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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 12, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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i am a sneeze whisperer. i am an allergy analyst. bermuda grass. ragweed. willow. i achihuahua. decoder. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief.
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>> all of the women who have been killed in our county have been killed while leaving the relationship or after they left the relationship. it's an incredibly dangerous time. >> reporter: which is why the executive director of next door solutions to domestic violence in san jose advises battered women not to tell their spouse directly that they're leaving. >> that is not unusual for there to be a homicide and then a suicide. i can't live without you, i won't live without you, you're going and i'm going. >> reporter: next door solutions is now expecting a surge of women to call the agency asking for help dealing with an abusive relationship. the hope is cindy's tragic death may inspire battered women living in fear to make a change that could save their lives. >> reporter: if you suspect that a friend or neighbor is a victim of domestic violence, experts here advise that you call police
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if you actually hear a fight, but you can also contact next door and they will walk you through it so that you can discreetly help your friend. >> it is such a tragedy. thank you. santa clara police say a man killed early today was a 62-year-old latino man. he was found bleeding on lafayette street, the so-called golden triangle. the crime investigation unit closed the busy street for part of the morning commute. they say he was found on the sidewalk just before 6:00 in the morning. a worker at a gas station next door says he gave video surveillance tapes to investigators. this is santa clara's second homicide so far this year and matches the total for all of last year. four teens are in custody after a reported gang fight in san rafael left a 21-year-old man dead. the victim is jeffrey lee
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olmsted. he was taken to the hospital, where he died. two other stabbing victims were dropped off at the emergency room and treated for injuries. police say all four suspects are gang members. new at 6:00, a former warden at san quentin who spent three decades in corrections is publicly speaking out against the death penalty. she says it simply doesn't work. the 56-year-old, jean woodford, is now leading the group called death penalty focus, which opposes capital punishment. woodford is past director of california's corrections department, a post she assumed after serving as san quentin's warden and overseeing the state's only death chamber. she released a statement today saying quote, after each execution, i faced the reality that i had not made the world any safer. she called the death sentence a costly and ineffective practice. there are more empty homes and apartments across the state than there were a decade ago. in california, on average, is older. new census data shows the median age of the state's 37 million
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residents was just over 35 last year. that's the number. compared to 33 a decade earlier. the numbers show a 60% spike in the population between the ages of 60 and 64. when it comes to housing, the findings suggest more people are doubling up in owner-occupied homes and rental units. the homeowner vacancy rate shot up 1.4% to more than 2%. the rental vacancy rate jumped from 3.7% to 6.3%. at the same time, the average household size increased. in washington, the first lawmakers to see the photos of a dead osama bin laden are now describing what they saw. some of them have been explicit in their descriptions of the gruesome details. others say a few of the photos are only fit for the public to see. the president though insists none of the photographs will be released publicly. lawmakers say the photographs show bin laden's face and body, including one in which he's wrapped in a white undershirt and robe.
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another show the body on the deck of an aircraft carrier before bin laden was buried at sea. as airports around the country step up security, the l.a. police department is adding new recruits to the war on terror. today, the lapd introduced a team of specially trained dogs that will patrol the lax. lax has used bomb-sniffing dogs before but these dogs can track down a person walking through the airport carrying a concealed bomb. funding for the dogs and their training came from a nonprofit organization. six people were honored at the state capitol today with the california state 911 heroes award. two dispatchers with the citrus heights and elk grove police departments helped two children who called 911 when their parents were in danger. among those honored was a sacramento area teenager who, under the threat of violence, died dialed 911 to help his family. a 4-year-old girl was also honored. kathy ireland was there to honor
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these heroes. >> each day, thanks to their rapid response, hundreds and thousands of americans are able to get the care and protection they need during their most difficult moments. >> two chp dispatchers were also honored at the state capitol. a california woman who lost nearly 30 relatives in the 1978 jonestown massacre is trying to block one aspect of a planned memorial. a senior pastor has filed a lawsuit to stop construction of the memorial in oakland. she appeared in court today. she said it's not fair to her family to honor the reverend jim jones, who led more than 900 followers, including 27 of her relatives, to commit a mass suicide in the jungles of guyana. cemetery officials say her efforts are too late. the memorial was completed on monday in oakland. still ahead at ,006: amazing video tonight of some scary moments during a recent flight.
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also, it's not your average auction. the memoribilia from a high profile case that will soon be going back on the auction block. good evening. we're riding in style tonight. we'll let you know how you can get up close and, well, inside some vintage cars to help a or00ecgrt ast that's changing c up for this weekend, in a few minutes.
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more news headed your way on our new 7:00 newscast.
