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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 17, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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now. good evening and thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. it's hatfield and mccoy type fight playing out in the most pleasant of cities. mt. pleasant prides itself on the family feel. but a family's quest to build a dream home has been met with the most unfriendliest experience. >> reporter: this has been going on for the last couple of months for the lopez family. you can see toilet paper dangling from the branches. for this family that lives here, they feel threatened. watch closely and you'll see three people tipping a contractor's port-a-potty being tipped over. vandalism? yes. >> in is the second time this
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has occurred. the first time happened in the beginning of january. >> reporter: they say the vandalism coincides with the mile stones of construction to put a second story on their home. >> the bar is being set higher by these individuals and by them throwing eggs at our car, the tee-peeing that was done, yeah, it's escalating. >> reporter: the hammers and saws started only two weeks ago but the lopez's say the trouble started when they submitted their plans last summer. this is video of a confrontation with neighborhoods. treen na says a third neighbor harassed her 6-year-old daughter at school. pleasanton police have increased the patrol in an effort to keep the peace but it's important to communicate early and also when to let go. >> if something had gone through
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the proper channels and properly permitted and everything, now you really don't have a whole lot of choice to move on. you're going to be neighbors. you need to do what you can to repair any damage that you've done from an interpersonal stand point and you're going to be there a long time. you've got to make it work. >> reporter: that's the plan for the lopezes who decided to add on instead of move away it's our dream. we still have wonderful borrows here. >> reporter: eventually there will be a second floor on this home. now, we did reach out to the neighbors who seem to be the ones that are objecting the loudest to the lopezes. one did not have time to comment and one did not want to comment at all and the third was not at home. in pleasanton, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> this story was sent into us by one of our viewers. we're always eager to hear what is going on in your neighborhood. send them to news tips.
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from bad to worse, the san francisco police officer accused of stealing items from a home after a drug arrest has been caught on a new video allegedly doing the same exact thing. san francisco's public defender released this video today. it shows that two of the officers who walked into the julian hotel empty handed came out carrying bags. the contents were reportedly never booked into evidence. 64-year-old jesus, who was i illegally searched says that the officers stole a laptop and a camera. >> i asked if they had a search warrant and they just ignored me. while they were searching i was outside by the hallway and during the search they asked me is this your laptop? i said yeah. >> less than a week ago, video was leased back in december at
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another hotel. the response says all of the officers in this case have been taken out of plain clothes. some have been reassigned to administrative duties while the investigation is being conducted. i want to emphasize that these officers have the same rights as any other citizen. they are assumed innocent until proven guilty. now, this story is making international headlines. true lies, former governor arnold schwarzenegger is on damage control tonight after confirming he did father a love child with a married household staffer who worked for the family for 20 years. patrick healey has the new details tonight and who is speaking out. >> reporter: arnold schwarzenegger was seen walking in ocean park. no comment on the way in. the day-long presence of the bentley convertible that he drove here, supporting the belief that remains here and the unexpected revelation of an out of wedlock child. this was kept secret during his
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entire seven years as governor. only now are we finding out that during all of that time and at least two years prior as well schwarzenegger was supporting a household employee's child that he had fathered. the employee continued to work in the schwarzenegger household in the gated community, departing only this year with severance eafr 20 years with the family. after leaving the governor's office i told my wife about the event which occurred over a decade ago, acknowledged schwarzenegger in a written response. the statement continued, i understand and deserve the feeling of anger and disappointment among my friends and family. there are no excuses and i take full response for the hurt that i have caused. i have apologized to maria, my children, and my family. i am truly sorry. it was the second time in a week that schwarzenegger had addressed his crumbling marriage, having acknowledged the separation after it became known a week ago. >> we take it one day at a time.
