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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 23, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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right now. good evening and thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. you're looking at a live picture right now. that tour bus, so far 13 people have been injured. we don't know the extent of the injuries. some people have been taken off the bus and 13 people. it happened around 4:30 this afternoon. the bus was traveling westbound on interstate 80 in fairfield when it ran off the freeway, jumped a ditch, and then ended up on a frontage road that runs along interstate 80 from fairfield to vacaville. 13 people have been injured. not tieing up traffic too much because it's on the side. we're not sure who was on that tour bus and what kind of tour bus it is. a controversial ruling today that could affect the
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neighborhoods we live in. prisoner rights versus safety. thousands of inmates have gotten get out of free card. there is overcrowding. damian trujillo joins us from the main jail in downtown san jose. this is a county that sends dozens of inmates to state prisons every day. what happens to the prisoners that are soon going to be released? >> reporter: jail and county leaders are scrambling to understand the magnitude of the court's ruling but once those inmates are released, they will be coming here to a jail system many feel itself is overcrowded. they board the buses and head to prison every month but now santa clara county may have to take many of those inmates back. >> it's going to hit us with some impact somewhere along the
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line. >> reporter: the state has two years to reduce the prison population. inmates serving perhaps three years or less for nonviolent crimes. but that creates a big question. who is going to pay for housing the prisoners at the local level and how? >> we have not dealt with the budget implications and we have to see what the budget in california does. >> reporter: the head of the state prison system cannot guarantee that some won't be released on the streets. >> i don't think it's right. >> reporter: he survived a stabbing four years ago by a suspected gang member. his community is scarred by drive-byes. the last thing he wants to see is prisoners who did not survive their time roaming the streets. >> if they are being early released, they probably haven't thought about their mistakes and why they are there. >> reporter: but civil libertarians are applauding the
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ruling, saying what is needed next is sentencing reform. they want the state to drop penalties for low level nonviolent crimes from a felony to a misdemeanor. crimes like drug possession or writing bad checks. >> there are a lot of unanswered questions. >> reporter: and the board president says he needs answers now that the high court threw him a budget bombshell. the governor has proposed similar prison reductions but no one has been able to find a way to fund it. contras could to county says they will look for grant money to fund what the high court ordered. the high cost for incars rating a prisoner for one year depends on who you ask but it's between 30 and $4a5,000 5, year. i'm damian true hill low, nbc bay area news. prisoners in san quentin are being kept in their cells after a riot sent four inmates to hospitals. in total, 140 inmates got into it around 7:00 last night in the
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one of the dining halls. nonlethal bullets were used to get the situation under control. the weapons used by inmates have been confiscated. the family of bryan stow, that giants' fan beaten and left in a coma reacted to the news of an arrest in that case. they are happy about the arrest of a suspect and express hope that the other two will also be caught. monte francis is at sfo general will stow's family has been keeping vigil. monty? >> reporter: he is still in critical condition here at san francisco general hospital but news of an arrest brings some comfort to his family, marking a new phase in their journey. >> one of the detectives called my parents that morning about 45
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minutes after the arrest and let them know. and we were beyond happy. >> reporter: bryan's stow's family thanked the police for their hard work. >> bryan has a long road ahead of him but we are thankful that the suspect is in custody and is unable to do this to another family. >> reporter: stow's mother described her reaction when she described receiving a call from a detective early saturday morning. >> he said, i want to give you some news before you hear it on the news. it was a very emotional day yesterday. we're very excited that that piece of the puzzle, one of the pieces, has been put in place. >> reporter: the father suffered a traumatic brain injury and remains in a coma two months
