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tv   Today  NBC  May 13, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. breaking news. two suicide bombers strike a military training center in northern pakistan. at least 80 people are dead. more than a hundred injured. this morning, the taliban is claiming responsibility, calling it revenge for osama bin laden's death. not backing down. school officials in connecticut hold firm on the decision to ban a high school senior from prom. now his classmates are planning a sit-in in protest. we are live at the school. and move over charlie. is ashton kutcher set to replace charlie sheen on "two and a half men"? the clue he tweeted to fans men"? the clue he tweeted to fans today, friday, may 13, 2011.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm natalie morales in more meredith. more on the breaking news. the coordinated suicide bombings are the first major militant attacks in pakistan since bin laden's death. >> recruits were targeted as they were leaving a training center and the taliban said it was payback for the u.s. raid on bin laden's compound last week. we'll get a live report from pakistan in a couple of minutes. >> there are new problems with the jury selection for the casey anthony case that could delay the start of the murder trial. it is supposed to start next tuesday. we'll have the latest from there. >> when you hire someone to work in your home you want that person to be honest and
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knowledgeable, but finding a home repairman that meets that description could be easier said than done. we'll show you what happened when unsuspecting plumbers were given a problem that should have taken just minutes to fix. the deadly suicide attack in pakistan. peter alexander is in islamabad with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this was an awful early morning attack. at least 80 people are dead and more than 150 others wounded. this is the first major terrorist attack here since navy s.e.a.l.s killed osama bin laden nearly two weeks ago. this morning the taliban claimed responsibility saying the attack was in retaliation for bin laden's death. it's the kind of violence al qaeda warned would follow the death of their leader, osama bin
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laden. two coordinated suicide bombings targeting recruits as they left a training facility outside peshawar. they were about to start a ten-day leave with families. >> i saw my colleagues off, this soldier says. when i returned to my room, we heard a blast and started collecting the dead and injured. police they is explosive vests were packed with ball bearings and nails. close allies of al qaeda are fighting to bring down the government and impose their own islamist rules. we are getting a clearer picture of how bin laden controlled from his compound. despite having no internet access he was reportedly a prolific e-mail writer. nbc news learned he used an elaborate system of trusted couriers and thumb-sized flash drives making him nearly impossible to track for years.
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here's how it worked. bin laden would write e-mails on his computer while off line, saving them to a flash drive. then his couriers wouldle drive to distance cafes, plugging them in and sending the e-mails. then they would repeat the same process in reverse. u.s. officials say the couriers showed skill in getting the flash drives back and forth for years. varying patterns. but the system left behind a comprehensive archive, a digital library of e-mails and contacts. on roughly 100 flash drives seized by navy s.e.a.l.s in last week's raid. al qaeda operatives are known to change e-mail addresses. it's unclear how many active accounts the intelligence may yield. again, right now the hospitals in peshawar are filled with victims of the attack.
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more than 150 wounded, many in critical condition. pakistanis are bracing for more violence today. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. >> let's get a check of the top stories of the morning. ann is on assignment. hoda kotb is at the news desk for us. >> good morning. rising floodwaters have federal engineers preparing drastic measures. the goal? to protect baton rouge and new orleans. anne thompson has the latest from baton rouge, louisiana. good morning. >> good morning. so far the flood of 2011 has set 21 new records across eight states and the worst may be yet to come. this is something william jefferson never thought he would ever do -- row his way to his home near vicksburg, mississippi. >> i'm about out of prayers.
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i don't know. we'll just wait. >> reporter: waiting for the water to recede, but the mississippi river in vicksburg hasn't even crested yet, and won't until next week. in morgan city, louisiana, they are waiting for the decision to open a spillway and flood the already swollen echipilaia river. >> we expect it six feet higher than it is today. >> reporter: sandbagging is the basic line of defense in the flood zone. tim defends his home of 20 years. >> can't just sit back and watch, you know -- can't watch everything you have just go away. got to fight. >> reporter: among the more surprising sights, prisoners and homeowners working side by side to fill up the bags. julian blanchard enlisted family and friends to create barriers to protect the home he bought just eight months ago.
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>> if it gets to the point where we can't do anything, then that's the way it has to be. >> reporter: the question this morning -- is everything they can do enough? hoda? >> thank you very much for that report. in new york city, two men are being held on state terrorism charges without bail. the u.s. residents were caught on a wiretap, plotting to blow up synagogues. they were nabbed when they purchased weapons from under cover officers. they face life in prison if convicted. moammar gadhafi may be facing new tension on the home front. tripoli residents report anti-government protests across the city this week. this comes in addition to on going air strikes from nato. meantime a rebel delegation meets with the obama administration today at the white house. the wave of u.s. nuclear reactor inspections triggered by the crisis in japan found no evidence that american power plants are at risk. even so, the nuclear regulatory
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commission task force will offer improvements. and will smith'sle trailer had people seeing red. after outrage and complaints, smith can be found in a more humble trailer without the marble bathroom or home movie theater he had before. apparently the big one had five tvs and this one has one without cable. >> talk about a downgrade. i like the trailers for matt out there though. that's nice. >> i got his trailer. right. power to the people. thank you very much. mr. roker in with a check of the weather. how's the weekend looking? >> how can you get by without a lap pool? >> how can anyone? >> it's looking bad to the southeast, but in the south we have a risk of strong storms
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over the mid to lower mississippi river valley. this ahead of a front bringing damaging winds, strong storm and rain. look at the thunderstorms already firing up. memphis, little rock, down to vicksburg. we are looking at heavy rain. the rainfall amounts anywhere from one to two inches. we've got river flooding from paducah, down to new orleans. we expect one to two inches of rain. generally half an inch to an inch and the flood warnings continue. we look for the latest river crest. vicksburg will get to 57.5 on may 19 down to new orleans. 19.5 feet later on on may 23. good morning to you. well, we have mostly clear skies over part of the bay. a little bit of fog over the north bay. watch for cloudy skies. the fog lifts and breaks apart. a mild afternoon. clouds increasing. the temperatures drop for the
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weekend. rain on the way. looks like saturday into sunday. 70 in fremont. 72 degrees in santa rosa. the seven day outlook shows we are going enter into a wet, windy pattern. no rain in the forecast until next natalie? >> now to presidential politics. health care h will be a hot button issue during the 2012 campaign and that could present a challenge to mitt romney. nbc's political director and chief white house correspondent chuck todd has details now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in case you didn't notice the 2012 presidential race it went into another gear this week. you had the president quoting latino voters on a daily basis and then there is the republican front runner, mitt romney, trying to deal with the issue that could cost him a shot at taking the president on. >> good morning. obama for america. >> reporter: in chicago thursday, the obama presidential campaign opened its doors to the media. another sign the 2012 race has begun.
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>> obamacare represents a government takeover of health care. >> reporter: meanwhile in michigan, mitt romney was laying the groundwork before launching his presidential bid by jumping into an issue that some republicans believe could lead to his downfall -- health care. >> who has a better plan for america? i'm confident that when considering those two plans the american people will say the mitt romney u.s. reforms is a lot better than obamacare. >> reporter: as governor in 2006, romney signed a law that mandated everyone in massachusetts have health insurance. it became a model for president obama's 2010 federal health care reform. back then, romney touted his plan's virtues. >> there are aspects of it i think would work across the country, perhaps better in some states than others. >> reporter: but ever since he's been on the defensive with many determined to make health care law a central issue.
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>> our solution was a state solution to a state problem. his is a power grabby the government. >> reporter: president obama has relished watching romney struggle with the issue. >> there is a vicious rumor that i think could hurt mitt romney. i heard he passed universal health care when he was governor of massachusetts. someone should get to the bottom of that. >> reporter: despite the president's glee and the on going criticism romney faces from conservatives he made no apologies thursday. >> i did what was right for the people of my state. >> reporter: still his 2012 strategy carries risks. >> i'm not sure conservatives will buy what he's selling on this. >> reporter: another republican joins the race officially this morning. ron paul, congressman from texas, a candidate who ran for president four years ago is running again. a lot of people say he was the godfather of the tea party movement. matt?
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>> chuck todd, thank you very much. >> david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> hey, matt. >> how fine is the line that mitt romney is trying to walk? on the one hand saying, when i passed this health care reform in massachusetts it was right for the people of my state. when president obama did it, it was overreach by the government. >> that will be difficult. there are people in the republican party that say this will kill the candidacy. you don't start with such a high negative on an issue that's a galvanizing force for the party. health care is a problem for the republicans because this is really the overall theme of government overreach, the role of government in the economy and in our revielives. for romney to be saddled with this is difficult. people say he'll get points for conviction by standing behind it so he's not seen as a flip-flop. >> the washington post writes the way he gave the speech yesterday marks a contrast to the way he campaigned in 2008.
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says now, he is willing to be transparent about what he believes and why he believes it. the only strategic path for romney to win the nomination is to let mitt be mitt. you see it as a change. >> conservatives didn't trust him in 2008. they didn't feel he was true to the cause and politically expedient. he's decided, look, i'm not running from this record. there are problems with it, but i will take it on head on, do it early. he's not even a declared candidate yet. he hopes he can prevail over the campaign. >> this is more style over substance but if you look at him yesterday versus the way we were used to seeing him, he's not wearing a tie. there is no teleprompter. some note he's not traveling with a large entourage. this was a guy criticized for having a tough time connecting to the audience. do you see a new and improved
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mitt romney here? >> certainly new. there are shades of improvements. he didn't give a speech. it was a powerpoint presentation and he's effective. at this juncture where he's not an official candidate the style points could matter. he goes into the campaign with a huge liability on an issue that's motivating republican voters against his position. >> let me talk to you about the debt ceiling debate that's going to happen. this is going to be a major battle between the white house, democrats in congress and republicans. according to the treasury secretary, this is time-sensitive. if they don't settle it by august the nation could go into defau default. there is an article in the wall street journal that says republicans are starting to doubt the urgency. what's your take? >> the republicans i talk to say, we don't care what the white house says. they under estimate how good the politics are for us. you can go to your home district and say we need to draw a line in the sand on debt.
7:16 am
the federal government could pay off certain obligations sooner. this is not a firm line in the sand. they think taking a stand here will work this year. you heard treasury secretary tim geithner, others in the administration who say, no way. you can't play chicken with this. senator obama did vote against raising the debt ceiling in 2006. as president he says, i regret that i did that. >> big name in the race this week by tweeting and youtube. newt gingrich. you have him on sunday for an hour. that should be interesting. >> this is our meet the candidate series. we'll go through the issues. the big plus for him is he's an ideas man. is that enough to outweigh high negatives, personal baggage? and he was speaker of the house before there was such a thing as twitter. >> thank you very much. >> thanks, matt. >> here's natalie. >> matt, thank you. are you frustrated by high gas
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prices? so are members of congress and thursday they put oil executives on the hot seat. kelly o'donnell has the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have a politically charged combination. high gas prices, high oil company profits and a soaring federal debt. that led senate democrats to bring in and call out oil ceos. the oil industry's big five. on track to reap record profit this is year. >> do those companies need these taxpayer subsidies? >> reporter: senate democrats are fighting to end some tax deductions oil companies now legally take worth about $21 billion over ten years. >> raising our taxes will not reduce the price of gasoline. >> reporter: republicans argue it's wrong to single out a few corporations with higher taxes and dismiss this as silly political theater. >> i have a chart depicting what i expect this hearing to turn
7:18 am
into. there you go. >> reporter: outraged democrats say if socialle programs are cut, big oil should sacrifice. >> how in the world can you need incentives when oil is at $100 a barrel? >> the easy to find oil has already been found. our costs go up, taxes have gone up, oil is more challenging to find. >> reporter: oil companies say the deductions make them more competitive against foreign oil companies claiming it saves american jobs. democrats called out the conocophillips ceo over a press release that called ending tax breaks un-american. >> do you think anyone who advocaad advocates cutting these subsidies un-american? yes or no. >> well -- >> your release said "un-american." yes or no? >> reporter: the executive said un-american wasn't personal but some of the back and forth got heated. >> i think you're out of touch.
7:19 am
deeply, profoundly out of touch. and deeply and profoundly committed to sharing nothinging. >> i want to assure you i am not out of touch at all. we do understand the big picture and we understand the challenges confronting the american people. >> reporter: and these executives said if their tax deductions and breaks are cut, the same should apply to other industries. there will be a vote on this next week. some democrats don't want to see it changed either and they come from oil-producing states. natalie? >> kelly o'donnell for us this morning on capitol hill. thank you. it's 7:19. here's matt. >> thank you. now a story that's touched a nerve with viewers. a high school senior from connecticut banned from his prom for hanging a big sign on the school to ask out his date. school officials say they are standing by their decision. mara schiavocampo is at shelton high school with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. this all started with a message on a wall.
7:20 am
late last week james tate asked a friend to prom by posting the invitation in huge cardboard letters on a school wall which got him suspended and banned from prom. tens of thousands rallied online hoping officials would reverse the decision. now it seems less likely. >> reporter: support for james tate's bid to go to his senior prom with sonali rodriguez has been building for days but it took just seconds for headmaster beth smith to make one thing clear. rules are rules. no prom for tate. >> there has been a practice for years that students receiving an in-school or out-of-school suspension after april 1 for any reason would not be allowed to attend prom. >> reporter: late last week in the night tate and two friends dragged a ladder to the school taping this message to a wall.
