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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  May 20, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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investigation with the district attorney's office. she says that investigation concluded that officer frederickson had indeed provided more than a pound of marijuana to a confidential informant with whom he was having an inappropriate relationship with. now, she says a search of the officer's danville home also uncovered evidence that supports the charge. >> i can tell you as the police chief this is extremely disappointing. the san leandro police department will not tolerate this type of conduct that has been alleged to be engaged in. >> this is what i would call a dangerous liaison, a romantic indiscretion gone bad and gotten complicated with some marijuana and that's really all it is. it's not part of any larger issues. doesn't relate to any other case. it's simply one person making a mistake in judgment and getting involved with somebody he shouldn't have gotten involved with. >> reporter: now, the officer's attorney also points out that until now he was a very well
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respected officer. in fact, he was the first person on the scene when an officer was shot in 2005 and was instrumental in catching that officer's killer. now, the officer's wife is a dispatcher at the san leandro police department. she has also been placed on administrative leave, but we are told that she does not face any criminal charges. now, the officer, again, appeared in court, had a very brief court appearance today. his bail bondsman was here and he was expected to boast bapost. reporting live in san leandro, jodi hernandez. a frightening sight at this mcdonald's, surveillance video showed two bloodied men staggering into the restaurant following a freeway shooting. police say the shooting happened
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on highway 780 tside vallejo last night. 19-year-old and passenger 20-year-old were driving near the glen cove parkway offramp when a light blue pickup pulled alongside and the driver opened fire. investigators say it was no random attack. >> this isn't a situation where there's just some random person shooting at cars. we believe this was a targeted incident. >> one was shot in the bicep and wrist. he was losing consciousness. his passenger helped drive him four miles to the mcdonald's. he is being treated for major injuries and police are on the hunt for the shooter. every school district is facing problems of chronic absenteeism but oakland is taking a very close hard look at it. oakland studied why students were missing school. the district wants to know whether it's illness for closure or just trying to get a ride for school. chronic absenteeism is defined
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as losing it 10% of the school year. some schools had an even higher average. the worst schools appointed outreach coordinators which have addressed individual problems. one school brought its average down to 6% as a result. administrators now want sponsors to help support that program as well. several prison inmates are in the hospital tonight after a riot at folsom prison this morning. the fight started between two men but quickly grew to involve some 150 prisoners. two men were stabbed and several others wounded enough to be taken to the hospital. guards fired a single warning shot to break up the fight after tear gas failed to stop it. last august, guarded fires several shots into about 200 inmates as a last resort to get them to stop fighting. in that incident, seven men were hurt. it turns out california is going in a different direction from the rest of the country in a very good way. the state's unemployment picture improved slightly last month. the nationwide rate didn't move much at all. april's jobless rate in the
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golden state dipped to 11.9%, down from an even 12% back in march. in the south bay, silicon valley's unemployment dropped to 10.1% as new jobs opened up in the computer and semiconductor manufacturing industry. that's down from 10.6% just in march. president obama had a tense meeting in washington today with israel's prime minister. the president wants to kick start peace talks with a pledge from israel that it roll back its borders to what they were in 1967. but benjamin netanyahu refused to even consider the idea. >> we cannot go back to the 1967 lines. because these lines are indefensible. >> our ultimate goal has to be a secure israeli state, a jewish state. >> palestinians are also critical of the deal. they say land swaps would mean israeli settlers can stay in the west bank. president obama is the first u.s. president to say publicly
