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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 18, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening, everyone. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. not in my neighborhood. that's what an angry resident is saying in the south bay on the. he's 21 years old, and he went undercover to ek pose a restaurant he accuses of selling alcohol illegally. the man showed video of the sting only to us here at nbc bay area and only to nbc's damian trujillo. damian joins us from mike's pizza in the washington district of san jose where the restaurant is now on notice. community policing, which is nice, but what's his motivation, do you know? >> reporter: well, he just doesn't want beer sold or any kind of alcohol sold illegally in this neighborhood, raj. the city stopped by and gave the owners and the workers here at mike's pizza behind me a tongue-lashing today and a citation. they can sell beer, but you have to eat in.
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the city says the transaction you're about to see is against the law. this cell phone video was shot by eric hernandez. he orders three beers and gets them in a bag to go. today, hernandez showed us one of the beers and the blackberry he used to capture his trip. >> i'm really upset. >> reporter: here's the problem -- mike's pizza, also known as mike's mark, doesn't have a permit to sell beer to go. you have to dine in. in the video, you can hear the clerk tell hernandez he doesn't have the to-go permit. >> no license to go. >> oh, okay. yeah. >> reporter: hernandez says the last thing his neighborhood needs is another liquor store. >> there are too many liquor stores specifically in this census tract. within a four-block radius. >> reporter: five to be exact, all surrounded by three schools. we showed the undercover video to the deputy director of san jose's code enforcement department. >> now that i've seen the video, we're going to go ahead and now proceed with enforcement action against him for selling alcohol
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to customers for offsite consumption. that's going to carry some significant fines, so we're going to crack down on this business pretty quickly. >> reporter: three hours later, there he was, issuing his warning and citation. we also showed the video to store's owner. you don't think this proves anything? what does it show? >> i don't know nothing. really. >> reporter: so we showed his employee, the one in the video, the same clip. you thought he was going to drink it in here. >> yeah. i just ask if you drink here. he says, yes, yes. >> reporter: he says he can't control customer who is say they're dining in, then take off with the beer. but code enforcement says the video is pretty compelling evidence against mike's pizza. >> i want to go and party, man. >> reporter: hernandez said he went to three other restaurants around his neighborhood and all three of them refused to sell him beer over the counter. so he was pleased about that. mike's pizza here has been issued a cease and desist order, and they will face a fine of up
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to $2,500 for each day that they break the law according to the city. live in the washington district of san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. new tonight at 6:00, the novato man found buried in his backyard wasn't poisoned, nor was he physically attacked. that's what the autopsy revealed. back in february, fbi teams excavated the body of 74-year-old dale smith from underneath a barbecue pit that had recently been built by the man's wife. and while the autopsy rules out some particular causes of death, the marin county coroner's office still can't determine an exact cause because the body was so badly decomposed. novato police say, though, they're not ruling out evelyn smith's attorney claims her husband died of natural causes. also new at 6:00, more than three years after the murder of los gatos restaurateur mark akili, his family is moving forward with a wrongful death daut laut. his widow and daughter are seeking an unspecified amount in
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damages from the three men convicted of the 2008 murder of paul garcia. miguel and lucey owe are named in the suit which was filed last year before the end of the criminal trial. prosecutors say garcia paid nearly $20,000 to have akili killed. both men were involved in a love triangle with the same woman. doctors at san francisco general hospital are cautiously optimistic about critically injured giants fan bryan stow. the 42-year-old father of two has been weaned off one of his five anti-seizure medications since coming to san francisco just last monday. stow was injured after a giants game at dodgers stadium on march 31st. stow is a south bay paramedic and has been showing some signs of subtle recovery. >> we look for very primitive signs such as eye opening, such as responding to a painful stimulus, and at this point he's beginning to show some primitive functions. but, again, how that relates to his long-term prognosis as we've
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discussed with the family, is still unclear, and again weather, we're taking a positive but realistic view towards the future and taking it day by day. >> dock sorts say they need to observe stow's pran activity without the medication to truly assess the extent of his injury. coming up at 6:30, we'll go live to dodger stadium where security is extremely tight tonight. the giants are playing at dodger stadium tonight for the first time since that attack in the parking lot. now to an nbc bay area follow-up. this winter's heavy rain may be to blame for the increase in leopard shark deaths in san francisco bay. biologists say the rain may be diluting the saltwater, which is throwing the body chemistry off balance. more than 100 sharks have been found dead since mid-april. for marin county down to redwood city. the last time there was this many shark deaths was in 2006, the last time the rainfall was this far above normal. results of blood and tissue samples taken from the sharks will be released late they are
