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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 20, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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at 3:30 in the afternoon. he was headed for his hometown of tracy. it was a trip that should have taken him for an hour. he did not make it. that search was widened this morning by the civil air patrol. this is the man you're looking at. he was headed to an air strip on his property in tracy but he never got there. he was piloting a single engine plane. we understand now that they found the wreckage of that plane, that it crashed northwest of an area called the silver springs reservoir. that's in the sierra. want to show you -- this is what you're looking at, some of the pictures of that area, some of these -- this is the lake tahoe area. that's where the plane, they think went down. the location is 40 miles southwest of lake tahoe. this is what we know. they did say through radar they could tell there was a sharp and rough descent of his plane. that was wednesday around 4:00 in the afternoon.
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what we don't know at this hour is if they have found brown. if he survive this had crash, they did say it was a high-speed impact crash. of course, as soon as we know more information, we'll bring that to you. >> mr. brown owned the cleavage creek winery cellars in napa. his wife died of breast cancer and he dedicated himself to raising funds for breast cancer research. they have located mr. brown's plane. the next step is to see if the pilot survived. we'll bring it to you a little bit later in the newscast as soon as we know more. knew tonight, oakland police officers are trading in their weapons tonight after mechanical troubles turned up during training exercises during their glock pistols. the department is in the midst of transitioning into glock 4s.
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the department says the trade-in will not sacrifice public safety. and just in to the newsroom, santa clara police have a man in custody they believe who is responsible for the second murder of the year. the victim was found last week. they have arrested a suspect for the murder. he's set to appear in court next week facing murder charges. police are not releasing a motive in the crime. san jose apparently has a growing problem, what's historically one of the safest communities in the country has a ballooning homicide rate. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is with us, with u.s. attorney general eric holder today, he toured the san jose job corps, a
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school aimed at getting at-risk youth off the streets. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney general wanted to see for himself how job corps and san jose mayor chuck reed's task force were doing it right. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: among the many students, holder met angel, a 21-year-old with perhaps every reason to fail. angel grew up without a father. his friends joined gangs. >> i had to take my own paths. and growing up without a father was not the easiest thing to do. >> reporter: yet there he was, a 21-year-old who on this day as the ear of the u.s. attorney general. >> i'm not taking the easy way. i want to be a congressman, maybe work with the department of justice. i want to take the long route. >> reporter: eric holder was impressed. >> the approach that's been taken here in san jose is one that needs to be replicated around the country.
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>> reporter: an approach to fighting gangs that involves community groups, police and kids, a gang task force, says holder, that delivers. the visit by the attorney general was a ringing endorsement of the mayor's gang task force, money or no money in the budget, many here say that program has to stay alive now. and keep the kids off the streets. >> this, for me, has been eye-opening, it's been heart-warming. >> reporter: an experience that introduced him to a young man who said "no" to gangs when it might have been easier to say "yes." in east san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. local leaders told the attorney general that you can't arrest your way out of a gang problem. there needs to be prevention and intervention before apprehension. as for the money to continue the program, the city plans staff to run it and any potential cuts to those personnel have not been made final. life behind bars, that's the sentence handed down today for the professional poker player who murders his parents for money.
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today a judge sentenced ernst scherrer iii. the motive was a million-dollar inheritance to pay off rising debt. the couple was beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed to death. after the sentencing we asked the couple's daughter if she thinks justice was served today. >> i don't know. it's hard to admit that anybody could do something like that. >> during the trial, he maintained he was asleep in his southern california home the night of his parents' murder. an officer who went by the nickname "big dirty" is charged with dirty deeds. it's the latest in the string of cops ending up on the wrong side of the law. jodi hernandez is leading our coverage on this story and joins us live from hayward with more.
