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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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s i deposited. four twenties; one ten; two fives. -amazing. -look! there's the check -- right on the receipt. -genius. -fast. easy. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] quick and easy atm deposits. with bank of america. it's so nice to have that comfort to come home and be around the people that love you and have the support group that you can rely upon. >> the long and difficult road back. the giants fan attacked at dodgers stadium, makes an emotional return home to his family. >> at this hour, bryan stow is back in the bay area in a state-of-the-art drama center. this is a live picture tonight of san francisco general hospital, where he was transported earlier today. stow will continue his recovery. >> changing his locations does
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not change his medical condition. but it gets him closer to his home. tonight, we talked to his family about the complicated effort to move bryan home and the medical team that's caring for him. >> let's bring in cheryl from santa cruz, where his family members gathered tonight. >> we're live in santa cruz because this is bryan stow's home down. tonight, here, family and friends were celebrating his homecoming. it was a homecoming party and fund-raiser for bryan stow, at santa cruz's boardwalk bowl. earlier today, he was driven by ambulance in a police escort caravan to southern california and loaded on a private yet. he landed at sfo and was transported to san francisco general hospital, where family was waiting. >> we watched bryan land at the airport. got to see him loaded on to the ambulance. trook part of the procession all
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of the way to the hospital. got to see bryan a few minutes today. exciting to have him back home. >> reporter: home is where family and friends can be close to the 42-year-old father of two, who was beaten by two men following a giants/dodgers game in los angeles. doctors felt he was stable enough to be transferred to s.f. general, a hospital known for its staff that can deal with trauma like that stow suffered. >> where he's at neurologically, time will tell. >> the problem with prognosis -- >> reporter: dr. jeffrey manly is the chief of neurosurgery at the hospital. he says he needs time to come up with the prague know sis. >> when somebody likes a transfer like this, there's a period of setback, where we're trying to get him stable at this point. and now, assessing a variety of issues. >> reporter: still, family and friends are optimistic. >> bryan is showing, you know,
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positive signs that he's getting better. and we're very encouraged by that. >> bryan will not be alone ever. there will always be someone there with him. >> reporter: family members tell me tonight that they will be taking turns driving down to san francisco to be with bryan as his girlfriend said, he will never be alone. live in santa cruz, i'm cheryl. >> as for the investigation, now, 47 days and still no arrests. more than $100,000 is being offered a as reward for tips leading to the twouron osuecsisp on our website right now, coverage of stow's homecoming. also, you can leave a comment for the stow family. jeannette clark writes, i suggest every player from the s.f. giants that possibly can go sit by his bedside. let them know they are waiting for their number one fan to wake up. many answered prayers. you can add your thoughts. just click on bryan stow's picture. new tonight at 11:00.
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a south bay woman is jailed tonight. police arresting 22-year-old tracy luong, in connection of the january beating death of joseph hernandez in the temple nightclub. luong is accused of attacking a good samaritan trying to defend hernandez. what you're looking at is new surveillance video from inside the bar on that deadly night. it shows the suspect that police are looking for in the hernandez case. police describe him as an asian man with a sleeve tattoo on his right arm. a murder out of silicon valley's golden triangle. santa clara police are trying to solve the second homicide o of e year. luis tavara was found dead on lafayette street, not far from where he worked. a police are putting a lot of
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effort into this case, kimberly. >> that's right. this morning, they shut down this very busy street to hand out these flyers to everyone who passed by, hoping the photo and information on the flyers might jog someone's memory, leading them closer to finding the 62-year-old's killer. >> he was nice. and he worked hard. >> how do you know that? >> we saw him around 6:00 a.m., passing by to go to work. >> reporter: police say luis tavara was on his way to work, a short walk from his home, when someone attacked the peruvian immigrant wednesday morning. santa clara police say they found the 62-year-old facedown and bleeding on the 3400 block of lafayette street. police say tavara died despite efforts to save him. on how brazen and brutal the attack was has people stunned. >> it's disturbed members of the community and members of the police department. this was a 62-year-old man who was well-loved and respected by
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those who lived around and those he worked with. every, single day he went to church. >> reporter: tavara moved to santa clara eight years ago. he was sending money back to peru. >> we saw him at the laundry. and he spoke about god. he had faith of him. >> reporter: this morning, two dozen police officers and detectives fanned out across the area where tavara was killed. police set up this sign, letting drivers know a homicide occurred, asking anyone with information to step forward. >> somebody must have seen something or heard somebody the day this happened or somebody might be hearing some talk within the neighborhoods now. >> reporter: the attack appears to be a random act of violence, which has neighbors concerned. one woman says she's scared every time she leaves for work early in the morning now. >> i hope because the police catch him soon so i don't have fear every morning, that i go down like 5:00.
