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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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very exciting. just right along the embarcadero. not far from where i am across from the ferry building this morning. that and the rest of the day's news. right now i want to check the forecast with christina loren. good morning. >> good morning, laura. good morning to you at home. a great day shaping up for us. a little onshore flow has brought that low cloud cover back into the bay. watch out for that overall, though, looking for sunshine for the second half of your day, and our temperatures will be able to climb out of the 60s, into the 70s in some cities as a result. we'll talk about that and rain in the forecast for the bay to breakers. the full forecast coming up. take a drive right now with mike. hi? >> good morning, christine. look over to highway 4. we don't have to forecast this. we know about it already. hitting hard, quickly from a speeds down to 15, 14 miles an hour coming off a street to l and not letting up until leverage. the full effect of the commute here and also the j-mac ferry in the north bay, out of service
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until noon. we'll watch for a additional, light additional flow of traffic coming across that bridge. looking at a nice drive through the walnut interchange. caldecott tunnel approaches the bay bridge. a live look outside at the toll plaza. more headlights and low clouds hovering. visibility might be an issue over the course of the morning. no problems from chp. laura, back to you under cloudy skies. >> that's right. but it's warming up out here. it's going to be a nice day. we are covering the day's news as well. an update on the triple shooting that happened at san jose state. we have today in the bay's christie smith live whip nith n information. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we have been in contact with the spokesperson for san jose state, and she's telling us, you can imagine, this has really been a sensitive and difficult process. they know that everyone on campus is waiting for
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information. the identity of the victims, and they say that they do plan to release that information today as what was holding them up is that it took a while to contact all of the family members of the victims, but they have now down that. so they will release that information. we do know who some of the victims are, but we will wait until the university makes their announcement. they also plan to announce how and why this happened, investigated as a murder/suicide. three people killed in the parking garage on tenth street. violence unprecedented for san >> r state, so they're taking it >> -- on the people and the families involved here and give them time to receive the news and a time to sort of begin to deal with it. >> reporter: that spokesperson still not saying whether the victims or shooter are students,
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but there is a tie to the school. we know that two were men. one was a woman. the press conference going to be held at 10:00 this morning at clark hall. we'll be there, of course. they're saying that this will be their final press conference, and they're also going to reveal that their calling a recovery plan for the school. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you for the update, christie. now for an update on the day's top local news, we check in with marla tellez, handling that back in the studio. >> good morning to you, an at home, 6:03 now. this morning police in the north bay are searching for the getaway car they say is linked to a deadly stabbing. police believe the drive are and passengers were in a white pondiac grand am with license plate number 3ulg274 may be armed and dangerous. officers say the white sedan was seen chasing an suv in san rafael yesterday evening just
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after a man was found stabbed on wood street. police say the deadly stabbing may have been gang related. people living in one of san francisco's trendiest neighborhoods are keeping a watchful eye these days. the marina district is a dining and shopping destination, but in the past the two months the area has seen an uptick in crime, store and home burglaries, daytime holdups and an armed robbery of a woman are some of the crimes that happened recently. store owners and people living there are now taking action. >> that someone next door were to have an issue, a robbery or just some theft, the people are either going to go to the right or the left. so if i have a camera, hopefully we can at least see who they are and where they went. >> merchants say they cannot afford a robbery or vandalism in oken wi
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n san mateo district says criminal charges will not be filed against officer adam smith for shooting death of robert cairn. the d.a. says the use of lethal force by the officer was a lawful response of his aggression towards the officer. the case is now considered to be closed. 6:05. back out to laura in san francisco with more on the lunt for the men who beat giants' fan bryan stow. laura? >> that's right. it happened as dodgers' game in southern california. he's still recovering, but police are still searching for the two suspects accused of beating him. now, a southern california advertising agency is actually . want to check in with "today in the bay's" john. these 1qmorniná
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folks, putting up these vviys. / to85eñles to put billboards, for the two suspects. their sketches are up there. $100,000 reward and the phone number to call, 1-877, asked to call so police can find these guys. still, they haven't been able to do so. six weeks since bryan stow was beaten at l.a.'s dodger stadium. still in a coma this morning. a story we've been following and a lot of people have been following. obviously there are some bad people in the city of los angeles but there are also good people. the folks at lamar advertising wanted to have an outing at dodger stadium. not enough people are interested. apparently a lot of employees are scared for safety. that's why the owner of lamar advertising decided to do this. met with lapd and the dodgers organization and decided to come up with the billboard, what to use, colors to use so when folks drove by, it would catch your
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eye. it appears it's done so. about 200 will go up in l.a. county, orange koucounty and ot counties hoping somebody will notice it and call in a tip. send it back to you. >> thank you very much, john. we're waking up live here in san francisco this morning as our tour across the bay continues. 20 cities in 20 days. it's a beautiful day to be in the city by the bay. probably anywhere across the bay area. check the forecast with christina lauren. >> you're the envy of the station this morning. waking up in a city by the bay. what a treat. good morning to you. cool start. mostly cloudy. you saw overcast on the city by the bay. watching activity when it comes to fog. low clouds developing. especially around the bridges now. this is typical the time of day. maybe give yourself extra time if you're getting ready to hit ere, our weather ready to hit pattern has significantly shifted from what we had last week. we've got some rain on the way.
