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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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death and destruction. more terrifying twisters tearing through the heartland. and the threat looms large tonight. good evening. raj is off. violent thunderstorms and deadly tornados sweeping across the midwest and more storms are on the way. we have new video of today's storm coming into our newsroom. in all, seven people were killed. airports across the country closed because of it. and the government is now confirming that joplin,
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missouri, that tornado that hit it, was an ef-5, the highest category for truck tif force. george is live with amazing pictures and, really, george, some remarkable stories of survival. >> reporter: the devastation is unbelievable. 48 hours after a twister leveled and flattened homes and businesses in joplin, missouri, another line of storms packing a violent tornado punch moved through oklahoma. >> oh, my gosh. >> is everybody out of there and safe? >> the motion is tremendous. >> reporter: another assault from mother nature, this time the target is oklahoma. >> a half a mile mile wedge. it's a killer tornado. it went across highway 1. it almost got us. >> reporter: the relentless line of storms is moving in. now on joplin, missouri, a city already struggling with so much loss. >> this used to be our home and now there's nothing left of it. >> the devastation stretches for six miles. more than a thousand structures
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destroyed by the f-5 tornado with winds over the 200 miles an hour. the reality is says this are live that are splintered and torn apart. >> we looked at it for two days and it doesn't get any easier each time. >> reporter: if there's any hope here it's been found by the search and rescue teams that today, pulled two more survivors from the rubble. hope seen for survivors who find remnants of their lives before the storm, but that's tempered by the somber news that now more than 120 people confirmed dead as a result of the violent twister. >> world war iii. it's like a bomb dropped on us. >> the aftermath overwhelming. >> if you're alive and you got out of this, you had a miracle. >> emotions like just about everything else here, stretched to their limits. >> the tornados in oklahoma and joplin come just a month after more than 300 twisters tore
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through the south, mainly in alabama, the damage estimated at $5 billion. they're searching for survivors in the republic. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, george. still no sign of allison bayliss. the danville teen hadn't been since since monday morning but tonight 10,000 people anxiously await her return. the word is shall she had planned to hurt herself, dozens of volunteer searchers spent the day looking for her. jeanne, her family must be desperate to find her? >> >> reporter: jessica, hundreds of people showed up here mere the golden gate bridge to check in at the command search to help search for allison. some had experience. most were volunteers and most of them don't know her but wanted to help find her alive. allison's bicycle sits in the shadow of the golden gate bridge where her family believes she left it monday night, kevin and
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the 15 year old's father found it after searching for allison all night. >> we found her bike at 4:30 and called in police and that kind of the search is expanded from there. >> reporter: it was information found on allison's computer at home in danville, that led her family to san francisco. they belief she took b.a.r.t. and then rode over bike to the bridge parking lot where they worry she was planning to harm herself. she was last seen by classmates at san ramon high on monday morning. >> she and my daughter are good friends. we lake to talk about books sometimes when we get together. >> reporter: she says he didn't hesitate to help look for the teen and dozens more volunteers felt the same need. >> we have another 150 people who wanted to come out who we asked to put on hold so can we need them tomorrow. >> reporter: this story has touched thousands of people. on facebook strangers send her encouraging messages urging her to return home while search and
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rescue crews scour terrain around the bridge on foot and by air. volunteers are posting flyers. >> it's very difficult. i know the family must be feeling just horrible about the situation. that's kind of why we're out here to see what we can do to help. >> jeff and hi son, jordan, who is a classmate, showed up to offer a hand. he said it was an emotional day at school. >> everyone is worried about her. even if you don't know her -- it was nice to see everyone come together for a common cause, but it was so rough. >> reporter: the search for allison continues again here tomorrow. in the meantime a prayer vigil is scheduled for tomorrow night in danville. reporting live in san francisco nbc bay area news. the mother expected of beating the giants fan bryan stow staying her son is willing to take a lie detector test proving he wasn't there the day of the attack.
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the police arrest giovanni rahm ramirez. >> to check all the videos. all those videos on the stadium. on the dodger stadium be check and be sure it is not my son. >> reporter: police are still looking for a second assailant and a woman who drove the get-away car. in the meantime, the stow family has filed a lawsuit against the los angeles dodgers saying they did not provide adequate security. and the 411 on the 408 area code. the santa clara board of supervisors decided to implement a any area code using the overlay me thod. residents will get a 669 air code instead of 408.