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after being beaten by two dodgers' fans. stow's long-term outlook is still unclear. >> he is hooer in critical continue. he is undergoing comprehensive assessment. >> reporter: early yesterday, the police arrested giovanni after the parole agent noticed the sketch of the attacker and called the police. ramirez, who has past convictions for robbery and gun conviction, is being held on $1 million bail and now faces felony assault charges. two others wanted in connection with the attack on stow are still at large. >> we're very optimistic and very excited and hope that the other man and woman driver will be caught. >> the lapd says they have 20 investigators working on stow's case and so far they have put in 6,000 hours. a reward in this case stands at $250 now,. live in san francisco, monty
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francis, nbc bay area news. >> okay, monty, thank you. those who work with stow say most of all they feel relieved by this arrest. >> relieved. it's just kind of a somber and hopefully it's the right guys and hopefully justice is served. >> just last month, you may recall that amr at a barbecue fund-raiser in san jose as we speak tonight, several round 00 table pizza restaurants are donating 30% of its sales to the bryan stow relief fund. we posted more of this news conference with his family on our website at you can find complete coverage including a link to the stow family website. you can find it through our website at
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now resting in the hands of the jury, after the closing argument, the prosecutor assured jurors that there is enough evidence to convict 25-year-old, the fourth and antwan mackey. if it hadn't been for an admitted hit man's testimony, the two might have gotten away with the alleged murder. he says that bay ordered him to kill oakland post editor chauncey bailey and mackey helped him carry out the shooting. lawyers for the accused argue that the testimony is unreliable. deliberations expected at least for another day or two. tonight at 6:00, the state assembly passed a controversial bill panning the sale or cost hundreds of dollars per pound. the sharks cut off their fins and then dump the injured sharks back into the ocean to slowly die.
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supporters say it saves the ecosystem from being severely damaged. the bill attacks in what californians can and cannot eat. this could be great news for parents, students and teachers but we have to take it cautiously. the next school year looks a lot like this one, if we're lucky. after months of threats to shorten the school year and/jobs, schools may be saved from more budget cuts but it's a big if still. live from san jose, what has changed, where we have not a total yes, it's still an if. >> reporter: it is still an if. sacramento in terms of funding, saying the sky is falling, the sky is falling, the previous cuts that we've already seen and because of an increase and if
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all of the other pieces line up, and the budget goes forth as expected. experts, though, and principal martinez wants to be with the mid-doll and the latest california budget revision and drastic cuts and be able to forego and it is a time to waste. >> because of an unexpected bump in revenue, they will not have the silver lining in still a dark cloud over public education. >> we're funded $600 below the level funded in 2007-2008. and a full $1300 below.
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>> the good news is that cuts of $349 per student is the worst case scenario, not the best case. two weeks ago, threats of $10 million threw students out of their high school and into the streets of union city. but the new haven school district is not celebrating a wind fall. they still have to make $6 million in cuts and that could mean fewer sports, maybe no sports at all. larger classes and a shorter school day. the district spokesman echos the san jose unified superintendent in saying that they are just getting a little bit back that belong to them in the first place. >> what we need is for citizens to stand up and to say that this is not acceptable. public education is a priority. >> reporter: we don't have a budget here in california just
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yet but the fact that the hole is shrinking means that the school is on a hook to backfill. they get 40% of the budget so if we have a $10 billion shortfall, then the hole is small. so we all have to wait and see how this shakes out but right now cautiously optimistic is how the school leaders are putting it to me. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> but there is still that hole. >> such a tense time for educators. still ahead, an unlikely reu union. it's a remarkable story. police make an arrest after a child is kidnapped from the east bay home but it's the person arrested that will stun you. i'm scott budman. say good-bye to cash. the silicon valley startup that
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wants you to use an app to pay different. and i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we had 70s. oakland at 67 tonight. we'l follow cool wwether. details of rain and sierra snow and more severe snheriad ght towards joplin, missou ri in a few minutes. a
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women, a rough day for your money. this time you can blame europe. scott budman is here. scott, sort of a u.n. of money problems today. it's a good way to put it. you have credit problems in greece and italy, up heave val in spain and italy. stocks stumbling from their lowest levels in a month. financial stocks hit especially hard. oil also dropping by about 2.5%.