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>> reporter: flowers and candles have been left here where tavara was killed. police are offering a $500,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the assailant. if you have information, call santa clara police. thank you, kimberly. pg&e is under attack again. this time by congresswoman jackie speier. she claims that pg&e sat on money for its replacing of the pipelines. it was between 1987 and 1999. the california public utilities commission says it doesn't know what happened to the $183 million. the commission told speier that pg&e probably spent it on other things. but pg&e decided against replacing the pipelines in san bruno. it feels more like february than may.
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a winter-like blast is moving through northern california tonight. this is a live look at the sierra. a winter storm warning is in effect. and it caught more than just drivers off guard. we'll have a live report from the sierra in just 60 seconds. we start with jeff who is tracking the storm in the bay area and what to expect. >> as we've been talking about this for days. it's usually not until it gets here when something this rare happens here across the bay area that you really feel the chill. look at the highs today, where they should be for overnight lows in some cases. santa rosa, 52. walnut creek, 52. we should be near 80 degrees at imth tise of the tyearar it's c cold out there. 40s in the north bay and for parts of the east bay at this hour. two storms this week. the first storm h already mormd in. we'll look at another storm as we head through the next 48 hours. we zoom in and we're tracking the storm through the east bay.
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pan ud across the sierra, a winter storm warning where snow has been falling for the past several hours. we join richard sharp across interstate 80. it's coming down right now. we had the all-time record-setting snow this season. we've been talking about this for days. how have people been reacting to this latest blast here? >> reporter: it caught many of them off guard. we've been up here for six or seven hours. and the entire time, it's been snowing like this. at times, very blustery. the good news in all of this, it is not sticking to the interstate. they expect that to change overnight. the driving snow and wind make the trip over the summit even harder. you see the big rig off the road there. this wreck is in such a dangerous location, chp is not moving the big rig until the weather gets better. did you expect this? >> no. >> reporter: the snow caught many drivers off guard. >> it's hard to drive.
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the road is in pretty bad condition. >> reporter: long before the storm, caltrans released their seasonal employees. reducing their staff from about 200 to 75. was it a good idea? they're all on the road. however, they say since most of the snow has melted, there's a lot more room. they don't need as many heavy vehicles to remove the snow. you had to get proof that you saw snow in may. >> yeah. >> reporter: some travelers were so excited about the snow, they had to stop and take pictures. >> this is the first snow. and i'm so excited. >> reporter: what do you think of the snowstorm? >> it's pretty intense. >> reporter: caltrans said while they do expect a lot of accumulation at the top, donner summit, they have plenty of trucks in place. they're putting salt on the road. they say they can handle the storm. >> thank you so much, richard. another round coming our way as we head throughout the next 48 hours. we'll detail the time line of
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the next system coming up in the few minutes. out in force. it's a growing problem in bay area parking lots. >> a person who has a placard has to be here. >> right here on the hunt for parking cheats. we head out with undercover officers looking for drivers illegally using those disabled placards. watch what happens next as our cameras are there. also, take a picture and immediately see it on your tv. the new twist on social networking. plus, did she or didn't she lose custody of her child? new details on the mom who ti injecting her beauty pageant daughter with botox. h
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the mom who publicly bragged on national tv about injecting her 8-year-old daughter with botox, not only raised the ire of mothers everywhere. but we learned that she lost her daughter. san francisco human services launched an investigation. citing confidentiality laws in joouf i have cases, the san
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francisco human services department released a statement. investigators have cracked the biggest counterfeiting case in bay area history. police found boxes of social security numbers, fake licenses, phony credit cards. stolen information from thousands of victims. all this found inside 40-year-old michelle williams hayward apartment last week. the investigation began last january, when an oakland city worker claimed that someone had fraudulently crashed her checks. he got 20 counts of identity theft and more are expected in this arrest, too. san francisco police are looking for a man who has been using a homicide victims bank account. investigators say 52-year-old craig odens has been accessing account information belonging to 74-year-old joseph williams. williams was found dead last thursday afternoon in his
