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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good friday morning, christina. >> what we are going to do, we are going to head out to the fair, have them craft you a microphone for the update, then come back in a few minutes. we are going to look at the travel times. no problems on the maze. an easy drive. we expect friday light with much improved weather with the rains we had. a nice smooth drive, a look at the golden gate bridge. the golden gate bridge coming from the north bay, no issues now. dry roads here. a lot of folks heading into the city for the battle over the bridge. it's going on this week. now, back out to christina. we'll see how we do. can we hear you now? >> i don't know. >> there you go. >> can you hear that it's friday? hey, hey, hey. finally friday. it's great news in the weather department. we are going to see a nice day today. in fact, we are going to see a nice weekend.
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temperatures in the 70s and a lot of sunshine for us. we could see a little bit of rain next week. we are going to break that down. we have a lot more fun to be had with laura garcia-cannon. good morning to you. >> good morning, christina. good to see you. we'll check back with you later. we begin with a look at chronic absenteeism in california schools and the oakland school district is closely monitoring that problem. what they are finding is facering. we want to check in with christie smith with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you and happy friday. when you look at the numbers, it's startling that last year, here in oakland, 5,000 students missed a month of school. makes you wonder where they were. oakland is actually the first school district in the state to take a hard look at chronic absenteeism and come up with a game plan that they are looking at over the next five years. they have come up with a plan.
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it's not just a problem here in oakland. the problem is, so far, there's no clear picture of absenteeism in california because school officials aren't required to keep tabs on chronic absentee m absenteeism. chronic is defined as missing 10% of the school year whether it's excused or not. the oakland school district developed an early warning system for principals when kids aren't showing up for class. they are doing things like offering parties to classes with the best attendance and things like bike raffles for kids with perfect attendance. it seems to be working. the absences cost oakland more than $1 million a year in state funding. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> a lot of money in tough times. we want to check the rest of the day's news with marla tellez. happy friday to you. >> happy friday to you, laura
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and to you at home. the loss of two residents today. a candle light vigil will be held. two men died in separate incidents. ramirez was shot and killed. the vigil will start at 7:00 on the corner of 8th and g street. san francisco police made an arrest in a four-month old nightclub murder. they are looking for another suspect. they released video of a january 9th attack at a temple nightclub. joseph hernandez was arrested. a woman attacked a bystander. they hope that arrest and that new surveillance video will lead them to the man who murdered hernandez. a man accused of killing a 6
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week old puppy may get life in prison. that is if they charge him under the three strikes law. he has four previous assault with a deadly weapon convictions. his wife says during an argument, ruiz put their chihuahua in a bag, threw it across the room, hitting a wall. her husband never meant to hurt the dag. >> his past continues to follow him. it's unfair. people deserve a second chance. >> ruiz ran from his home, then turned himself into police four days later. a high-ranking official calling for stricter restrictions on the gas pipelines by summer. ray lahood said he would work to develop new regulations to close loopholes for utility company
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that is try to evade safety standards. they will impose new standards by the end of august. he stopped short of revealing what the new regulations would include. attorney jenn-ageneral ericr will meet with members of the mayors gang prevention task force. they will talk about the antiviolence efforts as part of the youth violence protection. afterwards, he will tour the job corps and talk about gangs and violence in their communities. 5:05. time to check in with laura, again. she's at the maker fair. good morning. >> yeah, a lot to see out here. we are going to show it to you in a bit. the big talk is the ipo of linked in. boy, did that give a boost to wall street. we want to check in with nicole
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lapin this morning. good morning. good friday morning to you, in fact. >> a good friday morning to you. linked in took wall street by storm. it is expected to push more tech companies where you guys are toward going public. ipos are some of the most profitable businesses for wall street. typically, they get 7% of the fees of the offering. let's do the math. linked in, $352.8 million deal means fees paid mostly to morgan stanley, which led the deal. bank of america is expects to take a big piece of the pie. barnes & noble is -- $17 per share in a cash deal worth $1 billion. the offer values barnes & noble at 21% higher than the closing
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price of $14.11 per share. the offer is contingent on the founding chairman remaining not only a stake holder but holding a management position. a couple big tech stories we are following this morning and a very, very happy friday to you. >> all right. thank you very much. have a great day, nicole. let's see. we are having a great day. we are live in san mateo. i can feel the warm up this morning, christina. is the trend going to continue? >> it is. you know ha the difference is, laura? we have fog. we are going to see the marine layer push inland. we are starting out with temperatures five to seven degrees warmer than this time yesterday morning, we are going to end up where we did yesterday. we have a bit of the fog rolling in now. the visibility is coming down in santa rosa. this is something we are going to watch closely for you all morning long. it's friday.
