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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> jon: florida six, the giants six, inning number 12 and guillermo moto is in for the giants bull pen. brian wilson went two and a very quick efficient tenth inning but in the 11th inning, he was tested and a couple of men on and then the marlins' best hitters were coming up and wilson was able to get through it. 22 pitches total. and now here's moto. the only nonstarting pitcher still left for the giants. moto and runsler, and now moto is in the game. >> mike: saw the numbers for guillermo moto, he's having a good season. very consistent, 2-0 with a 2.95
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e.r.a. last night went two innings, strong innings, and really a bad break is what allowed him to give up just the one earned run but he came into a bases loaded, nobody out situation and did not allow a run. threw 35 pitches. but here being pressed in to duty. i don't think that bruce bochy wanted to use him today. but, hey, extra innings, you've got to come up with somebody that can throw. you've got moto. the giants have dan runsler and that would be the last guy standing in their bull pen. >> jon: that's ball one. moto pitched two innings last night, threw 35 pitches. he worked the eighth and ninth innings. and remember he came on in the eighth inning with the bases loaded and nobody out and got through it and he also threw a lot of pitches last night. that slider, a foul over to the
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dugout and the count, one ball, one strike. went right to the giants bench coach. six runs, 12 hits for the marlins, they've left 11 men on base. six runs, 13 hits for the giants. nine left on. 12th inning. ooh. too high, i guess. but the guy up there has some altitude on him as well. there is scott cousins out on deck with the pitcher due up next. got it right by him. 2-2. >> mike: john buck who lives in utah in the off-season was trying to hit that one to salt lake. >> jon: buck hit 20 home runs for the toronto blue jays in the american league last year. the giants saw him in their
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little weekend series up in toronto. so it's a full count now. buck last night hit a fly ball in to a double play facing moto. hit a fly ball out to nate schierholtz. 3-2. >> mike: it's great i was talking to bruce bochy. you know what the guy has a chance to catch up while they are sleep. well rested and he looked at me and said, they're better when the they're tired. well, if that's the case, they should be pretty good in extra-inning ball games. >> jon: giants 5-2 in extra innings so far this year. this is their eighth overtime game. that slider a base hit to left
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field. let's go down to raj mathai. >> reporter: scott cousins coming up to the plate right now and cousins was a former baseball star here with san francisco not with the giants but with the the dons. grew up in reno and then was a star for the dons. in fact was the west coast conference player of the year in 2005. helped lead the dons to their first-ever ncaa tournament appearance. scott cousins says he went to a lot of games here at at&t park when he could afford it. guys, back up to you. >> jon: so scott cousins, now actually in a game here at at&t park. >> mike: he might be getting the signal to bunt, at least try to. >> jon: and it's a bunt, moto turns to second. just in time. burris took the throw and then had a quick bit of footwork to
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get out of harm's way with buck coming in hard at second. >> mike: well, you better have pretty strong heart to make this throw right here. you have to anticipate the lead bag. moto zero hesitation, rifles the seed right to burriss' glove. sidestep, avoid contactp no chance to get cousins who runs well into the back end the play >> jon: you could see, too, no neighborhood play there. he had the foot on the bag as soon as it hit the glove and almost instantaneously he was gone. he had a little ballet avoiding john buck. here is infante. infante 1 for 5. cousins, the runner at first. back to the bag. cousins has had one steal in two attempts. usf probably didn't ask him to bunt that often. >> mike: no.
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>> jon: he was their big star. 6-6 in the 12th. one out, one on. bait baitenhop up in the marlins bull pen. we'll see him in the last of the 12th and the marlins are running through a lot of relief pitcher as well and there goes cousins, it's a hit and run single right through that hole on the right side. so cousins over to third. runnern at first and third. and one out. with huff holding on the bag at first, that hole is much bigger on the right side and that's right where infante hit it. >> mike: that's five hits on the series for infante. boy, that's great approach to the right side of the field. there with the speed and presence, an easy take at third so now it's a strikeout scenario for guillermo moto.