7:21 am
rodriguez said "yes," but the school said "no." suspending tate for a day for trespassing. the headmaster said seniors are told if they are suspended during the last month of school they can't go to prom. tate hoped support might change things. supporters rallied online. >> he got in trouble. we all put our twitter status as "team tate". >> reporter: the facebook page has more than 100,000 likes and is growing fast. on the shelton page, a folk song for the young folk hero who appeared on "today" with matt. >> i feel it would have been more appropriate to make me clean up the letters or, you know, spend a weekend there cleaning up trash outside the school or mopping floors or something like that. >> reporter: republican state legislature jason perillo is
7:22 am
drafting legislation to let students do community service for policy violations late in the year instead of missing prom. >> if i knew anything how this could be resolved i would do it in a second. >> reporter: tate said he's sorry he broke the rules and hopes when it comes to the dance he won't have to sit this one out. >> i feel it's gone far enough. can't wait for it to be over in a way. >> reporter: shelton students say they will continue to stand up for tate with a sit-in protest later this morning. some of the supporters want to throw tate his own prom offering to donate everything from a venue to a tux to a hair cut. >> here's what happened. yesterday we did the interview with james tate, asked viewers to go to the website at and weigh in. we asked should he be banned from the prom?
7:23 am
45,000 votes in less than 24 hours. 94% said no, he should go to the prom. 6% upheld the ban. >> you have to feel for the head mistress. she's trying to set the example that rules are rules but it's so unpopular. >> caving in won't be easy, especially now. >> i vote for "today" throw as prom instead of a wedding. we have a venue. >> the rule breaker's prom. up next, ashton kutcher set for a huge payday to replace charlie sheen on "two and a half men." details on that, but first this is "today" on nbc. up
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just ahead, how honest and knowledgeable is your plumber? we'll put home repair businesses to the test using hidden cameras. >> plus, howneou cld one one of the most talked about
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headdresses in the world. the internal nourishing power to gix of our regular conditioner. new dove daily treatment conditioner. make friends with your hair. good morning, it's 7:26, i'm marla tellez. a san ramon police officer accused in a drug ring will be in court to answer to charges. he's accused of grand theft. he was involved in a drug scheme where he took evidence from a police locker and resold them on the streets. he says he leased office space for a massage parlor. welsh denies he had anything to
7:27 am
do with that. >> now, it's time to check in with christina for a look at the friday the 13th and weekend fork. good morning. >> good morning to you. we are looking good for today, then the rain arrives for saturday. really starts to intensify overnight tomorrow then sunday, we see showers throughout the day. a few pop-up thunderstorms. today looks good if you are heading out the front door now. mostly clear skies over the east bay, the south bay and the peninsula. we have fog up the north bay. 73 in san jose. here it is, the extended outlook. the bulk of the moisture comes through saturday night into sunday. a few showers on monday. the rain returns for tuesday. a wet pattern, mike. you know, it's not so bad on the road. 580 is slow. the early motorcycle versus big-rig accident. it's causing a back up through livermore. 28 minute drive out of the
7:28 am
altamont pass. the rest is friday light. 101 is heading up to palo alto. 40s and 50s throughout. a live look at the bay bridge toll la sa. the metering lights have been on for an hour. friday light. later on, it will build over the next hour or so. back to you. >> looking good. the "today" show returns in less than two minutes. we'll be back at 7:56. [ male announcer ] it was forged from the fires of imagination. sculpted by an unyielding passion for design. ♪ and tempered by 125 years of legendary performance. introducing the all-new 2012 cls from mercedes-benz.
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7:30 on a friday morning, may 13, 2011. it may be friday the 13th, but those people are feeling lucky on the plaza. the weather's not bad but it might take a turn for the worse as the weekend arrives. a little rain in the forecast. we'll get outside and say hi to lenny and his friends in a couple of minutes. i'm matt lauer alongside natalie morales who's in for meredith. just ahead the latest on the charlie sheen "two and a half men" saga. ashton kutcher sent a coy tweet to fans last night fuelling the growing speculation that he will take over for sheen.
7:31 am
details in a moment. also, how reliable and trustworthy is your plumber? we'll show you what dateline found when experts were called in to fix what should have been a very simple problem. >> plus, the stars make them look good but is there an age limit for high heels, short skirts and bikinis? a new survey of women established certain cut-off ages. coming up, why not everyone is happy with the results. >> exactly right. let's begin with the latest on the casey anthony jury selection. the judge was hoping it would be done today but that's not likely. kerry sanders, good morning. >> reporter: it's been quite a week so far. the difficulty in seating a jury who will sit in judgment of casey anthony accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee means there will be another delay in a case that's taken already three years
7:32 am
so far. >> caused the death of caylee marie anthony. >> reporter: on monday and again on wednesday, casey anthony cried as the judge read her murder indictment. she left the courtroom complaining she didn't feel well and throughout the week in various soft colors she made little to no eye contact with any of the prospective jurors in the case. the judge moved jury selection to pinellas county, florida, hopinging to find 12 jurors and eight alternates here who know little about the case. but the story of a mother accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter and dumping her body in the woods only five minutes from her house. >> breaking news in the case. >> reporter: has been big news in the state for almost three years. casey has pled not guilty, but finding residents who haven't already made up their minds is proving to be a challenge.
7:33 am
>> i know the verdict would be guilty. >> i have already prejudged. >> reporter: the judge ordered the camera to steer clear of jurors. >> your picture is not being shown. >> reporter: not jonathan green. he admitted he approached a reporter during a break to talk about the case, hoping to escape jury duty. the judge granted his wish and a $450 contempt of court citation. and there was this huge oversight. >> no one had the wildest idea that a potential juror who is also listed as a witness in this case would be summoned to jury duty. >> reporter: patricia young, who searched for caylee and had a confrontation with casey's father in 2008 was among the pool of prospective jurors. young talked about the case so she and others were let go.
7:34 am
for many, sitting on this case is too much of a hardship. >> there is no way i can be away from the business that long. >> reporter: when trial belongs it is expected to go six days a week for eight weeks. jurors will be paid $30 a day. as they live two hours from home in an orlando hotel guarded by bailiffs. cut off from family, work and the internet. >> the prosecution would love to pack the jury with moms. the defense will look for young guys without kids who won't be horrified by what they see about casey anthony. >> reporter: after the hardship cases were resolved, the serious questioning of potential jurors began. the first serious questioning of the first potential juror lasted three and a half hours. so far the judge says there are only four acceptable jurors and this process needs a total of 20. 12 jurors plus eight alternates.
7:35 am
very slow going, matt. >> kerry sanders in clearwater this morning for us. thank you very much. now a check of the weather from al. >> thank you very much, matt. we have a boisterous crowd. is this your birthday? >> no. >> who's lainey? >> it's a friend back in florida. >> let's check your weather, see what's happening. for the weekend, slight risk of strong storms in the southeast. really wet in the mid mississippi river valley, ohio river valley, the northeast. pacific northwest wet. sunny and hot in the south. sunday, more warm weather through the gulf coast. the rain ends over the mississippi river valley. mountain snows in the pacific northwest. wet in the northeast up into the upper ohio river valley. well, it's finally a friday. today looks good for outdoor activities. things start to change. saturday night, a storm system moves in bringing about rain
7:36 am
activity. that's the case for saturday night and sunday. then we gate break. you should be able to get outside both days. 71 degrees today in los gatos, throughout the remainder of the weekend, temperatures come down. rain arrives saturday night. a few pop-up isolated thunderstorms. weather any time day or night on weather channel on cable, online. matt? >> thank you very much. if you're a homeowner, when something breaks in your home, more often than not you probably go online and find someone. how do you know who to trust? that's what chris hanson wanted to know. so he took his hidden cameras and hit the road. chris, good morning. >> we sure did. good morning, >> we sure did. good morning, matt. you might be as surprised as we were. we tested air conditioner repairmen, garage door experts, pool experts and in each case we got scammed. today we show you what happened when we called the plumbers. when the plumbing breaks in your house, you've got trouble.
7:37 am
are the people you call to fix things always honest and knowledgeable? to find out, our volunteer, jenny, allowed us to equip her house with hidden cameras. then we created a simple problem with the water heater. is there anything currently wrong with this? >> not at all. >> reporter: mark gebelhouse is a master plumber in phoenix. he just unscrewed this nut to create a slow drip. all you have to do to fix it is tighten the nut. takes a few seconds. >> it looks like my water heater is leaking in my garage. >> reporter: here comes the plumber, adrian with no worries rooter. >> come on in. >> reporter: jenny heads in leaving adrian alone in the garage. but he doesn't try to fix or diagnose the problem. instead he walks around in circles for a while, chatting on his cell phone. apparently he's already made up his mind.
7:38 am
>> you need a new water heater. >> i need a new water heater? >> reporter: he says she has no other choice. >> this is a must? >> it's a definite. >> reporter: time for me to have a chat with adrian. what would you bet me that i can fix this. >> show me. you brought me out to fix it yourself? >> reporter: well, i brought it out to see what you would do. i'm chris hanson with "dateline nbc". >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: we are doing a story on the quality of work repairmen do. >> i see corrosion right here, if you can bring the camera here. >> reporter: of course there is no corrosion. our expert says what he's pointing out is just dirty water. he wasn't the only one to misdiagnose the problem. these three plumbers are from a
7:39 am
company called drain pro. >> it's got a leak. >> reporter: again, none of the servicemen seem to do anything to diagnose the problem. after chatting for a while, this plumber delivers the bad news. the water heater is shot. >> okay. this one personally cannot be fixed? >> no. it's leaking out of the tank itself. >> reporter: he says a leaking tank can be very dangerous. >> once that water starts flowing like that it could literally explode because of the pressure on the inside. >> did you say explosion? >> they can actually explode, yeah. like blow up. >> oh, god. you're kidding. >> reporter: it's time for me to let don know he failed to spot a simple problem. >> well, here's what i think. i think that you're lying to me. >> i'm lying to you? why would you think that? >> reporter: because i know that all i have to do is tighten that and the problem goes away. >> this? >> reporter: want to know how i
7:40 am
know? >> i guess. >> reporter: i'm chris hanson with "dateline nbc". >> okay. >> reporter: you said it could take down the garage. >> part of the garage. i didn't say it would blow up the house. >> reporter: that was an exaggeration. >> okay. you guys have fun here. >> reporter: anything else you want to say? >> see you on the news. >> reporter: you will see him on "dateline" sunday night. out of ten plumbers we called, six charged us more than we should have paid. >> i just love walking around in circles. >> they don't even look at it. >> got to kill some time. you can see more of the report on the hansen files on sunday at 7:00/6:00 central time here on nbc. up next, is ashton kutcher going to take over for charlie sheen on "two and a half men" or just walk around in circles? we'll find out after this. what's that for?
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7:44 am
back now with what could be ashton kutcher's return to television as charlie sheen's replacement on "two and a half men." jeff rossen is here with details. good morning. >> good morning to you. charlie sheen told me in the past the show would be lame without him, even poking fun at his possible replacements. but it looks like the network may roll the dice anyway, moving on without him. two sources are telling the hollywood reporter this morning that ashton kutcher is close to a deal to take over for sheen on "two and a half men." ashton kutcher known for such
7:45 am
hits as "dude, where's my car" and "that '70s show" may be moving to cbs. kutcher himself gave us a clue tweeting "what's the square root of 6.25"? the answer, 2.5 as in "two and a half men." sources tell the hollywood reporter kutcher could be getting a huge payday to join the sitcom. chuck lorre has reportedly already written a story line to introduce kutcher which means sheen would be out for good. sheen helped drive the show to ratings gold and cashed in, making $2 million an episode. he's been saying for months he wants his job back. >> if they rehire me -- >> reporter: the ever confident sheen even said this during our interview in february. do you owe cbs an apology? >> no. they owe me a big one, publically, while licking my feet.
7:46 am
people think i'm insane or don't think what i'm saying is true, i have no interest in their opinions. i really don't. >> reporter: sheen is 45 years old. if ashton kutcher get it is job he would be a younger option. at only 33, he's married to actress demi moore. according to reports he wasn't the first choice. actor hugh grant passed on the job saying he wouldn't replace sheen because of creative differences. >> they say i should be begging for my job back. i'm going to forewarn them that it's everybody else that will be begging me for their job back. >> reporter: in recent weeks sheen has been very public, trying to save his job on "two and a half men." during his live stage show, sheen said he would apologize to his former bosses and would return to the set if they would just rehire him. cbs unveils the fall schedule next week with a big presentation. there was talk that sheen could make a surprise appearance there
7:47 am
on stage with les moonves, but it looks like ashton kutcher could be there instead. >> now we bring in senior correspondent with tv guide steven battaglia. it turns out ashton kutcher is winning now. all of the names we have heard, jeremy piven, rob lowe, woody harrellson, hugh grant all turned it down. why do you think ashton kutcher will say yes? >> i think he was the best available at the price. >> what do we know about that? the whole three-camera sit-com format. he was on "that '70s show." that's where he became a star. it's a fit with the type of shows the. you can envision him there, taking a role in this comedy and delivering the same type of
7:48 am
spirit and dynamic the show has. >> reporter: he brings a huge fan base. this guy is practically the king of twitter with 6.5 million followers. he brings in an audience and also likability. here's a guy that seems likable to most everyone. >> he's a fun guy. he's done a lot of television production. he has a deal at warner brothers which is the studio that produces "two and a half men." he produced "punk'd" for mtv and other reality shows. he's fun, pretty nice, the audience likes him and social media is important. he has 6 million followers. i think the ramp-up to the show will be really big. >> jeff, as you reported, charlie sheen said anyone who replaces me will be lame. how do you think the latest addition will be? >> tough turn of events for a guy with a big ego. he told me in the past several times off camera that he doesn't love "two and a half men." charlie sheen was not in love
7:49 am
with this show. he feels he's a movie actor who is better than this, in so many words. >> feels it's beneath him. >> he feels the show isn't that funny. he had problems with the writing. i think -- and i haven't spoken to him since this ashton kutcher news broke, but i spoke when there was word of john stamos and jeremy piven. he said, look, i'm the glue that keep it is show together. i think he'll spin it as, okay, great, now i can go make movies. he wants to make "major league 3." >> by charlie saying that it made chuck lorre highly motivated to find someone to replace him and continue the show. >> and he's reportedly very happy with the outcome, chuck lorre. >> hard to imagine them on set after everything that was said. >> we'll see if there is a comeback for charlie sheen. thank you both. still ahead, the fascination with princess beatrice's
7:50 am
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7:53 am
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good morning. it's 7:56 on this friday the 13th. i'm marla tellez. this morning, we are learning more about the triple shooting at san jose state involving two students. cindy and her friend thomas williams were gunned down by cin cindy's husband before he killed himself. her sister tells nbc bay area her sister planned to leave her husband, who she claimed physically abused her sister. now, santa clara police are looking for a suspect. a resident was found bleeding
7:57 am
and silicon valley's golden triangle. there were two homicides in all of last year. a mixed forecast coming up for your weekend. here is christina with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. we had a few days, dry weather and sunshine. it's going to change over the weekend. 72 in napa. 72 in santa rosa. we time out to the future cast. it shows the front doesn't move in until saturday night. at 9:00 p.m. saturday, it will push on shore. we'll see rain throughout the night saturday and early sunday. it clears outlet leaving pop-up storms sunday. 62 degrees for monday. a cool day. we haven't had temperatures in the 60s for weeks. bring the jackets out. rain stays with us for tuesday. let's check the drive with mike. >> it's kicking in for the south
7:58 am
bay. similar sections going to close tonight at 11:00. northbound continues to slow into palo alto. a break until you get to san mateo. getting up through mill brooke. scattered spots. it's friday, the other side of the water, a slowdown for 880. it's jamming up around high street. this is traditional, the 8:00 jam up. back to you. >> thanks, mike. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. we'll be back at 8:26. see you then.