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>> reporter: a written statement today from maria, now separated from him, begins this is a painful and heartbreaking time. as a mother, my concern is for my children. i ask for compassion, respect, and privacy as my children and i try to rebuild our lives and heal. i will have no further comment. legal analyst. >> i think maria shriver is a confident, strong person. i think she'll focus on her children. >> reporter: minutes after 4:00 prk m., schwarzenegger emerged from the underground parking. he drove forward through the cameras without saying a word, pulling into the left lane to go around the crowd and disappeared down main street. >> that was patrick reporting from los angeles. this story continues to develop. we'll update you on the story tonight on our 11:00 newscast. well, let's talk about the weather now and the spring that has failed to actually spring. may feeling and looking more and more like february all across the bay area. we have team coverage for you tonight. marianne has a look at the
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critters that could be making an appearance with the latest round of rain. we're going to kick it off with jeff ranieri with why we're having this february-like season s anm dbout the jet stream and it should be pushed well to the north but it's pushing well to the south leaving us with visibility like this. little to nothing in the way of sunshine outside right now. not only that, but the cold temperatures. this is where we should be for overnight lows in many caseswi with only 55 in santa rosa, 55 in november vat toe and 58. the jet stream dipping as far es south as central california that is dropping temperatures some 10 to 20 degrees below average. and as we zoom in, the latest storm system is arriving and pushing rainfall right across em oakland where the a's are going to be tonight. we're seeing activit in san iv frciscand forci fremont, over
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cherry street, jarvis, and spotty showers in evergreen near south white road. we'll have more coming up here on the south bay and tracking this activity and also, look at this, sierra winter storm warning. look how much they are going to get in the next 12 hours coming up. >> did we mention critters there before? >> yes. >> so this next story about the critters. wet weather is keeping more than just the gardens green. it's setting up a surge of critters. >> marianne joins us. my yard is full of spiders and i even saw a rat out there yesterday. >> reporter: your yard, my house. i have lots of spiders, too, jessica. i'm here at the santa clara county vector control office. it's their job to monitor all of the pets and critters in our area and experts tell me that this rain is definitely going to bring out more snakes and
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spiders that pose a risk. >> bear was bit right here on his nose. >> reporter: his owner had her own close encounter on this trail in the foothills near her south san jose home. >> on our way down, my girlfriend and i were discussing what we would have done had one of us been bit by a rattle snake. >> >> reporter: look what a rattle snake did to this man's finger. more mice and rats means more food for the rattle snakes and that has increased the rattlesnake population. but they are not the only critters making an appearance in the bay area. you probably noticed spiders in your home. >> we have, of course, the black widow, which can have a painful bite that is similar to a bee sting. there is also the yellow sacks fighter that can bite. >> reporter: that can cause the
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surrounding tissue of your skin to die. at santa clara county vector supply, they say since west nile virus has already been detected in the south bay. >> we're already up to four positive birds that were detected with west nile virus. not just from one location but four separate locations. >> reporter: don't forget, disease carrying ticks. >> the lyme disease is still present and we're getting 1 to 2% infection rate. >> reporter: the rain and cool weather is keeping many insects and pests quiet. as soon as it warms up, experts warn we'll be sharing our space with more mosquitos, snakes, and spiders. >> reporter: if you do find a spider or insect in your home
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and you're not sure what it is, bring it down to vector control and they will help you identify it. marianne, nbc, bay area news. >> marianne, thank you. los angeles police announced this afternoon that the reward in the brian stowe beating case has doubled. the reward is up to $200,000. as for leads, the case is luke warm at best. despite 500 tips from the community, no firm leads have developed. meanwhile, doctors here in the bay area and in san francisco plan to update the public on stowe's condition tomorrow morning. he's been in a coma ever since being attacked at dodgers' stadium on march 31st. he was flown to san francisco just yesterday from los angeles. well, still ahead at 6:00, a new detour announced at the bay bridge. she never thought she would be able to have children but her fertility was saved by taking
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the pill. and then cracking down on some dog owners. the bay area company that will rsy.particular offventro cothtinne ecmaono t ntroversy. the connecti wono wmesoell known restaurantsme and nancy
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pelosi. we're back in a moment. eleofeff
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accusations flying over the implications of president obama's health care plan. it's dubbed obama care by gop opponents. 20% of the waivers issued went to luxury hotels, restaurants, and spas. that has prompted many in the gop to pounce, calling it political favoritism. vicky wynn is here.
