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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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"apollo 13." we are learning so much. but we want to get to today's forecast. a lot of people have to plan. here is christina loren. >> a lot of people do have to plan. i am going to help you plan your day. i know when the rainshowers are going to subside. we have showers coming down. if you need to get outdoors this morning and waking up anywhere outside oakland or san francisco, it's mostly dry out there right now. we have a few pockets of rain moving on shore but this is the best of the weather we are going to see today. by the time we hit this afternoon and you commute home, it's going to be rough out there. a lot more rain on the way. we'll break it down for you and let you know when the warming trend will arrive. >> we are seeing slowdowns coming from the altamont pass where the wind farms are and talking windy conditions around the bay area. not playing a factor in the slowdown. it's because of the volume
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increasing coming into livermore. unlike the last three commute days, slowing into livermore and slow down past airway. a typical pattern for the drive there. no major issues. the accident blocking the lane cleared from westbound 24. i'll get you a look at the golden gate bridge. the wet roads and low clouds and mist. it will be slick roadways and windy conditions. keep that in mind as you head across the bay, across any of the bridges. i'm playing with this ipad application. in the video christy is going to show you, scott had problems staying on the roadway. i don't know what the problem is. a note for the morning, do not car pool with scott mcgrew. laura, i'm going to send it over to you. >> unless you are in the driver's seat, right? thank you, mike. you want to take caution. it's windy out there. there are also changes you need
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to know about on the bay bridge this morning. that is where today in the bay's christie smith joins us live. good morning. >> good morning. when ever cal trans makes changes, they try to do it early. it's a slight change, but if you drive it every day, it's a big deal. the area we are talking about is basically all the way from there to the white barrier that you see across the road. this is on the oakland side as soon as you exit the elevated section of the bridge. some eastbound lanes are closed from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. saturday and sunday. the good news, no full bridge closure is required. the speed limit stays the same as it was. this allows crews to work between the existing bridge and the new bridge. some of the lanes are in the path of the new construction. the other thing you need to know is the new app we were talking
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about will be available today to down load. we had trouble staying on the road and upright. maybe a wii controller would help us out. this is bay bridge explorer. you can cruise the new bay bridge construction. basically, you are in 3-d. you sit in the driver's seat. it's free if you want to check it out. it will allow the bridge to open six months ahead of schedule. it will open in the year 2013. reporting live near the bay bridge, christie smith, today in the bay. >> looks like i'm driving when we go somewhere, too. thank you very much. we are going to have a lot more aboard this historic ship. we are covering the day's news and want to check in with marla tellez. i think the talker today is about former governor arnold schwarzenegger and his wife maria and shocking news coming out. >> it is. surprising a lot of people this morning.
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6:03. arnold schwarzenegger admits he had a child with a woman who worked with the family for 20 years. the child was born ten years ago. marina shriver moved out of their brentwood home earlier when arnold schwarzenegger admitted the child was his. that employee retired in january. the former governor released this statement to the l.a. times. there are no excuses and i take full responsibility for the hurt i have caused. i have apologized to maria, my children and my family. i am truly sorry. bryan stow is back in the bay area recovering at a state of the art trauma center. stow was driven by ambulance then loaded on to a private jet. he landed at sfo and was taken to sf hospital where his family was waiting. >> we are happy and relieved he's stable physically. where he's at neurologically, time will tell.