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week. the prosecutor in the chauncey bailey murder trial says the two men accused of the crime planned it, ambushed, and helped carry out the killing of the oakland journalist. closing arguments began today in that high-profile trial. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez has been in court all day and joins us live in oakland with reaction. i understand there were some tense moments in court, too. >> reporter: jessica, the prosecutor didn't hold back today. she says that they walked around oakland like he was the king, taking a team of security forces with him wherever he went. she said people were willing to kill for him on his orders and they did. >> it's been a long, long trial. it's, like, opened up a can of worms all over again. >> reporter: but chauncey bailey's family hopes they'll soon be able to move on. in closing arguments today, the prosecutor told jurors the journalist's killing was willful, deliberate, and premeditated murder. she says the former head of the
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black muslim bakery ordered the killing to silence bailey forever because he was writing an article critical of the financially strapped bakery. >> if the people who are writing articles can't really speak about the truth, then, you know, we have nothing. we all want to be able to tell the truth and shoot from the hip and be able to tell the truth about whatever there is to talk about. >> reporter: the prosecutor told jurors bay thought he was above the law and formed a criminal enterprise to terrorize the citizens of oakland. she says his reign of terror began with a vandalism of oakland liquor stores in 2005 and eventually led to the killing of three men, including chauncey bailey and 36-year-old sous chef michael wills, who prosecutors say was targeted simply because he was white. >> i can't even put it into words, honestly. it was such a shock to find out
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what had happened and find out why. >> reporter: it wasn't until a handyman broussard struck a deal with prosecutors, agreeing to testify against bay and bakery member antoine mackey that investigators learned of the bakery's alleged ties to the other two killings, killings broussard says bay also ordered. >> if it weren't for the killing, we would probably still have no idea about huour brothe. >> the closing argument is almost identical to her opening statement, so so far we haven't seen any surprises. >> reporter: now, the prosecutor will continue her closing argument tomorrow, then it will be the defense's turn. live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. she was supposed to help the kids but instead stole from them. the former president of the parent/teacher organization at san jose's trace elementary school pleaded no contest to felony grand theft. vanessa reyes will be sentenced to up to one year in jail as part of this plea agreement. she used the organization's debit card to buy thr than
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$20,000 worth of unauthorized charges, which include hairstyling, sports equipment, and a trip to lego land in southern california. the scheme was discovered when a new treasurer noticed an odd purchase at the itunes store. the bay area got its moment to shine in the amgen tour of california as riders raced from the trivalley to the silicon valley. here's today's route. despite some changes, there was a lot of enthusiasm from what's considered the cycling event in north america. we bring in nbc bay area's kris sanchez, who followed the cyclists on this 81-mile journey today. kris, with all due respect, did you ride with them or just drive behind them? >> reporter: yeah, i look pretty rested, right, raj? though i would probably do everyone a disservice if i showed up in lycra to work today. i will say this, that it is really a fun event to go out and see. the winner finished in less than three hours and 30 minutes, and this is really considered to be
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one of the toughest stretches of the 800-mile tour down the state of california. chris warner of team radioshack won, and as he crossed the finish line, he wasn't the only winner. san jose, livermore, they were winners, too. even before cyclists hit the road in livermore, the crowds were ready. >> i say taylor, you say vinny! >> reporter: livermore spen $50,000 to host banking on crowds when the cyclists pass through. >> today i'm able to stand here, buy some coffee, buy a doughnut. you know, i shouldn't, but -- >> reporter: as the cyclists hit their pedals, people stayed. a 20% bump in sales for two restaurants. >> the difference is people stay here longer and the event lasts a little longer. last year it was like a ten-second event. >> reporter: as the cyclists pedal the 81.8 miles between the livermore start and the finish, one notable difference this year, no ride through downton. >> while it may be disappointing for downtown merchants, there
