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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 27, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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on their way here to this location. they are on their way to take a look at the acura you see here. it may belong to the suspect in that home invasion sexual assault. specifically, police are looking to gather evidence. police sources tell me tonight that pharmaceuticals were found inside the car. they may have been stolen from the same company where the victim's husband works. that company is in san leandro. it was burglarized recently. now, this is very early on in the investigation. now, the suspect has been arrested and is in custody, obviously. there will be a photo line-up. the sexual assault victim will have a chance to look at his picture to see if he is the one who committed the sexual assault that happened very early this morning. elyse kirchner has been on this story all day long. she is live at police headquarters to bring us up to date. alise? >> reporter: cheryl, oakland pd certainly has their hands full. yesterday we told you about
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those four fatal shootings in five days. now this violent home invasion. what's supposed to be a safe neighborhood. and what's so frightening about this is that it allegedly happened while the victim's husband and young children were asleep. >> i went to fetch my newspaper at 6:45 a.m. >> reporter: lucille bellucci woke to police outside her door in the typically secluded oakland hills, telling her about a violent attack on her street. >> that there had been a break-in, that the man had a gun, and he'd committed a sexual offense on the woman. which -- which is a nightmare that should never happen to anyone. >> i woke up to an e-mail this morning saying that there had been a home invasion, the police were there all night, and let people know. >> reporter: bruce lindy, head of the neighborhood watch group, got an e-mail in the middle of the night from the victim's husband, saying his wife had been held at gunpoint, robbed,
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then sexually assaulted inside their home on wilton avenue. he quickly alerted everyone in the area. >> my understanding is that the husband and the kids were there, which is just horrible. >> as far as we can tell right now, there's only one suspect involved. while inside the home one of the occupants inside the home was assaulted. >> reporter: authorities say the 38-year-old victim woke to the family dog barking. she went to investigate, then was confronted by the suspect. >> he was armed with a handgun. >> reporter: only described as a black man in his early 20s around 5'9" to 5'11". investigators believe he took off on foot. >> there's a lot of people in this whole area coming from elsewhere, from down the hill. >> reporter: the victim's home sits right on a well-traveled trail right near redwood regional park. lindy says that may have given the suspect easy access. >> you can see they have a nice back yard and a lawn, and you can see into the house. >> they were robbed last year,
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too. i think. i don't know, in the daylight. and took all their electronics. >> reporter: and we've also learned the couple recently remodeled their home. authorities are looking into who may be familiar with the layout of that house. they also told me they've seen a rash of rob ruz in the area because they say criminals are targeting the area because homeowners are forgetting to lock their doors. this of course is a developing story. reporter cheryl hurd is following it. we'll have more on this story tonight at 11:00. for now we're live in oakland. nbc bay area news. well, there are new allegations of police misconduct tonight. more than 30 felony cases thrown out in an ever widening scandal involving the police department. nbc bay area's monte francis is digging up the details. he joins us live from the hall of justice with more on this story. monte? >> reporter: well, jessica, all of the cases involve the same 14 officers. the d.a. dismissed 34 cases today, almost all of them involving drugs. that brings the total number of
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cases dismissed so far in this scandal to 119. and tonight there is new video in yet another controversial case. surveillance video shows what officers say was a drug bust in the tenderloin in april of last year. but public defender jeff adachi says the images tell a different story. >> his palm is never outstretched. his palm is never outside his pocket. >> reporter: officers claimed in their report that the suspect, who is seen in the video wearing a white shirt, spit crack cocaine out of his mouth and sold it to an undercover officer. but adachi says the video clearly shows there was never a transfer of drugs. >> but this opens up a whole new pandora's bax because we are talking about buy bust operations on the street involving narcotics officers where reports are clearly and unequivocally being falsified. >> reporter: the case has been dismissed, and police say the officer in question is now
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facing disciplinary action. another drug case thrown out by prosecutors involves the son of javier and mariette tenorio. mr. tenorio says officers threatened to least him and illegally searched his house last august. he also claims officers stole several items including two new ipods and a camera. >> i wasn't involved in anything. i don't know why they treat me like that. >> reporter: the fbi is now looking into all the charges of police misconduct. the 14 officers are still on the job but are off plainclothes patrols. and district attorney george gascon is left in a curious spot, charged with investigating alleged misconduct that happened under his watch as police chief. >> at this point given what we know we're looking at two groups of officers. we're not looking at an entire police department. >> reporter: the public defender says that there are now about 6900 incidents under investigation involving those 14 officers. the police department issued
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this press release today. it says in part that there is no place in this department for dishonest cops. it also says that officers in question are innocent until proven guilty. live in san francisco, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, monte. new tonight at 6:00, piedmont police say they've arrested a man in the case of a high school student sexually assaulted on a sports field. the 17-year-old victim told the police the man sexually assaulted her on sunday at witter field which serves piedmont high sxoolz middle schools. the suspect, 55-year-old victor salazar, is charged with sexual battery and oral copulation of a minor. detectives say salazar was a substitute employee for the district and also monitored the sports field. also new at 6:00, giants catcher buster posey spoke publicly for the first time today since suffering a broken leg and ligament damage in his ankle from that violent collision at home plate wednesday night. posey held a conference call this afternoon with giants beat writers.
