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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 26, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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i'm diane dwyer, in tonight for jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. just into the newsroom tonight, we are learning prosecutors in san francisco are expected to dismiss 26 felony cases tomorrow morning. these cases connected to the accusations that certain officers engaged in illegal searches and thefts during investigations. it's a story we have been following for the past few months. the city's public defender says he plans to reveal new evidence tomorrow as well. now to other our top story tonight. one of the most memorable moments in recent giants' history and it's for all the wrong reasons. last night, the gruesome injury, and tonight the sobering aftermath. buster posey's injury, what the giants do from here and should baseball change its rules? we have team coverage tonight. monte francis is in san francisco after the giants game at at&t park tonight, he chatted with fans. but we begin with our own laurence scott who's in the building with us with what the giants are saying. a lot going on with this story.
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>> having climbed to the top of the division, this is a real low point for the giants. getting swept today by florida pales in comparison. today buster posey was seen leaving at&t park on crutches. this is about the last thing giants fans want to see. such a key pillar to the success of the team, and it's hard to watch. we saw it from several angles on our nba telecast. during this play at the plate, posey involved in that brutal collision, suffering a fractured bone in his lower left leg, and now we're told by the giants medical staff, there's ligament damage in his ankle. a serious concern for the giants as the rookie of the year is likely lost for the remainder of his sophomore season. the incident brings up another incident. jeff barry contacted major league baseball regarding changing rules at the plate. here's the question many began grappling with. was this a dirty play or just
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part of baseball? the marlin's scott cousins who hit posey at the plate said he couldn't sleep last night, distraught about what had happened. he said he left messages for posey to express his concern. an unfortunate event that everyone wishes played out in a much different way. >> we lost our cleanup hitter. you know, our catcher you know that helped lead us to winning the world series last year. this is a tough blow for us. you hate to see this happen. so i'm sure nobody feels good about this. >> i think we've got guys playing hard and things happen. you don't want them to happen. buster's a good friend. i think we're all sick to our stomachs and we have to hope he gets better and move on. >> and more on the moves the giants have made in the aftermath of this injury to one of their top young stars, plus a recap of today's finale with florida. see you in a bit. >> thanks, laurence. and giants fans are taking the news about buster posey hard. monte francis is at at&t park
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where the team played without its star player this afternoon. monte? >> reporter: shock and disappointment. there is concern about posey himself and also concern about how well the team can do without him. giants fans watched in disbelief as star player buster posey collided with florida's scott cousins during last night's game, with posey suffering what doctors say are likely season-ending injuries. >> i'm just shocked. i can't believe it. when i saw what happened, i was just like overcome with sadness for him, for the fans, for the whole organization. >> reporter: many fans say they doubt the team can go all the way to the world series, as the giants did last year, without the national league's reigning rookie of the year. >> he's our best offensive weapon. it's going to be hard to repeat without him. i mean, i don't know what we're going to do. we're going to have to get somebody else in there, i guess. >> reporter: with posey likely out for the season, some fans
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are resorting to prayer. >> i'm sure that he's pretty devastated today and frustrated and we hope that there's a speedy recovery and this isn't something that's going to cause him, you know, too much pain. >> see him get hurt, it was a huge shock, you know? i mean, i really don't know what they're going to do coming up. some of us are thinking trade, some of rus are thinking other things. we would love to see him come back. >> reporter: and the real question is can the team bounce back from this setback. today's game did not provide any hope of that. the marlins completed a sweep against the giants. the score was 1-0. live in san francisco, monte area news.c bay >> thank you, monte. for the latest on buster posey's injury including more reaction from manager bruce bochy, you can always go to our website at, you can also find more coverage of the giants on our blog called the cove. new tonight at 6:00, an atm repairman is behind bars, accused of stealing money from the atm machines he was paid to
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service. 64-year-old samuel cowalski is being held on $2,500 bail after he was arrested on a routine traffic stop in phoenix. this was two weeks ago. the employee used his work card key to access seven bank of america branches. he allegedly swapped real money with the counterfeit bills he had, about $200,000 worth. he vanished the next day, abandoning his wife in their bay area home. a deadly day for workers trying to cut back on fire, freeding brush in one peninsula city. the crash happened just before noon near la honda in the outskirts of san mateo county, close to the intersection of alpine and mindego h hill roads. alpine a popular route for weekend motorcyclists and bicyclists. scott budman has the very latest on what happened out there. scott? >> reporter: yeah, raj, as you say, a tragic day. also an amazing rescue that took several hours. i want to show you some of the
