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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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ten; two fives. -amazing. -look! there's the check -- right on the receipt. -genius. -fast. easy. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] quick and easy atm deposits. with bank of america. just yesterday was the worst day of my life, and today is the best day of my life. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. >> it is a bittersweet return to find a baby but lose a mother to prison. police now say that baby rame's own grandmother stole the baby over the weekend. grandma going as far as telling neighbors she was pregnant before the abduction. jodie hernandez has been following the story all day long and joins us live with the latest on the investigation. jodie, you were there when that baby was brought back home.
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>> it was really an emotional scene. that baby just incredibly adorable. the gallego family is finally getting some rest after a terrifying ordeal that had them fearing the worst for their baby girl. after 36 hours, she was returned to her family. meanwhile, her grandmother is behind bars tonight accused of kidnapping the baby and trying to pass her off as her own. >> as soon as she saw us, she was all smiles and giggles. >> reporter: after being snatched from her crib in the middle of the night, the 4-month-old is back in her mommy's arms again. >> just the happiest moment of my life. yesterday was the worst moment of my life. today the best. >> reporter: krista and rudy woke up yesterday morning to find little rame's basinet empty, setting off a massive search. turns out baby was with grandma.
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58-year-old erica gallego snuck into her son and daughter-in-law's house and kidnapped the girl, taking her to southern california by bus and taxi. >> to me it amazes me that it could be so premeditated and someone could think they could get away with something like that. >> reporter: the family says the grandmother's roommate said she had been pretending she was pregnant for months, even throwing herself a baby shower. >> apparently, it was with a mariacchi band and everything. people brought gifts. this is something so bizarre. no one could have -- hollywood couldn't make a movie like this. >> she's sick. something's wrong. >> reporter: rudy says his mother suffers from mental problems, and believes she's lonely. he says her visit on mother's day may have sent her over the edge. >> she loved her too much. and she wanted her for herself. >> i will be happy if they lock her away. she needs to pay for what she's
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done. but i don't have hatred in my heart. >> reporter: the families what's most important is that rame is safe at home where she belongs. >> it's just wonderful that our family is home. i thought yesterday, how do you put your kids to bed at night? how do you go to work without a piece of your family? and now i don't have to think about that. >> reporter: her great aunt, who went with the baby's mother to southern california to retrieve the girl this afternoon, described to me the moment that the detectives handed her over. she said that the detectives pulled back the blanket. the baby was asleep, but she opened her eyes, saw her mommy, and gave a big grin. she called that moment precious. now erica gallegos is in the los angeles county jail tonight, facing charges of kidnapping. her bail has been set at $150,000, and investigators are now working to extradite her to bring her back to contra costa county to face those charges.
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jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. neighbors in one of the most exclusive cities in the bay area are not only furious tonight but also on alert. an 87-year-old man was violently attacked while he was sleeping in his home. but that's not all. this is the latest in a series of crimes to hit this upscale peninsula city. here is the map here. three incidents in menlo park within a five-hour period early sunday morning. george is joining us now from menlo park. and what's being done about this? this is a tight-knit community. >> reporter: we are learning that two of the break-ins that happened just minutes after this home invasion could be connected. tonight, the search is on for these two suspects who hurt an 87-year-old so badly, he is now in the icu. >> it's ridiculous. unbelievable for this to happen to him. a helpless older gentleman. >> reporter: what happened to 87-year-old robert barkley has
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outraged neighbors on windermere avenue. police say two men got inside by kicking open a side garage door early sunday morning. obviously, he knew something was happening. >> reporter: the next door neighbor thought something was wrong. >> we have our golden retriever. at 5:15 in the morning, he was going crazy, barking. >> reporter: investigators say one of the suspects hit the elderliman in the head, knocking him unconscious. they then ransacked the place but left empty handed, leaving barkley on the ground in pain. >> ransacked the house, looking for something, but took nothing. took nothing. it's senseless. >> reporter: this home invasion is part of a troubling series of crimes that seem to be escalating on this street in the past several months. >> have you been broken into? >> yes. >> reporter: they stole electronics from her home. and across the street -- >> just broke this window. >> reporter: someone broke into this car as it sat in the dproif. >> it's sad it has to come to this.