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he said in his mind he'll probably miss the rest of the season. he added that he was 100% sure that when he does return he will return as a catcher. no question, he said. posey also stated that while he didn't think the runner, scott cousins, did anything illegal, feels that this type of play needs to be looked at by major league baseball. posey went on to say, "i feel cousins had a choice. he had a choice to slide or directly come at me. and he came directly at me. i want to make this very clear. i'm not out to vilify cousins any way whatsoever. it happened. it's over with." giants president larry baer also weighed in today. >> it was clearly a legal play. it was a legal play. so you can't say -- if it's a legal play, you can't say it's a dirty play. and so it was within the limits of the game as it's constituted now. the question is maybe there should be rule changes that could -- that can protect both sides. >> posey has surgery scheduled for sometime next week. well, five santa cruz high
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school students are suspended tonight for wearing clothes depicting symbols of white supremacy. it happened at socal high school just outside of santa cruz. the boys are also suspected in a rash of graffiti drawings on campus that include swastikas. investigators say the students stood together wearing white shirts and bandannas during a class photo. now, a letter did go out to parents today warning them that a white pride criminal gang is reportedly recruiting in that community. well, accused serial killer joseph naso pleaded not guilty today to four counts of murder and then asked to be released. naso, who lived in the bay area for decades, is representing himself, acting as his own attorney. he's accused of killing four northern california women in the 1970s and 1990s. today he argued that none of the evidence collected proves he killed anyone. he also claims that the more than 4,000 photographs of women, some of them scantily clad, some restrained, and some unconscious, were consensual. investigators beg to differ and point to notebooks that naso
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allegedly wrote, detailing how he would like to torture women. an internet privacy bill aimed at social networking sites got a big thumbs down in the state senate today. senate bill 242 would have increased privacy protection on facebook, google, twitter, skype, and dating sites. it would have been the strongest law in the country, barring websites from automatically revealing a user's address, phone number, and similar information unless there is a clear warning that they will do so. users could opt out of displaying the information if they wish. networking sites lobbied against it, and it was voted down in committee. there are, however, far less reaching laws that are pending nationally. bart will be working on the transbay tube this weekend, and that means some changes for riders in the east bay. one side of the tube will be closed for repair work to electrical cables. there will be delays in the east bay and a change in service for riders on two lines. >> the most important thing is for riders and what do they do. the riders that are most impacted are the dublin line and
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fremont line riders. when i say dublin line and fremont line, i mean people getting on or off at all stations from dublin and fremont all the way up to lake merit. >> now, the work will happen at night. it will end 7:30 saturday morning and 2:30 on sunday and monday afternoon. the list of the changes you need to make to your route, go to our website, that's let's take you outside for a live look here right now at the bay bridge. now, some of the construction work will be happening this holiday weekend. so you should be aware that some eastbound lanes will be closed overnight saturday and sunday. that's so crews can create a detour for drivers on the low yer deck. that detour will last for two years. yes, years. but it will allow crews to finish the new eastbound lanes a little bit ahead of schedule. still ahead tonight at 6:00, embracing the great outdoors. the new cause being championed by the wife of sully sullenberger and how a simple
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hike proved to be an interesting footnote to the miracle landing on the hudson. i'm scott budman. if you're traveling this weekend or making plans for the summer, we've got some silicon valley technology to help you find exactly what you're looking for. and then check out this pairing. the atf and elementary school students. a unique graduation ceremony that we're going to share with you in a moment. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. fog-free conditions here across the bay right now. plenty of sunshine right throughout the san francisco bay. and as we head throughout tonight, we're looking at temperatures dropping to the 40s to near 50 in the south f bl wy have the latest on your travel forecast across the nation and right here in cole cal coming up. r
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well, the golden gate bridge is celebrating a birthday today, but it's going to have an even bigger birthday next year. officials unveiled their plans for the 75th anniversary celebration today.
