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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> reporter: good morning. i'm christie smith live in oakland. it's almost the fourth of july, coming up we're going to be talking about fines for using illegal fireworks and ways that you can stay safe this holiday. that story coming up. >> plus, keeping bullets out of back packs, why one east bay city is saying enough is enough and how schools are cracking down, and no more life in the fast lane for hybrid drivers. why your morning commute is about to get more crowded. it's friday, july 1, and this is today in the east bay.
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>> good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. it's 4:30. let's start with an east bay forecast, a july forecast and christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. it's heating up around here, scott mcgrew. we've got a warm east bay day. a live look at oakland, 61 degrees out there, 70% humidity. winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. as we head throughout the day today, if you live in the east bay the closer you get to the bay the cool ter temperatures will be. i'm talking about 90s in concord, livermore today, i've got the full forecast coming up. right now let's check your traffic with christina loren. good morning to you. we're looking at slow westbound near the bay bridge. we do have the metering lights off as you can imagine. it's light out there because of the holiday. and let's take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is very, very light. we'll let you know if the holiday rush picks up.
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right now back to you, scott. >> mike's not late to work, he has the day off. they can be dangerous, this time of year, they can cost you big time as well. christie smith is live in oakland with that warning about fireworks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, firefighters and police are talking about a couple of things, one is that it's going to be hot and dry this fourth of july which means higher than normal fire danger to keep in mind if you're using fireworks. around the bay area in cities and counties it's a mixed bag where you can and can't use safe and sane fireworks. we're standing at one of the fire stations where they have collection bins to get illegal fireworks off the streets. if you are caught with fireworks you can be fined up to $1,000 in the city, police and fire will be patrolling looking for people setting them off. we have youtube video of what not to do. there was someone shooting fireworks toward a b.a.r.t.
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train, possessing large quantities of fireworks could get you jail time, and fines of up to 5,000 to $10,000. there's also the danger factor involved with burns, even losing limbs, last year according to one consumer group about 8,600 people landed in the hospital due to fireworks-related injuries. and they are saying even sparklers can burn up to 3,000 degrees. we're going to be talking about more on locations where you can and can't use safe and sane fireworks here in the bay area. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, today in the east bay. >> thank you. seven students brought guns to school in berkeley this year alone. the school board says it will add security guards, offer gun violence and prevention education for students and add new hall monitors who will look for suspicious activities at entrances at berkeley high school and berkeley technical
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academy. about tut board decided against installing metal detectors and dropped the idea of closing berkeley high at lunch. a total of seven students have been arrested and expelled for bringing guns to school during six separate incidents. >> well, she left home for a job interview, never came home. now after nearly 30 agonizing years an east bay family finally getting some closure. this morning we are hearing from detectives who cracked the mystery surrounding the disappearance of 21-year-old lou ellen burleigh. >> reporter: investigators and a family held on believing they would find closure in the case. from the moment she was abducted in pleasant hill to the dna match of one of her bones 34 years later they never gave up hope. >> it was time for her to be
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found. >> after 34 years searching investigators from walnut creek an napa county confirmed a bone found was from 21-year-old lou ellen burleigh. >> it's a pretty good feeling. >> reporter: the break came eight years ago when this man, roger kibbe, the so-called i5 strong ger confessed to killing her. investigators took him a number of times to the lake, only to find nothing. >> it was pretty discouraging to put that much effort into nothing. >> reporter: then earlier this year, after looking at area photos and maps investigators narrowed the search to a specific creek bed. after five minutes of searching they find a hip bone. >> it's just nothing short of a miracle being able to see a sizable corner after bone sticking out. >> tests confirm the bone was from lou ellen burleigh.
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investigators flip to washington where the family now lives to break the news. >> she never expected us to find anything of her daughter. and you can tell that she was relieved as a mom to finally have a piece of her daughter back. >> there were times during our talk that you know, i think tom and i both had lumps in our throat and you know, the family was very, very happy. >> reporter: in the quiet pleasant hill neighborhood where ellen grew up, long time neighbors say it was nice to finally have closure, 34 years later. >> it was still sad and -- but i'm sure that it's better to have it finalized to know finally, you know. >> it was also emotional time for all of us involved. we've been tied up with this case for many, many years. >> reporter: investigators will hand over her remains to the family for burial in the family plot in oregon. george kiriyama, "today in the east bay." >> overnight in oakland lawmakers agreed on a budget
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hours before the midnight deadline. the new city budget closes a $58 million gap and will be good for the next two years. much of the budget relies on sweeping concessions from city workers including pay cuts, pension reform and raising the retirement age among police and firefighters. mayor quan says the budget deal is bittersweet. >> never can be happy when you have to make cuts but it saves our core programs, the libraries, the park and rec programs, but we're not done. i'm still asking the city council to put on the ballot and help us pass truly what's a fair share budget. >> the mayor says the city council may still have to put an $80 parcel tax on the city ballot. for the first time in years california has an on time budget. governor brown signed the spending plan yesterday, not surprisingly there is a problem. local redevelopment agencies are threatening legal action over
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part of the deal that requires them to send more money to schools and local governments. >> what they have done is set up an extortion scheme where they say if you don't give us x amount of dollars, that we're going to abolish you. >> opponents say the move violates prop 22 which bars the state from using redevelopment money to plug budget holes. but budget backers and governor brown says the plan is sound and legal. the temporary tax, by the way, passed in 2009, disappeared while you were sleeping. sales, vehicle and income taxes expired at midnight. >> let's check win christina who is doing double duty. >> good morning. don't get taxed by the hot weather today. it is going to move in very rapidly. 10 degrees plus where we ended up yesterday. in the 90s. take a look at this ridge. hunl ridge of high pressure taking the storm track into
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canada. this area all the way from the california coast out through the eastern pacific. that's high pressure keeping things warm. it's moving in, we have the sinking air, so i think we'll see fog this morning. mostly along the coast. as we zoom into the east bay, mostly clear, it's a gorgeous start, temperatures mild this morning. it's going to be hot. let's take you through your hour by hour forecast. 58 livermore, 60 in concord and 54 in oakland. we're headed toward upper 80s by noon in some cities, fairfield 89, 82 in concord and 86 degrees in livermore. we keep rising in temperatures we head through the next couple of days. sunday looks like the warmest day, and places like livermore, concord, you will be in the triple digits. so make sure you're ready for that especially if you have outdoor plans. a lot of people like to hit the water and if you're doing that play it safe out there. 90 in concord. 89 in almost. and 91 degrees in fairfield.
