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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 18, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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garcia-cannon. and livermore already alive with activity this morning as we're awaiting the amgen california bicycle tour. very exciting out here. first a look at your forecast. i had some rain driving in. good morning, christina. >> good morning to you. yeah, you'll likely encounter some raindrops on your drive if you're leaving right now as well. we have some light scattered showers still situated over the bay area, mostly in the east bay, a little more pushing onshore along the peninsula now, but this isn't going the case all day long. we'll get a break from the rain later on today. i'll let you know when and then a warming trend that will bring our temperatures up into the 70s. that's all coming up. first, 5:00 a.m., you've got to drive through the showers. i bet it's messy out there. >> it is. some friends got hit early this morning at 4:00, 4:30. things have calmed down a bit but you'll see some puddling. watch for reports coming on those transition ramps but so far they seem okay. right here the castro valley y,
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the rain playing a factor as well. no incidents reported approaching the san mateo bridge. a look at the camera shows you even though the san mateo bridge doesn't have a wind advisory, the camera is shaking. laura, you're outside. hopefully you're sheltered from the wind. we'll send it back to you. >> yeah, not too bad out here, thank you very much. we're also covering the day's news this morning. big oil will still get those billions of dollars in tax breaks while you and i are still paying upwards of $4, over that, at the pump this morning, but republicans are hoping to block a vote to end those tax breaks. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., with what's going on. good morning. >> reporter: hi there, laura, good morning, everyone. they actually did block that vote last night. democrats came up eight votes short of being able to move it forward. their point was this, democrats' point was this. big oil companies, the five
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largest in this country, made $36 billion in profits just in the first few months of this year. they can afford to give up $2 billion in tax breaks. but republicans said and argued successfully, according to this vote, that if they have to pay more in taxes, they'll just move that business and those jobs overseas and eventually our gas prices will go up. they have got a very different plan. they want to focus on drilling, domestic oil production in virginia, in alaska and in the gulf, extending leases that were prompted or that were halted, i should say, after the gulf oil crisis. they want to resume that drilling at least for another year. that will come up for debate and for a vote today. now, democrats haven't given up. they will very likely try to bring this idea of the tax breaks back up during negotiations over the deficit, but that's not going very well, laura. it looks like they're at a
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stalemate at this point. >> all right, thank you very much, tracie. more on the day's news, we want to check in with marla. she's back in the studio this morning. you've got an update on the investigation of that body found. >> reporter: that's right. it's now just about 5:03. an update in the north bay in which a body was found in a novato backyard earlier this year. after a number of tests they still do not know what killed 74-year-old dale smith. what they do know is he was not poisoned or violently injured. now, smith's body was found in his backyard. this is aerial shots, of course, from his report. after his wife, evelyn smith, told investigators where to find it. investigators say homicide cannot be ruled out and it is still an active investigation. new this morning, union city police are looking into a possible homicide. this right here is a live look at the scene. this is at the dakoto neighborhood where police are
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still on scene as you can see this morning. late last night officers found a man who was shot multiple times. this was about 10:00 last night. he ended up dying at the hospital. they have not said if there were any suspects or arrests in this case. new misconduct accusations against san francisco police officers this morning. the city's public defender has released this new video. he says it shows two officers stealing items after a drug arrest. 64-year-old jesus jesse reyes was illegally searched during the february 25th incident. he said officers stole a laptop and a camera. new police chief greg suhr is responding. he says, quote, all of the officers in this case have been taken out of plainclothes. some have been reassigned to administrative duties while the investigation is being conducted. i want to emphasize that these officers have the same rights as any other citizen. they are assumed innocent until proven guilty.