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it will cost about $8 million, and it will be paid for by the park service foundations and corporate sponsors like the giants. >> 75 tributes to this wonderful bridge. and the whole community will be involved. and ultimately, we will have a visitor center and historical museum at the bridge. that is the ultimate goal. but really just an opportunity for us to celebrate the incredible icon of the golden gate bridge. >> on its 75th birthday a two-day festival will be held at the city's waterfront may 26th and 27th. that's next year. the bridge will remain open during that celebration. upgrades and improvements will also help with the upcoming america's cup event, which takes place 2012 and 2013. it is graduation season. but there was a graduation of a different kind today. it was put on by agents of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives. and the graduates were elementary school kids. nbc bay area's damian trujillo was in morgan hill, where the long arm of the law today gave
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several dozen kids a hand. >> reporter: this is a graduation of a different kind. >> these youngsters have learned hopefully the life skills to keep them away from gangs, violence, and to understand there's different ways to resolve conflict other than violence. >> reporter: steve herkins is san francisco's special agent in charge of atf. his office put the kids through 13 weeks of conflict resolution and gang prevention. >> once in a while you kind of see like those wannabe gangsters that like act like they're gangsters but they're not. >> how do you avoid them? >> just walk away. >> it's very scary. i try to stay away from that stuff. >> well, i think nowadays it's a lot different and it's a lot easier for kids to fall into and try to follow the bad people. >> reporter: local leaders here say by high school you may have already lost a child with all the bad influences. they say prevention and intervention should start at the elementary school level. the goal is for the graduates to one day become peer counselors
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and steer other kids away from gangs. >> you helped me. my job is to make sure that you are safe and that our community is safe. >> reporter: the mayor hopes this is one of many more graduations for these kids. and the ambassadors who have earned the respect of federal agents. in morgan hill, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a one-day crackdown on handicapped license plate and placard scofflaws resulted in more than 200 citations statewide. almost 10% of those came from the bay area. the dmv says misusing handicapped license plates and placards is a misdemeanor, and it carries a fine of up to $1,000 for the first offense. police conducted the crackdown in popular parking lots and shopping centers. vallejo will join the growing number of bay area cities regulating marijuana dispensaries. the city council is directing the police department to crack down on unregulated pot shops and will begin setting up a permitting process. people living in vallejo may get the opportunity to vote on
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whether to place an additional tax on medical marijuana stores as well. this is it. three-day weekend for many people. for many people. >> for some people. >> all they want to know, am i going to be able to go for a swim? do i want to go to the beach? should i stay inside, rent some movies? >> it's going to be good for a lot of things, garvin. just befrg here across the bay area. we'll have to contend with some cloud cover, but the most important thing, a lot of the rain is going to try to stay off toward the north. a look outside right now in the san francisco bay, and we do have a lot of traffic here on the bridge, but no fog forming throughout the bay at the current moment. let's take you right now to our sky camera network as we head across the golden gate bridge. currently 60 degrees. winds west of 15. we have seen that breezy wind throughout today. but a really nice clearing here after all that fog we had this morning and low cloud cover, bayside numbers did stay cooler but we did pop up into low 70s with 72 in the almaden valley, 72 in los gatos, 72 in santa
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cruz, 68 in livermore, and right up into the north bay, close to 70 in napa. right now temperatures are starting to drop. we're really having a hard time holding on to any heat here in the east and the south bay because we just don't have that kind of warming like we should for this time of the year. already low to mid 60s from the east to the south bay. let's get a look at your travel forecast. if you are doing any traveling for memorial day, whether it's in a car or in a plane, we've got you covered. so let's get a look here. throughout the eastern half of the u.s. we are following some severe weather. from new york to washington down to atlanta, that could delay you if you are traveling in a plane. also down into central and southern aflorida from daytona beach to miami. a little moderate activity from minneapolis to chicago. here's the good news. while we do have some showers across seattle, most of california is dry at this point, with just a few clouds expected tonight. if you're traveling across interstate 5. it looks like a safe commute for you. let's get a look at those numbers as we head into saturday and the start of this three-day weekend. maybe heading down to palm springs? well, close to 90 degrees. next to hopefully a pool.
