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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  May 27, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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a safe area in oakland. >> my understanding is that the husband and the kids were there, which is just horrible. >> reporter: bruce lindy woke to an e-mail from his neighbor saying his wife had been robbed, then sexually assaulted inside their home in the oakland hills near redwood regional park. >> it's one of those bad things happens to good people situations. >> it appears that 38-year-old female victim was awakened by a dog barking. she went to investigate and was confronted by a suspect. >> reporter: authorities believe the suspect only described as a black man in his early 20s around 5'9" to 5'11" took off on foot and say it all happened while the woman's husband and two young children were asleep in the house. >> it's shocking. i received a phone call about a little after 6:00 this morning from a neighbor. >> shortly after the home invasion at around 3:00 friday morning, e-mails and phone calls
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quickly circulated throughout the typically secluded neighborhood. >> there's a lot of people in this whole area coming from elsewhere, from down the hill. >> reporter: the victim's home on wilton avenue sits right on a well-traveled trail. lindy says that may have given the suspect easy access. >> you can see, they have a nice backyard and a lawn, and you can see into the house, so the good part is it's open to the trail and the bad part is it's open to the trail. >> reporter: meanwhile people here are trying to make sense of it and stick together. >> in time of emergency we've come to believe the main thing we have to fall back on is each other. >> reporter: and the 38-year-old mother of two was treated at a local hospital. we're told she is in okay condition. we've also just gotten word that a suspect may be in custody. we'll tell you more about that, i'll send it back to the studio with those breaking details. >> let's take you over to our chopper right now over the mcarthur b.a.r.t. station. you can see the police cars,
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oakland pd. there's also that silver car. what we have been able to confirm is that the oakland police are telling us that a suspect related to this sexual assault and robbery that we've just been telling you about, the oakland hills, a suspect in that case has been taken into custody. very little details at this point as to who the suspect is, and how they were tipped off that the suspect was near the mcarthur b.a.r.t. station and at this point we're not sure if the suspect was in that silver car or not, but we do know a person was taken into custody. we're efforting to get you more information and more details of the correlation between this arrest and that brutal sexual assault that happened in the oakland hills. okay, switch gears a little bit right now and talk about the three-day weekend officially here. taking a live look outside right now, 880 in oakland where the race to get out of town has officially begun. let's take a look at our traffic maps and the backup around the
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bay area. let's look at the bay bridge, as you can see, traffic is blocked up on the bay bridge, on the east shore freeway, a lot of traffic going north, or going across the golden gate bridge as well. let's switch now to the south bay. take a look and see what things are looking like. 101 and 880 where those two meet, those are the red lines, meaning things are slowed down. a lot of people hitting the road, a lot of people heading out of town. of course this weekend does mark the unofficial start of summer travel season. it's estimated nearly 35 million americans will travel this weekend. that's actually up from last year, despite the high cost of gasoline. nbc's mark barger has more. >> reporter: a literal sign of relief. modest in ridge field, new jersey, more eye catching in jackson, mississippi. >> it makes me feel a lot better. if it keeps going down, that will be all right. >> reporter: gas prices around are the country have gone down slightly in recent days, but the national average of $3.381 a
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gallon entering this holiday weekend is still more than a dollar higher than a year ago. >> it's outrageous. i've never imagined it could get this bad. >> reporter: even so, aaa is forecasting only a tiny drop in the number of people hitting the highways this memorial day weekend compared to last year. almost 31 million americans. >> i guess the bottom line is that pain at the pump will not keep us at home during the holiday. >> reporter: same goes for air travelers. despite higher jet fuel prices spiking, summer air fares to their highest levels since 2008, aaa expects an 11.5% jump in the number of people taking to the skies. >> there's some great deals still out there for june and july, but overall, if you're paying for a ticket price you're probably paying anywhere from $30 to $60 more this year. >> the people who talk up sun and sand, they're hopeful americans are willing to spend. >> i do believe that this summer we're going to see a very strong summer family travel season, the