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, end quote. one week after a double murder-suicide at san jose state, friends and classmates came together to remember those who lost their lives. more than 100 people paid tribute to san jose state students inside tower hall's morris daley auditorium. those two were shot and killed on the fifth level of a parking garage. kelly garin's husband, napoleon, shot and killed them and then shot himself. the shock of what happened last week has not worn off. those who had class with cindy and kyle say it feels strange to see empty seats in the classrooms where they once sat. cindy's friend, wilson kong, saw her in class the morning before she had died and wishes he said something to her. >> it sucks to take a tragedy to realize and take a step back to love everyone for who they are and forget all the trivial stuff going on and put that aside and
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say i love you for once instead of waiting for someone to die to say it. >> police came out as well to pay their respects. we do have very sad news on one of the falcons perched high atop san jose's city hall. the female falcon, known as unita, who was born earlier this year, she has died. officials monitoring the birds say she fell 18 floors, hitting the lower rotunda, after trying to fly and grab food at the same time. they say her feathers were not fully developed when the accident took place. well, pg&e is moving forward with its pipeline testing and getting ready to start work on the peninsula. the utility will hold a community meeting tonight to talk about pressure testing in san bruno and south san francisco. affected homes have already received a letter in the mail. pg&e will conduct hydro static pressure tests in the area to make sure natural gas lines are operating correctly. tonight's meeting will be at the
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south san francisco municipal park and recreation building from 5:30 until 7:30. maria shriver making her first public appearance since her estranged husband, arnold schwarzenegger, revealed he fathered a child with another woman. shriver appeared on stage at the taping of oprah's farewell show in chicago just last night. she did not talk about her personal problems, but did thank oprah for her, quote, love, support, wisdom and, most of all, truth. on tuesday, schwarzenegger revealed he fathered a child with a woman who worked on his household staff more than a decade ago. that woman was apparently pregnant around the same time shriver was pregnant with the couple's youngest child. it is 5:07 now. that's the latest from here in studio. laura, you are live in livermore this morning, looking very springy. >> thank you very much. despite the spring rain that's coming down, but it's dry for the moment right now. we'll check the forecast coming up in just a little bit. hey, if you're headed to san
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francisco any time soon, get ready to shell out a little bit more when you're hailing a cab. prices are going to be among the highest in the nation. we want to check in with christie smith live there this morning. my problem is trying to hail it in the first place. they always seem to go on by. >> reporter: yeah, they're not easy to catch. but you know this may benefit cab drivers in the city in the long run. but it may be a tough sell for them to explain to people who jump in their cab that the cost of riding in the cab in the city is going up. not just once, but maybe even twice. now, the new price that we're talking about is 55 cents for a fifth of a mile or a minute. this week san francisco mta revised its plan to boost the cost of catching a cab but it approved a rate hike, according to the chronicle, and a second may be around the corner just next month. so here's what we're talking about. the last increase was in 2003. two other ideas they were talking about were dropped at a
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recent meeting and that was a fuel surcharge and a fee for dispatched calls. they're taking a second look, though, at a flag drop hike which would mean that climbing into a cab, just climbing in, would go from $3.10 to $3.50. the increases are likely to happen by this august. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> all right, just stepping into the cab going up. thanks so much. we want to check the forecast today. a little rainy, a little drizzly, but nothing to rain on our parade out here in livermore. we want to check the forecast with christina. >> no, nothing to rain on your parade out there this morning, laura, especially because we're going to continue to clear out as we head throughout your morning hours. let me step out of the way and show you some of our rainfall totals from yesterday. now, over the past 48 hours this is what we picked up. what i can tell you is we picked up over the past four days the average rainfall totals for the
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entire month of may, so we are where we should be in terms of our accumulations and we're going to want this rain that we picked up the past few days when it comes time for the summer, which is just around the corner now. we're talking about over an inch of rain that came down up in the north bay. some places in the east bay picked up over half of an inch. we're noticing the most rain in the east bay. a little cell just pushed over hayward, another one just moved over the bay bridge and we'll continue to see this spotty activity as we head throughout your morning. a little on the windy side as the system pulls out and pushes into southern california. this is what it looks like, though. 9:00 a.m. mostly clear. we'll see this sneaker cell in the north bay by 4:00 p.m. this weekend the sun will be out. i've got your seven-day forecast coming up in just moments. it is 5:10, though. you might have to get to work. the man who's always watching our roads. hey, mike. >> good morning, christina. over here folks did not work on eastbound highway 4 so no closure, weather permitting