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he's showing positive signs he's getting better. we are encouraged by that. >> the family went to a fund-raiser and homecoming party at the board walk. family members say they will take turns driving from stow is from to make sure he's never alone in the hospital. >> he being treated at sf hospital, the only hospital in the area to handle head trauma such as stow's. he will be hooked up to continuous ekg monitors to treat the see sures. doctors hope to stabilize him and transition him to rehabilitation. this morning, a south bay woman is in jail in connection with a brawl in a hot spot. this woman was arrested in connection with the january beating death of joseph hernandez inside the temple nightclub on howard street. she's charged with attacking a
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good samaritan that tried to defend hernandez. here, you are looking at new surveillance video from inside the bar on that deadly night. police say they are looking for the asian man with the sleeve tattoo on his right arm seen in this video. 6:05 now. let's check in with laura, once again, live on the "uss hornet." good morning to you. >> thank you very much, marla. yes, we are aboard the "uss hornet" this morning in alameda. there's a lot of exciting things going on. we are joined by jennifer. she is the -- city manager. no, no, no. deputy city manager. we want to get the titles correct. i love it. it's charming. i got a chance to explore a little bit yesterday. you are one of the finalists to possibly get the lawrence berkeley. >> that's correct. there were 21 responses to
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attract the campus for the lab. we were one of six short-listed finalists. >> dune when you find out? >> november is when they select the preferred sight. we offered 45 acres on the land here to them for free to try to level the playing field. they own land in richmond so we wanted to level the playing field. we are offering 45 acres for free for the second campus. we are excited to have them. we think it will be a game changer for the base and the city as a whole. >> it's a good perk for both sides, if it all works out. >> absolutely. they will bring in their phase about 1,000 jobs to the city and attracting other commercial uses and using retail amenities. we are excited to have the chance to have them here. >> a new city manager taking the rains as well. >> correct. he'll be starting june 13th. we are very excited to have a
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new city manager on board. he has commitment to fiscal prudence and transparency. it's what we need now. >> sounds like things are moving along here. if folks haven't been here, there's so much to see. you know, it's a vibrant area. >> it is. we have a lot of hidden gems. out here on the base, we have, you know, vodka tasting room, a wine tasting room, rock wall winery. with views over the bay, we have one of the best in america. it brings 10,000 visitors the first sunday of the month with 800 antique dealers. >> wow. it's perfect. history can take home a bit of history as well. thank you for joining us. i know it's early this morning. the people have been hospitable. we appreciate it. some folks had sprinkles as they headed out and about. i want to check in with
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christina. >> that's meteorologist christina loren. good morning to you. it's not going to stick around that much longer. i have good news for you. by tomorrow, for the second half of the day, we are looking good. the sun will be back out. not that warm, but by thursday, the 70s return and it stays throughout the weekend. once we get through the shower activity we have now, the rainy conditions, we are going to see nice days ahead. steady rain this evening. right now, it's spotty. expect a slow, evening commute. mild days ahead. we finally see high pressure. warmer weather and sunny skies. here is what we are looking at now. overcast conditions now. areas clearing this morning. it's all gone. the clouds pushed in. mostly cloudy skies and we are ramping up the rain. more shower activity pushed on shore. the future cast shows temperatures are not going to be that warm today. we are in the 50s now.
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warm up in the upper 50s now. 55 degrees by noon in the city. this is representative of what the sky will look like. the winds kicking up as well. 4:00 p.m. the rain arrives. this is a stronger system, packing more moisture than that which came through yesterday. we are expecting ponding, areas of flooding. 58 degrees in san rafael. 60 degrees in los gatos. stay tuned for the seven-day outlook. i have the weekend numbers and i'll let you know when warm, dry days return to the bay. stay tuned for that. 6:10. i bet it's getting busy out there. >> it is. the slowdown as we anticipated. from hill crest, off hill crest to loveridge speeds in the 20s. considering the weather and the wind and rain, really not a bad commute through the area where
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680 might get hit with high winds. 40s, again through pleasanton and livermore. airway to pleasanton, we have speeds dipping as well. 17 minute drive westbound toward the dublin interchange. 880 to 92, the san mateo bridge. the camera shakes a bit, but not as much. still chp continues the high wind advisory. the puddles there. cameras shaking. the commute heading toward the peninsula. the chopper is over the peninsula as well. mill bray and 101. conditions are okay for flying, but not great. the headlights heading south. this is going to be an issue for you. the wet roads and it's a factor on and off the roads as well. a live look out from josh, the photographer off the bay bridge. they are covering issues and construction ahead and developments.
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now you can see the developing traffic on the incline. no metering lights yet. they will be turned on in a few minutes. they were turned on at 6:15 yesterday. they want to slow the bridge because of the conditions across the water. h more to l. the tour across the bay continues this morning. we are waking up on the "uss hornet" with the swinging blue stars. 4,x
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welcome back, everyone. we are aboard the "uss hornet" this morning as the tour around the bay continues.