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the jet treem has staken e e en has taken a significant dip. rain through tuesday. system slowed down a bit. showers for saturday. i don't think they'll get here until sunday. sunday looks like a washout. going to be interesting to see how many people show up for the bay to breakers, because we are expecting pretty good rain throughout the day, intermittent showers on sunday. today, though, we'll see the sun come out by noon. . x33out fremonh y outlook tells the+n3t ow tunn in ele tart all the way through next week. this news. the light at the end of the tunnel. by wednesday, our terp tempera tart to climb. a nice, warm, dry, summerlike spell. raging waters opens up on sunday. i don't know if they'll get much action. not a lot of traffic there,
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mike, & t but maybe falling on the bay to breakers. wearing an elvis wig or nothing at all, it really won't affect your run. affecting the drive, volume of traffic, hitting hard from 580 from the altamont pass into the 40s. into the 30s coming through livermore. the central part of 580 showed slowing early this morning as well. arbound with the the>, a look, sun coming into the eyes as well. slow drive out altamont pass in towards livermore. trying to get a volume of traffic, trying to see the stream. the myaher things over in oakland. 880. moving smoothly. lighter volume coming off the y, 238 and up in towards oakland past the coliseum. starting to build around the san mateo bridge and heading up towards the bay bridge toll plaza. downtown oakland not problem.
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the toll plaza showing from time to time a little backup in some of the cache lanes. the metering lights not on. low clouds may present an issue. lower the speeds a bit, because visibility might be a problem. bike-to-work day. watch out for the bikes on the road as well. send it back to you in san francisco. >> good advice all the time. that's right live in san francisco. justin herman plaza across runn bebe y l l tie e todada binin beauful day toe s san francisc gog well. talking about bay to breakers coming to town. bob redell actually running the route this morning. eg.
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swipe your card please. this bo you...e... you. well.
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good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. our tour across the bay continues. san francisco is already
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eleofefgcn í's going quite remarkable. the finals will actually take place right here in the san francisco bay. it's making for an unprecedented spectator event. everyone will have the best seat in the house. the city will make changes to the embarcadero for the the city will make changes to the embarcadero for the couple of years to accommodate both racing teams and the tens of thousands of racing fans. this year brand new technology that's actually being put in place to allow for incredible broadcast views of the race as well. just a few days ago the system underwent testing in new zealand and you're1 this oátl alwa be images from that testing.
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america's cup ceo craig thompson = >> so we're going to have thousands watching this live. always it's been on a ocean. so it's not possible. seri cup coming to the san francisco bay in 2012 and the finals in 2013. it's going to be a fantastic event. i think we're all groing to be serials after this, or at least want to be. good morning to you. 6:14. this morning, food trucks1,500 feetr of allowed to visit school zones in novato. the novato city council voted against a proposal to ban food trucks from parking with 1,500 feet of schools. school administrators pushed for the ban, because they feel food trucks sell unhealthy food, and that undermines their efforts to promote healthy eating habits. in other news, a controversial memorial for jonestown will be the subject of a hearing this morning in an alameda courtroom.
