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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 22, 2011 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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good morning to you, i'm kris sanchez. coming up on "today in the bay" -- san francisco police investigate an othernight shooting over a laptop. and a fireball rattles an apartment building injuring three. plus a predicted judgment day passes -- and we're still here. this morning, the outreach of support for supporters for the preacher who predicted the rapture. this is "today in the bay." and let's take a live look at someone who is out and about, getting a little bit of exercise on a cool start to the sunday morning. it's good to have you with us,
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i'm kris sanchez. rob mayeda is here with a look at the forecast as well. >> that's dedication this morning. it's a little cold outside. good chexercise. some places are seeing sunshine, others are seeing a little mist under the low clouds. san francisco is seeing a combination of both, patchy clouds across the bay, 51 degrees, the low clouds banked up in the east bay. same temperatures, same sea breeze. the shark tank looking good, 50 degrees and a received wind at three miles per hour. as we take you hour by hour for temperatures, 50s this morning. around lunch-time as the game ts under way in san jose, sharks versus canucks, you'll find it here at nbc bay area. you should see santa clara valley temperatures to near 60 in the afternoon and cooling towards the evening. we've had to make a few adjustments in the seven-day forecast, which is tossing in more showers than we were thinking about 24 hours ago. we'll let you know if it means the rest of your weekend plans and the work week ahead coming up and how it will impact that coming up. >> we'll be inside watching the game, anyway.
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>> at least for today. new this morning, a man is fighting for his life after he was shot over a laptop. this happened in the bayview district just after midnight at the intersection of third and palou avenue. police say a victim was sitting in his car when three suspects approached him. one suspect allegedly pointed a gun. demanding a laptop. the victim fought the gunman and then was shot in the neck during the struggle. all of the suspects fled the scene. investigators have not released descriptions of those suspects. in the east bay, three people were burned beyond recognition after an explosion and fire inside a livermore apartment. it happened on siller oaks way near school street yesterday afternoon. two men and one woman in their 20s and 30s were airlifted to burn units in san jose and sacramento. they're in critical condition this morning with what firefighters call extremely serious burns. it's not clear yet what sparked the fireball. but people who live nearby told police that the explosion rattled their windows and rumbled their floors. >> i was sitting in my room on
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my computer and i felt the first wave of the shock of the explosion go through the window. it rattled everything. and then like screaming. >> the fire damaged three of the five units in that apartment building. livermore police, the criminal investigations bureau is investigating the fire and are calling it suspicious this morning. fairfield police are trying to locate three children they consider at risk. 10-year-old trinity, 5-year-old gregory and 6-year-old lilliana city's tot park yesterday at the afternoon. investigators say the children may be with their mother. 35-year-old christina lopez. whose birthday was yesterday and who is also missing and who does not have legal custody of the children. police suspect lopez could be staying locally in the fairfield and vacaville area and may be driving an older white four-door ford explorer. two vallejo now, where a family is packing up and moving out of their home under eviction
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orders today, 24 days after their 6-year-old daughter passed away. 6-year-old michaela koss lost her battle with congenital heart problems after two heart transplants and countless hours in the hospital. now like many home owners suffering the effects of the economic crisis, the kosses are losing their home. the family said the bank refused to delay the eviction. >> the bank is a bank, it's not you or i, it's just a machine. there's no face there. so i don't expect it. >> for the time being, the family will stay with relatives in los gatos. well did you feel it? an earthquake rattled the east bay last night, it was a magnitude 3.6 quake, so not really strong that shook hercules east of the haywood fault. but the usgs said the quake was
