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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! ey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] only at&t u-verse lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen. just $29 a month for the first six months -- dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. right now at 11:00, the streets of san francisco will soon be alive with runners for the 100th annual running of the bay to breakers. we have a preview, plus a major change in the weather coming up. and just days before he's moved to a bay area hospital, injured giants fan bryan stow is honored in los angeles. plus, the cal graduate today. a paraplegic who did something he hasn't done in four years
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since a car accident changed his life forever. it's a remarkable moment. nbc bay area news starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. we begin with the developing story in san francisco tonight. investigators are working the scene of a deadly shooting involving three victims and multiple suspect. it also happened shortly after 7:00 on appleton avenue next to holly park. police tell us one man died of his injuries while two others are being treated for their gun shot wounds. san francisco police now have many suspects they say in custody. no word yet on what prompted that shooting. and a winter-like storm is moving into the bay area with some rain and very strong winds. let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda with a look on that for us. >> we've been watching those winds. 20 to 30 miles per hour tonight. and right now we're seeing some moderate to heavy rain crossing over santa cruz county into the santa clara valley into downtown
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san jose toward cupertino and campbell down highway 17. seeing pretty good downpours. rains moving from south to north into the tri-valley. san francisco and oakland looking atlighter to moderate rain. the system has unusually cold air aloft. this is the reason why during the day tomorrow we'll have to talk about the chance of a few strong thunderstorms as all this slides into the bay area as we take you into the second half of your weekend forecast. for bay to breakers, looks like between now and sunrise we'll see the most widespread rain. i think we'll see a few sunny breaks but breezy and cool. by late morning, increasing chances of thunder. this one of the big events around the bay area. plus also watching snow impacting stage one of the amgen tour. a full look at your forecast in a few minutes. so the weather will be pretty miserable when tens of thousands of people gather
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tomorrow morning for, as rob mentioned, the 100th running of the bay to breakers. but that likely not going to dampen the spirits of the runners. just make sure you pack an extra raincoat. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is in san francisco with that part of the story. >> hello, diane. runners will be taking off just a couple of blocks from where i am at howard and embarcadero. you can expect to see a lot tomorrow from people in their birthday suits to creative costumes and people from all over the place, really runners from every state and 40 countries taking part in the bay to breakers. the bay to breakers foot race come tomorrow will officially be a century old san francisco tradition. >> i'm pretty excited to be running for the first time. >> reporter: at start time, 55,000 registered runners and walkers will fill the streets with many likely in costume. >> i'm looking to be surprised. i think it's always like the standard ones will always be there, but it's just fun to see what new things people come up
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with. so i'm looking to see what is in fashion this year. >> three, two, one! >> organizers say they have more participants than in years past, primarily because of the significance of the centennial. people want to be part of the history. >> bay to breakers is something that unifies san francisco and really allows people to bring out their true colors. i mean it brings out people in costume, elite athletes. it brings out weekend runners, family. >> reporter: this year there are some new restrictions. no floats and no alcohol. >> come run, come dressed up, come naked, don't come drunk. >> the 12k race kasks near the embarcadero at beal and howard. the course will take people through the panhand sboel golden gate park to the finish line at the great highway. a portion of more than two dozen streets on and surrounding the course will be shut down to traffic and some will not reopen until 4:00 sunday afternoon. just as much as you can bet on
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creatively costumed runners to be at the race you can expect to see some of the world's top distance runners. the top finishers are expected to take just 30 minutes to run the nearly 7 1/2-mile course. and for the first time in the race's history, all registered runners who cross the finish line will get a commemorative medal representing the 100th run of the bay to breakers. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> my son and father-in-law will get one of those. that's exciting, assuming they make it across. the weather could impact another major race in california as well. the amgen tour of california bike race is supposed to start tomorrow at heavenly ski resort in tahoe. the first leg goes around the lake. but with snow in the forecast for the sierra, organizers may have to scrap the first day and start on monday from squaw valley heading towards sacramento. either way, the race will likely cruise through the bay area during stage four.rets a schedut bicyclists are scheduled to rise from livermore to san jose via
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backroads over mt. hamilton and then the race heads south finishing next weekend in thousand oaks. an 83-year-old man died this morning after his car plunged down a 300-foot ravine. the accident happened around 11:25 this morning on a narrow and curvy stretch of highway 1 near stinson beach. there were no skid marks at the scene. the highway was closed in both directions but reopened about four hours later at 3:30. officials have not released the man's identity and are still investigating what happened. last night, a man in a truck survived a collision with an amtrak freight train in martinez near the train station. emergency crews used the jaws of tlof rescue the driver from the pinned truck at marina vista avenue. a helicorporate airlifted the driver to a nearby hospital because the train was actually blocking the only road out of the area. we're told the driver remarkably does not have any life-threatening injuries and he was the only one inside that truck. bryan stow, the giants fan who was critically injured on
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opening day in los angeles is scheduled to be moved to san francisco on monday. but today, he and his family were honored at a peace march in los angeles. hundreds of people turned out for the annual event that promotes public safety and raises awareness about victims and their loved ones. the stow family was there as well. bryan's mom says the support they've been receiving from the los angeles community has been overwhelming and they just wanted to say thank you. >> but we actually came here not only for bryan, but to support their cause. because we saw children carrying signs that their daddyes had been killed by gun. so like my daughter said, they are not only the victims. they are families are victims. their children are victims. >> the reward for information leading to the arrest of the two men who attacked stow now stands at more than $100,000. when young minds meet innovation, it's a combination that's sure to produce future entrepreneurs, right? and it's not surprising it's happening right here in the bay area. the non-profit organization
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called build hosted its 12th annual youth business plan competition to give teenagers the chance to create an innovative business plan and then present that idea to potential investors. what is perhaps a bit more unsushl that most of these high school students come from low-income or at-risk neighborhoods. more than 100 students gathered today at stanford to pitch their ideas to panel of silicon valley elite. winners get cash to kickstart their business plans and they all get the support they need to succeed, perhaps in the future. >> we believe that there is an untapped talent pool in the united states today that no one is paying attention to. these kid often have the choice of going into a gang or doing something special like this. these are the kids that will lead us in the future. we need to invest in them. >> build is a very unique program. it's one of the best i've ever known. it's an opportunity for kids to grow and test out new ideas.