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that israel should give back the land it won in the '67 war. nbc nightly news has the political fallout for the president coming up at 5:30. well, don't blame old timers for having flashbacks today, a fleet of world war ii airplanes roared into the field, part of the wings of freedom tour. the aircraft visit more than 130 cities and the planes will be on display for a week. one is a b-17. fewer than a dozen are in flying condition. a p-51 mustang and one other are the only others flying. if you have some money saved up you can actually fly the planes as well. that's what they call real time travel. get ready, prince, sharks, glee, all in the south bay, and that has business booming. business and tech reporter scott budman outside the shark tank with this story. scott, this is a huge weekend,
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really something for everybody. >> yeah, you're right, and the fans are ready for it. we already have a rally going on down the street outside the arena. we've got fans lining up to take their seats inside for the game. and with so much entertainment coming to the hp pavilion in the next week, local businesses are ready to go, too. if you think the sonoma chicken coop is business now, just wait. businesses like this one -- >> we have women's over here. >> and this one, feeling the love as the sharks, prince, and the traveling glee show all come to san jose over the next few days. >> we see 30%, 40% increase in sales, jump in sales when an event's going on. >> reporter: and it seems half the entertainment world is coming here. good for business. >> shirts are great. we do alternative sports apparel
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for various fans so it's the perfect time of year for it. >> reporter: good for the fans. >> i work tonight, but i'm ready to go, and they're going to win the next two nights. >> reporter: is your hair purple, is that for prince? >> no. no. >> reporter: all right. all right. again, the sharks game kicks off tonight at 6:00. then prince tomorrow, the sharks on sunday, then prince, then glee on the 24th. all sorts of things happening here outside the tank. now we're going to get the mood inside the tank from comcast sports brody brazil. >> reporter: down here just outside the sharks dressing room where this morning i had a chance to talk to the players. here are their keys to the game. number one is speed. the sharks need to slow the canucks down who have looked like the faster team so far in the series. they told me the best way to neutralize their opponent is spend more time attacking in their third of the ice. secondly, penalties and what a lopsided one this has been so far.
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the canucks have taken only three. the shashs have taken 11 penalties in this series, saying no way san jose can win if they're spending all that time on the penalty keel. then the captain saying this game three has to be treated like a game seven. at hp pavilion, i'm brody brazil. now back to the studio. thank you. next at 5:00, is the end really near? a bay area minister seems to think so. up next, the prophecy and the profit. how people are trying to make a buck off the end of the world prediction. and how much are you paying for your iphone bill? some lawyers are saying at&t could be guilty of overcharging. >> reporter: and good afternoon, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri live in san mateo where appropriately we have some fair weather out here today for a one of a kind unique fair where you can channel your inner geek. we'll explain all the details and have more with theses guy m
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coming up, plus your weekend forecast in just minutes. g
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so, is it the apocalypse yet? if it is, you can't say you weren't warned. billboards, rvs with apocalyptic warnings, pamphlets declaring the end is coming and coming soon. a bay area christian radio host is predicting judgment day is tomorrow. the message is spread across the country. kristen dahlgren tells us how people are preparing for both the end, and the we're still here parties. >> we left our jobs, we've sold everything. >> reporter: followers of christian broadcaster harold camping warning the end of the world starts this weekend.