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a los angeles has time afiled a l to stop the memorial in oakland. shep says it's not fair to honor jim jones who led followers including 27 of her relatives to commit mass suicide in the jungles of guy yawnia. 16 after the hour. over to the forecast. temperaturewise, mild out there. a good deck of clouds overhead, that's keeping the temperatures nice and mild this morning. what happens is that cloud cover serves as blanket over the bay area trapping in yesterday's daytime heat. not too bad this morning. rain is on the way for the weekend. let's break that down for you and time it out. i don't think we'll see anything on saturday until saturday evening. you can see here from the futurecast, when we start to pick up the front. it moves inland overnight saturday. we start to see the first showers come down. the first part of sunday, yeah, just in time for the bay to breakers. it looks like we're going to see
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a pretty rainy condition out there. kind of wet. so maybe you get your fanciest, craziest, i don't know, poncho. 54 degrees in hayward. 54 degrees in san jose and 67 in gilroy. temperatures continue to climb as we head throughout the day today. this is what it looks like in terms of your sky. at about noon in san francisco, we are going still see a fair amount of cloud cover. if you're watching the giants' game, at at&t park, probably what it will look like when the game starts. when the game concludes, 4:00 p.m., daytime heiss, 65 degree, on the breezy side. but nice and clear over the city, just like we saw yesterday. the difference is it's going to be a little cooler. temperatures across the border only going to reach upper 60s. 72 degrees in santa rosa. 73 in san jose and 70 degrees in los gatos. we have a potential to warm up five degrees or so, depends on how long it takes the cloud cover to break apart and let the sunshine in. could be warmer.
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6 like to err on the side of accuracy, though. 73 degrees in san jose. 70 in gilroy. as we head through the remainder of your week. 6 degr 69 degrees. temperatures drop, rain arrives. sunday a pretty good round for the first part of date. a nice break and then sunday evening, another round of rain. a break into sunday night. monday, a few residual showers and tuesday we'll start to see clearing, i think, at least for the second half of date. a little weather to contend with, but it looks pretty nice where you are this morning, laura. >> oh, no. it is perfect out here. as it always is in the bay area. we're at justin herman plaza at the ferry building. you mentioned, the bay to breakers is this weekend. 100th annual. fun to participate in. dress warmly. dress is the key. you know, our own bob redell is running the route this morning. he started actually here at the embarcadero, at about 5:00. by 5:15, he was making his way around the city.
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about 5:45, we found him close to city hall, and now, our spotters have told us that he has made it to golden gate park. we should run the chariots are fire music i think here. you've got bob on fire. good morning, bob. >> reporter: i did need cpr music. since i last saw you, another four to five miles along jfk drive here in golden gate park. i'm averaging now about a seven-minute mile. started off with a 16-minute mile. now i've progressed to a seven-minute mile. if i ate better, if i ate more healthy, i would probably do better. if i had more veggies. that's something i have to work on. speaking of green, conservatory of flowers behind me. there are plants in there you of flowers behind me. there are plants in there you "wickx you should consider yourself warned when you come to the conservatory of flowers here at the park. they're latest exhibit is called "wick the plants botanical blooms and assassins."
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everything here is poisonous to in extent. >> what's most impressive to me is how many houseplants you have that you should be more in awe of. any peace lily. this is actually the plant that poison control is called on more :f whatkgjo sorry.ó :!& xmny other plant in the =ed >> reporter: not feeling heart. :f whatkgjo until your little heart explodes. actually a poison arrow plant, used to -- >> reporter: ow. just a minute. sorry. anyways, what was it -- used for? >> as a -- as basically a means
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gx i this that&bit they're trying to.& >> reporter: she went on to show in our plant all over northern california. cted feçy% when$
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times" sellar by ther." amyd calledwicked plants, the weed info killed lincoln's mother." abraham lincoln's mother, it's >> display and other botanical atrocities. go to conservatory of flowers dot org for more info on this exhibit and the race isn't until sunday. right? >> you're right. you ready? >> reporter: yeah. i'm going to get ready now. i'm going to head to the finish so catch up with me in a little bit. hopefully i'll make it by then.1 zbc? testm new ze so much. cupcd .óx got things coming up on "today in the bay" including test runs in new zealand for america's cup right here on the san francisco
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something cogged chrome book.wht iat? we'll take a look. warren free wiway. where the big slowdowns are and what's unexpected for this flow this morning.
