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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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bus is a good guy. cousin is a good guy. two good guys and some bad things happened to both of them. >> we have new information about buster posey's condition and the game changing move for the san francisco giants. good evening. i'm diane. >> i'm rathje mathai. the giants arrived without their franchise player. buster posey remain in the bay area with his pregnant wife and an uncomfortable cast supporting his broken left leg. a player with hall of fame poe residential and boyish good looks is now out of commission and searching for answers. let's bring in jean. it's been a while since we've
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had a water cooler topic like this one. what do you have? >> reporter: giants fans are not talking about losing at the ballpark. they're talking about buster posey on crutches with a broken ankle and torn ligaments. some say catchers need more protection. giants fans are singing support for buster posey. while the rookie of the year recovers from a slam at home plate that left him with a broken bone and torn ligaments in his left ankle. the trainers stay ligaments will most likely require surgery. >> it's severe. we're still going to gather more information, some other experts. we've got great doctors here that we've already seen. but you know, we're going to gather more and to appease myself, mostly buster. >> reporter: on crutches, the giants catcher moved junkerly into a car with a trainer earlier today. a sad sight for teammates like
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jeremy affeldt. >> i texted him last night. i love him. he's a good friend of mine. >> reporter: scott cousins that he feels awful about the jimpl he tried to help him up. was it a clean hit? giants fans are divided. >> i thought it was dirty. >> towed scohe had to score. >> reporter: it was a legal play and now bruce bochy and others are trying to figure out if it is time to change the rules. >> we might need to consider something to protect these guys. >> i think you have to left guys above us make those decisions. and i don't think necessarily the players won't have a 100% voice in a rule change. i think there is a lot more that goes into that than just us. i think we've got guys playing hard and things happen. you don't want them to happen. buster is a good friend. we're all sick to our stomachs and we hope he gets better. >> reporter: while the safety debate plays out, giants fans
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are sure of one thing. losing buster posey for the season will affect the team. >> it will hurt the locker room. we've got professional ball players there. and bochy, i have a lot of confidence in him. >> i'm a little worried but i think we'll be okay. it's sad. it's really bad for sure. >> reporter: giants fans say you have to believe. now trainers here say they're still talking with doctors, gathering opinions about what the best treatment is. they say surgery is possible in just a few days for posey. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. vicious but legal. a rule change up likely to happen but for almost everyone involved as you just heard, it's been a tough pill to swallow. if you want to reach out to buster posey, here's your chance. the giants set up an official place for fans to send him a get well wish. you can sign the card by going to just go down to the cove.
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you'll find the card there on our front page. leaders at the los angeles police department say they are proceeding cautionly in the bryan stow beating case. the police chief said the l.a. police will present their case soon against giovanni ramirez. lapd remained tight-lipped about last night's lineup where witnesses were asked if they recognized stow's tacker. when asked whether he was confident, ted right man in custody, the police chief said absolutely. >> absolutely. you know, there are standards for arrest in this state. we have met that standard. we have exceed that had standard. we have net standard for obtaining search warrants based on evidence we have that has not been made public. i am as sure as you need to be to make an arrest and pursue a prosecution. >> he added there is still a $250,000 reward for information leading to an arrest of the second attacker. a starting discovery for sheriff's investigators in the south bay.
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while working on a torture case, they recovered enough weapons to arm a military unit. police say more than 20 handguns and 40 rifles including an assault rifle were seized from an apartment in west san jose. many of the weapons are believed to be stolen from a 59-year-old gilroy man whos tied up and tortured back in february by three men. the suspect is ernesto w gonzal. his apartment had very little furniture and investigators say all the weapons were hidden in a secret compartment under the carpet. gun violence is cutting young lives short. tonight oakland police detectives put out yet another plea asking the public to come forward with information to help them catch the person who killed a 17-year-old boy yesterday. a boy who was supposed to graduate from high school in just two weeks. and it is a plea one mother has heard before. nbc bay area's cherld hurd has that part of the story. >> reporter: it will be tough for students at three schools
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come graduation day in june. it will be especially tough for one parent who plans to honor her son in a very special way. >> reporter: she said what she will miss most about her son christopher is seeing him graduate from high school next month. >> it's been real hard for me and the girls. he was a part of our everyday life. >> reporter: he was shot and killed right in front of his mother on new years eve. will her only day of dealing with the pain is to move forward with her son's dream. she will take his cap and gown to the graduation next month to celebrate his accomplishments and she will always wear his class ring. >> i know i'm going to be sad. i would rather see christopher walk across the stage. because that's something that he wanted to do. >> reporter: gun violence is a dark cloud hanging over the castle mont high school campus. three seniors will not graduate this year. two of them dead because of gun violence.
