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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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oh, yeah. it's a great morning to be a san jose sharks fan as the team wins game seven in a nail biter and moves on to the conference championship. go sharkies. we're going to have more on the tickets available later today. right now, i want to say good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. our tour across the bay continues this morning. we are waking up in san jose. it's friday the 13th. the lights are flickering. i'm at the winchester mystery house. is it safer to be inside or outside? we'll check and show you both this morning. it's certainly a lovely day. the birds are chirping. i want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. we are looking good on friday the 13th. so far, nothing spooky. a little fog in the north bay. it's finally a friday.
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we have rain in the forecast. the jet stream is taking a significant dip. we'll tell you what that means for you, how much we are expecting in the city. 5:00 a.m., how does it look, mike? >> a typical 5:00 a.m. a lot of folks yawning out there. the altamont pass shows unusual patterns. we'll watch but friday should show lighter volume. north of the dublin interchange, a little slowing there. the interchange at hayward, 880 to 92 looks nice. this is a live look at 880. we are expecting friday light. it's friday the 13th, so you never know what is going to happen. for now, we go to laura in san jose. good morning, laura. >> good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. we begin with covering a house fire where people sustained injuries. we want to check in live with
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christy smith. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you a. crew is boarding up what's left of this home. it's not much. about 50% of it is a loss this morning. i just got off the phone with the chief. when they arrived, flames were pouring out of the doors and windows. an 80-year-old woman was suffering from burns, but expected to be okay. how did it start? from what they can tell, she was tooking on the stove and fell asleep. it's when the kitchen caught fire. that was 2:15 this morning onned monoton way. it took 18 minutes to knock down. firefighters telling me it's unclear whether there were working smoke detectors in the home. all things considered, the woman is expected to be okay. no firefighters injured in this. we are told arson investigators
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are done and won't be back here today. the fire is considered to be accidental. reporting live in concord, christy smith, today in the bay. >> thank you for the latest there, christy. now for the latest on the other day's news, we want to check in with marla tellez. good morning. >> good morning, laura and good morning to you at home. it is 5:0 3. officers won't say how a man died. a 62-year-old santa clara resident was found bleeding in the golden triangle. this were two homicides in santa clara in all of last year. this morning, we are learning more about the triple shooting at san jose state. investigators say business accounting majors cindy and her friend thomas williams were gunned down by cindy's husband,
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a 54-year-old before he turned the gun on himself. her sister tells nbc bay area her fallen sibling was planning to leave her husband who she claims was physically abusing her sister. three employees u.s. veteran's affairs have been indicted by a grand jury on bribery charges. jack stringer, the owner of arrow dry wall construction bribed three v.a. officials with cash, airline tickets and other gifts. in change, he received contracts for himself and close associates. this is according to the indictment. if convicted, they face up to 15 years in prison. students at a peninsula high school are leaving behind their books to support their teachers. they are planning a lock out after 2:00.
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they say the demonstration and protest is an effort to put a stop to mass layoffs, program cuts and the possibility of a shorter school year. the walk-out will last for one hour. the sharks led a 3-0 s sereryes lead. the dream of a stanley cup championship lives on. last night, sharks fans were downtown celebrating the thrilling victory and second trip to the western conference final in as many years. fans are confident, this is the year the sharks will come through. >> we have so much skill in san jose. there's no way we are going to lose to vancouver. >> after a mentally and physically gruelling sereies wih the red wings.
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tickets go on sale at 10:00 at hp pavilion ticket office, and select walmar walmarts. you will only be able to get four tickets per game. time to check in with laura outside the winchester mystery house. don't be afraid. >> have you ever been here? >> i have not. >> it's a perfect day to be here because it's friday the 13th and there's a lot of mystery. bob redell is inside the house right now. hopefully, not getting trapped in one of the hundreds of rooms. it's interesting how it came to be. we want to check the day's forecast with christina loren to see how things are shaping up this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. they are not shaping up that well for the weekend, unfortunately. not too bad.