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i never wear the same thing twice. not together, anyway. i'm in t.j.maxx every week. i used to think it was old school, but it's not. i get this season's designer clothes that i absolutely need... and i still get to eat. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. that's right. i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. good morning and welcome back. 6:24. if you're getting ready to head
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out the b2jpv look? stickin >@ou altamont]pas ass move commute. the earliest sticking with the slowest speeds. around 30 miles per hour. unusual but catching up, coming out of the altamont pass. as we move south, sunol earlier disationaled vehicle cleared from the northbound, right around the truck scales. no problem for 680 or 880. northbound traveling speeds showed no problems. right around the speed limit for all of these freeways, slowing through the area, up the peninsula and end way live shot out there to you. hç óbge metering lights just turned on in the last few minutes. back to you. >> worker8 i'ñ announcing cost $260dnm$500 million suggestions include
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paid]yp5 the worker wo unratio1 saving $260 million. another idea, eliminate extra perks for 1,000 of the highest paid workers saving some $20 million. also doing away with athletic subsidies saving another $12 million. scott mcgrew, 6:25. time for "tech today," you're keeping it simple. >> tekeeping it simple. a new computer, google calls it. chrome computer, a simple computer running google's chrome operating system and works by connecting to the web. all storage and apps are in the cloud. google just announcing this. several to choose from, from acer and samsung at first and then other companies later. it should cost about $350, and will be on sale at places like later this summer. but here's the thing. it's really just a laptop. in fact, compared to some other
6:27 am
laptops, just checking the "choniccal" it's expensive. one compact $299. so what makes the chrome book bet jer well, it's much simpler, google says. it handled vishs protection and updating on the google end so you don't have to do anything. the company snez an ad, as long as you don't throw it in a riv ter will work. even if you did, all your stuff would be safer, laura, because nothing is stored on the device itself. it's so that makes it safer, at least as long as the google cloud is working. >> there you go. you know, the vault is safe with your stuff. don't go throwing it in the river. good viceviad.ce s .schanmuo . waking up here in san .schanmuo . waking up here in san francisco as our tour9íb you deserve our best. at's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours.
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there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ] city you won't wantb2jpvfytt e c>
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may around the bay continues this morning.
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20 cities in 20 days. we're waking up in beautiful san francisco. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia orni mh goodå>ging.ngpu ngu sun like christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. zjing fog%w. temperatures on the mild side because the cloud cover we have. less than a quarter mile visibility in santa rosa and napa. when the fog is expected to clear, we'll talk about and qgfi howñ let's getbac your work on back 6:30 a.m.&vovercmike? bu seven1s& bm avenueps;3 %ñded. app metering lights on the bay
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building the v!pups comes avenue ]koaching as berkeley . from the chopper, dublin interchange. livermore showing a pattern. 680, things moving smoothly as the sun comes up. b beautiful view as far as roads are concerned. qbuding update on the triple shooting that happened at san jose state university. really sent shock waves through that campus. "today on the bay's" christie that they've been waiting to hear. like who the victims are and exactly what led up to like who the victims are and exactly what led up to th un
6:32 am
mo 7b with, in fact, some of the family and friends of these victims. they're understandably distraught. in fact, there's a candle out thisxpjyone else, an respect to that and to the university, wanting to make the announcement, we'll hold off on releasing the names until after the university does that this morning. about the three people shot and killed tuesday in a campus parking garage. it's being t reallsad dozáxñened or anythin. i kindare to know. what if i am parking in the same place, like i said, it's really, really sad. >> reporter: we do know that two of the three involved here are men. the third at<
6:33 am
hall. of course, we'll be there chrispó" withn6larting christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, christie. now for a look at the rest of the day's news, check in with marla tellez. good morning. marla tellez. good morning. >>z÷w5ing is3ñk noin a .u ch at for her 3-year-old daughter. she is now in a south bay hospital receiving care for what officers campbell police found the girl at a south-k georgeas ú campbell police found the girl at a south-k georgeas ú jane marin faces felony child abuse charges. investigators are still looking for marin's ex-boyfriend. a picture of his name former óms
