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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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coming up on "today in the bay," the search is on for a missing nursing student. >> and memorial day weekend t n turns in to be a deadly one in san jose. i'm marla tellez. i'll have the latest on the homicides police are now investigating coming up in my live report. >> good morning. i'm christie smith live in oakland. it's memorial day to honor those who lost their lives in service to our country. we'll tell you about commemorations happening across the bay coming up in a live report. and a live look outside. ooh look at the fog hovering over the bay bridge. looks like the sun will break through make wag for a nice day to enjoy. it's monday, may 30th, 2011. today in the bay. >> from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. it's 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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let's look at that forecast with christina. i think we've got to enjoy today. >> yes, especially if you have the day off. this is the last day that we're not going to see the showers for quite some time. showers move in tonight and they stay with us for 72 hours after that. we're going to be dealing with some rainy weather around here. this morning, it's chilly out there. if you are headed off to work, grab a jacket. you don't have to go to work, grab an extra blanket. let's take you through the traffic world right now with mike. >> so cool thinking about staying home from work and just snuggling up with a blanket watching us. oh, whatever. looking at the south bay, a nice easy drive. talked about it's memorial day vacation for a lot of folks getting off of work. no major issues here. and the one accident on the peninsula that has cleared from southbound 101 at university avenue. the travel speeds looking good passing the dumbarton bridge and a look at the san mateo bridge where chp extended that wind advisory. you don't see any major trauma as far as the shaking of the
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hayward side. a light volume. you might get a gust or two over there. 6:01. san jose police are very busy this morning investigating a string of homicides over the past few days. today in the bay's marla tellez is live in san jose with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. two people killed in less than 24 hours. that's what happened in san jose on saturday. now police here at the department, they are searching for the suspects in both those cases. now the most recent happened about 10:30 saturday night in south san jose near hellier park. a 35-year-old mother of five was shot to death inside her car. she was in the driver's seat of her black mercedes sedan. police say potential witnesses are not being cooperative. those living in the neighborhood say they heard six to eight gunshots when they called 911. they didn't want to show their face on camera out of fear of retaliation but did express to
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us their concern. >> next thing you know, there's bullet casings out in the street. 50 feet away from my house, from my bed. and it doesn't hit you right away. then you start thinking about it and you get nervous. >> so that was saturday night about 18 hours earlier, an 18-year-old was stabbed multiple times in east san jose early saturday morning near schulte drive and mckee road. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. you may recall a few days earlier on wednesday, a 22-year-old man was shot to death in the same area at schulte and checkers drive. now police have not arrested any suspects in any of those three cases i just talked about. something to consider this morning, that is pretty startling. so far san jose has on record 22 homicides for 2011 and we're just about halfway through the year so far. it surpasses the total homicide
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count for all of 2010 already. now, laura, anyone with information about this weekend's stabbing and shooting are asked to call san jose police. >> and the count is going up in other cities as well. oakland police investigating a shooting that killed two people in east oakland. that shooting happened around 9:30 last night near 88th and international. police say a third person is in critical condition. no arrests have been made. investigators are looking at this shooting as a homicide. and police are continuing their search today for missing nursing student who vanished in hayward. friends say 26-year-old michele lee was last seen on friday at kaiser hospital in hayward where she was doing a clinical rotation as part of her course work. police found her car parked across the street from the hospital with a laptop computer inside. they are calling the disappearance suspicious. >> anything from something as simple and innocuous as she just wanted to be alone to the negative potentials of what
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might be at the other end of that spectrum. we're hoping that's not the case. but we are investigating it as if all things are possible. >> lee's classmate at samuel merit college say she left during a break and never returned. police found her car parks across the street from the hospital. she had planned to spend the weekend supposedly with a female friend in reno but that friend says that lee never showed up. many of oakland's libraries may get the boot under mayor jean quan's budget plan. she's proposed slashing 14 of the city's 18 libraries, including an african-american museum and library unless voters cut their pay and votes are approve a tax. the proposal has drawn many library supporters who have come to council meetings to determine they place the partial tax on the ballot. the four lshs that would remain open under quan's proposal include the 81st avenue, diamond and rock ridge branches. lockheed martin says it