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usually the caveat for those construction projects but we do have that project extended through mid-june so keep that in mind love ridge to summersville. and westbound no problems. no delays through that problem. there is a advisory for the benicia bridge, a wind advisory continuing across the water. use caution there. it looks like the wind is calming down just a tad bit. a nice easy drive down the east shore freeway. the earlier debris cleared, no problems through the caldecott tunnel. there is a wind advisory for the bay bridge as well. we'll get a live look at the toll plaza and show you the volume of traffic. it's pretty light. we do some see puddles. rain not really a major factor at the toll plaza itself. watch that span again for gusty conditions. in oakland where the a's are playing tonight there's a game as well as a concert. ramstein is playing so two events going on at the coliseum and the arena. this could be a factor after work. there could be a problem there. laura, you have ramstein on your play list and you might listen to that this morning. >> ief just saying, wow, you
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give the morning commute and a little party planning as well. nice, mike. we've got a look at livermore this morning as our ue y innue amgen tour coming through as well. we'll show you all the great sights this city has to offer. am
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20 cities in 20 days, our tour across the bay area continues this morning. we're waking up in livermore. good morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. i'm right here on main street in downtown livermore and it's really a quaint little area. lots of shops already opening up early this morning, which is fun, and they take a lot of pride in downtown main street here being very historic. they're in fact a member of the california main street association. it's really dotted with fantastic places to eat and
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drink and shop, but livermore certainly a whole lot more than that. it's also the home of lawrence livermore labs and sandia national laboratories. livermore is also california's oldest wine region with a number of award-winning wineries. of course today the amgen tour of california bike race rolls through. we'll be exploring all of this this morning. first we want to give you a quick update on this morning's headlines and news. we want to check in with marla who's very nicely filling in for me back at the studio, good morning. >> big shoes to fill no doubt. good morning. it is 5:15. closing arguments are expected to start today in the trial of antwan mackey and yousef bey, iv. mackey took the stand yesterday, that was unexpected, saying he was not involved in the murders. today doctors are expected
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to update us on the condition of injured giants fan bryan stow. stow is in a san francisco hospital and remains in critical condition. meanwhile the reward for an arrest in the case has jumped to $200,000. the oakland city council has voted to continue the controversial gang injunction. it forbids known gang members from gathering in parts of north oakland and the fruit veil neighborhood. the time now, 5:16. another wet day on this wednesday. christina loren joins us with a look at your forecast. >> you know what, we're going to see two sides to this day, a wet start and gorgeous second half of your day. gorgeous air quality because we had the rain come through and purify our air. we're looking pretty good at about 11:00 a.m. i think we'll see a few more showers later on this evening but overall the peninsula looking nice and dry at about 9:00 a.m. let me set your futurecast in motion for you. you see here 9:00 a.m. all the showers push to the south.
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we stay nice and dry until 4:00 p.m. when this little renegade shower pushes onshore in the north bay. that will bring light rain to santa rosa and fairfield, but it won't last long, probably just an hour. by 7:00 p.m., finally a warmup. high pressure sets up, bringing our numbers up to the 70s as early as tomorrow. one thing we will be concerned about as the system pulls out and high pressure builds back in. we'll have pretty windy conditions toward the second half of the day but here are your numbers. the weekend looks good. 70 degrees on saturday, 68 on sunday. a little cooler sunday but not that bay. you can get outside, unlike last weekend. laura, where are you in a gazebo this morning. i see you're nice and protected out there. >> yeah, you know, we had some rain coming into livermore from the south bay this morning but it's not too shabby. no umbrellas needed as of yet but i'll keep you posted. you know what's good this early in the morning?
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a nice doughnut. i happened to walk by livermore's legendary doughnut shop and that is where our own bob redell -- i guess you're in pretty good with the upper management because you got a good live shot and i'm out here with nothing. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura, we're just off the main drag here in livermore. actually by the starting line for the amgen bike race starting later this morning. the place you're talking about is right here. it is the donut wheel. it's got this classical art structure. it brings you back to the mid-century here in america. what's unusual about it is it's still open. it's been open since 1964 and it's open 24/7. let's step inside. you can see a lot of early risers coming in trying to get their cup of coffee. are you sonia? you're the owner. good morning, i'm bob redell -- no, you're not. okay. sir, are you a regular here at donut wheel? >> yeah. >> reporter: what brings you in here day after day. >> good doughnuts.
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>> reporter: when you they're good doughnuts, you could make the argument for other places, what makes these stand out. >> they're the best-tasting doughnuts. i come from tracy all the time to get doughnuts from here. >> reporter: and you're driving to where. >> to work. >> reporter: you work in livermore but come early just to get some doughnuts. that's pretty impressive. michelle, good morning to you. thanks for being up early. i know you're up early for the race coverage. when you think of downtown livermore, you think -- a lot of people first thing is the donut wheel because it's been here so long. what does this mean for downtown. >> any downtown that's successful has a real ethic about keeping businesses alive and going. the donut wheel since 1964 has been feeding livermore some of the best doughnuts ever because they're done in the old style. it's an icon, it's a treasure here. people love donut wheel. >> there was a rumor this place might go away but as far as we know that's not the case?
