefully because it is bike-to-work day, like you said. coming out of 580, around the 205 merge, reports of maybe an animal being hit. causing delays. livermore, moving smoothly. how things development at the altamont pass. a smooth drive here. and san mateo bridge, a good drive. for now, send it right back out to you. >> thank you very much, mike. well, this morning san jose state university students are still in shock after a
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murder/suicide there. three people lost their lives. today in the bay's christie smith is live at san jose state with new details. i understand they're actually going to release the names relatively quickly? >> reporter: yeah, that's what we're hearing. a little later this morning they will release the identities of the three people involved in this horrible shooting that happened on tuesday night. apparently it's been quite difficult for the university to contact the families of one of the people involved. they've been working through the night trying to do that. they've been sending out tweets and facebook updates for people following it. they do confirm, though, that two of the people involved were male. the other a female, but they're not saying yet whether the people shot and killed in the parking garage here tuesday night were indeed students. though they are saying that there was definitely a university affiliation. now, we personally, we do know the identities of those involved, but our plan is to wait for san jose state to
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confirm that all the families have been contacted and notified. this is, of course, being investigated as murder/suicide, but what set it all off, we still don't know. some students, though, have questioned how long it took to be notified, and they're saying that it wasn't fast enough, but when i spoke with a university spokesperson about this, the last time, she said first when they arrived here they had three people that were bleeding and they had to deal with that situation first. make sure that they were taken care of, and they quickly assessed the situation and felt that there was no threat to anyone else. once they got medical attention to the people here, that's when they started notifying everyone on campus, including students. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> it's always tragic when young lives are lost. thank you very much, christie. now for a look at rest of the day's news, we turn to marla tellez in the studio. >> good morning, laura and to
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you at home. time now is 5:02. this morning we now know the fate of a san mateo police officer accuse of using lethal force on a san mateo man an a lengthy investigation, the san mateo district attorney says criminal charges will not be filed against officer adam smith for the shooting death of robert cairn. the d.a. says the use of lethal force on mr. cairn was a lawful response to his aggressive action towards the officer. the case is now considered to be closed. this morning, police in the north bay are searching for the getaway car they say is linked to a deadly stabbing. police say they believe the driver and passengers, the white pontiac grand am with license plate number 3ulg274 maybe armed and dangerous. officers say the white sedan was seen chasing an suv in san rafael yesterday evening just after a plan was found stabbed on wood street. police say the deadly stabbing
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may have been gang related. people living in one of san francisco's trendiest neighborhoods are keeping a watchful yipe these days. the marina district is a dining and shopping destinatiodestinatn the past two months the area has seen an uptick in crime. store and home burglaries, daytime holdups and an armed robbery of a woman are some of the crimes that happened recently. store owners and people living there are now taking action. >> someone next door were to have an issue, a robbery or just some theft, the people are either going to go to the right or the left. so if i have a camera, hopefully we can at least see who they are and where they went. >> merchants say they cannot afford a robbery or vandalism in this tough economy, saying even a broken window can hurt businesses financially. this morning beaten giants fan bryan stow is closer to um canning back home to the bay area but his condition still
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critical and he remains in a coma. doctors confirming they are considering moving stow to ucst. his vital signs of stable and he hasn't had seizures recently. doctors are waiting for the results of an mri to decide if they're move stow. if they decide to he'll be moved by end of next week. and posting more than 200 billboards of stow's attackers, dodger stadium and along l.a. freeways. the billboards include police sketches of the attackers as well as information about the $100,000 reward and also a phone tip line. it is now 5:05. time to head out live to the city where laura stands by for us this morning. good morning to you. >> oh, it's a beautiful city to wake up in. thank you very much, marla. more out here in san francisco as tour across the bay continues, but also continuing a look at the day's news and how it affects you. big oil companies on the hot
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seat on capitol hill. that's why we want to turn to "today in the bay's" kristen dahlgren live with the details. >> reporter: as gas prices soar some in congress are calling on oil companies now making record profits to help pay the price. >> we're here to say, enough already, to big oil. you're doing just fine on your own. >> reporter: democrats have unveil add bill to repeal about $2 billion a year in oil company tax breaks, claiming it could reduce the deficit by $21 billion over the next decade. this morning the world's biggest oil companies will be drilled on capitol hill. >> five executives come before the finance committee and try to explain some way and reverse their position that these subsidies are suddenly necessary. >> reporter: the oil companies say their tax breaks are the same as many businesses, while some republicans claim the bill will cause prices to spike. >> raising taxes on the energy industry is going to lower the amount of domestic energy that
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we have at an attractive price. >> our higher gas prices, fewer american jobs and more dependence on foreign competi r competitors at the expense of american energy? that's their plan? no thank you. >> reporter: the battle over oil prices and profits now fueling big debate. and senate majority leader harry reid hopes the full chamber will vote on a bill toll repeal those tax breaks as early as next week. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, capitol hill. >> thank you very much. now we want to check the day's forecast with christina loren. beautiful day out here by the bait. >> good morning pup look great out there this morning. city by the bay will see more fog than we typically like. that's okay. it will clear out before the day is done. we'll see sunshine just like yesterday. mild and sunny the second half of your day. it is bike-to-work day. keep that in mind.