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one killed wednesday while riding his bike just blocks away from his home. >> it is just a shame how innocent people get caught in the middle of other thing. >> my name is melissa davis and i'm a senior. >> reporter: also caught in the middle, classmates like alyssa davis caught behind by losing friends to guns. she has a 3.3 gray point average. she will be attending chico state and admits it is hard to concentrate. >> it is hard to see my friends hurting and crying of knowing we have a lot to do and every day, we losing somebody else. >> the two murders involving these students remain unsolved. police are pleading for the public's help. reporting live, nbc bay area news. another blow for sfpd. san francisco prosecutors are expected to dismiss 26 felony cases in court tomorrow due to
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allegations of officer misconduct. the san francisco public defender plans to reveal new evidence against several officers that reportedly shows illegal searches, excessive use of force, theft and perjury. he already revealed some of that evidence to the media last week. his office claims surveillance video taken at the julian hotel clearly shows officers entering empty handed and then leaving with bags l that allegedly were never booked into evidence. other surveillance video shows similar evidence at three hotels. just in tonight, we're learning the federal authorities in wisconsin arrested a man who they say traveled to the state capitol there to allegedly kill abortion doctors. it appears it was sheer luck that authorities arrested the man before he could put his plan into action. police arrested him yesterday after accidentally fired a handgun as he was loading it at a hotel room in madison. he reportedly told police he had planned to go to the planned
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parenthood clinic and shoot the doctor and nurses. >> up next, mark zuckerberg's next big thing and why some say it is controversial. >> we doubled our money today. >> you can too. how to have a better shot at hitting the jackpot. and where not to waste your cash. and take a look at this. before -- and after. what happened in the middle is all caught on tape. we'll show it to you next. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we'll look at where that deadly and severe weather is going. it was beautiful here today but still cool for may standards. only 68 in san jose. tonight the clouds roll in throug we'll tbay. 'll talk about our chances for possibly getting some showers
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coming up eoecedcndheifaeee eoe
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face book founder mark zuckerberg has made his mark on society for changing the way we communicate. he is 27 years old and yet a movie has been made about him as well. so anything he does seems to make news. tonight he announced his new personal challenge for 2011 and some are hoping it might start a
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trend. although not what you might think at first glance. george is in san jose with more on zuckerberg's pledge to eat only animals he kills himself. right, george? >> reporter: that's right. last year mark zuckerberg made it his personal challenge to learn mandarin. this year we're learning about his eating habits. don't expect to see him at a safeway meat section any time soon. it turns out he's back hunter and will only eat animals he kills himself. and he has his own butcher to cut them up. you cut mark zuckerberg's meat. >> yeah. >> reporter: meet jose diaz, the butcher of facebook. for about a year he's been cutting up pig and chicken at live oak quality meats for none other than the foirnd of facebook himself, mark zuckerberg. >> he sends a pig? >> not the whole pig. my part, you know.
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>> reporter: he sends parts of the pig. >> yeah. >> reporter: facebook's number one man recently announced to the word on his page, of course, that he had just killed a pig and a goat. part of his personal challenge to only eat what he kills. his neighbor, local chef jesse cool who owns restaurants like the three street cafe is teaching him how to cut animal like goats in a humane way by cutting their throats. diaz says the 27-year-old billionaire has yet to stop by to watch his own meat being chopped up. >> reporter: so he sends someone else? >> he sends somebody else. i don't know him by person, you know. >> reporter: you never met him. >> no. >> reporter: but not everyone is digesting this story well. this vegan thinks it is absolutely awful. he run the vegetarian restaurant in san jose. >> i'm sure after kills it he doesn't feel good. nobody feels good after killing
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something nix kind, rational loving noble human being, that's not our nature to kill anything. >> reporter: zuckerberg said he basically has back vegetarian since he only eats from creatures he kills himself. white mueller applauds him for taking a step in the right direct, he said the facebook ceo needs to have a full sustainable vegetarian lifestyle. >> the whole planet, we're revolving around feeding animals food so we can eat them rather than just eating the food directly we would have more than enough resources. >> reporter: as for the butcher of facebook, you might want to know one last thing. are you on facebook? >> no. i'm not. >> reporter: now this evening, peta responded to zuckerberg's announcement saying, eating only the animal you kill yourself is a more honest way to eat meat and we hope that more people will explore that notion. as we know of very few people who could look into the panic stricken eyes of an animal and still go through with the killing.