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summer travel season probably stronger than we've had in the last couple years. >> reporter: mark barger, nbc news. well, there are lots of reasons to stay put on this holiday weekend. san francisco's annual carnival festival may be one of the biggest. ♪ this saturday and sunday, the celebration runs for seven blocks of harrison restetet. it features food, art, crafts and music on several stages and the best part of it is that it's free. and if you do want to spend a little money, treasure island is launching a new monthly flea market, antiques, new and vintage items handmade by art is sans. parking and amazing views are all free. and if it's music that you want after 15 years, the california blues festival moves on memorial day to hamilton rec park in the filmore district. then monday the presidio hosts
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the memorial day ceremony followed by music, memories and a 21-gun salute. head to, we'll have a look at what's playing at the movies. you've got some kung fu pandas and real life party animals, too. with all this traffic this weekend police will be out in force, but a new bill blocks cities from cashing in on dui check points. democrats and one republican supported the bill that's called stop fishing expeditions. the law was proposed to make sure cities hold the check points where drunk driving is a problem. in orange county, a democrat went along saying the check points often target undocumented workers without licenses and then cities make money by impounding the vehicles and stranding the drivers. the bill would prohibit impoundments if someone picks up the unlicensed driver and the car. federal agents took over a south bay elementary school today but they were there for a good reason, to honor dozens of
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kids graduating from a program aimed at keeping them out of trouble. it's called the great program. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live in morgan hill where he was there for the ceremony. >> reporter: well, jessica, these were 90 kids, the atf and local leaders eidentified as perhaps needing a nudge. today that nudge may have included 90 future leaders. there were no caps and gowns at this graduation, just a few dozen kids who spent the last 13 weeks learning how to stay out of trouble. >> in my day that's how it worked. whoever punched the hardest, that was conflict resolution. now we can give the kids the skills and abilities not to do that. >> reporter: they completed community projects like litter and graffiti cleanup while supervised and mentored. with dwindling budgets the mayor says he needs all the help he can get with p community
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policing. >> we do not have a large police force for the size of city we have. we're right at 40,000 population and we have less than 40 officers within our department. so they are very focused in on outcomes. how can they achieve outcomes. how can they involve the entire community to help them police the community. >> my concern for her is recognizing the -- you know, bullies out there. that's mainly my concern for her and to learn to speak up for herself. >> people my age say they want to be in gangs and stuff and i say that's not right because people, they, they get killed and stuff with stuff like that. >> reporter: the atf says ideally these graduates will soon become peer counselors helping other kids stay clean. >> i learned a lot about, like, not being in gangs and stuff. >> reporter: the long arm of the law, today gave these kids a hand. local leaders say you have to
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get them early. high school, might be too late, they say, for prevention and intervention. we're live in morgan hill, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. in san francisco the district attorney today dismissed 34 cases connected to a growing scandal involving alleged police misconduct. also today public defender released a new video in yet another controversial case. this surveillance video shows an alleged drug deal in april of last year. officers claim the suspect who is seen in the video wearing a white shirt spit crack cocaine out of his mouth and then sold it to an undercover officer but the incident is among the cases dismissed and police say the officer in question is now facing disciplinary action. well, three minutes of terror, next at 5:00, the final moments of a doomed air france flight that crashed and nearly -- and killed nearly 300
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people. what we're learning from the new report. and seafood scam? why what you might be buying is not actual what you're getting. and a mom puts her own life at risk to give her unborn baby a chance at life. the stunning birth that even doctors didn't think was possible. and good afternoon, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. after a cloudy start, a lot of sunshine here throughout the san francisco bay. right now, sunny skies, as we look at the bay bridge. tonight, it will be chilly in the south bay with plenty of t. we have your travel forecast. we'll let you know where you can encounter some delays if you're getting in a plane any time soon.