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thwarted hackers from assessing sensitive during a recent attack. the defense contractor claims hackers launched a, quote, serious and tenacious attack on its servers. the department of homeland security and pentagon confirmed hackers tried to gin access to information on may 21st but were blocked. they're not releasing any information about possible suspects or the nature of the attack. family and friends of the more than 900 people killed in the jonestown massacre now have a way to honor the victims. about 200 people gathered at evergreen cemetery in oakland yesterday to dedicate a memorial to the people who died in the mass murder and suicide 32 years ago. the east bay cemetery was chosen because more than half of the victims are buried there. some of those at the ceremony say they actually lived at jonestown escaping just before the massacre. >> it wasn't wee hours of the morning we learned 500 survived and 500 were dead. the numbers kept changing until you know, probably, i guess, three or four days later what
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the count really was. >> he was telling us that, you know, you guys get back here. we are all going to be dead. you all are just going to go back to the states and start kicking it like you all used to. the next day around noon, 1:00, they told us 400-some people had died up there. >> one of the names on the plaques is jim jones, the cult leader who ordered his followers to commit suicide. today is memorial day. and people around the bay will be taking time to honor our nation's fallen veterans. christie smith has a rundown of what is happening. god morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. we're at mountain view cemetery here in oakland top of piedmont avenue. they have a long history with this. this is their 90th memorial day commemoration. we just shot new video a couple of minutes ago inside. and they do have flags placed this morning. they'll have traditional placing of the wreath later on. 21-gun salute. we'll see families, veterans, scouts and a youth chorus also
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performing here. in san francisco, over at the presidio, a memorial day parade kicks off their memorial day program followed by a formal program over at the national cemetery. and also a 21-gun salute to honor those who have lost their lives in service to our country. now if you are not in san francisco or oakland, chances are still good there's a commemoration going on near you. this is just a partial list. but they are planned in danville, walnut creek, san ramon, alameda, hayward and vallejo. most beginning at 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> it's so important to take time to remember why so many people are off today as well. it is 6:08. folks are hoping for a nice day. i think they are going to get it but they better enjoy it, right, christina? >> yes, we have change on the way. but the good news is, if you have the day off you probably want the good weather for some sort of barbecuing or outdoor activities. we've got changes on the way for
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tomorrow, wednesday and thursday. the rain moves in. you can see what's happening here. the jet stream has taken a substantial dip. what's going to happen as we head through the next few days, it's going to split the bay area in half. we're going to see a lot of the moisture go into the north bay and minimal moisture hit the south bay. i'll get to your future cast in a moment. 51 in livermore. 50 in san jose. 42 in gilroy. as you make those outdoor plans for today if you are going to be in the city, at noon in the staerk mostly cloudy conditions. overcast skies. marine layer overhead until 11:00 a.m., maybe 12 in the city. by 4:00 p.m., the clouds break apart. a mix of sun and clouds. a really nice second half of the day and then the clouds thicken up this evening into tonight. first showers in the north bay by about 10:00 p.m. this is where we're headed today. get on out there and enjoy it. 70s don't pop back up on your seven-day outlook until the middle to end of this week.
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71 in gilroy. 70 in san jose today. 69 in los gatos. i've got that seven-day outlook coming up in minutes. right now, maybe you don't have minutes. you have to hit that highway and get to work on time. mike is here to help you out. >> strike that. relax. you have a couple extra minutes to spare. folks have to actually, even though there are clearer roads throughout the maze and approach, you have to watch those speeds. chp is out there for the maximum enforcement period. celebrate responsibly if you go to any parties today. we're looking at the drive. an easy drive. the b.a.r.t. system, some delays. once service starts, b.a.r.t. like many other transit agencies operating on the sunday holiday schedule because it's a memorial day holiday. anybody going under the tube between san francisco and oakland. everybody but the richmond free fre mopt line will experience delays until 2:30 because of emergency work going on on that tube. also going on for next weekend as well. we'll remind you. the approach to the maze very smooth drive. no major issues. those speed sensors showing you
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an easy drive and light volume through livermore. just a little bit of slowing. just starting to show up as you are approaching portola avenue. just a 14-minute drive out of the alta mont pass toward the dublin interchange. toward 680 out of livermore, pleasanton and toward sunol, a live look shows you what things are like. the right side of the bottom of the screen heading over the hill through fremont into the south bay. this is your commute right now. coming through sunol. >> really? where? >> those four people right there. >> what a difference. >> and two trucks doing some business. good news for folks if you are hitting the road. >> what a difference a holiday day makes. 6:11 right now. still to come on "today in the bay," you can still hit the slopes this memorial day weekend. yes in california. we're going to show you where the snow is still falling. plus, evidence that joplin, missouri, is pulling together in the wake of that devastating tornado. meantime, closer to home, oh, they are setting up. folks coming out for the big san
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ramon art and wind festival. skieair balloons taking to skies this morning.