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there's so much we are learning about on this ship and the planes. this is the "avenger". george bush flew in it when he was shot down. very interesting. there's so much to learn here. we are going to take you behind the scenes. we are covering the days news and we want to check in with marla tellez handling that aspect for us. good morning. >> good morning. it's 6:14. two tourists are recovering after the roof of a tram collapsed on alcatraz. they were riding from the dock when it hit a pipe sticking out of the wall. a woman was cut in the face and a 41-year-old man has a gash in his head. they are expected to be okay. oakland police are expected to make an arrest in the biggest counterfeiting case in the history. they arrested a woman. investigators say they found boxes of social security
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numbers, fake licenses and phoney credit cards inside the apartment last week. williams stole the identities of thousands of people. rough weather as you know, has made the start of the amgen tour of the california bike race very challenging. brian is in auburn with an update on the race that will head to the bay area tomorrow. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning to you. the race ended in modesto but starting in auburn. the 122 mile test of endurance as they get ready to head on soggy roads. that's the good news after the race had its weather challenges. you can see behind us at the start line, this is where it is set up here. take a look at the video from yesterday. an abbreviated course. it was supposed to be 133 miles
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from squaw valley to the capital. ice and snow on the road forced organizers to move to the city for a 70-mile downhill and flat ride into the capital. the sprinters would shine. it was team sky getting him to the line. it was a dual to the finish and an exciting way to end. as we look forward to stage three that starts in auburn by folsom lake toward ion and ending in modesto some 122 miles later before they head your way in the bay area. very exciting tour to follow. they are getting things going after all the weather problems that delayed things in the beginning. live in auburn. back to you. >> thank you. if i'm not mistaken they will make their way from livermore to san jose tomorrow. we'll have to see how the weather is going to be for them? >> they are going to get rain in
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auburn today. tomorrow, everything should be fine. as a matter of fact we are seeing the dry set up. it's looking good for tomorrow afternoon. past 11:00 a.m. tomorrow is when the sun will be back out over the bay. right now, we are getting a break from the rain. the doppler radar is showing nothing happening. we had a few light cells pass over. watch out for slick conditions there. overall, we are looking for another round of rain similar to yesterday. this is how it times out. stop the clock for you at 1:00 p.m. the front comes through dropping moderate rain at times. the bulk of the moisture comes through at 1:00 p.m. today and 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it's when things clear out. we'll see more spotty activity until 4:00 a.m. or 5:00 a.m. and a dry break for the day. 53 in hayward. 51 in sunnyvale. turning over to the upper 50s. we are not going to see much of
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a temperature spread. 59 degrees today in redwood city. the good news is by thursday, we are back in the 70s. we have two more coolish days to get through before the temperatures climb up to seasonal averages. 76 by friday. 68 degrees on saturday. now, i want to get back out to laura. she mentioned one of my favorite stories in history. bush senior bombed down. what are you going to tell us about that? that's a cool story. >> isn't that amazing. this is miss june, one similar to the one he was in. right and left, everywhere you turn. i was in the mobile quarantine facility. it's amazing out here. we are at alameda at the "uss hornet." my own bob redell is roaming around as well. what do you have for us, bob? >> we got a birds eye view from
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up here. good morning to you, laura. we are six decks above you. you are at the hangar deck. we are three flights babove the ship. this is the nerve center of "uss hornet." good morning to you. >> good morning. you were the officer in charge of the ship. you couldn't sit in the captain's chair. >> that's right. the only person that could sit there is the captain. he could sit anywhere he wanted to but this was his chair and his chair alone. this is the bridge, if you wouldn't mind walking with us. >> the command of the ship was done from the bridge of the ship. the officer of the deck was the person who was actually in charge on behalf of the captain, working the ship from up here. giving orders to the people
6:21 am
where we are about to go in the pilot house here. >> i think of the responsibility, the awesome responsibility to be in charge of such a large piece of machinery, if you will. so many people on board. what was the pressure like for you when you were officer in charge? was there pressure? you served during the vietnam era. >> i did. there was a lot of pressure, but you didn't realize it until it was over. i tell people i was 23 years old and in charge of a carrier and almost in charge of eight destroyers with us. it's probably the most responsible job i ever had in my life and i was 23 when i did it. it was really an interesting experience. i loved it. >> this was the wheel. rubber or wood? >> it's wood. >> it's full of brass. this controlled one of 250 horsepower engines that controlled the rutter. 429 feet of surface that you
6:22 am
turned with 150 horsepower engine. this is the guy that turned the engine. >> one person could do? >> one person could do it easy. >> this was the captain's sea cabin. the captain stayed here in the nerve center. if there was anything to happen or if the junior officers needed him, he was there close by. just a bed, a small desk and a bathroom inside. chuck, i appreciate it. thank you for your service. i appreciate the tour. laura, i want to take you back out here to the outside where we started. one deck below, i know you can't see, a certain president, president nixon once stood. i think you are going to tell us why in a bit. interested to hear that story. >> isn't it amazing out here? so much to see. rich, rich with history. thank you bob. i am down below. i'm with cindy shaw.