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we now know more about what happened in the last three and a
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half panicked minutes before an air france jet crashed in 2009. the recovery of the plane's black box shows the pilot was on a break and the two co-pilots were misled by faulty instrument readings as they fought to gain control. all 228 people on board the airbus were killed. today france's investigating agency released a preliminary report tentatively blaming the senlsers, the crew and other mechanical issues. air france replaced all sensors shortly after the crash. call it the old bait and switch. a new report details widespread seafood fraud in the industry. meaning the consumers are more often than not not actually getting what they pay for. dna tests of 1,000 fish samples from across the country over the past four years, only half of the fish tested were actually the type of fish advertised on the label. for example, fish labeled as red snapper, wild salmon and cod were often substituted as rock
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fish, farm salmon and tilapia. right now more than 80% of the u.s. seafood is imported but only 2% is inspected. the fda says it doesn't have a data base but is working on a dna-based method instead. the fda warns consumers to be wary of low priced fish they know is usually sold for more. turns out widening hips may not be your fault. most people stop growing taller by the time they reach their 20s but new research suggests your hips keep widening for decades. a study looked at ct scans of men and women aged 20 to 79. most reach skeletal maturity at age 20 but their pelvis continued to expand throughout their life. most people added three inches to their waistlines. experts say this widening likely adds to weight gain. well, miracle baby doesn't even begin to describe the next story. >> a remarkable delivery of a
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baby that grew inside the lining of the mother's abdominal muscles. >> reporter: this newborn by all accounts is a miracle baby. nikki soto gave birth to her newborn boy monday in a pregnancy that defied the odds. >> it was really scary. just because we didn't know where the baby was and what he's attached to and what could happen. >> reporter: during the pregnancy the 27-year-old phoenix woman carried the baby outside of her uterus. the baby surrounded only by a thin wall of membrane and muscle. a pregnancy so unlikely, so rare, doctors couldn't say whether it had ever happened before. >> i'm not expecting to see this again. and i haven't seen this before. >> reporter: soto says doctors warned her when they discovered the condition at 18 weeks, that continuing the pregnancy would put her own life at risk.
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>> even though she elected to continue the pregnancy i believe she was hearing our concerns and understood the risk, balanced the risk and the benefits and did everything that we asked them to do in the hospital. >> reporter: planning for every contingency, a staff of 25 doctors, nurses and other medical personnel was right there, but in the end, the procedure went off without a hitch. the baby, named azlan cruz perfecto was delivered at 32 weeks, his weight just under three pounds but doctors say perfecto is doing great. >> he's doing well. obviously he's born, you know, eight weeks earlier than we would normally like him to be, but right now he's in stable condition, though. >> i'm thankful that everything turned out so well and that i didn't stop and the doctors didn't stop. i'm just so grateful. >> i'm so amazed when things work normally how this, you
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know, the miracle of birth as it is normally, and then to hear a story like that when it doesn't go normal and you still have a happy ending, that's fantastic. >> we're happy for them. let's turn things over to jeff and see if we'll have a happy weekend. >> i think so. happy friday to the both of you. let's unpeel the layers, it should be a lot better this time of year but there is still some rays of sunshine throughout the forecast. we do have some showers to the north dakota as the radar scans around, most importantly it is dry right now. if you're heading in your car and you're ready to go somewhere, with he have dry roads throughout most of the california. current temperature is 60 as everyone heads up into marin county, right across the golden gate bridge. tonight we're looking at temperatures in the low to mid-60s. 59 san francisco, and 64 novato. numbers running 10 to 20 degrees below where they should be for this time of year, so here's where it gets interesting. as we head into the morning hours, we'll have the clouds and possibly some drizzle for the morning forecast. mainly in the north bay.