6:34 am
son of family his ;. thezprisn the former!.h 16-year p bargai tha] agrpmsion sentence. theñw
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francisco airport hotel. drugmaker gill yon sciences will hold its annual general meeting. they are asking the company to keep costs down, because hiv patients are in a crisis due to cuts in federal and state aids programs.op san &morn hiv-aids drug atripla ismarla. $10,000 per patient, the laura. she's in san francisco. good morning. >> good morning, to you, marla. yes, san francisco, city by the bay. one of our. stops in our "day around the bay" series we're doing. o in thh great f doorssqó2 morning, a
6:36 am
joining us. tell us about this. it's so unique, because you were one of the kids back in 19 81 when it started that went there for services? >> 1981, when >>pl-n it i was able to come back now and service the community that has been a part of my upbringing. >> amazing. tell me what that place did for you? andmk today. actually, helped me to go to school, stay in school, gotod college, a degree, and now i'm coming2j service and help in this challenge. eurship x; ef congrat fantastic & & of how it all works, and now they're allá$x1. absolutely. - fantastic( stories.pued
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age. ra issf wh:2eratures come for big ng,$ giant get&% to work wi i'mqe pagezn's 0 nort showing mike? aleck remarks on my facebook page as always. heading over1 portola and c shot traffic.ó d f overc for y9f> and mov sun forms
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all in thw ay7-
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20 cities in 20 days. we're taking you across the bay area this morning. waking up in beautiful san francisco. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots of grate things happening here. bike-to-work day. america's cup is coming, 2012-2013. preparing the embarcadero for that and this weekend preparing for the 100th annual bay to breakers race. ken actually ran the race last year. remarkable in itself. the thing is, ken when you were crossing the finish line, had you a massive heart attack. >> that's correct, laura. just moments after crossing the finish line, i collapsed with a heart attack, and had no memory
6:43 am
of that experience or the race at all that day. but -- >> the thing is, that people came in, other runners, there was an anesthesiologist. someone that gave you mouth-to-mouth, someone doing the chest compressions that saved your life. now he's looking for some of these people to thank them. >> yeah. almost immediately four people came to my attention. identified two of the four people and two of them i'm still looking for. the woman who's an answer thesologist and another woman, a medical professional or a nurse, and in the last you're i've not been able to identify. >> we're telling people to look at the pictures to see if they can help, if there's a connection they may know these people. >> exactly. i want to thank these people for saving my life and it's just wonderful that strangers will come in and help strangers in a situation like that, and also instantaneously they're there happening me and performed cpr for 20 minutes before they
6:44 am
brought me back. >> didn't give up. >> a wonderful story. >> 90% blockage. shortly after that you had a quadruple surgery. >> three days later i had quadruple bypass surgery at ucsf medical certainty. the people there were wonderful. i'm just thankful to be here. it's amazing that people will come to help strangers like that. i'd love to thank the two people i've not been able to dent fip at this point. >> let's hope we can find them. and ken is running the race again this year? >> exactly. i'm looking forward to it. i've been training for it. i have blood flowing to my heart, and i have a group of friends coming from out of town and hopefully they're going to join me. >> are you looking forward to it? are you nervous? >> i'm looking forward to it. i've been getting exercise, running every day. crossing the finish line this year will be an amacingly powerful feeling, one year later. >> for so many. let's hope you find those people, and if anyone sees the
6:45 am
photos and think you may recognize them, of course, call us at the station or e-mail us at news tips at bay area nbc news tony com. good luck and continued good health. thanks so much, ken. got to love the bay area. that sense of community and spirit saved a guy's life. amazing. i want to turn back to marla with a look at the rest of the day's news for us. good morning. >> a wonderful story. thank you, laura. good morning. it's 6:45. today fish and game experts say they've examined body of one of dozens of sharks found dead along peninsula waters but so far are not closer to pinpointing the cause of this sudden die-off. pathologists say they found signs of inflammation and internal bleeding in the leopard shark's body, but more tests are needed to determine a cause. 50 leopard sharks have been found dead in redwood shore since mid-april. and raising bus fares beginning august 1st.