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>> i can't imagine anybody wanting to touch this. it's got its own architecture that's still valued, it has a niche. so, again, it's value, people hang out here. people have grown up having doughnuts, they're bringing their kids, their grandkids for doughnuts so it really has become part of our heritage here. >> you're not eating these, right? >> oh, no. >> laura, i'm actually going to step outside. this thank you, sir. we're going to be talking about the race coming up all morning long here. you know, it's interesting, because they're open 24/7, you can't just make doughnuts overnight, they have three shifts in here making doughnuts 24/7 around the clock. we'll bring some of these down to you in a little bit. >> oh, thank you, my friend. thank you very much. old-fashioned glazed with my name on it. a lot more ahead here in livermore this morning. what a history, as we were mentioning, including a single
5:21 am
light bulb that has burned for over a century. we're also keeping an eye on the day's news, including what bay area city is soon to get some new canine cops. >> some people steal doughnut baskets, other people steal data from your android phones. we'll talk about these coming up in tech today. and if you're stealing away from the house, good news for the north bay, no major issues. the rain caused some problems in yesterday morning's commute. i've got my eyes on all sides of the bay all around the bay would be proper. we've got the commute right after this. i locked in a rate.lls, coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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good morning and welcome back. it's 5:23 on your wednesday morning. a live look at hp pavilion. the sharks are not home today but they are playing up in vancouver getting ready for game two of the western conference finals. game time 6:00 tonight.
5:24 am
you can catch it on versus. again, 5:23, let's check those wet roads. mike, any problems just yet? >> no problems because of the rain but we had a couple of earlier issues that have cleared from the roadway. now the south bay moving nicely right past the home of the sharks. everybody focusing on vancouver later on tonight but we're looking at northbound routes which are moving nicely. northbound 17 coming over the summit there is an issue at laurel road. some debris reported but no major issue. 101 and 280 both moving smoothly. highway 4 the construction continues in the eastbound direction the next few minutes. crossing the san mateo bridge to the north we do have highway 92 and the camera shaking quite a bit. the wind starting to pick up coming across the bridge from the north to the south over in this area and that will be a factor especially crossing the high rise and the flat section getting a gust or two. these trucks that you see going away from us, those taillights, those are susceptible to the wind so watch for those higher profile vehicles. now, the hayward side moving
5:25 am
very smoothly off the castro valley y. the union city police investigation we told you about around 6th and whipple still continues but that is a residential area. it's just off of 880, far away from target as well. 580, no major issues. we're watching wet roads and gusty conditions. despite facing cutbacks, san jose's police department's canine unit is getting a little help from the community and local businesses. two brand new canines are getting trained with the help from residents in the city and the chain store pet food express. they also held fund-raisers to support the kay 9 unit as it faces budget cuts by the city. san jose leaders are trying to cover a $115 million deficit for this coming fiscal year. bad guys can fool your phone into thinking it's at the airport. scott mcgrew, why would they want to do that? >> well, because your phone trusts the airport and the library and the coffee shop. german researchers warn this
5:26 am
morning most android phones can be spoofed into giving up personal data if those phones think they're communicating with a public wi-fi connection that they have talked to before. so if you tell your phone to go ahead and connect to public wi-fi at the airport, hackers can theoretically pretend they are the airport in some other public place and then your phone will connect to it. now, google, which makes the android operating system, has a fix but says only a fraction of the phones out there have been updated. now, you hear about these things fairly often, hackers can do this, hackers can do that. honestly it's far more likely somebody will steal your phone than steal your data. netflix now accounts for a majority of data on the internet. they determined netflix streaming movies are about a third of all internet data. two takeaways here. one, this cannot continue forever. if this growth continues, internet providers will get very cranky with netflix. two, laura, you know what used
5:27 am
to be the number one thing on the internet was pirated movies. now the number one thing on the internet is legal movies. >> what a change, and we've seen it all, my friend, haven't we. thank you very much this morning. hey, we're live in livermore and awaiting the amgen tour, which is going to come through here this morning. pretty exciting time. we'll be here for the start of the bike race this morning, plus livermore, we've got a look at their long standing wine tradition. you may not think of it, but really one of the oldest regions in california, pretty cool. we've actually got two pairs of vip passes to the sonoma jazz festival for you this weekend. just check out our facebook page at nbc bay area morning news for the details on how you can win. and become my friend as well, laura garcia-cannon. i'd love to chat with you.