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>> this all started with an article in the conservative leaning website called trendy posh clubs saying that these businesses did not have much in common with other companies that have received the waivers. the author cites a steakhouse that served a $15 porter house, true spa and landmark blue and gold fleet as the latest recipients of these health care waivers. they are getting a year-long ex sem shun to the health care plans that they offer. sarah palin jumped on board calling it corrupt. john boehner called for more transparency in the process. the white house was quick to fire back saying that a list of the waiver recipients and explanation of the process has always been available to the public on the government's website. the administration clarified that health and human services,
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the agency that grants these waivers, has approved 1300 requests all cross all sectors. shs has only turned down about 100 requests. others have pointed out that many low-wage workers in san francisco are protected under the waiver because without it they would lose the basic health care coverage they already have. >> now, of course, this all ends in 2014 when the waivers will no longer be valid but by then the goal is to allow all americans to shop for the coverage that they can afford once the new law is fully in effect. it's a topic that invites scrutiny and debate. dog owners beware. a new rule in contra costa county. the board unanimously passed a bill and rule that dogs picked up by animal control officers who have a history of being
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caught unintended will be surgically spayed or neutered. the law goes into effect in june. and a sad story from the south bay. a falcon chick has died. the only female falcon was killed on sunday afternoon making her first attempt to fly. according to biologists, she made a play for the pigeon that her mother brought back for a meal. her wings were not developed enough and could not handle the flying and grabbing for the food at the same time. she then fell and crashed to the city hall row opportunity da. she was only 40 days old. that is such a sad story. drivers should be ready for a change. drivers headed from san francisco to oakland are going to have to go through a small detour. this is video of that minor
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detour. simulation of what it will look like. the detour will help them open up the bay bridge ahead of schedule because it will allow workers to work between the existing and bay bridge. it's slated to open in late 2013. it's the tour of california on bikes. the eight-day bike tour enters theourth day tomorrow. the halfway point. and here it comes. racing into the bay area, the race is often compared to the tour de france. it's one of the most south after races in the world. sunday's start of the race, you might know isth, had to be canceled due to the snow at lake tahoe and today there was also rain on the route between auburn and modesto. this is how it looked on the ground and from the air in the state capital today. tomorrow, when stage four of the race begins, it will be in livermore in 81-mile route to santa clara county. the cyclists are going to have to deal with three grueling
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hills. one of them is on the backside of mt. hamilton. it won't be easygoing downhill either. the dissent is treacherous. here we are with the rain again. >> i know. it's unbelievable. squaw valley is open for skiers right now. unbelievable. they are not expected to open until may 30th. our latest wild winter blast, it is spring. these conditions are winter like across the bay area and continue as we zoom in on the radar, areas of moderate showers from novato down to san rafael on highway 101. we have showers in san francisco and oakland. the a's are getting under way on comcast sports net and there is shower activity from walnut
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creek down to dublin. spotty showers from south san jose into evergreen. it's not a major storm but it is very, very cold and the roadways are slick. only mid-to upper 50s from redwood city to los gatos to 60 in livermore. we're going to be in the 40s in no time. unbelievable. right now, low 50s and 20 degrees off the mark. wet and breezy for tonight with the latest system that moves in. it's not very organized but it's producing rainfall for the entire state at this point. for us, over the next 12 hours, we're looking at a quarter of an inch, maybe half an inch for parts of the east bay and you can see here for the sierra, five to ten inches of snowfall at about 5,000 feet. very, very remarkable here for lake tahoe to see this kind of activity. very cold in the north bay. 40s for the east bay and for the south bay, close to 50 degrees and not too much warming
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tomorrow either. it's not going to be warm by any means. however, i have 70s coming up. when did 70 degrees feel so hot? i don't know. right now, i guess. >> right now. all right. thank you, jeff. still ahead tonight at 6:00 -- >> i'm scott budman. a pop star using silicon valley technology to debut her new song and that's why we've got tractors mixing with unicorn balloons. the story is coming up. >> that should be interesting. also coming up, taking aim at harvey milk day. why one group says it's being taken too far. what do the giants haha in common with the president, movie
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stars and a few pop singers?
