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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  May 19, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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at the highest risk for a landslide. >> the bay area has a bunch of areas which have a high susceptibility. >> reporter: geologist chris wills of the california geological survey has spent months working on this map, showing where landslides are most likely to occur. >> the deepest colors are either moderate to weak rocks on steep slopes or they're pre-existing landslides on steep slopes. and those are the places where -- that are most vulnerable and most susceptible to landsliding. >> reporter: this is the first time state geologists have compiled so much detail on landslide risk, which is assigned a number on a scale from 1 to 10. the east bay hills, where the bay area's most recent landslide damaged homes in san pablo, is just one of the spots which ranks a 9. >> what we're able to do that we were not able to do before was for the projected winter storm scenario we're able to use this and go on and project the amount of damage that would occur
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statewide. >> reporter: also at high risk, mission peak in fremont where there's dozens of multimillion-dollar homes. because a landslide occurred here before, that makes it more at risk for mother nature to make a repeat performance. but homeowners we talked to didn't sound too worried. >> no one knows for sure when it's going to be next. it can happen in 20 years or 10 years from now. or never happen. >> nature takes its own course. no matter what happens. >> reporter: other high-risk spots in the bay area include much of marin and sonoma counties, spots on the peninsula, and a large area of the santa cruz mountains. and of course you have to take into consideration other factors, what triggers a landslide, such as rainfall or earthquakes. now, if you'd like to see how your neighborhood ranks on this map, we put a link on our website. just go to nbc bay and search for the word "landslide."
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live in fremont, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> i went on that website. it is a detailed map and very informative. and it's not just landslide concerns. the rain is also hurting california farmers. strawberries, cherries, and other crops. now, coming up at 6:00, why you might end up paying the price for the rainfall. family members of two men shot and killed by oakland police last night are demanding answers. that shooting happened around 10:30 last night on curran avenue between 35th and coolidge. officers were in the middle of a planned operation. nbc's jodi hernandez is at oakland pd where the police aren't addressing the media just yet, jodi. >> reporter: jessica, police aren't talking on camera about this, but nbc bay area has learned that police got a tip from a very reliable source that the suspects were going into that neighborhood to do great bodily injury on somebody. neighbors describe what they saw as terrifying.
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>> i mean, it it just looked like the fourth of july, like somebody was just letting off, you know, firecrackers or something. >> reporter: ramisha dorsey describes the gun noofire that out just outside her oakland front door last night, causing her and her two small children to duck for cover. when the gunshots stopped, she saw two men wounded in her yard, and police everywhere. >> i'm still pretty much in shock about it happening at my house and being on my grass where my kid plays outside every day. >> reporter: oakland police, who declined to talk on camera, say it all started after getting a tip that a violent crime was going to take place on the block. when they confronted three men in a car, they say two emerged with guns and police shot and killed two of the men during the confrontation. >> they didn't have to kill them. they didn't have to kill them. >> reporter: mary cobb says her son, 30-year-old fletcher antoine jackson, was one of the men police shot and killed. she and her family are angry,
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claiming police overreacted. >> what he did away from me i can't speak on. i don't know. but i know whatever it was it didn't deserve him going down like no animal like that. >> reporter: again, police tell us that they had learned the three suspects were going in there to do a very violent crime and that they were extremely dangerous. now, the second suspect who was killed in this operation, we are told was a parolee who was on parole for a concealed weapons conviction. the third man, the suspect who survived, is also a parolee. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. construction crews working on the new bay bridge started work on another major marker today. this morning workers started lifting the cable saddle into place on the new tower. now, the saddle will hold suspension cables in place, and it's the last tower saddle in
