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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in their test scores compared to similar schools in the state. all schools increased their rank with the exception of the elementaries which were already in the top tiers. the eastern span of the bay bridge is scheduled to open next year. the new bike lane will remain a bridge to nowhere, at least for now. the $100 million bike lane runs to the island. there's no guarantee it will ever extend across the bridge to san francisco. a spokesman says it delays are
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due to engineering challenges and making deals with oaklands landowners whose property the lane will cross. the sharks fans are on a high after a big win. a parade of cars decked out with flags honked in celebration. they finished the detroit red wings in seven games last night. the cheering deafening. many breathed a sigh of relief after they won game seven. the red wings pushed aside the canucks. >> we have so much spirit in san jose. there's no way we are going to lose in vancouver. >> the sharks beat the red wings, 3-2 in seven games. tickets go on sale at 10:00 at the tank, and
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some walmart locations. there's a limit of four tickets per game. let's check in with christina and a friday forecast. good morning. >> good morning. boy, i hope they win. bay area would be known as home of the champions. good morning to you. we have fog out there, something else we are known for this morning. it's in the north bay, up the north bay. give yourself plenty of time. watch out for reduced visibility. as we head throughout the morning hours, the temperatures are going climb out into the 50s and 70s. this is the last dry, sunny day we are going to see. changes arrive as of tomorrow. we have a wet pattern arriving that's going plague us for four days. cold weather will be back, wet weather will be back. 70 degrees in fremont. 69 in san rafael. 71 in santa cruz. a great beach day. you have the luxury to hit the beach. when the rain is expected to
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move in and how much we are looking toward coming up. the east bay commute with mike inouye. >> good morning. things are jamming earlier on friday than the rest of the week. if you are heading eastbound, watch this, you might be heading toward central valley or tahoe. heading back out of the east bay through the north bay. remember if you are heading toward south lake tahoe, highway 50 is closed and will remain closed for a couple weeks. you have to use the north tahoe route and travel along the coast of the lake. i'll post another link to the maps and reroutes on facebook. we are looking at the east shore, 18 minutes off the carquinez bridge. very light volume of traffic. friday starts a later back up. it's lighter in the morning commute and they see the build
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up around the city. it's a great city to go to around the weekend. >> thank you much. 4:38, the price of beauty. how young is too young for botox? we'll hear from a mom injecting her 8-year-old daughter with the drug. plus, keeping safe on facebook. the security changes you'll see when you log on. live pictures of 880 this morning. we'll check back with mike in a bit. - working out can be totally cool. - that's right, so we've got a list of things you can do to get active. - like jumping jacks. - or how 'bout push-ups? - sit-ups? - uh, maybe jumping rope? - yeah. or jogging. - uh, how about like a wheelbarrow race? - oh, yeah, that's a great idea. - but imagine actually trying to use him as a wheelbarrow, like stacking bricks on him and doing, like, doo-doo-doo. you know what i mean? - or yoga. - which is actually peaceful and quiet and not a lot of talking, so... - exactly. is he still looking at me?
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everyone. it's 4:42. it's friday the 13th. we are looking at the bay bridge. the wrinkle eraser, botox is popular with women of a certain age and gaining popularity with younger women, too. but, botox for an 8-year-old? cheryl hurd reports a mom getting flagged with giving her daughter botulism. >> reporter: this is a water cooler moment. if you didn't see it, you probably heard about it. everyone i talked to in walnut creek is not happy about it. >> i do it, but it hurts sometimes but i get used to it. >> her name is britney.
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we discovered her and her mother on blogs where she revealed injecting her 8-year-old daughter with botox and defended herself on good morning america. >> a lot of moms are giving their kids botox. it's the thing. i'm not the only one that does it. >> in the interview, her daughter says it's okay, but painful. >> it hurts but i get used to it. >> reporter: that story went viral creatingout rage in the area. >> it's easy to get wrapped up in what your children are doing. i think it's terrible. >> reporter: the outrage continued on youtube. a child psychologist says parents seeking this type of perfection is dangerous. >> it's a set-up for anxiety, insecurity and low self-esteem.