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video that was captured today by our chopper up in the air. this was called a habitat restoration project. at the top of the hill in la honda in rural san mateo county, this is south of highway 84, there was a truck doing the restoration project on a dirt road that tumbled into a canyon below. now, chp officers tell us there were six people in the truck. one died. there was one fatality because of the injuries. also, two of the passengers sustained major injuries. another passenger sustained a minor injury. those three taken to stanford hospital where we are told they are this evening. now, this rescue took quite a while, over several hours. the terrain in the area, very rough and hard to reach. in fact, we're told that some of the rescue crews were actually stuck while trying to rescue the passengers. they were eventually freed. helicopters also eventually brought in, they were able to lift the victims from the canyon and take them to stanford hospital. this all happened over several
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hours in terrain that we could not even reach. very difficult, but ultimately, one fatality, three injuries from the truck. those injured taken to stanford hospital. we're reporting live in san mateo county, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. sheriff's investigators in the south bay say they hit the jackpot at a san jose apartment, not only solving a brutal torture case, but recovering enough weapons to arm a military unit. police say more than 20 handguns and 40 rifles, including an assault rifle, were seized from the apartment in west san jose. the suspect is ernesto gonzalez. his apartment had very little furniture and investigators found all the weapons apparently in secret compartments hidden liderneath the carpet. police say many of the weapons were stolen from a 59-year-old man in gilroy who was tied up and tortured in february by three men. and there's more fallout tonight from the oscar grant/johannes mehserle shooting. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors voted unanimously today to equip all of its officers with stun
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guns. the b.a.r.t. police department currently has 60 guns. once officers are trained, they'll all be required to carry the weapons. the decision is partly the shooting death of oscar grant in 2009. johannes mehserle thought he was using his taser, not his gun, and his lawyers argued he had not been properly trained for the taser. b.a.r.t.'s staff says the move is intended to make all officers more comfortable with the weapons. now to the latest in the bryan stow beating investigation. what's the delay here? no formal charges yet, but the chief of the lapd remains confident that they have the right man in custody. here's nbc's conan nolan from our sister station in los angeles. >> reporter: a somber los angeles police chief, charlie beck, in sharp contrast to the elation from sunday's arrest announcement today advising that the case against their suspect is far from complete. >> we still have a score of detectives devoted to this case.
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we are still soliciting tips, soliciting information from the public. we are still looking at over 700 clues that have come in from the public, and we are still devoting every and all available resources to making sure that we get to the truth of this. >> reporter: 31-year-old ex-convict giovanni ramirez remains in custody on a parole violation. ramirez is the lead suspect in the dodgers statement stadium parking lot beating of bryan stow, an off-duty paramedic and san francisco giants baseball fan who was attacked on opening day. investigators are confident ramirez was one of two men who beat stow into a coma. the suspect was part of a police lineup last night for witnesses to the attack. >> you know, i can say that it went well and according to standards. it added to our group of evidence and we will present the results of it to the district attorney when we seek a filing. >> reporter: defense attorney antho anthony brooklier this afternoon called the police lineup fair,
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but would not discuss it further. he believes the chief's reserved tone earlier may have been indicative of problems with the case. >> the investigation is far from over. we're still looking for help, 7 700 leads. want to find out what the truth is. your interpretation of that is --? >> they're still open-minded, they're not confident they have it yet, they don't want to charge the wrong guy. that's my interpretation. >> that was conan nolan reporting. and stem ceill ahead at 6:0 >> smart phones can do just about anything these days, but google wants to take them a step further. the new technology jumping into your smartphone and into your wallet and the one bay area city where it will first be tested. also coming up, a major vote by pg&e today. some customers will see their monthly bills go up. and we'll take you to butte county, where daylight is providing a clear picture of the damage from several tornadoes. and we'll have a look at those tornado repo s. otherwise, some sunshine here today with a lot of low to mid-60s here in the east and in
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the south bay. 63 right now in livermore and 63 in san jose. tonight, temperatures dropping close to the 40s in the south bay, and yes, we are tracking some showers. we'll let you know what that could mean for your weeken could mean for your weekd, en coming up. eoecedcndheifaeee eoc
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a controversial memorial for the victims of one of the most painful tragedies in bay area history will move forward after all. the names of the 917 people who died in the jonestown massacre have been inscribed on that memorial, including the name of people's temple leader, jim jones. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in oakland, where a judge will allow a weekend dedication to take place. jodi? >> reporter: that's right, diane. the judge in this order acknowledged what he called the sincere, legitimate concern that many have over this memorial. but he says putting a halt to this weekend's dedication,
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something that many people have waited years for, would expose the victims and their families to what he called a continuing state of inaction. so this weekend's dedication will move forward. >> we lost 27 family members in the jonestown massacre. my mother, 48 years old, died there, the youngest child to die there was 3 months old. we lost 27 people. >> reporter: wynona norwood said she'd like nothing more than a respectful memorial dedicated to the people she lost and the rest of the victims of the 1978 jonestown memorial. but she says the memorial that's about to be dedicated at oak green's cemetery, where many of the victims are buried, is not at all what she had in mind. see, the memorial includes the name of the people's temple leader, jim jones. >> he's not worthy, he does not deserve to be remembered. so what's next?