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the world. the work didn't impact traffic, but remember that over labor day weekend some of the eastbound lanes will be shut down overnight. after that drivers headed from san francisco into oakland will pass through a very slight detour. that detour is expected to help crews finish the new bay bridge a little bit ahead of schedule. right now it's slated for 2013. now that bryan stow is back in the bay area, his family is talking about his condition and his attack at dodger stadium. in weeks past we've heard from his sisters and cousins. but now his parents. stow's father says most of his son's movements were involuntary. >> he's not trying to make words out of anything. i mean, he's just -- he's just moving his lips. and that's hard to see, but it's something. doctors say it's encouraging that he's got that much movement. >> just wondering if he can hear us in there and if he's fighting his way back and if he feels trapped. i just have all those running through my head. >> his family has been by his
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bedside in l.a. for the last few weeks and now here in san francisco. and though he works as a paramedic in san jose, stow and his family live in the santa cruz area. he's now closer to home but far from healed. his family members have little to say about his attackers. >> punks. >> man up. like just step up and do the right thing. it's been 6 1/2 weeks now. you know, do the right thing and man up. >> there's a $200,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of stow's attackers. the mothers of the two berkeley hikers jailed in iran have reportedly started a hunger strike today. shane bauer and josh fattal are said to be fasting in their iranian cells. as a show of solidarity their mothers have joined that fast. bauer's fiancee sarah shourd says she will join the fast on saturday as well. all of them will fast as long as they can manage. last week iran delayed the trial of bauer and fattal without any explanation. both are accused of spying after they were caught crossing the
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iraqi-iran border. well, mixed emotions around the world today as people watched and reacted to president obama's widely anticipated speech. mr. obama forcefully stepped into the middle east debate. he vowed to improve america's image in the middle east and offered support of a key palestinian demand. >> we believe the borders of israel and palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps. >> some controversial comments. israel is not happy with these comments. tomorrow mr. obama meets with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. netanyahu is already saying no way to going back to those tighter, 1967 borders. dominique strauss-kahn, the former chief of the imf, who's been sitting in a new york jail since saturday, could be set free tomorrow. strauss-kahn was indicted by a grand jury earlier in the day on charges that he sexually assaulted a maid at the sofitel hotel in new york. the new york judge granted him bail after he agreed to post a $1 million cash bond. strauss-kahn also had to put up
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an additional $5 million as collateral. the 62-year-old frenchman will be confined to his wife's new york apartment and be under 24-hour watch. he will also have to wear an electronic ankle bracelet. it's a -- place, but going inside the mind of a child predator can reveal important information to parents and police. this man spent ten years behind bars for multiple counts of child molestation. now he's talking about what motivated him to choose his victims. it's information that helps sex crimes investigators explain who parents should keep a close eye on when it comes to their children's safety. >> the main thing i would say the parents' reaction is that they never thought that person would be doing it. and then of course they didn't think anything was going on with their child because if they did they said they immediately would have done something. >> well, tonight vicky nguyen takes us in depth and inside in a report on our 11:00 newscast. well, comeback terminated? next, a decision arnold
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schwarzenegger is making about his movie career in the wake of his love child scandal. and they're weighing down your keychain and wallet most likely. all those club loyalty cards. so what exactly are stores learning from them about you? plus the new way you can combine them all into one. and cut from "american idol." hasn't stopped the star from rising. now james durbin is giving his i'm chief meteorologist jeff a. ranieri. after starting off the week with winter conditions, sunny skies today and even a few isolated 80s. right now a lot of 70s as temperatures start to cool off.