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our may around the bay tour continues this morning. we are waking up in livermore. good wednesday morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. this city really has a lot to offer, a lot of history. amgen bike tour will make its way through here, hoping for dry roadways. let's check the forecast with christina loren. >> roadways dry always a good scenario when it comes to the two wheels. we're looking pretty good on the peninsula right now. the north bay getting a bit of a break but we're really wet where you are this morning. good thing you're not seeing any of these showers but all around you we've got spotty activity coming down. this will be the case in the east bay and the south bay for the first part of your day. there's a system just to our south dumping rain over southern california so the further south you live, it will take you the longest to see the clearing. the sun will be back out later today. i'll let you know when and what's to come for the weekend. 5:30, how do the roads look? >> pretty nice. about a half an hour ago you
5:31 am
showed the bay bridge getting hit with a cell of rain so a lot of folks probably waited at home. now we just have the wuind advisory left over. westbound 80 okay across the water, but the wind advisory also hanging on from yesterday at the benicia bridge. that is just one of the factors affecting your morning commute. laura, back to you. >> all right. we've got something that might affect your friday or saturday nights in the city or really any day for that matter. cab fares unfortunately are going up, like everything else these days. we want to check the story with christie smith. she's live there this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. you know, for cab drivers, this has been a long time coming because the last increase was way back in 2003. but they may have a hard time explaining it to people who want to take a ride here in the city, that the cost of riding in a cab may be going up not just once, but twice in a city where paying for just about everything is sky high. the san francisco mta revised its plan to boost cab rates this
5:32 am
week but still approved a hike and another may be coming just next month. the "chronicle" reports the first hike basically amounts to 10 cents a mile, bringing the new mileage rate to 55 cents a minute. they dropped ideas for a fuel surcharge and a fee for dispatched calls, but the issue here, a general ratish crease and a hike in the flag drop, those are two other things that they're considering. they put those off for now, but what that could mean is that the flat fee for just climbing into a cab, just for getting in would go from $3.10 to $3.50. these meterin decre increases a expected to go into effect sometime in august. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> i guess that's why these boots are made for walking now. thank you very much, christie. i want to check the other day's news this morning. marla filling in for me back in the studio.
5:33 am
good morning. >> good morning to you at home. it's 5:32 now. union city police are investigating a fatal shooting this morning. it happened last night about 10:00, but investigators are still on scene this morning. now, police responded to the shooting in the dakoto neighborhood near whipple road just after 10:00. a 48-year-old man was found with multiple gunshot wounds and then he was taken to a local hospital where he later died. so far investigators have not released any other information about the man or any suspects. this is union city's second homicide of the year. closing arguments are scheduled to start later this morning in the trial of slain oakland post editor chauncey bailey. yesterday one of the defendants unexpectedly took the witness stand in his own defense. he told jurors he was not involved in the fatal shootings of bailey and two other men back in 2007. lawyers for mackey and defendant yousef bey iv had previously said their clients would not
5:34 am
take the stand but they say mackey was a key participant in the murders. later this morning, doctors in san francisco are expected to give us a better idea of how giants fan bryan stow is doing. stow is currently being treated at san francisco general hospital, and last we heard he was still in a coma. he was transported there from southern california earlier this week. police are looking for the men who attacked stow at dodgers stadium back in march. a can s$200,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in this case. officers say they are getting a lot of tips, but real leads are few and far between. >> we had a person saying that they were definitely at the dodger game. they looked like the composite, even to the point where there was a mole on the person's face. we immediately launched out there, we ended up talking with that individual, confronted him, and he was at a dodger game, but it was a little league dodger game. >> big difference.