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then as we head throughout the weekend, stay cool with a mix of sun and clouds, and for memorial day, the best part here is we're going to have some dry and also some warmer weather. so it looks like memorial day will be the best day to be outside and have those outdoor plans. here's what we have happening. the clouds streaming right across northern california, and that's actually the storm track so we'll see this throughout tomorrow, this weaker system moving in. we're not looking at any rainfall, just this slightly cooler than average weather, and also the clouds we'll have to deal with throughout saturday and also sunday. and for memorial day once again it looks like a warmer and also a drier forecast. so let's get you into the particulars. tonight we're looking at clear skies. right into about 11:00 p.m. then we'll see a bit of cloud cover return. it's saturday morning, though, everyone looks to start off cloudy as we head into the beginning of your weekend, but look at this. it clears out quick. by 11:00 a.m. the sun starts to rebound and by 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, sunny skies for the entire bay area.
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let's get you a look at our travel forecast. we're looking at most delays here throughout the eastern seaboard with some severe weather throughout california, we are looking great here. upper 70s in southern california. for traveling south on interstate 5, some fantastic weather down there. meanwhile, let's get you into tonight's forecast. 50 in san jose, 45 los gatos. 51 santa cruz and 47 in san rafael. as for saturday, upper 60s and low 70s here throughout the south and also for the east bay. really makes me happy, too, when it's a holiday weekend and we can deliver with a decent forecast. you know? i hate to be the bearer of bad news on a holiday weekend. 70 fairfield, 67 napa and for the north bay we're looking at mid to upper 60s from novato to santa rosa. morning time on your travel forecast on the weather channel on cable, low 70s here and memorial day right now looks like it will be the best here as
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remembrance for all of the americans. so looks great. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. up next, block buster lowers prices but there is a catch. >> hey, how was the action at the beach? >> he was a fan favorite, actor jeff conway, you see him there on "grease" and then "taxi" and then sadly you may have more recently seen him on "celebrity rehab." jeff conway died today at age 60. conway had been in a coma after an apparent overdose.fahis cmic s chily tmisevehohatoo oc hve feeding tube and ventilator and he died today at a los angeles hospital, again, at the age of 60. b@
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>> arey[$b where are you guys? >> i don't know. we woke up in some city. >> we've been looking for him all morning. >> this weekend hollywood is
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trying to go 2 for 2 featuring a cast of party animals. what happened in vegas moves to thailand, this time it's ed helms on his way to the alter, but they retrace their steps through a night completely forgotten but totally unforgettable. "the hangover 2" is rated r. then "kung fu panda 2," jack black is back as the voice of po, a martial artist who literally stumbled into the job. he will have to unlock his inner strength, kung fu panda 2 is rated pg. and in "the tree of life," brad pitt plays an overbearing father. it follows a family in the 1950s and also stars sean penn. it opens in limited release, rated pg-13. and is there an easier way to get out of town? scott mcgrew has a look at the day's business and tech headlines for you. >> blockbuster's new lower
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prices come with a catch. the company will also shorten the length of the rentals from five days to one day. now that starts today. your movie is due back bright and early tomorrow. blockbuster is trying to compete with those red box machines, which are inexpensive but also have one day returns. hey, this is kind of neat. google is throwing flight schedules in its search. type in flights from, say, san jose to chicago and it will show you all the flights headed out of mineta. great for skipping down. and see this fellow? he's a new google exec. yesterday he showed off google's new phone payment system. it's a pay pal killer. well, pay pal is saying, hey, wait a minute. that guy used to work for us and he knows all our secrets. pay pal is suing google in san jose court claiming google has misappropriated trade secrets. and can i leave you with a little plug? this sunday, famed skeptic michael shermer, we're going to
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talk religion, conspiracy theories and the debunked link between autism and vaccinations right here before "meet the press" sunday morning. back to you. >> the season of the cougar is he. we will explain next. b
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prepare for cougar sightings in south city this weekend, but we're not talking mountain lions. the california cougar convention is in town. these cats are all older women who like cubs, which are the younger men. every year a queen is crowned, this year the featured speaker is amy luna mandarino of berkeley, honored miss cougar international 2011. the event is being held at
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intermurals restaurant on saturday night. >> interesting. don't look at me. >> thanks for joining us. "nightly news" is up next. >> we'll be back at 6:00.
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