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will we be honoring charles manson? the can kids that shot the students at columbine? will we be honoring saddam hussein? what's next. >> reporter: norwood filed a motion to block the memorial and stop the dedication, but today an alameda county judge denied that request. jim jones jr., jones' adopted son, is ecstatic. >> i feel everyone who died in that tragedy should have a historical monument. and this monument is not to honor anyone, but is to -- is for many of us to remember that this is a loss to all of us. >> the bottom line, at the end of the day, it's about rightfully respecting and honoring the memory of the children and those people who perished at the hands of jim jones. >> reporter: norwood's attorney says the fight's not over. he's planning more legal challenges. norwood says she's hurt and
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angry, among her 27 relatives who died at jonestown were 17 children, children she never got to see grow up. >> and they want to put his name next to those children? it's outrageous. it's a shame. >> reporter: that dedication will take place this sunday, this memorial day weekend, at noon. hundreds of people are expected to attend, including, we are told, the ambassador of guyana. now, those who oppose the memorial say they may also attend to protest. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. so many years later, it's still sensitive. well, today's decision is drawing some criticism. pg&e will lower its rates for high-use customers and raise its rates for lower use customers. the california public utilities commission is giving pg&e the green light to this new rate structure. the rate cut is 15% off the top tier customers. the puc says this is the rate format most of the country uses.
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critics contend pg&e is punishing customers who conserve and use less power. multiple tornadoes hit northern california this weekend. tonight, farmers there are saying the damage to the crops could reach into the tens of millions of dollars. >> it's hard to imagine this is right, so close to us. brian hickey from our nbc station in sacramento has more on the storm's damage. >> we've got a funnel! >> reporter: this is just one of several tornados that touched down in butte county wednesday evening. today, residents are cleaning up the mess left behind. >> there used to be a three-car, four-car garage there. it's gone. >> reporter: part of that garage is still here, a twisted mess. the other part of the garage, completely gone. this is where it all went. from the garage through the corals, the wind carried all that debris and scattered it over a quarter mile. a mess that will take days, even months to clean up was created in just seconds. >> and just, we're kind of in shock over the amount of damage and the speed that it occurred. it seemed to me i didn't hear
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anything crashing for more than five to ten seconds. >> reporter: near the town of durham, almond growers are counting what is left of their orchards. >> we probably lost not quite half. we've got a little 20-acre block there. so there's probably eight to ten acres gone. >> reporter: ron was just down the road when he spotted the twister coming over his property. floods, hail, rain, all things growers worry about. tornado wasn't one of them. >> tornado in california? i mean, i saw it when i was on down the road and i just stopped and was amazed. never seen anything like that. >> well, the almond industry in that part of the state is huge. i mean, that's going to be a huge hit to the economy there. brian hickey reporting. okay, let's bring in jeff ranieri now, who's tracking all these storms yesterday and into today, and our own bay area forecaster. >> we're also looking at showers and clouds well off to the north. we're not expecting to get any of this activity from eureka to crescent city, but it is a sign of things to come as we head
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into the weekend. we're not going to be clear here as we head into saturday and sunday and we're certainly not going to be warming up. also wanted to bring you those reported tornados and where they were located, because it was so rare and so unusual. we only average about one to three tornadoes here in california for the entire year, and to have seven reported tornadoes drop down in about 90 minutes, just unheard of. one in willow's, one in hamilton, one in chico, one in paradise, and two in orville, and that's where we saw that damage, minor damage, but some power lines down, right around oroville. luckily, nobody injured in this, as a lot of it did happen in rural areas. as our radar scans around right now, at over 350 miles, we're finding dry conditions for the bay area and also some excellent visibility out into oakland, looking from the east bay right towards san francisco. it is a little bit breezy out there. winds west at 21 miles per hour. right for our bayside communities. and numbers are the warmest in the south bay with 71 in almaden valley and 70 in santa cruz. right now, we're cooling off