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mike has the day off, he has a well-deserved vacation so i'm going to cover traffic for you. it's going to be light as you can imagine. it could pick up later today. i want to remind everybody ferry service is canceled due to the golden gate ferry strike. you need to take a bus or drive so allow enough time for that. a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic good. you can see we don't have dense fog in this area yet. could be a factor. we'll let you know throughout the morning. back to you, scott. >> thank you. 4:40. b.a.r.t. putting the the breaks on regular fare hikes. b.a.r.t. is delaying the fare hike to january 1 next year. the same cannot be said for other transit agencies. you have to pay more to get around the bay area on the bay bridge, and all six of the other state-owned bridges, in the bay area. tolls are going up for vehicles with more than twoaxles.
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the san francisco municipal transportation agency is raising on monthly passes for an adult $1 for seniors and those with disabilities. cable cars jump from 5 to $6 and the city's annual parking pass will cost $2 more. caltrain will add 25 cents to its base as well. starting today the yellow and red hybrid stickers will not get you out of a ticket if you're in a carpool lane. hybrid drivers stay in the regular lanes. chp says drivers with the yellow sticker have been warned. there is no grace period for drivers who do not follow the new rule. the old hybrid stickers are phased out to make way for green stickers coming in january. those stickers are only for cleaner plug-in cars. >> coming up is some out-of-towner taking your kid's spot at uc-berkeley.
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while the cal class is setting itself apart from all of the other ucs. and we have a contend tear take on the ipad? a peek at the touch pad before it hits stores.
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>> it's 4:44. christina sin for mike. we'll check traffic 18 bit. one third of next year's
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freshman class at cal will be from other states and countries. this fall uc-berkeley will have the lowest percentage of freshmen from california. that is not coincidence. driving the out-of-state numbers uc-berkeley's chancellor says the university trying to attract out-of-state students in tough budget times because they pay much higher tuition. fees are going up 8% across the board at uc campuses for the fall semester. >> the treasury secretary confronts the rumor mills and it's jobs friday for all of that let's turn to nicole lapin. good morning. >> hey, good morning, scott. happy friday to you. futures are flat as wall street kicks off the second half of the year and the third quarter and wraps up the week. the first half of course ended on a bullish note helped by greece's effort. and despite the end the qe 2.
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asian markets rose. europe is flat but we get data out this morning, manufacturing, construction spending and consumer sentiment. yesterday the dow rising 152, 12,414 is where we closed. the nasdaq added 33 to 2773. for the big news today is tim geithner saying he is staying on the job at least for the foreseeable future. geithner is downplaying some reports that he may leave the obama administration once a deal is raised to raise the debt limit. he was asked during a session with former president bill clinton yesterday. geithner says his family is moving to new york so his son can finish high school there. but he will commute back and forth so he says but the rumor mill as you can imagine is spinning as to who might replace him, if he does go. names that popped up recently j.p. morgan's ceo and jeff imelt. also mortgage rates are holding for a third week.
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the average wait on a 30 year fixed is 4.5%. also pretty tentative signs of improvement in the housing market. those are the latest out of cnbc. >> nicole, thank you. the latest to get in the tablet business is hp. here is scott budman with a look at the touch pad which goes on sale today. >> yes, we have been talking a lot about tablets. this one a lot of people have been waiting for. it's from hp. >> is it powerful enough and big enough. >> with all of the attention paid to tablet computers, hp face as huge challenge. the silicon valley giant is famous in the tech industry. when it comes to tablets it's behind. >> this is the hp touch pad. >> now trying to make up ground with this, the touch pad. it looks familiar with a big difference.