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artment on folsom street. drivers who abuse parking spaces reserved for the disabled. but the cheaters met their match during a recent undercover sting by the dmv and san francisco parking enforcement officers. >> let's go giants. >> reporter: it's the kind of san francisco day. >> programs. >> reporter: that begs you to take a midweek respite from work, to bask in the stands and root for a giants sweep of the series. >> can't wait. go, giants. >> reporter: but undercover officers, with dmv and sfmta, knows this is the kind of day that tempts people to cut corners. why stand in long lines or walk all the way down the embarcadero when you can park here with one of these? >> you see abuse all the time. >> reporter: calvin wu is a
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supervising investigator with the dmv, one of six investigators in plains clothes, looking for people like this tailgater. >> they said apparently the person who has a placard has to be here. >> and you didn't know that? >> no. >> the placard is registered to his father-in-law. and his father-in-law is in washington, d.c. right now. >> reporter: that's not going to work for the giants game today. >> no, it's not. >> reporter: strike one. >> they say i can't be using this anymore. >> reporter: strike two. whose is it? >> it's actually my fiance. >> reporter: so, you were taking a big risk today? >> yes. >> reporter: strike three. the sign warns the minimum fine is $250. but the actual cost of abusing a pack card can be 20-times that amount. >> you're looking close to $1,100. plus, if they have to go to court and they're found guilty for the misdemeanor violations, it can be up to another $3,500.
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or it could be six months in jail. >> reporter: and the punishment isn't just levied against the abuser. the placard holder gets fined too. last year, they seized 2,000 placards and the dmv took in 500 just in san francisco. the aggressive enforcement is exactly what legitimate users want to see. anna marie says her son is on dialysis. >> when they do check like they should, that makes it easier for us who really do need it. >> we gave them the benefit of the doubt. >> reporter: wu says officers will follow the placard holders to the stadium, as zach found out when he dropped off his dad. >> they're nice about it. it was really easy. >> i think that's the right thing to do. >> reporter: officers issued 17 parking tickets, 9 misdemeanor citations and snagged 12
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placards. they say the cheating game goes on. but in the long run, the house always wins. >> if you're abusing, we will catch up to you. and it will be an expensive ticket for you. >> do the right thing and you won't have to pay. let's get jeff back in here. what's the right thing for our weather forecast. >> it's for mother nature -- >> an umbrella. >> that is the right thing. i would like some 90-degree weather, please. we had upper 50s. struggled to get out of the 60s for some areas. 60 in livermore. that's for daytime highs. 57 in san francisco. and currently, we're still following some areas of showers here. very cold showers across the bay area. mainly throughout portions of the southern peninsula. around fremont. but nothing major at this point. the thing most of you are feeling out there is, of course, that cold air that continues to grip a lot of the bay area. right now, 49 in santa rosa.
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49 in napa. isolated mid-40s in the north bay. 52 in san jose. the temperatures are going to be undergoing here for tuesday are more like weapfebruary than may. we see 10 to 15 degrees below average for tuesday. and a slick commute up to the sierra if you're headed that way. we have a trough of low pressure that's so slow-moving. that's going to keep the chance of showers in the forecast all the way through wednesday at this point. only 60s expected inland. here's a look. 5:00 a.m. nothing big to start off with. the roadways will be slick. we'll have the cloud cover and isolated areas of showers that will develop. it's not until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow that the next round of rain will be arriving. that will stick around until about 11:00 p.m. tomorrow. we could see at this point about a quarter-inch of rain from the north bay to the south bay. and any areas of isolated, heavier rainfall that develop, we could get hail mixing in, as well. and look at this across the
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sierra again. five to ten inches possible in the next round as we head into tomorrow night. chains could be required if you're going up near the summit. as for tonight, mid-40s for most of us here. los gatos, looking at 46 and right up into santa rosa, napa and sonoma. tomorrow, we go slightly warmer, because we have more sunshine earlier throughout the day with the mix of clouds and the rain coming in even thing hours. 57 in san mateo. 61 in napa. and for the north bay, also upper 50s to near 60 degrees. morning time of your travel forecast on the weather channel on cable. and on your seven-day forecast, we keep a chance of showers in the forecast all the way until wednesday morning right now. then, we start to dry out and clear out as we head into friday, saturday and sunday. i'm getting mixed reviews on this. it seems like half the people want summer. and the other half of people are liking this. >> we're both happy. we're happy with whatever you
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do. >> i like this very much. >> she should be your agent. >> yes. >> all right. >> my agent doesn't like me? >> summer will come soon enough. >> your act loves you. going mobile social. how touching your phone to a tv remote control is changing social networking. also, the san francisco giants make history. the vits.wie for stents.