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>> reporter: the nine-year veteran of the san leandro police department appeared in a courtroom here in hayward in a much different capacity as he's used to, as the accused. >> as the police chief, this is extremely disappointing. the san leandro police department will not tolerate this type of conduct that has been alleged to be engaged in by jason fredrickson. >> reporter: that's the reaction of the san leandro police chief on news one of her own has been charged with transporting and possessing marijuana for sale. the chief says a resident personally came to her back in march telling her officer jason fredrickson, a nine-year veteran of the force and a member of the narcotics unit, was involved in distributing drugs. she says an investigation concluded fredrickson indeed gave more than a pound of marijuana to a police informant who he was having an affair with. >> we understand that officer fredrickson had a relationship with a confidential informant
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that worked for the san leandro police department and that the drugs provided for sale were provided to her. >> this is a -- what i would call a dangerous liaison, a romantic indiscretion gone bad and gotten complicated with some marijuana. that's really all it is. it's not part of any larger issues and doesn't relate to any other case. it's simply one person making a mistake in judgment and getting involved with somebody he shouldn't have gotten involved with. >> reporter: fredrickson's attorney says his client who's married may have made some bad choices but is a good man and a good cop. >> this is someone who served with distinction and honor back in 2005. he's someone who literally gave his blood, sweat and tears to the department when he was the first officer on the scene when officer nemi was gunned down and murdered. he held him in his arms. >> reporter: fredrickson's wife,
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a police dispatcher, we are told, is standing by her husband. she has also been placed on administrative leave during the investigation. but we are told she is not facing any criminal charges. now, bail was set today for fredrickson at $40,000. he brought his bail bondsman to court with him and was expected to post that bail right away. reporting live in hayward, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. in contra costa county, a natural gas pipeline tested twice by pg&e isn't showing any sign of weakness. service will be returned to the pipeline after pressure testing didn't reveal any fall si welds or leaks. a pg&e spokesperson says there weren't any drops in pressure wh crews flushed the pipe with 450,000 gallons of water. the pressure dates back to 1999. for the first time ever, a gallup poll shows a majority of americans support legalizing gay
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marriage. here's a look at the numbers. 53% support same-sex marriage. 9% jump compared to last year. 45% of americans say gay couples shouldn't marry. 69% of democrats support same-sex marriage. while less than a third of republicans surveyed support it. a south bay school district is feeling energized tonight because they're using solar energy to help combat severe budget cuts. in fact, the new project could save dozens of teachers' jobs. marianne favro joins us to tell us about the new project. >> reporter: this overhang is not a luxury to keep students' cars cool. if you take a look on top, you will see solar panels. it's part of the largest solar power program at a school in a nation. this solar panels are generating energy and money for the eastside union high school
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district in san jose. >> you're doing something good for the environment. second win is you're doing something good for the budget, which is actually something good for the students because you're saving millions of dollars over time that can go into classroom instruction. >> reporter: chevron partnered with the district to install more than 30,000 solar panels here at piedmont hills high and 12 other schools. in the first year alone, the solar project is expected to save the district $3 million in energy costs. enough to save the jobs s abou0 teachers. the district expects to save $43 million in energy cost during the life of the project, about 25 years. >> the money will be used for other things as well. it could be for classified jobs, projects at the schools. it's going into the general fund. >> reporter: teachers will also use the solar panels as a teachable moment, beefing up state-mandated science curriculum to learn more about green technology. >> knowing that we are creating energy here at our own school, i think that will stir up some
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more passion from even students that you wouldn't think would be interested in green energy. having the solar panels here is a really good way for us to see how it affects us. >> reporter: the solar panels are expected to cut the amount of electricity the district uses each year by more than 55%. now many other schools are considering similar projects, going green to raise some green for the classroom. of course chevron benefits by increasing the size of its energy-producing grid. but this project is really taking off. and, in fact, now construction is under way at south san francisco schools to do the same thing. it's also helping the local job market. they hired 85 construction workers to build this solar project. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. still ahead at 6:00, account world really coming to an end?
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the doomsday prediction that one bay area family worries may be behind the disappearance of a loved one. and shots fired during a large prison riot in northern california. and a true medical breakthrough. the treatment that has allowed a paralyzed man to stand again. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri live in san mateo with a backstage pass to a unique fair happening this weekend. it's all about innovation and design. we're going to be talking with the youtube sensations fritz and steven. they have a little simple experiment involving coke and mentos. we'll explain it all for you
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coming up.