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still are more than 700 hotel rooms that are booked by the cyclists and their teams. >> reporter: the only reason san jose could afford to host at all is because of a public/private partnership between the city and the silicon valley leadership group, which kicked in $100,000 of the $136,000 cost. the fans we talked with didn't mind skipping downtown in favor of that steep three-mile climb of sierra road. >> this gives people the chance to come out and see the cyclists as they're struggling up the hill. >> reporter: as they fought to the finish of stage four, amateur cyclists knew what they were up against. >> it is pretty tough. i thought they might be coming up even faster, but i can see it's even for the pro riders, it's a struggle, you know. >> reporter: make you feel good about yourself? >> that's for sure. >> reporter: sierra road is a pretty well traveled road for cyclists, professional and amateur, obviously. we did get some sad word from the california highway patrol about 4:10 this afternoon. a bicyclist was hit on the road
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down the hill from where we are, some serious injuries but it was not one of the competitors. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. already. we want to share some breaking news. it just happened. these are live pictures out of ventura county. a military aircraft that just crash landed a few moments ago. this is in the area of point magoo, a military naval base in ventura county, located at point magoo. right now it's very close to the ocean. we can see the plane on the ground there. what we don't know at this point is how many people were on board in this aircraft, if everyone got off, what kind of cargo this military aircraft was carrying, and of course why it's sitting in the middle of this field right off the ocean right there in southern california. all things you can see. obviously not a lot of fire trucks on the scene right now, which would indicate that perhaps the situation is not as
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critical in terms of people as we might think at this point. but, again, this is a military aircraft that you're looking at right now on fire at point magoo, which is a naval base located in ventura county. >> we'll follow this story throughout this hour. still ahead, our first look at the trusted household employee who gave birth to arnold schwarzenegger's love child. and the new fears over what's in a growing number of baby products. >> reporter: this recent rain may lead to a mosquito population explosion in our area. i'm marianne favro. coming up, what you need to know to protect your family from west nile virus. also, big news in silicon valley. the most anticipated ipo since google has the valley buzzing tonight. how much will it cost you to buy in? and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a lot of sunshine today in san francisco. clear skies right towards the bay bridge. and temperatures, well, still a little bit mild out there compared to what we've..
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we'll tell how how long this great weather will last.
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let's check your tishgs. we're on the verge of a silicon valley dotcom ipo. scott budman is here. lots of excitement. >> there is. we love our ipos, the stock market has been strong and social networking companies are hot. add that all together, and you have a spotlight on linked in, pricing its ipo just hours ago at the top of its range, $45 a share. it's expected to trade tomorrow morning, and will be watched closely by investors in and employees of other social networking and dotcom-related companies. like linked in investors, yahoo! also willing to spend money. the sunnyvale search company says it will buy 5-1 holding. that's an advertising network based in southern california.
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as for your money, let's check the numbers. confidence coming back to the market today as both stocks and commodities move higher. and we can tell you that shares of kodak popped today as the international trade commission sides with the photography pioneer in a patent dispute with smartphone makers apple and research in motion, kodak stock up 15%. raj? thank you, skoths. san francisco voters now will be asked to weigh in on what was until now a private matter. city election officials said an initiative that would ban the circumcision of males under the age of 18 has received enough signatures to appear on the november ballots. supporters of the ban say male circumcision is a form of genital mutilation. opponents say such claims are misleading and call the proposal a clear violation of constitutional rights protected by religious freedoms. if adopted, the practice would be a misdemeanor and could result in a fine of $1,000 and possible jail time. to say the least, we've had some unique weather around here
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this week, cold and rainy one day, then all of a sudden warm and sunny. this also, though, sets the stage for a possible increase in mosquitoes. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us now from san jose with what you can do to protect yourself from the deadly west nile virus. marianne? >> reporter: raj, mosquitoes love this warmth, and after the recent rains they have plenty of places to breed near your home. you may not see many of these in your backyard right now, but when it heats up, you will feel the bite. >> one of my fears or concerns is that once the temperature picks up and there are a lot of these stagnant waters in back yards and across the county, that's when the mosquitoes are going to really pick up quickly. >> reporter: another concern, swimming pools at foreclosed homes that are now stagnant. the santa clara county vector control district plans to look for them from the air tomorrow.
