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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 24, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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to one of the world's greatest cartoonists. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it is quickly approaching 5:00, seconds away. let's get a look at the forecast with christina. good morning. >> good morning, laura. good morning to you at home. we have a nice day on tap. the big tme difrence is the increase in clouds. it brings showering tomorrow. we bring it down throughout the morning. now, let's get you to work with mike inouye. >> we have a nice flow of traffic for the altamont pass. the wind advisory is not going on now through the altamont pass. a smooth flow on the bay bridge. the golden gate bridge is moving smoothly as well. reports of slowing. there may be construction south of there. they are moving the cones getting ready for the morning commute. >> time to wake up. wake up, california. that is the cry you will hear
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all over the bay area this morning. educators want state lawmakers to hold rallies, save school budgets. marla tellez is live in san francisco with more on the event. good morning. >> good morning, laura. the rally hasn't started here just yet. we are at the corner of vaness in san francisco right in front of the state building behind me here. one of three places in san francisco where the rallies are being planned. as you mentioned, it's called wake-up california. it's a statewide day of action for parents and community members to stand-up to lawmakers to protect from budget cuts. it's organized by educate our state. they stand to lose 20,000 schoolteachers. the school year shortened and
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class sizes bigger. all enrichment programs could be eliminated. the superintendent of the san jose unified school district says it's not just teachers and educators who need to show concern. >> citizens to stand-up and say this is not acceptable. public education is a priority. >> under governor jerry brown's budget released last week, education could get unforseen additional funding. a little better news there. some $3 billion would be restored. that's still $4 billion below levels from three to four years ago. it calls for a $9 billion tax extension. today's wake up california rallies are taking place in the bay area and statewide this morning. most of them taking place this morning in marin county, a few planned in san mateo county, one planned in the east bay in la fayette. there's one tonight, if you are
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on the peninsula in mill bray and you would like to wake up california, it's happening at 5:00 tonight. in the meantime, we are going to wait for importants and community members to show up here at vaness and macalester. some of these people are going to show up in their p.j.s this morning. >> i thought you were going to say with coffee. that's even better. >> reporter: i hope so. >> thank you for being fully dressed this morning, ma la. a san francisco man who turned himself in for a double murder turned himself in. he walked in and confessed to killing two men at a city park more than 15 years ago. he told investigators he shot 31-year-old vincent bettencourt and ruben solice.
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there's concerns over palo alto budget problems. they are going to make changes to fire and police departments. if they do not make concessions, the city may have to shut down a fire station and get rid of an emergency rescue unit or let go of more than a tenth of the police officers. the city manager's budget counts on $4.5 million in concessions from police and fire unions. this morning, palo alto police are continuing their investigation on a number of vandalism cases treated as hate crime. a swastika appeared in the green meadow community center. then, the following midnight, two cars were spray painted with swastikas. investigators say the crimes appear to be random and not directed at anyone in particular. this morning, we are learning more about how police
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found one of the suspects in the beating of bryan stow. they found him a few miles away from dodgers stadium in los angeles. the 31-year-old is a reputed gang member with two felony convicts. his parole officer recognized him from a suspect description. they are focusing on associates of his while they look for a second suspect. stow remains hospitalized in critical condition at san francisco general. if you are headed out of town this memorial day weekend, we have good news and bad news when it comes to gas prices. they are at a five-week low. it's still 1 dollar higher than a year ago. >> futures are higher this morning following a big sell off. european debt woes and the
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economy in asia. asia markets were steady overnight. europe is a touch higher. new home sales coming out this morning that could drive us. the fdic is reporting the quarterly bank earnings. the dow dropping to 12,381 just to recap. nasdaq got hit hard with the tech sell off. 2758. that's where we closed yesterday. this morning, yahoo! is giving e-mail a facelift. they will switch over the estimated d 277 million users. better junk mail controls and ability to chat with friends and family logged into facebook. a new version of nook e-reader. it's black and white. going to cost 139 bucks.