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here are numbers that will make any bay area mailman cringe. the postal service released the top 25 list of the cities where most dog attacks occur. number 15 on the list, san jose with 23 attacks. oakland, 19 on the list with 19 attacks. other cities in california on
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the list are san diego at number two, followed by los angeles at number three. sacramento at nine. the number one city in the country, houston. nationwide, more than 5,000 postal employees were attacked by dogs. news tonight that u.s. marshals will soon hold an online auction to sell the items of the unabomber next week. more than 60 items will be up for grabs, including his handwritten manifesto. the proceeds will go to some of his victims. >> reporter: convicted ecoterrorist ted kaczynski is serving a life sentence in a colorado federal prison but all his personal effects seized from his montana cabin are about to be auctioned off. items like sunglasses used for disguises. a variety of tools. a typewriter used for composing his ecological manifesto and 20,000 pages of notes and documents. >> pack it up, put it in a dump truck, take it to the dutmp and
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get rid of it. >> reporter: gil murray was killed in 1995 at the california forestry association office when he opened a package from the unabomber. >> it just seemed incredibly insensitive to once again bring this issue up. >> reporter: a different view from former sacramento police chief, now u.s. marshal, albert najara who says proceeds will compensate victims. >> in some cases, victims lost hands, arms, eyes, things like that. we will clearly never make up for that. but there is some feeling of satisfaction that at least they are getting something back from this guy. >> reporter: the auction will be conducted online for the marshals office between may 18th and june 2nd. while the sharks have a must-win game, it is currently under way in the south bay. my nerves are rattled. >> also, the giants looking for another sweep. are you kidding me? this team is red-hot.
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afternoon highlights. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live in the north bay. we'll tell you all about concord d'elegance and how you can join in, coming up in minutes.
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look carefully. dramatic video of lightning striking an airplane.
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a photographer in london caught this airbus a-380 coming in for a landing on a stormy night in england. the plane landed safely with month incident just a few minutes later. not a scratch on the plane. despite the shocking display here of mother nature, all 500 passengers on board were just fine. let's send things out to jeff ranieri who is playing the part of kanicky in "grease." >> they are very expensive cars. it's all about the marin county fairgrounds this upcoming weekend. it's all to help support hospice by the bay. every single dollar that is raised this sunday will go towards hospice by the bay. it's all about vintage cars. we're talking rolls royces, mercedes like the one behind me, 300sl mercedes roadster. just beyond that, a 1958 chevy impala.
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with us right now, charlie goodman. most appropriately to come down and interview inside of your car here, charlie. you're with the event. tell us about what people can expect on sunday. >> we'll have about 180 cars on the show field. we're celebrating the 100th centennial of chevrolet, the indianapolis 500. we have cars coming from the indy museum in indianapolis. we'll have travel trailers and we'll have tahoe wooden boats in the lagoon. >> something for everyone, the proceeds going towards hospice by the bay. the other great thing is if you're not even a huge car enthusiast but you're somewhat into cars, come out here. you get this close to a car like this and you can't help but fall in love and kind of be drawn into the next car. there's also going to be more things just besides cars, right? >> yes. we have wine tasting and a beer garden out here, and kids under 16 are invited free.
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it's $20 a person to come in. >> it's going to be happening rain or shine. we know there is a slight chance of maybe a little bit of rain here and there but it's not going to rain out your event. tell us quickly about this car. we know this is a classic. it's amazing. what's the most favorite thing about this car to you? >> i just like the way it shifts and runs on the road and it's got a great sound to it. >> anyone can just have about, you know, anyone looks good in this car is what i'm trying to say. it looks pretty fantastic. thank you so much, charlie goodman. we will go ahead and get to the weather maps right now. let's go ahead and get a look as you can see our headlines as we head throughout the next 48 hours. they are going to show a little bit of fog with temperatures that are gradually going to be warming up as we head throughout tomorrow. here's the thing. we will put the brakes as i have been saying on all of this sunshine. we will start to see cooler weather bacheinto t mix. we had this trough of low pressure that will be dropping down. that will help to bring us that
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anan f cececherersh o oiss s owth we andano somemes. that chance of showersetting goingwe as we head into saturda night and then the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm on sunday. this event is going to be happening rain or shine. for tomorrow, we're looking at highs in the low 70s inland for the east and also for the south bay. tomorrow, right here in marin county, low 70s. for the south bay, more mid 70s coming on back. it is on sunday, this event, we are looking at temperatures in the 50s and 60s. you need a jacket out here but these cars, they crank them up, they turn them up, they get them going and it provides quite a bit of heat out there. you can hear that right there. nice one, charlie. all right. this is a great day out here. all right. your seven-day forecast, little bit of cloud cover coming our way and once again, that chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms into sunday. you guys, i got to tell you, we are having so much fun with the cars, it was like wait a minute, we got to go on tv. we got to do this. it's easy to kind of get lost in
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what's happening out here. >> you look great. i say it again. >> i've got my driver charlie. can we drive off? >> he's got a driver. >> take it away. >> see you later! >> bye, jeffie. >> see you at 11:00. oh, my gosh. they're going fast. >> we might see him at 11:00. >> they're doing doughnuts. >> let's get to sports now. okay. this is the way it goes. if they win tonight, let me see if i've got this right, they advance to the next round of the playoffs, correct? >> yes, you got it. the whole newsroom is nervous tonight. probably all across the bay area. if they lose, the season is over. a live look at the shark tank right now. if you listen closely, you can probably hear the crowd rocking. more than 17,000 fans in the building as we speak. this is game seven of their best of seven series against their rivals, the detroit red wings. how are the sharks doing? this game started at 6:00.