7:59 am
l get to eat. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. that's right. i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
8:00 am
we're back now. 8:00 on a friday morning, the 13th day of may, 2011. yes, that makes it friday the 13th. but you know what? nobody here seems to care. we're having a good time on a day that's a little cloudy in new york, but it's the best day we're going to see for a couple of days. >> absolutely. >> thanks to them for stopping by. i'm matt lauer on the plaza. natalie is here filling in while meredith is off. ann is on the west coast as well. >> she was on "the tonight show" last night. >> mr. roker joining us. coming up this hour because al and i want nothing to do with
8:01 am
it, when women should stop wearing certain staples. >> yow. >> i don't think they have to be so worried, but you see the stars. they pull off bikinis, mini skirts in their 40s, 50s and 60s. what's the standard for the average women? coming up, the new list causing controversy of age cut-offs. >> the crowd was turning. >> i know. >> not touching that. >> there is no win in this for us. >> losing! a lot of fun is being had with the royal wedding's show-stopping hats. you can now own beatrice's fascinator -- that's fascinating -- and we'll tell you how later. >> that screams dr. seuss to me. >> it does. >> ann isn't here either this morning. she was in los angeles late last night doing a bit with jay leno. take a look. >> hey, congratulations on the
8:02 am
"today" show promotion, i guess it is? >> can you believe it? >> no. it's exciting. >> it's so cool. just the idea that every morning i get to sit alongside matt lauer. you know, he's so terrific. he's the best in morning television. he's really comfortable to be around. he's like a brother, you know? like a much older brother. >> much older brother, yeah. >> one who has prettier shoes actually. >> much older brother? >> older brother, wow. >> turn around. i want to see the bus tires on your back. >> how quickly they turn. >> i want to see her birth certificate. i want to check this thing out. all right. ms. curry will be here on monday. we'll have fun with her. meanwhile. >> let's get a check of the morning's top stories. new details show how bin laden managed to communicate with al qaeda leaders without revealing his whereabouts. bin laden wrote e-mails while his computer was off line and
8:03 am
downloaded them onto portable thumb drives. couriers would then send messages from internet cafes. the taliban avenged bin laden's death with bombing at a paramilitary training center in pakistan. at least 80 people were killed, more than 150 hurt. the army corps of engineers is preparing to open a spillway in louisiana flooding rural areas with up to 15 feet of water to protect baton rouge and new orleans. meantime, officials say flood damage in arkansas has topped $500 million. one home was saved when neighbors pitched in to built a mo moat and levee around it. ron paul has announced he'll run for president. and likely candidate mitt romney defended his health care law he signed when he was massachusetts governor. actress mary tyler moore decided to have a benign tumor removed
8:04 am
from the membrane surrounding her brain. a spokesperson said the procedure is fairly routine. moore is 74 and has type i diabetes. spidey is swinging back onto broadway. "spider-man: turn off the dark" returned after a hiatus and a major reboot after being plagued by devastating reviews and mults pl injuries. producers expect to re-open in mid june. we'll see if people give it a chance. it's four minutes past 8:00. let's head outside and check in with mr. al roker with the weather. hey, al. >> thank you, hoda. nurses rock. it's nurses week? >> yes. >> we are celebrating. this is a great finale for a week-long celebration. >> congratulations. my sister's a nurse. all right. let's he can your weather. pick city today, green bay,
8:05 am
wisconsin. nbc 26. showers and cloudy. de s.gree as we check your dayhae wve strong storms, a risk of strong storms in the lower to mid mississippi river valley. seeing thunderstorms already. clouds and showers in the pacific northwest. rain in the northeast later today. southwest will be hot and sunny with temperatures getting into the 90s to near 100 degrees. whose birthday? >> she's 40! >> i'm sure she appreciates that, but you are wearing a kerchief that says 40. so it's not a secret. good morning to you. well, our temperatures right now are in the 50s but by noon, we'll reach about 61 degrees in san francisco. under mostly clear sky. as we head throughout the remainder of the day, though, the clouds increase. up to 67 degrees by 4:00 p.m. here's the daytime highs across the bay area. i think more mild in places like
8:06 am
san rafael today, only 69 degrees. the rain moves in saturday night into sunday. the bulk of the moisture comes through overnight. showers and pop-up thunderstorms on sunday. weather. natalie? >> thank you, al. coming up next, you want to own the most talked about hat from the royal wedding? how to get youre on princess beatrice's hat, right after this. but you may not know it can also mean destruction. not just of your joints, but of the things you love to do. and the longer you live with the aching, swelling, and stiffness, the closer you may be to having your favorite things... taken away from you. but you can take action today. go to for your free joint profile so you can better talk to your rheumatologist about protecting your joints. so let's plant some perennials that'll turn up every year. trees and shrubs to give us depth. and fill it out with flowers
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8:09 am
we're back at 8:08. the dresses worn by the middleton sisters may have been the talk of the royal wedding but one fashion accessory stood out above the rest. we are talking about princess beatrice's eye-popping hat and it could be yours. here's mitch cosmetic. >> reporter: whether you hated it or hated it, there it was. the likes of which the world had never seen. points for uniqueness? how about just for sparking endless hilarity on the web? there's the hat as "star trek" weapon and a space alien. or as a cat door, a toilet seat. come on, opportunity everybody want to try it on? just once. the perfect finishing touch for nick nolte and just as chic on
8:10 am
elegant abe and everyone taking down osama. beatrice herself said she found the reaction wonderful. it's an incredible response to a hat really. i'm glad it provoked so much conversation. her mom took the matter all the way to oprah's couch. >> i heard there was a bit of a hat controversy. >> reporter: the mostermind behind the work of cranial art -- is world renown eed phil treacy. here before the wedding. >> it's about mathematics, illusion. hats have been a talking point throughout the centuries. we are still talking about them. >> reporter: yes, we are. now it turned out young princess bea and her sis didn't choose the hats but he surprised them he defends them saying his inspiration was beauty and elegance. i thought they looked gorgeous
8:11 am
and beautiful. he's certainly not the only designer with a fascinating taste in fascinators. this is definitely not for the royal wedding. >> i think you will have a problem getting through the doors of the abbey in this one, darling. >> reporter: well, this hat will keep on giving to unicef and children in crisis and can be yours when the action ends may 22. think of the heads you will turn. for "today," michelle kosinski, nbc news, london. >> we don't even know where to go with that. it's some hat. it makes a statement. >> the guy's ripping off dr. seuss. look at the hats behind him. they were all from a dr. seuss book. >> there you go. >> during the royal wedding -- >> now there is a look. yes. we are bidding on the hat. we have to have it. >> oh, no. we do wear those actually. during the royal wedding if you watched when they were doing the
8:12 am
vows and split between will and kate, beatrice was right in between them. she got tons of air time. >> interesting though. i asked the fashion critics what they thought and all said, at least she was noticed and she made a statement. maybe the statement was, my mom's not here at the wedding. >> i don't think it's the right statement. we'll see what happens at auction. you never know. up next, they make it look good in hollywood but how old is too old for women to wear bikinis and mini skirts. al will weigh in after this. >> in your dreams. ♪ ♪ someday, yeah [ male announcer ] wherever you are, whatever it takes, like a good neighbor, state farm is there.
8:13 am
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8:15 am
back now with a new survey that has people talking. the question -- how old is too old to wear things like mini skirts, bikinis and stilettos? just about everybody has something to say. ♪ >> reporter: they are hollywood superstars, some in their 30s. some over 40 and 50, all looking fabulous. but a new survey says these women are too old to wear certain styles. a british company called diet chef asked 2,000 women how old is too old for certain clothing. some of the results, you're maxed out on a mini skirt at age 35. the bikini blues start at age 47. say sayonara to stilettos at 51.
8:16 am
>> the message should not be you can't wear them after a certain age. take a look at yourself and wear them with confidence if you feel good about it. ♪ >> reporter: a decade ago, the women of "sex and the city" became fashion icons. with a message that women in their late 30s and early 40s can wear pretty much anything, but can they really? >> the cut-off for wearing a bikini in public is 40. >> once you're past 65 i think they should be worn inside. >> for mini skirts and bikinis, 25 is the highest. >> reporter: for these celebrities age does not dictate fashion. madonna is 52 and a big stiletto fan. same goes for michelle pfeiffer at age 53 and cher at 64. we took a survey asking, should women wear bikinis after 47? patricia hancock sent in a
8:17 am
photo. she writes, i'm almost 55 and still wear my checkered flag bikini -- in public, too. catherine writes i'm 47. i wear bikinis. so sue me. if courteney cox can do it at 46, demi moore at 48 and sharon stone at 53, then why can't you? all right. leslie seymour is here from more magazine. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we are going to start a lot of women on this. this is going to anger people. according to the expiration date on wearing some of these things if you look at the survey, bikini, 47. mini skirt, 35. stilettos, 51. knee high boots, 47. leggings, 45. tight vest, 44. see-through blouse, 53. long hair, 53.
8:18 am
ponytail, 51. >> this was done by what i call the fashion taliban. >> we should be in burqas. look how gorgeous she looks. look how beautiful you look. i'm wearing stilettos. >> please. >> at 40 we may as well put the granny clothes on, lock the door and don't go outside. >> it's so retro. >> without question. if you are 50 and shopping at forever 21 an alarm should go off. >> some things can be taken away from this. is there anything you see in the numbers here that makes sense? >> my point is it's not about age. americans try to hang everything on age. it's about appropriate. i can tell you about 20-year-olds who shouldn't be wearing a mini skirt. >> for sure. >> without question. when you take a bacon strip and wrap it around your body and call it a skirt. >> yum. >> lady gaga and the meat dress. >> it just doesn't work.
8:19 am
it doesn't work at 14 and it doesn't work at 50. you have to look in the mirror. you do. >> you look at helen mirren who is in her 60s and was caught in a bikini by the paparazzi. >> amazing. >> she's known to wear the stripper pole stilettos on the red carpet. >> she rocks them. >> is she the exception to the rule? >> don't you think the barriers have fallen away? look at how great the celebrities look. >> also, you need to know where your goods are at. as you get older, gravity is kooky. you have to understand what fits your body and what doesn't. it's not about age. it's about appropriateness for you. >> and there are things to help with gravity. >> good conversation starter. we are just beginning. thank you both so much. now here's matt. >> all right, natalie. thank you so much. everybody needs a place where they can feel loved.
8:20 am
jenna bush hager discovered a place to make your heart melt. good morning. >> good morning. matt, that's right. in memphis, tennessee, one woman found an unusual usuausual way with her grief. by feedings others comfort food she hopes to heal her soul. just a warning, this story could make you very hungry. good food has always been at the core of b.j.'s life. her mother's kitchen was a warm, lively and loving place. but when her son was killed in a motorcycle accident when he was 21, she shut down. it seemed impossible for her tole feel the love that kitchen once held. >> we called him go, go. he loved food. he knew good food. >> reporter: it was the good food that brought her out of her sorrow. like therapy, it helped to heal her soul. how has cooking been therapeutic for you? >> it took me back to a place that brought pleasant memories.
8:21 am
>> reporter: driven by memories of a loving family and joyous kitchen she opened up her restaurant where customers get more with their comfort food. >> it's like having your grandmother serve you and kiss you on the head. >> she's got heart, love and soul in her food. after leaving here i felt so much better. >> reporter: her mother, who the restaurant is named after, taught her to cook. here every southern dish is made from scratch. all have one main ingredient -- >> love, love, love, girl. >> reporter: this was a perfect place for a cooking lesson. >> you have to know what part is what. >> reporter: that's a leg? >> no, that's not a leg. >> reporter: that's a thigh, that's a leg. >> let me show you. you really haven't been in the kitchen. do it smooth. don't fight with it. >> reporter: i'm trying.