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six miles deep and folks did feel it. no reports of damage or 's injuries. but people did start calling our phone line to say they felt it. police from four different agencies in marin are looking for an armed robber who made off with $10,000 in cash and he used a semi ought mat ig handgun to do it. it happened in mill valley as the pacific precious metals pawn shop was opening for business yesterday. police say a man walked into a store, pulled out a gun and demanded cash. officers were sausalito, mill valley, tiburon tracked him but were unable to locate him. human sex trafficking generate $9 billion a year. that's the reason that congresswoman jackie spear is hosting training sessions so people can learn to spot it and stop it in their neighborhoods. >> the best eyes are the ones that live right next door. and the truth is that sex
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trafficking is going on in san mateo and every county across the nation. >> training starts this morning. and leaders will teach people how to spot the signs of human sex trafficking and how to report it. according to the nonprofit group, california against human slavery. human sex trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal enterprise of the 21st century. today would have been the 81th birthday of san francisco supervisor harvey milk. the trevor lifeline harvey milk crisis center. a suicide crisis center which is designed to help young people of different sexual orientations. house minority leader, nancy pelosi, senator dianne feinstein and barbara boxer and other city leaders will be on hand for the center's ribbon-cutting ceremony at 11:00 this morning. milk was the first openly gay man elected to public office in he was assassinated along with mayor george moscone by a former
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san francisco supervisor in 1978. meantime, two east private schools, east bay private schools are offering a class dedicated to gay students. the athinian school in danville and a high school in berkeley recently began examining the history of gays, bisexuals and transgendered people. a state senator has a bill in the assembly to add gay studies to curriculum for public schools. california would be the first state with such a law if the bill passes. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, the rapture that wasn't. the support for followers of an east bay minister who predicted the date of the rapid tur. and spaywalking astronauts run into a bit of a problem this morning. we'll show you that, we're back in two minutes.
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good sunday morning to you,
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taking a live look at one of the boats there on the bay this morning. erin murphy showing us that shot, a lovely start to the day, though a cool one. and with changes in the forecast. well, we are still here, east bay preacher harold campy predicted the end of the world should have started yesterday. "today in the bay's" kimberly terry has a look at what happened instead. ♪ it's the end of the world ♪ as we know it >> these people are suffering! >> reporter: it turns out the world has not ended, despite an evangelist claiming the epoch lips is coming saturday. harold carmpy, a leader of the family life international. said the rapture would have begun at 6:00 p.m. he told followers to stay at home and pray, others gathered outside his radio station. >> let's go, everybody. >> some came to party and mock the preacher. with koolaid and tickets to the other side. >> i think it's a fantastic, it's like a little party.
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i'm for it, man, it's fun. >> don't mock these people, folks. they made an error. >> but others came to offer support to campy's followers. >> what we're here to do is provide them hope and to give them an opportunity to work through that disappointment. and to realize that you know, christianity is not associated with this time of extreme interpretation of the word of god. >> they say according to the bible, there's no way to predict the date of rapture. they claim campy has made a mock of christianity and is profiting financially from it. >> i think it's sad, based on the theological positions of mr. camping. their erroneous, counterfeit, it's not the gospel of jesus christ. >> he's got followers that are distraught right now. he has given true christianity, true biblical christianity a black eye and has given those who disagree with christianity another opportunity to mock it. and we still have more ahead
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for you on "today in the bay." coming up, we'll show you who makes the best burger in the area. we put a celebrity chef to a blind taste test. wait until you see who won. best burgers sound awesome. let's take it out to the sunol grade, you see a mixed bag of clouds, misty skies around the bay area. we'll talk more about your rest of the weekend forecasnges in yd some changes in your seven-day forecast as well. look at that, when we come back.