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you will be able to get out doors for the weekend. it is not a barbecue weekend. 50 degrees in concord. 50 in hayward, 40 in napa. the temperatures are going to climb into the 70s. warming us up a little bit warmer than it was yesterday, two degrees warmer in santa rosa. 69 in oakland. 72 degrees in los gatos. we have rain on the way. it looks like the storm system is packing a punch. we have another one on the way. time it out just right so you can make the plans. stay tuned for that. 5:07. let's check the traffic. >> good morning, christina. the maze is looking all right. i have construction marked on the bay bridge. let me show you the lower deck from san francisco. the headlights coming into san francisco. they might have started moving them. two lanes are blocked for 40 minutes on the schedule.
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there's flashing lights. that's what's going on now from the bay to san francisco into oakland. no delays there. a live look at the maps to show you the travel time off the carquinez bridge. the travel time is an 18 minute drive down the east shore freeway. 4:00 p.m., there you go for your drive off the carquinez bridge and benitia bridge as well. i have been to the winchester house, but never on a friday the 13th. i'm going to send it to you, if you are still there. >> i know. i think the executive producer is trying to scare me. more is coming up in a bit. we are talking about the gas and oil tax breaks affecting consumers. we are happy about it. it is fueling a budget battle. i want to check in with
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christen, live with the details. good morning. >> good morning, laura. a lot of fireworks on capitol hill in which the five biggest oil companies had executives there. it may have been about a tongue lashing for the oil companies even the committee chairman admitted it's unlikely to do anything about the prices we are paying at the pump. they tackled the issues including the tax breaks the oil companies are getting. they get billions of dollars in tax breaks. democrats, including the president want to end the tax breaks. chuck shumer had one of the zingers of the day, when he said you are more likely to convince the american people a unicorn flew into the room than the oil companies need subsidies. they responded, defending themselves saying ending their tax breaks won't drop prices at the pump and they need tax
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breaks to fund exploration. they called it a dog and pony show. they said it was easy politics to attack the big oil companies. the two sides are far apart on it. they are likely to vote on a measure to end the tax breaks. at this point, it doesn't appear they have the votes to do that, laura. >> it's certainly hurting at the pump to fill up. thank you very much. we are taking may around the bay. this morning, waking up in san jose. we are at the winchester mystery house. perfect for this friday the 13th. a house that some say was built by spirits. we are going find out more, coming up. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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our may around the bay tour brings us to san jose this morning. you are looking at live pictures of the hp pavilion. tickets go on sale for the victorious next round, the hunt for the stanley cup. go shark kis. we are live in san jose. the city has so much to offer, it would take days to show you around. great shopping, fantastic eateries and of course, the winchester mystery house. that is where we are this morning on this friday the 13th. it's a beautiful home built by sarah winchester, but many say built by spirits. very interesting. we are joined by the general manager of the winchester mystery house. don't want to upset anyone, especially mrs. winchester, right? >> that's right. she's the woman who built the
5:14 am
house and lived here. >> it was built on the belief she felt she was haunted by spirits. she had bad luck, so to speak. >> right. she lost her husband and daughter early in life. after the death of her husband, she consulted a median saying the deaths of her husband was -- she had to build a house continuously and never finish it. >> how many rooms are inside? >> 160 rooms today. >> it shows it's interesting being inside. it shows not really a pattern of building. sometimes there's doors to nowhere and staircases to nowhere. >> there are doors that open on the walls and a ten foot drop to the gardens. >> it's fascinating. you having in special as well? >> right. the friday the 13th flashlight
5:15 am
tours running up to midnight. it's a popular event. >> we are looking forward to it. bob redell is inside and we are going to talk to him in a bit. do you believe it's haunted? >> i have friends who have seen things. i, personally have not seen things. >> don't look behind you. thank you for joining us. it's fun being out here. we are going to check in with bob. he is inside the house now. we are going to find him inside one of the many, many rooms there. marla tellez has the news for us. good morning. >> good morning to you at home. it is 5:51. antiwar demonstrators will rally at uc berkeley law school. professor john yu is unfit to teach. he wrote policies for the bush administration and an editorial in usa today defending the techniques saying osama bin
