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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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she didn't deserve to that this happen to her. i just want her home. >> gone without a trace. the family of a missing student from the east bay launches a new effort to find their missing loved one. good evening. i'm garvin thomas in for raj mathai. >> so what happened to michelle le? new developments in the case of a missing nursing student who disappeared friday night while taking a break from rounds at kaiser permanente medical center. her car has been found but there is no sign of michelle.
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nbc bay area's kimberly tere has the latest. tonight an emotional call for help from her own brother. >> reporter: that's right. the family of the missing nursing student was in this area where her car was found. they were knocking on door and handing out fliers, looking for any information that might lead them to her. >> it is really hard to not assume the worst, but we're trying. >> reporter: the family of 26-year-old michelle le is desperate to find her. >> she did not deserve to have this happen to her. i just want her home. >> reporter: their offering a $20,000 reward to anyone with information on her whereabouts. she was last seen leaving hayward's kaiser hospital friday where she was doing a clinical rotation as part of her course work. a surveillance camera showed what is believed to be her car leaving the parking garage. pleasant later found the car parked less than a half mile from the hospital. ? i think it is suspicious and any normal individual would think it
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is suspicious as well. that her car was taken from the parking lot and park a short distance away. albeit secured. >> reporter: police are being tight-lipped and so are family and friends who say they don't want to jeopardize the investigation. le's family has come from all over california to support the family. they say this is uncharacter stk of le who is very responsible and calls frequently. >> she's always been a better child, daughter than i've been a son in my opinion. she's always protected me ever since our mom passed away, may be look ten years ago when we were, when i was 11. she really became like a mother figure to me. and almost overprotective. because i'm 23. but she still tries to take care of me as best she can. >> reporter: le is 5'6" and has long black hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing white
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nursing scrubs. if you know anything about where le could be, you are asked to call hayward police. kimberly tere, bay area news. thank you. violent crime can be a rare thing in milpitas. particularly when it ends up with someone dead. that's just what happened during an early morning shooting this week that took the life of a father of three. pleasant are on the hunt for a suspect. that mean family is now on the hunt for answers. nbc bay area's reporter is live in milpitas with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: it is rare to have a homicide in milpitas. this is the first one since 2009. that year they had two homicides. tonight as you can see, the family stopped by jerry's market near the spot where the 43-year-old man was killed. alfred rodriguez' family lit flower and put candles in front of the market in his memory. the family too devastated to talk. they came here to pray and to look for answers.
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a little before 4:00 monday morning, police found rodriguez on the ground with a gunshot wound. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. the family says am freddo's death is a tremendous loss, especially to his three children. one of them his daughter only a few week old. milpitas police block off main street for hours, hoping to find any evidence or clues that can lead them to a suspect or suspects. one key part of the investigation may come from video recorded on surveillance videos at jerry's market. one camera has a direct shot of the street. >> one of my friends -- >> reporter: they're trying to figure out a motive. why anyone would want to kill alfredo rodriguez. if you have any information, please call milpitas police. we're live tonight, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, fire crews watched as a man drowned in the waters off alameda this morning. it happened along the beach on shoreline drive near willow
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street. the 57-year-old man walked into the water fully clothed, according to witnesses. that's what alameda police and fire did respond quickly, but witnesses say the crews just watched from the shore as the llnafiy, a woman who was or swimming at the beach pulled the man to shore but he wasn't responsive. the police department issued a statement tonight saying the fire department isn't certified to do rescues off the beach. the coast guard, they say, was called but they arrived too late. oakland police are investigating a deadly double shooting after gun fire broke out near the headquarters of a local motorcycle club last night. the shooting happened around than:30 on ept national boulevard near 88th avenue. following the annual memorial day party hosted by the east bay dragon's motorcycle club. today, mourners gathered around a curbside shrine for the victims. 28-year-old la toya kenny, a union city mother of two, and 29-year-old eric bush, a father
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of three. in front of the club, tire mark are burned into the pavement from the side show that began after the party. >> like young kids having fun, everything. the next thing you know, p.o.ow pow, pow. one got killed, one was wounded. she is still in the hospital fighting for her life. >> reporter: a member of the motorcycle club says the barbecue had ended long before the side show began. that grandmother accused of stealing her own granddaughter from contray, costa to pass her off as her own baby is expected back in the ba area tomorrow. the sheriff there's transport erica from the l.a. couldn't jail where she is being held on $5 million bail to contra costa. she is accused of breaking into her son's home just outside pittsburgh and kidnapping her 4-month-old little granddaughter and taking that baby to southern california where she planned to raise the baby as her own. the baby is luckily back home with her parents and her three