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making history while taking on a serious subject. a state lawmaker is speaking out tonight against a salary he
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says is not only outrageous but maybe illegal. william light bourne is the new service director in california. he's scheduled to make $343,000 a year. assembly man said that he will make more than the governor and $50,000 more than the person he's replacing. >> but the state should not be financing that lifestyle, especially when governor brown is asking hardworking californians to pay higher income tax, sales tax, and car taxes. >> now, supporters say that he's the perfect man for the job. they are asking for copies of the communication. 6.6 billion, that's how much more money the state expects to collect in taxes than previously forecasted. so the question is, does that end our budget nightmare? larry gersten joins us now. the governor says we will be in
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the hole next year, too, doesn't he? >> yes. we are not out of the woods yet there. is no question about it. we're still $10 billion short, according to the alleged office of the corporate affairs. $10 billion. this comes after we chopped out $11 billion. we've cut out $11 billion in the budget and still $10 million short. >> now, ne had a hard time getting the people willing to go along with this. somehow that we have more money than anticipated than their willingness to do it at all? >> this is going to make it much harder for governor brown. it's good news that we have the money but it's hard for them to have that vote. why? because republicans are going to say, look, hey, if we wait long enough, everything is going to be okay. it's growing this economy. we'll probably close that gap, if not all but most of it. brown says, of course, we can't wait. we can't count on something that
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we don't have and so if we don't do this, the failure to bridge that gap is still 2, $3 billion short and all of the social services will be decimated even further. >> so what is going to happen next and do we anticipate brown to go ahead and move forward with the taxes and let the voters decide whether to rescind them later on? >> so far they have been incredibly well organized. i think we may be seeing the beginning of some sort of delicate compromise. brown wants extension on income taxes, motor vehicles, and sales taxes. so that may be that the republicans say, okay, we'll give you a short-term extension on perhaps the motor vehicle taxes and the sales taxes. the rest we're counting oncoming in. that's the kind of thing that we may be moving towards. >> aren't they also insisting on seeing more cuts on the
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democratic side? >> absolutely. that's why the five billion will say, we'll document all that they need. that would be the good faith effort. we know one thing. we have four weeks to go. four weeks, $10 billion gap. something is going to have to happen. >> and so the saga goes on. larry, thank you for filling us in on the drama that is california politics. still ahead at 6:00, one woman's story on how birth control helped her conceive twins. also, better check your smartphone. which popular phone can put you at risk for cyber attacks. >> i think it would be great for sports to reach out to all sorts of people, no matter what the sexual identity is. >> making history. the san francisco giants become the first pro sports franchise to join the campaign against bullying tonight, you'll hear from the man that started the
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petition to get the giants
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involved. >> well, with the world series under their belt, the san francisco giants are playing a lot of roles these days and not all of them are on the field. they will soon be take talking about young, gay, lesbians and transgender men and women. >> reporter: the san francisco giants, certainly celebrities on and off the field, they are starring in a showtime reality show. but now they will play a prime role in a different kind of video. >> i was shocked and saddened -- >> reporter: president obama is among hundreds of celebrities who created videos for the it gets better campaign, the campaign that shows support for teens. >> i think it would really be great for sports to reach out to all sorts of people, no matter what the identity is.
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>> reporter: giants fan shawn has taken its own one man to the internet. after kobe bryant was caught saying an anti gay slur, the giants acknowledged that they are doing just that. >> i'm very, very proud to see the san francisco giants taking a very courageous stand to really be true leaders out there and accepting all kinds of people. >> reporter: they are the first group to create a, it gets better group. >> it's incredibly meaningful that the giants took this step to support young people who we know that even here in san francisco our experiencing some challenges and discrimination. >> the it gets better campaign was inspired bay series of teen suicides. they planned to make a video
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even before the petition drive. now they are all lining up on the same sideth of e field to send a similar message of hope. nbc bay area news. >> new tonight at 6:00, when harvey milk day is recognized this sunday, a group of parent activists are urging parents to keep their children home from school. the group, called save california, says honoring the late gay advocate means that students will be exposed to a lifestyle most oppose. >> he was a notorious gay activists who believed in gay marriage, cross dressing, sex change operations. >> harvey milk day, as i say, when he is doing his best to hold on to the era that has long passed.