6:46 am
the bake bus fare will now cost $2.10. sears and disabled will have to pay $1.05 to ride and youth passes have gone up, expect to pay $20 a month. 6:45. looks like a gorgeous day in san francisco. christina joins us way look at forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. a pretty nice day. low clouds, fog, overcast conditions towards the coast. all expected to clear and temperatures oos a result will end up in the 70s in the south bay. upper 60s along the peninsula. don't forget, bike to work day. watch out for the additional traffic. patchy fog the case tonight. onshore flow kicked into high gear. low pressure moving closer and closer to the bay dropping rain on uses as early as late saturday. good news, we were expecting the rainfall earlier. if you want to make the outdoor weekend plans you'll get a chance to do so saturday. sunday, looking like a washout at this time as that system pushing into the bay area. you can see here from your
6:47 am
futurecast, we are noticing that rain pushing in. that front comes in about 6:00 p.m. saturday. it's going to rain all night saturday. and then for the first part of your sunday, intermittent showers. get a nice break and another round of rain on the way for monday. the good news when it comes to the precipitation we're expecting, take a look what it will do to your pollen levels, very high. you have been sniffling, sneezing. this is why. high pollen count in the past few days. by sunday it starts to fall. the more rain we pick up, the more news, the better situation when it comes to pollen. keep the clairton handy. you'll be able to take a break from it likely next week. 69 degrees from fremont. 70 in san jose. 70 in gilroy. a ball game in the city. 12:45, if you're headed to the giants' game. temperatures nice and comfortable. on the breezy side, but pretty nice. wear the sunglasses. clouds clear out. 60 degrees. back to you, laura garcia-cannon. >> too bad you're out in out
6:48 am
here. brian wilson will come by and see me in a little bit. goch kla. she' . she'll be in the car driving here fast. 100thannual, bay to breakers. our own bob redell is on the route. spotters are looking. i think he's really close to the finish line. let's check in. >> wow, laura. it's the 12k foot race. i left you around 5:15 at justin herman. caught up with these guys. purple hair girl. wonderwoman, gaveman pup guys good? a good run. you guys aren't winded. amazing. we're actually not far from the finish line. jfk drive and channel lakes drive here in golden gate park. mike and stephanie, the sponsor of bay to breakers of the race itself. what do you glot? >> the original trophy from the very first bay to breakers race, when it was still called the
6:49 am
"cross city race." >> reporter: not to be confused with the 100th anniversary. 1912 was the first race. you guys stepped in a few weeks ago. why? >> sazal was presented with the opportunity to sponsor the bay to breakers race and we are the world's most creative wep side and thought what a great fit to have that opportunity to fonser t sponsor the world's most creative foot race. >> reporter: some changes? no alcohol. >> there are. >> reporter: how do you control that with a crowd of 55,000 people plus an expected 100,000 people spectating? >> absolutely. we've increased security this year. we have fencing all along the racecourse and checkpoints to make sure if you are drinking, the alcohol will be confiscated or you'll be arrested. >> reporter: you have to register in advance. 55,000 registered. done that. no floats this year. >> no floats. >> reporter: costumes are okay? >> put on the best thing you've got. >> reporter: and you can be naked. well, yeah.
6:50 am
party! >> come run. come dressed up, come naked. don't come drunk. >> reporter: you ran the race back in the day when you were in college? >> i did. i ran the race several time. more times than i can count >> reporter: do you think? you're a responsibler, everything's great. does that take away from the spirit of the race? >> it doesn't. the race is about creativity, about expressions and having fun. the entire city coming together. there's still the opportunity to do that 100%, and trying to say, just don't come drunk. don't spoil it for everyone. that makes it not fun for people. >> reporter: mike and stephanie, thanks. the race starts at 7:00 on sunday morning. at howard and beale, trekking through the city, golden state park where we are. a good time, 33 minutes for men, 3 for women. the original guy had 44 minutes. we made it this morning in, not quite there yet, but about an hour and 45 minutes. so i'm saying we're nowhere near
6:51 am
setting a record. laura, our may around the bay map. come back to us in a bit to find out where in the world could we possibly be going tomorrow? no yt. we'll know in about ten minutes. >> we look forward to that, because we are loving going to all the different city ace cross the bay area. maybe one close to you. stick around. and a forwinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today, we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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[ magical chime ] ♪ [ people cheering ] [ girl ] whoo hoo! good morning. 6:53. traffic picking up pap surprise if you're headed to the bay bridge. >> holding up nice. 20-minute drive. slowing aaron emeryville and the berkeley curve. showing clearing. very unusual.