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taking a live look at some brave folks, that water is very chilly out there. but good for them, getting out and getting some exercise before they sit down and enjoy a very important hockey game in the south bay. rob mayeda is in the spirit. >> that's right. >> looking good in teal. >> you were expecting sharky, perhaps? >> you're better than sharky. >> he told me to fill in for him this morning, 51 degrees across the bay area in san francisco. we're seeing the wind at west at
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14 miles per hour. low clouds, misty skies around the east bay, currently 51 degrees and there's the shark tank as we watch the game here on nbc bay area. coming up at noon. 50 right now. and around game time, if you're lucky enough to have tickets like someone in the studio is, as we're about to find out, you'll see temperatures probably in the mid 60s around noon today, southeast wind currently at 3 miles per hour. we've got patchy low clouds around the area and we also have some high clouds streaming in. we'll be watching this as we get through the afternoon. it is hockey weather, 60s to low 70s. not going to find any 80s around the bay area today. patchy low clouds will linger and we shu see some clearing heading into the evening tomorrow morning, another morning we could see some misty skies in a few spots. in the next few days we'll continue to watch systems that will brush by to the north. one of the changes we'll see in the forecast is a chance of showers possibly dropping down by the time we roll towards wednesday. so we're going to have to hold off on the warmup a little bit. you see over my shoulder, the
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chances for showers on the increase as we get into right around midday wednesday and temperatures will rebound nicely as we approach the upcoming weekend. today around the bay area, great day for the sharks, we'll see temperatures in the upper 60s, 61 in san francisco, low 70s inland out towards the tri-valley. you'll see 72 in healdsburg. mid 70s out towards sacramento and chico. 62 degrees around truckee. the seven-day forecast shows the chances of showers as we head towards the middle part of the week. warmest days of the week should be thursday and friday. mid 70s coming back to the bay area. and we'll see ha happens next weekend. some cooling as we head to memorial day weekend. a nice weekend forecast. hockey weather, yes, go sharks, right here on nbc bay area. back to you. love to see you in the spirit, rob. spacewalking astronauts ran in a a bit of trouble this morning. they had a tough time lubricating a critical joint in the international space station's power system. and then a bolt got stuck in a crevice as well. before that, crew members
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successfully recharged a leaky ammonia line. meantime, trouble for the california budget as well. still $10 billion in the red and that could mean 15 to 20 fewer school days next year. and it is a very real possibility. nbc bay area's political analyst larry gerston joins us this morning. it is shocking. i think people even with kids in school, they know how bad it's been and they're surprised to hear how bad it could get. >> the bell is not going to be rung for a lot of people until they learn just a few days perhaps, ahead of time. that there aren't going to be the teachers there. there aren't going to be the schools open the way they thought. the classes are going to be more crowded and the days will be shorter. it's a bad combination that people just aren't getting yet, because it seems so far away, but it's not as far as we think. >> when the governor presented his may version of his budgets. there was an additional income tax kind of windfall of $6 billion 6 billion or so. so doesn't that mean that schools are going to get more
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money? isn't that enough to help the situation? >> here's the story on that, chris. $6.6 billion is welcome, there's no question about it, okay? obviously, but we still have a $10 billion gap -- still, even with the $6 billion. now public education accounts for 40%, 40% of the state budget. so if we're, if we're $10 billion short, let's say, round numbers, okay? public education gets 40%. that's $4 billion that she'll be short-changed. $4 billion, and do you the math and it's about $1 billion a week. $1 billion is ha it costs to educate k-12 in california. that means three or four weeks. that's an awful lot to take away. it's amazing. it's amazing. >> we know that the per-pupil spending in california, we rank at the bottom in the nation. what does it look like in terms of how many school days we have to length of the school year, the length of the school day? >> not so many years ago, the
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school year in some districts was up to 190. the legislature had a minimum of 180. last year they shortened it to 175 and allowed some districts to go down to 170. we now rank 48th in per-pupil spending. we're spending about $7,000 a year per student. but put this in perspective. texas, we always mock texas, right? texas spends $11,000 a year. go to places like new york, massachusetts, rhode island, kr9 contra connecticut, they spend upwards of $13,000 a year. you put it together and we've got a cataclysmic situation. only four states have shorter school-day years. we're likely to be the shortest school-day year state in the nation, no question about it. >> it doesn't look like parents, they do a lot of fundraising, you know, they work really hard with the five k's and the -- 5