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we mope when this experiment is over, mr. zuckerberg will do the right thing and go entirely vegetarian, as he is almost vegetarian already. what a story. we're live near san jose. nbc bay area news. >> okay. from zuck's diet to amateur video. it captures the sights and sounds of a devastating tornado in oklahoma like we've never seen before. you're looking at an iphone video who began recording the moments before, during, and after a twister ripped through an area of chickashea. the man and another person took shelter inside the oil bay of a car repair shop. that's when it hurled glass and debris across the area. the video you're about to see is dark. the sound is pretty clear. >> it's right above us. it's right above us.
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come on, man. be careful. it's slippery. >> thousands of people live through things just like that in the last few days. when the man walked out to check the damage, all that remained was the scene of utter destruction. changing gears a bit, beating the odds in vegas is never a sure thing, of course, but tonight we talked to the experts and found a few ways you can improve your chances of beating the house. we sent robert kovacik on a road respect the where he tried to win the jackpot. >> reporter: who doesn't want to hit the jackpot? does she have a secret? >> i don't even know what i'm doing. >> reporter: and you're still winning. winning. that's what it is all about. >> i always count on losing.
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>> reporter: sure. that's the safe bet. but people come to the bright lights of vegas with big dream. after all -- >> anything can happen. that's why people love gambling. >> reporter: gambling expert, our guide, palms casino, our pick. because they have the louest slots in town. >> they confirm the numbers were the numbers. >> reporter: here at the brand new slot emporium, we can win cash and prizes. the first and big decision, how much to spend on each spin? >> i'm you're betting more. that's the big tradeoff. >> reporter: 93 of us gets lucky but an does stk around longer. >> the strategy is to play as slowly as you can. whenever i have friends or relatives who want to play slots, i direct them more to the old time machines where you play two or three coins instead of 300 coins. >> reporter: that game plan worked for jena. >> we stayed an hour and a half.
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$2 made us play more. >> reporter: she had fun and she won. >> we doubled our money today. >> reporter: curtis is quick to point out -- >> you're better off with live game than machines. >> reporter: but he does have a favorite, video poker. >> a lot of people like it because there's thinking involved. >> reporter: he said look for a poerk game that pays above a 7-5. and remember, it is just a computer inside there. it doesn't run hot or cold. >> it is just a big mid. when it come to slots and video poker. that a machine can become, quote, due. it doesn't happen that way. >> reporter: for whatever reason -- today, velma won. $46. >> that's a whole lot. >> reporter: maybe she did not need strategy or even luck. it seems all that she needed was a nickel. out of 5 cents. >> yeah. >> reporter: not bad. >> not bad. i like that. >> reporter: in las vegas, i'm rob kovacik. >> a good return on your money
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if you only bet 5 cents. but all the ones before that, not so much. >> so what was the take-away? we're all going to the palms casino? >> yes, yes. i have a trip planned there in a few weeks. i was listening. not so much a winning jackpot. you still want to stay tuned. a little good stuff happening here in between. so today's highs, i? santa cruz. 70 in gilroy. that was the warmest spot. even livermore at 67. beer 10 to 15 degrees below where we should be this time year. let's get a look. 55 in sunnyvale, 56 in concord. our weather headlines, we'll find some clouds and drizzle mainly to the nor weigh head throughout the morning hours. for friday, we're talking about temperatures on the cooler side with some gradual sunshine. then we'll look at showers to
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the nor and mainly cloudy. do you see what i did? i jinxes my computer. i do apologize. it will say showers to the north throughout the entire duration. let's take a look at our satellite loop. we have the cloud line above the bay area. mainly just that cooler air as the system slides closer. we'll monitor showers to the north. it will be a real close call for tomorrow in terms of maybe getting a little bit of some spotty activity in the north bay. over all, most of us should stay dry. and for saturday, the clouds will linger. here's a look at our futurecast as we head into the morning hours. by the noon hours, some sun and clouds. and by the afternoon hours on friday, we're looking at sunny skies. by saturday morning, the clouds come back and it will be a cloudy start off toward your weekend. the deadly and severe weather has pushed off toward the east. we're starting to sight slowly wind down. the effects, the recovery he was still well underway throughout