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>> jon: so the giants bring the infield in for emilio bonifacio. he's a guy who is a good bunter. you have to be careful about the squeeze here. the giants perhaps trying to see if there is anything going on. >> mike: they're not setting their middle defense in double-play depth either, just because of the speed of bonifacio, he's not an easy guy to run up. >> jon: the left-handed hitting coghlan is out on deck. the switch-hitting bonifacio at the plate. popped out of foul and out of play. >> mike: the guys take a strikeout, pop-up, comebacker. >> jon: so runsler's starting to heat up in the bull pen. marlins having put josh johnson on the disabled list have a very
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large bull pen now, going a little shorthanded on their bench for extra nonpitchers. 1-1 the count. they're going with a nine-man bull pen. they've used six of them already tonight. they have plenty of others. almost an infinite supply. 6-6. the marlins are threatening to go back ahead. 1-1 the count to bonifacio. he is 0 for 1 with a walk since entering in the ninth. 2-1. >> mike: 96-mile-an-hour fastball and it did not miss by much. set up on the outside corner. it goes belt high on the inside corner, and joe west has not given that pitch tonight but
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he's been consistent about it. that's all that you can ask. >> jon: 2-1 the count with the infield in. got it right by him. 2-2. >> mike: he's digging deep now. i mean that's 95-mile-an-hour fastball. last one at 96. he is competing. >> jon: cousins at third. infante at first. 2-2 the count. schierholtz has the best arm, fairly shallow, more center than right, cousins is going to test him. posey gets clobbered and posey is hurt and he never caught the
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ball. the marlins are back ahead and the giants' only focus now is buster posey. >> mike: it looked like head-to-head contact. >> jon: bruce bochy and assistant trainer out there. the fans chanting "posey." >> mike: it might be his leg. it looked like he may have hyperextended the leg when he
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was knocked back. >> jon: posey resting his head on his glove. dave greschner talking to him. taking off all of the gear now and he's up as far as sitting. so as you can see the left leg
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or ankle and getting a lot of help from groeschner and gruesbeck. and that is a sobering sight for any giants fan and for any baseball fan one of the great young talents in the game. eli whiteside has put the gear in. he is going to come in as the catcher as they help posey down the steps through the dugout. a lot more steps down there. there's a little auxiliary trainer's room close here in the dugout near the tunnel. ben potenziano is there as well. they have to navigate quite a few steps there as well. >> mike: a lot of steps to go back out but take a look at the
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play. the third base coach sitting cousins and it may be an ankle. the throw was there. watch the left ankle. yeah scott cousins just blew him up. he turns to take the hit. and he knew right away. yeah the left ankle. really got bent back. wow. >> jon: so we can only hope that he's not sustained anything serious but it obviously did not look very good. as soon as we get a report, we
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will pass it along to you. and this crowd has gone extremely quiet, as you might expect. the marlins are back ahead 7-6. the sacrifice fly by bonifacio. coghlan the hitter with a runner at second. infante also moved up as the throw went to the plate. and there's cousins. and he's trying to help his team win a ball game. >> mike: well, it was a clean play p it's law of the land around home plate. there was nothing dirty about it. it is just good clean football. unfortunately the way that pose he to turn to try to protect himself because he knew he was going to get hit and he got bent back so we're just hoping that it's a mild sprain. maybe a couple of days off. i mean that's what you hope for. but they won't know until
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tomorrow, i'm sure. >> jon: a diving catch by burriss to end the inning.
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>> jon: bruce bochy, who does not have a whole lot of rich to man ufrp with having lost buster
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posey to an injury and being the 12th inning in an extra-inning game and also without darren ford who suffered a sprained ankle in the ball game here on sunday which gave him an mri and showed a lateral ankle sprain but they have not made a move with him yet so the giants have no more available bench players as eli whiteside leads off. the pitcher is due to bat second and it is a question of which pitcher they'll send up there. badenhop in the bull pen for the marlins. a new center fielder cousins staying in to play center as part of a double switch and there is one away. >> mike: another look at the collision and look at the left ankle. get bent back.
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get a pretty good look at how he took the hit and how the left ankle got twisted back. i mean i'm hoping that it is the ankle. it did go up in to the knee. he was in agony immediately. >> jon: guillermo mota who has been telling us ever since that he came to the giants that he's the whistibest hitting pitcher ball club and in this scenario absolutely the best option for the giants. .195 career average. he's got two home runs. >> mike: well badenhop is a guy who is probably much like webb although he doesn't have quite the velocity. in other words, he got sink, slider, change-up.