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he is history. >> his birthday will be celebrated not just in california but around the world. >> granny is 300 years old and now residents in the peninsula neighborhood are trying to save her. granny is a 300-year-old valley oak tree. officials are meeting with the san francisco public utilities commission to see if there's a way to save the tree. this is in o menlo park. it stands in the way of $4.6 billion project to upgrade the water supply system. neighbors say they want to hear more alternatives to cutting down granny. some believe installing the pipeline beneath the roots, even though granny is 300 years old, it's in excellent health. the city council could do away with gang injunctions. supporters feel that they keep the neighborhood safe, too.
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injunctions are a fompl of racial profiling. san francisco's district attorney is launching a different kind of justice. today neighborhood prosecution for the crimes addressed by the local courts. think will immediately prescreen complaints and swiftly determine whether the offenses are suitable to be heard. the u.s. navy will name a cargo ship after caesar chavez tomorrow. not everyone is happy about it. there are many other people out there that better honor the hispanic contribution to the united states. chavez served in the u.s. navy and founded the united farm workers in the 1960s and as the work continues through the foundation. he died in 1993 and named his
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compound near vicalia a u.s. historic. a local company now about to go public, hauling in some big time money. business and tech reporter skod budman is linked in to the upcoming deal. i remember in the old days you used to come in here after going to all of the ipo parties. >> one after another. who knows, they may be coming back. linkedin may be the first to rip through the area. the company expects to raise around $340 million by selling stock warning weaker than expected sales. a setback for android phones.
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virtually every android phone out there is susceptible to attacks if you use anandroid phone, you use only protected spots that you know and trust. your favorite online video game may have looked like it was hacked into today. but, no, it was supposed to have flying unicorns and sheep on motorcycles. because today the hottest company was taken over by the world's hottest pop star. lady gaga's new song on speakers and heather's desk like the rest of the office has been given a gaga-like makeover. lots of unicorns and disco balls and that sort of thing as lady gaga moves on to the farm. >> we're on the edge of
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something new here. >> reporter: what is new is the promotion, welcome to gaga land. style meets the social network. >> this is like something that you have never seen before, to get a pop icon to introduce their music. >> an entire field devoted to you. you thought these games took up your time before, just wait. >> the reason people spend a lot of time on farmville, it's because they love farmville. what we are already seeing, because we are talking to our players, is that a lot of players are actually coming back to farmville to play more because of this. >> it's a new tune where sheep ride motorcycles and unicorns dominate the workplace. >> somewhere around 250 people
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play these games. be prepared for more music to muscle its way on to the farm in the future. jess and raj raj? >> a huge comeback. thank you. still ahead, she thought she would never be able to have a baby but her fertility was surprisingly saved by birth control. we'll have that story coming up for you. and our winter chill continues across the bay area. even though the calendar is flipped into today, only in san f nccois and south bay,co 68. a cold start coming our way. we'll talk more about sierra
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snow andhe amazing totals in
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just a few minutes. it certainly sounds counterintuitive f you're one of the thousands of women taking birth control pills, you're
6:41 pm
likely giving your reproductive health a boost. >> monica dean from our station in san diego has the story. >> i thought i was going into quick surgery for a tumor on my ovary, work up two hours later to being told that i have cancer. >> life changed for wendy. the doctor's words were devastating. >> hearing the worst situation of your life, you're never going to have any kids. >> reporter: in hopes of preserving her fertility, her doctor prescribed birth control pills. >> he said take birth control pills to protect your ovary during chemo. >> there are many reasons to get on the pill and stay on the pill and only get off the pill when it's time to get pregnant. >> reporter: dr. samuel wood is an endo krin nol gist who specializes in infertility. >> actually taking the birth
6:42 pm