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portions of the midwest and the southern plain. as for tomorrow, 71 in morgan hill sfoox in santa teresa. 69 in livermore and 69 in palo alto. never jinx your machines, you guys. this is crazy. all right. 67 in richmond. it will get a reboot after this. 69 in concord. 70 in pittsburgh. 71 in napa. on your seven-day forecast, yes, showers to the north, as you've seen for the entire weather cast. the chance of that happening tomorrow, a little a.m. drizzle. we're looking at some drying and warming weather for this weekend. >> so showers to the north. >> yes. that was myss magai >> we gotmessage. >> we got it. coming up, from passenger to
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pilot.÷s2 handedly
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averted a close call eoecedcndh a remarkable story of a woman who suddenly went from passenger to pilot in the sky above colorado. >> the woman and her husband were apparently flying in a single engine plane from san bernardino in southern california to colorado springs. it was over southern colorado when the pilot made an unintelligible call to air traffic controllers. veryuionck clelyoltrrs realized the pilot could be suffering from a lack of oxygen
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because of the high altitude. soon his wife was on the radio. >> the crew of a nearby small commercial flight moved alongside the plane and talked the pilot's wife down. she flew for 40 minutes and landed that plane safely. pretty remarkable. >> that's out ofol movie. >> it is. >> life without buster. a eoe eoecedcndhe elmo eoecedc
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the giants' day game came too soon. the harsh light of day brought the realization that buster posey would be out for quite some time. perhaps six to eight weeks but likely the rest of the season. posey leaving the ballpark on crutches. a disappointing sight. a broken left leg and ligament damage in his ankle. the word from the doctors, ryan
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vogelsong, the giants saw a near collision in the outfield. aaron rowand just avoids burris playing short. the game stayed scoreless into the sixth when logan morrison gets an rub single which would be the game's only run. they tried to mount a rally late and had a guy on third. just five hits. the wind simply out of the giants' sails. a florida sweep. the giants try to regroup in milwaukee tomorrow. here's what the team trainer had to say today. >> this guy is young. he's got, nice to say he has age on his side. we've had some other guys experiencing similar injuries and they've had favorable returns. and he is a great athlete, too. >> the a's wrapping up a four-game set in anaheim. a nice day from starter anderson and a foul from conor jack.
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great concentration from co-jak. the a's widened the early lead. andy laroche with a double down the line scoring josh willingham and mark ellis. in total, a three rbi day for laroche. oakland would add another run while anderson went eight innings strong with four strikeouts. the a's would hold on for a 4-3 win. they're back home tomorrow to face baltimore. this week's heart break with the sharks ended north of the border. the hope was it would end with a parade. this is a scene we've gotten used to in 20 years of shark hockey. packing out at the facility. it's been a real disappointment. a lot of folks thought this was the year but it was just the second straight season of getting on the doorstep of the stanley cup finals which will make for a rough off-season of what could have been. >> it's still pretty tough. we wanted to play tonight and obviously we're not. it will sting for a little bit but we have a great group of
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guys that will come back next year and want even more. >> we're not happy with the way the season ended. we want to still be playing hockey. our goal here is to win the we want to do it. and we want to do it eoecedcndhe e
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he eoecedcndheifaeee eoec in new york city, the doors closed on not just a restaurant but a cultural icon. elaine's closed up shop for good with a host of celebrities, regulars and journalists to say goodbye. the manhattan restaurant attracted celebrities but far more so intellectuals and writers and politicians. the owner was also known to let struggling writers eat for free. kaufman died in december and people say the experience was classically new york cit >> epp usiasert y. will never


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