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siblings. friends in los angeles say she had faked a pregnancy, set up a nursery, and had planned to raise her as her own baby. she will be charged with burglary and kidnapping. taking a moment now to remember. this memorial day, hundreds packed mountain view cemetery in oakland to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country. this year marks the 70th anniversary of america's involvement in world war ii. at the presidio, more than 2,000 gathered wanting to express their appreciation for those who did and still do put everything on the line. >> as we thought it would be great to put flowers on the graves of those who fought in the military and lost their lives so we could have ours. and it is special because we've lost loved one in the war as well. >> while today's sarm at the presidio focused on world war ii
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veterans, the san francisco national cemetery dates back to the 18 fricti46 war with mexico. more than 35,000 veterans and their dependents are buried there. he is already up and about and looking ahead. a message to his fans from buster posey. and what he's saying about the 2012 baseball season. it's a $10,000 plus bill from the city and i think they're passing the cost of infrastructure on to the individual citizens. one stinky stand-off that could cost homeowners thousands. what one bay area city is doing that could soon be coming to your corner of the bay area. the smart phone versus the point and shoot. which takes better pictures? don't buy either until you see what we found. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. pretty cool out there and some clouds that moved in. 66 in san jose. 60 in san francisco. we'll be tracking some showers
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and also some thunderstorms in the coming days, and check this out. a water spout caught on camera heading . re o athaisngzieoma tid vla more of this
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a potentially smelly situation underground is causing a problem above ground. it involves miles of sewer lines that the city says it doesn't have to maintain anymore. tonight the story you will see only on nbc bay area news. >> reporter: michelle bloomstein is crying foul on a situation she believes just stinks. >> it's a $10,000 plus bill from the city and i think they're passing the cost of infrastructure on to the individual citizens. >> reporter: bloomstein is one of nine san leandro homeowners in the triangle who may be forced to shell out several thousand dollars. >> so all of this that we have is now useless. >> reporter: because of a new city ordinance, homeowner like
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bloomstein could be hit with a $10,000 bill in order to pay to move and reconnect the lateral sewer lines that run on their private property to the new mainline. >> we expect sewers, police, fire, roads, and street lights. these are all basic infrastructure that we expect from our taxes. >> reporter: the city argues they are only legally responsible for paying the mainline and providing a point of connection. not the privately owned connecting lines. >> there is nothing wrong these people's laterals. what is happening with the city is that the city is moving the main. is abandoning sewer mains that we've paid for. we've paid the city for for 100 years. >> reporter: but other residents says the city has maintained backyard sewers for decades. >> everybody around here sort of converges right here. >> reporter: and believing forcing residence to pay is a scary road to go down. >> because this is an issue of city infrastructure which is going to strike every city in california. if san leandro can abandon what
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had a always been their infrastructure, this could happen to anybody. nbc bay area news. pg & e will be testing a gas line in newark. it is part of performing pressure tests on natural gas boom lines that have traits similar to the one that's exploded in san bruno. eight people died and 38 homes were destroyed in the blast and resulting fire. the newark test will be on a pipe that runs west of the lake district. the process is expected to start tomorrow and be finished by june 24nd. game on. a thumb's up for buster posey one day after successful surgery to repair his right ankle. today he had a message for his young fans. yesterday's surgery was successful and i'm going to do everything i can to be back, better than ever in 2012. i've also had some too many to read through the thousands of posts. he went on to say i want to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and well
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wishes. it has meant a lot to me and my family and we appreciate the support. posey was injured last week in a collision at home plate that you saw right here this network. he had season ending surgery. the second year catcher is expected to be on crutches for about two months but he should be able to walk on his own hopefully by september. one suspect in the brutal attack on giants fan bryan stow is still at large tonight and sloppy record keeping could be to blame. two months and hundreds of billboards later, the lapd managed to camden you are giovanni ramirez. one of the suspects in the case. ramirez might have been captured sooner if parole agents had entered vital information about his appearance into their computer system. details like the tear drop tattoo under has eye and a dodgers tattoo on his neck which did ultimately lead to his capture. tonight ramirez is in custody but another suspect and the woman who drove get-away car are still at large. bryan stow, by the way, still
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remains in a coma in critical condition at sf general. let's talk pictures. family snap shots. is your phone taking the place of your digital camera? more and more people are using their cell phones instead of a traditional point and shoot. are you sure changing your memorieshen you do that? the answer may surprise you. >> three -- >> one, two, and three -- >> one, two, and three. >> reporter: it's picture day at the park and i'm taking most of the pictures. one, two, and -- three. snapping photos of random people to find out one thing. can cell phone cameras really compete with traditional point and shoot digital cameras? >> i'm working on a project. i need to you stand there so know take your pictures three times. he have within i stopped, the same routine. one picture with the apple much phone 4. one with a droid thunderbolt.