5:16 am
laden would be on the loose without that. dianne feinstein will be at the capital to look at photos of osama bin laden's death. he saved his messages to a thumb drive and a courier went to send the e-mails at a cafe. if you are going to barbecue, it should be tomorrow, not sunday, right? >> yeah. do out door plans on saturday. sunday, the wet, rainy pattern begins across the bay. this is today. a good looking morning. here is the weather maker. you can see the well defined counter clock wise rotation. this is cold air and here is the high pressure. as we head throughout the remainder of today, the front is going to slide south. then the rain moves in as we
5:17 am
head into late saturday. this is what we are expecting as the front moves in, we are expecting quite a breeze. the winds picking up substantially. late saturday through early monday, we are going to see isolated thunderstorms, rainshowers and you know what, we need the rain this time of year. it will replenish the water sources. it's a good thing. 50 in oakland. 47 in sunnyvale. later on today, we break into the 70s. 72 in napa. 72 in santa rosa. mild along the peninsula. similar to yesterday. more of the same from yesterday. changes arrive after this weekend. here is the seven day outlook. as we enter the wet, rainy pattern, it's not going to leave us anytime soon. tuesday another round of rain. wednesday showers for the first part of the day. thursday through the weekend, big ridge of high pressure moves
5:18 am
in. we rise in temperature from 64 to 75 degrees. the warm weather will be back. now, it's looking good. we have an observational scientist. how does it feel this morning? >> my hands are cold, but it's not too bad. we are bundled up out here. it will be a nice day. we are live in san jose. part of the tour across the bay area at the winchester mystery house. we are going take you inside. bob redell is up in the window. hello, bob on this friday the 13th. he's inside a room that has a strange but fascinating background to it. tell us about it, bob. >> good morning to you, laura. there are 160 rooms in the mystery house. how do you pick one to tour? we picked this one, it's the daisy room. they call it that because of the daisy's in the room.
5:19 am
this is the room sarah winchester was stuck in during the great wake of san francisco. the room has nod been fixed since. you can see thedamage. if you look around, over here, a you can see plaster that's been knocked off -- >> looks like we are having interference there. >> is it the ghost of sarah winchester that's messing with our television signal. who knows. can you hear me now? >> yes, i can, bob. strange. >> well, it was over here -- it was over here that the door became pinched. you probably didn't notice, the winchester house is seven
5:20 am
stories tall. it came crashing down. you are probably thinking where did she sleep after this? there's 160 rooms in this house. 40 of them are bedrooms. she had another room to go to. a medium told her to keep building bedrooms to satisfy the spirits in this house. she had 40 of them and she went to another one after she was able to get out of this. >> you're scaring me, bob. stop it. are you scared to be in that house at all? you are tough. >> i do have the chills but that's because it's 50 degrees out. >> all right. we'll see. spooky things happening out here already this morning on friday the 13th. we are going to check back with you, bob. more ahead at the winchester mystery house. maybe we're safer to go across the street. it's more of my nature. we have more coming up plus the budget battle of gay marriage.
5:21 am
stick around. >> i'll meet you there, laura. labeling new cell phone boxes. san francisco is not going to do it, we'll tell you why, coming up. if you are across the bay, we are looking at the caster valley, moving smoothly. i'll show you where 580 had trouble yesterday and what's different for this friday commute coming up. [ asst mgr ] what are you doing?
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good morning on this friday the 13th. it is 5:23. a live look at the bay bridge. time to get a check on the morning commute. i hope it's not scary. >> it's spooky, the bay bridge. just a couple lanes closed. we had the lower deck blocked. at livermore, we had unusual slowing through central livermore yesterday. it started around first street. that was the worst there.
5:24 am
today, a typical flow showing up with a 14-minute drive. the construction is north of the dublin interchange for a half hour there. no slowing. no major issues heading up to the walnut creek interchange. construction is scheduled to pick up by 6:00. this is scheduled to last until 5:30. it picked up at 4:00. that's unusual. early get away for folks there. we had an early start overnight. highway 4 is not showing the slowdown. the volume is picking up at 880. not too bad. it will start at 8:30 when things kick in for a typical friday. it will slow a bit. speeds down to the 50s. now, close to the limit heading toward oakland and the nimitz. here is a look at a couple stories we are following today.