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all existing numbers will stay the same but everybody will be diming ten digit numbers to make local calls in silicon valley. that's expected to be added next year. a financial showdown set to take lace in sumner san jose. city leaders put off the vote declares on a fiscal emergency today and will instead vote on june the 21st. workers showed displeasure that could allow the employees to get more benefits. the mayor says drastic changes are needed to curb retirement spending going from $ 3 million in 2000. $1 86 million and projected to be a quarter bill in 2012. jerry freedom fighter, a cal state east bay teacher running for governor in his home country, survived an assassination attempt and an arrest but his future in that
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company remains uncertain. the ruling government calls him a law breaker and his wife here calls him a hero. cheryl is next. >> reporter: jessica, the professor who wants to be governor in his home state in nigeria is putting his life on the line for change. his wife, who has also a professor here said she's worried about his safety. >> if his safety were really in human hands he wouldn't be alive today. >> reporter: cal state east bay professor is alive, according to his wife. but his bid for governor in nigeria has taken his wife and their five children on a very scary ride. >> about a week and a half ago his director of media relations was killed during an ambush of his convoy on their way to the city. >> reporter: the professor was not hurt but another one of his plid cal advisers was injured.
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not long after that, he was detained. >> he's been accused of making false statement to the public about the killing of his media adviser. >> reporter: ubah, who has duel citizen ship in nigeria and the u.s. has been teaching marketing and entrepreneurialship for two decades. his wife is also a professor at the college. he took a leave of absence in january to campaign for governor as a reformer. >> when i got there, honestly, i did not say it was a campaign. i thought it was a movement. >> at his rallies, supporters waved brooms for a symbol of sweeping change. he lost theed by for governor last month but the professor is contesting the outcome because she said polling showed her husband way ahead of the incumbent. >> the only thing anyone could speculate about is that the elections were rigged. >> reporter: still, she says, her husband believes in the process and vows not to give up. >> at this point in time, we're just going to, you know, trust
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tra the process takes care of itself. the secure, i'm totally worried about. >> the professor tells me tonight that she talked to her husband and he's okay. she also says the appeals process will take 90 days. live in hayward. coming up, renting is all the rage in the bay area because of the any. what can you really get for $1500 a month? tonight, we go hunting for you. live outside hp pavillion where people are trickling out. coming up, i'll tell wow what the fanfare was about and a preview into the opening number of the first life performance. and while there was glee the home of the team.
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heartbreaking return coming back. and i'm chief meteorologist. a much colder day coming our way and more video getting posed to youtube. this is one of many videos getting posed. today's people ce witness destruct details on where this deadly weather is shaded in minutes. free styling with the roots. late night with jay tonight on nbc.
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school may be out for the summer for the kids at mckibly high but the glee club is working their vocal course. opening night for glee live at hp pavillion had rachel and all the gang performing just like it was regionals with many in the cast feeling very much at home here in the bay area. vickie nguyen takes us inside tonight's performance and hey, i was there, no slushies for the glee club. they were great. >> not at all. you've recovered very well from your moment earlier. those of you lucky enough to be inside know the cast perform aid lot of classics. things like "jesse's girl" and a number of today's hits like
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"teenage dream" and gaga's "born this way." and the tour bus is still here and the cast left promptly at 10:20 but the dancers and some supporting folks are still trickling out. we were inside for the opening number and i think it's a song you'll recognize. they opened the only way a hit tv show musical dramady cast on a live stage could -- big! ♪ searching in night >> reporter: and people were lined up hours before showtime. 12,000 gleeks as they are known, many too young to drive here themselves whos generation-bridging music means that the chauffeurs had a good time, too. >> they play a lot of new music. >> you say you don't like older music. when were your born, what is older music? >> '95. >> the singing the is the best part and the favorite character is quinn, for obvious reasons.