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99 in phoenix. 68 in san diego. 90 in las vegas. close to 80 degrees in los angeles. a real spectacular forecast down in in southern california. as you move right up the state, bakersfield 75, yosemite 65, yosemite 73, and right into monterey low 60s. we'll have some patchy fog there but still expecting a dry forecast and right up here into the sacramento valley also into lake tahoe temperatures ranging from 46 in lake tahoe to just 69 in sacramento. so it's going to be cool here once again for the northern half of california. but if you're heading south, nearly perfect weather this weekend. as we start off tomorrow morning it will be a cold start in the bay area with upper 40s and low 50s. and as we transition into about 1:00 p.m. we'll start to see some warmer temperatures but not hot by any means. 63 napa, 68 fairfield, and low 60s from san jose to gilroy. coming up, here's some even better dmuz. memorial day is going to be the warmest day in our seven-day forecast. we'll let you know how -- i'm not going to say hot.
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how warm it may get coming up a little bit later on in the show. >> thank you very much, jeff. there's an important safety recall that involves pool and spa drain covers that could pose a hazard, and the consumer products safety commission is urging all public pools to change problem covers or not open this memorial day weekend. eight companies are voluntarily recalling 1 million drain covers manufactured between december 2008 and april 2011. reports show the affected drain covers were rated incorrectly and therefore could suck in a swimmer and trap that person underwater. among the companies, aquastar pool products and waterway plastic, both based here in california. no injuries have yet to have been reported. santa clara county is getting two new law clerks. now, that wouldn't normally make news in this broadcast, except those clerks are coming from south korea with the express purpose of learning how our jury system works so it can be implemented there. south south korea overhauling its judicial system it inherited
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after years of japanese rule. santa clara has one of the largest korean populations in the united states. well, still ahead here at 6:00, talk about a backup plan. the bay area winemaker who discovered a legendary rock and roll band. also coming up, the decision that may have some sushi lovers very happy, if not some environmentalists. and how google is now helping you fly the friendly skies. back in two.
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cities will no longer be able to cash in on dui checkpoints under a bill passed by the state assembly. some lawmakers have called the stops fishing expeditions which often target undocumented
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workers without driver's licenses. the cities then make money by impounding those vehicles. the bill would prohibit impoundments if someone picks up the licensed driver and/or the car. the legislation now moves to the senate. well, cleaner fuel is making its debut at the port of oakland today with technology that is expected to cut thousands of pounds of toxic soot from the environment. nbc bay area's christi smith shows us one terminal that is paving the way of the future. >> reporter: this apl container ship needs big power to just sit at the port of oakland, burning diesel fuel in generators was the source until now. >> that of course creates emissions. the cold iron project eliminates 100% emissions because the diesel generators are shut down, we're plugged into the dock, liter literally. >> reporter: into a new power grid up a cable reel of high voltage lines right into the ship. apl has retrofitted five ships to use cleaner electric energy. >> it's 2,000 kilowatts. and was about enough power to power 1,000 homes.
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>> reporter: that also keeps refrigerated cargo cool. the port has seven terminals, and this is the first to go green in west oakland, where neighbors have pollution concerns. this project could cut 50,000 pounds of emissions. >> we had the opportunity to join up with bay area air quality and start something earlier than the 2014 deadline. there's some legislation that asked for the terminals to do this. >> reporter: other terminals are expected to follow suit, with shore-side power in the next few years. in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. the obama administration is declining to grant endangered species act protections to the atlantic bluefin tuna, that despite the fact the species's numbers have declined in recent years due to overfishing. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration who said the fatty fish's flesh is loved by sushi aficionados would be classified as a species of concern effectively placing it on a watch list. today's decision is good news to
6:26 pm
blue fin fishermen. if the fish had been listed as endangered it would have been illegal to fish for them in u.s. waters. they will revisit in 2013 when a stock cease sxmt information on the bp oil spill are available. topping our business and tech headlines, home sales still dropping. the national association of realtors says the number of people signing contracts to buy homes fell to its lowest level since the fall. this despite the fact that mortgage rates are as low as they have been in months. and checking your money, the weekends on a positive note. income higher, consumer spending higher, and the markets made you some money. now, google has something new in time for the three-day weekend. the mountain view search giant says it will add flight schedules into its search engine. you type in flights from san jose to austin and you'll get flight times and other travel info. our business and tech reporter scott budman has more on travel tech right after the break. also still ahead at 6:00, hollywood is mourning tonight as a popular film and tv star passes away. plus, new details about what happened the moments before an
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air france jet plunged into the ocean. what the pilot was reportedly doing. plus, we'll tell you who is hitting the road this weekend and who is wing and the technology that could prevent you from ever booking a bad hotel room again. we're back in two.
