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tv   Comunidad del Valle  NBC  July 10, 2011 10:00am-10:30am PDT

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hello, and welcome to "comunidad del valle." today wine and tequila tasting is an event coming up. plus the music of legends of latin rock. ♪ we begin with a veterans home that needs your help. bill and john are volunteers at
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the veterans home in california. hers here to talk about the immediate. thank you so much for coming. >> we're glad to be here. >> you sent us a power point presentation. and then we'll have some video and we'll get a story on who lived at the veterans home there. so our viewers can take a look. but this is a veterans home for those who served bravely, but there is a place on the grounds that is for family members who many can't afford a hotel room when they visit their loved ones. >> exactly. >> we need renovate the facility. >> yes. host ho hostess house. it was first thought of by an army nurse and she realized there was no place for families or friends to come and visit the veterans there, particularly ones in the hospital and they
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out to have a place. so she started out to find some funding. and she made it. and by 1952, they had their first guests in an eight unit hostess house. >> and you're doing a great job renovating this facility. how badly does it need renovation? >> it's not up to par by government regulations. and more importantly, the town of yountville has nothing but very high he said hotels and restaurants. out of the reach of most people. so the people who want to visit their loved ones are an bliged to either spend money they can't afford to spend or stay at the hostess house. and that's how it serves. >> tell us the experience of these families who are able to say there on the grounds of their loved ones as they're going new whatever they're going through.
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>> they appreciate the fact that takes low cost housing. we keep the price low so they can afford it stay there. they generally have a limit of three days. however, if there is a need and the space is available, we extended the time for them. and we try to keep it up the best we can. but after 60 years, anything kind of needs a little more effort. >> the gears need a little oiling. >> we need something better. so we're shooting for a 12 unit. >> and tell us about the fund-raising effort. are we getting there? >> we've made a modest start. we are going to decide how much exactly we need when we get who are input. so far we've raised about $200,000. we will they'd about a million eight depending upon the configuration of the building that we wind up with. so we've made a start, but we have a long way to go. >> tell us how we can help.
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>> get the word out. get people to understand what we're trying to do, the services we provide for people. and ask for an opportunity for us to go out and talk to them and to tell them face to face how important this really is for the veterans in that home. >> and this is i guess our way of giving back, maybe serving those of us who weren't brave enough to serve, let's help out those who were. >> well, if you wish, that's great. yeah. but we're just out -- we really need the help. with a little more funding, we're ready to go. >> well, if you're willing and able to help, they'll gladly take whatever you can give. i have your e-mail address
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there. is there a phone number they can call? >> yes. that e-mail is fine. the phone number is 415-246-1536. >> and there's a website. logon to that website and find out more about this veterans home in yountville. it's for those who serve our country are either rehabbing or spending their final days there at that center. thank you all so much for the work you're doing for our veterans and your efforts fund raise for this home. >> and we thank you very much for your help and exposure for it.
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>> anytime. and up next -- stay with us. g event is right around corner. with me today are part of the organizers. welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> so last year was a great success.
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tell us what we can expect. we do have a listing of most of the vendors, but tell us. >>s as someone who was not on the planning committee but was an attendee, i was blown away. e planning committee but was an attendee, i was blown away. how festive and fun. we knew proceeds were going towards a good cause and because i had so much fun last year and it was such a good use of time and money for me, i decided to join ray in planning this year. >> you can drink and be merry and help out the community at the same time. alex will be in our next segment. tell us about it this rear. it sounds like another great opportunity.
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we saw most of the vendors on there. >> ultra premium tequila and also's it's a taste of the valley. so several from napa. and we have others from the area. >> have we suddenly as what tee knows become wine connoisseurco? there's a national association, but a lot of us have grown close to the wine industry. >> i think there was an article back in may describing the wine, the con simple shon sumption of
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la tee knee communixhun latino . and it's increased 50%. >> this is kind of like what you'll be witnessing and appreciating there at the event. prepare us for this year. you were there last year. how should we train, if you will, for this event? >> well, i would definitely brush up on your wines. brush up on your dancing and your networking. it's a blast. i was not much of a wine connoisseur before going in, but it definitely helped attract me to the feel. i spent hours there. i went in thinking i'm going to go for a half hour and head out and it was 10:00 at night before i left. it was just -- plan to be there a while because you're not going to want to leave. plan to have a great experience with the wine and treats, as well. and obviously some great company. >> it's a big fiesta.