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welcome back, everyone. live look outside. alcatraz island. a little hazy out there this morning. hopefully will burn off and make for a nice day. it's 6:14. there's a setback for governor jerry brown's plan to close one-fourth of california's state parks system to save some money. 16 of the parks he wants to shut down cannot be legally closed because they receive federal money that requires the parks to stay open. the national park service says the funding is like a contract. the affected parks include castle rock state park in santa clara county, twin lakes state
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beach in santa cruz, portola redwoods in san mateo as well as candlestick point near san francisco. this is pretty amazing. more than a foot of snow fell in the sierra over the memorial day weekend. take a look at that. no, those aren't photos from january. squaw valley, the last of the resorts still open for skiing. as far as we could find. many resorts plan to reopen the slopes for the fourth of july. there is still a base benefit ten feet at the top of squaw which is very unusual for the end of may. it's like a winter wonderland up there. meantime, yosemite national park known for its waterfalls. now the best time to see them is now. take a look at that. record sierra snowfall over the winter now means record snow melt and it's swelling yosemite waterfalls to the most turbulent level in years. yosemite falls, the nation's tallest waterfall, spewing enough water. this is amazing.
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to fill a gasoline tanker every two seconds. the snow melt is expected to actually reach its peak around june 10th. survivors in joplin, missouri, are beginning the second week of what will be a long and difficult recovery. yesterday president obama toured the strike zone. today in the bay's jay gray reports the president got a firsthand look at the devastation and attended an afternoon memorial. it was quite moving there that the president says, you know, the entire country will be behind you on the rebuilding efforts. not only in monetary funds that they are going to give to the people but just the support that they need. all right. it is now 6:16 right now. want to get a look at the forecast with christina. >> good morning to you. yeah, a lot of people have outdoor plans. you might have friends, family who came all the way to the bay area to enjoy our beautiful weather this time of year. well, we're going to get a taste of that today. everything changes as we head through tomorrow. pretty strong system of low pressure right now is already moving into the pacific northwest. see the spotty clouds. this is cold air. it will significantly drop our
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daytime highs as we head through tuesday and wednesday. but this is all we're expecting in terms of rainfall totals. not a whole lot from this first go around. we'll have another stronger system in comethrough on wednesday. as we stop the clock, 10:00 p.m. tonight, first showers push into the north bay. they last all night long and then we get a little action bull's-eyeing the peninsula at about 5:00 a.m. tuesday. rain showers continue, probably for the first part of tomorrow. a nice break for the second half of tomorrow and then it arrives. that stronger system of low pressure that could possibly produce up to a half an inch in the north bay. maybe 0.1 to 0.25 along the east bay regions. we don't usually see this set up this time of year. the jet stream normally sitting way to our north at the end of may towards june. only one more day left in this month. 51 degrees in concord right now. 53 degrees in hayward. we're headed towards the 70s. 70 in concord later. 70 in livermore. 71 degrees in gilroy. here it is.
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you've been waiting for it. the seven-day outlook. temperatures ho ss hover into t. the big blocking ridge we usually see this time of year will be over the bay area into the 80 degree range. just got to get through this week first. >> they are hoping for a good outlook in joplin, missouri. the president actually toured the site of the devastating tornado that swept through the area. "today in the bay's" jay gray has the latest on his visit. >> how are you guys doing? >> reporter: looking to raise the spirits of this battered community, president obama travelled to joplin sunday. >> obviously, the scene speaks for itself. >> reporter: the splintered wood and twisted metal stretches for six miles. remnants of neighborhoods now stretched to their limits. >> this is just not your tragedy. this is a national tragedy. and that means there will be a national response. >> reporter: it's help this city will need for a long time.
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>> golly, i can't -- it's just overwhelming. >> reporter: but in this place where everything seems to be torn apart, sunday there was evidence that joplin is actually pulling together. ♪ thousands gathered for a memorial to remember and honor the victims of the storm. >> the loss of even one human life is a tragedy. and we have lost scores. >> reporter: a city suffering as it begins what will surely be years of rebuilding and recovery. >> there's no doubt in my mind that joplin will rebuild. and as president, i can promise you your country will be there with you every single step of the way. >> reporter: but right now, solid ground for that first step is so hard to find. jay gray, nbc news, joplin, missouri. it is 6:19. still to come on "today in the bay," you can help veterans and take in an a's game today. we're going to show you how.