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it's the same as the amazon wi-fi kindle. it's called the simple touch reader. it's the name barnes & noble registered as a trademark back in march. >> thank you very much. good to see you. >> san francisco's proposition g is contested in federal court. that could mean $2 billion in losses to the city. it changes the way contracts with muni are operated. if the labor department agrees, it could block san francisco from receiving $2 billion in federal funding. things are not so rosy in the oakland as locker room as they struggle to end the six-game losing streak. it's been openly critical of the managerial style. after losing 4-1, he questions
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how he was used in game situations. he appeared in the last three games with a score tied. he argues he uses the right guy for the situation. it's considering a change for the closer rule. he leads the american league with seven losses. oh, the boys of baseball. the boys of summer, all though, where is summer? let's check in with christina. >> not all teams can have a brian wilson, can they? good morning to you. we are looking good. crystal clear out there. the clear skies made way to a cold start. you want to grab a jacket. the temps are ranging from upper 40s to low 50s. take a look at what's on the way. tomorrow morning, we will have light showers already starting to push into the north bay. we stop the clock at 4:00 a.m. and then again at 10:00 a.m. the front is going to fall apart. the south bay peninsula and north bay are fair game for showers. it clears out by 4:00 p.m.
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not a gully washer by any standard. 49 degrees in livermore. enough rain where you don't need to get out and water your lawn. mother nature can do it for you. you can save your time for more important things like watching tv. mike inouye. can.tay as many minutes as you we are looking at the maze. you don't have to leave early if you are heading to the maze toll plaza. without metering lights, there's an issue there. on the upper deck, treasure island, a disabled vehicle. just updated it's blocking the slow lane. be careful as you come through the tunnel. the tow truck is headed to the scene. we'll follow it. meanwhile, the toll plaza is not showing a slowdown because of the light volume of traffic. further south, as you cross on the dumbarton bridge, the
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construction is getting over from 101 to 880. typical overnight construction until 6:00 in the noncommute direction. 101 moves smoothly to the south bay where the northbound directions are. no slowing, but a lot of slowing downtown. glee is performing. >> okay. oh, does that mean you are going to sing by the end of traffic? >> that was supposed to be for glee, not lame. we'll wait until we hear them sing. thanks, mike. we continue to learn so much more about how much devastation tornadoes in missouri caused. another storm system is bearing down on the midwest today. coming up, a live report. >> reporter: 20 cities in 20 ys. we are hanging out with chuck, snoopy, lie nus, lucy. must mean we are in santa rosa. we go live to the charles m.
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20 cities in 20 days. may around the bay is on the final leg of the bay area tour. santa rosa. a city known for downtown, wine and a museum dedicated to peanuts cartoonist, charles schultz. it's where bob redell is this morning. you taken to a doodle or two, bob? >> reporter: good morning. i'm good at stick figures, that's it. not as good as the man behind these famous characters here. we are live inside the charles m. schultz museum in santa rosa. we have a lot in store for you this morning as we do 20 cities in 20 days around the bay. we are going to show you
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original comic strip work. we'll show you what he liked for breakfast. we have a live artist drawing a picture of moi. santa rosa has the charles m. schultz museum. there are a lot of other places to visit, including a place the artist himself once visited. he was a guest at the place we are taking you to. you can see the reaction to this. this is that, right over there. old faithful geyser. it's faithful because it blows steam every five minutes, coming up in three, two, one -- >> wow. >> where is the guy with the turn valve. can you turn it up more?
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>> 30 to 40 feet right now. >> managing old faithful. what is happening here? >> the water heating up under ground, then shoots up, usually, it's every 30 to 40 minutes. right now, it's every ten due to all the rain. >> reporter: it seemed like every five. >> the water table is up high so it's less pressure build up. >> reporter: that works good. >> yeah. >> reporter: where is the sensor? >> over there. it's disconnected. >> reporter: for the clapper. this used to be a volcano. 3 million years ago, it erupted and sent miles of ash this way. it glue these massive redwoods down fossilizing them into a
5:16 am
petrified forest of california. >> it's considered some of the best preserved trees in the world. because it's detailed. a redwood trunk. these are big impressive trees. >> some of the best preserved in the world. >> thank you. >> reporter: how much do you owe him? >> fre admissi free admission. >> reporter: it left us the forest, geizer and hot springs. napa and sonoma is a prime place to grow grapes. it's not far from the charles m. schultz museum. back out here at the museum, they have a deal going on today. shrink help. it's only 5 cents.