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especially at my home, the one place where you should feel secure. that sense is being shaken. >> it's scary. >> reporter: longtime neighbors are wondering why their quiet street has turned into a magnet for crime, and why anyone would attack a friendly elderly man. >> it's obviously discomforting to hear about that. >> reporter: police officers have been going door-to-door to talk to neighbors about this home invasion, and there is talk about creating a neighborhood watch program. live in menlo park, nbc bay area news. happening right now, where is allison bayless? search and rescue are at this hour looking for the teen. her friends created the facebook page to help find the sophomore, and thousands have joined the page. friends say that bayless left a suicide note and took off this morning on her bike, possibly headed to the golden gate bridge. if you have any information or
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have seen the teenager, please contact the danville police department. a harrowing ride for dozens of passengers after their tour bus veered off the highway, went through a fence, and clipped another car. it happened just before rush hour this afternoon between vacaville and fairfield. 13 people were taken from the scene by ambulance. they suffered minor to moderate injuries. chp investigators say the bus driver was experienced and her license is current. they are still looking into exactly what went wrong. >> new at 11:00 tonight, lawyering up. the former housekeeper and mother of the arnold schwarzenegger out of wedlock song has hired a los angeles law firm to defend her against the onslaught of tabloid media reports. the agency confirms it's been hired by mildred baena and has already sent out letters to news
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outlets about reports. the story is not over, but the last 24 hours have opened the door to many answers. we're talking about injured giants fan bryan stow. while he is still at sf general tonight, the lapd is being praised. >> reporter: this is the likeness that led to the identification of giovanni ramirez as suspect number one in the most intensive lapd investigation of the past two months, pursuing the dodger stadium assailants who beat bryan stow on opening day. police arrested ramirez on sunday a handful of miles from the stadium at this apartment where he's been staying. victim stow remains hospitalized in critical condition. today his family offered public thanks to l.a. police. >> we were very excited that that piece of the puzzle, one of the pieces, had been put in place. >> reporter: investigators are
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seeking still unnamed suspect number two, his likeness still plastered on hundreds of billboards across l.a. they are also seen seeking the young woman seen driving them along with a child away from the stadium. because of the ongoing search, police are reluctant to share publicly what else they know, but at sunday's arrest announcement, the lapd police chief said this of ramirez. >> we have some significant, significant pieces to it that lead me to believe that we do indeed have the right individual. >> reporter: the 31-year-old ramirez is a reputed gang member with two felony convictions. police say it was his parole officer who recognized him from the suspect likeness, despite the fact that ramirez apparently had gotten more tattoos on his neck to try to change his appearance. >> we look forward to the day when the other suspects are apprehended as well. bryan has a long road ahead of him, but we are thankful that the suspect is in custody and is unable to do this to another family. >> reporter: ramirez could be arraigned as soon as tomorrow if the d.a. is ready.
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he remains jailed on a no bail hold. reporting from east hollywood, patrick heely for nbc bay area news. a rain check on the rapture. >> i was wrong. it will be understood spiritually, not physically. >> while the doomsday preacher has a new prediction, and we are there for tonight's unveiling. where did you get a deal buying a home? tonight, we take $500,000 to four local cities and show you how far your money does or doesn't go these days. and hints tonight about the iphone 5. it changes everything about the look and feel. >> and a spectacular sunset tonight here in san francisco. plenty of sunshine with a few 70s. and tonight, we'll call it chilly for the east bay with mid to upper 40s. and, yes, my o raey, thlil c w pdictions of rain, they will come true this week. details on that coming up.
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as it turns out, he was a little off. but perhaps there's a rain check. the oakland pastor who made
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international headlines for his prediction that the world would end over the weekend is talking again. tonight, we asked him a simple question. what happened? let's bring in gene elliott joining us from oakland. you look alive and well. what do you have? >> reporter: well, the signs warning of doomsday are no longer out front here at family radio headquarters at oakland. while the advertising is gone and harold camping admits he made a mistake, he has not stopped making predictions. harold camping opening the door to the media as he broadcasts his family radio show "open forum," the first show after his failed prediction judgment day would come saturday, may 21. taking questions from the media instead of callers, he told listeners he was wrong, but not entirely. >> i was wrong. it was you'll be understood spiritually, not physically. >> reporter: the 89-year-old maintains judgment day did arrive saturday. supporters and protesters just couldn't see it. he offered an apology when asked if followers deserve it.