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and passing the home of the a's. look at that traffic. this map probably showing you more cars than a live picture will show. we'll compare the two coming up. and a live look outside overlooking san francisco. transamerica pyramid. you can see the top of it there. the clearing skies.en [ jolene ] i go
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lved with honor flight through my job here at southwest airlines. honor flight is an opportunity for world war two veterans
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to travel to washington d.c. to get to see their monument. you know, joe, i'd like to thank you for honoring our country, for giving your time, and just making us so proud. [ joe ] on behalf of all of the veterans, you're welcome. ♪ hio i twh ♪
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new this morning, it's 6:22. a live look from washington this morning. tomb of the unknown soldier where vice president joseph biden will be laying a wreath later this morning. the president will be in chicago at a national cemetery there. it is 6:23, as i mentioned, and really traffic very light today as so many have today off to commemorate memorial day. how are we doing? >> very light because of that. that's a great note to remind folks we get the day off because of those who have sacrificed for our country. so thank you very much for the service there. meanwhile, the effect on the traffic, of course, very visible here. the antioch drive. westbound highway 4. no delays. haven't been any delays through concord and pittsburg. 880 there. let me point out 880 on the maps here. we're showing you the drive. i showed this on the 3d maps. look at the number of cars.
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pretty good. then look at the live shot. the same area. a live shot past oakland. sparsely populated. hardly anybody in the area. yeah, this is almost 6:24. this is a live picture past the coliseum. light volume of traffic here as well as at the toll plaza. bay bridge shows you no major issues. no metering lights. we don't expect to see these on until midday. as you are getting off to the oakland side from the lower deck, the realignment has taken place. all lanes are cleared but you'll have a slightly different curve to the road. just be aware of that. >> is there a discount today? >> no discount. >> i thought holiday discount. no, only the one-day sale at macy's right? just one day. 6:24. san francisco's junior rotc program could suffer a major setback. the sboord set to decide whether students participating in the program can continue earning pe credits without the ability to earn the credit, students say they wouldn't have room in their schedules to take the military
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leadership classes. the junior rotc requires each school to have at least 50 students participating for the program to even stay on campus. the school board meeting is set for mid-june. the a's honor the men and women serving america at today's game against the yankees. the team is partnering with san ramon non-profit troops to collect donations at the game. the money raised will provide troops with simple necessities liking toopaste, bottled water and energy bars. oakland has a four-game win streak going into today. they swept the orioles over the weekend and are just a game and a half behind the division leading rangers. today's game starts at 1:05. well, so close but yet so far. have you seen this? bay area man almost wins the indy 500 until, bam, right there. in the 100th running of the race, jr hildebrand of sausalito was coming into the final turn of the race. then disaster happened as you saw there. he tried to pass a lapped car and he hit the wall.
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he is passed and eventually very frustrated loses the checkered flag. good news for hildebrand, if there is any, always looking for the silver lining, he's just a rookie so he's actually got plenty of time to win the indy 500. what a way to start. he's lucky to walk away from that one. 6:26. coming up, find out where you can honor our veterans this memorial day. some east bay sheriffs say they don't have the cash to take on extra inmates. plus it was a violent weekend in san jose. we've got a live report coming up. here's some better news this morning out in san ramon this morning. you can get a chance to see some hot air balloons take to the skies. these folks are standing by to wait. you can do it from the comfort of your home. we'll have live pictures from there. pi
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coming up on "today in the bay," police search for a
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nursing student who disappeared after she left a hospital. >> good morning. i'm christie smith live in oakland. it's memorial day and coming up, we're going to be talking about commemorations happening across the bay. >> and two homicides in one day in san jose and no one is in police custody. good morning. i'm marla tellez. i'll have the latest on the search for suspects coming up in my live report. >> and a live look across the bay. look at the flag blowing in the wind. put yours out today if you have one. it is memorial day, monday, may 30th, "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." >> special day to remember and reflect and thank those who have served. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots of folks have today off. those barbecues most likely will
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be fired up. let's check the forecast and see if it will cooperate. >> good morning to you. we're looking pretty good. it's chilly out there. you saw that live picture. the flag blowing in the wind. and a little bit of haze out there. well, that wind is preventing that very, very thick fog that we typically have at this time of the morning from forming. it's actually a good thing to have that wind. our temperatures are cool. headed to the 70s. the rain arrives tonight. i've got your full forecast coming up in minutes. let's get you to work if you have to go in. >> if you have to go. well, the south bay is the place to be right now. actually anywhere is pretty much the place to be. travel times and speeds just fine through the south day. the overview. what it means as far as greens, yellows and reds. just green right here. we'll get a live look at san mateo. you were talking about wind coming through the area. chp heading out through the area, 101 and 92. on the peninsula side to see if there's still need for the wind advisory. cameras holding stead the. just use some caution.