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shares of cisco systems fell claiming cisco customized the technology to help china track the spiritual movement. now, for its part, cisco denies the charges and says it will defend itself. here's a fun story. toyota announcing plans to have their cars communicate with you via social networks. the cars will tweet you if you are low on gas and facebook you if your tires need air. this is still in the prototype stage. meanwhile, this piece of plastic is changing the way businesses make and save money. it comes from a bay area start-up that is growing, hiring, and trying to make your next purchase a whole lot easier. it can sweeten things when you sell cupcakes and make your ice scream store a little cooler. the square app from the start-up of the same name is catching on by the download and changing how
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business is done. >> everyone loves signing with their finger. >> reporter: thanks to this little attachment, you can sign with your finger and do business without a cash register. for robin who owns smitten ice cream, it's an app that saves thousands of dollars. >> we're known as the neat ice cream place that has the ipad that you can pay with your credit card on. it sort of fits the whole concept. >> it's been really awesome to see it spread naturally. >> that ceo, jack dorsey, whose company doubled within three months, tooking 2.75% of every square related sale. >> we want to get rid of the ca cash registers and rid of the paper. we just want to get rid of all of the waste and everything that is not human and just make it all about the experience and how it feels. >> reporter: for these businesses, all of that money saved feels good. call it icing on the cake.
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>> the updated square app let's businesses that you as a customer can open a tab. you can for now on android devices within a couple of weeks. >> thank you, scott. help now for some homeowners under water with their homes. it's coming from the attorney general. it's about mortgage fraud. smees got a team together that consists of 17 lawmakers and eight special agents from the state department to tackle the problem. the unit will target corporate fraud scams and improper lending practices. the mortgage fraud that led to the lending fraud cost homeowners about $640 billion. dui checkpoints are used to generate revenue from impoundment fees instead of arresting drunk drivers. the bill is making its way through the state assembly that could restrict those inspections.
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michael allen's bill would require checkpoints to be on rows where there is a high rate of drunk driving arrests and prohibit officers from confiscating vehicles if they can be moved to a safe place or picked up by a licensed driver. some say it targets the minute nor teas and the poor. opponents say that the bill would prevent law enforcement from doing its job. you're looking live right now at oakland, 880, where you may be in thing more police and highway patrol officers out in force on the road. that's because as of today the chp began increasing the enforcement. they say they are doing zero tolerance from anyone not buckled up. between today and june 5th, drivers and passengers will get tickets, not warnings, real tickets for not wearing a seat belt. a ticket can cost anywhere from
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$142 and up for a first-time offense. get caught not buckling your child, $444 just for the first time. it's 1,000 and $5,000 for a second offense. always a good reminder as we head towards memorial day. our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, is here with another mixed bag of weather. >> 07 here in san jose and 69 in livermore and 60s and 70s in santa rosa. areas that had the fog, right around the bay side communities did stay cooler. 59 in san francisco and very breezy to gusty here at times right up against the coastline. winds westerly at 36 miles per hour. as we get this forming around the coastline it helps to kind of invig great these areas. currently 67 in san jose. we'll see patchy fog.
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once again for tomorrow morning, visibility may decrease at the coastline and right at the peninsula. what we are watching, though, is a storm system from midweek. an area of low pressure 1,000 miles out will produce a possibility of showers and also sierra snow returning into our midweek forecast. we're going to start off with temperatures in the 40s to near 50 degrees tomorrow and low 60s by 11:00 a.m. meanwhile, the deadly and severe weather that we heard about on the news with brian williams and that we've been talking about here as well, it continues. severe weather right down into joplin, missouri, where the deadly tornado cut a six-mile path through joplin, has devastated the area, and not only are they still of course doing the recovery efforts from the deadly tornado that could have had winds that topped up to 200 miles per hour, we had hail, wind, and isolated tornadoes in that same area where they are still cleaning up after 116
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people have been killed. we will have more at >> thank you, jeff. still ahead at 6:00, pet food and lawsuits. a major pet store chain is taking on san francisco. also, a rare turn of events for the american hikers held in iran. what they are now saying about their ordeal. and a growing trend in fighting cancer. why chemothe why chemotherapy is heating up at one clinic. ra
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the state capital held a state program that provides health programs to over weight men over the age of 40. it was shut down just last year. >> it's still very funded at a very low level. there's no way that the state of california can meet the needs of low-income women and
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unfortunately, as more and more women lose their health care coverage, they lose this service. >> under this proposed budget, funding for the program will not be cut. topping our health watch tonight, doctors are turning up the heat on some cancers. it seems regular chemotherapy does not work well that grows along the lining of the abdomen. they are turning up the heat in the operating room. our sister station in miami has more on hot chemo. >> reporter: right after surgery to remove colon cancer that spread to the abdominal cavity, they heated a solution to 160 degrees farenheit. it's called high-peck. >> over the lining of the bowls, in every corner.