8:22 am
it was fighting with me. >> roll with the flow. >> reporter: okay. moving on from the potatoes, i thought hot water biscuits sounded easy enough. two cups in there? >> no, no. sugar goes in there. >> reporter: i knew it was wrong right when i did it. >> sometimes they're ugly, but -- >> reporter: did you call my corn bread ugly? >> no, no. >> reporter: you called my corn bred ugly. and i got into trouble with the deep fryer. >> i don't own a deep fryer. >> jenna, no. don't throw it. >> reporter: after all the work, i had to try -- well, everything. >> i want you to feel the love. >> reporter: fried green tomato? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: mm. i could drink this. these are the best green beans i have ever had. mm. home made. >> that's corn bread. >> reporter: i'm taking some of
8:23 am
these home. >> okay, baby. >> reporter: and these. and these. customers always ask for the recipe, so she's written a cookbook with stories of her son, her family and the inspiration that keeps her cooking. more therapy to heal her soul. although her customers are from all over, they come in the same. hungry. they leave full, happier and loved. what's your mission when every client walks in the door? >> to feed your heart, your head and your stomach. if i can make your heart and your head feel better i've got your stomach. i know the food's got you. >> reporter: b.j. really found a way to make something good out of the darkest time of her life. matt, i will share with you some of the delicious dessert. >> thank you, jenna. >> reporter: of course. >> let us swing over to natalie. >> thank you, matt. let's check in with mr. willard
8:24 am
scott. >> be careful when you're driving. watch for the little baby animals. skunks. i love skunks. somebody always nails a skunk. anyway. happy birthday joseph wiencek of trumbull, connecticut. a hero at 100 years old. dorothy smiley, a former physical education teacher, still uses a stationary bike and tries to get people to join her. they won't do it. harry riley, orangeburg, south carolina. 104. enjoy it is beauty of nature and loves to fish and loves to be a vegetarian. we wish him a happy birthday. eleanor grummert, omaha,
8:25 am
nebraska, is 100 years old. former teacher and she loves to bake fabulous dinners. i love to eat fabulous dinners. and george stille, toledo, iowa. 100 years old today. used to farm and had a drugstore in town. walks two miles a day. mary meissner of west bloomfield, michigan. one of the greatest neighborhoods in the country, beautiful. was born on top of a town jail. loves politics. i don't know that there is a connection. now back to new york city. >> all right, willard, thank you very much. >> how is that pie? >> we're still eating b.j.'s food. >> what's that? >> sweet potato pie. >> what's this? >> pecan. don't eat that. >> there's always the crust. >> i'll try this one. >> we have gone from the bikinis to pie. >> onlile on "today" show.
8:26 am
>> coming up, your local news. good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marla tellez. well, this morning an american airlines passenger accused of charging the cockpit of a plane bound for sfo will face charges in federal court. 28-year-old almurisi facing charges of interfering with the flight and flight crew. he tried to ram the cockpit door with his shoulder. it does not appear he has ties to any terrorist organizations. a look at your forecast and the roads right after this. [ male announcer ] everyday, your car does a lot for you.
8:27 am
do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car.
8:28 am
[ giggles ] hey! owww! right here! right here! one for me! one for me! good morning to you. well, we have some rain on the way this week. overall, though, a really nice friday. clear out there right now. what will happen as we head throughout the day, the system of pressure moves onshore and kicks up some winds. breezy conditions and the wind arrives late saturday lasting through early monday. isolated thunderstorms a factor, as well. 70 degrees in fremont. 73 in san jose. clouds increasing through the second portion of the day. here's the extended outlook. the wet pattern remains through
8:29 am
next week. mike? >> slow through the tunnel here. 880 an earlier stalled vehicle. a live look past the coliseum. trying to recover past high street. half an hour drive head l up towards downtown oakland. southbound slow to hayward and early end for the slowdown, marla. back to you. >> thanks, mike. the "today" show returns in less than a minute and we'll be back at 8:56.
8:30 am
we are back now. it is 8:30 on this friday morning. friday the 13th. seems a little crazy on the plaza. in fact, i think as we pan around, we'll see we have one of the biggest crowds we have had here in a very long time. our thanks to all these nice people for stopping by on this friday morning. i'm matt lauer along with
8:31 am
natalie morales filling in while meredith is off today. we are joined by hoda kotb on loan from the fourth hour of our program. kathie lee is walking around going, hmm, let's see. and al roker joins us as well. coming up, we have all heard of miley cyrus. have you ever heard of kylie saunders? >> she's a real life hannah montana. at home she's your average high school student. but when she goes to japan she's a knockout superstar. straight up she'll tell us what it's like to live her double life. >> and morning joe's mik mika brzinski has written a book about women recognizing their true potential and getting what they are worth. we'll catch up with her and find out what's up with joe's fleeces. >> casual monday.
8:32 am
>> and in the medicine cabinet you have probably seen potions and pills, some things you need and some you don't. nancy snyderman will help us weed through it. >> before that, 14 million people a week tune in to "glee" on television. one of the reasons they love the show is chris colfer, also a golden globe award winner. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> nice to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> chris, a lot of times we have actors on the show. they come on in the spring and all they talk about is how much they look forward to having the summer off to do nothing. you're jamming this summer. >> yeah. >> you have a lot going on. >> i do myself and we are going on tour, hitting every city known to man this summer and performing for the fans out there. >> looking forward to it? >> yeah. the live audience is addicting. i miss it. it's like doing community theater. >> you just finished up with the show. you shot here in new york at
8:33 am
central park in times square? >> yes. >> talk about a way to end. >> it was insane. it was like this every day. it's crazy. behad to shut down times square to film it. it was awesome. >> "time" magazine named your character one of the most influential people this year, a breakthrough character for gay teens. do you feel pressure or responsibility the way you portray the character? >> it comes and goes. sometimes there is pressure, sometimes not. i think we can make sure he's met with respect and dignity which he is by the writers. >> when you're walking down the street what do people want to know from you? >> usually, sing! sing something! or is that your real voice? >> what's next for kurt? >> who knows? he just got a boyfriend. we'll see where it goes. >> all right. >> nice to have you here. chris colfer, good luck with
8:34 am
"glee." sounds like you'll be on a treadmill this summer, but enjoy. >> i'll try. >> and you start shooting again august you are looking good. nice and clear out there right now. warming into the 70s and it is really looking good putting it in perspective. we have a rainy wet pattern through the next five to six days. 70 degrees for today and a good deal of sunshine the first part of the day in concord. here's the seven-day outlook. 65 by sunday. temperature s fall to 62 on monday. finally the rain clears out of the bay area on wednesday and then the warming trend, thursday 75 degrees. 80 next friday. dogs playing poker on velvet and now this. >> i'm clearing a spot in the den already, al. thank you very much. when we come back, the real life hannah montana. she's an ordinary high schooler
8:35 am
by day and a superstar by night. we'll meet her. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
we're back now at 8:37 with the 16-year-old who may not be a household name yet in the states, but she's a superstar in japan. we'll talk to kylie saunders in a moment. first "today" national correspondent amy robach has her story. >> reporter: kylie saunders is a typical 16-year-old living just outside phoenix, arizona. >> for english we have a vocab assignment. >> i go to school like a normal kid, come home to family and friends. >> reporter: but kylie is living a double life. she doesn't talk about it much. >> she's very subtle.
8:38 am
>> reporter: many of her fellow students at hamilton high have no idea. ♪ >> reporter: that kylie is a major pop star in japan. you have been called the real hannah montana. what are some of the similarities that you face with the miley cyrus character on television? >> i can relate to the whole hannah montana thing because she has her regular normal school life and then she has her pop star, rock star life. for me, it's kind of the same thing but it's in two different countries. ♪ >> reporter: kylie's singing career started at age 11 when she was chosen to perform the national anthem at a portland
8:39 am
trailblazers basketball game. >> it was one of the most memorable and exciting things i have ever done. it was like, i want to be a singer now. this is what i want to do for the rest of my life. i love it. >> reporter: during the school year when kylie has a four-day weekend she travels to japan to perform in concert and work on her upcoming cd. >> we have really tried as mom and dad to make sure we balance all of the things in her life. so it's not just music that's the focus. it's her being a member of our family and participating and being a good sister to her brother and sister. >> reporter: it seems to be working. kylie is an a student, spends lots of time with the family and plans to launch her singing career this here in the united states. ♪ >> amy robach, thank you. we are lucky to have kylie here in our studio.
8:40 am
good morning. >> good morning. >> you have a double life because you're just a junior, normal high school student in arizona but then in japan you're a superstar. >> yeah. >> what's it like living a double life? >> it's amazing. i get to have two separate lives, i guess you can say. whenever i go to school in arizona, i can just be normal, hang out with friends and families and i have singing in another country in japan, which i love. it's really awesome. >> i know you don't make a lot of your success yet. you keep it low under the radar. do you like it that way that kids at school don't really know so much that you have this whole other side to you? >> well, lately, now that i have been making more appearances in the states it has been changing a little bit. more people at my school have been finding out that i do singing and stuff. but it's really not as different as i thought it would be. everyone accepts me for who i am. it's all okay. >> kids found out, i guess, when
8:41 am
an mtv japan crew started following you around in school. what was that like? were they like, what is this? >> everyone was trying to pop in and get a shot in the camera. but, yeah, it was interesting. it was very crowded and intense that day. >> what's it like when you go to japan now with the new stardom you have there? do people recognize you on the street? >> yeah. people recognize me and even for me just walking down the street, when i have -- whenever i go over break i might be just walking down the street in tokyo and they will have the big sky scraper with my song playing or my video being projected. it's crazy. like walking and just seeing myself on screen. >> they call you the real life hannah montana of japan. do you think it fits? >> yeah. in some ways it fits. we have separate worlds. we have our normal life and our singing life. for me it's just split in two
8:42 am
different countries. >> how do you stay grounded? you know with fame and newfound celebrity there will be people wanting to introduce you to certain things, influence you in certain ways. how do you stay grounded? i know your parents certainly have a big effect in your life. >> my parents influenced me a lot. my family has influenced me a lot. i have always -- we have always had standards and morals and ethics and everything. so i plan to apply them in my singing career. i plan to apply them in school. i plan to just use it all the time. >> your mom's teaching you japanese as well, because you sing in japanese and english. >> oh, yeah. when i wasle litt little i lear japanese. i learned english and japanese at the same time. so i'm fluent in both. >> do you hope to have the same success here in the u.s. as well? >> that would be a dream come true. i would love to be able to not have to go to japan all the
8:43 am
time. i would like to do japan and the states. that would be awesome. >> we wish you luck and you sound like you're on the right track. kylee saunders. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. i am a sneeze whisperer.
8:44 am
i am an allergy analyst. bermuda grass.
8:45 am
ragweed. willow. i am a dander decoder. chihuahua. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief. joe kernan is known as the outspoken coanchor of squawk box. his daughter blake has also been on the show. when joe took issue with some of the lessons his daughter learned at school they wrote a book. "your teacher said what"? good morning. nice to see you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> get out of here. i want to talk to her. >> that's fine. >> you are a smart young lady. >> oh, thank you.
8:46 am
you're a very smart man. >> you pretend you're the host for a minute. how did the idea come up? >> well, my dad -- i didn't notice anything. my dad started noticing that, you know, everybody knows he's a big capitalist. he started noticinging that people were saying terrible -- not terrible, but bad things about capitalism. >> right. >> in movies, tv shows, even in school. >> he gave you an assignment, right? he said, i want you to start to come home and tell me about some of the things you don't understand in some of the lessons you're learning. >> yes. >> did you like the assignment or would you have rather played with your friends? >> i like doing everything with my dad. >> oh, man. you have really prepped her. that's good. so what did you want to accomplish by givinging her this assignment? >> i want her to have a feeling that there are two sides to every argument.
8:47 am
>> you thought she was hearing one? >> following the financial crisis, i think capitalism has gotten a bad rap. i want her to know the great prosperity and freedom we enjoy here, american exceptionalism comes from capitalism. >> there may be people at home saying this is a heady lesson. >> for a kid. >> you're 11, blake? >> i'm 11 1/2. >> you're a little beyond your ears, but for an 11-year-old is this a tough lesson? >> you can't start too soon. i believe that, matt. for example, she'll get an assignment about there is a factory spewing chemicals. the environmentalists want to shut it down, but the factory says it would hurt profits. what should we do? 19 kids in the class are going to write "shut the factory down." i want her to know the other side. what if it's not chemicals. what if it's steam? what if they are making life-saving pharmaceuticals? >> you want questions. >> i want her to see the profit
8:48 am
motive and the invisible hand that adam smith talked about has generated this prosperity. there is no individual freedom or economic freedom. >> he's taking this away from me. what did you learn? >> i learned so much but i mostly learned that most of the great things we have that sometimes we even take for granted come from capitalism. >> one more time, way to go. did you write this book because you're on cnbc and your target audience will eat it up like red meat? >> i don't care if it sells. in fairness though, our new slogan at cnbc is capitalize on it. she was on first when she was 3 months old. i likened it to bindy, what's her name? >> irwin. >> when a father wants his daughter to understand what he's doing, i don't think it's that
8:49 am
different. hopefully i won't get stung by a stingray and you will take over the show, but when i'm 100 you can take over. >> it was nice of you to come and include your dad. i appreciate it. >> i try. >> we want to tell everybody. the book is "your teacher said what"? >> thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> a reminder, you can catch "squawk box" on cnbc weekdays at 6:00 eastern. up next, getting paid what you're worth. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
mika brzezinski is best known for her work as co-host of nbc's "morning joe" but mika wasn't always where she wants to be. she writes about her talent and capitalizing it in her second book "knowing your value." good morning. >> good morning. right off the bat you write, if i had written the book ten years ago and taken advice to heart i would be a millionaire today. that's a bold statement. what do you mean? >> well, for decades i was taking the wrong approach when it came to myself and talking to all the different women from all different industries at the top
8:52 am
of their game about these issues and these concerns. i realized there is sort of a pattern we take. we undermine our own value at the negotiatinging table. >> we are our own worst enemy. >> we are. >> you say you were your own worst enemy in negotiating. >> absolutely. this is the part we can control. there are other equations as to why there is disparity. especiallile at the top of your field. between men and women, this book talks about what you can control and what you can do in there and what not to do especially. >> we'll get to those in a minute. you talk about knowing your value and say, in this case it's financial value and money is the metaphor in the book. what do you mean? >> money is a metaphor for any relationship in life. spouse, husband, sister, brother, child. if you are not getting your value in the relationship, if you are not getting something in return that's appropriate, that's up to par, the relationship will fizzle out or spiral out of control. >> mm-hmm. >> so i say take the practical
8:53 am
youth you have with other relationships that you demand value in return for what you give. at work you should be paid appropriately for it. i woke up one morning, came to work and looked around the set at guys and realized i was the lowest paid at the table. >> why was that? >> because i signed it, natalie. that's the bottom line. you've got to know your value at the moment. there are key moments in your career where there are opportunities, where money is right there, available for the taking and you should take it. you should articulate it. you should communicate your value. you should know it, first of all, but then communicate it effectively. there were opportunities along the way that i completely missed. completely missed. i think a lot of women will be able to relate and find those moments. >> you got key advice from experts, successful women as well as some men. what were some of the things you took away from what they told you? >> well, the fascinating thing is sometimes in the heat of the moment, we care more about being
8:54 am
liked than we do about getting the respect and the value in return in the relationship. it really doesn't matter if they like you. if you're bringing it to the table and you're doing good work and raising the profit value of the company you will be paid. >> you can be a diva. >> i'm not advocating being a d or a b. i advocate getting your value, communicating it well and being likable and connecting personally. it's not necessarily what we are talking about here. it is communicating effectively. >> you have two daughters, amelia and carly, 13 years old. what do you hope they take from the example you are -- the working mom on "morning joe". >> i hope they don't apologize their way into a situation. i hope they do their research and they know exactly where they stand when it comes to any relationship they are in, especially at work. i think we can control this part of the relationship and there are opportunities along the way where i was given much more work
8:55 am
and never asked for money in return. i know that's one area where we could afford to think like a man. >> right. in some ways in this economy though i think a lot of times women feel, and men feel too we are happy to be employed. >> part of knowing your value is knowing when your stock is down. listen, i was out of work for a year. i was fired. i came begging for a job and i took a day rate part-time job for a couple hundred buck as day any time i could get it. that was when my stock was down. when my stock was up, i missed it. there are key moments when it was right in front of my face and it passed me by because i just wanted them to like me. >> a good listen for all of us. mika brzezinski. and the book is called "knowing your value." we'll be back with much more on this friday morning on "today." first your local news and weather.