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preparations are happening across the bay area today for memorial day. people will be gathering to remember our nation's fallen veterans. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live where one ceremony will take place. >> reporter: good morning. they have a long history with this. this is the 90th memorial day commemoration here at mountain view cemetery in oakland at the top of piedmont avenue. they have an interesting observation plan honoring men and women who lost their lives in service to our country. but also quite a bit of history here. first they'll be placing a wreath. they'll have a 21-gun salute. we'll see veterans, families, scouts, a youth choir. and afterwards, they are offering a tour of a refurbished civil war plot. that's how far the conflicts go back here. they have flags placed out this morning. and over at the presidio in san francisco, a parade begins at the main post and then in their formal program at the national cemetery follows with music, a color guard, a 21-gun salute
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there as well. and this is being played out in corners across the bay area. just a partial list. they have services going on in san ramon, danville, alameda, hayward and vallejo. most of the commemorations began at 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." it's 6:32. police will continue the search today for missing nursing student who vanished in hayward. friends say 26-year-old michele lee was last seen on friday. at kaiser hospital in hayward where she was doing a clinical rotation as part of her course work. police found her car parked across the street from the hospital with a laptop computer inside. they are calling the disappearance suspicious. lee's classmates at samuel merit college say she left during a break and never returned. she had planned to spend the weekend with a friend in reno but that friend says that she never showed up. oakland police are investigating a shooting that
6:33 am
killed two people in east oakland. the shooting happened around 9:30 last night near 88th and international. police say a third person is in critical condition. no arrests have been made. investigators say they are looking at this shooting as a homicide. same thing to be said in san jose where police are continuing to investigate two homicides over the memorial day weekend. today in the bay's marla tellez is live at san jose police headquarters with an update. and those homicide numbers keep growing. >> reporter: unfortunately, that is the case, laura. good morning to you. it has turned out to be a very violent memorial day welcome here in san jose. san jose police now have two more homicide investigations on their hands. and so far, no one has been arrested in either case. now saturday night, police say a 35-year-old woman was shot to death in south san jose near hellier park. this happened on ambler way. she was in the driver's southeast her black mercedes sedan at the time of the shooting.
6:34 am
police have not identified her yet but we have learned she's a mother of five. people in the area at the time of the shooting concerned about retaliation did not want to appear on camera. but still talked to us about their outrage and also spokeulate espok speculated this may have been a case of mistaken identity. >> but this is crazy. this is crazy. i hope they catch the son of a gun. >> this is very upsetting. this is your neighborhood where you feel safe. you hope you feel safe. and something like that happens and it kind of shatters your idea of where you are living. >> reporter: the other homicide happened just hours before, early saturday morning. an 18-year-old was stabbed multiple times in east san jose. not far from where a 22-year-old man was shot to death wednesday night. the stabbing happened on schulte drive close to story road. the 18-year-old was taken to the hospital where he later died.
6:35 am
now this brings the total homicide count in san jose to 22. and keep in mind we're just now reaching midway through 2011. already we have surpassed the total homicide count in san jose for all of 2010. so not a good thing to report. now, laura, anyone with information about this weekend's stabbing or shooting is asked to get in touch with san jose police. >> thank you for the very latest. >> in the next two years, up to 34,000 inmates will be released from california's overcrowded prison system. but east bay sheriffs say their counties don't have enough cash to take on those excess inmates. the supreme court ruled that state prison officials must slash thousands of inmates by 2013. the state plans to send low level criminals back to county jails. contra costa county jails could see an additional 250 inmates. alameda county jails could get 500 new inmates in the next 18 months. both counties have the capacity
6:36 am
but sheriffs for both counties say they won't be able to afford the additional inmates if they don't receive funding from the state. 6:35 right now. want to check the forecast for today as we've mentioned. lots of folks have people off commemorating memorial day. let's see what outdoor activities can be planned today. >> i think you can do anything around the bay that you'd normally want to do on memorial day, even hit the beach. but make sure you bring a jacket. a breeze. a windchill factor anticipated. but no rain. we'll stay dry today. rain moves in tomorrow as the system of low pressure pushes onshore and ushers in not only cold air. enough moisture for light scattered showers to start as early as tonight in the north bay. i think when we wake up tomorrow morning we meet back here at 5:00 a.m. we'll see light, spotty activity across the bay area. don't worry. mike and i are here to help you navigate through always. we have some cloud cover pushing in. cloudy in the north bay. pretty good formation of the marine layer.
