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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  May 17, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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in january after working for the couple for 20 years. a source tells the times the governor has provided support for the child since birth. >> and agairngs many people wondering exactly how this secret was kept for so long. you know, before schwarzenegger made the public admission of paternity, the woman, the mother of this child told the "l.a. times" that her husband was actually the child's father. so that is the latest from here in los angeles. and with that, we'll send it back to you in the bay area. >> while we still have you, this is a bombshell announcement. last week after the separation
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one of their sons commented on twitter. any comments from the kids via any websites? >> the couple has four children together. two of the children are speaking out now. one of them is patrick schwarzenegger. he's the couple's third child. he said on his twitter account, some days you want to quit and just be normal for a bit. yet i love my family till death do us part. we believe those may be some references to some hip-hop lyrics. also the couple's oldest child catherine saying, quote, this is definitely not easy, but i appreciate your love and support as i begin to heal and move forward in life. i will always love my family. so, you know, as you might imagine, this must be very tough on those kids. >> stephanie stanton reporting for us live from los angeles. thank you for your report. it is a difficult time for the schwarzenegger family. what do you think about the former governor's affair now? share your feelings by going to our website, and clicking on the governor's story at the top of the page. a spring storm leaving its
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wark across the bay area. cold temperatures, wind and rain. let's show you what it looks like outside. that's the big bridge you can see through there. one of the places around the county and all around the bay area that's looking pretty gloomy at this hour. when is it going to end? chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here with a look at what to expect in the next few days. >> we'll see things gradually clearing out. the cold chill from los angeles into the bay area feeling more like february than may. daytime highs in the mid to upper 50s for walnut creek, los gatos and santa rosa. should be close to 80 this time of year. jet stream taking this dramatic dip helping to pile in this cold air f the bay. the next round of rain is currently arriving. winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. so it's a breezy showery activity here across the peni noa.r w also entering hayward, fremont and aredwood city. south san jose, los gatos starting to get in on shower activity as well. we will have more on how long
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that will last tonight and also more on how much snow we can expect here across the sierra coming up in minutes. okay. call it a remodel rumble. a battle between neighbors and the fight is caught on tape. this is happening in pleasanton. the house being remodeled is just east of 680 between stoneridge and las positos. kris sanchez joins us from pleasanton where police are urging cooler heads to prevail. this is normally a quiet and friendly neighborhood. what's happening now? >> it's a very quiet little cul-de-sac. construction can be hard on people with all of the noise and all of the mess. but the family that lives in this pleasanton home says their trouble started when their neighbors got a sense of what they were planning to do, which is to add the second story on this block and the troubles been escalating ever since. >> when vandals struck the lopez home sunday morning, the lopezs caught it on video. >> there was a video shot of
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three individuals taking down the port-o-potty and rung off. >> they tipped the port-o-potty, egged the cars and papered their tree. it wasn't the first time. in january, vandaled toilet papered the tree and also targeted her car writing the letters f-u and letting the air out of one of the tires. >> we never had any issues with any of our three neighbors until we submitted our proposal on june 2010 to build a two-story home. >> since then, the lopezs say relations with some of their neighbors soured when the homeowner behind them was throwing rocks. trina videotaped it, a suggestion they got from police to protect themselves. their surveillance cameras were rolling during a heated discussion between rodney and another neighbor. when someone approached the couple's 6-year-old daughter at school it was the last straw. the couple was denied a restraining order. however, police have been making their presence known in what causeer used to be a quiet cul-de-sac. >> i would like for everybody
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just to leave our family alone. it is going to happen. we're going to build a two-story home. the city has already approved it. accept it. life is too short to be dealing with this type of harassment. >> we tried to give the neighbors an opportunity to comment. one did not want to comment outright. the other said she did not have time and the third was not home when we knocked. by the way, we also talked with pleasanton police who say the first step is to communicate openly. barking dog, bad parking job, whatever that is and then to know when to let it go so that you don't end up in trouble yourself. in pleasanton, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> what a mess. thank you, kris. the chp is investigating an accident that occurred late this afternoon on northbound 880 in oakland that unfortunately a person died in. details are sketchy right now but apparently the driver lost control of his car and then the car slid off the freeway crashing into a tree. one lane of 880 was closed for a short time. the victim's name hasn't been
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released to us just yet. drivers who use the bay bridge should be prepared for a change next week. after memorial day weekend. drivers headed from san francisco into oakland will have to go through a small detour. you can see it here in the driving simulation. the project leaders say the detour will help them open the new bay bridge ahead of schedule because it allows crews to work between the existing and the new bridge. the new bay bridge is currently slated to open late 2013. today a sign that the economy may not be recovering as quickly as hoped. building permits and housing starts fell in the second quarter. housing starts in april fell 10.6% over march. that's almost a 25% drop off from last year. >> very weak growth at a time we should be seeing very robust growth coming out of a severe downturn. >> wall street had a tough day. hewlett-packard is blaming problems from japan's earthquake for cutting its financial forecast. the same disaster still affecting auto production, creating a shortage of parts. and with gas prices still sky
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high, emerging from this recession is happening more slowly than hoped. a music megastar meets a silicon valley superstar. lady gaga and her social network, she's social networking her new album. scott budman is here after spending the day in gagaville. oh, you are dressed normally. i was expecting something more elaborate. >> jessica if you are one of the tens of millions who ventured into farmville today you got some unicorns, a lot of music and you got a whole lot of gaga. ♪ the offices of zenga have been changed over from farmville to gagaville as the music icon debuts new songs online blending star you power with silicon valley's fastest growing social network. >> this is the first time you've ever seen something like this. >> reporter: zenga games are already played by 250 million people a month.