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take it easy out there. fog this morning a problem. then looking towards rain over the weekend. that's what we're talking about. my graphics are giving me a bit of an issue. over to mike and figure this out. mike? >> well we did figure out the fact chp removed that issue, 580 at 205. reports a small animal was hit at the merge at the all mont pass, non-issue as far as the chp is concerned. as far as drivers as well. the south a nice flow. 47 ticking down from the speed limit over at the tully rose construction zone. again, that has construction equipment -- i'll pick another set. looking at the speed limit in the northbound directions, that is your commute direction, through the south bay. a nice, smooth flow of traffic here. jumping up a little crossing the bay, the dumbarton bridge, highway 84 eastbound from the peninsula to 880, construction still blocking lanes until about 5:30. that may be an issue.
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however, i hear about the crews moving. so the westbound commute coming into palo alto is fine. the overjew view of dumbarton showing no slowing. a warning, there may be construction from earlier on that portion of the bridge. san mateo not a problem. checked that a few minutes ago. a nice smooth drive from oakland. 580, 880 and the interchange as walnut creek moving nicely. all roads to the bay bridge toll plaza are looking good, lighter volume of traffic, sparsely populated. thursdays typically see more cars. it's also bike-to-work day. we're hoping more folks take the bikes and also mass transportation. back to you, laura. >> all right. yeah. certainly a smooth commute for me this morning. thanks so much, mike. more on bike-to-work day coming up, as well as more from beautiful sfran francisco, herm plaza, a great way to wake up in
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the bay area this morning. amazing video of a test run of america cup. you've got to the see it to believe it. and out with me this morning, bay positive breakers is this weekend and we're sending him on the route see to see if he can t before the end of show. stick around.
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our may across the bay tour continues this morning. we are waking up in beautiful san francisco, and you know, it was just named one of the best vacation spots for the summer. that's no surprise. we all know it. it's a gem right here in our backyard of the bay area. we'll show you the highlights
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coming up. this weekend is bay to breakers, bike-to-work day, but also on the agenda, america's cup. we're honored to be hosts this. the ceo of the event actually joins me out here live this morning to talk a little bit more about how it's going to change the face of the embarcadero an actually of the city itself. good morning. thanks so much for joining us. >> pleasure. good to be here. the america's cup is an exciting thing for san francisco. probably the biggest sporting event to ever come here. we'll be you up and down the embarcadero from one end to the other. >> are people really going to see the changes that will take  place? >> oh, absolutely. the race, the actual america's xup not until 2013. we have our first event here in the summer of 2012, but, for example, on pier 27 and 29 just up the coast a little bit we're going to have a huge installation there. 10,000 people can be there at the same time. >> wow. that means a lot of extra revenue coming into the city as well. will it be tough for people to get a chance to see it?