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it's unbelievable. >> and we're told 100% of the students who participate in the non-profit build program have attended college since the program started back in 1999. for more information, just logon to a little farther north, people in the tenderloin gathered today help raise money for education as well. the family fair is in its third year. the event is organized by the women's and children's center and finds after-school programs, dental services and library books in the tenderloin. prizes at the fair include books and other educational necessarities that many of the families simply can't afford. and coming up next at 11:00 -- we'll introduce you to the cal graduate who walked for the first time today since he was paralyzed in a car accident four years ago. all thanks to that you see there. a machine designed by fellow students. how he says it changed his life. and we'll take a closer look at the decision to open a major floodgate on the mississippi river that caused massive flooding for miles around.
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♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. you are looking at some wet roads outside the shark tank in san jose. you can see why on the radar. moderate rain moving in. a sign of things to come and your sunday forecast. a look at that when we come back.
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mmunities across the count, more opportunities happen. a key floodgate along the mississippi river is opened and floodwater is drowning thousands of acres of land tonight. the army corps of engineers says it has no choice other than to open the spillway flooding
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lightly populated areas of cajun country in an effort to save the heavily populated areas downstream. nbc's brian mooar has that story. >> reporter: for the first time in nearly four decades, water from the raging mississippi river is inundating land once protected by the morganza spillway. >> we're using every flood control tool that we have. >> nearly 3,000 square miles of sparsely populated cajun country is being sacrificed to spare the levees protecting baton rouge and new orleans. >> obviously, others will be saved and we understand maybe why that's done, but we certainly don't particularly care for being the dispensable people in this particular issue. >> reporter: some 25,000 people were in harm's way. most fled. but a few are fighting. shoring up their own levees to save what they can. >> if the levee broke, then i wouldn't have nothing to come back to. my house would be gone. >> upstream in vicksburg,
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mississippi, the scope of this catastrophe is still hard to measure. >> wait it out iguess. that's all we can do. there's nothing else you can do. >> reporter: and downstream, the worst is yet to come. >> this is certainly going to be a marathon and not a sprint as we go through this tremendous amount, huge amount of water as it comes through. >> reporter: desperate times, desperate measures and a fight to salvage as much as possible from the mighty mississippi. brian mooar, nbc news. the list of republican presidential hopefuls is just a little shorter tonight. former arkansas governor mike huckabee ended speculation about a presidential run in 2012. he made an announcement on his fox news program. huckabee said he appreciates the encouragement from supporters but he will not seek the republican nomination. recent polls showed huckabee at or near the top of the field of republican candidates. he and former massachusetts governor mitt romney were within a point of each other as party front-runners.
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and coming up, we'll have a look at the santa cruz idol james durbin and show you what he was doing in his hometown tonight, sfrn he was kicked off "idol" this past week. plus, the giants get back in the win column with an assist from mother nature. next in sports. >> you might say the weather put a save on that game for the giants. rain moving out of the south bay into the tri-valley. eventually hitting the north bay where tomorrow we'll be dodging not only j ht buraine ert lowering snow levels as low as our higher hilltops. e
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welcome back. we're watching rain pushing from south to north across the bay area. it is windy outside as well. some light rain flying around oakland. southwest wind at 18 miles an hour. 49 degrees in san francisco. breezy at times. winds about 14 to 30 miles per hour to the west. and in san jose, wet roads outside the shark tank. 52 degrees. southeast wind at 10. it feels like hockey weather outside or perhaps purple rain weather down pie the shark tank with prince coming to town next week. see the rain heavy at times spilling right over the santa cruz mountains. highway 17 into campbell and cupertino. enough to cause ponding on the roads around the south bay.
