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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 29, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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this sunday. i'm lester holt reporting from new york. see you tomorrow morning on "today." see you tomorrow morning on "today." have a good night, everyone. -- captions by vitac -- good evening. we begin in south san jose with another deadly shooting. it's the third fatal shooting in san ho in less than a week and it happened near hellyer county park. a man walked into a nearby hospital with gunshot wounds and he told employees, he was shot in the same area as the fatal shooting. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is at the san jose police department with more. kimberly? >> reporter: it was a very violent night in that south san jose neighborhood. right now detectives are trying to sort it all out.
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they arrived last night in the 4000 block of ambler way to find a woman shot in the driver's seat in a black mercedes sedan. police say they performed cpr but she died with gunshots. a 20-year-old man walked into a have the santa clara medical center with nonlife threatening wounds. police say he was shot in the same area where they found woman but they will not say if the two women or the shootings are related. neighbors who heard the commotion don't want their faces shown on camera but tell us they're upentity the violence and want those responsible caught. >> sometime between t10:00 and 10:30ering with heard gunshots, six to eight of them. and we got down. we didn't want to get hurt. and then we called 911. and the police officer showed up fairly quickly. >> i guess they found the girl
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slumped over in the front seat of the car which is really sad to me. the girl was the mother of five, from what i understand. and hopefully they caught the individuals that did this gruesome act. it's pretty bad. >> police say they originally responded to the area after receiving calls of an argument. and hearing reports of multiple gunshots in the area. it is not known whether eat victim was involved in the reported disturbance. the man was brought in for questioning but police say some perspective witnesses are being uncooperative at this point. so if you know anything about what happened last night, you are asked to call san jose police. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. investigators are following new leads tonight in the disappearance of a nursing student in hayward. friends stay 26-year-old woman was last seen on friday leaving kaiser hospital. nbc bay area's monty francis just spoke with investigators and is he hayward police
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department with the latest. >> reporter: police are tracking the cell phone of 26-year-old michelle le and that has led to several locations in the bay area. so far there has been no sign of her. take a look at her photo. the miss thing student from oakland was last seen at kaiser hospital on friday where she was doing her rotation as a nursing student. classmates say she left during a break and never returned. police later found her car parked across the street from the hospital. the car was locked and there were valuables inside, including a laptop computer. le had planned to spend the weekend with a female friend in reas reno but that friend said le never showed up. police have not ruled out anything including the possibility of foul play. >> again, we're not eliminating any possibilities and we're looking at everything from simple and inoks she wanted to e to the negative potentials of
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what might be at the other end of the spectrum. we're hoping that's not the case but we are investigating it as if all things are possible. >> reporter: and i just talked to a spokeswoman at le's school who said le's classmates are all praying for a positive outcome. ff any information on le's whereabouts, you're asked to call the police department. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. it's been 32 years since jonestown made national headlines. more than 900 people were killed there. most from the bay area. and today family and friends had the chance to finally honor the victims. about 200 people gathered at evergreen cemetery in oakland to dedicate a memorial to the people who died in that mass murder and suicide. they chose that cemetery because more than half the victims are buried there. and some of those who attended the ceremony today say they lived at jonestown, escaping just before that massacre. >> the guy that took us to the boat, he was telling us that you
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guys get back here. we all going to be dead. you are going back to the states and kick it like you used. to i said there ain't nothing going to happen like that. and next day, around noon, 1:00, they told us 400 some people had died up there. >> one of the names on the plaques is that of jim jones, the cult leader who ordered his followers to commit suicide. some wanted his name left off the memorial but three days ago, a judge refuse that had request, paving the way for today's dedication ceremony. east bay communities and high schools teamed up to help young people stay in school. the seventh annual 24-hour relay challenge wrapped up 28 a little more walking than running. students had to get a bunch of pledges. they walked all night long. the goal was to encourage young people to stay in school. >> they're like, i don't want to be in high school, man. i'm ready. why i am a even here? i'm working with those students. we need to be bridging those gaps and we're losing a lot of those students.
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if we can just connect to more of them and provide them some positive experiences, we'll continue supporting more youth. >> teens run or walk a mile and then pass the baton to the next person. they can even run in their pajamas if they want to. whatever gets them to participate. san francisco's mission district was wlaif the sounds of carnaval today. here's a look at the parade. the festival has been going on all weekend long. san francisco's carnaval is billed as california's largest multicultural celebration. it is known for its latin american and caribbean dancing, the food, the drumming, the live music and the art and there you go. a whole lot of dancing as well. let's check in with the weather around here. what's going on, rob? >> we're watching the temperatures around the bay area. a little chilly around san francisco. it is 62 degrees as we take you to oakland where the winds are really gusty this evening.