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>> no. that's one of the great things for this america's cup. we're sailing in bay where people have access to watching the race from the shore. we'll have thousands of people around the bay being able to watch this thing live. always it's been on the ocean, so it's not been possible. >> for a lot of people, they haven't been able to follow it before or don't know much about sailing. can you give us kind of a breakdown? >> well, the america's cup been going, whoever wins it gets to host it. it's been gone from america the last 20 years. it was just brought back here. it's got a huge history. 150 years starting in 1850, and 15 teams entered from all over the world. it's going to be a really exciting event. >> a lot of people will become addicted, i think, after this. thanks, craig thompson, thanks for getting up early. we're excited. congratulations as well. a lot of work an planning goes behind it. >> that's right. >> thank you very much for joining us this morning. so much more coming ups they morning. i also want to give you an update on this morning's headlines. turning back to marla tellez in
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the studio. >> good morning. 5:14. heading to the north bay. this morning food truckless still be allowed to visit school zones in novato. the city council voted against a proposal to ban food trucks from parking with 1,500 feet of schools. speaking of healthy habits, today, laura mentioned, the 17th annual bike-to-work day. for more information, check out 5:15, though. christina, a little chilly if you want it ride your bike to work. right? >> yeah, but, hey, that helmet will keep you warm. 70% of your heat escapes from your dome. good morning. a nice day the second half of date. driving to work, watch out for the additional bike traffic especially over the bridges where we lose visibility whenever the fog creeps in. that's happening this morning. mild later in the afternoon and tomorrow another round of the fog. onshore flow is bringing that
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change in the weather. really nice sunny day, but that's changing heading through the next few days getting into your weekend, the second half, looks kind of wet, soggy sunday. but saturday, might be able to get away with outdoor plans. as we head throughout the remainder of your week, temperatures continue to drop, but it looks okay. not too bad. 51 degrees in concord. i bumped up number, 68 degrees later. in napa and 66 degrees in san rafael. a lot of the forecast models it looks like we'll lose cloud cover before noon. temperatures will climb into the 70s in some north bay sdi cities. the south bay, furthest away from any major water source will be the sun jest. that will be the case throughout the rest of the week. we've got your extended forecast coming up in moments. right now, though, send it back to you. >> all right. good morning to you. thanks so much. i'm out here in san francisco this morning and getting excited because it's the 100th annual
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bay to breakers run. if you've never been in it maybe seen it, it's very festive to say the least. with me this morning, bob redell. got your legs ready? >> reporter: i didn't hear about this. where are your shoes? >> they're right here. i got the boots. >> reporter: yeah, a 12k race and there are rule changes this year. no alcohol. they're having a big crackdown on that. we'll talk about that all morning long. it's been a problem in years' past. a lot of people taken to the hospital with sicknesses, illnesses related to alcohol. so it's a 12k race. we're going to do a mockup of our own. of course, going through the downtown area. the course map, boy, this looks exciting. 11% rate up the hill, across jfk drive through golden gate harbor and stop at the observatory of flowers on the way. an interesting exhibit there and end up at the beach at the end of golden gate park.
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>> you in shape? ready to go? want to do stretching? >> 5:15. show ends at 7:00. i hope i can make it there by hen. >> easy. we got awards for the winner. quick stretch is all it's going to take. >> more's encouragement. >> you got it, baby. >> three, two, here we go. >> pace yourself. pace yourself, bob. there he goes. don't pull a hamstring. we're going to follow him along the way on the route. make sure he doesn't get on a muni bus along the way, too. we're watching. a lot of fun. more on the bay to breakers coming up and also as he mentioned, stop big the conservatory of flowers. wait until you get a load of some of the poisonous plants there. how dangerous they can be. and pg&e still testing lines. what it means to you coming up. >> run, bob, run. coming up in tech, something called the chrome book. what is it? new from google. we'll take a look. and scott remember when bumpers were made with chrome? they're not anymore. mostly plastic bumpers.