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and one with a moderately priced cannon power shot digital camera. times are changing and so are the ways people capture their memories. >> i use a camera. >> she uses her phone. >> when i want a picture, i grab the camera. when i am right there, i grab my phone. >> the phone is easier to grab because i've got to pull the camera out of the bag. >> lately, the phone. because i had it most of the time. >> reporter: are we short changing our memories when we choose a phone over a camera? >> they're pretty surprising. >> reporter: chad printed out our pictures on 18 by 20 inch strips so we could compare the three photos side by side. >> i would say it's really hard to nail down which one do better where. >> reporter: in some of the 4 bix 6 inch pictures, the dig attempt camera was the clear winner. then on another strip it was the cell phone. the iphone in one. the thunderbolt in another. they even held up when we blew
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the pictures up to 8 x 10. >> would you say the more you shot did better here? >> i would say so. the series boift, i would give it to the thunderbolt. >> i feel like this is point and shoot. >> reporter: the college students at this photography class looked over the results of our tests. many had a hard time picking between the cell phones and the camera. >> it is hard. it's difficult. you expect to see like different details. >> i still stick to my camera. i use my camera. >> i'm really impressed with the droid. >> reporter: while why are phone may be able to take pictures with a point and shoot camera, there is a big difference. printing pictures. with the phone, people aren't doing it. >> most of the people are probably e-mailing them to a friend and they're not saving those images for future use. >> the pictures live on my phone more than anywhere else. i mean, i'm at a photo lab and i'm not even printing them out as often as i should. >> it is great for communication and sharg but definitely very,
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very scary in terms of collecting memories and thing we will need later to look at. >> reporter: so something needs to change to get our digital memories safely saved or printed out. the cameras on these phones are not going away. they will get better and better. >> i might be changing a class one day in camera phone 101. >> one, two, and three. i'm bob hanson for nbc bay area news. i still need a camera. a news helicopter in australia caught an amazing sight off the coast of sydney. check it out. a water spout. inside that spout winds can reach up to 60 miles an hour. they've been known to pick up sea life off the ocean and then just dump it on land. a heavy storm across the coast north of sydney resulted in three additional water spouts, too. like tornadoes, water spouts often appear in clusters.
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in this case we're happy to report that no one was hurt. another evidence of wild weather we're seeing all over the place, including right here. not quite as severe but certainly not typical. >> definitely. we did have the seven tornadoes reported just last week in northern california. and another layer of this weird weather. take a look at this. in santa rosa for the month of may, we had 2.18 inches. in january, one. and january is when we should have been getting that rainfall but we were well below average. also these temperature down into the 60s today. 68 in los dpat he is on, 66 in livermore. only 59 in san rafael and 62 in santa rosa. a little chilly out there. showers to the north. those are starting to push in and that's what we'll be seeing oh the next 24 hours. already dropping to 55 in san jose. 52 in napa and 53 in santa rosa.
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in no time we'll be dropping down into the 40s. we'll look at the isolated showers as we head throughout tuesday. we'll stay in the cooler side in the 60s. and still looking at some isolated thunderstorms and hoe average temperatures. here's the system over the next 48 hours. that will bring us these showers and temperatures in the 60s for tuesday and throughout wednesday, that's when we'll see the best and most instability in the mid to upper levels to bring us the possibility of thunderstorms. let's get a look as we head into tomorrow morning. our rain models aren't showing wide sped heavy rainfall. where that instability develops, that's when we'll see the isolated showers. we'll see that through 11:00 a.m. by the yachb and evening hours we'll get in on some sunshine from the north down to the south bay. this will also mean in the next 48 hours, the sierra no, not heavy amounts but one to three inches. right here across lake tahoe as we head into wednesday and for thursday.