6:54 am
likely speeding up the metering lights a bit. volume not at heavy as expected. early signs like highway 4, back on the map, 580 through livermore, saw an unusual pattern, sorting itself out here. those showed early signs of slowing as well but kind of held stead think. look at that. now just 24 minutes. not bad for a thursday, getting close to 7:00. castro valley holding up with nice speeds. and mild slowing approaching the san mateo bridge. toll plaza showing delays. and a nice flow of traffic. haze in the air, but not a problem as far as visibility goes. bike-to-work day today. more bicycles hopefully on the roadway. use extra caution. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:54 now. it's all or nothing for the sharks tonight. game seven of their playoff series against the detroit red wings. starts at 6:00 at the shark tank. the sharks, they seem to have it
6:55 am
all wrapped up early in the series. won the first three games but, of course, then lost the next three. tonight's winner moves on to play the vancouver canucks in the next round. the as have the day off and the giants rev up their series against arizona tonight. the giants won another close one last night. they came back after the diamondbacks went up 3-0. tying it of you with a solo home run in the fifth. torrez gave them the lead in the next inning with this ground rule double. giants win 4-3. new york mayor michael bloomberg forced actor will smith to move his massive trailers off his city streets. smith had two 53-foot-long double-decker trailers parked on the street in the city while filming "men in black 3." neighbors complained. the mayor stepped in and forced the movie star to move them into a parking lot. one the trailers have marble floors, a lounge with a bar.
6:56 am
one bedroom, one bath, kitchen and movie room with a screen and offices for smith's assistants. the other trailer holds smith's personal gym. those trailers cost $9,000 a month. smith is also renting a $25,000 a month apartment less than a mile away. scott mcgrew, i know you'll talk wall street. i don't know will smith, if he depents on wall street. >> so sad he's living in trailer. that's it's come to that for him. talk about wall street. a bit of bad news about retail sales. down because of gas prices. and then foreclosure, down. you would think that's good news. it's actually bad, because, marla, we need to hurry up the foreclosure process to get the housing market to recover. hey, you recognize this guy? mark zuckerberg! not that mark zuckerberg. someone who shares mark's name. a bankruptcy lawyer from indianapolis recently kicked off
6:57 am
facebook because of his names. facebook claims too much confusion with the founder who is named mark zuckerberg. he tells an indianapolis station he's been reinstated. he's looking to make his own hollywood movie once their ready to make a bankruptcy lawyer movie. >> okay. all right. >> over to laura. good morning. >> yeah, well, we're out hoare li here live in san francisco. right now toss it to bob. the big map to decide where we're going tomorrow. >> and we have no idea where we're going tomorrow, laura, until i take this twig i found in golden gate park and throw it at our nine-county map of the bay area. i'm going to throw this stick, and i just want her to get out of the way so i don't hit her with this stick, and i'm going to throw it. we'll see where it ends up going. three, two -- one -- wow! such a random throw, speared right into the city of san jose.
6:58 am
you know what, laura? tomorrow's friday the 13th. we should go to the winchester mystery how maybe find a ghost hunter, psychics and sgos inhat's g onin there. >> spooky fun. thanks for joining us, everybody. see you in san jose tomorrow. i am a sneeze whisperer. i am an allergy analyst. bermuda grass. ragweed. willow. i am a dander decoder. chihuahua. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief. look now.
6:59 am
but you-know-who just showed up with nachos. (taco #2) what? oh. they look so delicious together. what does she have that i don't have? nothing really. just some cilantro. a bigger plate. ohhh looks like some fresh guacamole. i can do guacamole. but you didn't. [crying] shhh. your salsa is running. ancr: tacos love tillamook. voted the world's best medium cheddar cheese.


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