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>> we're proceeding with our aerial survey, looking for these abandoned swimming pools or green swimming pools, and hopefully we can find most of them and be able to take action. >> this particular species of mosquito can carry the deadly west nile virus. the disease has already killed four crows in the county, in mountain view, sunnyvale, and san jose. vector control district experts hope these chickens will provide another early warning. twice a month, blood samples are taken from the hens and sent to a state lab. if the chickens have high levels of west nile virus antibodies, that means disease-carrying mosquitos are flying around in our area. to protect your family, experts say check your flower pots, gutters, wheelbarrows, and fountains for standing water. female mosquitoes can lay 150 eggs at a time, so you don't want the pests to become parents in your patio. take a look at this fountain. it's no longer running, and
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vector control officials tell us this is a perfect example of a place that can easily become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially with our recent rains. now, they advise that you take a look in your patio, your front yard, your backyard, and dump out any water right now before you attract more mosquitoes. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. and this leads us to our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. we had a little rain and clouds, and now things look really nice today. >> yeah. a remarkable flip here when it comes to that weather. a lot of sunshine today from the coastline right to the east and also for the south bay, current numbers in the low 60s, winds also westerly at 22 miles per hour. and even though that is an onshore wind, we're not seeing too much fog develop. it just hasn't been around long enough here today to push in that moisture from the pacific. look at these four-day rainfall totals, anywhere from an inch in oakland to over an inch and a
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half in petaluma. in many cases, these rainfall totals are more than we should see for the entire month of may. that's how rare this event has been. low to mid-60s here in the south bay, and we did have 67 in fairfield, 58 in san francisco, 58 in redwood city. it did feel a lot warmer out there, though, with those sunny skies for many of you. 69 right now in sunnyvale, and currently holding on to 61 in livermore. let's get a look. we have a few clouds for tonight, but the storm system we had yesterday, that's starting to push off towards the south and the east. a few lingering sierra snow showers existing if you're head up that way, but it's all about high pressure, which keeps it mild. tomorrow, a cold start, upper 40s and low 50s. by 11:00 a.m., close to some 70-degree weather in the north bay, just an indication of how warm it is going to be for tomorrow as temperatures are going to be going up. we'll have details in my seven-day forecast. yes, there is still sierra skiing still going on. i'll let you know where they can
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do that and how much snow they've picked up in the past four days coming up. a quick jut date on our breaking news we showed you a little while ago. new information on this plane crash, a boeing that crashed at the point magoo naval base, which is south, pardon me, of oxnard, between oxnard and malibu in ventura county just pest of pch. three people were on board. they escaped with minor injury, so not that big a deal. but the plane did crash land right after takeoff. it is still burning tonight, but it doesn't seem too much of a threat, and luckily we can tell you that it was being used for transport and only three people on board and all escaped with very little problem. still ahead at 6:00, an emotional reunion today for a bay area man who suffered a heart attack. and the good samaritan who is helped save him. also ahead -- >> i'm monte francis in san francisco.
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some big bookstore chains are
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closing up shop.
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topping our health watch tonight, a new study shows common baby products like strollers and high chairs may not be as safe as you think. >> these everyday items could contain toxic chemicals. our medical insider has more on these dangerous details. >> reporter: they brought their daughters to a health clinic to get vaccinated to improve their health. >> it's her shots today so, we're very concerned of their helle and, you know, we're trying to keep them safe. >> reporter: the vaccines help, but little did they know about a different potential health hazard for the kids. it's lurking in everyday baby products. we're talking about flame retardants, chemicals added to furniture foam and baby products so that they burn slower in a
6:26 pm
fire. >> if you go and check your sofa, your baby product and it has a label that says meets california's td-117, if you're in california, that's almost certain that those toxic chemicals are present. >> reporter: but the labels do not say those chemicals have been shown in scientific studies to be toxic, causing developmental delays in animals and people. one doctor is a doctor and mother who's deeply concerned about this. >> there's a link between the exposure of flame retardants to the decrease in iqs of children. >> reporter: the latest study published in the journal environmental science and technology tested samples from car seats, breast-feeding pillows, changing pads, high pads, and other items made with polyurethane foam. in fact, 80% of the products tested contained chemical flame retardants. and one-third, more than one-third of the baby products tested contained a flame
6:27 pm
retardant known as chlorinated tris, which was removed from children's pajamas in the '70s because it has the potential to cause genetic mutations. a quick look at the health clinic where we visited found many of the baby seats had the flammability tag attached. >> every second we're exposed to all these chemicals, and it's much worse for children because it impacts their bodies more than an adult. >> reporter: scientists are now urging lawmakers to protect children from these chemicals and use safer alternatives. they were shocked to hear about the findings. >> wow. i had really did not know about this. >> it's very concerning because, i mean, you'd think they're safe. and in reality they're not. >> dr. bruce henzell reporting. take two, the midair change of plans involving air force one with the president on board.