control pill reduces the chance that you're going to be infer till later and reduces the chance that you're going cancer. >> she stopped taking the birth control pills and was pregnant almost immediately. >> off the pill, one cycle, and then pregnant and one ovary and chemotherapy. amazing. >> what is interesting is that most people are worried about having a lower fertility after stopping the pill as opposed to being hypo fertile. >> reporter: the pill -- when a woman stops the pill there is a surge in the hormone often causing the ovaries to release more than one egg. it wasn't long before she found out that she was having twins. >> oh, my god, i have to call my husband and tell him that i'm having twins. or that we're having twins. >> reporter: the doctor says it's not surprising. if you conceive within three to six months after stopping the pill, you increase your chances
6:43 pm
of having fraternal twins by 70%. >> it doesn't seem to matter what pill it is. you see that increased rate when you stop birth control pills. >> reporter: twins are a blessing for which he is grateful. >> god gave me a beautiful gift. i mean, he gave me a second chance at life and i have twins and a boy and a girl. i mean, i am a great husband. i couldn't ask for anything more. >> and those babies are adorable. that red head is so cute. >> giants and sharks? >> and the giants fleeing colorado. last. >> part of the trouble that the rockies were given to the giants, at least it wasn't weather related and playing in the rain like the a's and san francisco giants last night who were in a marathon thriller.
6:44 pm
plus, hopefully the sharks will get a good night's sleep on the eve of game two. we check on them coming up in sports. and lawrence, some more rain tonight at the coliseum. ca e n seclthin and you can see the clouds currently overhead. we'll let you know when it will clear out and when 70'rs will
6:45 pm
return in a few minutes. if
6:46 pm
did we hear rumors that the skies would part and sunshine and 70 degrees would come our way? >> i didn't hear that rumor. >> who would know? >> it's true, raj. you're always looking towards that sun. we're going to have to wait a while for that to get here. the rain totals unbelievable. some of the numbers have doubled and tripled what we should see for the entire month of may when it comes to rainfall. santa rosa with almost three quarters of an inch in the past two days and san francisco at 36. it was 20 degrees off the mark for the inland areas. livermore, 60, gilroy, 58, 65 in santa rosa and 55 in san rafael. let's get you to the radar. the latest storm moving in is very disorganized. the rain is stretching across most of california at this point. we're following showers around petaluma through sonoma which brings us to the jazz festival.
6:47 pm
i have an e-mail from james in sonoma. make sure to check that out. nbc bay area is one of the sponsors. in the east bay, showers across walnut cream and danville. let's take you in closer. pleasant hill down to walnut creek, also eckley lane. interstate 80, highway 50, snow level at 5,000 feet. temperatures only in the low 30s and the winds southwest at about 15 miles per hour. we'll see that snow continue as we head throughout tonight. event clearing here by wednesday evening. everyone in the 50s from the north bay down to the south bay. scattered rainfall in the forecast. still cool for wednesday. morning showers ahead. we've got slight warming in your forecast. some sun and 70s. raj, as we mentioned, we're looking forward to that.
6:48 pm
cooler in the next 48 hours and 60s inland and for thursday it's going to be drying and warming. it's probably not the kind of heat that many of you would like to be having this time of year. let's get a look throughout 11:00 p.m. tonight where we could pick up an additional quarter inch of rainfall. 4:00 a.m., showers for the east bay. that will continue for the morning commute. by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, most of this should push to the south. we'll get clearing and breaks of sunshine in here as we head into tomorrow's forecast. tonight, it's going to stay cold with mid-to upper 40s and for tomorrow we're going to warm it up aittle bit here. we'll get more sunshine after the afternoon hours. 65 in palo alto. for the peninsula, san mateo, atherton, palo alto, all low to mid-60s and we'll start off with a slick commute. by the afternoon, things will be
6:49 pm
warming on up. 63 in santa rosa. 65 in lakeport. raj, here's your sun and 70s. >> there it is. >> it's a rumor. >> it's true. >> right in time for the giants and a's on friday night. >> that's right. we're looking at mid-70s inland and at the ballpark it will be cool and in the 60s. no rain in the forecast. >> that's the way it is supposed to be. that's the way they like it. >> exactly. yes. >> squaw valley is open, skiing through the end of the month. >> may 30th. >> unbelievable. >> still have two weeks. i've been trying to get up there all year. >> let's get lawrence scott in here now. >> good evening. the giants couldn't get out of colorado fast enough. it was only a two-game series. another loss in the shuffle. colorado down one in the jonathan sanchez offering sent past the fence and left.