8:56 am
good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marla tellez. anti-war demonstrators will rally outside the commencement ceremony at uc berkeley law school. they say a professor is unfit to teach. now, yu wrote interrogation
8:57 am
policies for the bush administration and then an editorial in "usa today" defending the techniques saying osama bin laden would still be on the loose without them.our>> your weekend forecast with christina right after this.
8:58 am
good friday morning to you. we have rain on the way for the weekend. we are going to see breezy conditions before the front arrives for today and then late saturday through early monday rain and isolated thunderstorms. here's what to expect for today. temperatures will reach the 60s and 70s. 69 degrees in liver more. 70 degrees in fairfield. we'll see sunshine today. by tomorrow, overcast conditions. 68 degrees, the rain moves in. sunday on and off showers and a few showers on monday. back to you, marla.
8:59 am
>> thanks. our next update is at 9:26. the "today" show continues next. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. ♪ that's ever happened to cinnamon. introducing cinnamon burst cheerios. 20% daily value of fiber bursting with the delicious taste of cinnamon. new cinnamon burst cheerios. prepare your taste buds. and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪
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there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. we are back with more of "today" on friday morning, may 13, 2011. we have a loud crowd gathered outside studio 1a here in the heart of midtown manhattan. waving to the people back home and blowing off a little steam. i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales, tamron hall and al roker. ladies first. we'll. >> wow. >> it's a great crowd. >> coming up, there is news that's capturing people in hollywood. the news that it looks like ashton kutcher is going to be replacing charlie sheen on the
9:01 am
hit show "two and a half men." apparently kutcher tweeted kind of cryptically to fans last night asking "what is the square root of 6.25"? and the answer would be -- >> two and a half. >> there you go. >> charlie sheen -- losing! >> anyway, we'll talk more about what it means coming up. >> also ahead, what's inside your medicine cabinet? you cleaned yours out? >> i had stuff that was four years old. >> i had to clean mine out. if you're like most people, you don't know what's in the medicine cabinet. probably a good time to look at the expiration dates on the pill bottles and you may be missing some of the basic must haves. dr. snyderman tells us what to keep, what to toss and everything to have on hand. >> and coming up later we'll do some real estate shopping with barbara corcoran. if you're thinking of waterfront property we have some from maine
9:02 am
to montana. you will be surprised what you can get for your money. >> speaking of warmer weather we'll look at the style trends of the season and how to transition from the spring which we really didn't have a spring. nice summer fashions, makinging them work for everyone. she looks cool. i like that. >> let's go in. hoda kotb is at the news desk while ann is on assignment. she has the headlines. >> good morning, everybody. the taliban says twin suicide bombings that killed at least 80 people in pakistan this morning were retaliation for the death of osama bin laden. meantime, nbc news has learned that bin laden wrote e-mails while his computer was off line, then downloaded them to portable thumb drives. curiers would send the messages from internet cafes. the goal in the south, to protect baton rouge and new orleans. a massive spillway may be opened this weekend to divert flood waters onto hundreds of thousands of acres of
9:03 am
louisiana's cajun country. the international criminal court will seek arrest warrants monday for three unspecified libyan leaders. it is widely assumed that moammar gadhafi will be among them. gadhafi may face new tension on the home front after thursday's nato strike on the compound, tripoli reporting protests across the capitol this week. it sounds like a cliche, a mailman getting bitten by a dog but it is no joke. more than 5,600 mail carriers were attacked by dogs in the last year costing the postal service $1.2 million in medical expenses. how is this for retail therapy? after a truck carrying livestock crashed an upset cow ran and took refuge in a dress boutique in brazil. while the salespeople were there the cow burst out, made a dramatic exit. she didn't leave with a dress but happened to jump into the lasso of a waiting cowboy because that's how these stories
9:04 am
end. let's go back out to matt, al and natalie. >> the guy got that lasso on the first try. you have a bull running at you and he got that thing. watch this. got him! >> yeah! >> i like that. cool. >> all right. >> have you ever seen mr. roker with a lasso? fantastic. >> i have seen a lot of bull, that's for sure. where are you from? >> michigan! >> the cps tigers. >> yeah! >> let's see what's going on in your weather. we have a risk of strong storms stretching from vicksburg, mississippi, all the way up to paducah, kentucky. damaging winds and lots orainr. you can see the storms from vicksburg up into southern illinois. we'll be looking at flood warnings all the way from new orleans up to paducah. we're looking at lots of rain coming into the area. anywhere from one to two inches
9:05 am
right on top of the mississippi where they don't need it. the cresting of vicksburg looks like it will crest on the 19th. all the way down to may 23 when we expect the mississippi river to crest in new orleans at 19.5 feet. good morning to you. well, we have a mostly scleer sky over the entire bay area right now. pretty nice for the first half of the day and then the clouds roll in as a system of low pressure brings us rain for the weekend sets up shop in the pacific northwest. today, for us, sunshine and 70 degrees in fremont. 73 in san jose. here's the seven-day outlook. showers arrive late saturday. the bumming of the moisture comes through saturday night into sunday morning. a few breaks on and off on sunday and then more showers. g fun at possible
9:06 am
replacements, but it looks like the network is moving on without him. two sources tell the hollywood reporter this morning that ashton kutcher is close to a deal to take over for sheen on "two and a half men." ashton kutcher known for such hits as "dude, where's my car" and "that '70s show" may be moving to cbs. while the network isn't talking, kutcher himself gave us a clue tweeting "what's the square root of 6.25"? the answer, 2.5 as in "two and a half men." sources tell the hollywood reporter kutcher could be getting a huge payday to join the sit-com. the show's creator chuck lorre has reportedly already written a story line to introduce kutcher which means sheen would be out for good. sheen helped drive the show to
9:07 am
ratings gold and cashed in, making $2 million an episode. he's been saying for months he wants his job back. >> i will go back, if they rehire me. >> reporter: the ever confident sheen even said this during our interview in february. do you owe cbs an apology? >> no. they owe me a big one, publically, while licking my feet. people think i'm insane or don't think what i'm saying is true, i have no interest in their retarded opinions. i really don't. >> reporter: sheen is 45 years old. if ashton kutcher gets the job, he would be a younger option. at only 33, he's married to actress demi moore. according to reports he wasn't the first choice. actor hugh grant passed on the job saying he wouldn't replace sheen because of creative differences. >> they say i should be begging for my job back. i'm going to forewarn them that it's everybody else that will be begging me for their job back.
9:08 am
>> reporter: in recent weeks sheen has been very public, trying to save his job on "two and a half men." during his live stage show, sheen said he would apologize to his former bosses and would return to the set if they would just rehire him. we should mention, tamron, cbs unveils the fall schedule next week with a big presentation called the up-fronts. there was talk that sheen could make a surprise appearance there on stage but it looks like ashton kutcher could be there instead. tom r >> if he shows that would be awkward. any word on rumor that ashton kutcher could be replacing charlie sheen? >> i haven't spoken to charlie yet. it's the early morning where he is. i talked to him when john stamos's name was in it and he said this was a charlie sheen show. the only reason they did it is because of him. he feels the ratings will drop. my feeling is he'll probably spin it to say, look, i win in the end.
9:09 am
you know, "two and a half men" wasn't what i wanted anyway. i want to do movies. he wants to make "major league 3." i think sheen will say, look, good riddance. he's winninging. >> thank you very much. now here's natalie. >> announcer: "today's daily dose" is brought to you by yoplait. it's so good. >> thanks. this morning what's inside your medicine cabinet? most of us have a variety of pills, creams, lotions and prescriptions, some perhaps long expired. dr. nancy snyderman is here to help you know what to toss, toss what you don't need and stock up on essentials. we have a lot of good questions from people now who are skyping in. one from danielle in philadelphia. good morning. what's your question for dr. nancy? >> hi. >> can you hear us? >> hi, dr. snyderman. i was wondering how do you
9:10 am
dispose of outdated prescriptions? >> well, first look at the dates. take something -- whoops, i ruined the display. flip it over, once it is expired get rid of it. take the medicines -- a lot of times they are pills or prescriptions. mix it with coffee grounds, left over scraps, put it in a bag, throw it in the trash. sometimes local pharmacists will also say bring in your medications. they will dispose of them for you. here's what you don't want to do. don't hold onto them, put them where kids can get them or flush them down the toilet. in municipalities around the country you can find anti-depressants, antibiotics, you name it and it's in the water supply. do not put it in the toilet and flush. >> i think i have done that a couple of times. thank you, danielle. >> that's why everyone is so happy and calm. >> we should clean out the
9:11 am
medicine cabinet how often? >> really every year. but none of us does it. so i think most of us do it like closets when we go to find something and we can't find anything. >> right. >> do it at least once a year or a season or when you know -- back to school is a good time. organize according to what you need. if you look at what we have on here it's pain prescriptions, things for cold and flu. the basics. >> stomach medicines. >> taking out splinters, band-aids. put them in order that makes sense to you. you may want things different than i want things because your children are smaller. the most important thing is when you want it, you need to be able to get it. >> know where to find it. >> right. >> we have amanda in orlando standing by. good morning. what's your question for dr. nancy? >> caller: good morning. is the medicine cabinet the best place to store medications or is
9:12 am
the humidity in the bathroom bad for them? >> you answered the question already. it's the worst place in the house to put medicines. i have told people in the past if there are no little children in the house, put your stuff in a shoe box under the bed, on the dresser. if you have kids it has to be out of reach of where you're going to be. if you have a bathroom where the medicine cabinet is separated from the shower or bath, you might be fine. but humidity, in fact, and the fluctuation of heat and cold makes medicine wear out sooner. >> good question. thank you, nab si. next we have e-mails from debbie in pennsylvania. she writes, my medicine cabinet is filled with aspirin. is it a good idea to take a regular aspirin or a baby aspirin daily? >> check with your doctor first. i am a big believer that almost everybody should be on a low dose aspirin. >> or baby aspirin.
9:13 am
>> 81 milligrams. you can pull one every other day if you want to. keep aspirin in the house because even something as simple as a bee sting if you took aspirin and mushed it together with water and make a paste, that's a great anti-inflammatory. it can take down the stinging and swelling. if you have a sore throat you can put aspirin on your tongue and let it dissolve. great local pain reliever. i keep ibuprof next, acetaminophen and aspirin. >> you're in favor of one a day. >> cuts down on cancer risk, most stroke and heart disease. aspirin is probably the miracle drug of our lives. not for children. not when kids have colds and flu because it can lead to rhys syndrome and not when you have a history of bleeding problems. talk to your doctor. >> we want to go over medicine
9:14 am
cabinet essentials. we have the basics. cold and flu medicine. >> let me go over the pain reliever stuff first of all. not all of these act the same. some are great for taking down fever. some are great for aches and pains. some are great like ibuprofen for menstrual cramps and anti-inflammatories. but have all of them. read the labels. the pediatric dosage isn't the same as adult dosage and it's easy to overdose kids. cold and flu, look for the nondrowsy stuff. it's smart to have antacid in the house. tums have calcium, a great way to get calcium. >> and a good first aid kit. >> the one thing that's missing, get round-tipped scissors so you can cut off a shirt if you need to get to a cut or something. it's good for bandages. >> great information. thank you so much.
9:15 am
now i have work to do on my medicine cabinet. up next, a real estate reality check. if you're looking for a place by the water, what you can get for your money and how to transition from spring to summer in style after this. [ female announcer ] most women in america aren't getting the calcium they need.