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now, thanks to the gems, unicorns and motorcycles you can find here, a new breed of fan is coming into the fold. >> lady gaga looked at this and realized this was a totally unique way to engage with her fan base. >> reporter: so zenga agreed to glam things up a little, opening the barn doors to future online promotions, one famous farmer at a time. >> you could expect many more things like this. we're trying different ways to introduce players to entertain them. >> plenty of time for you to try it. if you want to check out ponies with purple hair and sheep with chokers, gagaville will be up and running until may 26th. that's three days after the new album drops. >> raj? >> very good, scott. still to come, the videos have been sweeping the web, bringing a message of positivity to teens in turmoil. now san francisco specifically the giants, are leading the way again. also coming up, keeping
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over-the-counter meds safe with babies and children in the home. ostsen may may be making which could make their children sick. ak
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it gets better. that's the rallying cry from the san francisco giants tonight. the team signing on to an anti-gay bashing video campaign that's gone viral. joe rosato jr. shows us how it started. >> over the last few years, shawn chapen has taken his one-man cruicide against homophobia to youtube. armed with a video camera, the openly gay san francisco man has rallied against prop 8.
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created videos for the it gets better campaign in support of gay teens. >> we're sending a message in the bottle, making videos on youtube. hopefully they are watching them. i really think they are. >> reporter: when kobe bryant recently uttered a homophobic comment, he kicked off a petition campaign asking the giants to make their own homophobia campaign video. >> wouldn't it be great if a team or if a player took a proactive stance. you know, proactively reaching out to the lgbt community. >> reporter: the giants acknowledged this week they are doing just that. the team soon plans to become the nation's first pro sports team to create its own it gets better video. >> i was shocked and saddened -- >> thousands of people, including president obama have created videos, inspired by a series of suicides among gay teens. lgbt advocates say the message of support from the giants is a home run. >> it's incredibly meaningful the giants took this step to support young people who we know
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that even here in san francisco are experience something challenges and some discrimination. >> reporter: the giants plan to make the video even before chapin's campaign. now they'll join him and others in that great rally in cyberspace. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. within the hour, the lapd held a news conference updating the investigation surrounding bryan stow. as of right now, still no arrests have been made. as for his medical recovery, doctors treating bryan stow plan to give the public an update on his condition tomorrow. stow is being treated in san francisco general hospital. the only hospital in the bay area that has doctors who can handle the serious head trauma like stow's. doctors say stow will be hooked up to continuous ekg monitors so they can treat his ongoing seizures. they hope to stabilize stow and transition him into rehabilitation. we expect to get an update on exactly where stow is in that process tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. one of the accused in the chauncey bailey murder trial testified in an oakland
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courtroom today that he did not kill anyone or help kill anyone while he worked at your black muslim bakery. the triple murder, mackey took the stand in his own defense, telling the jury he had nothing to do with the killing of bailey or two other men. mackey said he was working at the bakery when the men were shot. he also said he was at home when roberson was shot. mackey said he happened upon the roberson shooting seen after police arrived after going for a walk to a store to buy candy. mackey and the bakery owner have all plead not guilty to the charges before them. santa cruz police are looking for a man who broke into a woman's apartment this morning and just watched her sleep. this is the police sketch of that suspect. he apparently came through an unlocked door. when she woke up and saw him she screamed for help. her neighbors came running causing the man to run out of the house. police said you should be locking your doors and windows at night and call 911 if you sense someone prowling in the area. hunger action day brought some disturbing statistics and
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sobering images to the state capitol today. the california hunger coalition brought in 58 life size silhouettes. you can see them there. each representing a county and how much cal fresh money disadvantaged residents are missing out on. activists want lawmakers to pass bills which will increase participation in cal fresh which is the state's food stamp program. proponents say cal fresh brings in over $2 billion in federal aid. california has the worst participation rate in the nation. >> we're here to tell the stories and hope that people won't make any more cuts to programs that actually help decide whether someone is hungry or a kid is going to bed without food. >> the hunger coalition claims nearly 20% of californians report they're unable to afford the food they need. in today's health watch, change could be coming to the way infant and children's pain relievers are labeled and the way their dosages are marks. the food and drug administration convened a panel of experts near