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and that's the heating of the chemo that is key. a higher concentration of chemo can be given this way without side effects. this video is provided by south florida's high-prep treatment done in january. the grateful patient says she is feeling great four months later sitting beside her is tammy, who had high-peck last month after her third recurrence of colon cancer. >> i'm very grateful to all of them for helping me and doing this high-peck treatment and hopefully it will be the last time that i will have to deal with this cancer. >> hipec is only be used for patients of cancer that has spread to abdominal cancer and the colon and the appendix. >> what the procedure does is
6:27 pm
increase the chance for survival. it's been proven that it is better than the iv chemotherapy. >> that is diana gonzales reporting. >> great news there. ahead at 6:00 -- >> hey, i found your ring. what ring? >> it's a pretty fun story. lost and found after 70 years. a bay area man is wearing a ring he never thought he would get back. the unlikely story of how it was returned to him. >> and are you looking for a job? the grocery store chain opening new stores here in the bay area. we'll tell you. and a devastating scene in missouri. i'm jodi hernandez in contra costa county where a baby was kidnapped from her own bass net is due to return home any minute. we're live for the homecoming.
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well, a baby snatched from her family's home over the weekend will soon be in her parents' arms. it turns out police have said that her grandmother took the four-month-old from the baby's bass si net right outside of pittsburgh. the suspect's son says he thinks he knows why his mom did it. jodi? >> reporter: jessica, this family has been through a terrifying ordeal. you can see that there are signs and balloons out here to welcome the baby home. her friends and family have gathered outside for that homecoming which we're told could happen at any minute. one family member you will not see here is the baby's pattern nal grandmother who is behind bars facing kidnapping charges. rudy is relieved that his baby girl is on her way home. some 36 hours after she was snatched out of her bassinette
6:31 pm
as her parents and siblings slept. but he's stunned at who police say kidnapped her. >> they said it is a family member. i'm not going to lie, it was my mom. she came into my house and took my baby girl because she wasn't mentally there anymore. >> reporter: police say 58-year-old erica took a bus and cab from southern california to the bay area where they say she snuck into the knightsen home and took her back to southern california. the baby's mother drove to he will monty this morning to bring her home. as friends and family prepared for her return. >> want to come over and celebrate and take down all of the missing child's signs and put up all of the welcome home signs. >> we're just really relieved
6:32 pm
that our prayers were answered. it was a hard 24 hours for the friends so i can't imagine how hard it was for the family. >> reporter: trying to understand why his mom who recently visited for mother's day, would do such a thing. >> i think she just felt like her -- i grew up and moved on with my life and her daughter -- i have a sister. she moved on with her life and she felt alone and just in need of love. she was just needing it. >> reporter: the family is just grateful that the baby is okay. her dad can't wait to see her. >> as soon as they come back, come home, it's family time again. >> i want to hug her and eat her up. >> reporter: and you'll soon have a chance to do just that. we're live here where, again, friends and family are gathered in the front yard waiting for the baby who we are told should arrive here at any second. of course, we are live here for
6:33 pm
that homecoming and we'll have a full report tonight at 11:00. reporting live, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> should be an emotional home coming within the hour. environmentalist activists staged a protest against chevron by repelling off the richmond-san rafael bridge. police arrested the trio. in february, chevron was found liable in ecuador for damages for rainforest pollution. a judge has put u.s. enforcement on that verdict on hold. chevron said that protesters would put their people at risk of what they are calling a publicity stunt. a blast that rocked an entire apartment building is being linked to an illegal drug operation. three people were hurt when something exploded in livermore's apartment on saturday. all three are in critical condition with severe burns.