6:37 am
some wind out there in addition to that moisture. so it's happening. that fog just not able to develop just yet. we lose that wind and, yeah, we could see a pretty socked in situation especially over our local bridges. 53 in hayward. 48 in sunnyvale. by noon, i think what will be left over from the marine layer is just a thin veil of clouds over the city. 60 degrees. breezy to windy conditions. building breeze throughout the day. 65 degrees. clouds break apart. by 4:00 p.m., a mix of sun and clouds. elsewhere across the bay area, 70 in san jose. 69 in fremont. 68 in redwood city. we're expecting a lower pollen count. a lot of people have been sneezing. i heard a sneeze come out of mike a moment ago. gesundheit, buddy. >> i do apologize for doing that during your report. christina able to continue as a professional. not many professionals on the road.
6:38 am
a lot of folks get today off. that's the reason the eastshore freeway so clear. a live look at the toll plaza. this is 6:38 coming up. no metering lights. like on a friday we saw that. we have a nice easy flow of traffic. they've cancelled the highway advisories for the san mateo bridge. the b.a.r.t. system where travel will start soon. it's on a sunday schedule but remember, even though it's a sunday holiday schedule, you'll expect delays in addition to the changed schedule because the transbay tube they are doing emergency repair work this weekend and next weekend. anyone crossing between san francisco and oakland or any of those lines are expected to have some delays. maybe even as much as 20 minutes. >> good to note. thank you. 6:38. coming up on "today in the bay issue" rough times for the giants. find out what the latest loss means for the team. and new rules could be on the way to help you make better choices when it comes to sunscreen. in the meantime, take a live
6:39 am
look outside overlooking san ramon. the crowd continues to grow there as they are awaiting big hot air balloon liftoffs this morning. ol banking, baby! 3-d! instead of earning bupkus, your savings could be earning three times the national average! three times more. go online to what's in your wallet? what's this do? [ beeping ]
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welcome back, everyone. a live look outside on this monday memorial day holiday. the sun is coming up, warming things up across the bay area. a change in the works, though. more on that coming up. it's 6:41 right now.
6:42 am
new legislation is working its way around capitol hill. it could actually change federal standards for sunscreen lotion. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington with the details. what do they want to do. >> reporter: hi, laura. here's the big concern. melanoma. every year in california, over 8,000 people are diagnoses with it. two die every single day. and, of course, when we buy that sunscreen, trying to protect our skin, we look at that number very often. the spf, the sun protection factor and think that is a determinant of how much protection we're getting. it is, to some degree. but only for uvb rays. uva rays from the sun can actually be much more dangerous to your skin because they penetrate more deeply. so now lawmakers here on capitol hill want to make sure you are getting both sides. they want to change that system so that the fda would require manufacturers to note uva protection on the label. in fact, scrapping that
6:43 am
number-based system we're all so familiar with for a new system that would have one to four stars that would show protection for both. the big concern being melanoma. they say the old system is inconsistent. how quickly could this all happen? probably not very soon. it would take six months to implement. we're not talking about the summer. they've been talking about doing this for years. there's new legislation. we'll have to watch it and see how quickly it progresses. >> thank you, tracie. it's 6:43 right now. this morning, 39 people remain missing in joplin, missouri, after last week's devastating tornado. it was the deadliest tornado to strike the u.s. in decades. president obama visited joplin yesterday to offer hope to survivors and promises of help. some 130 people were killed in that storm. now there are signs that people are pulling together. yesterday, thousands gathered for a memorial to remember them. authorities are still trying to identify victims and volunteers
6:44 am
are combing through demolished neighborhoods. this morning, a typhoon dumped heavy rain in the quake-ravaged region of northern japan. typhoon songda left flooded streets and stranded vehicles in its wake. it was raining so hard, train services had to be suspended in the region. the storm system has delayed reconstruction efforts following the devastating march 11th tsunami and earthquake. this is actually the second typhoon to hit japan this year. well, here's something you don't see too often. a waterspout caught on tape off the coast of southeast australia. the twister appeared north of sydney after heavy storms swept through the region. officials say up to three waterspouts were formed but it was far off the coast. too far off, actually, to cause any inland damage. waterspouts form when a high layer of cold air blows across a body of water and clashes with the warm air below. it could actually reach speeds of more than 60 miles per hour.