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>> reporter: bay area connections aplenty in this cast, dayian that, and dot marie jones, and -- >> i love "glee." >> reporter: a few miles away we dropped if some gleeks warming up. >> people say, why are you in choir? social suicide? it's really not. >> reporter: social suicide? >> people think that choir and drama and dance, like it's not as important as the rest of the activities like everyone's in high school, especially oh, yay, sports. >> reporter: music director says the hit show has increased interest in choir and theater even at elementary schools. and it's transformed the perception of performing arts. >> i'm singing for so long has been the step chooild of high school. you're a geek if you sing or you're a geek if you're a musician and maybe now being a geek say cool thing, too. >> reporter: not, maybe."
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definitely. i was talking to my friend and he's a total jock and he told me he watches "glee" and i was really surprised. >> reporter: we also love "glee's" message that it's okay to be totally cool to be different whether it's physical or further beneath the surface. and while there's plenty of hollywood in this high school, the gospel of glee is spreading, like a song. >> what happens with the students that can't sing? what do you do with them. >> there's no such thing as a student who can't sing. if a kid talks he or she can sing. i'm totally convinced. >> reporter: i needed a teacher like this. this is my sticker/press photo badge, as close as i'm getting. one more show tomorrow night here at hp pavillion and i'm told there are tickets still available. reporting live in san jose.
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i'm vickie win nguyen. the secret is out. you can turn down your volume if you don't want to know. tomorrow's final guest -- no one. insiders say there were no celebrities or news make us on the stage with the talk show queen. instead,he t show features oprah sharing her life lessons and revisiting clips from the last quarter century. >> it wasn't just about being famous and making a lot of money. be the best friend, the best mom. >> it was just sad to hear her say it was the final show. >> it was a historical moment, witnessing the end of an era. very inspiring. >> several celebrity friends were in the audience including maria shriver, suze orman, trainer, bob green, best friend gayle king and longtime partner stedman graham. unless you're oprah house hunting in the bay area on a budget is a challenge for buyers and renters. last night we showed you what
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529,000 would get you in four bay area cities if you wanted to buy. tonight we name a price. nbc bay area garvin thomas hits the pavement do see how far your rental dollar goes these days, too. >> reporter: let's face it, home ownership isn't for everyone. for some, unattainable. for others, just plain overrated. they don't want to be responsible for a lawn, not to mention property taxes. in fact, rents are typically a fraction of what a bay area mortgage is. according to a leading resrch firm, an average one bedroom in alameda county goes for $1,182 a month. santa clara it's higher at $1,364. and in san francisco, where more than 70% of the population, the average one bedroom goes for more than $1700 a month. so we picked a price in the middle and hit the road to see what $1500 a month gets you.
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in san francisco, we found a unit in this building on gentlemen noah place in north beach. >> this is what we call a junior one bedroom. a one bedroom but the living and dining area is combined. >> reporter: four or $1500 in rent you don't get a lot of space but you get plenty of charm and a few things you don't normally see in city buildings. plenty of closets and underground parking space. you also get a small deck with a city view. which is nice because a good part of what you're paying for in the city is the city. >> it's one of the sunniest neighborhoods and one of the funnest neighborhoods. >> reporter: for the same price been a much different feel in san mateo. a one bedroom plus in the city's heyward park neighborhood. >> this is the den. you have a tuck-away door which can go across and close all the way. >> the den is perfect for overnight guests or a computer work for many of the hi-tech
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workers who call this neighborhood home, there are also granite countertops and new tile in the i can chen and a covered space for your car and storage outside. for the most in space and amenities, head to the east bay. here at city view apartments in hayward, not far from cal state east bay, 1500 gets you not one but two bedrooms. >> depending on where you are. some two bedroom, one bathroom apartments are in the 17 and 1800s so for $1550, this is awe real good deal. >> reporter: the unit, almost brand new, comes prewire ford cable and internet but there's much more. your rent gets you access to the complex's three pools, a fitness center with separate cardio and weight rooms, and there's even an on site dog park. so for those not into the ownership thing, even a modest amount can get you a place you'd happily call home.