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i didn't realize i was going to talk to you. it's going to cost more. it's $10. >> oh, $10. >> reporter: for you, it's a ten spot. >> i bet. nice. i don't know, i want to see your license there, buddy. dr. bob. thanks, we'll check in with you later. oh, they need help in missouri. they are dealing with the tornado that hit the city of joplin. another storm system is developing for today. crews worked through leveled homes and businesses, finding crushed cars. our nbc station in missouri is live in joplin. look at the destruction behind you. >> reporter: i know, it's unbelievable. i have been here since yesterday. every time i turn a corner, it's something you cannot get used to. these used to be family home
5:18 am
after family home. now, it's literally a mountain of rubble. as you look through some of the rubble, you come across toys and frames. that reminds you, this is where families once lived. this is where families built their lives and their memories. just to kind of give you a rundown of what was happening yesterday and today, yesterday, rescue crews went through this entire area. this is a six-mile area that went through this tornado tore through. they want through, they were able to rescue 17 people. that is the good news in all of this. considering, we had a lot of very bad severe weather, torrential downpours throughout the day. today, we are looking at a much easier weather day. you can see the sun is out. we might have a little bit of weather sometime in the noon hour. we are hoping we are getting a lot more help from outside across the state.
5:19 am
we are hoping to find more people alive under this rubble. we are in joplin this morning. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. the stories coming out are remarkable. i heard one guy texted his friend to tell him, i'm still trapped in the rubble, this is where i am. they eventually located him. let's hope that continues this morning. >> let's check the forecast with christina. >> that was the first tornado to touch down in missouri this season. this is what we are looking at today. we have a severe area of storms right here. we are talking joplin, it's down here. we could see more strong storms throughout the day. it is possible, but we are looking better in this neck of the woods than yesterday morning. this is what we are looking at. patchy fog, mild day with decreasing clouds to start. we are going to see a few hours, four to five hours of clearing.
5:20 am
pretty nice, sunny conditions. that's going to bring rain for tomorrow. it's mostly clear. nice start. no fog to report. 49 degrees in livermore, turning to the 70s later on today. this is what we are expecting. this is a warmer day. after the front pushes through, it drops the temperatures. here it is, the extended outlook. it's nice, still. a good round of rain. .25 inch. .10 or less in the east bay. next week, we are going to warm up a little bit. a significant warming trend starts up for tuesday and the remainder of next week. why and what's to come, coming up. one of santa rosa's big claim to fame is snoopy. bob redell is out with a look at the charles m. schultz museum. very cool. >> the beauty about the museum,
5:21 am
the singular topic being charles schultz but there's so much material they changed the exhibits on a regular basis. you say you change the exhibits how often? >> every three months. >> reporter: right now, you have the original comic strip work. pieces where you can see his handwriting. you have two panels here. talk about it. >> this is something charles schultz did in 1953. you can see the background, how detailed it is. it was very detailed. look at all the lines in that. >> laura, remember, there's a lot of ink on this page as well. >> do you want me to move it to the next strip? >> this is 50 years later. you can see this strip, the background isn't very detailed. his line is much more confident. he's more abstract in these pictures. in the museum you can see how
5:22 am
his work evolved other the years. >> reporter: do you know why it evolved? >> i think he became more confident. less is more. he evolved as the strip did. >> reporter: how many original panels does the museum have? >> 7,000 strips. >> reporter: the rest are out there with lucky collectors. >> exactly. yes. >> reporter: not far from here is the charles m. schultz ice rink. it's just across the street. >> bob, how old was he when he started? >> reporter: how old was charles, sparky, when he started doing the strip? >> when he started? >> reporter: he had to have been, i'm trying to do the math. was he in his 20s? >> when he was very 20s. when he started the strip, he was in his 20s.