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we want to make it as easy as possible for you. 53 in concord. 56 degrees, almost 60 degrees in sun sun sunnyvale. we had the brilliant sunshine yesterday. i think it's going to be cloudier today. the temperatures right about the same. that's good news. if you want to get outdoors like mike, hey mike. >> good morning. we'll send it over here in a second. we want to stay over the east bay. an accident southbound 680 past the 580 interchange. it's confirmed by chp. the accident itself is off to a different spot. we move further north through antioch. the construction is eastbound. the overnight construction continues through mid june. moving smoothly through antioch and 680 and the interchange with
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highway 4. the carquinez bridge is moving smoothly. highway 50 is closed at the summit. it remains the case for another week. we'll see if the snow caused a delay. go to facebook and i'll post the detour. east shore freeway is fine. coming over the water from the east bay to the san mateo drive, i'll hand it over to you. it's conveniently accessing you. >> what a nice transition. we are live in san mateo as the tour across the bay area continues. we are celebrating makers fair. the wildly creative inventive minds. we are going to show it all to you, coming up. mary! hey!
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today we are waking up in san mateo. it's perfect timing. we are celebrating the maker fair. it's going on this weekend. it's a wildly creative event for great minds. we want to talk to sherry, the general manager of the event. for folks who have never been here, tell us about it. >> it's the new county fair. it's a contemporary version with rockets and robots. >> a little something for everyone to see? >> i think so, yes. >> who participates in it? >> we have just about everyone. we believe there's makers in everyone's life. you know someone who tinkers or makes things. we open it up. we do an open call. show us what you are doing. it could be engineers.
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it could be different groups. we have the lego users group. we have stanford musicians. the solar car project. we have folks making interesting things like the pieces behind you. >> describe that to me. >> this is the flaming girls. they are amazing. this is one of their pieces called u taupe ya. they are two pods. i believe they have made this for burning man. i think there's a whole installation of eight of these. when activated and engaged, it will shoot fire. they will let the audience get involved and participate. it's cool. >> that's the first thing i thought of when i saw it. >> we have a lot of burning man artists. they bring their pieces out and share with the public. >> are there things for people to buy, also? >> there are. there's a crafts fair called bizarre bizarre.
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they will be selling handmade items. we have some makers making things you can actually buy. the genesis or the real purpose is to actually see a maker and see what they are doing, see an object and engage. >> i love the description of a modern county fair. it kicks off when? >> we have private programs today for schools coming in with teachers in the area. we'll do a maker event tonight and tomorrow, 10:00 a.m., we open the gates. >> you are expecting a big crowd? >> 100,000 or so? >> i think so. last year, we were around 80,000 range. a lot more folks will be coming this year. >> sounds like it's a success already. there's a lot of parking out here, too. don't be afraid of the crowds. i want to get a look at the rest of the days news checking in with marla. good morning. >> good morning. it is 5:14.
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the man accused of recklessly sta burning homes. he has enough experience as a contractor to prevent the fire from happening. if convicted, he faces up to five years in prison. the search continues this morning for a napa vine yard owner. he took off wednesday afternoon and never arrived at his destination in tracy. his plane was last shown losing altitude before radar lost track of it. a horse running this weekend has roots in the south bay. his trainer is from pleasanton. you can see the second leg here tomorrow at 3:19. now, it's 5:15 on your friday morning. let's check the weekend forecast with christina. good morning. >> good morning to you, marla. good morning to you at home.