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with that westerly wind with 50s and low 60s for most of the coastal areas. so we'll see a few clouds tonight. nothing major. that rainfall will stay to the north. but as we transition into tomorrow, that storm track just needs to slide a little bit more to the south. so we're going to see more clouds as we head into friday's forecast with the storm system offshore, and that is also going to be transitioning into our weekend. let's start off our friday with upper 40s and low 50s. as we head throughout 11:00 a.m., we'll get some warming, but still on the cool side for this time of year. if you're doing any traveling, this deadly weather that we have been following this week is still holding on here into the eastern half of the u.s. right now in central new york and central p.a., tornado watch boxes out for possibly some severe weather tonight. we'll continue to follow that, of course, along with our own weather, and we'll have more coming up. >> all right, thank you, jeff. some san bruno residents are questioning the city's firework city living in the spot hit by
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the deadly gas pipeline exposure back in september. san bruno is one of two cities in san mateo county that allows so-called safe and sane fireworks. residents say the city should put a ban on those fireworks. the city approved the fireworks back in 2005 and to ban them would require another ballot vote. in san francisco now, no yellow page unless you specifically request them. mayor ed lee signed the law today that would put an end to the unsolicited distribution of yellow pages. the companies cannot leave the directories at the doors of homes or businesses without prior permission. this does not affect the distribution of white pages, however. the law goes into effect next year. supporters say the move will help save space in landfills and help save trees. still ahead at 6:00, an important bay area museum focusing on african-american history could soon be history
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itself. coming up, the unique artifacts there and the fight to keep that museum open. and growing concern tonight about the safety of muni drivers. we'll have an alarming new report. and the controversy over one couple's decision to raise a genderless child. why they say they decided to do and it whapert saying eleofefg
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google is everywhere, and now maybe even in your wallet. business and tech reporter scott mcgrew has this story and the rest of our day's tech headlines. >> reporter: some day soon, says google, you won't need a wallet at all. using technology called near field communication, you'll pay by phone with a simple tap. google teaming up with credit card companies and retailers to roll the program out as quickly as possible to try to beat the other systems to market.
6:25 pm
adam bloom is an expert in near field communication. he says cash registers will soon be obsolete. >> you'll just walk over to the nfc tag, you'll say -- or grab the product that has the nfc tag, put it in your cart, say that you want to buy it, and walk out. >> reporter: other business news, vmware says it's expanding in palo alto, as many as 2,000 more jobs. vmware already has 1,000 jobs posted to its website now. and the blog "business insider" says some of the grad schools from cal berkeley's high school of business will earn $7,800 a month at their internships this summer on wall street. that works out to $94,000 a year. i'm scott mcgrew, nbc bay area news. small cars that get great gas mileage may be safer than you might think. the insurance institute for highway safety recently put 13 of the smallest and most fuel-efficient cars in the country through a series of
6:26 pm
rigorous safety tests. none of the cars tested poorly at all. in fact, six of them earned the institute's top safety pick designation. the cars which topped the list were the 2012 ford focus, the 2012 honda civic, the 2011 hyundai elantra, a lexus, and nissan, and the 2011 toyota prius. and analysts say today's results is a turnaround from a few years ago when small cars struggled to get those top ratings. economists noticed an increase in unemployment claims last week. the number of people registering for the benefits rose by 10,000. the labor department says that brings the total number for april to about 424,000 people. some economists fear this is a trend and predict the number of may jobs added will fall below 200,000. that's a sign that the economy is still sluggish. and still ahead, tonight at 6:00, speaking out. what the daughter of arnold schwarzenegger's former made is saying about the scandal tonight. also ahead, sarah palin's
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announcement today that's fueling speculation that she's preparing for a presidential run. plus, why the u.s. believes osama bin laden's compound may hold hidden clues into the life
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we are learning more tonight about that teenager who was gunned down right after school yesterday, near a recreation center in east oakland. we're told 17-year-old dityan franklin jr. was set to graduate from castlemont leadership prep school in just two weeks. police have not made any arrests. franklin is one of four people who have been shot dead in oakland in the past five days. elyce kirchner joins us with more on that. >> reporter: with this latest shooting, now the number of homicides this year in oakland now stands at 40. that's compared to 34 at this