5:25 am
an attorney is taking on prop 8 sponsors who want to reinstate the ban on same-sex marriage. the ruling should be over turned because the judge is in a same-sex relationship. in san francisco, nearly twice the amount of disabled parking meters in the city. they say the increased numbers are people are abusing it, taking away spots from people who need them. 5:25 now. facebook admits it tried to draw attention to a flaw in googles search, but says it was not trying to conduct a smear campaign. what a mess. >> it is a mess. facebook is showing its youth. it is a big company, but an inexperienced company. they hired a pr company to try to get reporters to write stories of google's social
5:26 am
circle claiming there were security flaws. there aren't. facebook was behind it. there was a lot of egg on a lot of faces. now, they are usually involved in controversy. sunday morning on "press: here," one of the reporter who is caught on to the trick will tell us all about it. other news, the san francisco chronicle says it law that requires them to label new cell phones with radiation warnings is essentially dead. san francisco passed, then delayed the law that requires a label showing phone's specific absorption rate. scientists are arguing over whether cell phones are dangerous. the word radiation is confusing. the radiation out of a cell
5:27 am
phone is not the same sort that comes out of an x-ray. whether it's harmful, we don't know yet. radiation is a scary word. >> certainly is. all right. thank you very much, scott. happy friday the 13th to you. we are here live at the winchester mystery house. a lot of mystery behind this home. it's part of our tour around the bay. this morning, waking up in san jose. the biggest city, we'll show you more about it, coming up. a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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the fresh tasting california sour cream bay tour brings us to san jose. look at that. the team wins game seven. it's a nail biter and they move on to the championship. good morning to you.
5:30 am
i'm laura garcia-cannon. friday the 13th here at the winchester mystery house. just one of the haunts at the stop here in san jose. so much to show you about the city. it's one of the largest as well. and we are going to take you inside the house. spooky things happening this morning. let's check the forecast with christina loren, safe and sound in studio this morning. >> thank goodness. good morning to you. things are happening pretty nicely for us. very well organized system is going to drop into the area and drop rain for the weekend. today, if you are making your way out the door, if you are trying to get to work, we are going to see a nice day. leave the umbrella home for today and tomorrow. when the rain is expected to move into the city and how much we are expecting. for now, let's check in with mike inouye. >> it's good news, you don't have to slow down to get the umbrella this morning.
5:31 am
this construction zone at the dumbarton bridge. a couple lanes are blocked from the peninsula eastbound. keep that in mind. driving on the 280 route or bay shore route, things are moving nicely. peninsula is clear. the san mateo bridge looks nice here. the taillights coming off the high-rise. the cameras are not shaking so the winds are at bay. it's friday, so a later start for the build up. you are in san jose, right? >> thank you very much. we are watching the days news for you, including information on an overnight fire in concord. want to check in with christie smith. she is live there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. a crew is boarding up the damaged home. when the crews arrived, you could see through the backside of the home.
5:32 am
an elderly woman is in the hospital with burns. she made it outside but flames were pouring out the front door. half of the home is a loss. this started at 2:15 here in concord. a single family home. firefighters say it moved quickly, gutting the front and back of the home. a battalion chief i spoke to said the woman was cooking and then she fell asleep with food on the stove. that's how they believe the fire started. they don't know if there were working smoke detectors in the home. she was taken to walnut creek with burns on her upper body. she is expected to be okay. no firefighters injured in this. arson investigators are not expected back out here. they consider the fire accidental. reporting live in concord, christy smith, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. for more of the day's top stories, let's check in with
5:33 am
marla tellez back in the studio. good morning. >> good morning to you. it's 5:32. this morning an american airlines passenger accused of charging the cockpit of a plane will face charges in federal court. the 28-year-old faces federal charges of interfering with a flight crew. they tackled him after he tried to ram the cockpit door with his shoulder. he has a yemeni and california id. it doesn't appear he has ties with terrorist organizations. an officer accused in a drug ring will be in court. he's accused of grand theft, conspiracy and stolen property. he was involved in a drug scheme which officers take drugs from evidence lockers and sell them back on the streets. a private investigator linked to the ring admits he helped run a
5:34 am
brothel. he says he leased office space from a massage parlor in 2009 at the request of norman welsh. republicans finally have a budget plan to close the remaining $15 billion budget deficit. it's the first and only that any republican put forward since jerry brown issued his in january. the plan does not propose additional cuts to education, tax increases or extensions. it calls for a 10% pay cut for state employees and $1.3 billion in spending cuts for the poor and disabled. >> when you don't tax people, they have the opportunity to grow more and spend more. so, the pathway we are providing, you know, without taxes, we think will stimulate the economy more. >> governor jerry brown is set to update his own budget blueprint on monday.
