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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  July 5, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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is still among the missing. his family is hoping beyond hope that he managed to make it to shore or is somehow on some part of a sandbar or island, and that that's where rescuers will find him. and it is the same hope that another group of friends is holding out in the north bay. pete zueger was smiling when he and seven fishing buddies left his novato home. this is where his wife saw him next, being rescued by the mexican navy and coast guard. >> i've seen pictures. he looks exhausted. >> reporter: he was among 44 people on board the fishing boat, the erik, when it capsized in stormy waters at 2:30 sunday morning. >> they said it was dark so they couldn't see anything. it just happened -- him and his best friend joe, they heard each other's voices and said, "pete, is that you?" "joe, is that you?" they stayed together on the coolers and when the boat came by the two got into it.
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>> reporter: pete and joe were adrift for 13 hours. when they were rescued, they realized the nightmare wasn't over. >> he's okay, and the other seven are okay that in his group. but they're worried about russ. who hasn't been found yet. >> reporter: the men tell their wives that as long as their friend reduce russell bautista at sea, they will not come home. >> they'll stay until russ comes back. they don't want to come home without russ. >> reporter: now the u.s. square assisting in the search. -- coast guard is assisting in the search. almost immediately they sent a chopper to the cia where the boat capsized. a c-130 hercules left sacramento for mexico to assist. they say the more eyes the better. coming up at 6:00, we'll talk more with the family of the man who is still missing and why they think that they can legitimately hold out hope. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. you've seen her face for the past three years. a missing 2-year-old who would never be found alive.
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her mother, casey anthony, was the prime suspect, and her seemingly carefree attitude spent partying while her daughter was missing only transfixed this nation even more. but today, it all came to an end when she was found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee. nbc bay area's vicky nguyen picks up the story from there. to the charge of first-degree murder, verdict as to count one. we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty -- >> reporter: after deliberating ten hours and 44 minutes over a day and a half, the jury of five men and seven women made its decision just before 2:00 this afternoon, telling the court and the world they did not believe casey anthony killed her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. >> as to the charge of aggravated child abuse, verdict as to count two, we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty. as to the charge of aggravated manslaughter of a child. verdict as to count three, we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: casey anthony broke down crying, hugging her
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attorneys. at one point mouthing the words "thank you." prosecutors sat in stunned silence as the defense team celebrated. anthony smiling openly for the first time in front of the jury. >> casey did not murder caylee. it's that simple. and today our system of justice has not dishonored her memory by a false conviction. >> reporter: she was found guilty on four lesser counts of providing false information to a law officer. the maximum sentence for those offenses is four years, and she will likely get credit for the three years she has already served waiting for trial. the decision marks the end of a trial that lasted more than six weeks and a tragedy that stretched out over three years. caylee first thought to be missing until six months later when her remains were found in this wooded swamp near her grandparents' home. for investigators, the grisly discovery sealed their case against her mom.