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time last year. authorities here at oakland pd admit it's a serious problem and they say part of the reason it's so difficult to get witnesses of violent crimes to come forward. >> he just got shot like while riding his bike. >> reporter: four fatal shootings in five days on the streets of oakland. >> we really need to be safe, because it is true, like. it's more teenagers being buried than adults. like, parents are burying their kids before kids can even bury their parents. >> reporter: the latest victim, 17-year-old dityan franklin was killed in broad daylight, near 80th and bancroft avenues. it's the third classmate gunned down in marnicroft lawrence's senior class. >> it was sad today in a lot of classes. we was offering therapy in all the classes. >> he was just a kid who was regarded as unusually responsible and dedicated. he was an assistant and aide in the principal's office. >> reporter: police say there were at least 50 witnesses
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standing around when franklin got shot. no one has come forward. >> he had a life and he had a bright future in front of him. so this should be an inspiring moment for this city, for this town, for people to take control and start stepping up. >> reporter: just days earlier, 42-year-old antonio torres was robbed and killed at 1:00 in the afternoon in the 1600 block of 34th avenue. >> this was a senseless crime, to me. this guy was just working, doing some gardening work for somebody in the neighborhood when he was attacked. so it was senseless. it's a senseless crime. >> reporter: authorities hope this surveillance video showing four black men running from the scene will make someone talk. >> just the perception, people are just afraid to come forward. and i do understand why, but i don't think it's right. >> people just don't want to be seen, because if somebody seen you, then it can be like a retaliation thing. >> reporter: and again, authorities still have not made any arrests in those two shootings we just mentioned. meanwhile, authorities are trying to figure out why
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17-year-old franklin was the intended target. they don't believe he was in a gang. if you have any information, you're asked to contact oakland pd. live in oakland, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, elyce. it took almost 50 firefighters now to battle a two-alarm fire at a home in redwood city this afternoon. you can see the flames down below. the fire started just before 1:00 this afternoon. flames burned through the roof of this one-story duplex. no injuries were reported. firefighters had the fire in control in about 45 minutes. it's a common theme around the area, and tonight it's oakland's turn. as we speak, city leaders are trying to solve their budget crisis. among the possible casualties, 15 city libraries. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us what's on the table and who's trying to save them. >> african-americans have lost their history over the years. there's a lot of our history that we didn't know about. >> reporter: the story of
6:33 pm
oakland's black history is living within the walls of the african-american museum. >> we have the first african-american teacher, we have the first african-american judge, their papers. >> reporter: located in a former carnegie library in downtown oakland, the museum's home to a gallery, archives, and a library. >> and if you want to write a book, you can come here and use our archives as reference. >> reporter: but now this museum could soon become history itself. it's among 15 oakland libraries that would close under one cost-saving proposal by oakland mayor jean kwan. >> to just put it in a warehouse some place would just be -- oh, it would be a nightmare, a total nightmare. we need this home for our history. >> reporter: the scenario is one of three floated by kwan to save the struggling city $58 million. but she hopes to avoid those cut ifs she can figure out a different solution. >> the scenario i would like is both the employees contribute and the city council puts a
6:34 pm
parcel tax on the ballot and it passes. >> reporter: at the same time, kwan says the city has already cut 500 jobs and 20% of city funds. >> there's really not a lot left. we have to now cut the services that we would never cut. >> reporter: community members are waging their own battle to keep the libraries and the museum open. members of code pink spent the day making signs for this evening's oakland city council meeting, where the budget will take center stage. >> even in 1929, the big depression, people kept their libraries open. it's so important for us to keep libraries open. >> the story of a city. just, this is like the evolution of oakland. >> reporter: five years ago, oakland avoided a plan to close one third of its libraries. now champions of the african-american museum hope this current financial crisis too will fade into the past. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> now, under all three of the mayor's plans, the libraries would undergo a reorganization next year.