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but bottom line is this does help the community. >> yes, the three nonprofits. they're latino role model and teen challenge, a women's and children's center. only the second one in the united states. teen challenge is in about 83 countries. and the other one is a part of rotary. and they do cleft lip surgeries. they just came back from the dominican republic where they do d. did 30, but they were major surgeries. >> you sent me the link. they have this in l.a., as well. did the success of your event say, wow, we can really have a huge draw here, we need do it in l.a.? >> yes, the one in l.a. started about five years ago. there were over 1500 people. and they expect even more that.
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east l.a. meets napa, what a theme. but, yes, that's all encouraged us and that's what's happening throughout the latino or hispanic community. >> and you mentioned networking. that was the last thing on my mind when i thought about this great event. the tasting the wonderful wine and tequiakequilatequilas, but about the net talk about the networking. >> you'll see people from all over the latino community. people who are very much into the art and wean events. i think what's beautiful is it highlights the direct link, the direct intersection between our cull includ and caring for the community. you'll find anyone who cares about our community and our organization and does see and recognize that intersection between the community and caring for the broader community
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overall. through culture, through giving back, through our resources whether it be time or money in a way that celebrates us as a people. so this is a great organization. >> and there is the information on your screen. there will be food, fabulous music, and wonderful wines and tequilas to enjoy. >> and that is a gift from us to you. that was made in mexico. >> thank you very much. we might have to use it here on the show in the next couple of minutes.
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alex will be with us next, so stay with us.
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he's living the american dream with his own wine label. alex is my guess here on "comunidad del valle." also helping coordinate the upcoming wine tasting event. welcome to the show. >> thank you. it's a pleasure.
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>> tell us what we have here. this looks very, very classy. is that half of owning a label is making sure that it's classy for any wine connoisseur? >> actually, the way that we present it, it's very personal. since it has my name on it, it has to be classic, i guess. and so it's part of doing things right. making sure that the wine is up to the quality that we want to and everything else, the presentation and everything else. as i say, we try to be very professional in what we do. >> what is it that at one point made you say this is something i need to get into? >> i was in the industry working many years picking, wine maker, it was actually natural for me to start making my own label after working for a single company. and so i don't know.
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it was a risk that i took and it worked very well for me. but it got to the point where i needed to do more than just be wine maker for somebody else. >> what sets your label apart from the others? >> we focus into making more productions. some of the lots like five, serve barrels, less than 200 cases kind of thing. top quality. so we're focusing on single vineyards. we try to do the best out of those blocks, the best out of those vineyards. and we make selections on the barrels that well use for the wines. so we try to do the best out of the best.'ll use for the wines. so we try to do the best out of the best. the story may be beautiful, but we try to sell the wine itself for the professionals. >> and tell us for those of us who are kind of learning about
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the trade, if you will, on the cann can can'ter itself, do you drink the entire bottle? >> yes, actually, in most cases oxygen is probablycan'ter itsel the entire bottle? >> yes, actually, in most cases oxygen is probablycan'ter itsel the entire bottle? >> yes, actually, in most cases oxygen is probablyan'ter itselfe entire bottle? >> yes, actually, in most cases oxygen is probablyter itself, d entire bottle? >> yes, actually, in most cases oxygen is probably the biggest enemy of the wine. when we make it, we need a lot of oxygen. and then we avoid the oxygen, but when we want to drink it again, the oxygen helps to open up the wine again. if it's a young wine, two hours up to even half a day. but if it's an older wine, up to it two ho between hour two hours. if we decanter, it helps. >> tell us about your
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participation at the event. >> this is my second year it's happening. i'm actually very happy. the purpose of this event is not just to have fun, have a great drink and a great bite, but more than anything else actually to support the community. a bunch of different organizations benefit. and in fact i'm very much involved in a lot of nonprofits. it's a good way to give back to the community. >> and i do see you out there a h lot in the community. tell us about the ale lalliness alliance that you formed in napa valley. >> the purpose of putting something like that together has
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a lot of goals and a lot of -- actually ideas to do. one is to promote the community and even little kids who want to get into the industry. a lot of us struggle to actually become wine makers or to launch our own labels. and actually we wanted to facilitate for the future generations. >> and it's a strong alliance already. >> yes. in fact we are just a few of the many that we are in the valley. we are 13 members and this is actually the beginning of the organization. so we're actually the release of the ors ganization on july the 30th in the valley. >> but a week before that, you
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can taste the wines and some of the other vendors on july 22nd. alex, thank you so much. congratulations. up next on "comunidad del
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valle," the voices of latin rock.
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here is our address. remember to pick up a copy of
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our newspaper and support them all across the bay area. we thank you for allowing us in on-t to your home. we leave you now with the voices of latin rock.
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