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west winds at 18. look at san francisco. west at 33 miles per hour. 59 degrees right now into san jose. also, a little breezy. not quite ascold. 67. northwest wind at 15. for now the main weather headline is the gusty winds. could get gusts close to 45. airport probably through 8:00 tonight. we'll see if that causes any incoming flight delays. the radar shows the is s over the sierras where it is snowing right now of we've had a foot of snow above 7,000 feet. it looks drier tomorrow for the bay area. look what's happening offshore. we're watching another weather system that will bring a triple threat of more showers, possibly record breaking cold temperatures and maybe some thunder. all of this even as we roll into june. a very unusual seven-day forecast is coming your way in just a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. still ahead, animal rights groups surprisingly say facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg's latest challenge which involves
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eating meat a certain way might actually help their cause. also coming up, president obama tours the devastation in joplin, missouri one week after a tornado levelled much of that area. hey marcel, watch this!
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the number of people missing one week after that massive tornado in joplin, missouri, now stands at 40. city leaders say the number dropped as bodies were identified and next of kin were notified. the number of dead has passed 130. president obama saw the damage firsthand today on a walking tour with missouri governor jay nixon. the president offered federal support to rebuild that city. >> the main thing i want to communicate to the people at joplin is this is just not your tragedy.
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this is a national tragedy. that means there will be a national response. >> later at a memorial for the victims of the tornado interesting president added the rescue efforts are a reminder that there are, quote, heroes around us all time. in news from around the world, clashes broke out today at belgrade. about 10,000 demonstrators attacked police in riot gear in a protest over the arrest. five protesters and two police men were seriously injured. he was arrested thursday in northern serbia and stands accused of war crimes committed by his troops during the 1990s in that war in bosnia. in venezuela's capital, thousands protested u.s. sanctions on the country' state oil company. demonstrators waved flags and banners calling for the u.s. to not interfere in venezuelan affairs. the protest follows new sanctions for the united states because venezuela's leading oil company and six small oil and
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shipping firms continue to do business with iran, and that violates a u.s. ban. and just week before the planned drawdown of u.s. forces in afghanistan, thousands are mourning the latest violence there. the massive showings at a funeral of an afghani police general killed in yesterday's suicide bombing. the general, a police chief and two german soldiers died when a suicide bomber detonated explosives at a meeting of military and political leaders. among many it raises questions about the hando of security to afghanistan's own soldiers and police. and in the philippine, workers are puzzled at the massive dieoff at a fish farm south of vanilla. they say the fish may have been killed by aan bankrupt temperature change. the summer heat could have depleted oxygen level in the lake where the fish lived. it has become a smelly disposal problem auction see, with some
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800 tons of dead monk fish and tilapia. and still to come, another hangover in theaters. you might be surprised by the numbers. >> come on. get up. we've got a situation. coming up hear, we'll look at this weekend at the movies. first facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg hunts for his new personal challenge. >> here's a look at the temperatures. some 70-degree temperatures in and around napa and sanity rosa but it is certainly windy. look at that. a west wind at 33 miles per hour. how it will impact your memorial day plans.
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earlier this week facebook foirn mark zuckerberg announced his new personal challenge for 2011. when zuckerberg talks, people tend to listen for better or worse. nbc bay area has more on his new diet. >> you cut mark zuckerberg's meat. >> reporter: meet jose diaz, the butcher of facebook. for about a year he's been cutting up pigs and chickens at live oak in santa cruz for none other than mark zuckerberg. >> he sends a pig? >> not the whole pig. but by part. >> reporter: he sends parts of the pig. >> reporter: he said he had just killed a pig and a goat. it is part of his personal goal to only eat what he kills. his favorite chef who owns
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restaurants is teaching tech how to cut animals like goats in a humane way by cutting their throats. diaz says the 27-year-old billionaire has yet to stop by to watch his own meat being chopped up. so he sends someone else? >> he sends somebody else. i don't know him by person, you know. >> reporter: you never met him. >> no. >> reporter: but not everyone is digesting this story well. vegan thinks this is awful. he run the vegetarian house restaurant in downtown san jose. >> i'm sure after he kills itering doesn't feel good. nobody feels good after killing something. any kind, rational, loving, noble human being. it is not in our nature to kill anything. >> reporter: zucker brg said he has become base clay vegetarian since he only eats creatures he has killed himself. while mueller applauds him, he said the facebook ceo needs to have a full sustainable
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vegetarian lifestyle. >> the whole planet, we're revolving around feeding animals so we can -- feeding animals food so we can eat them rather than just eating the food directly would have more than enough resources. >> reporter: as for the butcher of facebook, you might want to know one last thing. are you on facebook? >> no. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. the sierra received a foot of new snow overnight. isn't it almost june? squaw valley is the last of the resorts open for skiing as far as we could find although not too crowded out there. many plan to reopen the slope for the fourth of july. nice little swimming out there while you're out there skiing. there is still about a base of ten feet at squaw which is very unusual for the end of may. a little cloudy but pretty nice. let's look at what's going on around here. plus a little more snow? tahoe? >> those pictures are amazing. none of the rocks are showing.
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it is totally covered. also gorgeous, the photo sent in to us by julie yesterday. a gorgeous rainbow picture sent from her cell phone. you can see the bright colors. this was yesterday evening where we had the sunlight. today the showers moved on. we did have cool temperatures with the sunshine. thank to those blustery winds. 69 degrees in san jose. only 66 in hayward. even with the shoirng san francisco up to 63. 70s around napa toward santa rosa. you get that when you get north winds. it dries out as it moves into place like santa rosa. 67 in san jose. and 72 in santa cruz. those are the effects of the north winds as it moves toward sea level. it is a strong breeze blasting through. we could see wind gusts close to 40 miles per hour, probably through this evening. again, it will be quite blustery for your evening plans. the snow continues to fly around the sierra.