5:35 am
officers are now looking for a third suspect in this case. a woman in her 20s, who witnesses say drove the car that took the two suspects away on the night of that attack. oakland city council narrowly voted in favor of continuing its controversial gang injunction. early this morning members voted to maintain two injunctions. one forbids 15 known gang members from gathering in north oakland during certain hours. the other concerns 40 known gang members from gathering in the fruitvale neighborhood. there have been 36 homicides in oakland this year, half of them are said to be gang-related. eight people will be arraigned today after being busted during a nine-month undercover drug investigation. a task force searched -- served nine search warrants in daly city and south san francisco monday. it seized 1400 marijuana plants, 55 pounds of harvested pot, six
5:36 am
guns and more than $47,000 in cash. investigators say the suspects are members of an asian drug trafficking organization and are not associated with any medical marijuana clubs. 5:35 now. time to check in with laura. she's live in livermore this morning. good morning. >> yeah. you know, marla, we've all been talking about the crazy weather that we've been having. it rained overnight. still wet on the streets here a little bit. and you know, snow in the sierra. it is like a winter wonderland where brian hickey joins us live this morning. i feel like we can ski almost year round now. >> reporter: definitely putting the wonder in wonderland. a lot of drivers wondering what is going on up here in the sierra. we're at blue canyon and there's about 8 to 10 inches of snow on the ground here at blue canyon. up around the summit, i was looking at sugar bowl's webcamera still running, although the ski resort isn't, about two feet of snow on the picnic tables up there, a lot of snow. here's video from overnight when we first got up here around 3:00
5:37 am
in the morning and it was still coming down a little bit. it's tapered off now but chain controls are all the way down to baxter. and now kingvale. to get over the summit, you need chains. it is may 18th, right? i'm just checking here. it can snow pretty much any month of the year out here but what's significant is the amount of snow. i was camping at my grandpa's house back in the day and we got a couple of inches on the kick on memorial day. that's typical. but this, two feet of snow in may, this is pretty substantial. be ready for it if you're coming into the sierra. though things seem to be winding down and hopefully caltrans can get the highway open a little later without chain controls. for now, get ready for winter in the middle of spring when everyone else is ready for summer. >> including you. it looks like you got your summer hair cut, buddy. >> reporter: i did. trimmed nice and short, i've been out riding my bike, we had the swimming pool open and i had a fire in the foyireplace with e
5:38 am
kids. >> there you go. a little something for everyone. you've got to adapt and bring the chains. thanks a lot, brian. all right, let's check the forecast right now. it has been crazy, christina. we're used to higher temperatures this time of year. >> we're used to the upper 70s this time of year. we actually had the 90s on may 5th so this has been a year of extremes. this morning we even saw a little bit of snow on top of mt. hamilton coming down, so one of those rare experiences only in northern california can you hit the water parks and then hit the ski slopes on the same weekend. this weekend, yeah, may 18th, they'll both be open. right now we're looking pretty good. we do have showers coming through mostly the east bay. wherever you live this morning, the further south you live, the better chance for those showers for the first part of the day. as you can see, our entire system has pushed to the south so the north bay is getting a bit of a break and that will be the trend the next few hours. take a look at this. take a look at that arch around this big, strong ridge of high pressure. this is what's going to warm our
5:39 am
temperatures back up to their averages as early as tomorrow. it's not that cold this morning. that's because we have a really nice deck of clouds overhead serving as a blanket trapped in the daytime heat from yesterday. so 50 degrees in livermore where laura is, 70 in concord later today, 65 in livermore, 67 in fairfield and these numbers climb about 10 degrees before we see our highs for tomorrow. so there is a warming trend on the way. we're not going to have to wait much longer for it. the sun will be out. i've got that seven-day coming up in moments. mike inouye, i bet the roads are pretty busy. >> the slowdown is right here for antioch, the westbound direction. a reminder, the eastbound construction project has been extended for another six weeks or so, so through the middle of june for the total project to be done. westbound starts the slowing. the sensor shows us 65. that will adjust over the next few minutes. we're into the 50s where you see the yellow westbound. eastbound is where we have a disabled vehicle over on the side of the road but not the shoulder because that is in the construction zone, so watch out as you're coming eastbound past summersville, there is a
5:40 am
disabled pickup truck and it might be partially blocking the slow lane. coming through castro valley, a nice smooth drive off 880 itself. union city, we'll jump to the area where we had an earlier issue at whipple road at 6th. 880 not affected by that investigation and right here past the coliseum, a nice, smooth drive. the camera holding steady but it has shaken from time to time and wet roads are the normal for this morning. laura, back out to you. >> yeah, keep it straight, buddy. i'm just teasing. thanks so much. i feel like i've been on all those bay area roadways this week. actually for the month of may because we're taking you across the bay area. this morning we're waking up in livermore. aelmmmmunity early. we've also got a really bright attraction that's been burning here for more than a century. it's all coming up. this was so easy.