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washington d.c. today. panel is considering ways to streamline dosing guidelines including adding dosing guidelines for children under the age of 2 and base dosages on weight and age rather than age alone. doctors cited cases of deadly overdose with over-the-counter acetaminophen products to children. an fda spokesman said overdose often occur because parents make common mistakes. >> not reading the package, not understanding the package. or making assumptions about the last product that you used is the same -- the instructions will be the same for this product. and we think that there's a lot that fda can do to help minimize that. >> recommendations are expected tomorrow. the fda is not required to follow the advisory panel's advice, but it often does. men might want to order another cup of coffee after hearing this. it might lower your risk of prostate cancer. the harvard school of public health studied nearly 50,000 men over the last decade. men who drank the most coffee,
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six cups a day had a 60% lower risk of developing prostate cancer and 20% lower risk of develop anything form of the disease. benefits came from both decaf and regular coffee. >> and they were very, very pepy peppy as well. >> may have needed that extra cup to just stay warm with the cloud cover and temperatures around 15 to 20 degrees below where they should be. 56 in oakland right now. and, well, a lot of visibility issues here as planes trying to take off from san francisco with a lot of low clouds shrouding the views. also the rainfall, past 24 hours, sonoma with 0.67 and 0.20 in san jose. the more south you went, the lesser the rainfall. our next storm system is moving in. rainfall beginning to pick up across the peninsula. for those across the mountains, getting into san francisco,
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getting in our showers. sporadic showers in the peninsula from redwood city up to san mateo. currently dry in san mateo. atherton ave and palo alto proper. and we're going to be seeing more of this activity continue here throughout the south bay, including south san jose. santa cruz and los gatos throughout tonight with our latest storm system. also winter storm warning up across the sierra. snow level at about 5,000 feet. and we're looking at total accumulations that are going to be around 10 inches at about 5,000 feet. otherwise, right now, numbers are cold. 52349 livermore. 57 in novato. 58 in santa rosa. should have temperatures in the upper 70s this time of year right now. but way off the mark. we're going to see things tomorrow still stay cool and below average. a chance of showers in our forecast. and then ahead, we are looking at some slight warming again. not much. you can see there. i'm not raising my fingers apart too wide there. take a look here at our trough
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of low pressure is going to continue to push off toward the south. that will bring that flow of cooler air in place over the next 48 hours. we'll dry out thursday. we're not expecting a big warm-up coming our way. 60 tonight. of course, that rainfall continues to move in. by 11:00 p.m., the rainfall is still with us here throughout the north bay, south bay and east bay. by 4:00 a.m. we'll see that chance of scattered showers lingering into tomorrow morning. the commute tomorrow is still going to be slick and also wet. by 11:00 a.m., though, we start to clear out. we start to get some sunshine there on wednesday and it looks a lot better for us. if you are heading to the sierra, watch out. winter storm warning in place. overall, we'll see about two feet of snow near the summit from the past two storms. unbelievable. our numbers tomorrow go up a little bit. some sunshine by the afternoon after we clear out from some morning showers on wednesday. 65 in livermore. 64 in dublin. pacifica, 58.
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63 in san mateo. 63 in san francisco. and low 60s from marago to benicia. sonoma valley expecting temperatures in the mid-60s. you can see in our seven-day forecast, we start to warm things up into the low 70s. i call it mild, not hot, unfortunately. >> better than today. >> yes, yes. >> so we're going to warm it up just a little bit, as i said earlier. that's all i can give you. >> we can hang with that. >> good. >> a big day for bay area-based netflix. up next, the milestone. you've heard of unique baby names. abhow outht how about isth one inspired by facebook. see if you like it. stay with us. o
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a live look in downtown livermore. the city is buzzing getting
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ready for the arrival for tomorrow. the 2011 amgen bike tour. they'll be invaded by hundreds of bikes. tonight, livermore getting ready to throw the party. restaurants, shops and bars having a bike night event featuring bike themed food, drinks and art. as for the race, it begins at 11:00asm m. tomorrow morning from livermore's iconic flagpole plaza. from there, cyclists will bike 81 miles to the south in san jose where they'll endure three grueling hills along the race route. netflix movies are now taking up more web traffic than internet surfing. it's 30% of traffic in the north american homes during peak evening hours. web browsing takes up less than 17%. watching movies and tv shows online takes up a lot of bandwidth compared with web surfing. netflix growth doesn't mean overall net traffic is growing. just the type of traffic has d.>>if shifted.
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this baby is getting a lot of traffic online. she's only 1 week old. see if you like her name.
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there are a lot of people who like facebook. but how many people actually name their baby after it? itll, meet baby like as in the like button on facebook. her israeli parents say they chose the name because it's short, sweet and unique. the news quickly spread on facebook. she has her own page and more than 1,000 people like baby like. is that bad? when she's older she can change it. >> thanks for joining us.
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brian williams joins us next with "nightly news." who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda.
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