6:45 am
and often they appear in groups. 6:44 right now. space shuttle "endeavour" is on its way home for the last time after undocking from the international space station. ♪ >> that's a song called "slowness." it was performed by a band from arizona. the song was picked by representative gabrielle giffords for her husband. the shuttle commander mark kelly. it references places giffords wants to visit after she recuperates from a gunshot wound to the head. "endeavour" is scheduled to land back on earth on wednesday and it will actually be retired after this mission. there's only one more shuttle flight left which will be flown by "atlantis" later this summer. we've been showing you pictures from san ramon. folks gathering out there waiting for a big hot air balloon liftoff. a big festival they are having. now we're hearing it's all been
6:46 am
canceled. the hot airportion, at least, because of the high winds in the area. are they pretty blustery out there? >> yeah, especially in that particular area. we do have some gusty winds out there. the winds are helping, though, prevent a lot of that fog from developing. so there is a god side. there's always a good with the bad and also with the wind you'll see a lot of those flags blowing in the breeze today. should be a gorgeous day. unfortunately we couldn't see those hot air balloons take flight. mike and i are here to blow a lot of hot air your way. things looking good today. mild sunshine. a mix of sun and clouds. we'll start out mostly cloudy and clear a lot of that cloud cover out of here before the day is done. limited sunshine tomorrow. few showers early. and wednesday, another round of rain. and then the rain arrives late. here's our weathermaker. really the jet stream is taking a very substantial dip over the weekend. that's brought the storm track back in our neck of the woods. here's what we're looking at.
6:47 am
stop the clock at 10:00 p.m. a few showers push onshore in the north bay. light, spotty activity in the north bay all night long. 5:00 a.m. tuesday, that cell starts to push towards the peninsula, some light scattered showers for the first part of tomorrow. even in the south bay, maybe a little something. but really the main event arrives late wednesday into thursday morning. that's when we're going to see our big weathermaker in terms of rainfall amounts coming to the bay area. we'll talk more about that as days approach. 52 in oakland. 53 in hayward. and headed towards the 70s in the warmy cities around the bay. most sunshine in the bay. 70 in san jose. 71 in gilroy. 70 in livermore. here it is. your seven-day outlook. it shows you temperatures drop off. you'll have to break out that jacket for the next couple of days. by this weekend, you are breaking out the muscle shirt, mike. so look forward to that. >> again? >> i'll just have to wear it in the studio. >> whoo! >> i smell brut.
6:48 am
>> back to you, laura. >> yeah, we can't even show you what mike is wearing right now. 6:47. coming up on "today in the bay," a new warning about what your kids may be drinking. plus, the giants drop another game. and the bad news about buster posey becomes official. meantime, an official live look outside. oh, some probably sad little kids out there. they got up early on this schoolday off to enjoy hot air balloon festival all canceled because of ar. hnds inhe area.
6:49 am
6:50 am
live look outside overlooking the bay. san francisco this morning. look at the flag billowing in
6:51 am
the wind. hopefully we see a lot of flags out there today as we remember it is memorial day. 6:50 right now. we've got some quick sports breaking news this morning. ohio state's head football coach jim tressel has resigned. the ncaa is investigating possible rules violations against him. ohio state has several alumni groups here in the bay area. we'll keep tabs. there's been a lot of controversy around ohio state. a lot more to come. 6:51 right now. not a lot in the traffic department. let's check in with mike anyway. >> not really what you call controversy. not even congested. a flow of traffic through livermore. including out of the wind farms. further north, the san ramon art and wind festival. wind there that's going to prevent lthe launch of those ho air balloons. we're looking at sunol where you are flying basically southbound 680 heading over the hill between sunol into fremont and
6:52 am
down into the south bay. a smooth drive through this area. a live look at the south bay sensors as well. san jose with no major problems northbound. a little slowing under the tulley overcrossing. the 51 on the right. that indicates maybe a slight increase to the volume of traffic. that's what we'd expect earlier on a normal day. here we have northbound 85 to northbound 87, our single accident for the south bay. it's a solo car spinout. likely solo because there are no other cars in the area they could even hit. we'll send it back to you. 6:52 right now. the giants just dropped out of first place in the national league west. they've lost five of their last six games. they fell 6-0 against milwaukee brewers yesterday. arizona diamondbacks now a half a game ahead of the giants in the standings. the giants play the st. louis cardinals at 1:15. it is official this morning. buster posey out for the rest of the year. we thought he probably would be. he could be on crutches, in fact, until september.