6:23 am
she's with the swinging blue stars bringing a taste of the '40s to us this morning. thanks for being here. >> it's our pleasure to be here. >> how long have you been together? >> we started ten years ago. it's changed over time. our newest member has been here for three years. this is a group of ladies that enjoy singing together. >> you went to pearl harbor to sing? >> in december, we were at pearl harbor and we sang at a military resort and also the army hospital. we sang for a lot, a lot of veterans. we are so pleased to do it, too. >> they are going to hit it up
6:24 am
and share with us.
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good morning, folks. justashadebefore6:27. youe youeelsee the clock change. aside from the color on 87, a note there is more traffic hitting the roadways. the lower peninsula, we are moving along the speed limit. watch 101 and 280. we end with a shot of the bay bridge, if we can. we want to send that now that the metering lights are turned on, scott. no help there. we are getting help from our friends. >> you are getting help from your friends. bin bing is trying to give competition to google. say you have a bunch of musician friends on facebook and they
6:28 am
like it. if they are bomber pilots rksz bing will figure you are looking for a different b-52. better tailored for your taste. a secret memo from the ceo got leaked yesterday talking about pinching pennies. hp moved the quarterly financials up. the executive summery is the financials were solid. hp shares were getting battered on the memo. hp probably thought our numbers are better than that and hurried the information out to try to prop up the stock. ♪ >> very interesting. thanks, scott. we are learning so many interesting things aboard the "uss hornet." we go back in time with the swinging blue stars. a lot more coming up. tob redell joins me on board,
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20 cities in 20 days, our may around the bay tour continues this morning. we are waking up in beautiful alameda. i am on board the uss hornet. so many people, countless have walked the decks. we are going to show you more behind the scenes, things you don't normally see on the grand tour of the ship. we are also checking the forecast. rain in the works this week. it is may, right? >> yeah. the average temperatures in may are typically in the upper 70s, about 78 degrees. today, 15 degrees cooler than average temperature wise. we are dealing with the showers. they ramp up for the second half of the day. spotty activity. more steady and consistent through 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. then we get a break tomorrow.
6:32 am
the seven-day outlook is coming up. 6:31. we have traffic out there. weather and traffic go together. >> the roadways are wet. this evening's commute is going to be more of an issue than now. westbound 580 around airway, report of metal debris. chp is going to check it out. watch for the slowing in liver moor. walnut creek interchange is okay. of course, remember, we have the issue that just came in there. disabled vehicle on the incline. i took a look and didn't see anything blocking the lanes. meanwhile, we go out to laura. >> thanks very much, mike. we are continuing our look at the morning commute and the later commute because it could affect you if you are crossing the bay bridge. new information there.