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tonight marks the unofficial start of summer and the kickoff of travel season. and yes, there is an app for that. business and tech reporter scott budman found a tech company that with can make your next trip a lot more comfortable. scott, that must mean more leg room. >> very good. yes. which is something you don't often think about in a hotel room. garvin, most of us have booked a trip only to get to the hotel room and find something less than what you wanted. here's a piece of technology that can for free smooth things
6:30 pm
o out. with travel season taking off, there are literally thousands of websites you can use to plan on your next trip. this one, room 77, combines silicon valley know-how with a clever idea. >> we're the first hotel room search engine. >> reporter: room 77 wants to be the google of hotel rooms. it will tell you the price, size of the beds, distance to the elevator. it even uses google earth to let you know what's outside the room. >> so if you're going on vacation and you want to know exactly which rooms you should be requesting, we'll show you. we'll show you the view. we'll show you where the room is in the hotel. and we'll tell you whether it's going to be a good fit for and you your stay. >> reporter: and it wants you to help. yes, there's an app for this. and while you can find all the information on your phone, you can also use it to snap pictures of your room so future travelers can take a peek. >> whether you're in the taxi cab on the way to the hotel and you want to quickly check out
6:31 pm
your room or whether you're standing there in the line waiting to check in at the registration desk, it's really putting that information in the consumer's hands whenever they want to use it. >> reporter: not content to just help make your reservation, room 77 is part of a new breed of startup. it wants to make you travel smarter. now, room 77 has only been live for three months. they've already cataloged half a million rooms. that app is on the iphone now. jessica, it is coming to android this summer. >> okay. thank you, scott. >> you bet. well, they are off. the memorial day weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer travel season. aaa says nearly 35 million of us will do some holiday driving this weekend despite the high cost of gas. it isn't expected to keep us home, though, and the same goes to air travelers. >> there are some great deals still out there for june and july. but overall, if you're pak for a ticket price, you're probably paying anywhere from $30 to $60 more this year. >> summer air fares are expected to spike at their highest levels
6:32 pm
since 2008. still experts predict 11% more travelers will take to the air this summer. now, memorial day is what's called the maximum enforcement period for the chp. when they and other law enforcement agencies kick off their click it or ticket campaign. the focus is on nighttime driving because more people forget to buckle up at night. turns out 60% more. officers won't just be looking at drivers either. >> we've got extra officers out looking for people just who aren't wear their seat belts, maybe the kids in the back seat aren't in the proper child safety seat, and no warnings will be given. >> the minimum fine for driving without a seat belt is $142. if you have a child under age 16 who isn't properly buckled in, the minimum fine is $445. new at 6:00, a former cal state east bay professor is guilty of hundreds of counts of child molestation. 47-year-old kenneth kyle martin pleaded guilty thursday to aggravated sexual abuse of an
6:33 pm
infant. federal investigators found the assistant professor of justice when investigating child porn on social networks. he was arrested in march of 2010. and evidence on his cell phone led them to a missouri mom whose infant had been abused by kyle for months. kyle will be sentenced august 11th in san francisco and faces at least 30 years to life in prison. a yemeni immigrant who allegedly tried to force his way into a cockpit of a san franciscobound plane is pleading not guilty today. mohammed amarisi could face 20 years in federal prison and $350,000 in fines. the incident happened almost three weeks ago. crew members and passengers who tackled the 26-year-old say they were afraid he was planning to crash the plane. al marisi's lawyer says his client was mentally unstable. he will remain in jail without bail until his next hearing one month from now in san francisco. well, tonight we know more about what happened in the 3 1/2 terrifying minutes that led up to the 2009 crash of an air
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france jet just off the coast of brazil. the recent recovery of the plane's black boxes show the pilot was on a break and two co-pilots were manning the system and they were misled by faulty instrument readings as they fought to gain control. all 228 people on board that airbus were killed. today france's investigating agency released a preliminary report tentatively blaming a plane sensor and the crew and some other mechanical issues as well. as you may have heard by now, air france in the weak of this has replaced all external sensors on its planes, and it did so shortly after that crash. well, the big news nationally continues to be the deadly tornadoes that have ravaged the midwest. today officials in joplin, missouri announced that the death toll has sadly risen to more than 130. but 150 people are still missing. nbc's jay gray has more. >> reporter: as families -- >> i've got a mess that i've got to clean up.