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boy oh boy, if you didn't get outside last weekend because of the rain, you can make the outdoor plans with a clear conscience. 70 degree weather both days. more mild in san francisco. you are close to 70. as we head through saturday and sunday, next week is looking good as well. watch out for fog. we are noticing reduced visibilities and a decent round of fog around the peninsula around 9:00 a.m. mostly cloudy start turning over to partly cloudy. 76 degrees today in los gatos and 73 in redwood city. i'm happy to present the seven day outlook to you. we lost the rain chances. we could see a sneaker system come in. it might bring a light round of rain. overall, we are looking good through next thursday. if you wanted to get outside,
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like i said, laura, bob, we are looking good. you are looking good this morning. >> and it's friday. >> we tried to polish up after yesterday. bob is here at the maker fair. he's our only hope. >> if i am, that's scary. a lot of different groups of people who build and make different kinds of things. one group is dedicated to recreating on their own one of the most popular robots in the world. let's put it this way, the force is strong with this group. hold on. we're not that far away. we're just up the road at american canyon inside the home of chris james and his r 2 d 2 workshop. i just realized, i don't have a
5:18 am
microphone for you. r2, can you help me out? thank you. thank you. good throw. how are you doing? >> good, thanks. >> this is -- >> r2d2. >> built from krach? >> kind of. he's all aluminum. >> want some help? >> no. >> want me to pull some wires out? >> yeah. >> okay. >> it hosts itself up. this is a lazy susan. it's the same thing at fancy restaurants. one of the things people ask a lot is -- >> you're my only hope. >> i came up with this. >> help me.
5:19 am
you're my only -- hope. >> that was creepy. where does this fascination come from? >> i always loved "star wars." i'm a maker at heart. i always made things and tinker with things. this is the ultimate thing. >> these guys in this r2d2 club are dedicated. they spend months on them. >> it's cool. >> they try to get them to scale like what they were like in the movies. they say ours are better than the ones used in the movie. you can have different r2s for different shots. they had 12 in different units. theirs can do all in one. a coup movie tidbits from the movie "star wars," there was ac man, in some of the scenes he would be in r2d2 moving it
5:20 am
around. in the late '70s, you can see next to r2s legs, two black tubes. they are the coverings of his legs. he's in there. being a "star wars" freak, it's new to me and quite a surprise. chris james, the r2d2 maker we met. check it out. he will be here both days. >> that's an amazing thing. all the creative minds here. we love it. that's why we are here this morning. thanks, bob. we'll check in with him in a bit. we are covering the day's news as well as being at the makers fair this morning. including why a uc berkeley law professor will not take a seat on the nation's highest court.
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>> you heard the rails behindla a.ura. no delays. we have a nice flow through the caldecott tunnel as well. if you are planning away
5:22 am
5:23 am
across the bay this friday, coming up. tgif, everybody. it's 5:23. a live look at hp pavilion. the sharks at home. san jose will have to come back harder to get into the series. tonight's game starts at 6:00. if you can't make the sharks game, think about making this game instead. the san jose firefighters holding a charity hockey game at sharks ice in san jose tonight at 8:30. tickets are $5 at the door. proceeds benefit the san jose burn foundation which helps burn survivors and their families.
5:24 am
a great cause. it is still 5:23. let's check the roads with mike. >> we are focusing on the south bay. the commute is just getting started. a slight bump in traffic, not a big deal. the sharks are in town. a lot of effort toward the vancouver face-off. we come back with a w tonight. it could be an issue for you if this is where you work and where you are trying to leave the area to get home to watch it on tv. the area past the san mateo bridge is cleared up. no problems across the san mateo bridge. 880, further north past the coliseum. a smoother drive at 66. not a problem today. the as are not playing there today. they are playing across the bay. a smooth drive toward the bay area toll plaza. looking fine across the area.