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a frightening sight at this mcdonald's in benicia. two bloodied man stagger into the restaurant following a freeway shooting. once inside, one man collapsed in front of dozens of stunned
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customers. police say the shooting hapinned on highway 780 outside vallejo last night. a 19-year-old and his passenger were driving near the glen cove parkway ramp. that's when a driver pulled up alongside their car and opened fire. >> this isn't a situation where there's a random person shooting at cars. we believe this was a targeted incident. >> the driver was losing consciousness. he is being treated for major injuries. police are searching for the shooter. it has been one year since the san francisco family lost their mom and they're using the anniversary to bring attention to her unsolved murder. the body of pearla lewis was found in a suitcase floating off the embarcadero last year. her son and daughter had been pleading for help in finding
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their mom's killer. the police will not release the information on exactly how lewis died. anyone with information can contact sfpd. several prison inmates are in the hospital tonight after a riot at the folsom prison this morning. a fight broke out between two inmates and quickly escalated to some 150 prisoners. several were injured. guards fired just one warning shot to break up the fight after tear gas failed to stop the melee. it happened last year as well. in that incident, seven inmates were hurt. the end of the road for a 35-mile detour around highway 50 could come as after tomorrow. caltrans plans on reopening highway 50, the main route to tahoe and they'll probably do it tomorrow. the highway was closed last week to fix a dooe deteriorating retaining wall. the process was supposed to
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continue into next week but workers shored up the walls in record time. bay area brags rights are on the line this weekend. >> the giants have to take on the a's. it starts tonight right here on nbc bay area. coverage begins at 7:00 right after this newscast. >> raj mathai has a preview. >> reporter: good evening from the ballpark. it's another big game for the giants. but really it's a little bigger than usual. the a's are in town. and when we talk about the a's, this is a sensitive time for the a's' franchise. you know all about the hesitation and what's happening with their possible move to san jose. the problem in oakland now is attendance. they're among the league's worst in attendance. so the a's come here to san francisco and they see a sparkling ballpark that's going to be sold out yet again tonight. more than 40,000 people. as for the giants' side of the equation, it's all smiles. the kung few panda, that's pablo sandoval hanging out with the real kung fu panda.
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the giants are loving life, defending world series champs. they're in first place and they're coming into this game after sweeping the dodgers earlier this week. as for the giants' newest players, it's miguel tejada, the former oakland a's star fitting in nicely here in san francisco. >> this team is a winner. everybody now, they believe that they have a group of guys. we put in hard work in the field. i think the most important thing about this team is the fans. the fans always support. that's why we come to the field every day 100%. >> reporter: tejada happy to be on this side of the bay. he started off the season in a slump. but in this last week, he's come on strong. we're ready to play some baseball. giants and the a's. counting down towards the first pitch right here on nbc bay area. back to you guys in the studio. thank you very much, raj. a little bit windy in the city today.
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beautiful in other parts of the bay area. one part of the bay area where there's a lot of excitement, san mateo. >> jeff, what are you making out there? >> reporter: well, we're going to make a little bit of an explosion. >> oh! >> reporter: i have a feeling the forecast is going to be changing here very rapidly. we're out here at the maker fair. it's saturday and sunday right here in san mateo. it's all about innovation, design and doing it yourself. and joining us tonight, fritz and steven, you guys are the youtube sensation when it comes to meantos and involving coca-cola. your idea reminiscent of what this fair is all about? >> we're all about where science meets creativity. this is the coolest event on the planet. >> reporter: there's going to be demonstrations out here, there's going to be things for kids, for adults, for everyone. you're going to do your demo this weekend which is kind of like a fireworks show, right?
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>> we set off 100 coca-cola bottles with over 600 mentos candy. >> reporter: i'm going to be able to try this experiment right now. are we ready to go on this? mentos. >> take a roll of paper, a business card along the bottom. >> reporter: very nice. >> put the mentos in there. and you want to pull that card out of the way and run. >> reporter: oh, forecast is changing right before our eyes. little bit of an explosion. that was very nice, you guys. definitely if people come on out, they can see a whole lot more of that -- >> saturday and sunday here at maker fair. we're going to set off our big show at 1:00 and 4:00. 1:00 on saturday, 4:00 on sunday. not to be missed. >> reporter: perfect. there's a little simple example of people doing it theirselves with some innovation and design. as we take a look at our weather graphics, patchy fog with temperatures dropping tonight. heading throughout the next couple of days, we are going to
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be seeing some cooler weather moving our way with conditions dropping into the 60s here with this regional low pressure dropping on down. people already having fun out here, a lot of these makers coming on out for this weekend. as we head throughout the morning hours, we'll start off with 40s and 50s. and then by the 10:00 hour, temperatures will be budging up into the low-to-mid-60s. as we head throughout the next couple of days, you're going to notice some sun and clouds. the h temperatures gradually cooling off inland here as we th head throughout the next 72 hours. we're on our seven-day forecast right now. it does not have any rainfall in it. but right here in san mateo, which way is this going to explode, you guys? >> all over everywhere. >> reporter: okay. and they designed this nozzle that makes it shoot even higher, right? >> exactly. >> reporter: let's see it.