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also, to dodger stadium.
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well, you knew she wouldn't stay anonymous for very long, and she didn't. nbc news confirmed the identity of the woman at the center of governor arnold schwarzenegger's paternity scandal. garvin thomas is in the newsroom with the answers to who she is and what does she look like. >> well, there are pictures now, jessica. the woman's name is mildred patricia baena, went by patty. she was a housekeeper for the schwarzenegger family for 20 years, the last 13 of which she spent harbori a very big secret. she's now 50 years old. the child she had with the governor is a boy, now 13 years old. now, it turns out she was pregnant with him at the same time maria shriver was pregnant
6:31 pm
with her and former governor schwarzenegger's youngest child. buy yay that and her family live in bakersfield, about 100 miles north of los angeles. news crews staked out her home all day today, but neighbors say she hasn't been around since the day before the story broke. reports are the former governor only found out the child was his when he was a toddler and he has cribbed financially to his upbringing. that last part is raising questions from political opponents. >> i would like to know if there were any costs to the people of california or if any campaign funds might have been used to perpetuate this cover-up that's gone on lo these many years. >> as for maria shriver, one day after asking forbo privacy, she stepped on stage in front of tens of thousands of people in chicago for the taping of oprah winfrey's final show. reports from those in attendance are that the subject of her husband and his child did not come up, although shriver did get a sustained ovation from the
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crowd. one last note is that home in bakersfield baena moves in a little over a year ago cost $260,000, and at least according to one neighbor the governor had purchased the house for her, but according to the property records, there is no mention of former governor arnold schwarzenegger associated with that property. raj? >> a lot of lives are affected in that story. we move on now. the giants tonight are in l.a. for the first time since that fateful day on march 31st, the day that bryan stow, the lifelong giants fan, was beaten at the dodger stadium parking lot. befr hi white from our nbc station in los angeles is at the ballpark tonight where security is much tighter than it was on march 31st. >> reporter: in an ongoing campaign to discourage violence the likes of which sent giants fan bryan stow to the hospital on opening day, the lapd enhanced its high-profile rollout for the first of two home games and the fierce dodgers/giants rivalry. >> we've worked a plan, fine-tuned it, deployed it, moving people around. high visibility. that's worked well for us, and that's what we'll keep with.