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this morning on "today's real estate" homes for sales for $500,000 or less. if you dream of living near a lake or ocean, today, barbara corcoran will show you all those out there. good to see you. >> all under $500,000. not easily done on the water. >> our first house is in naples, maine. we have a three bedroom home priced at $459,900. >> naples is a four-season resort area deep in lakes region. it's a tiered lot that's fully landscaped. that house is perfect. it has steps leading straight down to the lake with your own private dock and mooring. it's an octagonal house. do you know what it is? >> eight sides. >> does that make it hard to
9:19 am
sell? >> no, but hard to furnish. it's a hard house to furnish but they have done a good job. it has an open floor plan with the open fireplace. a big kitchen with exposed beams. all the windows front on the lake. it's a lovely place to hang out. big enough for a farmhouse table and chairs. it's a tiered lot lush down to the lake's edge. >> now we'll head to a river's edge. this is priest river, idaho. got a nice town south of canada priced at $499,900. >> i don't think you mentioned it's east of washington state. it has two pristine rivers that meet there. this is a craftsman-style home that looks like a suburban house on the outside, but it's not. there is 108 feet of waterfront with a natural stone and sand beach. i have never seen a riverfront home. i'm surprised all the enjoyable room you have out back on the river. the house is open, light with
9:20 am
incredible views from every window. the living room has a cathedral ceiling, hickory wood floors and a gas fireplace. it's an odd view but you can see how big it is. there is a big kitchen that's desperate for color and needs friendly bar stools. i think the thing on top will fall down and kill you. not my idea of a friendly kitchen. but it's big and easy to change those details. >> i saw that coming. >> you did? okay. there is a paved walkway out back that i think makes the house special. it makes you feel like you have your own little wonderland and a fire pit and lots of room for toys. that's a winter shot. picture it in the summer. >> now another river. the big fork river in momontana should say the swan river in big fork, montana. >> the house is high up. 2900 feet in the air in the spectacular mountains of
9:21 am
montana. there are scenes here that make you think of the movie "a river runs through it" because it was filmed here. it's a rustic cabin, totally renovated. on over an acre of land with 128-square-foot frontage in the back of the house which makes it worth more money. there is an open floor plan, open kitchen, master bedroom. if you are not going to sleep in the master bedroom you have to climb a ladder to get to the loft above. there is a big deck out back. that's a view of the beautiful water. be aware there is no houses on the other side. it's a natural park. you can't build there. >> the finale is in hawaii. $499,900. >> this was a sweet heart of a house. it was a sugar town, a crossroads to the railroad. it has papaya groves, lava flows. that hole fills up with beautiful water during the day
9:22 am
and it leaks out at night. it's a five-sided house and takes advantage of the views around it. it has a beautiful kitchen, wrap around lanai. way up on a cliff. you will see it in a minute. the kitchen is smack in the middle and supports the sides of the house. hard to work in, but i would forgive it. look at that. that's right over the ocean. if you walk down your own private walkway, you have a beautiful black sand beach. it's $499,000 in hawaii. what's wrong with living there? >> barbara, thank you so much. want to know more about the homes you saw? go to coming up, two lucky ladies plucked from the plaza to get an instant makeover. first, these messages. on my waist. achieve small wins with a healthy lifestyle and dannon light & fit. the light fresh yogurt with 80 calories vs. 100 in the other leading brand. here's to 80 calories tasting crazy good. live light and fit.
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and now discover activia dessert. in rich, indulgent flavors like blueberry cheesecake. try activia dessert today. ♪ activia good morning. it is 9:26 now. california's attorney general is stepping in to the fight over proposition 8, harris is taking on prop 8 sponsors to reinstate the ban on same-sex marriage. they claim that chief judge's ruling should be overturned because the judge is in a same-sex relationship. a hearing on the issue is scheduled for next month. in san francisco, there are nearly twice the number of disabled parking placards than users. sk tgakintspoey s taking spotsm people that need them. a look at the weekend forecast
9:27 am
and a commute right after this. r
9:28 am
good morning to you. well, we are in the 50s and 60s now. we are going to jump up to about 61 degrees in the city at noon under mostly clear sky. and then as we head throughout the day today, the clouds roll in. part of a front for pretty good rainfall through saturday night and sunday. 70 degrees in fremont. rain this weekend and doesn't clear until thursday. let's check your drive with mike. >> up in the south bay, two accidents one over at 85 and highway 87. watch for that area. telluride road opens later tonight. capital expressway is a good alternate for you. jumping across the bay, 880 still slow a bit past the coliseum. slow street from high street to downtown and should continue to ease and we have the game, as
9:29 am
well, tonight and slowing after work. >> go a's. thank you, mike. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. we'll be back at 9:56.
9:30 am
♪ i see you driving round town with the girl i love and i'm like ♪ ♪ forget you ♪ i guess the change in my pocket ♪ ♪ just wasn't enough ♪ i'm like ♪ forget you and forget her too ♪ >> that, of course, is ceelo green with "forget you." a grammy-winning artist and one of the coaches on nbc's "the voice." cee lo green stopping by monday to tell us all about it. i love this guy. >> he's spectacular. that's a fun show. good role for him. >> they do a good job. in this half hour, the fbi's fight to rescue the innocent.
9:31 am
i saw it first hand when i went along on a sting operation to rescue women and children trapped in the world of human trafficki trafficking. it's happening more than you know in this country. we'll talk to a woman who survived a life of being a victim, violence and sexual abuse. >> that's a great report. on a lighter note, how to wear the latest spring and summer trends. the key here, reasonable prices. we all want to save money. so we'll take a look. >> lester holt and amy robach have a preview of what they will be wearing this weekend on today. >> i'm going with something dark. we'll talk about the race against time on the mighty mississippi, roaring south. the flooding headed to new orleans. we'll be live with the latest. plus, it's been one year since nashville's grand ole opry was devastated by flooding. i hit the stage with some of country's best. made my debut. >> all right. also, retail stores are piling more merchandise into the aisles hoping you will spend more
9:32 am
money. but is it working? and it's been 40 years since "willie wonka and the chocolate factory." 40 years. we'll reunite the four everlasting gob stopper kids this weekend on "today." >> that's cool. >> you love those reunions. >> they're great. >> should have brought the chocolate. >> this weekend. >> a check of the weather for us. >> we'll look at the weekend weather. for tomorrow, we expect a risk of strong storms in the southeast. rain in the ohio river valley. showers in the pacific northwest. sunny and hot in the southwest into texas. sunday, we are looking at more warm weather working into the gulf coast. won't be raining over the mississippi river valley. more rain in the pacific northwest. showers in the ohio river valley. good morning to you. well, we have got rain on the way for the weekend. this is going to be our last warm, sunny day before the rain
9:33 am
moves in. overcast skies forecast for tomorrow and then the rain pushes in tomorrow night, lasting through probably the early portion of your sunday and then a break between sunday and monday. associated with the storm, though, isolated pop-up storms. watch out for heavy downpours. 70 degrees in fremont today. finally a break of the rain toward the end of next week. appeared you guys were leaving but you're back now for season 10. what happened? >> dick asked us back. >> we love dick. >> we said yes. we're having a great time. >> yep. >> catherine? >> it's fantastic to be back. it's like coming home. we're having a great time with our crew and we have a new show
9:34 am
runner chris broncato who injected the stories with -- we're having a great time. great guest cast members. >> and our producer. i'm just happier than i have ever been. >> your character, in order to come back, was dubbed a modern-day sherlock holmes but had to undergo psychological work. >> he is now. >> what was that like? >> it's good. showing insight into the character. odd things happen in the sessions but mostly it's for the fans to finally get what they have been asking for for a long time which is insight on why he is the way he is. >> getting to know both of your characters better, right? >> i think these episodes, yeah. we are doing a lot of good stuff. they are very used to our relationship and it's just, you know, they want us to be together. >> you two should be sitting together. >> we're separated.
9:35 am
>> they do the same thing on set with us. they keep us apart. >> you can see them together. thank you so much for being with us. sundays at 9:00/8:00 central on usa. up next, the fbi's crackdown on human trafficking. we'll take you inside the operation after these messages.
9:36 am
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9:39 am
introducing purina one beyond human trafficking is becoming big business in this country. more criminal syndicates are getting into the business of selling young women, trapping them in an endless cycle of abuse and violence. we'll talk to one of the women who survived in a moment. first in 2003 the fbi launched an initiative dubbed "innocence lost." we went to detroit to ride along during operation cross-country. on the streets of detroit and throughout michigan, hard times are leading to hard choices. for a growing number of young women, caught up in the underground sex trade. >> domestic trafficking in the state of michigan is a huge problem. >> coming in. >> we have seen cases involving 12 and 13-year-olds in small towns. we have seen cases involving
9:40 am
young girls in the big cities here. they are modern day slaves on the streets all around us. >> reporter: investigators with the fbi's human trafficking task force are on the streets of detroit metro conducting undercover sting operations. one young woman in particular has captured the team's attention. she goes by the name lil barbie and appears quite young. >> i thought a half hour for $150. >> reporter: within an hour, lil barbie calls back and makes a date with under cover officer richard sanchez at a local motel. officers must stay close enough to protect sanchez without blowing his cover. >> door is open. u.c. is inside. got a male walking in. >> reporter: suddenly, a big man appears and swaggers up to room 214. >> looks like a male going up to check for money. >> reporter: detectives suspect it may be lil barbie's pimp.
9:41 am
>> he's got the money. white male, black top. keep an eye on him. >> good deal. >> reporter: it's a good deal. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: police move in to take down barbie and the male suspect. >> get your hands up. >> keep your hands up. >> i don't want to do nothing with you! stop! he took my clothes off! >> where are you clothes at? >> i didn't do nothing! >> reporter: investigators determine barbie's real identity despite her initial claim she's not under age she's 19-year-old heather giardin. >> so you got kicked out of the house. how old? >> 18. my grandpa kicked me out because i called her a bitch. >> reporter: like thousands before her, heather's path to prostitution began with desperate circumstances. >> i wanted to go to school. i had nowhere to live. so i was stuck walking the
9:42 am
street. doing this life. i was trapped out there basically. >> reporter: officers will now try to offer the teen a different way out. >> if you want out, if you want us to get you in a shelter, get you in a program to get you out of this life, we can. >> when you take a female prostitute at the time of her arrest it's easy to come up with that understanding. like why are you doing this? to not be sympathetic. you knew what you were getting into. however when you get to know them, we find out their life story and you realize this may be the only way they feel they can survive. >> reporter: agent michael glenon ran the detroit human trafficking task force until recently. tina is a survivor. she was trafficked on the streets of detroit starting at the age of 5. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> as we see in the case of lil barbie she told you she had been beaten by her pimp just moments
9:43 am
before you arrived. for people who think the girls are making a choice to do this, there is a cycle of abuse and violence that usually goes with this, right? >> there is. it starts early. >> mm-hmm. >> what we have seen over a period of time is you take an individual, maybe from a broken home or from anywhere actually. you know, these exploiters, pimps, go in and they shower them with love, give them everything they have wanted, missed in life and over a period of time that's turned into manipulation. it's turned into fear. it entraps them, if you will. it debilitates them from going anywhere, doing anything else. >> these girls, it is a cycle of violence and they often become victims of abuse. they endure many scars from their battles. the question is why don't they leave their pimps? why don't they run into the arms
9:44 am
of the fbi? >> as i just stated it's a difficult situation because what you've got is over a period of time this is what they have come to know as their family structure. >> it's all they have. >> it is. all the more reason why these task forces are so important. >> we are seeing more of them across the country because it's becoming a real problem. >> we are. specifically in detroit here, we partnered up with the state police, the local and county officials. and they have done a phenomenal job. really laying the foundation of really rescuing all the victims out there. >> tina, you became a victim at the age of 5. your own mother sold you to some neighborhood men. you have endured a horrible life, as we hear your story in this series as well. tell me about some of the battle wounds, the scars that you have from trying to escape this.
9:45 am
>> i have been stabbed in my chest from trying to get away. i have been stabbed in my face with a screwdriver. i have been burned with irons. told i was going to have to drink gasoline if i tried to get away. the only thing you can do is stay until you find someone you can trust to get you out. >> you found a great program called alternative for girl which we feature on the series as well. >> yes. >> your task force is doing incredible work. >> they are. >> we appreciate your efforts. thank you so much. >> "sex slaves motor city" airs sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. we'll be back with more on "today" right after these messages.
9:46 am
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or with grilled italian sausage starting at $9.95. plus enjoy our unlimited fresh salad and warm breadsticks. olive garden's one of the few places we can take our family where everyone's happy. olive garden. when you're here, you're family. this morning on "today's style" pointing you in the right direction. a fashion roadmap for navigating spring into summer. stephanie greenfield came up with the concept that you never get lost when it comes to great style. >> good morning. >> you used road signs to put us on the right track. what are the potholes we face spring into summer? >> the fashion road map is all about answers, solutions, not advice. we use familiar traffic signs to give you the right direction and make it fun. fashion should be fun. >> and affordable. >> every piece is under $100. some are under $10. let's take a look. >> the first is the low clearance sign for how to wear long skirts and dresses.
9:50 am
>> long and never go wrong. if you go through the fashion magazine, maxi skirts and dresses. sometimes people feel they are in a nightgown. we added a cinch belt. key trend. cinching the waist to break it up and wear your long an inch or two off the ground so it dusts your ankle but doesn't drag on the floor. i love the neutral tones. >> what about the belt? that looks great on her. >> it give use the empire look. on a fuller dress, wear a wider belt. it's all about proportion. don't go wrong with long. you will love it for this season and ongoing. >> mary, looking good. >> i love that look. >> next is the traffic light ahead. a sign as to how to work the right colors. specifically brights. you look great, hazel. >> we make it fun. you can go right with bright. hazel would never wear bright colors. here we said we'll give you a blank canvas.