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>> here we go. >> reporter: oh! they didn't warn me about that one. very nice. perfect, you guys. >> jeff, you're ready for a fourth grade science fair. this is the perfect fourth grade science grade project. >> reporter: no more notes to go on tonight. back to you guys. >> thank you very much, jeff. it was a long time coming, but a hiking trail across stanford university opened today. hikers can enjoy the views along the trail. it starts along page mill road. it will be open from sunrise to sundown every day. the trail was held up by environmentalist court challenges for more than five years. still ahead here at 6:00, giving endangered animals a new lease on life. the facelift for a bay area creek benefiting animals and
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humans, too. also ahead, more fallout for arnold schwarzenegger. and the unique honor today for san francisco's police chief. where he'll now be permanently on watch. back in two.
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san francisco police chief greg suhr has only been on the job three weeks and today he received his first honor. suhr had his photograph placed on the wall of fame at john's grill in san francisco, the famed john's grill. it's a tradition that dates back almost 40 years where police chiefs and the mayors have had their likeness placed where people can see it. >> i want to thank josh and
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john's grill to be in this dowry. it's such an honor as a native san franciscan to be a part of the history of such a special place. topping our health watch tonight, the food and drug administration approved a new hiv drug for patients who haven't been treated with other medications for the virus. the drug works by reducing levels of hiv in the blood. when we hear the term medical breakthrough a lot. but when it comes to a paraplegic who can stand and take steps, it's hard to use any other words. rob summers was paralyzed from his mid chest down in a 2006 hit and run. in 2009, doctors implanted an epidural stimlator over his spinal cord to do what his brain could no longer do.
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>> in order to get the spinal cord to a physiological state where it can function in order to stay under step, we needed to stimulate the neurons. >> at one point it was just a dream. now it's reality. now i'm thinking literally the next step -- >> the stimulater was turned on. summers astounded his medical team when he stood up on his own. >> that is remarkable. and so much hope for others. still ahead at 6:00, arnold schwarzenegger's secret has cost him a hollywood project. some promising news involving unemployment in california. the milestone not seen in nearly two years.
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you've got glee, prince and sharks hockey, a little
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something for everyone in the south bay this weekend. our business and tech reporter scott budman says take your pick. they're all good for business. right, scott? >> reporter: very much so, garvin. restaurants and bars here in san jose already full of people catching the sharks' game. this is just the beginning of what promises to be a very big weekend for local businesses. dig if you will a picture of prince, the sharks and "glee." all coming here to hp pavilion all within days of each other. >> i'm ready. i work tonight but i'm ready to go and they're going to win the next two nights. >> reporter: is your hair purple? is that for prince? >> no. >> reporter: starting with playoff hockey. tell me about -- are you guying catching the sharks game? >> definitely. >> reporter: the canucks game. >> the canucks game. >> reporter: and then prince?
6:31 pm
>> no prince. >> reporter: no glee? >> just hockey. just hockey. hockey and beer. >> reporter: which is always good for downtown businesses. the sonoma chicken coup sees a 40% bump when big events come to town, be they teal or purple. >> it's a big difference in the people that are coming for the different shows and sports-minded versus music-minded. dress and everything is completely different. >> reporter: but it's all the same bottom line for you? >> all the bottom line. >> reporter: the farmer's market? >> last week, it was practically empty. but it's crowded today. the reason why is because of the sharks being in town tonight. >> reporter: even shirt sales from ipads to cash registers, business is booming. and if you're keeping track of what's coming up, the sharks, of course tonight. they then play again on sunday.