5:35 am
time now, 5:34. time to head back out live to laura in front of the winchester mystery house. good morning. >> good morning to you, marla. we are going to have more from inside and outside of the house coming up this morning. covering the day's news, we are waking up in the city of san jose as we take you across the bay. san jose is the largest city in the bay area and the third largest in the state of california. like so many cities, it is facing a financial crisis, up to $100 million in debt. layoffs looming for city services including the police department. we want to join police chief chris moore this morning. is he able to hear me? okay. okay. okay. we are going to try to work that out. he was going to join me this morning and talk about budget planning meetings they have this morning and plans they are making to try to turn the city around because the homicide rate is rising as well. all right.
5:36 am
right now, we are going to work that out and check the forecast. take a break from that and talk about hopefully the rising temperatures. i know rain is in the works as well. christina? >> yeah, if you are somebody who doesn't like to water, we have good news for you, the rain will do the job for you this weekend and wash your car. you can leave it out saturday and sunday. temperature wise now, it's on the chilly side. grab a jacket. take a look at what's headed our way. we have a well defined counter clock wise rotation here. low pressure is going to slide to the south. as it does, it's going push the front over the bay. cloudy conditions by the end of the day. showers starting up tomorrow night. this is an unstable air mass. we are expecting thunderstorms to pop up through saturday night and sunday as well. associated with the stronger isolated storms. heavy downpours. yes, we are in the middle of the may. this is unusual for this time of
5:37 am
year. temps turn from the 50s to low 70s. places like napa will hit the 70s today. 40 degrees now. temperature wise 72 for santa rosa. 72 los gatos. 71 degrees, a great beach day in santa cruz. temperature wise, as we head throughout the remainder of the weekend, we have the seven day coming up in moments. 5:37, how we doing mike? >> not bad for the maze. a nice flow of traffic, the construction on the lower deck. san francisco, the lower deck construction is clearing up now. notice there's haze around the area. visibility is not an issue for drivers. keep in mind, things will change. we'll watch as the moisture builds a bit. christina is talking about the forecast off the carquinez bridge and approaching the plaza. back in the system, showing an
5:38 am
18-minute drive past the richmond san rafael bridge. commute direction is westbound for 80 and southbound for 680. we had late snow, unusual. it did happen last weekend. some folks heading to the sierra, highway 50 is closed heading through the summit. check our facebook page. highway 4 moves smoothly here. slowing kicking off at 5:30. we have the slow down here. livermore is holding up nicely after unusual slowing yesterday. things are looking nice today. back to laura in san jose. good morning. >> good morning to you. things are looking better. we worked out the audio problems so we could talk with san jose police chief, chris moor. city services looming and cuts for services. there's a budget meeting planned
5:39 am
for today. can you hear me? did we work that out? are we still having problems. >> no, i can't. >> oh, it's a no go. maybe because i started talking budget cuts and police staffing. we are going to try to work that out. you know what? i know what it is. it's sarah winchester. all morning long, we have been having problems with video, now the audio. maybe we are here too early this morning. it is friday the 13th at the winchester mystery house. we are going to go inside the st ermyyho some say it is haunted by spirits. i kind of believe it this morning. more ahead, stick around. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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we are at the winchester mystery house on this friday the 13th. it's part of the may across the bay series. they say this is haunted. i think it is playing with us because we have had problems on air. hopefully, we worked those things out. i am joined by police chief chris moore. we have been wanting to talk to you about the city, what's been going on, $100 million cuts in budgets we are experiencing. i know you are having a tough  time bargaining right now. they are going to have a meeting today. tell us how it's all going. >> good morning, laura. we have our meeting, the public safety hearing is this morning at city hall. we are trying to close the deficit with existing rev views. we are facing 122 layoffs. this is the first time we have laid off sworn officers in the history of san jose, unless we
5:43 am
get to an negotiated agreement. it looks like we are going to have 250 cuts. >> the high cost of pension appears to be part of the budget concerns. any way to deal with that in the future? >> the cost of pensions are what are driving the budget deficits. it's not sustainable. there has to be change and there will be change for us to move forward as a city. we won't have services left. you'll see discussions today and the upcoming days. primarily, we are looking at a negotiated agreement or valid mesh in the fall that would change the pension system. >> all right. it is tough. you are dealing with all this and at the same time, san jose was known as one of the safest cities in the bay area, but it's quickly losing that reputation.