6:34 pm
everyone who lives at this apartment complex was relocated until authorities could independent the building until they are sure that it is safe to live again. they are recovering evidence recovered from inside the apartment. a man accused of exposing himself to little girls running a lemonade stand are in gilroy. police want to know whether he exposed himself to other people as well. as police answered calls of help, they saw a car matching the description. the driver is identified as jose franco. three young girls say that franco bought lemonade from them and then exposed himself before driving off. a small act of mercy today from the iranian government. two of the hikers held for nearly two years were allowed to call their families for only the third time. shane barack and josh fattal said that they staged a 17-day
6:35 pm
hunger strike. their phone calls were limited to just four minutes. it's not clear if their physical condition is the reason that the recent trial was postponed. sarah shourd was released last year for humanitarian reasons. two of them are being held on charges of espionage which they deny. the deadliest single tornado strike in more than half a century. at least 116 people are dead. and hundreds more injured after a massive twister came through the city yesterday. we have the latest pictures and response from joplin. >> there it is. oh, gosh. that is a monster tornado. >> reporter: the violent attack began just before sun down. a massive tornado three quarters of a mile wide cutting through joplin, missouri, ripping apart
6:36 pm
everything in its six-mile path. >> it's a massive tornado, just massive destruction. >> reporter: as soon as the winds stopped -- >> look at that. that is destroyed. >> reporter: the search for survivors began. >> i ended up pulling two bodies out of the rubble. there are people that were trapped and one i helped a guy get out of his house. >> reporter: at least 116 could not be saved. >> when i got here, my heart just sunk. >> reporter: two of those killed in the storm. >> this hits more at home it hits to the soul. it's tough. i feel comfort about that. >> reporter: faith is all that many have left here. their homes and lives shattered. splintered wood and twisted metal, the only remnants of what yesterday the communities and magnitude of the tragedy and what survivors have lived
6:37 pm
through still so overwhelming. >> it was the most frightening 158 seconds of our life. >> reporter: as severe weather continues to pound the area and push many away. >> we're just devastated. and they are telling us that another front is coming our way. so we're going to try and leave town. >> reporter: of course, for many here in the strike zone, that is not an option. president obama is now in england after making a stop in ireland he enjoyed a pint of guinness as well. he said that he and michelle were happy to be in ireland where he feels very much at home. >> i feel even more at home
6:38 pm
after that pint that i had. so hear it goes. i am happy to be in ir land. >> he had to cut that trip short due to the huge plume of ash. >> okay. the one day i am not wearing my ring we are doing a story about a ring. still ahead, an unlikely find. an amazing gift. yes, a ring. how a city worker managed to find his class ring. and with y a pet store chain is taking on the city of san francisco. and i'm jeff ranieri. a few 70s today and oakland as well tonight chilly in the east bay withh mid-to upper 40s. and, yes, we are talkingbout sierra snow in my forecast. i'll detail how much we could ki get this week coming up.
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a big box store is not happy with the city of san francisco. they could face battle with the chain store. pet co-is threatening to sue san francisco over a proposed measure which would prevent it from operating in the richmond neighborhood. attorneys say that it's illegal and the measure exceeds the police power. the supervisor who wrote the bill said it was meant to protect half a dozen smaller pet supply stores in the area. san francisc has bands in place to keep ten or more locations from operating in certain districts. san francisco will be getting fresh and easy neighborhood markets that will open their stores in the richmond district and also in the bay view. these stores will create more than 50 new jobs. you may want to check it out. fresh and easy has 11 stores in northern california. >> do you still believe? >> i still believe.