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>> l.a. hosting san francisco for the first time since the bay area paramedic was beaten into a coma. bryan stow left county usc on monday for a hospital closer to home, where doctors updated his status a short time ago. >> bryan stow remains in critical condition. however, i'm happy to report that after 30 hours of continuous eeg monitoring, he has had no further seizure activity. >> reporter: the neurosurgeon says stow has been taken off one of four seizure medications, a process that needs to continue for his true level of brain function to be assessed. >> it's possible he may have to be on some of these medications for the rest of his life, but at this point, again, we ear re we in a day-by-day situation. >> the two men wantd are depicted on hundreds of billboards, police looking for the woman wearing a jersey like this who drove the getaway car. >> we're hoping this fact, the jers jersey, jogs somebody's memory,
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because that's what this case depends on. it's not enough just to have a reward out there. >> beverly white reporting. the reward is at $200,000. the game between the giants and dodgers starts in about 30 minutes. we'll have complete coverage of the game and the parking lot and security at 11:00. barry bonds' posttrial hearing is moving from this friday to mid-june. his attorneys and prosecutors agreed on the delay today. the baseball star, you may remember, was convicted of one count of obstruction of justice last month. the jury deadlocked on three other counts. prosecutors have not said whether they'll retry bonds on the four charges the jury could not agree on. and new tonight at 6:00, the release last march of these surveillance videos showing san francisco police on a drug bust embarrassed the department when the city's public defender revealed that no warrants were presented or requests made for consent in this allegedly. the new police chief is tackling the problem by giving plain clothes officers their own video
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cameras when they go in to enter a residence. they welcomed the idea. well, the former city worker who locked san francisco out of hit own computer system is ordered to repay the city nearly $1.5 million. technology engineer terry chiles was sentenced to four years in prison for blocking the city's access to its computers for 12 days back in 2008. but now he also has to pay restitution. chiles had set up the network and claimed he never intended any harm. after a disagreement with his bosses, he said he didn't trust them with the pass words. as the country's second largest book chain, borders, closes it doors across the nation, some small neighborhood bookstores are finding a way to survive. can these small bookstores really survive in a tough economy? and this new digital age? we bring in nbc bay area's monte francis, who joins us from san francisco. monte, we've been talking about this for a couple years now. what's new now? >> reporter: well, raj, as you know, borders books filed for
6:36 pm
bankruptcy back in february, and now that you can down load books to your ipad or our kindle, you would think smaller bookstores such as this one behind me would be going under. but think again. in the city of 800,000, the neighborhood of west portal has the feel of a very small town that might have existed a few decades ago. there's a video store, a record store, and book shop west portal, which we found full of customers on a wednesday afternoon. >> our customers want to shop here. they have other options, but they choose to shop here. >> reporter: the manager, kevin atkins, says what sets his store apart is a strong base of regular customer who is live nearby and a personal experience for people who walk through the door. >> and they could order books for you, and they can talk to you about books, and they read books. the people that are working there know about book, and that makes a big difference. >> the smaller downtown neighborhood bookstores are more
6:37 pm
willing to, you know, give personalized customer service. >> reporter: just two miles away, the borders at stones town mall is still open, but its union square location now sits empty. the famous cody's bookstore left union scare in 2007, and several other border stores in the bay area have recently gone out of business. the most recent federal statistics show more than 1,000 bookstores closed from 2000 to 2007 en in the u.s., leaving about 10,000 still in business. some in the publishing industry have predicted the current number of stores will decrease by 50% during the next five years. despite that dire prediction, kevin atkins says business at the book shop held steady during the first quarter of this year and that it's the store's location and his faithful customers that will keep him in business. >> i'm sure some bookstores are going to be closing. i mean, the market's changing and the economy's changing, but i see a lot of life for a small independent bookstore, especially in the bay area. >> reporter: and the book shop
6:38 pm
has started to offer ebooks through its website but says it still gets most of its business the old-fashioned way. monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, monte. still ahead, a routine jog turns into a life and death situation for one bay area man. tonight, he's reunited with the
6:39 pm
good samaritans who helped save
6:40 pm
his life. there was a rare change of plans for air force one with the president on board. it was an aborted landing. take a look at this video of mr. obama's plane now as the pilots abort their first
6:41 pm
approach this morning in hartford, connecticut. you can see the silhouette of the colossal jumbo jet in the thick clouds and fog over bradley international airport. a white house spokesperson says the president was never at risk. the boeing vc-25 finally touched down following a missed approach procedure. the president later spoke at a graduation ceremony at the u.s. coast guard academy. well, it is controversial, but the bids are coming in at a brisk pace for the first-ever auction of the unabomber's belongings. ted kaczynski killed three people and injured 23 with homemade bombs which he mailed. the government is using technology he hated, the internet, to auction off his disguises, tools, even typewriter which he used to type out his manifesto. his handwritten graphs rr going for $5,000 after just half an hour of bidding. the proceeds will go to the victims and their families. kaczynski, by the way, is in a high-security prison in colorado. he did try to sue to prevent the
6:42 pm
auction. bidding, though, will continue until june 2nd. laurence scott joins us now. the sharks game is under way. shall we ask laurence, jessica? >> i don't know if i want to hear. >> let's s.t.a.r.t. witart with. chance to tie the series in vancouver tonight. they have to come up with a lot of jump here. fairly pivotal game, bringing a lot of energy, though, into the this first period. we check in with the latest from vancouver. we won't spoil it too much. things are changing, things are very fluid. the veteran member of the raiders who cost them top picks in the last draft, showing commitment to get in some workouts. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a little bit of cloud cover and a magnificent sunset tonight.