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we have prince in town on saturday. glee hits town on the 24th. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, scott. topping our business and tech headlines now, more people found jobs in california last month. that's good news. it was not shared, though, nationwide. overall, the u.s. saw unemployment numbers climb slightly. april's jobless rate in the golden state dipped to 11.9%, down from an even 12% in march. in the south bay, silicon valley's unemployment rate dropped to 10.1% as new jobs up in computer and semiconductor manufacturing. down from 10.6% in march. also new tonight at 6:00, general motors' main street in motion event roared into town. people are also invited to compare popular gm models
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against the competition side by side and no salespeople. >> we have over 130 vehicles out here, over 25 different brands of cars and trucks and suvs to compare for consumers. >> more than 7,000 people are expected at the main street in motion event. it is free. and it runs through sunday at alameda park. we all know arnold schwarzenegger's scandal is costing him his pride. but we're learning what it could cost him in cash. our reporter has the latest. >> it is time. >> reporter: more bad news today for arnold schwarzenegger after he announced he was temporarily putting his hollywood movie career on hold, today producers are pulling the plug on the governator. wife mariah shriver moved out of their brentwood estate after
6:34 pm
learning he fathered a child with their former housekeeper. she's hired a high-profile divorce attorney. >> it's a sign that maria wants to resolve the case behind closed doors, in privacy. >> reporter: divorce lawyer robert naxen has represents celebrities like snoop dogg and chris rock. he says maria shriver has several options. during legal separation, neither party could remarry or she could file for divorce. >> if there's no prenup, maria would be entitled to half of the community property which could be anywhere from $100 million upwards. maria would also be entitled to
6:35 pm
spousal support clearly in excess of $100,000 a month, in child support in excess of $40,000 a month. >> reporter: maria shriver has had little to say about the split. yesterday she attended an event where her daughter katherine received a girl power award from a nonprofit youth center. >> you know, i just thank god for keeping me healthy, keeping my family healthy. i'm grateful for all the good things i have in my life and try to stay positive with everything. >> that was angie crouch reporting. the former governor has had several production projects canceled or postponed, he's been uninvited to one public appearance. five members of stanford's faculty under fire for giving paid speeches to drug companies. as a teaching hospital, stanford school of medicine has strict conflict of interest rules.
6:36 pm
the violators include stanford's chief of cardiovascular medicine. alan young was paid $53,000 for one appearance alone. it's not clear if or how the faculty members are being punished. the school is keeping that information private. new power to tax could be coming to cities and counties if one state lawmaker has his way. the bill would allow local governments and schools to choose to hike taxes on income, sales, vehicle licenses with voter approval. many critics of the bill say it's a political move to increase pressure on gop lawmakers to support putting governor brown's tax extension vote on the ballot. right now, the bill is on hold in the senate appropriations committee. a bay area christian radio host is predicting judgment day is tomorrow. the message has spread across the country. we see how people are preparing for both the end and for the "we're still here" parties. >> we left our jobs. we sold everything.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: followers of christian broadcaster harold camping warning the end of the world starts this weekend. >> may 21st, 2011, exactly 7,000 years from the day of noah's flood will be judgment day. >> reporter: according to camping, earthquakes will begin shaking the ground on saturday, believers will ascend to heaven in what's called the rapture while everyone else will face the world's destruction over the next few months. >> we believe it 100%. >> reporter: but not everyone does, including many other christians. >> i'd be very surprised if may 21st was our last day. >> reporter: and some atheists have started sites like "after the rapture pet care," promising to watch identifido for free. while in pinellas county, florida, surviving saturday could get you a deal. >> if you make it past the rapture, you basically get a free drying and cleaning.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: camper has predicted it all before. back in 1994. he insists he has it right this time. >> it is going to happen. i don't even entertain questions. when they say, what are you going to do if it doesn't happen? >> there are people who will believe anything. >> reporter: skeptics say they're not counting down to the end of the world, but rather the "we're still here" parties planned around the country. people have been predicting the end of the world for aeons. many have been asking about december 21st, 2012, when the mayan calendar ends. if we survive this one, there is another doomsday just a year and a half away. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. still ahead here at 6:00, giving endangered animals a second chance. coming up, the facelift for a bay area creek. did you see them? the world war ii flying pieces of history that buzzed the bay area today.