6:33 am
i want to check in with christy smith. she's got details. good morning. >> they are only calling it a small detour. cal trans is getting the word out early so you don't slam on the brakes and spill your coffee when you get to it. it's by the barriers you see behind me on the oakland side. mark your calendars. on may 28 and 29th, saturday and sunday, memorial day weekend, some of the eastbound lanes are closed from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. westbound into the city, not affected at all, at least for now. this detour will allow construction crews to work between the new bay bridge and the old one. now, the westbound lanes are right in the way of the new eastbound lanes coming in. also today, you can download this new app this simulates driving on the new construction going on. hopefully you'll roll smoother
6:34 am
than scott mcgrew. it's good for ipad, iphone and the like. it's called bay bridge explorer and best of all, it's free. the detour westbound next year will allow the new bridge to open six months ahead of schedule. it will be opening in late 2013. reporting live near the bay bridge, christie smith, today in the bay. >> all right. thank you very much. there is an app for everything these days. your best look at the day's news is coming from marla tellez right now. good morning. >> not an app for me, just yet. good morning to you at home. it's 6:34. police are looking for a man who fired a gun on the stanford university campus over the weekend. the man fired shots into the ground after a hip hop concert ended saturday night. officers tell the daily news they can't remember the last time they saw shots reported. police are looking for a burnt
6:35 am
orange, brown or gold two-door lexus or buick with large rims and doors that open upwards. officers don't believe the suspect is affiliated with the school. is 15-year-old boy will be in court charged with killing a san francisco high school student. he accidentally shot him at a home in san francisco. the boy told police an 18-year-old brought garbage bags and gasoline to the scene of the shooting to get rid of his body. he's being charged as an accessory to the murder. bail is set at $1 million. the trial for chauncey bailey continues this morning. lawyers for the defendant say they will call three witnesses to the stand today. it's two more than brought in during testimony last week. prosecutors called almost 70 witnesses. both men are not expected to
6:36 am
testify in the trial. they are accused of participating in the murder of bailey and two other men in 2007. at 6:35 laura has more news regarding the shocking news regarding our former governor, arnold schwarzenegger. >> yeah, i was shocked, i know. we are thinking it could have led to the decision for their recent split. john has more from brentwood this morning. >> reporter: in this day and age of social networking, the news is spreading quickly. arnold schwarzenegger, the former governor of the state of california said he is sorry for what happened and takes full responsibility. his estranged wife and former nbc news correspondent said she will not be making a comment on the story posted by "the los angeles times." the news broke after they pressed a household staff member of the family. it happened a decade ago before
6:37 am
he ran for office. the employee continued to work in their home. after he admitted the infidelity, he moved out of the mansion. shriver has remained quiet on the subject. arnold schwarzenegger made a public appearance after announcing the separation saying they love each other very much, hinting at a possible reconciliati reconciliation. they would continue to raise the four children together. >> all right. thank you very much, john. we'll have more live above the "uss hornet" but we want to check the forecast with christina. >> good morning to you. if you are catching a flight check ahead before you leave. we have showers around. low clouds forming around the airport in san francisco right now. it's one of those days, yeah, the weather could play a part. check ahead. mild by wednesday. finally, a break by wednesday.
6:38 am
let's start with what's happening here. showers pushing into the bay area. getting a bit of a break. on and off, the spotty cells move offshore. it intensifies for the second half of the day. let me show you what's happening here. a system of low pressure. it's pushed inland over the state of california. we have this trough that has to move through. it brings about another round of rain. then behind that, you can see the clouds arcing up and around a big ridge of high pressure that's going to set up for a few days warming the temps into the upper 70s. here is how it looks for today. when you take your lunch break, a dry sky at that time. by 1:00 p.m., the showers move in. they are going to last all day. steady until 1:00 a.m. wednesday. then it turns spotty. it continues to be the case for tomorrow morning. by 9:00 a.m., across the bay area, we should be nice and dry. it's what it's timing out like
6:39 am
now. the systems can speed up or slow down. we'll watch it for you. i post updates on twitter and facebook. 58 degrees for redwood city. average highs close to 70 degrees. we are well below average for today. especially up in the north bay. 59 degrees in san rafael. when will the averages be back? the seven day outlook shows you. >> thursday it is. we are looking here. the slowdown and debris reported at airway. we have a chunk of metal. slow out of the altamont pass. a nice smooth drive at the dublin interchange. the bay bridge toll plaza, it moves nicely but jamming up around the curve. the early stall cleared from
6:40 am
that segment of the roadway. sunol 680 showing slow downs. early for the slowdown but it is a tuesday. it's what we are seeing through pleasanton and fremont. the golden gate bridge, the rain. reflecting off the clouds in the area, it's not that bright. it's the reflection. use caution around the bay. laura, back to you. >> thank you very much. we are right back out here live in alameda aboard the "uss hornet." we are going t sho yheou t show connection with space exploration. imagine being in this thing for two weeks.