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it is a serious and sensitive topic here. preventing a deadly pipeline explosion like the one in san bruno. brought the department of transportation secretary to the bay area today. we bring in nbc's marianne favro, who joins us in san francisco with the latest. and marianne, what was his message? >> reporter: well, the press conference ended just a few minutes ago, and basically, raj, what he told us is that changes are coming and they are coming soon. now, the secretary, ray lahood, toured the explosion site in san bruno. he also met with victims of the explosion in private. he says this summer the obama administration will announce tough new enforcement action. >> beginning this august we will require all operators of gas distribution pipelines to evaluate the risk and take immediate steps to mitigate them. >> reporter: he says the san bruno explosion is a wake-up call for the entire nation. he also wants to implement a
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mapping system that warns the public that their home is built near a gas pipeline. and speaking of gas pipelines, the secretary also toured this pg&e site, where crews are replacing a pipeline that was built in the 1940s. and more of that work will be done in the future. reporting live in san francisco, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. he won't be back. at least not on the movie screens anytime soon. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger made that announcement today about his hollywood career. in a statement released by schwarzenegger's office, his talent agency is putting all of his upcoming film projects on hold until further notice. the announcement comes just days after the former governor admitted to fathering a secret love child with his housekeeper 13 years ago. now to the remarkable recovery of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she underwent surgery yesterday to repair her skull. the goal of the surgery was to replace a piece of her skull shattered by a bullet when she
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was shot in the head back in january. at the same time doctors placed a shunt inside the brain cavity to help relieve pressure. doctors said they are pleased with their progress and remain optimistic about a recovery. >> the rate of recovery, though, is variable over time, and we can't predict exactly how much more progress she's going to make going forward. so it would be very hard to say if and when she can return to work. but she has done very well so far, and we hope that that progress continues. >> just the thought about returning to work is remarkable. doctors also say she needs no longer to wear a helmet to protect her head during recovery. well, home tv viewing is certainly being redefined by 3-d capability, but at the same time we're learning that if you watch a lot of 3-d tv you could suffer temporary vision problems, especially when it comes to little kids. and in some case it could even trigger an epileptic episode. well, at least one tv
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manufacturer is offering a warning. nbc's lisa carburg reports doctors say you should be paying attention to this issue. >> reporter: samsung's warning states that children and teenagers may be more at risk to health issues related to 3-d viewing. ophthalmologist dr. gregory hafner says kids' eyes are in the developmental stages until age 10 and watching 3-d may alter the way their eyes are learning to fuse. >> theoretically, if they're watching 3-d television six, seven hours a day, that's the kind of processing you might get an issue. >> reporter: dr. jennifer maiden-cohen is a pediatric neurologi neurologist, and she says the 3-d glasses that are used for home use function differently than those used in theaters. >> in particular, the 3-d technology that is coming out for home use is a little bit more worrisome for people because it uses this active system, which turns on and off, sort of flashes in front of a person's eyes. and that can be -- the flashing
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is what's often provoking for seizures. >> reporter: this type of technology can be very dangerous for people like april johnson, who developed photosensitive epilep epilepsy. >> my head will start to hurt. i'll get like foggy vision. i'll take the glasses off. >> reporter: dr. cohen said following the simple rule not to sit too close to the tv or screen is a good way to minimize any side effects. she also says keeping the lights on while watching is a must. >> they should have lights on in the room because it's the contrast of the flashing that can be a problem. so if they're really in a dim room and it's a bright flash, that would be the kind of stimulus that could provoke a seizure. >> reporter: despite the warnings, new 3-d movies and games are hitting the shelves on a regular basis. >> there's more channels that are adding 3-d. also, there's on-demand content.
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a lot of people have on demand. you use on demand movies and shows. so it's getting a lot bigger with how much content you can find. >> reporter: both doctors agree that it is too soon to fully understand how too much 3-d can affect people and that moderation is the key. for now april says she and her family will continue to watch in 2-d. >> 3-d sales are skyrocketing. well, you might have just seen "american idol" finalist james james durbin on the "ellen" show this afternoon. but before he rocked the stage with ellen he rocked the santa cruz beach boardwalk last weekend. his performance helped generate about $1 million for santa cruz. they called it durbin day. brought in an estimated 30,000 fans to the beach for this free concert. sales were up at one local shop. two hotels were sold out. and a local deli even named a sandwich after him. the durbinator. might want to change that now. the santa cruz visitors council attributes the amount of people and the revenue to social media.