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the council will make its final decision on a budget at the end of june. new tonight at 6:00, state corrections officials are about to change a key part of how they monitor sex offenders. so right now parole agents spend about 44% of their workweek reviewing satellite printouts from ankle bracelets and just 12% working in the field. an internal report on contained by the associated press indicates that starting next month, the companies that provide the gps ankle bracelets for parolees will do the screening instead. they will then forward the most serious issues to parole agents for investigation. that way, the idea is that agents won't waste their time responding to problems that turn out to just be low batteries or dropped signals. and now to the latest on the deadly tornadoes in the midwest. less than a week after one of the nation's deadliest tornadoes wiped a huge chunk of joplin, missouri, off the map, that city is facing a monumental cleanup. there is so much twisted metal, wood, and shattered glass that teams are working in shifts. while the number of dead is now more than 100 and the number of
6:36 pm
missing is more than twice that. some of those working to clear the debris seemed in shock at the magnitude of the job ahead of them. >> doing everything we can for the community. >> i guess this is the first time right here, getting these cars out. got to take it day by day. >> reporter: officials have yet to still release the names of those still missing. many are hoped to be alive, perhaps evacuated the area and have not checked in yet. it was a deadly day in afghanistan. seven u.s. soldiers and two nato officers were killed toda theytoere patrolling tthough a field in kandahar province, just a few miles from the pakistan border went a powerful bomb exploded. the taliban claimed responsibility for the explosion. another nato service member was killed in eastern afghanistan ng when a helicopter crashed, making this the deadliest day in afghanistan in a month. meanwhile, pakistan's leaders have agreed to let the fbi to send a forensics team into osama bin laden's compound. they've also agreed to let the
6:37 pm
agency to use sophisticated equipment to search for more terrorist materials that might be hidden in the walls or buried at that site. it will be the first time the cia agents have actually stepped inside the compound. until now, they've only studied it from afar, using satellites, unmanned drones, and spies in pakistan. still ahead at 6:00, is it a boy or a girl? one couple's decision is causing quite a controversy about how to raise a child. also, the daughter of arnold schwarzenegger's former made speaks out about the scandal. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a little bit of wind today, but overall, a beautiful, you know, day throughout the bay here. we had 68 in san jose, but temperatures still about 10 to 15 degrees off from where we should be at this time of the year. we're dropping town to the 50s tonight for those of you in the east bay. and yes, those are showers on >
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the daughter of arnold
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schwarzenegger's former housekeeper is speaking out tonight. the daughter of mildred baena says she looks up to her mother and her mother should not be vilified. jackie is the grown daughter of baena. the former governor and baena admits they have a son together. she says her mother has worked hard for years to support her family. >> she's like a superwoman, pretty much. you know, she's always, you know, been there for us, for me and my brothers, and, you know, that's why me and my brothers will always be there for her. >> during the interview with the spanish language station, neighbors came out to berate the press, the media, and the several reporters. by the way, the baena family has been treated publicly. former alaska governor sarah palin is kicking off an east coast bus tour this weekend. she released limited details of her one-nation tour on her website today. she plans on meeting with veterans and visiting historic sites, starting in washington, d.c. and going up the east coast into new england. her tour announcement points to a possible presidential bid, but
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she has yet to organize a campaign team. this week, though, came reports that she did purchase a home in arizona, making it just a little more convenient to base a national campaign. okay, laurence scott rejoins us now with the latest on buster posey, and this is no longer just a local bay area story, this is a national story. it could change the rules of baseball, right? >> possibly. a lot of people think baseball should be played a certain way. nothing was, i would think, is out of the realm of what could have happened in a baseball game with the way he was hit at the plate, but the giants now have to move forward without hair star catcher and the pillar of this team. this is serious stuff, and it's taken a toll on this team. we hear from the giants as they start life without buster posey. and giants coming out on top in these close games at home. today, a real change with morale at a season low. and the sharks, they know about low morale right about now. they packed up and put the end of the season into some perspective. today we hear from the sharks and much more coming up in sports.