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good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. ever want a three-wheeled, nine-foot bike? no problem. my man todd here actually invented this and put it to scale. we'll have details t hhis thimr fas coming irup this weekend he in san mateo coming up in just a few minutes. up up go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms,
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you can make ultra fast, seeposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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we don't blame you for being a little distracted around moffett field this afternoon. a fleet of war world 2 airplanes roared into town as part of the wings of freedom tour. the aircraft visit more than 100 cities a year in 35 states. the planes will be on display for a week. if you're a veteran of world war ii, you can tour the plane for free. if not, you have to pay anywhere from $6 to $12. if you have some money saved up, you might consider actually flying the plane. you can rent them out. >> i've been lucky enough twice of going up in those. >> what a thrill. >> fascinating. so much fun and so interesting
6:42 pm
to fly a little bit of history. >> that's cool. the bay bridge series starts tonight and you can watch it right here. the giants and the a's. wholesale would ples in that series? play for bragging rights. a preview is coming up in sports.
6:43 pm
a massive environmental restoration is under way in marin county. the project is using cutting-edge technology to
6:44 pm
reconfigure a landscape and make it better for nature. >> reporter: ten years ago, crissy field was transformed into an amazing parkland. it was coordinated by the national park service and the golden gate national parks conservancy. now the flood plain of a legendary creek in southern marin county is being reconstructed to give endangered animals a new lease on life. >> what i like to imagine we're doing is removing some constraints that have been put obje on the creek and letting the creek evolve naturally on its own. >> reporter: redwood creek flows from mount tamalpais before
6:45 pm
hitting the ocean at muir beach. but the creek has bed been diked forced into a narrow channel choking the creek with debris and seriously threatening the habitat of salmon, throughout and frogs. >> i also hope the headlines will read that the population is no longer on the brink of extinction. >> reporter: the restoration here began in 2009. thousands of native plants now shield sand near the beach in a carpet of green. and a beautiful brakish lagoon is graced by river otters and other native animals. then last year, the land near the existing creek channel underwent a stunning facelift. the restoration of the lower reaches of redwood creek in the summer of 2010 was typified by dramatic transformations, including the carving and creation of what will soon be the new and more naturally functioning redwood creek channel. when it's finished this year, the channel's more natural width
6:46 pm
will slow and disperse water in winter floods and give young fish places to hide and grow. this steep hillside and drainage above the new creek was entirely reconfigured to eliminate erosion and the flow of sediment that would clog the creek and harm the fish. >> one of the things that's really great about here at muir beach is you're able to literally walk along a trail and actually look over to the side and you can see a restored creek system. if you walk here once a year for the next ten years, every time you come here, it will look a little different. >> reporter: this summer, the new channel will be completed and connected to the rest of redwood creek. fish, frogs and many other animals will benefit and so will we, watching nature on the mend. >> i think it's also a good reminder that there's a lot to do right here in our own backyards. >> reporter: doug mcconnell, nbc
6:47 pm
bay area news. >> doug mcdonnell from bay area backroads is now here with us at nbc bay area. he's going to be doing a series of environmental reports for us over the next few months. so we're very excited to have doug mcconnell here with us. now let's go to jeff ranieri. hey, jeff. >> reporter: hey, you guys. we're out here in san mateo where the wheels keep turning. this fair happening this weekend, saturday and sunday is the maker fair. it's all about design, innovation and doing it yourself. and tonight there's a lot of buzz because all the inventers and designers are out here. joining us is dale doherty with the maker fair. i've been scratching my head all night. i keep seeing these crazy and unusual things whizzing on by me here. this is not your average fair. >> no, it's actually an alternate universe created by makers. this is something that exists in our community. it's in people's garages and
6:48 pm
basements and backyards and they bring it here to maker fair. we see something very different. we've kind of reinvented the fair. we brought in the rockets and robots. it's the way people use this technology. they're creating fun things to interact with other people. >> reporter: there's tons of pavilions for adults, for children. there's things to do, things to get your hands on. there's robots, there's design, there's artwork, something for everyone out here this weekend. >> absolutely. and what's really exciting is it's all together. it's science and engineering and arts and crafts. and they all kind of fit into the fabric of maker fair. >> reporter: it's really fascinating. i tell you, it's something you have to come out here and experience for yourself. >> i guarantee you you'll see stuff you haven't seen before. >> reporter: i already have, trust me. we are looking at some patchy fog coming our way in our weather headlines. thank you so much, dale, we really appreciate it. heading throughout the next 48 hours, what you're going to find