5:25 am
focusing on at&t park, it's where the face-off is, the battle. the san francisco giants icon is here. this is what would be happen if it were a tie, they were merge. it would be horrible. >> that's why there's extra innings. thank you mike. a berkeley professor falls short of the highest seat in the court. he was nominated for a spot in the ninth circuit court of appeals. republicans must earn enough votes to keep the final vote from happening. it was president obama's first defeat of a judicial nominee. everyone watched linked in explode yesterday. scott mcgrew you are live at the
5:26 am
maker fair. >> my favorite place in the world, the maker fair. let's talk linked in and prices. we closed at $94.25. it was up 109% in the first day of trading. the ceo is in the middle opening the opening bell thursday. the ceo made $250 million. the big question is what happens today after all the excitement? we kind of figure some of the investors are not in linked in for the long term. it's something we will watch carefully for the day. if you invested in apple a year ago, you would be up 40% today. it keeps rising fueled by these people. people so excited about owning apple products. it turns out a bbc study says
5:27 am
the same region of your brain that gets excited about religion gets excited about apple products. i want to shout out to a second grader from san francisco. he is the google doodle. that's his picture. if you go to google today, his artwork will be there. it's going to hang in the whitney museum. >> very cool. >> he gets a college scholarship. cool stuff. >> quite an honor. >> it is. >> i'll check it out. >> we are at the maker fair having a great time. >> you love this event. >> i love this. i am a maker myself. later, we are going to show you something i made. the things i learn about my
5:28 am
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20 communities in 20 days. we are taking you across the bay area. this morning, we are waking up in san mateo. it is the perfect place to be to celebrate the maker fair. it is a place for wildly creative minds to see their inventio inventions. we have so much to show you this morning. we are also looking at the forecast. for that, we go to christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. if you can get outdoors, you'll want to. a gorgeous barbecue weekend. our weather is the envy of the nation. we have a little fog out there this morning. the fog is creeping up around the bridges. take it easy out there. i'll let you know where your temperatures are headed today and how long the warming trend will last. it's 5:30. i bet it's getting busy out
5:31 am
there. >> so far, highway four is holding up at 63. westbound right around horizon lane. sensor position for that. the slowdown in ten to 15 minutes. the approach to the bay bridge is looking fine. i want to show you the entire span there. low clouds hovering around the area. we are watching to see if fog will be an issue. not so much. let's go to laura warming her hands. >> you caught me. you continue to follow the days news including something you may be experiencing in your household right now. household stress. i want to check in with tracie potts, live in washington this morning with the details. good morning. >> reporter: hi there, laura. good morning, everyone. we are talking chores here and men and women and the division of chores. uvla followed couples and
5:32 am
measured their stress levels based on who was doing which chores when. they measured levels to determine when are men and women, husbands and wives least stressed. women are less stressed when doing chores with the help of their husbands. turns out when the two are home alone or in a room alone, women are more likely to be working. men more likely to be relaxing. a lesson to be learned there. certainly not the first study that found this. the university of south florida found, this is kind of interesting, that after men did household work or household chores they tended to go out and do something macho to regain their self-esteem. interesting one there, laura. >> yeah. very. they needed a big research project for this? they could have come to any household in america, i think. thank you very much.