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instead of throwing 95, it is more 88, 90. >> jon: well, he had one to hit there. pat burrell, cody ross looking on. >> mike: that's face of concern there for a fellow teammate. >> jon: one ball, one strike. bonifacio and the giants are down to their final out. nate schierholtz. schierholtz electrified the crowd here sunday with a two-run pinch-hit home run in the eighth inning against the athletics that tied the giants in that
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game but they were down by two. nate has hit four home runs for the year. tonight, he's had two hits each in his last two at-bats. 7-6 marlins and you can see the grim look in the giants dugout. nate hit this one fairly well but tell stay in the yard. cousins as this and the marlins have won the ball game. they're taking first two games of this series and right now the giants' concerns are all about buster posey and we have nothing more to tell you. tomorrow, the finale of this series, we could well know much more about buster's fate until then. we will bid you good night from at&t park. for more on tonight's game, tune in to sports net central on comcast sports net coming up
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short low and tune tomorrow afternoon at noon for the final game of this series. now for mike krukow, nbc bay area news anchor raj mathai, i'm jon miller, thanks for joining us. the giants with a four-run ninth stay alive only to lose it in the 12th. volvg insterbus concerns lv
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good evening, everyone, i'm garvin thomas. we're on late tonight of course because of of the extra giants game. >> moments ago in that 12th inning you saw that buster posey took a hit. he was that catcher and got injured. let's turn things over to raj mathai who is live. there's the run right there. raj mathai is standing by live for us to let us know what buster posey's condition is at this hour. there it is. >> reporter: good evening, jessica and garvin. here we are, here is what happened, this is one of the most memorable giants games of the season but unfortunately for the giants, for all the wrong reasons. we're talking about buster posey. might have just seen it there in this 12th inning here against the marlins. buster posey, the marlins scoring the game-winning run, this is scott cousins coming around third base to score. he hits buster posey at home plate. it appears to be a left ankle injury. buster posey was in pain laying on the ground there for a couple of minutes. pretty gruesome injury here. the entire stadium came to a
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standstill and was very quiet when you saw this. buster posey, lincecum they are franchise players so when something happens to either of those two players it's of real serious concern and right now buster posey in the giants training room. they're look at his left ankle presumably. we'll have an update for you in the next 15, 20 minutes during this newscast if we can. if not we'll see what happens. we'll be here for the next hour to wait for that update for buster posey. so once again it looks like a left ankle injury and this is not just news in the bay area. this will be national news because buster posey one of the best players in all of baseball. let's send it back to you guys now in the studio. >> raj, thanks very much and just talking about even a question on whether they should continue to let buster posey play catcher because he's such a good player. >> that might be something that is revisited after we find out exactly how he is doing. we will check in with rage a little bit later. go to our other top story tonight. seven reported tornados north of sacramento.
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tonight, what caused that freak storm? the first incredible video from the ground and the air. richard sharp from our sacramento station has more for us. >> probably four to five seconds you heard bang, crash, womp, bang and then a huge column of debris. >> reporter: was only 150 feet away when the tornado hit this two-car garage. >> now we're talking of something that picked up a roof and moved it. talking something that picked limbs that had to weigh 200, 300 pounds. >> reporter: the damage that was left behind was significant. this was the tornado as it was forming. the only station that when the funnel cloud started to pull debris off of the ground into the clouds and you can't see the funnel cloud here. >> look up. >> reporter: it's not long before it comes in to view. drivers stopped and were stunned. >> dude, i've seen a whole bunch of signs and half of the road over there. >> hailing so hard. all the cars started pulling over. >> reporter: this was not the only tornado. captured on camera.