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trouble on the rock. two tourists had the tram collapse on them. they were riding from the dock to the prison. a 64-year-old woman suffered a cut to her face. a 41-year-old man suffered a gash to his head. both, thankfully, are expected to be okay. the giants will be the first professional sports franchise to participate an online anti-homophobia campaign, called it gets better. celebrities like anne hathaway, politicians and everyday people have posted thousands of videos on youtube to bring awareness to the continue problem of gay suicide and anti-gay bullying in schools. a recent incident at at&t park prompted the team to accelerate its plans. in april, an atlanta braves pitching coach spewed anti-gay comments at giants fans at the ballpark. he was suspended and fined. no word on which giants players will participate in this video. tonight, we know that tim
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lincecum participated in the game. he had a good streak going. >> he did. but the freight ino howt plead.
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good evening. the giants were rained out yesterday in chicago. so, their ace had to wait just a day for his start. and tim lincecum, perhaps, thrown out of rhythm because of that day. he came in the game in colorado tonight with 17 scoreless innings in a streak he took to 21 before it was snapped in a two-run fifth. then, top sixth. one of those runs taken back by andres torres. the former oakland a's pitcher. and nate schierholtz gets a two-run homer. and the giants have the lead. which itself was lost in a five-run bottom frame, where lincecum got real shaky and was taken deep by carlos gonzalez.
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the three-run blast. lincecum falls to 4-3. the a's hosting the angels at the coliseum. and patience will be the key in the short two-game set. rain canceled batting practice and delayed the game for around an hour, which has made it a late night at the coliseum. once they got going, the a's posted a three-run fifth. one of the runs scoring mark ellis. the angels scored four runs over the following two innings. and daric barton takes away the single fall, scoring coco crisp. the game went into extra innings. right now, as we speak, in the bottom of the tenth. they're still playing and tied at 4-4. a former member of the oakland a's, vin czar row gave up 14 runs in 2 1/3. no pitcher has had a worse
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outing in fewer innings. to make matters worse, he was demoted to the minors of the game. the champions of the ncaa tournament got their time with one of the biggest fans of hoops in the nation. president obama welcoming the huskies to the white house today. beating butler. kemba walker having some fun. they had a chance to talk basketball with the president, who year after year, puts together his bracket, even if it doesn't go like how he maps it out. >> on the one hand, i get to congratulate a great team and a great coach on winning the national championship. on the other hand, i'm reminded once again that my bracket was a bust. >> all right. >> join the club. >> conor jackson at the plate. co-jack ting to e thingup. m not going ho nm they win.
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san francisco. a place with natural beauty and a forward-thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today, we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. the next cool feature in smartphones. here's how it works. you take a photo with your smartphone. you touch it to your tv remote. and immediately, that picture goes to your television.
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pretty interesting. some graduate students at stanford have designed the new technology. they call it mobi-social. it's a way to get data from one device to another. they're not ready to start a company just yet. you know how this works. most likely, we'll be working for them someday. it gets to your tv quick. >> big pictures of you on my tv. >> there you go. right now. >> thank you. >> exactly. that's going to do it for us tonight. jay leno is next. >> good night. california's 9,900 public schools continue to grapple with tight budgets and ridiculously
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complicated spending mandates. now, more than ever, our schools need the freedom to spend money where it's needed. i'm suzanne shaw. with over 50 different spending mandates from county oversight to maintenance, our process of funding and reimbursing schools is inefficient, ineffective and broken. under governor schwarzenegger we begin to deregulate the system. and now, nbc calls on governor brown and the legislature, to make the flexibility in grant spending permanent. assembly bill 18 proposes to do just that. california's 43rd in per-student spending. and more cuts are coming. we owe it to our kids to do a better job with the money we have.


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