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well, they're the people who save lives every day, and today alameda county honored emergency responders. >> as one oakland man found out, it's not just the professionals who can make a difference. here's joe rosato jr. >> i was going for a routine run
6:45 pm
around lake merritt, and about 20 minutes into it apparently i just dropped. >> despite what is surely the most memorable moment of chris' life, he doesn't recall a thing about it. >> i don't actually remember what happened, but when i woke up in the hospital, that's when i started getting all the pieces of the story. >> reporter: the story he learned was that he suffered a massive heart attack while jogging around lake merritt in march. as it turns out, fate had his back. >> a bystander was there to start rendering aid immediately. >> so i started mouth to mouth, called out for cpr. the guy next to me started chest compressions. >> the outcome would have been very different. >> as bystanders the tended to him, a fire crew from oakland station 15 arrived. >> we hooked him to a heart monitor, continued the cpr. we shocked him a couple times. >> hey, how you doing, man? >> good. how are you? >> nice to see you.
6:46 pm
>> god to be here. >> reporter: today he's reunited with his rescuer, the bystander who is helped him, the paramedics who revived him. >> i'm profoundly grateful for what they do, what they did for me. >> reporter: it was all part of an event to honor alameda county's emergency responders. the rescuers were awarded medals for their effort, but more importantly, dirks was alive to thank them. >> i just feel as if there are many, many people who, in a moment when i couldn't take care of myself, stepped up to take care of me. >> it's nice. it's nice to see him vertical, upright. he's a nice guy, and it's good that he's still around to do what -- to live his life. >> reporter: county leaders say dirks' story illustrates the importance of not only lifesaving professionals but also regular people learning lifesaving skill, and that's something chris dirks will always remember. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. i put away my ski clothes
6:47 pm
but i'm reconsidering that it's time to take them out again. >> go back to that big closet of yours. >> right. go in the attic and get the ski clothes. right, jeff? >> yeah. some sunshine, some fresh snow, and there will be some open this weekend. i also want to let you know this is a real picture. i took this when hifs christmas tree hunting this past winter. yes. the national forest. enough of that. let's go ahead and get a look at the area that is open, the squaw valley ski resort, the storm total from the past four days, 20 inches, snow base of 175 inches. so every friday to sunday up until may the 30th they're going to have skiing. so go to their website, check it out, because, you know, things can change. right now we're still finding these scattered sierra snow showers with temperatures across the area in the upper 30s and 40s, some rare winter conditions happening at this hour. meanwhile, we have cleared out for that same area.
6:48 pm
showers earlier today, but now dry conditions. current numbers in the 50s and 60s. at the coastline, an onshore flow. some fog developing. overall a very, very spectacular day with a lot of sunshine and a few 70s. most of us did stay in the 60s. for tomorrow, we'll warm it up more with 70-degree weather. ahead, sun and fog mixed in. great news for allergy sufferere suffereresuffere sufferers. mild in the next 48 hours. 70s inland for tomorrow and for friday, more 70s, a little bit of cloud cover, and some breezy conditions at times. nothing real big to worry about. as we head throughout the overnight hours, fog for the morning hours for the coastal areas. as we head through the noon hour and the afternoon and evening hours for your thursday, sunny skies will prevail and we're looking at another fantastic day as we head into our thursday. for the morning forecast, we'll start off cool to cold. for los gatos, 46, 49 in santa
6:49 pm
cruz, 46 in san rafael, 47 in santa rosa. kre, those are 70s. after five days with temperatures about 20 degrees below average, finally numbers ticking up to close to where they should be for this time of the year, at least when it comes to those averages. 70 in san mateo, 73 in venetia. 73 in fairfield. napa and smonoma valleys. 73 in lake port. jazz and wine festival this weekend. nbc bay area is a sponsor of that, and it's going to be pretty great heading into saturday with dry weather. monday, tuesday, and wednesday staying dry with low to mid-70s and some sun and clouds. and just because i can, i will tell you that the forecast models are showing maybe a slight possibility of rain by next thursday. that's a long way out. >> long way out. >> that's my job to worry for everybody else. just enjoy tomorrow. >> all right.