5:44 am
20 homicides for this year alone. it's surpassed the total of last year. it's going to jeopardize your reputation but is there anything you are doing to run the department now? >> two things. we are the largest city in northern california. all of last year we had 20 homicides, a record low. this year, we have 18 since the two at san jose tech were not in our jurisdiction. it's unacceptable to have 18 homicides at this time of year or any time of year. we are looking at what we can do. we are resources in a gang task force. the good news is, if there is any, they have been able to solve most of those. those that are pending, we anticipate we will be able to solve. >> thank you very much. we appreciate you joining us this morning. san jose police chief, chris
5:45 am
moore. for a check of the rest of the day's news, marla tellez is back in the studio. >> battling a 600 acre wildfire burning through fields and brush in monterey county. the wind gusts help spread the fire that was burning 20 acres on 146, east of soledad. in other news, a gup of parents are asking them to investigate a principal of wagner elementary school. he disciplined them by humiliating them. police are warning people about homemade bottle bombs causing bangs and booms throughout the city. they are built using soda bottles and can explode hours after they are made and they can cause burns and cuts. 5:45 now. time to check in with christina for a look at the forecast.
5:46 am
good morning. >> good morning to you. we have a great looking weekend ahead. if you are looking for rainshowers, saturday you can make your plans. stay in and take in a movie or do whatever you can. a good spring cleaning day for you. here is the weather maker. this is a well developed system for this time of the season. this is a very, very cold system. it's going push in as we head through the night and tomorrow, temperatures down into the 60s. cool, wet weekend ahead. you'll be able to get outside. the rain won't be coming down on you until late saturday night and sunday. the weather maker moves in. the cold air filters in behind it. it's going to stay cool through next wednesday. thursday, high pressure. we're going to be in the 60s as we head throughout remainder of the weekend and all the way through next wednesday. breezy conditions start today
5:47 am
and continue for the weekend. tie down loose objects in your backyard. 47 degrees in sunnyvale and 50 degrees where laura garcia-cannon is this morning in front of the winchester house. 73 in san jose. as we head throughout the weekend, the temperatures continue to drop off. we have the seven day outlook. look at where we are headed. raging waters is going to open up in san jose. they open up on sunday. 62 degrees on monday. 65 by tuesday. then we are back up to 75 on thursday. then the warm-up continues. so, it's looking good, laura. i don't know, we haven't had rain for awhile. i'm looking forward to it. how about you? >> sure. it will bring down my water bill. thank you very much. we are coming to you live from san jose as the tour across the bay continues. we are in front of the winchester mystery house. very fittingly so on this friday
5:48 am
the 13th. it's an interesting house if you have never been here. certainly bring the kids. it was a house built by sarah winchester. she was the hairess to the winchester fortune. her husband died and a small baby, six weeks old died early on in their marriage. he talked to a psychic about what to do. i guess she thought it was the people that were killed by winchester rifles, she felt she was haunted by their spirit. this house is actually built by spirits. it's an interesting place. it had hundreds of rooms inside of it and staircases in places that go to nowhere on it. some people say the house was built by grief. the legend goes she kept building and building and building for so many years. this is danielle. she is a tour guide here at the house. you have worked here for three
5:49 am