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k's an bake sales, it will take more than that. >> it is, chris. and it sets up another problem that some people haven't thought out. some districts will be okay no matter what. we know around here in cupertino, a few months ago, they raised in a short time, $2 million or $3 million to preserve positions for school teachers. beverly hills a couple of weeks ago inside of a week raised almost $1 million. you can do that in beverly hills, can you do it in cupertino. what do you do in places where you don't have a lot of room or money or houses that are well to do? that's the difference between have's and have not's growing by the day. >> and it's going to be difficult for families as well as they try to figure out their child care situation as well. >> child care -- >> and we also, we know that of all the things that children get to set them up for success, it's education. and as that school year goes down and down, we're not only losing our competitive edge with other states, we're certainly
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losing it with other nations. and that translates into jobs down the road. and that's why this thing has consequences. that could go on for generations. >> thank you vy much, larry, and don't forget, you can get larry's political insight any time, anywhere, nbc bay we still have more ahead for you on "today in the bay." including the best burger in the bay area. good morning, i'm mike inouye, and there's lots to do today in lthe bai. d-o-o-f, is doo dpmpbpalooza. it is the third year for this free family food festival for kids of all ages, you could learn about all parts of the food journey, from source to table top and fun things about the process in between. there's even something called the great shakoff where you can make butter while dancing. and an event that's got me dancing with excitement, is the sixth annual maker fair in san
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mateo, practical, whimsical, experimental, original. the maker fair is where arts and crafts bridges over with science and engineering. now if coke zero and mentos, milk jug igloo. a spaceship tree house piques your interest, this is the fair for you. the maker fair, where the slogan is, if you think it, you can build it and then make it shoot fire. come to camel for a rocking good time in silent fashion. a very vocal reminder about the silent auction to raise money for st. jude's hospital. this honors the memory of little julian fargen, you can see autographed guitars by legends and more items by john mayer, sammy hagar and even joan baez. helping out kids and families in the name of one very special an that' s
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and thas what's going on "today in the bay." you go out there and make a difference. w intricat and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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all burgers are not created equal. we put a celebrity chef in the hot seat and tasked him with finding the best one. hi, i'm scott howard, with all the burger joints popping up all over the bay area and nation, we wanted it take a chance to see how five local favorites stack up against each other. obviously there's a lot more out there, but these are five that have locations here that we can all enjo i. they're all plain. just a hamburger, bun, with cheese. i don't know what they are. >> a straight cheeseburger by far the best seller off the whole menu. >> it's out of this world. to me, a little too much bread, but a nice quality. >> the way we prepare it, you're going to get a taste in every bite. >> our bun is kind of a sweet taste to it. >> it's a little bit on the dry
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side. nice sesame seed bun, but i'll pass. >> we pride ourselves og vn the best burger in san jose, maybe the state of california and maybe the entire world. fresh, juicy, great burger. >> this has a great, artisan-looking bun. good quality, a a nice sized patty. >> if you like the way hamburgers were cooked 50 years ago, you're going to love ours. >> they kind of speak for themselves. >> the patty tastes great this may be like a really good quality meat. >> this is a really small patty. i think it's way too much bread for that. so let's see who produces my favorite burger, and that would be -- the counter. i like the quality of the products. really good buns. really good meat. >> i'm not shocked. >> my runner-up is for jeffreys. >> a little bit of extra hard work does make a difference. >> i think this one here is just -- not a lot of burger. while i really like the quality
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of the meat on this one, i didn't think much about the bun. and the same with this one here. i love burgers, it's the american classic and i think to me these are the two stand-outs that we have here today. >> i guess we know where we're going for lunch. and the san jose sharks try to even the western conference series with the vancouver canucks, the looking live at the shark tank where they meet at noon. if you don't have tickets, like larry gerston, you can watch the game with us here on nbc bay area. then we host a wrap-up show immediately after the game. hockey weather? yes, it is. >> we're in the spirit here. >> i'm liking it and it's nice and cool. >> not cool enough to play hockey outdoors, but comfortable enough to wear the hockey sweater this morning and temperatures 60s and 70s today, maybe a little bit warmer come thursday an friday, we'll wait for spring to come back to the bay area. but for now, go sharks. thank you very much and
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thank you so much for making us part of your morning. more local news coming up tonight. puck drops at noon at the shark tank, you can watch it with us right here on nbc bay area. go sharks! get out and have a great day. the fresh tasting california sour cream your other food loves.
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