5:41 am
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continues this morning. we are waking up in livermore where we are waiting the amgen bike tour. just one of the great things happening here in livermore. but they also have a great cancer walk that's going to kick off this morning. i want to check in with bill rnd' her-- bill henderson who js me live this morning. good morning, thanks for joining us. >> good morning, how are you today? welcome to livermore. >> we love it here. so many people up and at 'em this morning including all the walkers because you've got a big walk this morning. >> absolutely. one of the things that amgen does, we have the breakaway from cancer. this is to support cancer survivors, to help bring information about the resources available to people that have cancer and their caregivers. >> all right, great. for people that are fighting the disease, have fought it and also to get some research going. >> absolutely, absolutely. the walk will be about a quarter of a mile. it will be from the bankhead theater downtown to the start of the race. we have right now about 60
5:44 am
people that are registered to walk with us. >> can people come join? >> absolutely. we're going to be led by our mayor atop an antique fire truck. he himself is a cancer survivor as well and will be the start of the race actually. >> that's so great, something to celebrate all of the cancer survivors. it's sad to think almost all of us know someone who's been afflicted by the disease or a friend of a friend, but certainly it hits too close to home. >> absolutely. you hardly go anywhere where you don't meet somebody that has had it themselves or a family member or a good friend. it's something we really need to work to get rid of. >> thank you for joining us. it really is a great community. come out and support their walk and what they're doing, we really appreciate it. also covering the rest of the day's news, we want to check in with marla back in the studio. >> good morning. it's 5:44. pga is getting ready to start a new round of natural gas line testing. the utility will hold a meeting
5:45 am
today to talk about planned hydrostatic pressure tests taking place in san bruno and south san francisco. now, you may recall it's already conducting similar tests in mountain view and antioch. new accusations of police misconduct in san francisco. the public defender has released new video that he says shows two officers stealing items after a drug arrest. police chief greg suhr says the officers have been reassigned while this case is investigated. and fallout continues this morning after the stunning news that arnold schwarzenegger fathered a child with another woman. the woman apparently worked on the household staff for years and his estranged wife, maria shriver, was just on stage at the taping of oprah's farewell show last night after the news broke. she did not talk about the news, but she did thank oprah for her support. 5:45 now. rain, rain, go away. christina, what's going on with the forecast? >> oh, we will see it clear the bay area today. good morning to you, marla. good morning to you at home.
5:46 am
something that we are noticing along with these spotty showers, mostly in the south bay now, a little bit of fog is developing and pushing onshore along the peninsula so watch out for that, especially along the bridges this morning. this is what's happening. we've got a system of low pressure. now it's really pushed south, the center of it, into southern california. so what happens is we are going to see some of these spin-up showers for the first part of the day and then we are going to see the sunshine come back out, which is great news, because we haven't had it for about four days. watch out if you're getting ready to leave the house and you're headed south between 101. there's really heavy rain on 152 to the east. we're looking pretty good, though. wednesday, 9:00 a.m. today, clearing over the entire bay area. we'll stay nice and dry until about 4:00 p.m. that's when a little sneaker cell will push over the north bay, but everyone else will stay nice and dry. then the sun comes out and it stays out for days all the way
5:47 am
throughout the weekend in fact. 64 degrees today in fremont. i think we'll be up to 75 in fremont tomorrow. 68 in san jose and 65 degrees in gilroy. here it is, your seven-day outlook. i love presenting this to you today. 75 degrees on friday. we'll keep the 70s in the forecast through saturday. a little cooldown on sunday into monday. overall, though, not too bad. a great weekend to get those triplets and head on outside if you didn't get a chance to last weekend. >> we try to every chance that we get. it gets them tired at the end of the day, let's say. thank you very much. good news there. you've heard of the popular motel chains saying they're going to leave the light on for you? well, that's something the folks in livermore have been doing for over a century now. bob redell explains. >> reporter: your average incandescent light bulb lasts three to five years depending how much you use it. ow! but here at fire station number
5:48 am
6 in livermore is the light bulb that seems will never go out. how long has the bulb been burning for. >> it will be 110 years this summer. >> kind of needed a timeline on what's transpired. >> reporter: you must go backwards quite a distance on this timeline to get back to 1901 when this shelby light bulb was given to the livermore fire department for use as a night light. >> always the first question, is it still burning. >> reporter: but the real burning question is why? >> it has lasted so long. >> reporter: to find out, the protectors of the livermore light bulb have sent an identical bulb for analysis and dissection. >> reporter: professor, do we have any idea why this bulb is still burning. >> part of why i think it's still on is because it is on. >> reporter: actually the light bulb was turned off once, for around 10 minutes, in 1976 when it had to be removed from its original location, what used on
5:49 am