6:50 pm
thank you. >> let's get laurence scott in with sports tonight. all right. good evening. there is a serious showdown in vancouver tonight falling down 2-0 in the series, obviously not ideal, so the sharks bringing some fury to the start of game two. british columbia rocking tonight. early goal from kocur, but the canucks answer on the power play as daniel sedin joins coe sewer with seven goals this postseason. torres gave vancouver 2-1 lead. as we approach the first intermission, it is 2-2. patrick marleau moments ago tying the game. comprehensive coverage of every bay area team is on sportsne central onts comcast sportsnet y area. every night at 10:30 with a full 30 minutes of coverage, including exclusive sharks playoff analysis and inside access. go deep with sportsnet central every night at 10:30 only on comcast sportsnet bay area. the nfl lockout creating some necessity because no matter
6:51 pm
what, players have to practice and the mother of invention in this case is not necessity but instead richard seymour. the raiders' defensive lineman paying the bill for his teammates to have a place to practice and train together. roughly 25 raiders players converging outside atlanta at a private training facility for a four-day passing camp set to run through friday. good of seymour to help team building in the face of adversity alive while making sure the camaraderie keeps building. >> just show a lot about their character, how much they want to put the work in and will to win. for them to be here and spend time with me working on timing and the things we'd usually be doing at otas means a lot. at the same time, we get a chance to build our camaraderie together, get a chance to learn a little more about each other besides football. that's what it's all about. it means more when it comes to sunday because we actually care about each other. >> good to see the raiders practicing. they're practicing, just not hitting. that job left to the best of college rugby.
6:52 pm
the top of that list year to year is the cal men's rugby team. they're in the national championship game this coming saturday. they'll be facing byu. but this past weekend, the semifinals against utah, the utes, one of the most intense bone-rattling hits without pads you'll ever see. cal's danny barrett lays out a utah player. barrett was assessed a yellow card and sent out for ten minutes for what was a late hit. but it set a tone. cal won the game 62-14, and they move on again outside salt lake city this weekend to face byu and bring some hits like that. cal rugby. they know what to do. 62-14. >> close game. >> cal kills people in rugby. >> look at that hit. >> that's what we've been watching the whole time. painful. >> every time you see it, >>n i -t >> it gets worse and worse. >> yeah. don't invite me to play rugby. national hoc et
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
oakland airport has some bragging rights tonight. it's the first bay area airport to have charging stations for electric cars. airport officials hope the stations will be a selling point for electric car drivers who will be able to charge their vehicles while they travel.
6:56 pm
oakland used federal stimulus funds employing people to build and install the chargers. coming up tonight at 11:00, 125,000 gallons of burning jet fuel. yes, we're going to continue to follow the breaking news out of southern california. a military plane crash at point magoo in ventura county. you can see the pictures there. happened around 5:25 this afternoon. it's a boeing 707, a very old plane, crashed shortly after takeoff. three people on board made it out but only with minor injuries. it's something we'll be watching. of course we'll have more details at 11:00. plus, fight that red light camera ticket and go ahead and win. a south bay woman has done something all drivers could benefit from, and it's getting even the backing of lawmakers out of sacramento. we reveal her secret that every bay area driver needs to know tonight at 11:00. and finally the answer to that burning question, why would anyone give brian wilson a watermelon? here's the answer. because it's his favorite food
6:57 pm
and it's his birthday. we're not taking about the famous giants pitch we are the beard but his namesake at the san francisco zoo. the fan of the real brian wilson made a big juicy donation to the zoo in a recent fund-raiser and won the privilege of naming the 8-year-old beast. special birthday feast for brian the hippo konl continues this weekend. a bit watermelon. >> hippos are ornery, so now they can say fear the hippo and it would be true. >> brent cannon is here. what's coming up? more on the fallout of the schwarzenegger affair. the top democrat now looking into an investigation. he's going to join us live and talk about that. also the former deputy secretary of defense is going to talk to us tonight live in studio about pakistan. what did they know, what did they not know and the strange relationship between the united states and pakistan. coming up on digital 186 on comcast. the same thing twice.
6:58 pm
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