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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  May 29, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, police in san jose are investigating whether two shootings in the same area, one of them fatal, are related. the victim is a 35-year-old woman who was killed in the driver's seat of her car. we'll have the very latest straight ahead. plus a bay area nursing student is missing after she took a break from class. we'll have more on the search for her and the unusual circumstances surrounding the case. and finally, a memorial to the victims of the jonestown massacre. plus survivors talk about how they escaped hours before those killings. the news at 5:00 starts right now.
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good evening, i'm diane dwyer. we begin tonight in east san jose with that deadly shooting. it is the third fatal shooting in san jose in less than a week. it happened at ambler way last night near heldyer county park. a man reportedly walked into a nearby hospital with gunshot wounds. he told employees he was shot in the same area as that fatal shooting. kimberly tere is at the san jose police department with more for us. >> reporter: diane, that's right. one woman killed, one man injured in the same area of san jose. now detectives are looking into what the connection is, if any. but there is a problem here and that's some potential witnesses are not cooperating, which is hampering the investigation. san jose police say they arrived at the 4000 block of ambler way to find a 35-year-old woman shot in the driver's seat of a black mercedes sedan. paramedics performed cpr but the
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woman died from her gunshot wounds. about 30 minutes later, a 20-year-old woman walked into the santa clara medical swernt non-life threatening gunshot wounds. police say he was shot very close to where police found the woman but don't know if the two victims or the shootings are related at this time. neighbors say they heard about six to eight gunshots last night and called police. none of them wanted their face shown on camera, but they say the woman who was shot is a mother of five. >> i feel really bad for the kids, because the mom -- you know, they lost their mom. she probably wasn't even involved. >> it's very upsetting. this is your neighborhood where you feel safe, you hope you feel safe, and something like that happens and it kind of shatters your -- you know, your idea of where you're living. >> reporter: police say they originally responded to the area after receiving calls of an argument and then reports of multiple gunshots. it's not known whether either victim was involved in the
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reported disturbance, but if you know anything about what happened last night, you are asked to call san jose police. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. there is new information tonight in the case of a missing nursing student who vanished in hayward. friends say the 26-year-old woman was last seen on friday evening leaving kaiser hospital where she was doing a clinical rotation. nbc bay area's monte francis is at the hayward police department with the latest on that for us. >> reporter: diane, just minutes ago we got an update from investigators and we've learned that police are now tracking the cell phone of 26-year-old michelle lee and that has led them to several locations here in the bay area, but so far there's been no sign of her. the nursing student from oakland was last seen at kaiser hospital in hayward on friday where she was doing a clinical rotation as part of her course work as a nursing student. classmates say she left during a break and never returned. police later found her car parked across the street from the hospital.
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we're told lee had planned to spend the weekend with a female friend in reno but that friend says lee never showed up. investigators are trying to determine if foul play was involved with this disappearance. they say where they found the car and what they found inside has raised some red flags. >> the vehicle was secured and there were valuables inside of it, when in and of itself is suspicious, if in fact this is some sort of foul play is occurring here. it's not standard for criminals to lock up vehicles and make sure everything is secure before they leave. >> reporter: among the valuables found in that car was a laptop computer. i just spoke to the spokeswoman at lee's school, she told me lee's classmates are all praying for a positive outcome. live in hayward, monte francis, nbc bay area news. it has been 32 years since jonestown made national headlines. more than 900 people were killed there, most of them from the bay area. today family and friends had the chance to finally honor the victims of jonestown.