5:33 am
very interesting this morning. yes, the women are up this morning giving you the days news as well as marla tellez. there's the proof. >> always doing the work. good morning. it is now 5:32. the fate of the two men accused of killing oakland journalist chauncey bailey could be in the hands of the jury on monday. there's no court session today. on monday, the prosecution will have the closing arguments. lawyers for them gave the closing statements yesterday. they attack the credibility of the prosecution's key witness. he says bay ordered him to kill three men, including bailey. an update to a story we brought you yesterday. police are not saying much about a shooting that left two people dead. a violent crime was going to happen on kern avenue. when officers arrived, they
5:34 am
found three men in a car on the street. they tried to question them when two got out of the car with guns. all three men were shot. two later died. a north day vitnor is missing. a 78-year-old took off from nevada wednesday afternoon, headed for a private airstrip on their property in tracy. he never made it. he was the only person on the plane. a search for him and his plane will continue this morning. his plane was shown quickly losing altitude before going off radar. >> what scares me most is he's alive and can't do anything. you know, is he under the snow? is he under a tree? >> brown lives in gardnerville, nevada but owns two wineries in
5:35 am
california. the winery donates a portion of proceeds to breast cancer research. he took up the cause after his wife died from the disease five years ago. the man accused of accidentally starting the 2008 summit fire will stand trial. a judge says there is enough evidence to try him on charges he recklessly started the fire. he was clearing property on summit road and burning some of the debris. he didn't put out the embers and that sparked the fire. it burned 63 homes and buildings and more than 4200 acres in santa clara counties. it took five days to put out the flames. >> it is still in the dirt and rust, but a barge in san jose is no longer leaking fuel. it flipped over yesterday dumping diesel in. workers will be out to clean up
5:36 am
remaining fuel from the vessel. they have soaked up the fuel in the water. is the botox mom's story bogus? it's what tmz is claiming this morning. the british tabloid, the sun, may have paid a southern california woman money to make up a story. tmz says the botox mom gave them a sworn statement she was paid $200 to make up the whole thing and use a fake name. the woman lived in san francisco. turns out, she lives in l.a. 5:36. good morning. time to check in with laura. she's live at the maker fair with lots of fun going on there. >> yeah, we are going to have more from here coming up. first, we continue to follow the day's news, including sobering statistics on chronic absenteeism. the oakland school district is
5:37 am
monitoring the problem. what they found out is staggering. let's check in with christie smith for details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you have to wonder where in the world the kids are during the school day. the numbers are startling. last year in oakland, more than 5,000 students didn't show up for class for nearly a month. it could be a number of things. could be issues with housing instability, foreclosures, illness, problems getting to school. oakland is the first time to monitor absenteeism. they came up with a plan to tackle it. it's not just a problem here in oakland. the problem is, so far, there's no clear picture of absenteeism. school officials aren't required to keep tabs on chronic absenteeism. only the overall attendance rates. chronic is defined as missing 10% of the school year whether excused or not. the oakland school district
5:38 am
developed an early warning system for principals when kids aren't showing up to class. they are doing things like offering parties to classes that have the best overall attendance. bike raffles for kids with perfect attendance. it looks like things are working. it is improving here. estimates are that these absences caused oakland more than $1 million a year in state funding. certainly a lot at stake. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. >> a lot of money you are talking about there. thank you very much. we are also talking about the forecast. we had rain earlier this week. clearing skies making way for a nice weekend. let's check in with christina. >> good morning. we are going to pay you in sunshine. if you want to get outdoors, make the plans in advance. we were going to see a few showers come through the area earlier on in the week. the ridge of high pressure is
5:39 am
building in so strong that i have removed all shower chances all weekend long for the entire bay area. clouds by the weekend. staying nice. a great golf weekend. a great weekend for barbecue. here is what we are looking at. watch out for fog. we are noticing the marine intrusion. we are going to start out mostly cloudy. i noticed that in san mateo where laura is. the temperatures are mild. 54 degrees in hayward. 53 degrees in oakland. we are headed toward the 70s. take a look at your forecast. another gorgeous day in the bay. fremont 75. san jose and los gatos 76. let's see if you have any hiccups getting around on the road. i bet there is. >> we just got this report seconds ago.