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>> may 21st, 2011, exactly 7,000 years from the day of noah's flood will be judgment day. >> reporter: according to camping, earthquakes will begin shaking the ground on saturday. believers will ascend to heaven in what's called the rapture while everyone else will face the world's destruction over the next few months. >> we believe it 100%. >> reporter: but not everyone does. including many other christians. >> i'd be very surprised if may 21st was our last date. >> reporter: and some atheists have started sites like after the rapture pet care. promising to watch fido for a fee. in indianapolis, anna reese is offering the same service on craigslist. >> $50 per small dog. >> reporter: while in florida, surviving saturday could get you a deal. >> if you make it past the rapture, you basically get a free dry cleaning with any duct cleaning you purchase. >> reporter: camping has predicted it all before. back in 1994. he insists he has it right this
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time. >> if is going to happen. and so i don't even entertain questions when they say, well, what are you going to do if it doesn't happen? >> there are people that will believe anything. >> reporter: skeptics say they're not counting down to the end of the world, but rather the we're still here parties planned around the country. now, people have been predicting the end of the world for eons, many have been asking about december 21st, 2012. that's what the mayan calendar ends and some say it means the end of days. so if we survive this one, there is another dooms day now just a year and a half away. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. >> something to look forward to. all right. thank you. the man accused of recklessly starting the 2008 summit fire in santa cruz will stand trial. a judge says there is enough evidence for him to face a jury. investigators say verden failed to put out a large pile of logs he was burning while clearing property on summit road. if convicted he faces five years
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behind bars. that summit fire started may 22nd and it burned straight for five days. it destroyed 132 structures and charred more than 4,000 acres in santa cruz and santa clara county. this sunday would have been harvey milk's 81st birthday. friends, family and admirers will celebrate his life with a second annual harvey milk day. events will take place in san francisco, sacramento and san diego. harvey milk went from a small business ownersupervisor, and be the first openly gay man elected to public office in california although after taking office he was assassinated. milk's life, as you may recall was a subject of a major motion picture that starred sean penn. at&t being hit with a class action lawsuit over iphone data plans but the case may never get
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to court. the lawsuit states at&t overcharges for data usage. mischarged between 7% and 14% of the bill but sometimes it goes as high as 300%. the suit also claims the company charges for phantom usage or for use when the phone is actually turned off. there's a question as to whether the lawsuit will be heard, though, since at&t has users sign an agreement not to participate in class action lawsuits when they sign their iphone agreement. topping our health watch tonight, do cell phones really cause cancer? that will be the question up for debate at the world health organization's meeting next week. researchers at tuesday's meeting plan on reviewing studies of the health effects of electro magnetic radiation to decide once and for all if it can be labeled a carcinogen. the agency has published over 100 papers since 1977 of various materials and devices. they're expected to reach a conclusion by the end of the month. some more health news for you, some pregnant women it seeps are being denied treatment by obstetricians because of a
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higher health risk and malpractice concern. ob/gyns in south florida will not treat overweight pregnant women. they send them to specialists instead. 15 ob/gyn practices out of 105 polled by a south florida newspaper have set weight cutoffs for patients starting at 200 pounds. studies have shown obese patients are at a higher risk for elevated blood pressure, prehe can clam see ya and gestational diabetes. >> the liability, the local environment and the demand for perfection makes the specialty very, very challenging. >> turning down overweight patients is not illegal but some medical experts say it does violate the spirit of the medical profession. the end of the road for 35-mile-an-hour detour could come as soon as tomorrow. caltrans plans on reopening highway 50, the main route to tahoe, tomorrow. the highway was closed last week so crews could fix the
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deteriorating retaining walls that keep drivers safe from the steep drop. winter like weather forced delays on the project. weather permitting, 50 could open on saturday. well, get ready, because thousands of do it yourself fans are expected to turn out at the san mateo county fair ground this weekend. >> that is where jeff ranieri is right now. jeff? >> reporter: yeah, good afternoon to you guys. you know, when many people think of fair, they think of corn dogs, ferris wheels, but this fair is going way beyond that. we're talking about a fair that's all about innovation. take a look at this here. this is part of the giraffe project. this is just one example of the innovation and design that's happening here at the san mateo -- >> sorry for that, but as you heard, jeff lost his microphone there. so they're going to try to replug that. >> i think somebody touhe cre ld fix it for him.
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>> one of those do it yourself people. we'll be back in a moment.