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but seemed upset when someone suggested he should return listener donations, money he says was spent all over the world warning of the rapture. >> we're not at the end. why would we return it? we are still -- we're not out of business. >> reporter: camping says followers who donated everything can now turn to god for direction. this isn't the first time the christian fundamentalist made a failed doomsday prediction, and it's not the last. even after surviving may 21, camping insists that the end of the world is just five months away. >> we're just learning that we have to be looking at all of this a little bit more spiritual. but it won't be spiritual on october 21. because the bible clearly teaches that then the world is going to be destroyed altogether. >> reporter: but camping himself cautions he is often mistaken. >> later on, we may say, oh, my. i said that back then, and it wasn't correct. and if you listen to all of the family radio, you'll find me
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here saying again and again, i used to teach this, and now i know it was wrong. >> reporter: now we asked camping if we could speak with him after october 21, when he says the world will end, and he said of course not, because he won't be here. despite a quiet weekend, the theme continues here at family radio. reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. well, the devastation spans miles and the heartache and loss is too much totally. 116 dead, killed by a terrifying tornado that ripped through joplin, missouri. a grim number that is sure to rise. the tornado tore a gash six miles wide and half a mile long through the yesterday. the storm actually hit hours after joplin high school seniors graduated at a ceremony across town. >> i knew it would be the last time i would walk through those
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doors as a high school student, but i didn't think it would literally be the last time i'd walk through those doors. >> there's a facebook page full of posts from people looking for loved ones and those offering prayer and support. what's your home worth? tonight, no fancy spreadsheets or reports. we actually hit the pavement to find out. we have one price in mind and find some homes to match. >> reporter: to a fixer-upper on the wrong side of the tracks to a $1 million home there, is a bay area home to be had at almost any price. but how much home do you get in different cities for the same price? that's what we wanted to find out. but what number to use? >> i think it's predicated upon how much can we qualify for a loan. >> reporter: for help, we turned to ted, wi. he knows numbers.
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>> sales volumes are up, but the overall pricing has been down. >> reporter: basing his decision on an fha loan and a modest down payment, we have our magic number. $529,000. so what does that get you in san francisco? well, we found this in cole valley. not up there, mind you. but down here. through this narrow entryway, welcome to a newly redone garden level one bedroom. it's only 684 square feet, but there is plenty of light and a nice backyard to go with it. >> it's just a nice, comfortable living space. it's an open floor plan. i think that works very well for the way people live today and entertain. >> reporter: just 22 miles south of san francisco, for the same money, you get more than double the square footage, not to mention triple the bedrooms. >> three bedroom, one bath, two car garage.
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>> reporter: this home on san mat mateo's mckinley street has 1,400 square feet. its nicest feature a family room added onto the place. >> this is a beautiful house. it's perfect for first-time buyer. >> reporter: $529,000 gets you almost exactly the square footage in san jose, although with this listing, you do get stairs. the three bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom in is also newer, having been built in the mid 1980s. finally, we end up in hayward with by far the newest property on the list, one part of a brand-new development off industrial boulevard. >> virtually a brand-new home with very high upgrades in it. and you're move-in condition, and you have lots of space. that's what people are looking for. >> reporter: if that is just what you are looking for, or you're just looking, you now have a better idea how far your
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money will or won't go these days. >> the realities of where we live. what if buying is not right for you? tomorrow night at 11:00, we'll continue the report. he'll show you the ropes of representing in the bay area and find out where you can get the most for your money and where renting is just not a reality. that's tomorrow night at 11:00. we have also posted the story on where to buy online at just search what can you buy. now let's turn things over to jeff. they should have included microclimates in that as well. >> there are so many different weather types here across the bay area. that is so important to so many people. we have a nice sunset here in san francisco right after 8:00 tonight. as we take a look at those highs today across the bay area, we topped out at 70 in san jose. 75.