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: -- and recovery teams continue to sift through six miles of debris in joplin, mixed in with the rubble, many are beginning to uncover an agonizing reality here. >> i think as we've begun to get over the shock of the initial event as we do continue to search and unfortunately find more fatalities, i think we may be going to a second phase of shock realizing the number of folks we've lost. >> reporter: that number is up to 132 today and climbing. there are more than 150 still missing. which is why search and rescue teams continue to look for any signs of life in this debris. >> we will not stop searching for people until the absolute last piece of debris is removed from the last piece of property. >> reporter: though officials warn some of the unaccounted for are in this makeshift morgue. >> we just want to make sure that if we tell somebody that their family member is deceased that we have that accurately. >> reporter: the families that do know are now beginning to say their final, painful good-byes. a somber reminder of just how
6:36 pm
different and difficult things are after the storm. that funeral was the first of more than 130 in this community. a number that many fear will grow significantly over the next few days. jay gray, nbc news, joplin, missouri. secretary of state hillary clinton said today that relations between the united states and pakistan have reached a turning point. speaking at a news conference in islamabad, clinton urged pakistan to take decisive steps in the days ahead to fight the country's growing insurgency. >> we look to the government of pakistan to take decisive steps in the days ahead. joint action against al qaeda and its affiliates will make pakistan, america, and the world safer and more secure. >> clinton made the remarks after meeting with pakistani leaders after a brief trip to the country meant to repair relations after the raid on osama bin laden's compound. many question how bin laden could have lived at the compound
6:37 pm
for so long without pakistan's military or government finding out. meanwhile, pakistan is angry that the u.s. didn't even inform them of the raid let alone ask them to enter the country. top leaders of both al qaeda and the taliban are still believed to live in pakistan. actor and tv personality jeff conaway has died at the age of 60. after appearing on broadway in the musical "grease" he was cast in the 1978 movie as star john travolta's best friend. the same year he was signed on to the ensemble tv series "taxi." now, more recently he was infamous for drug and alcohol problems which landed him on the first season of the reality show "celebrity rehab." conaway had been in a coma for two weeks after an apparent overdose of prescription drugs. his family chose to have doctors remove his feeding tube and ventilator. he died at an l.a. hospital. >> you know, he was very talented. he could dance. he could sing. he could do comedy. it's a shame that he won't be with us anymore. well, still ahead at 6:00, are you trying to stay healthy? just look outside.
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the push to enjoy the great outdoors and the connection to the miracle on the hudson. and wine and rock and roll might not seem like the perfect fit, but one bay area winemaker has been pumping out big reds and big hits thanks to a legendary discovery. and good evening. i'm chf meteorologist jeff ranieri. probably not a bad weekend to head up to wine country. let's take a look at today's highs. still cooler than average with 69 in san jose and lm o san 60s in san francisco. we're also watching your travel forecast as we head into this weekend. we'll have the very latest coming up in minutes. the count on chevy event is here. your ticket to a cruze eco.
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the latino population is up 50% over the last five years compared to 60% for non-latinos. winemakers are starting to notice as well. napa-based beringer vineyards start aid campaign in spanish in some california markets. >> let's keep talking wine.
6:41 pm
no argument from you? >> no, not at all. >> it's always good to come up with a backup plan. especially when starting a project that you're not sure is going to work. >> that's what one music lover was doing when he started planting grape vooinz in the heart of sonoma valley even after meeting a couple of rockers from san jose who would later go on to be the doobie brothers. >> nbc bay area's marla tteez brings us the story. >> reporter: next time our rocking down the sonoma highway a stop in this glen ellyn winery will have you sipping some reds and yellows and singing some blues. okay, maybe not the blues but the doobie brothers. ♪ black water keep on rolling ♪ >> "toulouse street" was the first one. >> long known for its award-winning cabernet sauvignon.
6:42 pm
what's not known among his visitors, without bruce the doobie brothers may not have been. ♪ listen to the music bruce has been managing the iconic '70s rock and roll band since the beginning. >> i started about 41 years ago. >> reporter: it was 1970 when bruce just happened to be in the right place at the right time. he was visiting his brother, who was an engineer at a recording studio in san mateo when a couple of the future doobies walked in hoping for a record contract. >> they auditioned. everyone liked them. thought they sounded good, sang good and had good songs. they had never been out of san jose, you know, on a tour, and they needed help. so my brother and i went out on the road with them. >> reporter: warner brothers picked them up but not before bruce encouraged the guys, who lived in san jose, to come up with a catchy name. >> they really only had one thing in common. and it was rolling them and smoking them. so they were the doobie brothers. >> we had our own airplane. the crewbie liner and the doobie liner. one for the crew and one for the band.