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for the return trip home, we should see most of the showers clearing out of the sierras, so better news for travel plan, both for lake tahoe and around yosemite. we do have another system that will toss clouds our way as early as tomorrow afternoon. we'll see the increasing clouds. part of a chilly weather pat person will take us all the way into june. tomorrow we're expecting it to be dry. we will see increasing clouds. eventually some showers showing up as we head into the nighttime hours. for tuesday, plan on some rain for your morning commute and chilly air aloft. we're talking highs in the low 50s and 60s. if that were to hole up, we could see some record breaking lows. so memorial day, looks fine. increasing clouds. monday into tuesday morning, you can see the rain starting to push through the bay area. we may see more showers rolling. windy tonight. we'll see chilly temperatures as the air dries out in our inland valleys.
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we could see some upper 30s tomorrow morning, especially for places near santa rosa and napa. you will see highs into the 60s, maybe near 70 in some of the warmer places. close to 70 in pleasanton. 50 around pacifica and the coast as we watch increasing clouds and believe it or not, even cooler weather than we've seen so far for this memorial day weekend. >> no! >> yes! north bay, 60s for temperatures and here we go. roller coaster ride of weather. your seven day, tuesday and went. 50s and 60s is that things try to get back to where we are now. so june looks more like januaryo
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a movie this weekend broke several records becoming the biggest debut for a live action comedy and the biggest opening ever for an r rated comedy. can you guess? it's hango twhangover two toppi million. the reviews, not so great. kung fu panda 2 at number two. we're checking in with lauren scott and the indy 500. >> very hard to watch. >> a major disappointment here for bay area kid j.r. hildebrand. he had victory in his sights. it unraveled. what happened to keep him out of victory lane? meanwhile, the giants trying to win against brewers while hearing news of buster posey's
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ankle surgery. the a's were looking for a sweeping today.
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the giants got a buster posey update while trying to win their series against brewers but not too much good news for the giants out of this one. freddy sanchez, the exception. the first inning single, hit number 1,000 in his career but it didn't account for a run. the giants got no runs while the brewers were able to pile on six. five of them off matt cain who takes the loss. casey mcgahee brings home the second run of the game. came, still getting trouble from
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the brewers rickie weeks. a two rbi double. the giants flee milwaukee having lost five of the last six. tomorrow they're in st. louis. buster posey is out for the remainder of the season and might be out until september. but they said his surgery was a success as two screws were inserted into his ankle during a 90-minute procedure. the trainer reports everyone was pleased with the way the ankle came back together. in eight to ten weeks they'll do another procedure. he is resting at home in the east bay. all signs point that he'll be ready for spring training. next, we've got several stories to share with you. one you won't soon forget. the efforts of jeremy affeldt to help uncover and hope any bring an end to child slavery and other human trafficking around the world. serious efforts and other things to know as he teams up with the organization, not for sale. join us next after the news. the a's welcoming back a key member of their bull pen while going for the sweep of baltimore
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and their longest win streak. a very nice day. josh willingham has no power bringing power to the park. bringing the home runs to nine. a four rbi day for willingham. they take a lead they wouldn't give back. he pitched a three up, three down seventh inning. their easing him back before he returns to the closer roll. and the first three-game sweep of the season. comprehensive coverage on sports net central. every night at 10:30, a full 30 minutes of coverage. go deep he have night at 10:30 on comcast sports net. the biggest day in racing. right in front of him today and then in a race where no one was injured, this was a tragic ending. the 100th running of the indy 500. the brick yard buzzing. danica patrick was hurting on
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fuel and finished tenth after being passed by j., are hildebrand. ted lead out of the final turn of the race but his first indianapolis 500 soon became a nightmare. as he tries to pass a lap car, he gets out of the groove, loses control. you saw it hit the wall. and dan passes him to take the checkered flag. when the caution came out, technically field was frozen. after review, there was no question the second title in indy would stand. while he will be haunted by this for some time. coming up at 11:25, a special sitdown interview with jerry west. we'll talk to him about his new role with the team and what he thinks needs to be put in place to get the warriors back in place. join us at 11:25 with jerry west for sports sunday. coming right up, giants clubhouse. several cool stories. jeremy affeldt and his work with not for sale included. >> all right. we'll have to get over it.
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>> and hopefully he'll get a chance in a coming year. 200 laps. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news. "giants clubhouse" is up next. millions of babies in california are exposed to the harmful toxin bpa in bottles. nine states have restricted bpa. california should be tenth. bpa is a synthetic hormone used in plastics, including spy cups and baby bottles. the chemical can leach into children's drinks. studies show it is linked to serious problems, including early pub sxert cancer. canada was first to ban bpa in baby bottles. the european union was next. now china is considering a ban. weie


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