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its operating system a. user interface or ui, hp got when it bought palm computing. >> when people use the touch pad, they pick it up in the store, when they give it a try, what they are going to find is that we have a ui that's like none other. >> but hp face answer uphill battle. we're used to the apple tablet and android tablets. hp, they are known for what's on your desk. >> pc sales are slowly diminishing. and tablet sales and mobile sales are going through the roof and hp doesn't get into that game and doesn't get into that game in a big way, it stands to lose. >> what we've seen is that people are computing more. they are taking their devices with them everywhere they go, kind of filling the white spaces in their day with more time on line, more time computing. >> it's thin, light, has a camera, and a bunch of apps. similar to other tablets with a different feel.
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thanks to a palm it brought on board. scott budman, "today in the east bay." >> it is 4:48. let's check in with christina and our first july day. good morning. >> it's going to feel like july. good morning to you, scott. we have a big holiday weekend, temperatures are going to be really warm especially for you in the east bay as we head through the next couple of days. today i'm forecasting 90s in places like livermore and concord. so make sure if you work outside you drink lots of water and seek shade when you can. as you can see high pressure is the reason why taking that storm track well out of the area. that rain that we had tuesday, record rainfall, a thing of the past. we don't have any rain in the forecast for at least the next 10 days. high pressure is going to stay in control. our temperatures will be hot and i want to make sure everybody's aware of that. we have a holiday weekend. fourth of july fireworks time. about 8:35, temperatures should be nice and mild in the east bay. i'm forecasting around 82
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degrees on independence day. at 8:30 so. nice and comfortable. if you will be out and about that afternoon, lots of water. 58 degrees in hayward, 58 in livermore and 60 in concord. by noon, 89 degrees in fairfield. this ridge is strong and building in quickly. 86 degrees in livermore. at noon and 82 in concord. then we'll round out the the day, high temperatures at about 4:00 p.m. this time of year at 89 in livermore, 90 in concord and 91 degrees in fairfield. very warm as well in the south bay. and if you're headed to work in oakland. 80 degrees. headed to san francisco, 75. that is the place to be if you want the cool weather. here's what we're looking like in terms of the rest of the weekend. sunday, 93 on independence day. then our temperatures start to level off a little bit, scott. still above average for this time of year. and wednesday, thursday, friday, temperatures stay in that 90-degree range so it's going to be kind of hot for a while. back to you. >> thank you. you mentioned this as well,
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christina. skiing at tahoe even though the forecast is 80 up there, why you should pack swim trunks along with your snowshoes. where is samuel l. jackson when you need him. how you can get this snake off the streets. the scariest missing pet ad ever.
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>> it's 4:53 as we look at the bay bridge this morning. if you are packing for a holiday
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weekend in tahoe, you got a bit of a head scratcher. should you bring shorts or snow gear. there will ablimited number of ski runs open this holiday weekend. this season there has been nearly double the average snowfall around lake tahoe, that's 67 feet falling in squaw valley, 52 feet in alpine meadows, if you are not in snow supports, temperatures around the lake are expected to be around 80 degrees this weekend so. something for everyone. let's check in with marla in the newsroom. good morning. >> good morning to you. we're following the search for one man swept over a bridge and into the reservoir. another man also swept in the water died. it's going to be busy in the back country. there is a lot of snow runoff. so park rangers urge campers and hikers to be extra careful. also a strike by golden gate
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ferry ticket takers shut down the ferry system. we'll tell you how commute commuters can get to work. we'll have cool whale video to show you off the coast. and we'll tell you about new laws that take effect today, that cover everything from traffic school to styrofoam. >> thank you, marla. >> california miners looking for a fake tan may have to stick to the sun f. a proposed law passes teens younger than 18 would be barred from tanning salons. the concern is skin cancer. california teens under 14 right now are banned from tanning beds. any one younger than 18 needs a parent's permission. the bill would make it illegal for anybody under 18 to visit a tanning bed. it will be reviewed by the assembly policy committee on tuesday. >> is your wallet going the way of 8 tracks and the walk man? if you believe scott thompson, yes, the president of pay pal in
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a posting to the blog he says by 2015 we'll no longer need carry a wallet. thompson says consumers are giving up cash and checks even debit cards now making payments online and through their mobile phones. thompson says he thinks by 2015 digital currency will be accepted from local corner stores to big chains. >> and we have seen all kinds of lost pet flyers posted on street corners and poles but this did catch our attention. lost snake, ball python, 4 feet long. this photo was taken june 28 so this could still be on the loose. look around your hot water heater the sign says. apparently the snake is looking for heat sources. >> coming up, foam is for lattes, not cups. the push to ban styrofoam as marla said. plus parking in the bay area's city about to get pricey in time for the holiday weekend.
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for all of your news and weather and traffic you can check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area morning news. today in the bay starts in two minutes.
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>> are you heading in to work in one of these today? not today. i'm damian trujillo. i'll explain. >> i wasn't a threat to the officers. i was in handcuffs. >> put down hard by police, a mother is fighting back pointing the finger at the cops who arrested her. she says they went too far. >> reporter: good morning. i'm christie smith live in oakland. it's almost the fourth of july, do you know where you can and can't use safe and sane fireworks in the bay area? co're going to talk about that


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