11:27 pm
caught this tornado near durham just after 6:00 p.m. you can see in the video it touching the ground. >> this is your baseboard and the wall were connected to this right here. >> reporter: ripped, gone, done. >> done. >> reporter: these chickens were unharmed but there is no roof. in entire structure used to have a roof on it. the tornado ripped it clean off, leaving the chickens unharmed. despite all of this damage, miraculously, nope one was injured. >> in a very small scale we see the shock and the incredible destructive power. this wasn't even much of a twister. >> reporter: small twister, big damage. you can see it destroyed this garage and i want to show you something interesting. while the government is pretty much decimated look at how far of the bits of the garage got up into in tree. 20, 30, 40 feet high there, is debris from the garage in the tree. somehow it destroyed this garage 20 feet away was the home. nothing happened to it. the homeowner was just down the road, saw the twister and pulled
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up just seconds after it had done all of this. she is okay. accounted for all of her farm animals. she is only missing a dog tonight. in butte county i'm richard sharp, nbc bay area news. >> okay thank you. moments after that tornado touched down, people started tweeting their pictures. take a look at these photos we found online. right now let's turn things over to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri for an unsight look at what's next. and, jeff, this is so unusual to have seven aren'ted tornados. >> really is. all in a span of about hour an and a ha.ll that's right sev tornados sto betweet 5:30 and ncisol iedt i enhag happening right near chico from one lone thunderstorm. we call a super cell thunderstorm that spun off of thne veseveep rord r tornados. this. thunderstorm cell travelig over 60 miles and holding up, holding its strength with quarter--size hail and winds that could have topped 80 miles per hour and with some of the damage that's coming in, these
11:29 pm
could even be ef-1 to ef-2 tornados with winds bat 100 to 0 miles per hour one report of a tornado near willows right across the interstate 5 corridor. two reported tornados in oroville. most of the damage going down in oroville with power lines down as well. we'll have a little bit more on why this was severe. back to you. new tonight at 11:00, we already knew the earthquake and tsunami of japan was of historic proportion but now we know why. sanford research verse made an incredible discovery. george kiriyama has more on what it could mean for earthquake in the bay area. >> reporter: it's very interesting. we have a similar earthquake zone called a subduction zone about 200 miles north of the bay area. it starts at cape mendocino 600
11:30 pm
miles north of canada. it's a zone that could pack a magnitude nine punch and stanford researchers say what happened in japan could happen here but earthquakes are very unique. geophysics researchers here believe that the earthquake and tsunami that followed was triggered by two significant events. >> it displaced the ocean floor and caused the tsunami. >> reporter: in first of its kind research, stan ford's geophysic's graduate student along with two other researchers found the earthquake fault ruptured in a double motion pattern. the quake wave's first moving westward and bouncing back eastward inkreelsing the devastation. >> so the rupture starts here and it first moves to the west very deep underneath the island and then comes back up to the east where it's very shallow and it breaks the surface of the ocean floor. displaces the ocean floor and causes the tsunami. >> i think we'll be assessing their results for many years to come. >> reporter: usgs geologists are eager to dive into the data. they say the march 11th quake happened in a subduction zone.
11:31 pm
closer to home there's a subduction zone that begins 250 miles north of the bay area at cape mendocino. it goes northward to canada. it's an area that could potentially produce a magnitude 9 quake. >> will it produce a tsunami that will wipe out san francisco and the bay, probably not. we're sheltered in the sense by the fault being far to the north and of course the golden gate acts as a natural constriction so the big waves won't get into the bay. >> stanford researchers say the only place they ever saw a double motion earthquake was on a computer. the japanese quake proves to them it can happen for real. >> we now than it is possible to have an elevated shallow slip to cause the tsunami largely potentially big than expected. >> reporter: the temperature heated up significantly just days before the disaster. a scientist at maryland had set up monitoring stations there and they found that the stresses on the faults and the earth's
11:32 pm
crusts caused large amounts of radeon gas to be raised and that raised the temperature. we're live at stanford, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, george. coming up siwhs animal abuse a misdemeanor? allegations at sfpd are allowing animal abusers get off easy. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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you're just tuning in for "the tonight show" don't worry will not miss anything. >> no we're on late obviously because of of the extra innings in tonight's giants game. but "the tonight show" will air right after this newscast. some say animal cruelty is not being taken seriously enough. jean elle is live in san francisco on the story for us tonight. >> reporter: garvin, director of animal care control here in san francisco says her staff is busy investigating animal abuse cases but she's worried abusers are not being held accountable and some of the pictures that we're about to show you may be disturbing. >> twice the neighbor came saying you need to get these dogs in the house or get them some water or something and


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