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and i'm chief meteorologist
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the eoecedcndheifaeeenfid ]
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transit operators. that's about one assault every 3 1/2 days. if the numbers hoel s hold up, would end up this year with a 17% increase in attacks. for most pregnant women, the question, do you know what you're having? it's pretty common. >> but for one canadian couple, questions about their baby's gender continue four months after its birth. nbc bay area's vicky nguyen has the story. >> reporter: at first glance, this baby looks like any other. bright eyes and a big smile. but look a little closer. is it a boy, a girl? can you tell? and does it even matter? this canadian couple doesn't think so. they've decided to raise their 4-month-old baby named storm genderless, allowing the baby to choose its own gender orientation. the couple's story recently appeared in the "toronto star" and has caused an uproar among family researchers like glen stanton. >> we have to understand, the discussion of gender is not just about body parts or what clothes we should choose for ourselves or the colors that we would
6:45 pm
like. it is really about science, and science is telling us that there's a male and female brain. >> reporter: kathy and her husband david are keeping baby storm's gender a secret. they say the only people who know whether storm is a boy or a girl is one family friend and storm's older brothers. according to the star, shortly after the baby's birth, they sent out this e-mail. "we've decided not to share storm's sex for now. a tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation. a stand up to what the world could become in storm's lifetime -- a more progressive place." >> the parents want to opt into this kind of utopian idea that, oh, we can just let our child be free. well, that is completely to misunderstood what it means to be human. >> reporter: but they're not the only humans publicly fighting traditional gender rules. cheryl davis, author of the book "my princess boy," allows her 5-year-old son, dyson, to dress as he chooses, even if that
6:46 pm
means a tiara and tutu. >> choosing their clothes and getting themselves dressed is a sense of powempowerment. >> my son is very happy and healthy, he's just like any other kid. >> reporter: raising kids less traditionally has bloggers abuzz. >> "for me, the goal isn't to remove gender from the equation, it's to support my son making his own decisions about his identity." >> reporter: but while many support the idea of giving children more freedom to express themselves, stanton suggests this is more about mom and tad. >> to think that the child can choose who they're going to be, male or female later on, just absolutely storybook thinking. >> okay. one person's opinion. vicky nguyen reporting. jeff ranieri, let's bring you in now as we head towards this memorial day weekend. we see no green in that radar, right? >> well, we do have green, yes. in the bay area, we do not have any. to the north, the true scientist
6:47 pm
in me cannot say no. we take a look out here toward the east bay towards san francisco, we have clear skies, not much in the way of fog. it is pretty breezy out here. that did help to keep temperatures down a little bit for our bayside areas. 61 in san francisco. but still warmer here in the south bay, with 70 in gilroy, 71 in the almaden valley and 68 in san jose. i say that warmly, very loosely here, because we should be in the upper 70s and low 80s this time of the year for the south and also for the east bay. all right, let's take you right now to the rain we're tracking here, well up to the north from crescent city to eureka. it's not anything that is heavy, but it definitely is dropping some showers here on the pacific coast highway and also on interstate 5. for us, it's mainly the wind right now. so moderate pollen levels can kicking that up in the atmosphere, and it is breezy if you are heading over any of the hills or the passes. certainly holding on with both hands on to that steering wheel. numbers right now dropping into the 60s for most of us from santa rosa all the way down to san jose. tonight, the clouds, it will be breezy throughout friday. we will see some showers to the
6:48 pm
north, but for us, it will be a day with some gradual sunshine coming on back. and we will look at some clouds and some cooler weather ahead. let's get a look at the satellite loop. we have the cloud line just north of the bay area, and here's what's going to happen. it's going to slowly push to the south for tomorrow. that will bring us the cloud cover, but it should keep those showers away at this point, as we head into tomorrow's forecast. we're mainly looking at the cloudy weather with here for the next 48 hours and temperatures mainly in the 60s, a few 70s possible tomorrow, and still staying on the cooler side as we head into saturday. but for now, looks like a dry forecast. 7:00 p.m., we are looking at mainly clear skies here, but by 11:00 p.m., the clouds start to build and we'll see those clouds for 6:00 a.m. as well. we've got a lot to move in here throughout this weather cast. by 6:00 p.m., we're looking at sunny skies. severe weather if you're headed east, new york into washington, someornado watch boxes. there's never enough time for weather. i could go on for a half hour. w 71 for morgan hill on friday. 72 in gilroy.
6:49 pm
69 in pleasanton tomorrow. yes, it is friday! it is here! oh, boy, i'm ready for the weekend. okay, 67 in san mateo, 64 in san francisco, 69 in redwood city. and 62 in half moon bay. and we're also looking at upper 60s to near 70 here in the east bay and also for our north bay communities. morningtime on the weather channel on cable on this deadly and severe weather as it slides east and on your seven-day forecast, we'll find some dry weather this weekend, but we're monitoring the cloud cover and those showers off to the north. and that's what we've got for you. >> not so bad. >> not at all. >> let's turn things over to laurence scott and the big buzz with the giants. good evening. the giants' day game came too soon. they needed some time to decompress from not just a loss to florida last night, but to losing buster posey to likely a season-ending injury. it was the talk of the ballpark today. >> there's no place to go, you know, then, sure, you can run into the catcher.