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bay watch never paid so well. patrolling the waters at one of california's most prestigious beaches commands pay that rivals some ceos salaries. we're talking at the 13 lifeguards at newport beach in southern california. a recent report about their salaries is drawing criticism. here's why. newport beach lifeguards make between $58,000 and $108,000 a year in base salary, and that doesn't include overtime and other compensation. now last year the lowest paid officer pulled in more than 98,000, while two battalion chiefs cleared more than $200,000. and get this, all of them receive $400 in sunscreen allowance. california is leading the way when it comes to clean energy. in account ffact, eight of the states are on the east and west coast. the top indicators include use of hybrid and electric cars,
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electricity produced by clean sources and green initiatives. following california is oregon, massachusetts, new york and colorado. the state ranking dead last? west virginia. don't say gay. that's the nickname for a piece of legislation that would ban teachers from discussing homosexuality. the move passed by the tennessee senate today is getting nationwide attention. opponents say the bill would prohibit teachers from preventing bullying and counseling students. the bill won't be heard in the house until next year. he is only in the second gr bade,ut one bay are boy, well, he's getting paid by google.
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as you heard just a moment ago, we had a problem with jeff ranieri's microphone. if you were ever going to have a
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problem like that, well, the fair is where you want that problem, because people know how to fix things. >> have you met the corn dog that sweeps yet? >> reporter: yeah, there's plenty of great food out here, but we had ten people coming over to make us a new microphone and we have audio. we were showing you earlier as that audio went out, this is one example of what you'll find, the electric giraffe and you touch it and it talks. so there's electronic giraffes, there are pavilions for kids, all kinds of robotics. it's all about innovation, technology and design happening here at the san mateo maker fair. with us right now is mark. and, mark, tell us about what makes this fair unique and different. it's a lot different from regular fairs because people are here to actually show off the cool things that they've made. it's a celebration of creativity, ingenuity, novelty. people hunger to be able to make things. for too long people have been sitting around and being passive. this is an opportunity to
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actually build cool stuff. >> yeah, very unique. and also, there's something for everyone, of all ages, right? >> there's kids, all ages. kids are putting together little robots, older people are rediscovering traditional crafting, like knitting and things like that. so there's something for everyone. >> and there's also some great food, as we mentioned, and also some rides as well. or some things they can experience. hands on. >> there's human powered rides and swings and all sorts of -- it's like a carnival rides that are like nothing you've ever experienced before. >> thank you so much, definitely something you have to come out and just kind of just show up to and you're sure to enjoy. there's just so much going on. so let's get a look at our weather graphics as we head throughout tonight. we'll find patchy fog as we continue throughout the next 24 hours at the coastline and also for the peninsula. and for tomorrow we'll cool off as we head throughout saturday and then even cooler as we head into sunday. the next 48 hours we have this area of low pressure that's
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going to be moving off to the north. that is going to start to cool those temperatures down and eventually we will start to see more cloud cover inere as we head into sunday's forecast. as we start off at 6:00 a.m. on your saturday, what you're going to notice is those temperatures will be in the upper 40s and low to mid-50s and by the afternoon temperatures, well, they'll be bumping up into the 60s and low to mid-70s. for tomorrow, we're looking at low to mid-70s there for the east and also for the south bay and for the san mateo maker fair happening this saturday and sunday, starting at 10:00 a.m., we are looking at some sun and clouds, starting off with some fog. and those conditions they'll generally be in the 60s for most of the day. adults, $25 and kids the prices range from free to about 15 bucks. we have some sun and clouds coming our way but most importantly there is no rainfall expected. it's all about innovation and
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design here at the maker fair, and i've made my innovation of my design, can you guys see this? i'm levitating a rock. yes. do you like it? it's heavy. >> i think you'll have better luck with r2d2. he was so cute behind you. >> it's one of those things you just have to go see and experience to know what it's all about. thank you very much. the bay area is looking at google's home page, space life. it's the winning ep tri in the doodle for google contest. this year's winner is a second grader. the youngest winner so far. he appeared on "the today show," describing what launched his dream to be an astronaut and he says it was because neal armstrong was so cool and he's interested in planets, but most especially interested in earth. after winning the contest, he told reporters, i'm going to, not disneyland, but stanford. lopez won a $15,000 scholarship
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which he hopes to use at stanford university. >> isn't that great? >> if he's doodling for google now, he's going to stanford. >> thanks for joining us. "nightly news" is next.
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