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down through the north bay a nice smooth flow of traffic through novato. they won't allow food trucks and the richmond bridge. debris, not a problem for 101 drivers. we'll watch the rest of the b a it starts to build and i'll let you know about the construction zones. they're changing status as well. your commute coming up. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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at 5:20, good morning. welcome back. here's a live shot of hp pavilion where the sharks take on the detroit red wings tonight's come on, sharks. don't let us down. we'll check your morning commute now with mike. good morning, mike. >> good morning, marla. i have a problem with my math. i have to ask the control room to change things up. take my live shot and reset the map. here we are talking about the bay bridge. the toll plaza has no problems right now. there's a chance we'll see a lighter volume of traffic, because it is a bike tour, we've talk about, bike-to-work day. a lot of folks are participating, we won't likely see larger change to the volume of traffic. especially because it's a thursday. we expect to see things jam up a little more than yesterday. seeing volume this week heavier
5:22 am
than last week. give my map as try again, guys, and change it back to the system. in we go. a smoother drive. frozen chiclets. not accurate. moving smoothly, 580 after the incident cleared. towards the dublin interchange, 14 minutes instead of 13. a little change. a little more volume here. 680 and 24, walnut creek interchange, nice there. highway 4, construction picked up early. good news, eastbound and not a problem. westbound, the drive across the bridge and past hillcrest moving nicely. the ferry is out of service. adding time to your community. issues as far as mechanical difficulties. that's been the past few days. the carquinez bridge, and no problems at the curb itself. no metering lights now. a look at the toll plaza and mention heading into the city
5:23 am
there is the issue, giants play at 12:45. a mid-day game. we'll likely see a little burst starting probably about 10:30. more flow heading into the city and, of course, watch at&t park. the crowds are already going to be there because laura's on the street. they may want to see laura and bob. and oakland, past the call seol, things moving nicely. northbound with taillights and 92, across the san mateo bridge, moisture and a chance for fog affecting your drive. watching no reports of problems for visibility, though. send it back to you, nice shot. >> is it still overstock >> >> we'll see. thank you. 5:23. a look at the stories we're following. a controversial memorial for victims of the 1978 massacre at jonestown the center of a hearing this morning in an alameda courtroom. a senior pastor of the church in
5:24 am
l.a. has filed the lawsuit to stop construction of the memorial in oakland. she says it's not fair to her family to honor the reverend jim jones who led more than 900 followers to admit mass suicide in the jungles of guyana. almost 30 relatives of the southern california-based pastor died in the 1978 tragedy in south america. people living in fremont may smell some natural gas in the air today as pg&e tests the city's pipelines but officials say it doesn't pose any risks to the public. on monday the utility began hydrotesting pipelines around the bay area. a pipeline similar to the one that hup chruptured in san brui. state regulators recently asked the company to test and additional 553 miles. the project will not cost an estimated $350 million. it's scheduled to be completed by october.
5:25 am
time, 5:24. time to talk chrome books with scott mcgrew. what's that about? >> good morning. a new computer out there. actually, google call it is a computer-like device called the chrome book. a computer that runs google's chrome operating system and works by connecting to the web. all of your storage apps are in a cloud. there are several to choose from. one from acer, from one samsung and other companies will build them later. it will cost about $350 and be on sale at places like amazon later this summer, but here is the skecret. it's just a laptop. compared to other laptops, they're kind of an expensive laptop. just looking at the ad. there's one here for $299 with windows. so what makes chrome book better? well, it's much simpler. google handles all the virus protection and updating. as the company says in an ad, as long as you don't throw the thing in a river it will work. even if you do throw it in a river, all your stuff will be safe, laura, because it's not
5:26 am
actually stored on the device. it's stored up at google in the cloud. >> which is fantastic, and that's going to make it tempting for people to three te in throw the river. what happens if google itself goes down? >> basically you're out of luck, but what's your likely to happen? that you break your own laptop, or google breaks google? google has thousands of engineers to fix their end of it. it's more than likely that you're safer going with google. >> right. and no insult for asking that question to the big wheels at google this morning. >> one of the two. yeah. >> there you go. you're my i.t. guy. thanks so much. good to know. well, we're out here live at justin herman plaza. beautiful san francisco morning out here. we've got a lot more on two big events in the city this weekend. stick around. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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good morning to you. 20 cities in 20 days. our tour across the bay area continues this morning waking up in beautiful san francisco. good morning to you. i'm laura gar zia cannon. a lot to talk about this morning. bay to breakers this weekend. america's cup is coming up. today it's bike-to-work day. that means hoping for great weather. check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. you saw from that live shot behind laura, mostly cloudy start. a lot of the cloud cover will clear out of here, though, for the second half of your day. if you're someone biking to work, make sure you're taking extra caution this morning because of the low cloud cover, reduced visibilities eeshgsen with cloudy skies, visibility is reduced. mild and mostly sun you later today. patchy and fog will be a factor for your friday, and then we've got rain on the way for the
5:30 am
weekend. so we're going to break down your full forecast, tell you when the rain is scheduled to arrive, and i think you'll get one good weekend day out of it. that's coming up. right now, 5:29. how does it look on the roadways this morning, mike? >> pretty good overall. this section as we zoom in, right there underneath where it says san jose, passing through the construction zone, still going on there. and also seeing speeds below 50s, approaching just past tully. unusual for 5:30 in the morning. we'll follow that through the south. no incidents reported here. a live look at sunol 6 0 moving smoothly. taillights away from us. around hoy 34 just north of the shot, reports of a disabled vehicle there. should not be a problem coming out of livermore and pleasanton and i'll follow this, because that is a major commute spot where those two roadways come together. i'll follow this. for for now, right back out to you. >> thank you very much. also we're following the day's
5:31 am
news this morning. and we begin with the triple shooting that happened at san jose state sending shock waves across that campus. "today in the bay's" christie smith has an update. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we hope to learn more today about the circumstances surrounding this horrible shooting. we know it's being investigated as a murder/suicide, but a little later this morning we're expecting to learn the identities of the three people involved. but apparently the university has had some trouble reaching one of the families of the victims. so it's taken some time. now, we do know the identities, but we are withholding that information until we can confirm that the university has indeed contacted all of the family members. we know that two of the people shot and killed tuesday night in the parking lot here on tenth and san fernando were men. one a woman. san jose state not confirming yet that these were students but will say there was certainly a tie to the school.