6:43 pm
>> reporter: four decades later bruce and his boys have put out 14 albums and sold nearly 40 million copies. some of their memorabilia is show kaigsed inside the b.r. cohen tasting room where you can buy an entire collection of reds dedicated to the band. bruce opened the winery in 1984 as a sort of pension plan. >> because i thought we were all going to be broke in five years if i didn't. because i didn't know the band was going to go this long. >> reporter: with the help of a wine mentor and great grapes, bruce quickly became a success in wine country. >> what's your first love? >> well, it's like which kid do you love the best? you know, i love both. the wine and the music. >> reporter: really a combination that keeps him running. ♪ it keeps you running ♪ it keeps you running >> i learned a lot in that story. >> yes. >> that was marla teez drinking -- i mean reporting. >> that's what i was going to stay. hiking and health will have a new campaign. and the role the hike played in the miracle landing on the hudson. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff
6:44 pm
ranieri. a live look outside. some clouds, some sun. find out how long this will last into your memorial day weekend coming up.
6:45 pm
well, if you think about the song "america the beautiful," it could have certainly been written about places that you find here in the bay area. >> we have mountains, we have valleys, we have oceans. we do really have it all. but you have to get outside to enjoy it.
6:46 pm
>> tonight our doug mcconnell shows us why taking in the wonder of mother nature can really have long lasting health benefits, too. >> i really want us to start thinking of our public lands and our trails and our wilderness and our green spaces as part of our healthcare system. >> reporter: dr. daphne miller from berkeley prescribes outdoor exercise to all her patients. >> getting outside is good for your health. and what we're actually discovering in looking at some of this research is that exercising outside and moving outdoors might have health benefits above and beyond just simply exercising indoors. >> reporter: dr. miller is a national leader in promoting the physical and mental health benefits of the outdoors for everyone. she says we'll benefit from the sun's vitamin d and what's proving to be the anti-depressant effects of simply being outdoors. that's why the east bay regional park district just launched an innovative and comprehensive commitment to a concept called
6:47 pm
healthy parks, healthy people. >> so what we're trying to do is work with national parks, work with the first lady's office in washington, d.c. to get people to move, to get them active. you don't have to be a superstar. you just need to get out and walk. >> reporter: and there are plenty of places to choose from. in the east bay regional park district alone there are 65 parks and more than 1,000 miles of trails. but it's all very accessible and most of it's free. there are lots of opportunities for all of us to get outdoors here and to get healthy. >> the other one that i like -- >> reporter: east bay resident lori sullenberger is a big advocate for getting outside in her nearby regional parks. and she loves to bring along her pet. lori says that fame is a great hiking partner. >> she's such a good listener. and she loves me unconditionally. what's not to love about that? >> reporter: lori began her hikes to lose weight. and she did. but that was just the beginning.
6:48 pm
she now hikes with her friends and family and says she's gained a new and healthier perspective about herself and her world in the process. in early january of 2009 she hiked with her husband, airline captain chesley "sully" sullenberger to a high ridge with a magnificent view in las trapas regional park. >> sully looked at me and said look out there makes you feel like anything is possible. and we walked off the hill. and as it turned out, the next morning was the day that he left on his four-day trip that ended in aviation history. and we now call it our anything is possible hill. >> reporter: for lori and sully sullenberger, who proved that anything truly is possible, the day he safely set his disabled airliner down in the hudson river, the outdoors is an inspiration. and its pathways can lead to better health for all of us. >> we still have that feeling that, you know, it changes, it shifts how you see the world when you're out here in the hills. >> reporter: doug mcconnell, nbc bay area news.
6:49 pm
>> well, it's a good thing he went on that hike because that proved inspirational to so many people. thar a great couple. i see them in the east bay all the time. >> sunny skies in doug's piece and sunny skies this weekend, right, jeff? >> yeah, a mix some of sun and some clouds. and i couldn't agree more. getting out even one day in the hills, the east bay hills, and it can feel like three and four days off when i can get out there. let's take a look, shall we, right now, here across the bay bridge. fog-free conditions right across most of san francisco at this point. as the radar scans around, also dry conditions from the north to the south bay. we are tracking some showers well to the north. but we're not going to have to worry about that tonight or even for tomorrow. we're mainly starting to cool off right now with that strong westerly wind. 59 in san mateo, 58 in san francisco, and low to mid 60s from the east to the south bay. was rather cool at least for this time of the year in inland spots. as we head throughout the morning, we are going to see the clouds and also possibly some drizzle. mainly for the north bay at this time. as we head throughout the weekend, it's going to stay cool with a mix of some sun and also some clouds. so let's get a look.