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a lack of success in other areas. >> reporter: frankie is a pageant organizer and judge. he saw the story and can't believe it. >> what is society coming from when you teach a wrinkle, which is a dimple is not pretty and you can't win without it. >> reporter: he started the business because he didn't like the way child pageants were being run. he says parents need to lighten up. cheryl hurd, today in the bay. >> 8-year-old may be extreme. plastic surgeons say patients are getting younger. constant squinting and texting, talking and surfing the web can take its toll. patients in their 20s are asking for botox. facebook took up google's
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privacy practices. for those stories, let's turn to cnbc. good morning. >> good morning, scott. futures point to a higher stock market open after a seesaw session thursday. it's friday the 13th, but it's not always unlucky for wall street. stocks rallied 60% of the time. today, we have reports on consumer price inflation and consumer sentiment. the dow is rising to 12,695. the nasdaq up 17. facebook admits it hired a pr firm to take aim at google's privacy practices. facebook asks to pitch journalism experts to write stories questioning how google
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collects information. the strategy backfired when bloggers disclosed facebook's behind the scene role. x several titles hit the market. sales of sony's play station 3 trailed behind x-box 360 and wii. consumers are choosing alternatives to ps 3. you can now watch big box office blockbusters on the small screen. netflix is offering an app for several android phones including the incredible and nexus one. you can watch on wi-fi. it's available for the iphone, ipad for netflix customers who pay $7.99 a month for service. back to you, scott. >> thank you. this sunday on "press: here,"
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we will have a reporter involved in the facebook scandal tell us about it. meanwhile, christina joins us for the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. i'll join you here as well as i often do. good morning to you. we look good now. i'm not noticing fog in the east bay. it's only in the north bay. we could slide to the south. overall, looking clear as you wake up in places like oakland this morning. throughout the weekend, big time changes arrive. a significant dip in the jet stream. it's going to usher in cold air, shower activity and looks like things are timing out this way. saturday, you should be okay with the outdoor plans. sunday is the day to make the indoor plans. we are looking at showers throughout the day. monday, a break. another stronger round of rain moves in tuesday into wednesday, thursday, a warming trend. 50 in concord, 50 in hayward.
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it's may, mid may, it's going to get warm around here soon. this might be the last significant storm system before summertime arrives. 71 in gilroy. 69 in livermore. as we head throughout the remainder of the weekends, 65 degrees on sunday. a few showers monday. rain tuesday into wednesday. take a look at where the temperatures spike up to 75 degrees thursday. we are up to 80 degrees friday. we will see more warmth but we have to get through the showers first. back to you, scott. >> the actor and writer for "bridesmaid" has a movie coming outd. >> will you be my maid of honor? >> of course. >> do whatever. throw the bachelorette party. >> she is in over her head. she's the maid of honor.
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her best friend played by a former "snl" star. she has no idea how to handle her duties. to make matters worse, each of the other bridesmaids have their idea of how it should go down, leading to a wild and bumpy ride to the alter. >> you and the other priests did your jobs. >> kung fu clergy. living in an unholy world ravraged by war and vampire. when his niece is abducted trying to save the girl before she's turned into a child of the night. it's rated pg-13. >> i got fired from my job. my wife left me. >> i saw this coming from a mile away. >> thanks for joining me. >> "everything must go." the day he gets fired from his
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job, his wife changed the locks and left his possessions on the front lawn. rather than packing up, he turns his life into a yard sale. "everything must go" opens this week. it's rated r. well, coming up, facebook rolls out a new security feature. we'll show you how it works. as you are getting to work, i'll show you the commute. this friday, the commute should be lighter. it's friday the 13th. what's already unusual about what's going on. mike, live pictures of the bay bridge toll plaza. 4:50, back in a second.
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4:53 as we look at 880. mike will join us in just a second. street level fight against crime. oakland police officer anthony bats and other community groups will walk the streets, part of taking back the streets meant to keep city streets safe. it starts at 6:00 at 17th avenue and east -- we're not quite sure. well, 17th avenue head over to international boulevard. we want to look at what's coming up on today in the bay. marla is in the news room. >> a budget meeting on public
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safety is dealing with more than a $100 billion deal deficit. we are going to hear from the police chief live and some city leaders, coming up. it just so happens our may in the bay tour brings us to san jose in addition to exploring the budget concerns. we are celebrating the sharks and touring one of the most famous haunted houses. how appropriate on this friday the 13th. >> well timed. mike, you were twittering six hours ago. when did you go to bed? >> um -- >> six hours ago? >> about five hours ago. six hours ago. thanks for noticing that. these folks were hard at work while i was twittering. the update for highway 4 is eastbound, the closure picked up early. about an hour ago. we don't see delays going in either direction through
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antioch. that's great news. they made a quick get away. again, watch getting out of town routes, including getting to tahoe. you have highway 50 closed, east of echo summit. lower deck marked construction getting out of the city, typical two lanes blocked, no slowing there. we'll show another crossing the bay route. this is the san mateo bridge. coming from the peninsula, the headlights going steady. you can see the high-rise over the san mateo bridge. the street lights are taking over the bridge. a clear view, no gusty winds now. we follow the commute throughout the morning, back to you. >> 4:55. a new study shows osteoporosis goes undiagnosed despite the fact they are at higher risk for
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fractures. researchers say treating osteoporosis could reduce fractures by half. doctors need to look at bones of heart failure patients. collecting 15 eggs from a woman's ovaries offers the best chance of success. british researchers studies 400,000 ivf up to the number of 15. more than 15 eggs raise the risk of complications. facebook is beefing up security. they are adding more security features. this time designed to prevent users from getting click jacked. it's when you follow a news story, then they ask users to confirm before posting a story
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to their profile or news feeds. they will offer -- visa announced their version of a digital wallet. consumers can pay with a click, eliminating the step of typing in credit card information. visa is working with merchants to put one-click buttons on the website. the wallet will store their debit card information for visa and other cards. the program is expected to launch in the fall. students take a stand to support education. what they plan on doing today.
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