9:51 am
if you are groioing bright on t use a neutral bottom. white jeans. don't be afraid to accent the hottest color. we pulled out the bright green with the scarf. look at the bright next to your face. it makes you shine. it's so fun and optimistic. bright can be right. >> tone down the pants in this case. with your complexion, that's rocking. i love it. >> she shines, looks beautiful. >> thank you very much. our next look is wildlife crossing for wearing wild prints with style. erica is our model. she looks ready to go out in mia miami. >> absolutely. have a great time. animal prints never go out of style. we have incorporated here the animal print bottom, the drapy long maxi skirt. once again, not on the floor. you can wear a printed bottom but do a solid shirt. we mixed the print scarf and prince skirt. >> what's the key? >> stay in the same color pallet. prints shouldn't directly match
9:52 am
but be tonal. they should coordinate not be grranimals. easy way to wear prints. >> no grranimals. >> say no. that's a new traffic sign. no grr as animals. >> thank you. now we have the railroad crossing sign which is going from the runway to the real way. when you see things on the runway it looks good on somebody six feet tall but maybe not in real life. >> on the runway we saw a lot of short-shorts. unless you're on the cover of sports illustrated they are inappropriate and hard to wear. we took shorts as a trend but did a cinched, baggier look that doesn't overpower her. we put on a striped nautical shirt, draped a long sweater. appropriate short lengths. it can fit many body types, affordable and it elongates the leg with the wedge shoe. >> come on out, everybody. i love the road map. you do the work for us.
9:53 am
trend-inspired but not trendy. >> thank you to our lovely models. we'll be right back. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
coming up, kathie lee and hoda have cuba gooding, jr.. >> and ambush makeovers for two ladies plucked from the crowd. we'll see the results. >> yes, we will, aer your
9:56 am
good morning. it's 9:56. i'm marla tellez. an effort to help military veterans get a job after they
9:57 am
come home from war is hitting a roadblock in san francisco. the american legion wants a veteran center at the war memorial building but the board of trustees says there's concerns about the business plan and funding. one trustee says when budgets are tight good intentions are just not enough. >> for a base that's not served now and if we can identify that and we think that we can help them, you know, we're the first ones to step up to do that but until they can do that, you know, everything costs money. >> major general says a committee hearing is scheduled where the american legion can offer more specifics. three employees of the u.s. department of veteran affairs and a contractor indicted by a federal grand jury on bribery charges. jack stringer, the owner of aerodrywall construction allegedly bribed these officials with cash and airline tickets and other gifts. in exchange stringer received
9:58 am
contracts for himself and or close associates. here's christina now with a look at your weekend forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. yeah. we have some rain on the way. looking for the sunshine, the sooner you get out there, the better. the clouds roll in as early as this afternoon. rain arrives saturday night into sunday. breezy today and looking towards breezy conditions tomorrow, as well. late saturday, the front comes through. seeing a good deal of clearing for the second half of the sunday probably getting outside both weekend days for at least a short duration of time. 69 degrees for today in san rafael. 73 in san jose and 72 degrees in los gatos. little bit more mild along the peninsula. 9:00 "time" saturday, here comes the front, pushes through by about 6:00 a.m. sunday. that's when we start to see more spotty activity. here's the seven-day outlook. the rainy, wet pattern through monday. >> a cable car issue, a golden
9:59 am
gate bridge issue. the line out of service. ge look at the bay br we have no metering lights there. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike and christina.
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. we are so glad you joined us today. it's try day friday the 13th of may. make it the most awesome day ever and not be concerned about any of that stuff. >> friday the 13th. we'll talk about that in a little bit. >> in the meantime, wow, did we get reaction from you yesterday on our facebook. >> we talked about a survey that came out that said women over 47
10:01 am
should not wear bikini bathing suits in addition to other things. >> shouldn't wear mini skirts, leggings, wear uggs. >> shouldn't have long hair. >> i broke them all. >> who are these women? >> diet >> you didn't only write in you sent pictures. >> we hit a nerve or a thigh or something. >> cheryl is 49 years old. check her out. she said no one ever complained about me in my bikini. i don't think so. claire griffin is 48 years old. okay? >> yes. >> look at her in front of our show. that is kelly. kelly is 50 and full of life and she doesn't care, so there she is wearing her bathing suit inside. >> no, that is kelly with her son. >> that is her son. don't confuse us, we are on. >> this is terry. she says she is 52, i don't think twice about wearing a
10:02 am
bikini. anne holton says she is 61. she has no problem wearing a two-piece and wearing leggings and uggs. >> and knee-high boots, sea says, till the day i die. >> how about ginny with her granddaughter. >> she is 67? she is amazing. in other words, you talk umbrage and we are so glad. >> i don't like when people make grand statements. >> no. >> first of all, women in long hair is one of those issues that make people judgy. >> who is going to tell emmy lou harris to cut her hair. >> you, maria shriver, all the women with long great hair. >> who are they and what makes them be expert on things? if you get to a certain point in your life you should be able to do and say whatever you want. you earned it. what else is good about getting old? >> nothing. >> yes, exactly. the least you should do is wear what you want and say what you want. >> and drink what you want. >> drink what you want. so it's friday.
10:03 am
>> this is a coldstone drink. it is apparently the most unhealthy drink on the planet. it's got chocolate ice cream, milk and peanut butter. it was named unhealthiest drink by "men's health" magazine. this single thing has 2,010 calories. >> i just drank the ten. >> 153 grams of sugar. >> it's good. you know me with sweets. i only took a little bit. the second one is called dragon fruit fizz. someone sent dragon fruit with ved contact. this is sky infusions dragon fruit. >> what does it look like? >> it's ugly. it looks like it was grown in the shadow of chernobyl. it's not pretty stuff. >> what's in here? >> i like it because it's bitter.
10:04 am
>> i like sweet. that's tart. >> you'd go for the other one. i like that very, very much. thank you. >> that's very nice. >> update on the poor kid that can't go to the problem. still can't. >> here is the back story. he and his buddies got on a golf cart. they went in the school property in the morning and put up "will you go to prom with me, hmu?" >> hit me up. >> he got busted and got suspended for the day. if you get suspended after april 21 1st. >> it's not arbitrary. finals are over, kids are bored. summer is coming. it can be a time when kids are tempted to get into naughty trouble. >> i guess the penalty -- i was surprised. we did a poll here. of our thousands of people came in, called in and 94% said their
10:05 am
kids should be able to go to the problem and 6% said he should be banned. >> he is a good kid. he has an ap scholar, captain of his golf team, he is not a kid who's gotten in trouble before. i think you need to weigh everything there. >> the kids there are having one of those sit-ins for him because they want him to go to problem. >> which tells you he is very well liked, as well. >> you're right. >> this is a kid everybody likes and they are pulling for him. >> i wonder why the principal. she is tough. she said that's the rules and we are sticking to them. >> i see both sides. i do. everything in our culture is breaking down. if you have rules, you should obey them and have consistency. i think perhaps they need to look at the rules at this point. the guy should take -- he should take her off and have a wild and crazy time, have fun and make a videotape and sell it on ebay
10:06 am
and make a fortune. >> love it. >> the build up, the build up, prom to graduation to all these things. it's never as good as you think it's going to be. you get all caught up in it and you go, i'll say to cass, how was it? it was okay. the build up is exciting. >> and the dresses. all your friends are going, all that stuff. that's the story. >> i know. there is big news at cbs perhaps. it is maybe charlie sheen is not winning but ashton kutcher is. he is 33, he is going to, they say, replace charlie sheen in "two and a half men." >> no one tweets more than ashton kutcher. he is a crazy tweeter. here is what he tweeted, what's the square root of 6.25, the answer is 2.50. >> it's reported he will make $1 million per episode. there are about 22 episodes usually. maybe more. it's a huge hit. >> i think he is a good fit. you have to get the right mix of
10:07 am
bad boy and funny guy. hugh grant i would have liked. >> woe have been awesome. i'm interested in knowing whether contractually they have to pay charlie sheen. nobody knows what his contract says except the people involved. that will be a hefty pay day. if charlie was already making $2 million and they are paying ashton $1 million, they make so much money off this show that i guess they've done the math. >> and they bank on it still being a huge hit with a new star. >> exactly. stay tuned. we cover the news here. >> okay. we need your -- a lot of people are sending in their voices. we are doing a contest called "the voice." we need to you send in two minutes of you singing a capella. send it to our website klg and >> people ask us why do you want us on video. that's true. the producers are going to see
10:08 am
you, but not hoda and me. every week for three weeks beginning may 25th. we'll bring three finalists on. that's soon. we are almost halfway through may. >> because it's friday the 13th. do you get freaked out by friday the 13th? do you? >> i think that means we are going to cannes next year. that's another story. do we have time for my friday funny? >> of course we do. >> courtesy of jenna bush this morning in the make-up room. you think you know jenna bush. all right. chuck norris was sitting around a fire with two old texas cowboys. first cowboy said, i'm so tough, i can crush a rattle snake with two fingers. second old cowboy said, i'm so tough i can kick a steer clear across oklahoma with a boot. muck norris quietly sat there
10:09 am
poking the fire with his -- that's hysterical people. think about it. >> the boys didn't groove. >> that's tough. they wouldn't let me say the word. >> our favorite part, bobbie's buzz. come on, girl. >> how are you? >> who are we today, "madmen?" >> i don't know. we should have prom here on set and invite him. >> i like it. i know you ladies, you're obsessed with readers. you leave them everywhere in the house. >> yes. >> i'm so excited. i was flicking through the channels and saw hsn. joy mangeno has this collection called eyeglass wardrobe. you get seven pairs of color block treater. >> in any number you need? >> any from a 1 to 3.75.
10:10 am
>> can i say something? these rock. >> they are fantastic. >> you get all seven for $39.95. >> that seems impossible. >> plus the case and smaller cases. you're a fan of them. jessica beal's mom turned me on to these. these are eye beimers. they have an l.e.d. light. do you see that? where is the camera? you can read a restaurant, dim restaurant, the menu. >> they've got a little light on the side. >> super cute. >> no, no, no. we've got time. >> too much good stuff this week. cat eyes are in this summer. instant face lift. this collection of designer shades are interesting. they are about this burberry. these are collapsable. >> for little summer bags, that's perfect. >> everything is on klg and
10:11 am these are around $250 or less. they have a bunch of stuff for burberry in colors. >> those are $19.95. >> i love these. >> you know what's funny? now i realize i can see everything clearly. >> you didn't know you got old. >> i didn't know i was blind. now i know. >> sometimes it creeps up on you. >> if you're free on sunday, come out to north jersey. >> where specifically? >> essex county recreation complex. >> to benefit breast cancer. up next, cuba gooding jr is here. is it cuba or cuba? it's ambush makeover friday. >> we are going to shom somend how s and friends and show you the transformations. has the. what?! -match it! -match it! -match it!
10:12 am
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10:14 am
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10:15 am
>> come on. >> everybody has names, alan, especially you. >> evil. >> we love our cuba. hello, guy the way. what drew you to this? >> he is a dark character here. >> yeah. when i started acting in shakespeare film festivals and doing different characters, it was another character i hadn't played. it was an interesting twist thinking about going to some bar, telling somebody troubles and complaining about your wife or boss or whatever, but just, you know, x-exorcising it and going home but now it was a hit man. >> this guy thinks he is doing a good deed, a favor. >> exactly. >> playing the villain is always more fun than playing the good guy. >> it is. you take all the rules and throw them out the window and have fun
10:16 am
with it. >> who did you pattern this character? >> a couple of producers, agent or two, you know who you are. >> a composite. >> let's talk about your career. we do remember from you "jerry maguire" and you hear that all the time. then you made different choices. there are some you're glad you made and some you feel you missed the boat on. tell us about the path you took. >> if you look at my career, i started off with "boyz in the hood" which is a socially relevant movie of the '90s. >> did you nknow at the time? >> you knew you were doing a movie that was impactful. everybody was talking about it in the news and south central from. there to "jerry maguire" and the oscar and all that stuff. the first ten years was all the success an actor should have. the last tennis like going back to film school, doing small, independent movies and losing myself in these characters. >> that's where you get to
10:17 am
create. they are not micro managed the same way, right? >> that's true. >> how much of this movie was improved? >> we worked on this script. i was allowed in the editing room. >> that's the other advantage. >> it frees you up as a film maker. >> you said in some films you're helping out directors. you're sort of in charge. >> exactly right. one movie we are putting the shot list together the day before filming. >> not shots, the shot list. around here you have to be very careful. >> it's very freeing and fun. and interesting. it's ready, i'm ready to get back to it. the movie i have next, the george lucas movie -- >> tell bus that. >> about the tuskegee airmen.
10:18 am
>> you should that? >> we shot it. >> it's in the can. >> it is phenomenal. it is so phenomenal and it is visually stunning. >> that is for this summer? >> no. won't be until the end of the year. >> a christmas present. >> yeah, a christmas present. >> all is well with you. you're doing well. >> i'm blessed. my kids are growing. spencer and mason are 16 and 14, little piper is 5. she is my heart. she runs the house. >> i'm sure she does. >> doesn't matter who wears the pants in the family, the one with the diapers calls all the shots. >> that's true, but not the shots you were talking about. >> thank you for clarifying. all the best with the movie. up next, sara is stand buying with questions from the crowd. living with diabetes is a reality for me,
10:19 am
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10:21 am
10:22 am
we are back with sara haines. >> sara. >> we have a question about what you do later in your days. >> i'm wondering, are you guys like normal people whenever you leave here, you go home and do laundry, wash dishes, all that kind of stuff? what is your life like when you leave here? >> exactly like that. >> exactly. we have people. >> we go to lunch. >> hoda does "dateline" a lot. i go home and work on my musicals. my son just got home from college. i'll try to get home and have bunch with him. we try to fill in a lot of life and other work when we are not here. >> you have to manage your time. that is another thing i learned. if you have an hour you try to spend it in the right way. laundry and all that stuff we do -- sort of.