5:32 am
this is a horrible shooting, again is, being investigated as a murder/suicide. two people sitting in their car on the fifth floor. another one outside the car. this tragedy certainly shaken the calm on campus. >> i don't know -- i don't know where it happened or anything. i kind of don't want to know. what if i am in the same place? like i said, it's really sad. >> reporter: of course, this is unprecedented for san jose state university, which offered counseling here to students, still trying to answer questions from many of the students who say they weren't notified in an effective manner. a spokesperson for the university says that they indeed were, and that they first had to tend to the wounded here and they quickly determined that there was no threat to anyone else, and that's when everyone on campus was notified. of course, we'll be here for that press conference where the name are expected to be unveiled. that happens here at 10:00 this morning. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the
5:33 am
bay." >> thank you, christie. for a look at 9 rest of the day's news, marla tellez is handling that in the studio. good morning. >> good morning. it is now 5:32. this morning a south bay mother is in jail after a desperate search for her 3-year-old daughter. she is now in a south bay hospital receiving care for what officers describe as severe child abuse. campbell police found the girl at a south san jose parking lot with her mother last night. jane marin faces felony child abuse charges. investigators are still looking for marin's ex-boyfriend george rodriguez. police were conducting a welfare check on the little girl after receiving a tip she may have been hurt. the san francisco police department is facing new allegations of officer misconduct. for the second time in three moss, a series of recordings shows officer misconduct and brutality.
5:34 am
this video stems from a december 2010 arrest. claims it shows an officer violently arresting a man and illegally searching him taking the suspect's property. >> for the first time we're getting to match police reports against what these cameras captured, and i want to report to you very clearly that what we're finding is that there is a very serious problem. >> i have no place in this police department for dishonest police officers. >> a federal investigation was launched after the first time this video was released. an internal affairs investigation will be launched into this reasoning case. a state court is being asked to overturn a controversial decision by former governor schwarzenegger and one of his last moves in office. san diego district attorney filed the lawsuit yesterday
5:35 am
asking the state superior court to reinstate the sents of luis nunez. he was sentenced to 16 years in prison. santos was stabbed to death and three others hurt when nun yesz along with a number of his friends attacked the group in 2008. the suit says the former governor failed to notify the victim's family on his decision to reduce the prison sentence. >> our goal is really just to overturn this commutation and return it to the 16-year plea barge than we agreed to in the first place. >> since schwarzenegger is out of office, the suit was filed against current governor jerry brown and the department of corrections. well, this morning, aids activists will protest in san francisco to demand fair pricing for life-saving drugs. activistless meet at 9:30 this morning outside the westin san francisco airport hotel where a drugmaker will hold its annual general meeting. they're asking the company to keep costs down because hiv patients are in a crisis because
5:36 am
of budget cuts in federal and state aids programs. the current price of the hiv-aids drug is about $10,000 per patient per year. today uc workers will announce cost saving suggestions to protect campus services in the face of $500 billion in state funding cuts. their suggestions include bringing the worker to management ratio to 8-1 from 7-1. that move would save some $260 million. another idea, eliminate extra perks for 1,000 of the highest paid workers saving some $20 million. also, doing away with athletic subsidies saving another $12 million. at 5:36, laura has more on injured giants' fan bryan stow. we head back out live to san francisco. good morning, laura. >> yeah. we'll have more on that umming up. there's southern california advertising actually helping with the search for the two men accused of beating him.