the main firehouse here in downtown livermore. >> it's been on ever since. >> another factor is it is only giving off about 4 watts. that's really low. >> my hunch, i believe it's in the filament. >> reporter: the filament in contemporary bulbs is 0.01 millimeters thick. >> it's an eight-time thicker filament. >> reporter: wow. they don't make light bulbs like they used to. >> no. >> they just have a beautiful orange glow to them that takes you back to yesteryear. >> the light bulb is doing today what it did 110 years ago. that's commitment. >> reporter: it is connected to the power grid. there's also a backup generator at the fire station so if the power were to go out from the grid, they have a backup center. for more information on the light bulb -- >> you know what, bob? you know what, bob, we're having
5:50 am
trouble hearing you this morning but i love the story. it was fascinating. what a cool light bulb out there. it was kind of cool to see how antique it looked as well because it is old. all right, thank you very much. we're waking up here in livermore this morning where downtown certainly is coming alive. you know the amgen bicycle tour is going to come through here this morning as it makes its way to san jose. we've got all the highlights coming up. plus, a big ipo ahead. we'll take a look at linkedin 24 hours before its initial public offering coming up in tech today. and i'm watching the 101 as we're coming up north. we'll get a look at the commute as it's building and look at the rest of your commute as well coming up. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
5:51 am
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welcome back, and good morning. it is 5:52:44. now here's a live look at hp pavilion. the sharks are not at the tank tonight, they are in vancouver. game two of the western conference finals. round two starts tonight at 6:00. you can see it on versus. if you're just getting ready to head out the door, expect some wet roads. mike, any problems out there? >> no, not necessarily attributable to the weather but there are some issues. the wet roadway itself is a problem for the south bay where we just got hit on 101 between san jose and morgan hill. christina just told folks about that. we do see a little slowing at tully where you see the 57. there's a disabled vehicle that just cleared from the capital expressway off-ramp from 680 and also coming down from mt. ham elton, state route 130 that will be part of the ending route for the amgen tour coming out of livermore. it shouldn't be an issue for your morning commute. we'll show you a look out there
5:54 am
as things are shaping up across the bay. a live shot on the san mateo bridge shows you the shaking camera. the wet roads and wind a factor for much of your commute just like here. we'll show you what things are like at the bay bridge toll plaza. a lighter volume but wind advisory officially issued for the bay bridge. you saw from the earlier shot at the san mateo bridge that could be a factor for you crossing that as well as the dumbarton bridge, so just a note for you guys. back to you. a new study finds a sexual revolution is what's behind the church's sexual abuse crisis, not the celibate priesthood or homosexuality. the study was commissioned by the u.s. roman catholic bishops. it finds abuse occurred because priests were poorly prepared and monitored during the sexual turmoil of the '60s and '70s. researchers go on to point out abuse cases started to decline after the '70s, even though church requirements did not change. they say boys were more abused than girls, not because of
5:55 am
homosexuality but because priests had more access to boys. a former sonoma county soccer coach faces nine months in prison after striking a deal with prosecutors. 38-year-old kyle hoffman pleaded no contest on monday after being charged with stealing $53,000 from the county's youth soccer league. court records show hoffman wrote checks to himself during a two-year period when he was the league's president and the treasurer. sentencing will be held in august, but he could get less time if he makes restitution payments. a former san francisco engineer owes the city of san francisco a big paycheck for his time. terry childs, a former city worker who locked san francisco out of its main computer network for 12 days in 2008, was ordered yesterday to pay almost $1.5 million in restitution. childs claimed he never intended any harm but did not trust his superiors with the passwords. he was convicted of one felony count and sentenced to four years in prison. 5:55 now.
5:56 am
linkedin, the business-oriented social network, is closer to an ipo this morning. scott mcgrew, it's been a long time since the ipo. >> it used to be a daily occurrence around here. linked in has raised the price it expects first-time shareholders to pay to $45 as it goes public tomorrow morning. you add all that up and that would make it worth about $4 billion. this despite when you read the fine print linked in is not profitable. now, it's hard to tell how much of this excitement is over the company itself and how much is just sort of an opening act for the eventual ipo of facebook. hey, i have something for you to try this morning, aol's new video chat. you see a screen shot here. it is just absolutely crazy simple. go to the sight. it finds your webcamera automatically and you get a link that you can e-mail your friends. they click on that link and they appear automatically in the video chat, assuming they have a webcam too. it's perfect for dragging in
5:57 am
your older parents into their first-time video chat. it's so aim like the old america online instant messaging, laura, slash av. but give it a try and let us know on facebook what you think of it. >> all right, sounds good, we'll check it out. thank you very much, scott. we're live in livermore this morning where we are certainly witnessing the city coming alive. we've got the amgen tour coming through in just a little bit. a lot of history here and a lot of work being done. it's home to livermore national laboratory this morning and it's got a deep sense of pride in the great wineries that are here, some of the oldest in the country in fact. hey, speaking of wine, we've got two vip passes up for grabs to the sonoma jazz festival. it's happening this weekend. just check out our facebook page, nbc bay area morning news. become our friend. i like it.
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