6:41 am
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[ waves crashing ] [ gasps ] brrrr! [ giggles ] [ sea gull squawking ]
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20 cities in 20 days this morning we are waking up in alameda. it's been a delight to tour the bay. this morning, we are aboard the "uss hornet." it's got planes and so much history. it's got nasa history as well. keith joins me now to tell us more about this. tell us about this capsule. >> this capsule never carried astronauts, but it was a test nasa used and it flew in space. they dropped it to see how it could with stand damage. what's inside the capsule you
6:44 am
are looking at now has been recreated by restoration people. this never had astronauts in it. we wanted to set it up to see how cramped the space is. >> for a couple weeks they would have spent time in there. >> yes. it took four days to get to the moon. four days back. >> what's interesting, too, that people may or may not realize, they were afraid when they came back to earth they would bring moon germs with them, so to speak. so this mobile quarantine facility was built so they went back in here. >> exactly. they didn't know what would come back. before they were picked up, they got into what we call hazmat suits today. they were brought through here. towed to this location. we painted footsteps as the
6:45 am
first steps the men on the moon walked on the earth. they stayed here until they got to houston. >> when they got to houston, they were quarantined for awhile, too. >> they were. they spent a total of three weeks in quarantine. >> interesting. when you come out to the uss hornet, you can look inside. right now, it's authorized personnel. >> i have been in there for ten minutes. i had a nasty virus. i wanted to make sure no one caught it. >> it's fascinating out here. you have been here before. >> maybe i have seen you before. you look familiar. >> we all look the same. >> what i find interesting are the footsteps. when they came on board the hornet. why did you make them walk in those exact same painted footsteps. they did so much work.
6:46 am
>> we didn't actually make them walk in those painted footsteps. it's about where it was. >> super cool. we have a lot more from "uss hornet." coming up, we are going to show folks where we are going tomorrow. i want to get a check at the rest of the day's news and check in with marla. >> thank you. it's 6:45. an alameda family is mourning the loss of their teenage son. he died after an suv hit him at the intersection of santa clara and everett street. he was pronounced dead at children's hospital in oakland. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the accident. the driver of the suv was not arrested. this morning major roadways are back open after downed power lines. just after midnight, the car crashed in power lines.
6:47 am
the roads were closed for hours until pg&e crews fixed the problem. the off ramp of highway 101 and shoreline was closed because of flooding. floodwaters were so high a woman was stranded until help could arrive. that's a look at some of the stories we are following today. now, it's time to turn to the dreary forecast. >> don't shoot the mess mess eveninger. a few spotty showers. rain is coming into the bay area throughout the afternoon. .25 inch for the north bay. after that, as we head through the second part of your tomorrow, finally, second part of your wednesday, high pressure moves in. so, we are talking a warm up toward the end of the week.
6:48 am
the temperatures will finally be back in the 70s. it's what we should be enjoying this time of year. 52 degrees in san jose. only turning over to 55 degrees at noon in the city. i think you will be able to break for lunch today without dodging showers. maybe a few pesky light renegade showers. overall, the steady rain is 4:00 p.m. for the city and 9:00 p.m. for the night by 1:00 a.m. finally getting clearing. temperature wise, take a look at how much cooler than average it's going to be. 59 in concord. 78 is the average. the good news is the averages are back in the seven day forecast. thursday and friday are going to be phenomenal days to get outside. if you didn't get a chance to do so over the past couple days, you probably won't be able to today or the first part of tomorrow. thursdays, friday and saturday, looking nice and mild. laura, i know you are a woman who likes to do gardening this weekend. it's on. >> there we go.