5:23 am
>> i wondered how it affected the story line. it's fascinating to see. we'llheck in with bob throughout the morning. how to catch a glimpse of the shuttle "endeavour." >> microsoft is going to release new phones. he got me a line of credit to make it happen and even improved my cash flow. now, my spa has more business than ever. ...and so does our cleaning crew. [ male announcer ] at citibank, we believe small business is a big deal. what's your story? citibank can help you write it.
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5:25 now. a rare sight. you are going to see the space shuttle "endeavour" starting at 5:40. it's visible for four minutes. it's going to look like a fast moving planet and very bright. "endeavour" is set to land june 1st. part of the chinese plant that makes iphones and ipads is shut down this morning. scott mcgrew joins us.
5:26 am
part of the investigation into the explosion. >> that's right. we are hearing reports that the big factory that makes not just apple products but all kind of tech products shut down the polishing rooms. the ipad is polished before it's shipped. you are seeing chinese television here after one of the rooms suffered an explosion. it's suspected aluminum dust became flammable killing three workers. what it means for silicon valley is unclear. meanwhile, tv and stereo maker sony suffered devastating financial loss, as much as $3 billion, primarily because of the earthquake. they talked about the play station hack. it's going to cost $170 million. it's far less than we expected.
5:27 am
at 7:00, microsoft will unveil a new phone. they promise hundreds of improvement. the new software they make is code name mango. it's a giant softball for tech reporters who point out apples are better sellers than mangos. >> i get it. ak 27 now. we are going to have more from santa rosa still ahead including the search for two men who broke into a home and attacked an 89-year-old >> cmaoncern >> concerned parents want to wake up california to save education. why some parnlts could show up in their pajamas in front of a state building. mnq
5:28 am
5:29 am
>> 20 cities in 20 days, we are
5:30 am
touring the bay area this may. this morning, we are in santa rosa. live at a sight dedicated to one of the world east greatest cartoonists. also known for their wine, natural wonders good morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a look at the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. it's chilly out there. grab a jacket on the way out the front door. we are headed toward another bay area day. i'll let you know when the changes arrive. rain moves in. we'll break down when and where and who is getting the most, coming up. now, let's get you to work on time with mike. >> changes are happening. that should be picking up any second now. speeds in the westbound commute direction coming below 40 miles per hour passing by horizon and
5:31 am
loveridge. construction at 242 and 680 is starting to clear. the volume of traffic is starting to build. chp's warning about slowing. at least one lane is blocked in the area. a light amount of volume. >> thank you. it's 5:30 now. big movement this morning. educators rallying around the area to send a message to state lawmakers to keep their hands off school budgets. marla tellez is live in san francisco with the statewide event going on. >> reporter: concerned parents are going to attempt to wake up california to save education. it's what the rallies are being called. wake up california, one is planned where we are at vaness and macalester in san francisco in front of the state building. it's what you are looking at behind me here.
5:32 am
three rallies happening around the bay area. wake up california is a statewide day of action for folks to protest cuts to education. an organizer says it's to encourage them to balance budgets. california is facing an $11 billion deficit. that could mean more teacher layoffs, bigger classes and a shortened school year. a principal says time is of the essence. >> every last second we can get for education of our students. we have no time to waste. >> reporter: under governor jerry brown's revised budget, there is a bit of good news for education. some unforseen funding, $3 billion would be restored. that's still $4 billion below levels from three to four years ago. the 2007-'08 school year. it calls for a $9 billion tax
5:33 am
extension. the wake up california rallies are planned statewide and several in the county. one is happening in the east bay today. in la fayette this morning, most of them taking place in the morning hours. the one here at vaness and macalester is set to get under way. 90 minutes from now, one is planned for tonight. if you are a concerned parent and want to show your support, it's at the corner at 5:00 ton. in the meantime, we are waiting for people to show up here in san francisco. we understand some of the concerned parents are going to show up in their pajamas this morning to wake up california. >> all right. let's see how many turn out this morning. 5:33 now. jury deliberations resume in the case of two men accused of killing oakland journalist chauncey bailey.