5:40 am
highway 101 coming past university avenue in palo alto. tire tread is in the roadway. 101 as well as 280 moving smoothly. we are looking at half-moon bay where there's traffic control because of construction going on heading over the summit from the half-moon bay side. we'll keep our eyes on that. the fog creeping in as well. we'll jump out there and visit nor better looking at the beautiful shot of the bay bridge reminder. scheduling the reroute or the detour and change in traffic flow for memorial day weekend. no problems on the bridge itself. a later start to the metering lights there. a live shot and see how things are moving in oakland. the as are playing at the home of the giants facing off at the battle of the bay bridge continuing through the weekend. expect crowds at at&t park. a nice smooth flow. we have a later build for friday. we'll watch this and send it
5:41 am
back out to you. >> all right. sounds good. out to me means we are out in san mateo celebrating the bay area tradition. the maker you won't believ you won't believe some of the things they have here and why you should bring out the whole family. unique creativity at its best. m&
5:42 am
5:43 am
welcome back, everyone. the tour across the bay area continues this morning. we are waking up in san mateo. fittingly so because kicking off this weekend is the maker fair. something i honestly equate to scott mcgrew, my co-worker. you are a huge fan of it. >> i'm a huge fan. i am a subscriber to make magazine. i encourage everyone to come out. it's welding and rockets and robots and crafting. >> it's interesting. i thought it was welding.
5:44 am
>> the video we show you is all the explosive stuff. there's that. there's crafting and food making and sustainable agriculture and things you can do at home. we don't get to talk much about our personal lives. i'm a welder. >> really? >> yeah. i weld and i make stuff. i love this kind of thing. >> the things i'm learning about you. >> it is great, great fin. i'll be on stage, actually at the fiesta stage with the architect guys. >> okay. >> i'll be out here saturday on the stage. i want people to come up and say hi. >> we love that. >> you have triplets, but some day -- >> welding and triplets, not a good combo. >> come out and do this kind of thing. it is so much fun. >> that's what you say. it's a great family affair and brings on the creativity. >> someone called it suburban
5:45 am
burning man. >> interesting. that's great. >> great fun. >> they have maker fair throughout the nation. this is kind of the mother ship, i'm told. >> this is the big one. >> there you go. mr. welder, who knew. you have to get the mask and everything going. >> sure. >> let's check in with marla covering the days news. good morning. >> good morning. here is a look at a few stories we are following. an east bay officer will be allowed to leave contra costa county. there's a case against him. he can leave for special medical treatment. the judge is pushing back a plea date for san ramon police officer. they are accused of stealing drugs and guns from police evidence lockers and selling them. people in union city will gather to remember two men killed earlier this week.
5:46 am
they were killed in separate incidents. the city's first and second homicides of the year. police hope surveillance video will help them find a suspect. officers arrested a woman connected to the attack. she hit a bystander trying to stop the attack from happening. 5:45 now. let's check in with christina loren for the weekend forecast. >> it looks better through the eyes of a friday. we have fog out there. if you are waking up near the bridges or cross over the bridges, make sure to give yourself plenty of time. by this afternoon, we'll see the sun come out once again. it warms us up into the 70s. this weekend, staying nice. looking really, really nice for the weekend. watch for the fog. we picked up quite a bit of moisture earlier in the week. high pressure moves in. we have reduced visibility. it's the case for the first part
5:47 am
of the morning. the little trough kicks in on shore flow. for us, we are expecting a cloudy start across the bay area. by 11:00 or earlier than that, the clouds lift, break apart, the sun comes through and we hit the 70s. 75 degrees in san jose. 73 in redwood city. 69 degrees in san francisco. our boys are back in town. we have a giants game in san francisco at at&t park. 7:15, 62 degrees, the temperatures drop like a rock when the sun goes down. 68 degrees on monday. 69 tuesday. overall, we are looking good. i see short sleeves out there with you this morning, laura. short sleeves. >> a little bit. we are getting adventurous. you know how cold i am all the time. we are going to move in and i'll
5:48 am
take the coat off. we are at the maker fair. she is from describe that for me. >> we are a blog. we post crafty inspiration projects from how-tos to recipes. >> are you going to give demos? >> we will. how-to segments. come on by. >> i equated the maker fair to robotics, electronics but there's a lot of craft things that go with it. >> definitely. we have a whole area. we won't be making robots, but a cute sequined top. >> what is going ton this morning? >> this is a sewing project. it's nice to put scraps to use. we are going to do a quick place
5:49 am
mat using a basic quilting technique. we cut out some squares. they are 7 x 7.5 inches. a solid print and fruit. sew the wrong sides together and then you have a french seam on the back. you can crease it down and open it up. make two of those. basically, we are going to sandwich them together, again, with the wrong sides. >> you always have to remember the wrong sides. >> exactly. otherwise you could have an interesting looking project. >> i have had interesting pa jama pants. >> put it together. take it to the sewing machine. it's easy. line it up. we are doing a basic straight stitch on here and let it go. >> you can really make this quickly. >> definitely. it's good for people just learning how to sew or want to
5:50 am
practice. it's a lot of fun. >> good basics. love it. >> this is the finished project. put a piece on the back. >> it's personal. love it. that's what i love about maker fairs, unique things, creative minds. we have more coming up. thanks. >> thank you. we are looking a your at yo commute. 580 moves smoothly through castro valley. we have a note for drivers in the a.m. and the p.m. i'll let you know what's going on. coming up. [ asst mgr ] what are you doing? fixing the name. it's fiber none. looks like one. well, i know. i put an "n" there. ah! fiber one honey clusters cereal! that's really good!