6:50 pm
the solo shot tieing things temporarily. this one of three earned runs yielded by sanchez. pat berl puts the giants back and the lead wasn't safe. after the game was tied at 3 in the eighth. carlos sanchez unties it for good. the two rbi single off of javier lopez. the giants started another game. the oakland a's are getting right now for the angels as we speak. last night the weather making for a late night rain. cancels batting practice and then delayed the game for around the hour and continued throughout the evening for the
6:51 pm
angels to take a one-run lead cocoa crisp and 5-4 in ten. we were done with the 11:00 p.m. news when all of this happened. in san jose, the giants with a soggy end and the broken robot or one singular sensation. later this game went 18 innings. a lot of it in the rain. five hours and 38 minutes until just before 1:00 a.m., a san jose rallies for a 10-9 win, scoring four times in the 18th. you don't hear that much. fans that stuck around got in and out coupons fit for the free. the sharks are evening their series. another tune-up before game two. they are two evenly matched teams. the margin for error is slim.
6:52 pm
you've got to love the playoffs. the sharks have experienced a lot of resolve and focused on the task at hand. >> it's a big game. it's a huge game for us. i think we want to go back on 0-2 and we really have to play a lot better tomorrow night. >> you can have all of the skill in the world f you're not prepared and committed to doing it harder and longer than the other team, eventually they will win out. once that skill decides that it's going to compete hard, again, it doesn't guarantee a win but gives a lot better chance. >> comprehensive coverage of y every bay area team. the teams that you care about that go deep with sports net central. before the start of the western conference finals in the nba, the draft lottery held tonight in new york, the warriors had a
6:53 pm
top chance at the pick. a 1% chance. the team's fate and luck in the end when it was announced that it fell into the expected statistical so drama for which team would have the topic. timberwolves and cleveland owner, the lucky charm. eventually they got brighter future. here's a look at the nba draft order. the t-wolves will be second andp jazz and then cavaliers and warriors 11th.
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>> okay. we'll be right back.
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♪ i just can't stop >> no, they can't stop. the battle rounds continue on "the voice" and the coaches joined forces with music advisers for a little guidance. tonight, they pit two of their own team members against each other what they are calling a dualing duet. it's one of the highest debuts. it airs tonight at 10:00 on nbc bay area. following "the voice," it's the hottest ticket in the
6:57 pm
nation. we take you inside one of the last tapings for oprah winfrey. her parting words to her fans. and forget clipping coupons. that's a things of the past. it's all about clicking to save money. experts cut their shopping bills in half, no kidding, but they know where to look. we're going to share with you secrets tonight right after "the voice." >> but, first, our 7:00 show with brett canon. >> grab your remote and click over to comcast 186. tonight we'll talk with the reporter that has been following the schwarzenegger love child since back in the recall day. we'll also talk about the amgen tour of california. they have a race tomorrow. and then an exclusive on caesar chavez. we'll talk to his family members about how they are going to name a navy ship after him tomorrow. an exclusive interview with a family member tomorrow. we'll see you at 7:00 and
6:58 pm
see you again at 11:00. >> bye-bye. california's 99 public schools continue to grapple with tight budgets and complicated spending mandates. now more than ever our schools need the freedom to spend money where it is needed. i'm suzanne shaw. with over 50 spending mandates from county oversight to manned ne maintenance, it's inefficient, ineffective, and broken. we begin to deregulate the system and now we call on governor brown and the legislature to make the
6:59 pm
flexibility on grant spending permanent. assembly bill 18 proposes to do just that. simplify school finance. california's 33rd per pupil spending and more cuts are coming. we owe it to our kids to do a better job with the money that


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