5:34 am
the testimony proves the men were behind bailey's murder and two other murders. they say bay ordered him to kill the men. he is an unreliable witness. this morning b.a.r.t. is considering arming more officers with tasers. they are thinking of buying 130 additional tasers and training the officers. the agency has 60 taser that is officers share. the change is recommended by outside consultants following the deadly shooting of grant. he says he thought he was firing his taser instead of a gun that killed him. >> protesters plan to file a lawsuit during the november sentencing of b.a.r.t. demonstrators spent the night in jail. 32 agencies were involved in clearing the oakland streets. it's unlikely all the police departments involved will be
5:35 am
named in the lawsuit. police are on the look out for two men who broke into a home and attacked an 87-year-old man. the man is now in intensive care unit. they say he's a quiet man. a world war ii veteran. the two suspects broke into the home through a side door. investigators say one suspect hit him on the head knocking him unconscious. >> ransacked the house looking for something, but took nothing. took nothing. it's senseless. >> sunday's home invasion is the latest in a string of crimes to hit this normally quiet and peaceful street. neighbors say other homes and cars have been broken into. it's time to form a neighborhood watch. bittersweet return. police say a baby stolen from her east bay home over the weekend was taken by her
5:36 am
grandmother. the grandmother tried to pass her off. grandmother went as far as telling neighbors she was pregnant before the abduction. she snuck into her son and daughter-in-law's home and kidnapped the baby. she took the baby to southern california by bus and taxi. rudy says his mother suffers from meantal problems. the infant is back with her parents this morning safe and sound. congress is taking on the issue of sleepy air traffic controllers today. they will hold a hearing this afternoon on air traffic control safety. >> reporter: hi, laura. here is why people in the bay area want to pay attention to this. every year, more than 160,000 flights go in and out of sfo. the flying public want to make sure those people overseeing the flights are awake and alert. they are having a hearing this afternoon. we'll hear from faa
5:37 am
administrator and the general of transportation department. he's been asked to review the situation. hopefully we'll get the results today. from the union and expert on sleep and per formansz. this year alone, there are nine incidents of controllers falling asleep on the job or otherwise not paying attention, watching videos, forexample. last year, mistakes by air traffic controllers went up 53%. the government thinks there's a good reason for that. they put into place a new system to report mistakes without punishment or fear of punishment. they think they are getting more reports. they have a new tracking system for tracking when planes get too close. we'll get more information on all of that later this afternoon. live from capitol hill, i'm tracie potts. >> thank you. 5:37 now. the antioch city council will
5:38 am
hold a hearing on a moratorium on medical marijuana. they approved a 45-day moratorium last week after learning that a center opened without permits. the ban, which includes mobile delivery services, warehouse style grow operations and dispensaries. if it's passed, it could be extended two years. a new area code is coming to santa clara. county supervisors take up the plan at a meeting. the current area code will be either split in two with one area 408 and the other 669. or the public utilities commission will use an overly method allowing them to keep their current area code and 669 to people signing up for new
5:39 am
service. a lot of people are upset. they want to hold on to 408. >> i have my chico 530. >> awesome. >> that's right. good morning to you. we are bringing you back to old school in the weather department. we have fog out there. traditionally, it's what you are used to in the bay area. not heavy. visibility is greater than five miles. morning hours are mild overall. we have rain on the way tomorrow. this is what we are looking at. take a look at this system. very, very well organized for this time of year. we usually don't see systems this cold and strong move into the bay area in may, late may. spotty clouds within. it's indication of cold air pushing into the bay area dropping temperatures into the 60s. we stop the clock at 4:00 a.m. the front pushes through.