6:49 am
there we go. we'll hit the nursery after this. i was lucky enough to be inside the "uss hornet" today roaming around. bob redell has been exploring things in alameda county. he found a piece of history to play around with. >> most museums don't let you touch a thing. this one on webster and alameda, you can touch the items and bang against them. yeah, it tilted. >> this is the pacific pinball museum. you can come in and play as much pinball as you would like. when a stranger like myself comes in and whoops you, i'm going to take you down, do you cry? >> that's foolish, not in front of you. >> i brought a box of kleenex. >> okay. >> ready? >> yeah. >> go. >> you have 90 games we are choose from. >> rilgt. >> as you look around you can see the evolution of the pinball
6:50 am
machine. was this from the times of gangus kahn? >> this is from the depression. this is back before they themed stuff. >> this was back when hot chicks played marbles. >> right. >> this is out of the artists imagination. >> did he ever meet a girl? >> no, no, no. this can't be happening. swing over here to the 1960s, it's when we saw the metal rail. >> i'm at 13,000 you are at 11,000. >> this is an attempt to be hip. >> this is 1971. >> flower power. >> does it have residue on it? i don't have anything permeating through my skin. let me see. i don't know. could be. >> how do i tilt this? >> kind of strange.
6:51 am
i have never met a pinball machine i didn't like. this is purely mechanical, it's a baseball game. incredibly simple. there's a game you might like, it's called tic-tac-toe. it's minutes of fun. >> it's too much math for me. >> man. >> oh. pretty much doubled your score. >> 17,000. 38,000. i'll concede. >> oh. he beat you. the funny thing, though, there's probably kids watching saying what is pinball. >> yeah, i know. they're like i have angry birds on my iphone. it's where we started getting gaming skills from. >> there you go. >> there's a pinball expo at the marin county center. go to the museum is on webster in alameda. it's a fun place to go.
6:52 am
15 bucks gets you all you can play, $7.50 for kids. we have been aboard the "uss hornet all ng a ta ng a look of the map of the bay area. throw something at it and see where we are headed for
6:53 am
6:54 am
welcome back. it's 6:54. we are close to the 7:00 hour. holding steady for the back up approaching the toll plaza at the berkeley curve. there's the back up. 880 is smooth until you get to the toll plaza. you can see the folks coming off and not backed up. a live look at oakland, 880 itself. there's a light volume of traffic. you can see the camera shaking
6:55 am
because of gusty winds. it caused you to hold on with both hands. bay bridge, san mateo, a game after work. slowing by the coliseum. slowing by hayward. there's an accident on the shoulder. a car spun out and hit the wall. we end with a live look at the golden gate bridge. visibility holding steady. marla, over to you. >> thanks. 6:55. a perk for hybrid drivers is coming to an end. dmv means it this time. drivers of older hybrids drive in the car pool lanes. they expire july 1. the expiration date expired. there won't be anymore extension. 85,000 people have the stickers. they have been in effect for six years.
6:56 am
hughlet packard is in big trouble this morning. >> shares in hewlett packard in trouble. they are trying to get ahead of a negative memo that was released to the press. the numbers are not bad, but shareholders not happy. earlier, we showed you a couple guys with signed guitars part of a charity auction for children with cancer. head to or facebook to find out more. bottom line, you can bid on them to help out kids with cancer at the guitar showcase in san jose. >> what a great cause. also, bob and laura. >> good morning to you. we have had a lot of fun out here at the "uss hornet." now, we have to plan where we are going tomorrow.
6:57 am
today was alameda, tomorrow could be determined by this airplane. if i get the aerodynamics proper. three, two, one. wow. it's weird. it's defieing gravity. we are going to livermore tomorrow. >> it's so cool. i'm exciting. so much to see. so many thank yous need to go out to the great crew of the "uss hornet." come out and see them. they are going to have a big event this weekend. they also do a great thing on the fourth of july as well. go hornet they say. special thanks. let's hear a little music this morning. have a great day everyone. thanks for joining us. ♪
6:58 am
the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country,
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