6:50 pm
i don't know. these are -- i'm just saying, we might need to consider something to protect these guys, because they are getting bigger and faster and, you know, hitting these guys when they're not really prepared to get hit. >> i'm not going to make a judgment call on that either way. i think there's -- either way, i think you're going to see guys that are going to say it was and see guys that say it wasn't. i don't think cousins was -- he went back to see if he was already. i don't think it was a malicious play, i can tell you that. >> so with posey out, mike fontno and derek ford on the disabled list, brandon belt who started the season with the giants has been called up from aaa fresno. brandon crawford who played at foothill high school in pleasanton joining the big club from single "a" san jose. posey leaving the ballpark today on crutches. certainly a disappointing sight. a broken left leg and ligament damage in his ankle.
6:51 pm
the latest word, the giants saw a near collision in the o outfield, but just voids burress. an rbi single for florida, which would be the game's only run. the giants tried to mount a rally late and had a man on third, but sanchez goes the distance, shut out the giants, allowing just five hits. the wind, simply out of the giants' sails. 1-0, the loss there means a florida sweep. now the giants try to regroup on the road in milwaukee tomorrow. the as trying to split their series in anaheim. they had a commanding lead into the ninth and came close to coughing it up. bob guerin would really like to see some more consistency, and he got a nice day from starter bret anderson and a great play in foul territory from connor jackson. stellar attention to detail. cojack riding the rail. top four, andy laroche with a double down the line, scoring josh willingham and mark ellis. in total, it was a three rbi day
6:52 pm
for laroche. oakland would add another run while anderson went eight innings strong. four strikeou., and while the angels got a three-run homer in the ninth, the as would hold on for a 4-3 win. they're back home tomorrow to face baltimore. comprehensive coverage of every bay area team is on comcast sportsnet. a full 30 minutes of coverage every night at 10:30 on comcast sportsnet bay area. this year's heartbreak with the sharks ended north of the border. the hope is that the season would end with the parade, not a somber gathering of the media. this is a scene that we've gotten too used to in the 20 years of sharks' hockey. packing up at the practice facility in the early years when they'd be making noise in the post season, they'd have some optimism, but for the past few years, it's been disappointment. a lot of folks thought this was the year. same kind of feeling about the president's trophy-winning team of a few years back, bounced by the ducks in the first round. now the second-straight season of getting on the doorstep of
6:53 pm
the stanley cup finals will make for a rough off-season of what could have been. >> you know, still pretty tough. you want to plait tonight, and obviously, you're not. so it's still tough and i'm sure it's going to sting for a little bit, but we've got a great group of guys that will come back next year and want even more. so really optimistic about the future. >> we're not happy with the way the season ended. we want to still be playing hockey, but our goal here is to win a stanley cup. and i mean, we want to do. we want it to do next year. >> a lot of ups and downs in this bay area sports scene. and right now, down. i mean, buster posey being out g
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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tonight at 11:00, here's a twist, from tech titan to diet guru, it's mark zuckerberg's next big thing. also -- >> anything can happen. that's why people love gambling. >> beating the odds. you ready for this? we're going to show you the strategy behind the slots at some of the biggest casinos. how to hit the jackpot and where not to waste your money. it's tonight at 11:00 after "the office" on nbc bay area. today, released a list of the most well-read cities. third on the list, none other
6:57 pm
than my alma mater, berkeley, california. right behind that, alexandria, virginia, and topping the list, of course, it's cambridge, massachusetts, home of both m.i.t. and harvard. not bad. >> we can take them. brent cannon is here anchoring our 7:00 newscast. >> in case they haven't told you, you're going to be on it. we're going to talk buster posey and what this means for him and the giants, coming up. also, we're talking about getting ready for the summer. a lot of people playing summer league softball and that kind of thing. how to make yourself in shape and ready to go. and believe it or not, carnival is this weekend in san francisco and they've got a bollywood twist. and we're going to have bollwood dancers. >> i should comment on that also. >> you might as well dance while you're there. that's coming up in a few more seconds on comcast digital 186 or 11-2 off the air. >> carnival is one of my favorite events. >> you can come too. >> i don't dance! >> see you at 11:00.
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