5:40 am
it's going to break apart at 10:00 a.m. it clears out by 4:00 p.m. today, we'll be rain free. your seven-day outlook is moments away. if you have to get out the front door now, mike is here to help you. >> ha am i, 408? k i was in mountain view when it was 415, decades ago. now, i'm a 408. we are looking through the 408 on the slowing on 101. that area suddenly showing slow downs. it's tuesday. we expect heavier volumes of traffic. 20 miles per hour registering at the interchange and approaching as well. the rest of the south bay moves smoothly. 680 and 880 as well. northbound fremont into union city. reports of an accident. a fire department arrives on scene. the transition over to the dunbar ton bridge. a live look at the bay bridge
5:41 am
shows traffic volume not too bad. no major slowing down the maze and approach. the slowing is in antioch. the construction cleared eastbound direction. westbound slowing from hill crest to loveridge. no surprises. >> thinking about it, i have been a 510, 408. originally, i was a 559 and 209. >> hey. >> look those up. 5:41 right now. get ready to listen to the music. a look at the man behind the doobie brothers when may around >> reporter: i'm bob redell 20 cities in 20 days. this morning, we are taking you to santa rosa to the ice rink charlie brown helped build. that's coming up in a live report. frds my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover.
5:42 am
i know it's sort of my weakness. i always keep it in the house. well, that and boston crème pie, white chocolate strawberries, and mmm key lime pie. yeah, i've already lost some weight. [ female announcer ] yoplait light -- over 30 delicious flavors at about 100 calories. babe, what are you doing?! ♪ [ female announcer ] the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today.
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20 cities in 20 days. our tour of the bay area stops
5:44 am
in santa rosa this morning. good morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. today in the bay is in santa rosa and so is bob redell. what do you have for us? oh, a little breakfast. >> english muffin with grape jelly. this is the cafe charles m. schultz used to frequent. i know it you put it down on this table, not that table. why not? >> this is reserved in memory of mr. schultz and everything he did. >> this is where he would regularly sit. >> reporter: how regular was he? >> he was a very routine kind of guy. pretty much every week, studio pretty much every week, studio his daughters would skate like you see at the arena this morning.
5:45 am
head to the studio. >> reporter: to do drawing. he's very prolific. over 17,000 strips. do we know why this choice? >> the english muffin and grape jelly was after heart surgery. it's a little bit healthy. he liked two grape jellies. >> reporter: laura, the sight of charles m. schultz museum in santa rosa. they are known for their wine. one winery is sort of an insurance policy for a legendary rock band. ♪ >> reporter: next time you are g ♪ >> reporter: next time you are g maybe not the blues but the doobie brothers. >> that was the first big hit
5:46 am
record. 2.7 million. >> reporter: bruce is the founder and co-owner of the winery. what's not well known among his visitors, without bruce, the doobie brothers may not have been. >w >> reporter: bruce has been managing the iconic rock and roll band sings the beginning. it was 1970 when bruce happened to be in the right place at the right time. he was visiting his brother, an engineer, at a studio. the brothers walked in. >> everyone liked them, thought they sounded good, sang good. they had never been out of san jose on tour. they needed help. we went on the road with them. >> reporter: warner brothers picked them up. bruce told them to come up with a catchy name.
5:47 am
>> they had one thing in common. it was rolling and smoking them. they became the doobie brothers. >> reporter: four decades later, they have put out 13 albums and sold more than 40 million copies. some memorabilia is shown inside the tasting room. you can buy an entire set of reds dedicated to the brothers. >> i thought we were going to be broke in five years. i didn't know the band was going to go this long. >> reporter: bruce quickly became a success in wine country. what is your first love? >> it's like which kid do you love the best. i love both, the wine and the mus music. >> reporter: a combination that keeps them running. >> reporter: back out here live we the warm puppy cafe, charles
5:48 am
schultz former hang out. laura, this is where he used to watch his daughters sk s state. we'll get the history on it. back to you with a quick look at headlines. >> i wonder if somebody sits at his table what happens. it's 5:47. the clean up continues in joplin, missouri. crews sadly expect to find more bodies among the rubble. at least 116 are dead. it slammed straight into the local hospital. more violent weather is forecast for today. here at home, chp is trying to figure out why a tour bus loaded with passengers veered off the highway. it happened off interstate 80. at least 13 people were injured. luckily none seriously.