6:53 am
he had surgery yesterday. doctors inserted two screws into his ankle after this big crash. the giants training staff says it actually was a success. in eight to ten weeks they'll do another procedure to remove those screws. posey is resting in the east bay this morning. we, of course, wish him well. a new study released this morning is taking a firm stand against energy drinks for kids. as today in the bay's erica edwards reports, the american academy of pediatrics is saying high amounts of caffeine could be harmful for young bodies. >> reporter: when athletes sweat, they need to replenish water and electrolytes lost during intense games or workouts. but a new report from the american academy of pediatrics finds many teens are confused about the best ways to rehydrate and are turning to high caffeine energy drinks instead of water or even sports drinks like gatorade. >> energy drinks have no place in the diet of children. >> pediatricians say the high level of caffeine and other stimulants found in energy
6:54 am
drinks can be addictive and may lead to increased heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety. >> we don't really know what caffeine does in large quantities. we don't know what it does over a period of time to a young developing body. >> experts say even sports drinks should only be used in rare instances for those high-level athletes who are exercising for more than an hour. for the vast majority of kids, the report finds sports drinks simply transalate into unnecessary calories and sugar contributing to obesity and tooth decay. >> they have a low ph. they are more acidic. >> reporter: the american beverage association agrees with the new report saying wheel sports drinks may have their place on the playing field, energy drinks are not meant for young consumers. it may not be a splashy or colorful, but the best and healthiest way to rehydrate is good old-fashioned h20. erica edwards, nbc news. memorial day weekend still not over yet.
6:55 am
one movie has already broken several records. >> he won't let go! >> "hang over 2" had the busiest debut ever for a live action comedy and the biggest opening ever for a r-rated comedy. ticket sales topped $86 million despite not so greatria views. in second place "kung fu panda 2." "pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides" third followed by bridesmaids and thor. we're giving away passes to see a sneak preview of "the green lantern" on june 16th. if you'd like a chance to win, head over to our facebook page, nbc bay area morning news for all of the details. while you're there, you can, i guess, become a fan or a friend of christina loren, mike inouye and myself, laura garcia-cannon. we'd love to chitchat, right? >> i consider you more of a
6:56 am
friend than a fan. just so you know. good morning to you. we're looking pretty good. let's take you through the next 72 hours. today, mild sun and clouds. we'll end up partly cloudy. won't be too bad today. a lot of sunshine will come through warming into the 70s. tomorrow, limited sunshine. make sure you wake up with us. we'll get you through those showers we're expecting tomorrow morning and then a stronger round of rain arrives wednesday into thursday. we'll let you know exactly when and where all morning long tomorrow. thanks for waking up with us. thanks for protecting this great nation to all of our service men and women out there. mike, back to you. >> friend, fan? we'll see. we'll go to the carquinez and benicia bridge. all friends because there are no problems on the road. no conflict through this area. from tahoe coming back home shouldn't be any problems. heading there over the weekend, you had chain requirements. that's what unusual weather has
6:57 am
been. unusual traffic flow. not really for a holiday. almost 7:00 and highway 4 shows no major slowing through here or concord or pittsburg. nice easy drive there as well. the san mateo bridge. an earlier wind advisory. that's been canceled. but chp just came toward our camera. a disabled vehicle at the toll plaza. and we'll end with the oakland shot because the bay bridge has no backup there. the oakland shot past the coliseum, very few folks trav traveling in this area. i came in this morning. i'm the only dude on the show. >> taking a live look outside. want to take you to san ramon. cameras there all morning long because they were having a big hot air balloon festival there. s but of high winds in the area, they are actually not going to be able to launch all the balloons. and we've seen the crowds grow out there this morning. sadly, they're not going to be able to see liftoff this morning. what they are going to do, you
6:58 am
see it right there. they are blowing up the balloons anyway, loading them up with a lot of hot air in order to give folks at least a good sight. some pictures to take this morning. thanks for joining us. we'll have a local news update in half an hour. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points.
6:59 am
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