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garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> there's always something for someone. >> exactly. >> never-ending. you get to one place and you always want the next or you want what you had before. >> exactly. so a change in the weather? showers coming our way as we head to tomorrow and it's wild and getshe wac and weird. after upper 60s and low 70s today, 71 in liver more. 76 in gilroy. that's a winter weather advisory. three weeks going now in each week we've had a winter weather advisory across the sierra, two to four inches of snow at about 5,000 feet as we head throughout wednesday. showers tracking to the north and those will be sliding to the south as we head into tomorrow. just in time for the commute. right now plenty of 50s here on the poured from santa rosa down to san jose so it will be chilly but not supercold. our best chances of showers are throughout the morning and then heading throughout wednesday, breezy at times with a mix of sun and clouds and this frontal system is centered well up into
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the northwest. so not only will it bring a chance of showers but it has a decent tap and some cold air back behind it. instead of 70s inland we'll drop down into the 60s. heading to thursday, drier and also warmer weather coming back. so 5:00 a.m. a few showers picking up in the north bay ands we transition to 8:00 a.m. a few showers for the peninsula and nothing big. not a large storm, folks but it will get those roadways slick. by 11:00 a.m. most of the models have everything starting to push to the south and by 6:00 p.m. we should start to have sunshine coming back here across the bay area. forecast models not picking up on much, about a trace to a tenth of an inch for the north bay and we probably won't see much here for the east and for the south bay. trace amounts. we've been following the deadly and severe weather for three days. today, oklahoma and kansas at least seven people killed by the weather from 32 different reports of tornadoes. now this weather has pushed toward the east.
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joplin, missouri, the same area with the ef-5 tornado and 133 people killed on sunday had severe weather tonight. thankfully, no tornados touched down. however, next on the list overnight is st. louis, which is still recovering from the major tornado that ripped right through the airport a month ago. as we head throughout tomorrow we're looking at the risk of tornados, hail and wind for the southern ohio valley and for parts of the tennessee valley. tomorrow, morning showers and by the afternoon some sunshine in here and temperatures rebounding into the 60s. 4 in dublin. 67 in fremont. 65 in san mateo. 60 in san francisco. far napa and sonoma, temperatures into a few upper 60s well inland and 67 in santa rosa and morning time on the weather channel on an cable and our seven-day forecast will show things warming up, drying out with low 70s in this weekend. i want to go with you next time you go to see the whole "glee"
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fidelity investments. turn here.
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good evening, for sharks' fans if your stomach is in knots we understand. it's the who sick you'll never want to see again. the elimination game in vancouver, the sharks set up a dramatic end. tied. 1-1 and joe pavelski pushes it and the sharks are up 2-1 and that was a lead they held until the end of the period. we're talking coming back to san jose for game six late but with 13 seconds on the clock, we can't do this pain justice. this condensed, ryan kesler tying game at two and it goes to one overtime and another where a strange bounce fools everyone
11:30 pm
and kevin gets the game-winner for vancouver, 3-2 and two overtimes and the shashlgs fall one round short of the stanley cup finals for the second straight year. >> we go home and we go do whatever we need to but it's disappointing. i felt like this team was special this year and a lot of good guys. >> it sucks to lose. it's going to be a tough summer thinking about this. last year was a tough summer thinking about the team we had. how it ended short. we never want to lose. growing up, i hated to lose. i'm so competitive and i know every player in this room is so competitive. we wanted to win so badly but sometimes things do go your way. >> two really rough games back-to-back. giants fresh off two sweeps bringing a five-game win streak into tonight's opening with florida. matt kaine and lasko, a
11:31 pm
scoreless game into the ninth. the bases were loaded and sanchez everyone running. a double, the marlins run and it was an advantage that grew to five florida runs on the board. one a home run. mike stanton got a solo shot for florida. cane falls to 3-3 and the giants nine-game home win streak is snapped. 5-1 they fall to the fish. tomorrow night, bumgarner and sanchez start at 7:00. in anaheim, the kid in the sombrero, i mean the mature angels' fan. sle as won to end a six-game ide. davi sle.ej david dejesus with two home runs and they one 6-1. we're backes
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really close to having a playoff-caliber team. once you get there the me it's like climbing a mountain. you must get the first step up the mountain and the first step is to make the playoffs. >>lle' h wave more with the new warriors executive jerry west this weekend.


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