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about 200 people gathered at evergreen cemetery in oakland to dedicate a memorial today to the people who died in the mass murder and suicide in guyana. they chose that cemetery because more than half of the victims are buried there. some of those who attended the ceremony today say they lived at jonestown, escaping just before the massacre. >> we ended up walking 37 some miles to matthews ridge. later on that night hearing that -- you know, we heard that there was shootings, which we were the opposite direction. it wasn't until the wee hours of the morning we heard 500 survived and 500 were dead. we didn't know anything because the numbers kept changing until three or four days later what the count really was. >> the names on the plaques, one of them is jim jones. three days ago a judge refused the request paving the way to today's ceremony. the sun came out today
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making it feel a little bit more like memorial day weekend, but the big question is what about tomorrow. here's rob mayeda with a check of the forecast. >> hi there, diane. we did see the skies clear out but it is very gusty around some of our hilltops. 65 in oakland, there you see san francisco west wind krakicranki to 26 miles an hour, 59 degrees. san jose, northwest wind at 17 miles an hour. not enough wind to take the spider webs off our camera lens there. there you see the wind around the bay area anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour. through this evening into tonight it will be breezy as we await the next weather system that will drop in on us. still snow flying around the sierra. we may see two or three inches of snow for this evening and another system is on the way. take a look as we zoom into the lake tahoe region. it should be a little drier in the high country tomorrow but take a look at what's next. this is the next weather system that's going to drop in on us. it's going to bring a chance of
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rain, cold temperatures and even the chance of thundershowers so we'll let you know if this will impact your memorial day plans coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. diane. >> thank you, rob. coming up next at 5:00, less than a day after returning from his european tour, president obama headed to joplin, missouri, today. we'll bring you the latest on the recovery effort exactly a week after that deadly tornado hit. plus why was sarah palin riding a hog through washington, d.c., today? we'll show you. and there's a new way to try to make sure you have the healthiest meat on the grill this holiday weekend. we'll show you the new rating system for meat and the major grocery store behind it. hey marcel, watch this! hey marcel, watch this!
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president obama traveled to joplin, missouri, today for a firsthand look at the
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devastation from that deadly tornado that hit that city exactly a week ago. thousands of people took a short break from the search effort to join the president at a memorial for the victims. nbc's jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: the building may be splintered, but the faith and spirit of this community is not. >> let us pray. >> reporter: the congregation at peace luther ran church gathered today in the rubble that was their sanctuary, like their city battered but not broken. >> god is here. >> reporter: that faith and the fact many are still here is what survivors say keeps them going right now. >> i'm so lucky compared to most people because i walked out of the house with my wife and so many families didn't have that opportunity. >> reporter: a week later it's still an emotional struggle to survive here. one that will take a long time and a lot of help. >> obviously this is not something we can get through by ourselves. we've got to have help and we'll be looking to the state and federal government for that
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help. >> reporter: president obama traveled to the strike zone for the first time today, offering a handshake or a hug, and a promise. >> what i've been telling every family that i've met here is we're going to be here long after the cameras leave. we are not going to stop until joplin is fully back on its feet. >> reporter: but right now joplin is still staggering. they say that there's strength in numbers. this afternoon thousands gathered at a memorial to remember and honor the victims of the storm and perhaps searching for that strength. >> but amid heartbreak and tragedy, no one is a stranger. everybody is a brother. everybody is a sister. we can all love one another. >> reporter: a bond that remains when it seems everything else here has been torn apart. jay gray, nbc news, joplin,
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sarah palin is not running for president, at least not yet. but today in washington she kicked off an east coast bus tour from the back of a motorcycle. she and her family were in the nation's capital to join tens of thousands of bikers from across the country who were honoring america's veterans in an event known as rolling thunder. the latest polls show many rewi would welcome palin into the gop race. she's a solid third. our own political analyst, larry gurston, says for many presidential hopefuls at this point it's all about picking battles. >> it's very tough for people to take on an incumbent. they think that doing so is likely to result in a loss, and if you lose, once you've taken
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on that incumbent, that tarnishes you perhaps for the next time around, so you really have to pick your battles, as it were. a number of folks are deciding, you know what, this isn't the time to pick that battle. >> palin's tour continues along the east coast and then ultimately is supposed to end up in the key primary state of new hampshire. there's been a number of disturbing reports about factory farmed animals, crammed into close quarters and pumped full of antibiotics baut because of close conditions. organic option are not always available. but now as nbc bay area's vicky nguyen shows us, one major grocery store chain is introducing a first of its kind animal welfare rating system. >> the rating system on all our beef is one. >> reporter: this could be more than many people ever wanted to know about their meat. >> the basics are no antibiotics, no added hormones
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for growth, and we give them space and room to roam. >> reporter: kim edwards, the meat team leader at this whole foods, says the company's new five-step animal welfare rating system is a big step toward improving the lives of farm animals and ultimately food safety. >> level 2 means that they have lots of room, they have access to outdoors. >> signs and stickers help customers figure out what it means. >> and i think as time goes on and this becomes more to the forefront, you're going to see more and more guests ask questions about it, more and more guests actually start to understand what it does mean and jump right on the bandwagon. >> reporter: the system was launched by the nonprofit global animal partnership which rates a farm's conditions and animal treatment. it ranges from step 1, which means no crates, cages or crowding to step 5, which means the animals spent their entire lives on one farm. it includes pork, beef and chicken. >> oh, i figure the higher on the rating system, the better.