5:37 am
first, waking up right here in the lovely san francisco bay this morning. i'm at justin herman plaza. ferry building right behind me. you see the cloud cover kind of keeping us warm this morning. i think that's going to clear. i'll leave that to the pro. christina loren back in the studio. >> hey, you look very professional out there this morning. stop by and see our laura. we're looking pretty good this morning. she's right. we are going to see a lot of clear forge the second half of your day. the fog will be a factor heading through the next couple hour. right out in not bad. visibilities four miles or better across the board. as we head through the next couple of hours the sun coming up and, yes, when we start to see the fog formation. most likely time. this is what we're looking for today. coastal fog. after that, just like yesterday, we're clear out. lots of sunshine for the second half of your day. open up your windows in your home. open up the doors, let the fresh air in. 72 degrees today in san francisco. 65 degrees, 68 degrees for redwood city an 70 in los gatos. we have rain on the way as early as sunday. we are looking at a little rain
5:38 am
possibly saturday. you can make the outdoor plans but sunday, yeah. we've got a little bit of rain in the forecast. so watch out for that. we're going to talk more about that coming up. right now, mike, how do the roads look? >> the issue in sunol. >> pardon me. >> send it back out to laura quickly. you're there. beautiful background. a news update. >> yes. yes, we do, because we want to tell you more about bryan stow, remember the giants' fan in southern california at an l.a. dodgers game who was brutally beaten outside of dodger stadium. now, a southern california company, an advertising company, is actually getting involved to help track down those suspects. we want to turn to our reporter in los angeles with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. just started putting up the billboards this morning and this is one of hundreds that will be scattered around, not just l.a. county also into orange county
5:39 am
and riverside and san bernardino counties as well. a lot of people go to those dodgers' games. they want to get the billboard out so people can see it. hard to spot considering the way they put it all together. wanted, attempted murder at dodger stadium. the sketch police have been using to try to find these guys. we're talking more than a month and a half now. they have not been able to find these punks, as they're being referred to here in the l.a. area and they need your help. $100,000 reward to do so. 1-877 did lapd-24-7, and hoping this will help the family heal. they came up with this idea, planning on having an outing at dodger stadium with employee, but none of the employees signed up. they're too scared to go because of safety issues. that's when the company stepped up and said we need to do something in as well. they spoke with the dodger organization and lapd and came
5:40 am
up with this billboard. today, popping up, about 200 of them here in the south. guys? >> hope they catch them. thank you very much. for a look at the commute across the bay area, let's check in with mike. >> good morning. yeah. the update i told you about in sunol. disabled vehicle reported at the truck scale, a new location from chp pap shot of the folks coming over from fremont into sunol and pleasanton. northbound with headlights on the side, folks getting on to and off, past the truck scales. no trucks in lanes, no slowing. keep that in mind coming around the bend you might have issues going on in the shoulder. might be behind the trees where we can't see, across the area there. a look at the maps again and show you the south bay. travel times. i did show you 101 approaching tully road. slowing. overall looking fine. speed sensor showing average travel time up at the minimum. nice know tluf the south bay. 101 and 209 not experiencing slowdowns. visibility fine.
5:41 am
we might see fog through this area and a live look at the bay bridge as more folk, headed into the city. right now very light. 12:45 giants game there. laura, you're out there as well. it's bike-to-work day, you're at justin herman plaza, a critical mass the last friday of every month. not an event. just a tie-in. >> it is bike-to-work day. we already see the city coming alive early this morning with. and about. it's bay to breakers this weekend. test running the rouse, bob redell. we'll check in on him and talk about changes coming to the ris. race. what are you doing?