6:49 pm
is cooler weather. it has been pretty nice the past two days. but this area of low pressure is going to be pushing some rain well to the north but it does have cooler air associated with it that will be opping on down. that's going to bump some of these temperatures out of warm category and going on down to the cool zone, if you will, here as we head throughout this weekend. 6:00 a.m. on saturday, starting off with upper 40s and low 50s for the south and the east bay. an enjoyable start. but we have to deal with patchy fog throughout the coastline, the peninsula, in the north oy. for tomorrow, temperatures getting into the low 70s and upper 60s for our inland areas and at the coastline, staying cool herwith 50s. saturday and sunday, it's the maker fair here in san mateo. and the weather is going to be on the cooler side with the 60s. once the fog burns off, we'll have some sunshine. come out and experience the innovation, the design. i've been out here looking around the whole time i've been here. as we look at our seven-day forecast, you'll notice some dry
6:50 pm
weather here over the next seven days and eventually a nice warming trend coming our way back into the forecast. so not too bad as we head into next week. it's just this weekend, we have to get over that cooler weather. jessica and garvin, i know we're always exercising and always looking for ways to save calories. take a look at this. yes, you can actually have your cupcake drive away. >> oh! >> reporter: that's how you save calories in the future. >> it's cute. can you pick me up a chocolate elephant ear? >> reporter: yes, i can do that. there's some frosting it left behind. >> thank you. >> jeff, thank you very much. the bay bridge series just getting under way in moments. we'll take you back out to at&t park. >> there will be a preview. that's right after the break. h
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
this is always a great night out at the ballpark. the bay bridge series begins just in a few minutes right here on nbc bay area right after this newscast.
6:54 pm
>> let's go out to at&t park where comcast sportsnet jamie sire has a look at tonight's game from the giants' perspective. jamie? >> reporter: this is my fourth season covering the bay bridge series. and it's very exciting for the fans and the media certainly. but the players even get excited about it as well. especially guys like nate schuerholz who grew up in the bay area and grew up going to these series as a kid. >> for me, i grew up in the east bay and came to a lot of a's/giants games. i can always remember packed houses. it's exciting. it's exciting to come to the yard knowing that it's going to be a lot of a's and giants fans. >> i think it's exciting because we're facing such a good pitching staff. every game is important. that sounds -- it's a cliche. but it's true. and we just have to go out and continue to play good baseball. >> it's exciting for us because the fans get into it. it's exciting for them.
6:55 pm
yeah, we're facing a good club with outstanding pitching. similar type club. should be a good series. >> reporter: and with the two-game sweep of the dodgers the giants return home to at&t park with two important things in their possession -- first place in the n.l. west and momentum. >> past couple of weeks, we've been playing good ball. we just have to keep on doing the little things right. >> we always like playing at home. coming off colorado and then going in and playing well in l.a. was definitely a plus for us. >> reporter: and the giants have won their last six games here at at&t park against the a's. prior to that, the athletics had won seven in a row. be interesting to see how the series goes which starts tonight in just a few minutes right here on nbc bay area. back to you in the studio. >> jamie, quick question, is the feel of the bay bridge series any different this year given that the a's are now playing
6:56 pm
against world series champions? >> reporter: well, it's hard to tell, but definitely there's a lot of fans coming in here. definitely more giants fans than a's fans. but you got to see the few couples out there, there's one giants fan and an a's fan sitting together. be interesting to see how it plays out. so far, just as exciting as it's ever been. >> thank you very much, jamie. >> comprehensive coverage of every bay area team is on sportsnet central, on comcast sportsnet bay area every night at 10:30 with a full 30 minutes of coverage, including exclusive sharks playoff analysis and inside access. go deep with sportsnet central every night at 10:30 and on comcast sportsnet bay area. mentioning the sharks, they are off to a great start in game three. they currently lead 3-0 after the first period and they're making a series out of it. now, more allegations of dope use are coming against lance armstrong's way. a long-time member of
6:57 pm
armstrong's inner circle has told federal officials he has witnessed armstrong using performance-enhancing drugs. armstrong has never tested positive for peds. but the informant says he and armstrong supplied each other with epo and discussed having used other banned substances. armstrong has been quoted as saying that the informant is like a brother to him. tonight after the giants' game, taking a bite out of apple. what one iphone user found that could have users everywhere getting money back. and preparing for the rapture, the oakland man at the center of a firestorm of fear, his followers and the race to calm the concern. that's tonight after the game right here. >> thank you for watching nbc bay area news at 6:00. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. giants and a's coming up next.
6:58 pm
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