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durbin, the 22-year-old santa cruz native, came in fourth on "american idol," and he's loved in santa cruz. says he never wants to leave santa cruz. well, it was so nice outside, it would have been a nice day to be a small town girl. don't you think, jeff? >> yes. it would have been. i know one show that maybe could rival that crowd. "the voice." yes, our own hit here. you guys, i have a quick question for you too. i know you're getting ready for your next story here. 33 days until. any guesses? >> summer? >> fourth of july? >> yes, summer. very nice. yeah, close to that, too. i was driving in the car with all that sun out there and warm weather and i was wondering, okay, how many days exactly till it gets here? so i tallied that up for you there. 33 days until summer gets here officially. today did feel mild, somewhat like summer near the coastline. 63 in san francisco. winds west at 22. and also some patchy fog starting to move in at the coastal areas. in oakland looking toward the downtown area. we have winds northwest at 17. it's that northwest component today that did help a lot of the bay area warm up about five to
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ten degrees from what we had yesterday. close to 80 right now. for those of new santa rosa. 73 san jose. and 60s and 50s at the coast with that stratus starting to build and some patchy fog. we'll see as we head throughout tonight and the morning hours. for friday you're going to be very happy to hear that more 70 degree weather is going to be coming back for our inland spots. and for the weekend we are going to see some slight cooling. but the best news is no rainfall in the forecast right now. we have high pressure building up from the south. and this is a system that's going to cool us up as we head into saturday and sunday. but up until then, at least into friday, we'll be calling it mild for us with 70s inland, and for the weekend we'll see that cooling pattern and also a little bit of fog coming on back. so let's get a look. as we head throughout tonight we will see that stratosphere offshore. that will help develop some fog for the coastal areas, down into santa cruz, also palo alto and the peninsula. we'll see the patchy fog lingering off the coastline. by tomorrow we'll get some clouds moving in with a mix of sunshine. but still, temperatures are
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going to be warm here. so we'll start off in the east bay tomorrow with it being somewhat chilly with mid up toer 40s. by 11:00 a.m. partly cloudy skies and mid 60s. and by tomorrow morning on your friday that sounds good, doesn't it? 46 here in los gatos. 48 in gilroy. 48 in santa cruz. 53 in san francisco. and 48 in san rafael. on friday we'll have mid to upper 70s, even a few isolated 80s possible in the south bay near evergreen, los gatos and south san jose. for the peninsula 73 in san mateo. palo alto also mid 70s. redwood city 75. and for san francisco we'll be close to 70. even in downtown it will feel like that as well for oakland. napa 76. 78 in santa rosa. and 59 in bodega bay. you also know what's coming back besides my seven-day forecast right now? san francisco giants, right here on nbc bay area. >> we're ready. >> how about that? at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. and we're looking at some cooler weather for the weekend. upper 60s and low 70s. but still staying dry with saturday being the best day at this point.
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and raj, you're going to be out at the game tomorrow? >> yeah, it's a big game. not just the giants. also the a's. and it's right here, giants and a's on nbc. >> i'm going to try to sneak in during my break tomorrow night. >> we'll get you free passes. >> don't worry. i'll be here. >> oh, wait. yeah. >> doing all the work. >> jessica takes care of the house while we leave. s t,hat tlps your smartphone replace your
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wallet and all those club cards.
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stay with us. we're moving to colorado! >> all of us? >> i'm going with her. i'm leaving. >> well, now that michael scott is gone, the search is on for his replacement. on tonight's hour-long season finale of "the office" it's a virtual who's who. they'll all be dropping by, looking to apply for michael's spot. jim carrey, ray romano, will arnette, even ricky gervais will be vying to be dunder-mifflin's new regional manager. who's going to get it?
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stay tuned. an all new "office" begins at 9:00 tonight. there's a great new app on the market. it helps you with all those loyalty cards, that cvs card, the safeway club card, all those deals. seems like everywhere you go if you want the discount you have to present that card. and remember, stores are keeping track. >> well, i think they're studying consumer buying patterns. they're studying regional preferences. >> okay. so here's where it gets helpful. cardstar. that's the name. cardstar is a smartphone application that lets you combine all of your club cards on your phone. instead of carrying around each individual card, you just take a picture of the bar code on the back of that card, link it to a particular retailer, and done. it stores it on your phone and stores that code. no need to hand over your card or give your phone number to the clerk. the clerk just scans the bar code on the screen of your phone. now, consumers without smartphones can also do this. they can go to cardstar's website for a program which consolidates the cards on a simple printout. well, t
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wa walking down the aisle later and divorcing less. but now a study may shed some light on the secrets to a long marriage. that's next. lk
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finally tonight, among the latest revelations from the u.s. census, marriages are lasting longer. 3 out of 4 couples who married after 1990 celebrated a ten-year anniversary. that's a 3% rise over couples who married in the early 1980s. experts say one reason is that people are marrying older, after they finish school and are more financially secure. education also plays a role. a group called the marriage project found that people without a college degree are three times more likely to divorce in the first ten years of marriage than those with a
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college degree. that's going to do it for us. "nightly news" is up next. >> we'll see you again at 6:00 for more local news. thanks for watching. >> bye-bye.
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