5:49 am
san francisco could lose $2 billion in federal funding if muni's union is in the rise. they filed papers against the passed proposition g. the labor department accepts those, they lose funding. 5:48 now. christina loren is keeping a tap on the forecast. change is in the works. >> it's a good change. not a lot of rain, but enough if you wanted to wash your car, you get a little help. you don't need to wash the lawn. when you put it into perspective, 21 days out from the official start of summer. it's going to get hot around here. mild with increasing clouds for today. nice and clear. we have patchy fog developing. nothing major. by tomorrow, 4:00 a.m., we see our first showers push on shore from this in maker. very well organized system approaching the bay area this late in the month. it's been a year of extremes. at 4:00 a.m., the front pushes into the santa rosa area where
5:50 am
bob redell is this morning. at 10:00 a.m., you are going to stay high and dry tomorrow. a little bit of moisture in central valley. overall, not expecting a lot. likely less than a tenth of an inch. temperatures this morning running cooler. grab a 0pegrees later we are nice and clear. plentiful sunshine in the mix by thursday. back to our own miss sunshine, hey, laura. >> you said i need a little help washing the car. i need a lot of help these days. thanks. we are keeping tabs on bob redell. we are ice. where is your helmet? >> i don't need a helmet. i don't think you could do more damage on this object up there. we are at snoopy's home ice. justin is the manager.
5:51 am
i'm trying to figure out, what is the connection between a man who drew peanuts for a living, lived in santa rosa, have to do with ice skating? >> he grew up in the midwest and had a great love of ice hockey. you love that. his kids were involved in figureíl dau the means and opportunity to build this place, so he did. opened up a world of skating to everybody here. >> he used to come watch his daughters skate out here. you have kids who are his daughter's age back then learning how to skate. there's a senior league? >> we have an adult league. an i non-stop hockey
5:52 am australia. tha you end up in santa rosa managing snoopy's wife? >> it's one of those things. love brought me here. >> appreciate it. thank you very much. >> we are going head over to the museum. we're going to talk to charles schultz's widow. >> look at you, showing off your talents. ingw> i'm already jealous you are in santa rosa this morning. i'm sure you are missing me. don't hit the kids, bob. don't hit the kids. we'll check back with him. new lane opening today to make your commute easier. the do cckn ra onewnlion poker.[ fh fh fhfaebeecacacaká£
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tuesdayommute. breathing room.ñ8 welcome back, everyone. your commute is about to get more breathing room. cal trans is hoping an hov lane will ease con investigation and delays during the morning and evening rush hours on i-80. they will cut the ribbon on the project during a ceremony in rodeo. right now, i want to check the morning commute with mike. >> good morning. it will help folks here. highway 4 up to carquinez bridge. right here, closer to the bay bridge. right here, closer to the bay bridge. the volume
5:56 am
increase. getting into the city, we see slowing. i told you about earlier construction. it's right here, from what we can tell. 101e$$:the sky slowingq offup. = = off to right hand shoulder. expect slowing just off the dunbar ton bridge. a live look, 880 past the coliseum. tad bit.ding no major slowing.÷nb> poker o. >> accused ten  poker is legal, playing poker online for money is not. not in america, anyway.
5:57 am
was a%a8?)w! poe beti!sago mon fraud and money laundering. it was a way for poker players in the u.s. to bet money in online poker contests. the crackdowns may have an effect on legal poker played on las vegas and televised. those broadcasts are underwritten. it got trendy for b couple years. the bankroll was coming from again, playing yuó you have t spouse who does it il now todoyç eleofefgc inyg on h a, it ait, rosaéwb[should be played solitary. 5:57 now.
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