10:23 am
>> hoda cooks and so does kathie. >> right. >> everyone here is from texas. >> did they like the joke? >> they loved the joke. i'll tell it again. she has a question about a recommendation. >> we want to know some suggestions for where we should go to dinner tonight. >> lamb chops neary's pub or scottos if p you want italian. if you're in the mood for the greatest shrimp scampi go to frankie and johnny's. >> you taste different foods all the time. sometimes looks gross, but do you all really like it? because you always act like it's so good. >> you haven't seen the show every day. >> i always act like it's good
10:24 am
and she always tells the truth. it balances it out. >> didn't somebody lose on top chef because they spit something out? if it doesn't taste right here, it ain't going to work right here. >> kathie doesn't like to waste her calories. >> that is exactly true. >> i have a question. if you weren't doing what you're doing right now, what would you do if you weren't anchoring? >> i would be teaching third grade. >> good. >> i would be working on broadway in musicals. >> perfect. >> thank you. >> that's a wrap. >> thank you, everybody. >> they were terrific. coming up, the results of our plaza ambush makeovers. woman: till all the books are read... man: and all the pens are put down... woman: and everything there is to learn is learned. man: till the heroes retire and the monsters return to their dens... woman: and all the plots are wrapped up.
10:25 am
man: till that day... boy: by hook or by crook... girl: by book or by nook... woman: i will read. you've been there. you pick out a makeup thinking it's your shade... until you actually try it out. now, i have a makeup that always gets it right. smart shade makeup instantly adjusts to match perfectly to your skin. almay smart shade makeup. only from almay. only for me. by giving me huge discounts on rooms hotels can't always fill. with unpublished rates. which means i get an even more rockin' hotel, for less. where you book matters. expedia. my vet thinks my insides are in mint condition. [ female announcer ] vets agree, a healthy checkup starts inside. our breakthrough iams premium protection formula is developed with vets with cutting edge ingredients
10:26 am
for the lifelong health of your pet. [ dog ] healthy inside and out. come on, up high! [ female announcer ] iams premium protection. our most advanced iams nutrition. ever. [ dog ] i am an iams dog. ♪ woof. it is 10:26 now. good morning. i'm marla tellez. the new eastern span of the bay bridge is scheduled to open at the end of next year but the this morning we're learning the bike lane will remain a bridge to nowhere at least for now. the new $100 million bike lane will open later because of an engineering challenge. once the bike lane is built from the toll plaza to the island, there's still no guarantee it will ever extend to san francisco. well, a big sigh of relief for sharks fans this morning. they led a 3-0 series lead slip away and edged out a game seven
10:27 am
win against the detroit red wings, of course. so the dream of a stanley cup championship lives on and so does the pandemonium. they were downtown in full force celebrating second trip to the western conference finals in as many years. fans are confident this is the year the sharks will come through. >> we have so much skill. there's no way to lose to vancouver. >> after both the mentally and physically grueling series, the canucks may be the sharks toughest foe yet. tickets for the 2011 western conference final went on sale this morning. as of 27 minutes ago, 10:00 and and select walmart locations. because of limited seating, you will only be able to buy four ticket chris chrtinais will have a look at your weekend forecast right after this. na
10:28 am
10:29 am
good morning to you. well, we have mostly clear conditions out there right now by it's all going to change. we'll see cloud cover come up from here from the south and we're also going to see clouds come in from the north so overall increasing clouds throughout the day today. the temperatures will climb into the 70s. looking like a pretty nice day today. through the weekend, we are expecting the rain to arrive. saturday night into early sunday the bulk of the moisture will come through and maybe get outside for a couple of hours on sunday. back to you, marla. >> thank you, christina.
10:30 am
thank you for being with us on this friday the 13th. the "today" show continues next. have a great weekend. we are back on this try day the 13th with two lucky ladies and another installment. >> our crack makeover team is back at it. they are today's stylist and contributor to the stars luis lacari. >> contributor to "us weekly" and author jill martin. >> how was it on the plaza? >> it was great. there is a nice day so there are many, many ladies out there. >> lots to choose from. >> lots to choose from. we had a great time. trouble was picking the right one. >> first up is shirley strope,
10:31 am
54 from port wayne, indiana. she had the same hairstyle for the past 20 years. she is ready for a brand-new look. >> she is going to get it. >> listen to her story. >> everybody is crying already. i know you want this for your big sister. tell me why. >> when i was 12 years old my mom and dad both passed away. shirley was the oldest of four children and she's raised us. she is a wonderful aunt, she is a breast cancer survivor. she means the world to me and she does deserve this. >> shirley, i know you're excited for this. >> i am. >> we are going to take such good care of you. are you ready to go? >> i am ready. this is such a neat opportunity. i never dreamed of this. this is my first time in new york and i've been picked, i can't believe it. this is wild and crazy. thank you very much. >> oh, my god, i love shirley. who doesn't love shirley?
10:32 am
she is here with her sister karen and her friends deirdre and theresa. here is shirley before -- let's see the new you. >> they are going to freak out. you guys ready? take off your blind folds. >> they did not even recognize her at first. >> ready to see yourself? turn around right here. >> oh, my gosh! >> that is quite the transformation. >> oh, my hair. >> turn around so they can see you. stand right there and look right there. >> oh, wow! >> look at the women. what do you think? >> gorgeous. >> she's always been gorgeous. >> luis that hair is the biggest transformation of all. >> this is about small changes making big differences.
10:33 am
>> i'm going to get kleenex from the naked boys in the kitchen. i'll be right back. >> i made her hair just this warmer color. i made it this deeper, warmer color. we got rid of the frizz factor. jennifer gave her this layered haircut. we wanted to add width on to her face. there is more volume on the face. kept the make-up natural. at this time of year you don't need much. >> jill, that dress. >> it's adrianna. i know you're a huge fan. look at this figure hiding under the sweatshirt and sweat pants. navy and black, great for spring and summer. >> see what happens when you make a little effort? >> julie carpenter is our next lady. 50 years old from grand rapids,
10:34 am
minnesota. her daughter is a hairstylist and is always encouraging her to try a new look. she was thrilled when julie decided to let us give her a glam new style. let's listen to her story. >> emma, it's your 22nd birthday but you want to give a gift to your mother. why does she deserve this? >> she is a very hard-working loving mother. >> dave, are you ready to see her glam and sexy? you're going to are nervous. >> yes, i am. >> what do you think she'll look like? >> beautiful. >> good answer. are you ready to go and get glam? >> i am very ready. this is exciting. >> julie is here with david and her two daughters emma and amanda from grand rapids. let's take a look at julie before. let's bring out julie carpenter. >> wow!
10:35 am
>> take a look at mom and wife. >> i feel great. >> i think they like you. >> you want to look? turn around. >> i love it. thank you! >> thank you. >> how did you work the magic? >> what i did here, start with me because it's all about me. i lightened the ends. the ends are slightly lighter than the top. she was brown which was heavy. she still is brown, but it has a chocolate cast to it. a small difference making a big change.
10:36 am
gave her soft pinks and coral make-up. >> great leather jacket for spring. look at the shoes from talbots. >> they look like my donny deutsch shoes. >> do you love? >> love. >> congratulations. >> we'll be back with mr. donny deutsch. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain,
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10:39 am
[ man whistles ] sounds like somebody paid too much. excuse me? i use progressive's "name your price" tool. they showed me a range of coverages, and i picked the one that worked for me. i saved hundreds when switching. hundreds? who are you? just a man that loves savings... and pie. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. have you wondered what's really going on inside your guy's head? >> wonder no more. deutsche man, deutsche man, donny, donny deutschman. do you like it? >> i like it. >> we were finessing it on the way over. >> nice shoes, by the way. >> oh, yes. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> he is going to get a 16-set
10:40 am
cd all of kathie lee's music. >> all right. >> cause i love him so much. >> first question from crystal. is it wrong to pressure a guy to get married if you've been in a relationship three years? i don't want to wait years and years. >> if at three years he doesn't know, he is not going to know in six years. what you say, it doesn't have to happen tomorrow, i just need to know it's going to happen and when. don't be afraid of the truth. a guy loses respect for a woman if after a period of time she is just going on. >> what is the point then? what is the cut-off point? when do you say enough? >> depends on the age. if you're into your late 20s and go onto your 30s, after two years, that's plenty of time. if you don't know after two, you're not going to know after three. >> when they say i feel like i'm being pressured. >> it's about my needs. >> she's got a biological clock. >> that's right. you have to manage your own needs. >> charlie chaplin had a baby in
10:41 am
his 90s. not too many guys can do that. donny deutsch can. >> sara was trying to set me up with her sister before the break. >> she asked if he was single. ♪ matchmaker ♪ matchmaker ♪ make me a match next question from catherine, i need my husband to stick up for me when his mother is wrong. in private he will admit she is out of line. >> be direct. it's not a question of whether it's me or her. this is our nuclear family now. i never want to get into it between me and your mother, you need to be a man. challenge him that way. you need to be a man. say, mom, this is our life. it's going to be a big problem. >> is she going to take it out on the daughter-in-law? >> doesn't matter. this is your life. you have the control, you have the husband. say as a man, this is what i expect. you and your mother can have your relationship but it can't be you and your mother against
10:42 am
me. >> you're trying to say man-up. >> it's i need this from you as a man. subtext that way. >> why are men so afraid of rejection? they allow their fear to keep them from approaching ladies. not good. >> it's very, very hard. >> rejection isn't fun for anybody. >> what i say to people for a woman and man. if you go up to somebody and they turn you away, you're no worse off than had you not gone up to them. as far as a woman, if you see a guy and maybe he is not coming over, my advice is number one is the thing you guys have, you're open, you're friendly. that's what guys like. maybe if men are not coming up to her it's because she's got a puss on. be happy and look accessible. >> did you like our song? >> loved it. >> to other sexy guys with sexy drinks in time for the weekend.
10:43 am
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10:47 am
if you are looking for something different to mix it up with your friends this weekend, "cosmo" has suggestions in the new book "sexy drinks for every occasion." >> we have three of the hottest bartenders in new york, anthony, kyle and christian. hello, boys. >> not that we noticed. >> exactly. >> molly, did you have to look very far for them? >> not very far. there are a lot of hot guys in new york. >> this is a little bit of a contest, right? >> yes. we are going to pick the best cocktail. >> there is a book that has all the hottest cocktails you guys came up with. >> we came out with a new book that is a compilation of our
10:48 am
readers favorite cocktail drinks. we have it organized by category. you can find the right drink for the occasion, whether you're throwing a party, impress the new guy you're seeing or enjoy a romantic cocktail with your husband or boyfriend. >> anthony, are you starting us out here? >> poolside passion. >> he is going to muddle again. >> i know you're a fan of muddling. >> i don't get the muddle thing. >> this ises in get the flirt on section of the book. going to muddle the strawberries. gray goose vodka, simple syrup. >> is that your vodka of choice? >> that's the drink. >> all right. i'm not questioning your authority. i'm asking a simple question. >> shake it, shake it. >> you've got to be able to shake it. >> that's part of it. i hear you. >> strain it into a chilled cocktail glass. >> we are going to sip it. >> why is yours a different
10:49 am
color than that one? did you leave out the strawberries? >> this has them all there for you. >> that's tart. i like that one. >> that could make you get your flirt on. >> kyle. >> molly is coming with us. >> mojito. i have muddled mint. >> muddled mint. >> it's a theme. >> tea spoon of sugar. fresh squeezed lime juice here. >> what does your tattoo say? >> live to lead. >> okay. go on. >> i have two ounces of bacardi. >> she is tickling me. >> focus, focus. >> this is a drink for smurfs. >> the color pops out at you. it's good. 1/4 ounce chambord. >> he is shaking. >> i don't even want to ask how
10:50 am
old he is. i'll get arrested. >> my son is watching. sorry, honey, just a little joke. >> ice. >> excuse me. >> sorry. a little mix. we are going to have to taste. >> it's a tough job. >> someone has to do it. >> it tastes good. have a sip of that. >> hello there, big boy. >> hello, christian. >> what are we making? >> summer sunset. it's 2 1/2 ounces of kettle one. >> who cares? >> long as it tastes good, right? >> long as you're making it. triple sec. >> little bit fresh lemon juice. >> pomegranate. >> look how he manscapes. >> i didn't notice. i barely know he's here. >> i didn't get tickled. >> she'll take care of you, too. >> hoda, you get this side, i'll get this side. you've got something here. >> is that your mother?
10:51 am
>> no, it's not. >> all righty. >> come on. >> that's why we are here. >> is that a cinnamon stick? >> for a little extra kick. >> very difficult. >> we both decided unanimously the winner is anthony. >> sorry. we love you all. >> we thought you were all great. >> thanks, molly. >> we'll have to do an obstacle course, you guys.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
adventure burt is taken the country by storm.
10:55 am
he does crazy stunts all across the country. >> it's documented in his brand-new show "burt the conq r conqueror." >> i do crazy adventures all around the country. we'll take these wheelbarrows inside. you guys are ready to go. >> we don't have much time. >> ready? >> typical of hoda. right off the gate. i see how that works. i'll listen to kathie lee next time. on your mark, get set, go. come on, kathie lee! we are inside. i probably don't need the mega phone, but i'll still use it. knock it over, here we go. hoda is cheating, kathie lee. >> what are we doing?
10:56 am
walk across, kathie lee. there you go. load up the bag. work it in good like you worked at the state fair one summer. load it up, all of it, all of it. >> not all of it. >> i can't carry anything. >> don't carry that. that's too many. >> do these. kath, do these. >> i think we should go for him. >> there we go. there we go. i think the wheelbarrow -- >> what are you doing? >> i won. >> what was that? >> this was a course you guys demolished.
10:57 am
>> you guys did fantastic. i've got to be honest with you. >> what's next? >> who cares? >> jumping off a bridge in l.a. >> of course you are. >> want to come? >> i like burt. >> i like burt a lot, too. don't come too often. all the best with your show. >> "seinfeld goes to college" plus nellie is going to stop by. >> christina perry. grab your girlfriend for the pajama party next thursday. have an awesome weekend, everybody. -- captions by vitac --
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