6:42 pm
>> one more loss for the sharks and the season is over. >> please don't prove me long. all right. we're going to be right back with sports in a moment. good evening. the sun is setting and there is fog tonight and even more importantly, rain in the seven-thre. ♪ let's go out to the dmv ♪ it's ok that we're number four hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪ ♪ and watch some shows and stuff ♪
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when a bay area man bought his class ring, he was a teen in the right of passage. he watched his ring go down a toilet back in 1938. >> a mere 72 years later, his class ring is back on his finger. marianne tells us the amazing story of how it was salvaged. >> reporter: he's excited about a recent reunion with an old friend, one that he hasn't seen since 1938. that friend is his class ring, the one that he lost 72 years ago. >> i had it for about a month and i was working in a shop at the time and my hands got greasy and took it off and dropped it in the toilet and lost it. >> reporter: fortunately, a city working in the sewer spotted the ring and spotted the initials inside. a gradimself he went through
6:45 pm
the 1938. >> i really don't know how many people would have done what he did to find out who owned that thing. >> reporter: tony personally delivered the ring to him in vallejo. it came at a perfect time. he was mending a broken arm and mourning the death of his wife of 68 years. >> i think it takes him back to a good time. >> reporter: he has many treasurered stories to tell about his long life, his marriage, two kids, and his days as a fighter jet in the korean war. now he has another story to tell, about a ring returned that resurrect cherished memories. >> it makes me feel good all over again, you know, takes me back. >> reporter: a garnett and gold circle once lost traveling full circle to find its way home. in vallejo, marianne, abc bay area news. >> a ring with a lot of good
6:46 pm
memories. as you heard marianne mentioned, the city worker who found the ring went to the same high school and grew up next to jesse's sister who baby sat him. isn't that remarkable? >> it's a small world. >> yes, it is. jeff ranieri is here with us. do you wear your class ring? >> no, i did not purchase one. let's take a look outside here in oakland. you can see we have clear skies and also a bit of fog forming well off the coastline. we're going to see that roll in tonight. and the areas with the fog throughout the morning, it stayed cooler. we warmed up to 70s in los gatos and 69 in livermore. right now, cooling off to 50s here throughout the coastline and through the peninsula. 65 in san francisco and starting to drop off throughout our interior sections with 63 currently in livermore. tonight we'll see that patch of fog, windy at the coastline, still staying dry for tuesday with 70s inland. ahead, midweek, we will bring in
6:47 pm
our wednesday with showers coming on back. we have the system out here in the northwest that will produce the strongest rain up in washington and oregon. for us, it brings showers into wednesday and drop temperatures down. as we head towards tomorrow morning, we make sun and clouds by the noon hour and the same scenario as we head into tuesday evening. as we head into wednesday morning for your commute, we will find the rain here returning from the north bay down to the peninsula. and here's the good news. we have giants right here wednesday night at 6:00 p.m. we are looking to clear out from the rainfall. it should be a dry game. however, if you're headed up into the sierra, watch the sierra snow making a comeback and again this week we could see anywhere between three to six inches of snowfall. meanwhile, on nbc nightly news, all of the reports coming out of joplin, missouri, a six-mile deadly path. 116 killed and 500 injured by
6:48 pm
this deadly tornado on sunday and they are still finding severe weather right here across joplin with a stalled out frontal system that brings the possibility of severe weather for tomorrow. yes, the same area that is hard hit right now still could have hail, wind, and even the chance here of an isolated tornado into tomorrow's forecast. that's for tonight. right here in the bay area, mid-to upper 40s. and for tomorrow, we'll still have the sunshine. 72 in morgan hills and 70 in santa cruz and 72 in evergreen., that's a great place to go to make sure that you make a secure donation. 72 in richmond, 70 in moraga. concord, low 70s expected here and more conditions near 70 in the north bay. on wednesday morning, the showers return back into the forecast. look at these temperatures going from 70s today to mid-60s by
6:49 pm
wednesday and thursday, however the upcoming weekend, that looks good. >> he says it with a smile. >> yes. that sounds good. thank you, jeff. all right. we want to take you out to knightsen. this is the baby that was abducted by her own grandmother while her parents slept. she just arrived at her home. that is her dad standing next to her. we presume that is the mom. but they are finally all reunited after what was a very difficult weekend. >> the grandmother is in jail in southern california. she was not authorized to take the baby from her basinette but she did over the weekend. the baby and mom, we presume here, just returned from southern california. a lot of smiles there tonight. >> you can see the baby trying to get the nbc microphone right there. jodi hernandez is on the scene.