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no snowfall across the bay area but record setting lows. 47 in santa rosa and 48 in napa. for tomorrow, averaging 10 to 15 degrees below where we should be for most have these locations. 66 in livermore and 67 in los gatos. san francisco, 63. and san mateo, 64. and well inland, instead of 80s look we should have this time of year, we're going to keep it in the 60s. 66 in concord and 65 in santa rosa. the seven-day forecast, you can get more on any traveling delays on the weather channel on cable. you can see by friday, saturday and sunday we're keeping a chance of showers each and every day. i heard from somebody earlier that if you click your heels twice, you can make this all go away. >> i'll to have practice that. i'll get my ruby red slippers out. >> thank you very much. coming up, hackers get llweesa red a well respected website. we'll show you what they did and
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rapper too manyack alive and well in new zealand? that was the story posted on the website. hackers cracked the hackers' website and posted the phony story claiming that he was alive. he was shot and killed in las vegas almost 15 years ago. but a group complaining about a recent front line investigative news report about wikileaks on pbs did post the story claiming
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responsibility for the hack. >> why? >> they were upset. sports. stirring. ballparks across the bo both the giants and a's part of ceremonies honoring the troops.
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good evening. the giants opening a four-game set in st. louis today. the first time they've sustain cardinals since the home opener at china basin and a couple of big blasts leading the way. a patriotic showing with respect for the troops in the gateway city. 90 degrees at game time before the fireworks started. top two of the scoreless game, isn't scoreless anymore. with the boss at work on this holiday, cody ross cranks one to center for his fourth run of the season. then brandon crawford continues to impress. called up days ago from single a.
11:29 pm
just before the game was blown wide open by andres torres, the grand slam part of the game. helping bumgarner. the a's at the coliseum facing the yankees and dallas braden, part of the festivities out of the season for shoulder surgery, traded uniform with a u.s. army specialist. mark braden, no relation. on a day full of tributes to the troops, trevor day hillacahill. the two-run homer by mark texeira doesn't help. more damage in the first coming off the bat of robinson canno. the a's had nothing going offensively while bartolo colon continues to impress after not pitching at all last season, he throws a four-hit shutout looking like his cy young self.
11:30 pm
the a's fall to start the three-game series. an east bay native we watched for years, easily one of the bette in the nba to never have won a championship ring gets the chance again. starting tomorrow, lebron james and dwyane wade will be hosting the dallas mavericks in game one of the nba finals. for 38-year-old former cal bear jason kidd, this is likely the oakland native's last shot at a title. he was not about dallas the last too many they faced the heat. that was in 2006. in back to back years, he was on new jersey nets teams that also lost both shots at a championship. now kidd knows the experience on their side but it will take much more than just that. >> patience is one thing. and also, just understanding the game of basketball can be very nice and cruel at the same time. so you have to, we're enjoying this moment but we have to try to find a way to win four games. >> so you hope jason gets a shot
11:31 pm
at it. keep in mind the nhl finals, vancouver and boston, though the sharks aren't there, they're here. whether we like it or not, it's wednes00 5:., p.m r5:00 p.m nbc bay >> i'm ignoring it. p
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million of americans celebrated memorial day their way. >> in los angeles today, they celebrated in the buff. well, almost in the buff. but buff was the name of the game it's a muscle beach. body build contestants competed from all over the world. many members of the armed forces. because this was a day to remember men and women who have sacrificed for our country, a flyover by an air force c-17 was especially appreciated. >> very nice. >> that is definitely southern california style. >> thank you very much for joining us. "the tonight show" is up next. millions of of babies in california are exposed to the harmful toxin bpa. not in the air but in baby
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bottles. nine states have already restricted bpa. california should be tenth. bpa is a synthetic hormone used in plastics, including sippy cups and baby bottles. the chemical can leach into children's drinks. studies show bpa is linked to serious problems including early puberty and cancer. canada was first to ban it in baby bottles. the european union was next. now china is considering a ban. we believe as with so many reforms, the bay area can make the difference for california. demand that we limit the use of bpa. we support assembly bill 1319.cs barter with our


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