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lifting above the sunol grade into the tri-valley. light to moderate rain in san francisco and oakland. lighter rain across the north bay easing off a bit as you get up to sonoma county. between now and daybreak tomorrow is when this main rain event will push through behind it. cold, chilly air we'll be watching through the afternoon. the reason the weather will get downright weird for tomorrow, snow levels as low as 3,500 feet. you get the combination of winter-like air higher up and enough sunny breaks hitting the ground below. this can make for a volatile mix that will give us a chance of hail at times and likely some rumbles of thunder. you may hear some of that overnight tonight as things ton get more unstable. heading into tomorrow morning. speaking of tomorrow morning. you'll notice not widespread rain anymore but scattered showers and possibly thundershowers. late morning into the early afternoon. by this time tomorrow night, looks like a brief break. scattered showers here across some of the foothill regions. as we get into monday, a few light rain showers for the morning commute.
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for the evening, round two starts to sweep on in as we head into the monday evening commute. there you see all the snow in the sierra. very likely they may delay amgen stage one tomorrow and hold off until monday. by monday night and tuesday, more snow and rain due in. around the bay area, the winds picking up. rain moving in. a chance of isolated thund sler. lows should be mostly in the 40s. tomorrow's highs, well if you want to call them highs, only in the 50s. chilly. it will be the combination of that cool sunshine, if that cold air aloft will be the trigger for showers at times. we'll be watching to see if those turn particularly strong. we could see some pea-sized hail. upper 50s across the east bay out by orinda. highs in the mid to upper 50s. not the best bay to breakers weather. it's not going to be an outright downpour. more like in and out of the showers. but a chance of thunder off and on into the afternoon. the middle part of the week, things start to slowly dry out after a soggy and wintry finish.
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>> miserable out there. thank you, rob. and now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> the giants were looking to get back into the win column after their six-game winning streak ended yesterday against the cubs. it turns out that mother nature would play a key role in doing just that. it was a wet and dreary night in chicago. buster posey gave the giants a lead by singling in freddie sanchez. they took a 3-0 lead into the seventh. that's when the rain became too much for the game to continue. the umps made the call for a rain delay. out came the tarps. after a 40-minute delay, the ga was called and the giants had a 3-0 victory. the series continues tomorrow morning. the a's hosted chicago's other team today. this one was all a's. oakland jumped out to a 5-0 lead early and never looked back. oakland native tyson ross had a strong outing on the mound striking out eight, earning his
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third win of the season. the a's win, 6-2. the teams meet up again tomorrow afternoon. the sharks are just one step away from playing for a stanley cup. for the third time in his 20-year history, san jose made it to the western conference finals. they held their last practice here today before heading to vancouver this afternoon. game one tomorrow night at 5:00. coming up, "american idol" and santa cruz native james durbin is dak home. we'll show you. plus, what this cal graduate did who walked for the first time since he was paralyzed in a car accident four years ago all thanks to that machine designed by fellow students. it is a remarkable story. i'm a curious seeker.
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i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all. i am a walking medical dictionary. congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. walking across the stage for graduation took on a whole new meaning at uc berkeley today for
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one 22-year-old graduate. graduating senior austin whitney has experienced more in his young life than most. he was paralyzed in a car accident in 2007. he had been drinking and crashed his car, nearly killing himself and his friend. he has crusaded against drinking and driving ever since. and today, after being confined to a wheelchair for four years, he was able to get up and walk to receive his diploma to the wild cheers of the crowd at cal's graduation. >> the second that i pressed the button and stood up, i was just flooded with a series of emotions from the worst moments of my life when the car smashed into a tree to the best moments of my life, being accepted here
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to berkeley. >> austin whitney. >> whitney was able to take those few steps thanks to some mechanical engineering students at cal who designed the computerized body brace or exoskeleton. whitney worked with the team for the past nine months testing and refining the machine that was first developed nearly a decade ago. it essentially does the walking the disabled legs are no longer capable of. >> it was truly the greatest gift anyone has ever given me what these guys all gave to me today. it's over -- it was overpowering at some points. >> the engineering students at cal say whitney's input was crucial to help them develop a device that actually works and they look forward to helping more people get up and out of their wheelchairs. all right. he may no longer be on the tv competition, but he's still
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their favorite "idol." ♪ >> nice. before about 30,000 people, "american idol" star james durbin rocked the santa cruz beach boardwalk. the 22-year-old heavy metal hero sang about four songs. apparently that's the maximum allowed. he then stuck around for about 30 minutes to sign some autographs now that he's a star. durbin made it to the top four of "american idol" but was voted out this week, much to the dismay of many who thought he was going to win it this year, including my daughter who was crushed when he was voted off. >> i think he's the most talented of that bunch. >> i'm kind of with you on that. he was pretty spectacular. >> let's do one last look for the weather. bay to breakers starting at 7:00 a.m., an hour early. >> the widespread rain is coming down now. morate rain around the south bay heading up to the north bay. you can see some of the lighter rain.
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what will likely happen around sunrise tomorrow, though, i suspect will be the rain changing over to scattered showers. sunny breaks. scattered showers. maybe thunder for the afternoon. >> have
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