6:50 pm
our satellite loop does show an interesting pattern for this time of the year. the clouds are swinging far south here, at least more than we should. and that's why we're going to see this mix of clouds and also sun for this weekend. with this rather weak system that's going to be pushing across california. maybe just cool air with us. and also that mix of clouds coming as we head throughout saturday and sunday, which could even produce some drizzle here as we head throughout saturday morning. for your memorial day we're looking at some warmer and also some dryer weather. so let's get a look at how it's going to play out as we head throughout 11:00 p.m. tonight. we will look at the clouds starting to push in. and by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow on your saturday, on your start, everyone looks to start off cloudy, but as we head to around 11:00 a.m. the sun's going to start to rebound and we'll see that scenario as we head throughout 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. for your saturday. if you're doing any traveling in the car, dry weather here throughout california with upper 70s in southern california, and we are looking at a few travel delays, mainly for our eastern airports with some severe weather in new york, washington, and also some storms from
6:51 pm
daytona beach down to miami. but it's not too severe at this moment. we haven't heard of any tornado reports or any extreme wind gusts throughout the eastern seaboard. as we head into tomorrow for your saturday, we will start off with 50 in san jose, 48 in free moptd, 46 in napa, and 47 in san rafael. and for tomorrow temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. 67 in dublin, 68 in san jose, 69 in los gatos. 67 in pacifica. and mid 60s for the peninsula as we start off this three-day holiday weekend for you. 69 in concord, 70 in fairfield, and 67 in napa. and for the north bay plenty of upper 60s to near 70 degrees. morning time on your travel forecast at our sister network, it's called the weather channel on cable. on your seven-day forecast for memorial day it looks like the warmest day in our seven-day with some drying conditions in mostly sunny skies. really, really fantastic. no rain coming back. so anything you decide to do
6:52 pm
this upcoming weekend, it's going to be great and looks stellar there as we remember those americans that fought for us on monday. >> okay. thank you, jeff. >> you're welcome. >> let's talk a little sports. >> the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. as we reported earlier in this newscast, giants catcher buster posey spoke publicly this afternoon for the first time since being injured in a home plate collision wednesday night. posey said he feels he will be out for the remainder of the season but when he does return he will return as a catcher. he also stated that the runner in the play, scott cousins, did not do anything illegal but he could have avoided the collision. meanwhile, buster's teammates are in milwaukee taking on the brewers in the first game of a seven-game road trip. so far not so good for the giants. ace tim lincecum gave up a two-run homer to ricky weeks in the bottom of the third inning. the brewers would add another run in the fifth. san francisco's offense continues to struggle. also frustrated giants manager
6:53 pm
bruce botchy was ejected for arguing with the umpire. the game is now in the sixth
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
women may have their run of the mall, but it appears men are making up for it online. when it comes to buying virtual
6:56 pm
goods or social games men are outspending women 9-1. that's according to a gaming site which says 69% of the men buy virtual goods. only 31% of the women do. those male gamers are responsible for 90% of virtual games purchased inside the games. it goes to show you men like to shop at least when it comes to gaming. coming up at 11:00, the once in a lifetime experience that will have you set for life. tonight we take you inside the class that teaches you how to marry a millionaire. and there's a new way to make sure you have the freshest, healthiest food on the grill. a ratings system for meat, how it works, and the bay area grocery store that's behind it. again, that's tonight at 11:00. got local flavor? one bay area creamery sure does. tonight, mitchell's ice cream in san francisco is being recognized by "usa today" as one of the ten best ice cream shops in the country. food critics say ice cream is in the midst of a revolution. ice cream enthusiasts are now looking for more flavor and more variety. mitchell's has both. some unique flavors include
6:57 pm
avocado, coconut pineapple, cantaloupe, and irish coffee. >> irish coffee sounds good. my favorite is dulce de leche. what about you? >> i'm pretty much a chocolate guy. >> i like a good french vanilla. >> coffee. >> i know it sounds plain but a good french vanilla -- >> really, gentlemen, you've got to up your game when it comes to ice cream. >> tonight we're talking about the memorial day weekend. and guess what? some ski resorts are still open. we'll talk live to the folks up at squaw. they're one of the places you can ski this weekend. can you believe it? also we think of hacking as maybe being something illegal or maybe a negative connotation, but there is a hacking convention and a lot of young kids are here and a lot of our tech companies have their roots founded in hacking. so we'll show you how some of the youngsters get into that. also, one of the few openly gay rap artists is here tonight. you think about it as kind of a macho industry, but he's one of the few openly gay rappers who's going to be with us here tonight. >> that's anerntesting and eclectic line-up you've got.
6:58 pm
it sounds fun. we'll see you at 11:00. [ yawns ] ti
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