5:42 am
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5:44 am
going to host america's cup setting up. 2012, 2013. it's bike-to-work day today and, of course, the 100th bay to breakers kicks off this weekend. they'll try to tone it down a little bit. keep a little better control of some of the racers, runners out there. series runners. we've got bob redell looking at the actual route to the see if he can actually run it. it's the 100th annual running of the bay to breakers. an exciting event. of course it brings out a cast of characters. do we have the map we can put up to show you what the route looks like? it's along mission street, and it's going to finish at the great highway on the west side of golden gate park. now, this year, this is pretty cool. the great grandson of the race's very first winner, that was a st. mary's college student robert blount back in 1912. the grandson is actually going it run the race this year
5:45 am
carrying his grandfather's trophy, which i think is really cool, and i think they're giving out special prizes to whoever can beat or match that time that his grandfather did. st. mary's grad. yes! of course, i'm proud even of the gals back in 1912. not too shabby. we want to turn to the rest of the day's news. checking in with marla. >> good morning, laura. 5:44. an updiate to a story from a coe weeks ago. examine bodies of dozens of sharks found along peninsula waters. they're not close to pinpointing the cause of the sudden die-out. pathologists found signs of inflammation and internal bleeding in the leopard sharks' bodies, but more tests are needed to determine an actual cause. it's a chilly start to your thursday. christina loren joins us with a look at the forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. a little on the chilly side. not too bad overall and temperatures climb into the 60s
5:46 am
and 70s later on today. should be a really nice second half of your day. this morning, though, a little on the cool side. make sure a grab a jacket on the way out the door. in the 60s later on. maybe 70s popping up in the north bay. mild along the peninsula. if you're someone headed out to at&t park at 12:45 to watch our giants take on the diamondbacks again, well, i think you're going to be in for a treat, because a lot of that cloud cover is already starting to clear. so that's good news. that means our temperatures will be able to warm up right around where they should be this time of year. around average. seven-day forecast is coming up in moments. we'll get to that. right now, though, i'll send you back ow live to the lovely laura garcia-cannon. how's it looking out there? >> fantastic, actually. not as cold as i expected it to be. cloud cover keeping up warm. it's clearing making way for a beautiful day across the bay area. hoping for a great weekend as well. i mentioned, the 100th bay to breakers race. always bringing out a cast of character.
5:47 am
this morning, our own character, bob redell is actually on the route this morning, and we've got an update on -- are you close to city hall, bob? >> reporter: i am close to civic center running down market. good morning. you can see i picked up a cave man, wonderwoman, and crazy purple hair lady. don't want to get hit by a car. get back, you guys. all right, go, go. go anyways. sorry about that. boy, that could have been four very unhappy people. you guys okay? you survived? boy, it's been 1.7 miles since i last saw you, and that was about 30 minutes ago. so i'm averaging about a 16-minute mile. not bad. stephanie region with bay to breakers. nice costume. >> thank you. >> reporter: some rule changes this year. >> indeed. >> reporter: i'm actually a little winded from that long run we just had. the big one, people are talking about, no alcohol. >> exactly. >> reporter: because last year a lot of people who got sick, over
5:48 am
20 people had to be taken care of. ho will you monitor that rule? >> this year we're upping security. having fencing all along the racecourse, and working with the sfpd to make sure that this doesn't happen. >> reporter: there's going to be spotters then, and if you're inappropriate, you might be arrested or also saying there might be drunk tents to help you recuperate. >> check points. if you're caught drinking you'll either be arrested or cited. >> reporter: also, this year, it's not a free for all? you have to have the 55,000 people registered. full. spectators along the route. you can watch the race if you're not registered. >> exactly. >> reporter: no floats. >> no floats. >> reporter: why? >> floats are banned to ensure the safety of participants. >> reporter: costumes. obviously, that's okay? >> come dressed up. have a great time. just don't cup drunk. >> reporter: can i come naked? >> come dressed up, naked, just don't come drunk. >> reporter: awesome. now i know i have a reason to
5:49 am
show up for the race on sunday. what time? >> serve 7:00 a.m. >> >> reporter: one of the top runners in the country? >> yes, ned will make his bay to breakers debut this sunday. >> reporter: you've got the, you know if you doll the peanut gallery, there are serious runners in here. the best course time for men on the 12k is roughly 33 minutes and for women about -- >> 38 minutes 7 seconds, i believe. >> reporter: and starting line is down -- that way? >> yeah. >> reporter: goes through golden gate park and ends at jfk drive? >> exactly, at the highway. >> reporter: beautiful. thank you very much. you guys ready to continue? we've got to go -- i don't know. we've got -- feels like about ten miles to go. laura, come on, guys, we're going to probably catch up with you at golden gate park. observatory of flowers has a wicked debut called wicked plants. we'll catch up with you then. >> sounds good.