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the happier the chickens, the better the food probably is. >> reporter: laura runs a beef ranch and says happy cows make better beef. >> they're free to roam, free to choose their diet. it's a very low-stress environment. we don't use any electric cattle prods or anything like that. it's very low stress. >> reporter: ratings are an assurance that farms do what they claim. >> the rating system is good because it tells you how natural that system is or that ranch raises their animals to be either completely unaltered, you know, virtually no human contact all the way down to just access to pasture. >> reporter: advocates say the ultimate goal is to get most major grocers to adopt ratings, which would signal a new era in humane animal treatment. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. san francisco's mission district was alive with the
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sounds of carnivale today. here's a look at the parade this morning. the festival has been going on all weekend long. look at them on stilts, very nicely done. it is billed as california's largest multi-cultural celebration. it's known for its latin american and caribbean music, food, live music and art. this year's theme was "live your fantasy." as we mentioned earlier, the sierra received about a foot of new snow overnight. we'll look at somrero fm ma f squaw valley. a little skiing and a little swimming this memorial day loekd.en ok at all that snow that's up there. squaw appears to be the only resort still open for skiing. tomorrows last day. there's the swimming. isn't that a nice combo? it looks like a beautiful day out there and really good for skiing. not so good for barbecuing. a little windy out there. what's going on, rob? >> squaw valley, a foot of new snow falling in the last 24 hours. pretty incredible pictures there. around the bay area, it is much drier, the rain has moved on but
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the wind really picked up. upper 60s in oakland, 58 in san francisco, west wind at 26 miles per hour. and in san jose, 68 degrees. notice the humidity, it is dry, it has helped to clear out our skies but will also set us up for a pretty chilly night. we'll see temperatures dropping off into the low 40s in many places. so 60s to low 70s up around santa rosa. 68 around san jose. winds will be a story for the first half of the night, 15 to 30 miles per hour. as you can see, the moisture is right over the sierra where the snow continues to flow as low as 4500 feet, even down towards yosemite. this is a bit of a break before our next system rolls in as we go into tomorrow. first we'll see increasing clouds. part of this chilly pattern that's going to take us into june, possibly with some record-breaking low high temperatures come wednesday. so tomorrow looks okay but we'll see increasing clouds during the day. not expecting rain for memorial day, but tuesday morning a different story as this cold system drops in on us. we will see more rain developing
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during tuesday morning. memorial day looks just fine. tuesday and wednesday, though, that's when we'll start to see some changes. so let's go hour by hour through memorial day. you'll see a few clouds spilling in, mainly increasing high clouds for the afternoon. then for the evening we start to see the raindrop in for tuesday morning off and on all wait into wednesday. by the time we roll into wednesday, high temperatures only mid-50s to low 60s for the middle part of the week and that could break some records around the bay area. tonight windy, at least to start, and overnight with the dry air, wind-protected spots around the north bay may wake up to the upper 30s tomorrow morning, so it is going to be cold tomorrow morning. increasing clouds for the afternoon. areas south of san jose right about what we had today, close to 70. then as you move further north where we'll see more clouds spilling in earlier in the day, we will see cooling temperatures for memorial day monday, highs mid-60s but the chance of seeing a little rain around lake port possibly by sundown on monday. then everybody sees it tuesday and wednesday. so we head into june with highs
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in the 50s and low 60s. maybe some thunder as well. should be very interesting weather then. are we warm yet? next weekend could get into the 70s. knock on wood. >> not guaranteeing it just yet. all right, we've got lawrence scott. what a heartbreaker today. >> at the indy 500? >> yeah. >> j.r.hildebrand had victory in sight and it unravels at the last possible motive. just what happened to keep this marin native out of victory lane. meanwhile the giants trying to win their series on the road against the brewers while buster posey undergoes surgery today. and the a's welcome back their closer but won't let him close quite yet. oakland was finishing up against baltimore at the coliseum. sports is next. rr