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the evidence from their investigation all circumstantial, and more than 4 hundred items. the testimony from dozens of witnesses all played out in courtroom 23, leaving an impression on the jury that for the first time was made public this afternoon. casey anthony -- not guilty in the death of her little girl. nbc bay area news. here in the bay area, the search is on for a missing cyclist who disappeared in the east bay hills during the 4th of july weekend. no one close to 29-year-old mike martin has seen or heard from him since saturday evening. now he is a former professional cyclist now earning his ph.d. in physics at u.c. berkeley. so far the only sign of martin is a cell phone recovered by another cyclist on tunnel road in berkeley. tonight, the missing man's girlfriend tells nbc bay area he had been fasting and had not eaten solid food in three days. >> he's of the athlete
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mentality, you know, and he's been able to do these things in the past. go on 150-mile bike rides in one day. >> berkeley police are searching for clues along tunnel road. they're looking for martin's fluorescent green bike. if you have information that could help locate mike martin, you're asked to contact berkeley police. three different fires broke out overnight in east contra costa county. illegal fireworks could be at least part of the reason why. investigators say fireworks ignited a fire on weldon lane in pittsburgh, destroying a garage in the process. meanwhile, fire officials are still trying to determine if fireworks started two nearby brush fires. one fire was just off the port chicago highway while the other was at the intersection of solano and sassoon avenues. fireworks are not allowed in contra costa county. the bart police department continues to defend itself two days after a deadly shooting. officials say the man killed on the platform of the civic center station in san francisco on
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sunday night by a bart police officer used a bottle as a weapon, as well as a knife, before he was fatally shot. according to bart's police chief, the man threw a nearly full bottle of liquor at the two responding officers, breaking it before moving forward with a knife. one of the officers had a stun gun but chose not to use it. >> the deadly force situation, there has to be eminent danger to either a passenger, patron, a citizen or officer at the scene. that's part of the deadly force decision. >> the bart p.d. also urges anyone who might have been on the platform during the shooting to come forward with their side of the story. encouraging news on beaten giants fan bryan so it's condition. he is in critical condition, but his fever's been down since june 29. it turns out he does not have any infections. we're told this could mean doctors may be able to perform a procedure that will help him with his responsiveness. his family is still playing
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music, reading cards, and talking to him. stow was brutally beaten at dodger stadium on march 31. the santa clara city council it tackling the issue of how to go about getting the proposed 49ers' stadium built. the council will meet to talk about the next phase in building the stadium next to the great america amusement park. now on the agenda for tonight, looking for subcontractors to work on the stadium as well as entering an agreement that will eventually allow fans to buy seat licenses. last week, the 49ers announced they have already sold $138 million worth of luxury suites. the goal is to have the stadium open at the start of the 2015 nfl season. a bill under intense pressure that would protect californians against high insurance rate hikes is scheduled for a vote tomorrow. the bill would allow the state insurance commissioner or the department of managed health care to reject increases deemed
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excessive. legislators worked through the holiday weekend to alter parts of the bill drawing fire from opponents. the commissioner can already reject rate hikes for other types of insurance while 34 other states and the district of columbia provide oversight over health rates. from french fries to chips, some of life's best temptations are just so hard to avoid. coming up, why the reason behind a lack of resistance may not be our own fault. >> reporter: i'm marianne favro here at stanford where researchers studied 192 pairs of twins in california to learn more about the triggers of autism. i'll have that story coming up. the dmv giving drivers a break. the up side of the budget backup. and the golden state is getting ready for a british invagi invasi invasion, but the paparazzi might be shut out of getting that perfect shot. good afternoon, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. warm to hot again today with gilroy coming in at 100 now. livermore, 98.
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it turns out environmental factors play a larger role in autism than previously thought. that's the finding from researchers at stanford university. nbc bay area's marianne favro is here now to tell us how the study was done and what it means to parents. this study looked at twins in california. so researchers were able to look at children that shared the same
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genes but only one of them developed autism. and that's one reason why scientists say environment both in the womb and after birth play a bigger role in triggering autism. it's a question parents of children often ask -- why does my child have autism. for years scientist thought the answer was only in the genes. but new research at stanford is shedding light on other triggers. >> using state records, scientists here at stanford identified 192 pairs of twins in california where at least one of the children had some form of autism. the children studied were from diverse backgrounds. scientists found that while genes twins share can increase the risk of getting autism, the genes shared in the womb and after birth may increase the risk even more. one author says the research shows both the environment and genetics play an equal role. >> what we think about our study -- it shows about roughly
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half is genetic and the other half is environmental. >> reporter: the study did continue identify specific environmental factors, but the doctor hopes his research will launch more studies into what happens in the womb and soon after birth that may increase a child's chance of developing autism. at the pacific autism center for education in santa clara, executive director kurt alt says he's concerned the study may cause parents of autistic kids to feel guilt. >> i hope that this study only provides awareness about the impact of environment and doesn't cause people to get alarmed about the cause being -- the result of a particular action. there isn't just one action or one sequence of actions that causes this. >> reporter: some of the environmental factors that may influence a child developing autism might be parental age, low birth rates, and maternal infections during pregnancy. stanford researchers hope scientists will now take a broad perspective and examine the role these factors may play. marianne favro, nbc bay area
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news. >> thank you. california drivers who must renew their registration in july or next month in august now have an extra 30 days to get it done. the extension is the result of a vehicle registration backlog due to the budget battle in sacramento. officials with the dmv say they put all registrations on hold until a new budget clearly defined vehicle fees. if your registration is due, expect a renewal notice in the mail before your expiration date. again, you'll will have that additional 30 days to renew. we've been told all law enforcement are aware of the backlog and will not pull you over even if you're driving out of state. a debris wave roughly the size of california from japan's catastrophic earthquake and tsunami is steadily making its way to our beaches. scientists say the wreckage will reach the hawaiian islands by next spring, and beaches in california, oregon, and washington by 2013 or early 2014.