5:50 am
we'll try to subtract some of the time you took to talk to the lady about being naked on the route, which we don't want to you do bob, or anyone else for that matter, to see how his times are. i don't know how close he'll get to that 33-minute record for the men. we'll check in. talk about the poisonous plants, as he mentioned. a lot more, coming up. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪
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(man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime. good morning, everybody. welcome back. it's 5:52. a foggy start in san francisco. a little overcast, this live picture of the bay bridge as commuters make their way into san francisco. let's check the morning commute with mike. good morning, mike. >> good morning, marla. we have, you know, the commute. it's kicked off in full force. traditional starting spot, into
5:53 am
the 20s already. a thursday. expect volume to hit harder, faster on tuesdays and thursdays. looking at also crossing the water, j-mac ferry, cancelling out that news. keep that in mind. and just off the antioch bridge, just showing up. a number of issues folks coming into antioch from the north bay. watch that highway 4 commute and 580 slowing through the middle part of livermore, over to airway. unusual portion. usually we see it coming over the altamont pass further east. an issue coming off the livermore and close to the dublin interchange, you're fine. moving all the way through the castro valley, 880 and the san mateo bridge with 91 -- 92. the interchange there. hovering over the lights, moving smoothly there. you showed the earlier shot of the bay bridge. nice shos from san francisco, the upper deck coming into the
5:54 am
city. look at the stream of headlights. i wanted to point out low clouds hovering around the area. fog might be an issue. no issues as far as visibility is concerned or chp and no metering lights. see those at about 6:20 in the morning. over to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:53 now. may be the most valuable find of all. osama bin laden's handwritten journal found during the raid in pakistan. among the early revelations, a mathematical calculation just how many people al qaeda would have to kill to get the u.s. out of the middle east. concluding it would take another attack similar to september 11th. bin laden also called on operatives to strike smaller american cities, planes and trains. the u.s. says the writings prove bin laden was still very much in control of al qaeda operations. back here in the bay area, cisco systems is san jose's largest private employer, but thinking about getting smaller. scott, you said this would
5:55 am
happen. you know. >> it probably has to happen. cisco, marla, told reporters on a conference call wednesday afternoon the job cuts were probably in the picture as it tries to slim down and focus on its core businesses. it hopes the offers of early retirement, which we announced earlier, will take care of a bulk of those cuts the easy way, but cisco is under enormous pressure to get back to basics after dabbly in a bunch of tangential businesses. another day without the playstation network, down for more than two weeks, thanks to a hack attack. third-party gamemakers are starting to worry sony's shutdown will discourage people from buying their new games. face it. the best part of games is beating your friends. i asked the head of ea sports what the shutdown means for the world's biggest video gamemaker. >> obviously, we are very eager to get the network back up, because it's an important part of what we do here at electronic
5:56 am
arts, but getting it up early, particular it's ready or secure would be a mistake. we're working with pard partners and making sure we're delivering everything we can to help them and likewise, sympathetic to ½e fhepf fh up, but not before it'sjá÷zh and a playstation has ever been compared. time for the check on your forecast with christina loren. >> a good-looking forecast today. it is bike-to-work day and the worst part of the day is right now. got the low clouds hanging over the city. oakland, seeing a good deal of cloud cover right now. same for san francisco. watch out over the bridges. later today, a beautiful day on tap. we'll see a lot of sunshine. mild conditions. temperatures climbing into the 70s. patchy a.m. fog and also we're looking towards a little rain
5:57 am
over the weekend. so we're looking pretty good. right now i'm going to send it back to laura. >> yes. we're out here live at justin herman plaza in san francisco this morning. beautiful way to sta urayan d, d, course, we've got the day's news, weather, sports, all covered this morning as well as bob redell attempting to run the bay to breakers route. a preep vie
5:58 am
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our 20-city may about the bay tour continues this morning. we're waking up in beautiful san francisco. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a highlight of events happening in the city this weekend. like the bay to breakers. our own bob redell is attempting to run the route, actually, this morning. to see how he's doing, we're going to check in with him, and we're also going to talk about future events coming to the bay


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