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rise and shine, everybody. it's 5:52 on a friday morning. a live look at
5:53 am
coliseum. the as not at home today. they are close. the as and giants at at&t park. you can see it here on nbc bay area at 7:00. new legislation working through the state capital could keep parks open for a little while. it makes it easier for nonprofit groups to take over. 70 state parks will close by july, 2012. a busy stretch of interstate 280 near at&t park could be demolished to make room for the trains. they say it would be dangerous for cars to cross the tracks. city officials say it would cause problems for muni. another option to the replace
5:54 am
280 with a parkway. the rail is expected to travel through the peninsula. delays as far as mass transit is concerned? >> no delays by transit systems. that's great news. see the slowdown out of the altamont pass. the speeds dip a tad bit. a lighter commute in general. get away traffic out of livermore to tracy. that's the note for the afternoon. folks headed toward tahoe. if that's where you are headed, the highway is still closed. we are looking at highway 4 with a light slowing off hill crest and toward loveridge. speeds in the 40s down to the 30s. it's not bad coming up on 6:00. it's 5:54 now. eastbound through fairfield, a smooth drive as well. a smooth drive to the toll plaza
5:55 am
for the bay bridge across to the north bay. getting to the city, we'll watch, the giants and as are playing today. the haze on the peninsula side. we are watching for fog. so far, not a big deal. back to you. >> thank you. hock hockey, home runs and horszs. one of the horses in the race have roots in the east bay. the cold is named sway away. made a career debut at the alameda county fair. you can say winning is in the horses blood. his sire won in belmont stakes in 2005. you can catch the second leg here on nbc tomorrow at 3:19. the favorite is kentucky derby winner, animal kingdom. scott has gadget friday live from maker fair. something you actually made? >> yeah.
5:56 am
well, i figured what are you going to do for gadget friday at maker fair? yeah, something i made. make magazine comes out quarterly with all kinds of projects inside. the one on the front is making a go-cart out of cordless drills. i have made an air rocket. here, we have the "ss nbc." i have a bike pump that pressurizes it and a remote that opens up a sprinkler valve and it should work. you can buy all the parts at home depot. here we go. i'm going to pressurize this to about 50 pounds per square inch. get it about right there. that should do it. then i'm going to walk away and i'm going to hit the remote and open the sprinkler valve. see what happened. bye-buy. isn't that cool. great fun.
5:57 am
this is a paper rocket. i made one out of masking tape as well. we are going to pressurize it to 80 pounds psi. i kid you not, it will go a city block. it is great fun. you can make it at home. it is very, very cool stuff. we have 20 more seconds. maybe i can do it again. >> did you dream it up yourself? >> absolutely. the instructions are in make magazine. fire. it's cool stuff and kids love it. we are going to have tons more coming up from maker fair and again at 6:45, the launch of the real rocket. see you in a bit. >> i'm impressed. yeah, i'm impressed. much more ahead coming up on today in the bay fromco stt mcgrew at the maker fair in san mateo as well as laura garcia-cannon. wild inventions coming up.
5:58 am
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