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computer models show debris moving east at approximately ten miles a day spread over an area about 350 miles wide and 1,300 miles long. while it's hard to determine what will sink and what will actually wash up on our shores, it's highly unlikely the debris is radioactive because the tsunami swept it out to sea before the fukushima-daiichi nuclear plant melted down. in montana, the oil snail has polluted the yellowstone river is now even bigger. officials report oil has spread at least 15 miles from beyond the initial leak. exxonmobil officials say even though more people are hired to clean it up, getting to the break has been difficult. swift river currents and flooding has made it unsafe to send crews out. more than 40,000 gallons of oil spilled into the river before the pipeline was shut down on friday. topping our "health watch," just one glass of wine is enough to raise your blood alcohol to a level where you could be seriously injured in a car
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accident. researchers at u.c. san diego studied national data on fatal car crashes from 1994 to 2008. they found the blood alcohol level that was barely detectible, .01, was linked to accidents that were 36% more severe than those in which no alcohol was found. the legal limit in the u.s. is .08. can you eat just one? if you have a problem putting down the chips or fries, there could be a scientific reason behind it. new research suggests fatty foods trigger the body to produce chemicals similar to those found in marijuana. these chemicals spur a cycle that keeps you coming back for more because those endocanibanoids are influencing appetite. if researchers could block these in the body, they'd be able to break the drive to overeat fatty food. will and kate continue their canadian tour in the northwest territori territories, dazzling the crowd
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in yellow knife. they took in a game of street hockey where prince william took three shots on net but failed to score. they also took part in aboriginal traditions and activities. this is the sixth day of the tour. when they come to los angeles this weekend, the paparazzi may be in for a rude awakening. jail time is the punishment for taking pictures of the royal couple in certain parts of hancock park where no trespassing is enforced. they arrived on saturday -- they will arrive on saturday, i should say, and saturday evening they'll attend a black tie dinner and reception hosted by the british academy of film and television of which william is president. i'm sure they're going to get some nice weather in southern california. here in the bay area, another day of hot weather. jeff ranieri joins us with the forecast. >> yes. it looks like it's afforded you a nice tan, or is that spray? can i ask? >> no, it's natural. >> it looks great. yes. >> this is from swimming. >> well, no doubt use some spf
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with that. good advice for everybody over the next couple of days. let's look in san francisco, 75 degrees. we have the fog building up against the golden gate bridge that is going to gradually cool those temperatures as we head throughout the next three days. still very hot for a lot of us, and we are also tracking some tropical moisture moving up the southern sierra, also the central sierra, we may see activity across lake tahoe as we continue into both wednesday and also thursday's forecast. we'll have more on that coming up in my seven day. let's look at where it is the hottest. right now on the east bay, 98 in livermore. 100 in gill row. 9 -- gilroy. 79 in san francisco to 86 in san mateo. still very warm and above average yet again today. but not quite record-setting territory. as we continue through tonight, fog at the coastline. wednesday, windy to breezy at times and still hot weather inland. then we'll start to get into this pattern of fog that is going to cool us down. we need to get rid of this dry
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air that's just trapped right over california. we're going to gradually see this shift to the south and the east. all this orange and yellow, that dry air and mid level of the atmosphere. that's going to -- you know, a lot of fog will take better hold across the bay area. tomorrow we'll still call it warm, 90s inland. by thursday, we'll start to see some cooling fog arriving, and temperatures should be dropping about 10 to 15 degrees. as we head throughout tonight, you can see the fog will be continually building here offshore. and by 11:00 p.m., actually pretty good coverage. fog for the east bay, south bay, and peninsula tonight. more fog than we saw last night. although without the fog, we did get great visibility for fireworks. in san francisco, it was gorgeous. now that we're back into the grind of the workweek, you can see tomorrow we'll be starting off with mid 60s ithe south bay. tonight, plenty of 50s in the south bay. 58 in gilroy. 58 in los gatos.