6:50 pm
the father upset that his mother took the baby but possibly she night not have been in her right mind when she did it. but a happy ending to a very troech rouse story. >> let's bring in lawrence scott now. good evening. one of the most demoralizing days in the tank for the sharks. you're hoping to catch vancouver a little overconfident. mostly we cannot see how they overcome adversity. a poor early record but a star rookie shined. and outstanding and long stretches. and the sharks wound up in second seed on the western con frebs side of the playoffs.
6:51 pm
still the overwhelming sadness permanent ating the arena. all starting with a terrible two minutes. easily the are worst two minutes in hockey. four men penalties in a row. down right deadly in all respects. again, all of these goals in the span of a minute and 55, playoff hockey doesn't usually look like a play in the gut. it will be a story that you can tell your grandkids. >> well, yesterday we were down, there's no doubt about it. i wouldn't expect us to react any other way coming to the rink today, we worked on the mental part of it right off the bat. we showed our players a lot of the good things that we did in the game yesterday. we addressed a few things tactically or technically that we think we can do better and we
6:52 pm
move forward and you have to have short memories. >> i'm looking at one game right now. we've got to win there. we haven't won there yet. it's a tough to go into. their fans we have to go in there and know that we played well and bring this thing back to san jose. >> we always try to look on the sunnyside of the tank. drew sat down with us last night on sports sunday to help paint a positive picture of things to come. >> the sharks got the good start and they were getting chances and eliminated the offensive pressure and then the way that they went bang, bang, bang, everything went out of the crowd and the team went -- but if you watch the game closely, you watched that third period, there is a reason for a ray of light. there's a silver cloud there. a silver lining on that cloud there because the sharks played well in the third period.
6:53 pm
they stepped on the gas a little bit. they kind of got their game back going. they scored two goals. big deal. i understand that. but you saw a reason to see how these guys know how to play five on five. but for every game to the next game, it's a matter that you have to go back out and reestablish momentum, reestablish your game. it works for the vancouver and san jose sharks. >> comprehensive coverage every night at 10:30 with a full 30 minutes of coverage, including exclusive playoff analysis and inside access. every night at 10:30 on comcast sportsnet. >> there is still reason to believe? >> there is still reason to believe. if they can get this thing tomorrow and come back here on thursday at the tank, they will have to go back t uv>> so the world is not ending >> not yet.
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tonight at 11:00, he's facing the music. the bay area preacher is now speaking out again, the preacher who predicted the end of the world last saturday. here what he has to say about the end of the world that wasn't. and where you can get a deal when it comes to buying a home. tonight we do the house hunting
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for you. we take half a billion homes to four bay area cities and find out where your money goes or does not go these days. that's tonight at 11:00 after a law and order l.a. and still with us, even after the end of the world, is brett canon. >> i didn't get sucked up. >> no. >> what is coming up at 7:00? >> a touching and tragic story, a family loses their baby girl and now due to tremendous bills, they are losing their house. we are finaling out if the banks will work with them. so farther not. also, a best selling author is going to be with us. she is helping young girls with their self-esteem and images. we have a local high school girl involved with her as well. coming up in a few more minutes on comcast 186. >> i'm going to have to tune in. >> 186 and then over the air -- >> 11-2. >> thanks, brent. >> thank you. we'll be back at 11:00
6:58 pm
our public schools face threats of more budget cuts and need more local control. assembly bill 18 would put the spending power in the hands of the educators, not the legislators. school districts like sausalito spend upwards of $30,000 per student and while over 45 minutes away in redwood city, they are lucky top spend 50 per student. christy adds, it's time for
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sacramento to step aside getting more fiscal responsibility to local school districts and simplifying the bureaucracy is a no-brainer. time to open the books. as always, we're opened to your comments. join us online.


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