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current numbers on the board in the 50s from the north down to the south bay. heading into the morning hours, we will find patchy fog here. throughout tuesday, it's going to stay dry with temperatures in the 70s and then we are looking at rainfall ahead here in the forecast. it's in the system pushing into the northwest. as we head throughout tomorrow, it will stay mild. as the storm gets closer, we will look at a chance of showers here as we head into wednesday morning. 7:00 a.m., some sun and clouds. as we head into the afternoon hours on tuesday, also just still some sun and clouds. it's not until wednesday morning we'll see that chance of showers returning across santa rosa right down to san francisco. it will clear out just in time for the giants game by wednesday evening. sierra snow, possibly two to four inches wednesday night as the latest storm system moves in. also we're updating you here on this deadly tornado that ripped through joplin, missouri, with a
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path of reportedly 3/4 mile wide. of course as we know, killing 116 people, injuring 500. this rated an ef4 with winds that could have topped out near 200 miles per hour. tomorrow, under a moderate risk for more hail, wind, and tornadoes in the same very exact spot where that cleanup effort continues at this moment. mid and upper 40s as we head throughout tomorrow. not an overly cold start. and for tuesday, we'll have 72 in morgan hill. 72 in ever green. 70 in dublin. 69 in fremont. also low 70s for palo alto. 72 in concord. 71 in napa. north bay, also upper 60s to low 70s. wondering what we have in your seven-day? chance of showers as we head into wednesday's forecast. then by friday and saturday, we start to warm things up with low
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70s and some sun and some clouds coming on back. so that's what we've got for you on this monday. >> looks good, jeff. >> yeah. >> thank you. coming up, there was five. the newest generation of apple ror wes he rumors on what to expect next. stay with us.
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word that apple's new iphone 5 will have something that the older generations have never had. it would sport a curved glass screen similar to the one found
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on the ipad, nano4 g. apple cut glass making machines to be used by glass makers who would cut those screens. >> i can't keep up. i just saw the blackberry. if you believe in the sharks veu need to b way. way. tomorrow night, vancouver will check in with the sharks. also the a's. stay with us. our planes start flying when it's dark.
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having just been swept to the giant, the as looking for a quick fix in anaheim tonight. bobby abreu making his first appearance since 2009. recently called up for the injured brandon mccarthy. this rbi single the only run altman would give up. he missed all of last season recovering from tommy john surgery. bottom eight, game tied at 1-1. fuentes on the hook for this one.
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the former angel has been charged with a loss in his last four appearances. and oakland has lost six straight now, 4-1 the final. the giants had the night off and start a three-game series against the marlins tomorrow. wednesday, we have the giants game against florida right here on nbc bay area. coverage starring at 7:00 p.m. the sharks season and stanley cup hopes hang by a thread. tomorrow is an elimination game in vancouver. forgetting yesterday won't be easy, but they have to try. licking their wounds and getting back to work today wasn't exactly a cake walk for the sharks. too many missed opportunities on the power play yesterday. if the canucks take stupid penalties again, the sharks must capitalize. at this point, you're hoping to catch vancouver a little overconfident. keep in mind the canucks had only 13 shots on goal in game four. if the sharks can get another 35 shots against luongo, it probably won't be a somber
11:30 pm
flight home. >> coming to the rink today, we worked on the mental part of it right off the bat. we show our players a lot of the good things we did in the game yesterday. we addressed a few things tactically or technically that we think we can do better. and we move forward. and in the playoffs you have to have short memories. in the nba playoffs, there's now one team just a win away from taking a spot in the finals. game four between the mavericks and thunder tonight. the head coach of oklahoma city, scott brooks, a northern california native. he watches his team blow a 15-point lead with five minutes left in regulation before jason kidd puts dallas up for good. and the thunder lose 112-105 in o.t. spe mavs head home to n ot ithe fi lorna a spot in the finals for plenty o
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to come. we'll be right back. >> sneer here come the newlyweds. william and kate's july
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itinerary could include a stop here in san francisco. >> the newlyweds will hit the city july 8 and then head over to yosemite to see the spectacular redwoods. first up, hollywood where celebs are clamoring to be included. victoria beckham is actually booking her c-section a few days early so she doesn't miss out on the action. elton john has offered to throw the couple a party, and steve tisch is also planning a party. i invited them to olivia's talent show.
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