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54 in santa cruz. tomorrow, well, we'll still be climbing into the 90s for the south bay. morgan hill, 94. 94 in evergreen. 92 in san jose. and 95 in dublin. and for the peninsula, 79 in san mateo and 70 in san francisco. the east bay, 79 in oakland. 92 in concord. 90 in napa, and 95 in fairfield. and for santa rosa, 89, bodega bay at 65. okay, in the seven-day forecast, you'll see -- we'll start to see temperatures dropping into the 80s by the upcoming saturday and sunday and tuesday. i'm just giving you orders here. go ahead and wash that car. yes. >> i need to. >> yes. i -- red car in the parking lot? >> no, green. but it looks more brown these days. it's been a while since i washed it. thanks, jeff. >> no problem. >> looking good. you spend a lot of money on your smartphone. why not keep it safe? up next, why keeping your iphone safe is about to become more affordable. and a jailbreak plan that apparently needed some more
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planning. how this man ended up stuffed in his own suitcase.
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this just now into the newsroom. we have a picture of the victim in that boating accident off mexico's baja, peninsula. this is leslie yee. you see him wearing a san francisco giants hat. the boat flipped over sunday morning. seven other men are still missing. nightly news will have more coming up at 5:30. here is some welcome news for anyone who has lost, broken or had their iphone stolen. at&t is offering iphone insurance beginning july 17, skonchlg available for -- skonchlg available for loss, theft, accidental damage or failure after the warranty period ends. what will it cost you? $4.99 a month for each number with a $50 or $125 deductible applied for each claim. at&t says they will replace the
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phone within the next business day in most cases, and you can only replace your phone twice in a 12-month period. san francisco mayor ed lee has decided to jump on the go-green bandwagon. yesterday, he decided to trade in former mayor good afternoon n -- gavin newsom's suv for a chevy volt. it's an electric hybrid that can run 40 miles on electric power before needing a charge. lee doesn't think he'll need to go over that amount. the one drawback is the cost. the price tag for his ride -- $39,000. almost half was paid through a federal grant. by the way, the mayor also says he plans on using a bike from time to time. a woman's love will cause her to do some crazy things. see how far oneoman went for her husband. [ bell ringing ]
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there is a 60% chance weather will not cooperate with nasa on friday when they try launching the shuttle for the fourth time. if mother nature doesn't play nice on friday, things look a lot better for blasting off on either saturday or sunday. the four astronauts including san carlos' rex walheim are preparing for the shuttle program's 135th and final flight. more than one million people are expected to flock to florida to watch the launch. prison escape foiled in what seems like a scene out of a movie. a woman gets caught trying to sneak her common law husband out of a mexican prison in a suitcase. staff noticed the woman seemed really nervous after her visit. she was pulling a black wheeled suitcase that looked bulky. when her bag was checked, they
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found the inmate curled up in the fetal position. the woman, as you can imagine, was arrested. thank you for being with us tonight. nightly news next. see you again at 6:00. i want to crush more cars.
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