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it is in the first period. they're doing very well. the sharks just got on the scoreboard not once, but twice. the first goal, setoguchi, a power play goal to take a 1-0 lead. the sharks have just added another goal. right now, nearing the end of the first period, the sharks leading the red wings 2-0. if they win tonight, they advance to round three of the playoffs against the vancouver canucks. not to be lost in the sharks' playoff run are the giants. they are the hottest team in baseball. after a sluggish start to the season, they now look like world champs again. we bring in lorin scott. >> reporter: we are outside the giants clubhouse as they head out of town. what a great home stand. first a sweep of colorado and now today, a sweep of the arizona diamondbacks. dancing with the stars taking a whole new meaning at china basin, especially with the ball dudes with the giants on the heels of a sweep against
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arizona. matt cain pitched a great game. nate schuerholz going 3 for 4, this single in the second scoring cody ross. they would add two more in the seventh having come off the d.l. on tuesday, torres giving the team a real lift. his double scoring whiteside, would come in handy because after aubrey huff added an rbi single, the giants yielded two runs in the eighth. of course, it had to be another one-run victory. javier lopez comes in for the save today and the giants roll again for their sixth straight win. 3-2, the final. >> to get these two sweeps is big. matt pitched a great game today. he kept us in the game the whole time. it's good leading in the road trip winning streak. >> it's big. it's definitely the home stand we needed. we didn't play the way we exactly wanted over the long road trip so we wanted to come back and play well. >> now the giants head out on a road trip that will take them to several cities but they start in
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chicago, where tomorrow they will face the cubs. we are keeping our eye on the sharks. back to you. we are used to delivering bad news around here but today, it touched us especially. very sad day for us here because darryl hawks, one of our friends and former colleague, unfortunately has passed away. >> he was a sportscaster here before taking a job at our sister station in chicago. he was found dead this morning in an atlanta hotel room where he was on assignment covering the nba playoffs. no foul play is suspected. one of the best things about darryl was that million dollar smile which lit up any room he entered. >> being a race car driver is as hard as it looks or as easy as it looks. >> his energy was contagious and his passion was evident. >> the generosity is spreading throughout the warriors team. i'm actually standing in stephen jackson's section where he buys tickets for children. >> darryl hawks loved his job. he loved sharing stories and getting involved with the
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community. it's hard to find someone who didn't smile after meeting darryl. he was part of some major stories during his three years in the bay area, from barry bonds' home run record to our coverage of the 2006 winter olympics in which he teamed up with gold medalist kristi yamaguchi. he adored his wife and kids. he always said serving his country gave him h the foundati to better serve his 38 years o.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, think about this. botox for an 8-year-old? yep. we've got pictures that are causing an uproar. and a felon working as an earthquake inspector, just one of the people we found checking our schools for earthquake safety. wait until you see who else is keeping an eye on our children. that's in depth tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news right after "outsourced". hissing cockroaches at the state capitol? what's your usual reaction to this? >> i'm not looking. >> it wasn't a fight over the budget cuts or anything like that. this was a visit from sea world in san diego to the state
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capitol. members of the animal kingdom were on hand literally. one of our favorites is the sugar glider. >> that's cute. >> that's cute. from australia. sea world sends its animal ambassadors out to teach children and lawmakers the importance of wildlife conservation. frank joins us to tell us what's coming up at 7:00. >> governor schwarzenegger commuted the sentence of the guy involved in a stabbing death at san diego state university. today, the parents of one of the victims join us to talk about that lawsuit. also, the compelling story of a man who ran a race last year, finished, was essentially dead, they revived him and he will run again this year but has a special mission. he wants to find the two people that performed cpr that kept him alive. he's hunting for them. we want to get his story so we can find those people and thank them, coming up in just a few minutes on comcast 186. see you again at 7:00 and
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