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good evening. on the biggest day in racing, a sausalito had victory at the indy 500 right in front of him today. in a race where no one was injured, this was a tragic ending. the 100th running of the indy 500 and brickyard was buzzing. danica patrick was leading with 20 laps to go. and she was hurting on fuel, so she ends up getting passed, finishing tenth after j.r. hildebrand was doing the passing and that's where the story takes a major turn. hildebrand is a bay area native from sausalito. he had the lead out of the final turn of the race, his first indianapolis 500 becomes a nightmare as he tries to pass a lap car. he gets out of the raising groove, loses control, hits the wall and dan wheldon passes him to take the checkered flag. in the finish, they had a review for about an hour. the question was if hildebrand was still the leader when the caution came out and technically the field is frozen.
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after a review there's no question wheldon's second title at indy would stand. sad news for hildebrand. the giants get a buster posey update while trying to take their series on the road today in milwaukee. first the game against the brewers and not much good news for the giants in this one. freddy sanchez the exception, this first inning single hit, number 1,000 in his career, but it didn't account for a run. the giants got no runs while the brewers were able to pile on six. five of them off matt cane who takes the loss to fall to 3-4. casey mcgahee brings home the second run of the game. bottom six, cane still getting trouble from the brewers. rickie weeks has a two rbi double. the giants flee milwaukee having lost five of their last six. 6-0 the damage today. tomorrow they're in st. louis. buster posey is out for the remainder of the season and might be on crutches until september, but the giants' training staff saying posey's surgery today was a success as two screws were inserted in his ankle during a 90-minute
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procedure and giants trainer reports everyone was pleased with the way the ankle game back to together n 8 to 10 weeks they'll do another procedure to remove the screws. he is resting at home tonight and all signs point that he'll be ready to go for the next spring training. the a's welcoming back a key member of their bullpen while going for a sweep of baltimore in their longest win streak of the season. very nice day for josh willingham. he extends his team lead in home runs with this three-run shot in the fifth. that's his ninth home run of the year, a four rbi day for willingham, while the a's take a lead they wouldn't give back. andrew bailey taken off the dl today. he pitched three up, three down in the seventh, looking good. they're easing him back. they don't want to get him in the closing role quite yet. the 6-4 win over the orioles gives the a's their first three-game sweep of the season. so that's looking pretty good. more giants talk tonight on
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giants clubhouse coming up at 6:30. >> okay. >> we'll have more for you. >> i'm still trying to get over the indy thing. >> thanks, lawrence. we'll be right back.
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in what's now becoming a memorial day tradition, east bay communities and high schools teamed up to help young people make it to college. the seventh annual 24-hour relay challenge wrapped up today with a little more walking apparently than running there. a little tired? still it was another successful fund-raising event at cal state east bay. the participants get sponsors and the money goes to the nonprofit that helps kids get to college. the goal is to encourage young people to be humanitarians and go to college. >> they're like, i don't want to be in high school, man. why am i even here? so i'm working with those students because we need to be bridging those gaps. we're losing a lot of those students. so where we can connect to more of them and provide them some positive experiences, then we're going to continue to support more youth. >> keep them in school. teams run or walk a mile and then hand off the baton to the next gron


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