years. this is one of the winchester rifles they have in there. it's an interesting place. i was talking to danielle earlier if she believed it was haunted. you told me you have heard things but never seen things. lights turning on after you turned them off and snoring in the rooms she used to sleep. scary. not too scary. we have had interference this morning. you believe? >> yeah, i do. >> thank you very much for joining us out here. we have more coming up from inside the house. as well, a lot more coming up this morning. stick around. laura, we are actually inside the winchester mystery house. you mentioned sarah winchester kept adding rooms because the spirits told her to. she ended up with 160 rooms
5:50 am
inside. ghost hunters have come in here who say they felt something. tonight, one of the ghost hunters will be here signing books. we caught up with the author of the ghost hunters guide to california wine country. we went to sonoma where they are famous for wine and spirits as well. >> this room was the morgue of the hospital. the caskets were brought down this chute. >> reporter: jeff senses a spiritual presence. >> they remain here. they are trapped. >> reporter: a physiologist by day, a paranormal at night. >> i use it in my psychuations. >> are they transparent or life
5:51 am
like or invisible or half transparent or you can kind of see through them? >> from the waist up, head and part of the shoulders. >> reporter: the investigation doesn't have solid clues. he's heard plenty. >> you are going to hear an indian flute. >> knock on the walls, hum, sing. >> reporter: how can you say that's an indian flute. it sounds more like a piccalo. >> it might be a piccalo. they are saying you are getting random comments back at you. >> you are saying it took two hours to drive up here. >> yeah. >> reporter: do you ever hear weird chiming sounds or music? >> we have heard like -- >> reporter: what's that? >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: tom willis is also
5:52 am
convinced there's something spooky. >> what was that? >> metal. >> reporter: about his place of work. >> that's a fan. came in this door and the fire extinguishers are hanging there. i heard it drop and there it is on the ground. i said something is going on around here. >> reporter: so much that he came up with a ghost hunter's guide to california's wine country, a book for everyone. >> if you are a casual visitor and want to put a paranormal twist on it. >> ouch. >> reporter: laura, jeff will be signing copies of the ghost hunter guide to wine lovers country. he has monterey and ghost country as well. he's signing them in honor of friday the 13th at sarah winchester house. we are in the room where she
5:53 am
passed away. a psychic is going to come up here and talk to her about what she feels. >> oh. all right. an i know we are feeling a little scared up here this morning. a lot more coming up. stick around. back.
5:54 am
5:55 am
it's 5:55 on this friday the 13 lt. we have unusual slowing for 101. we'll follow this, but it's built over the last half hour, slamming highway 4. clearing by the time you get to loveridge. heavy for friday there as well.
5:56 am
folks heading toward the toll plaza. this is very light. friday typically sees a late build here. this is friday the 13th. we have seen unusual stuff. we don't know what is going to happen. we have your gadget to take our mind off things. >> it's gadget friday the 13th. let's say your dog won't give it back to you. this is what might happen. bring that back. he's got a case which means nothing can go wrong, even if your argument how about if you throw it out of a car. let's take a look at that. we have video of driving 60 miles an hour. iphone out of the car. there it goes. the ballistic case. i have one with me. it's mill speck. it's military specifications. it's hardened, with a rubber coating and armor. up at 6:00,
5:57 am
abuse this one as well. that'sll
5:58 am
5:59 am
our 20 citymayaroundthebayto citymayaroundthebaytourbrings us to san jose this morning. good morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. listen to these fans. [ cheers and applause ] it's a great morning to be a san jose sharks fan as the team wins game seven in a nail biter. go sharkies. thank you for joining us this morning. we are waking up in san jose. it's part of the tour across the bay. the sharks are going to have playoff tickets going on sale this morning. more on that coming up as well as where i am at this morning, th


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