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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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we begin with breaking news in san francisco. it's a dramatic scene. a driver loses control of her car, actually going airborne and crashing through an apartment carport. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. the 65-year-old woman was heading north on twin peaks
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boulevard and lost control and hit a parked car, then crashed through the wall of this carport. you sew the video. she landed upside down on the roof of another car. that other car was parked. she was rushed to san francisco general. there were no other people involved, thankfully. if you're familiar with this area, it's a windy and busy road. right now she's been rushed to san francisco general. sticky fingers and apparently very expensive taste. a man accused of pulling off that art heist in san francisco may have stolen expensive paintings on both coasts. police uncovering what they call a fine art museum inside his new jersey apartment. jean elle is live with more on the loot and how police tracked it down. >> reporter: jessica, police say while in jail here, suspect mark lugo called a woman and asked her for help clearing out pieces of art from his apartment in new jersey. but before she could act, police secured a search warrant and
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found a valuable stash of stolen art. the art world is buzzing over stolen stash police found in new jersey. >> it's a sophisticated list. >> reporter: peter fairbanks says if mark lugo stole seven pieces of fine art in new york, someone must have helped. >> it would be unusual for someone to necessarily know that a drawing by picasso, a water color or drawing by leger, would be something worth stealing. >> reporter: police arrested lugo after he was caught on surveillance tape, holding a picasso stolen july 5th. the owner of the gallery says he told police he knew a leger was stolen from new york just a few days before. when ny looked at surveillance tape from a string of art thefts there, they dent feed lugo as a suspect. police say they got a search warrant for his apartment after hearing the 30-year-old on a
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jailhouse phone, asking a woman in pennsylvania to help him clear art out of his house. inside his apartment, they found seven pieces of art. police say lugo's heist began june 6th. police say for about a month he snagged pricey pieces in new york, including a picasso sketch from the william bennett gallery. police say they have cracked a pricey case. >> totalling up to $500,000 worth of stolen items. >> reporter: fairbanks says art dealers know when pieces are hot and selling the loot would be nearly impossible. he has stopped a thief before. >> i recognized the painting when the lady came in. delayed her while my staff called station one. they came down. >> reporter: luckily this stolen art can now be returned. tonight, lugo's attorney says he believes his client was having a compulsive episode.
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he said he's not sophisticated enough to sell a picasso. lugo will be answering to charges in san francisco tomorrow and expected to face additional charges in new york. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. happening now, a near disaster on the runway. two planes collide in boston on the tarmac. the passengers forced to find their way home on different flights. now the investigation on what went wrong. it happened at boston international. delta flight 266 headed for amsterdam clipped the tail of a smaller jet. both were preparing for takeoff and they are now out of service while inspectors assess the damage. remarkably, no major injuries but plenty of passengers were shaken up. >> i was half a sleep. next thing you know there was a bang and we wondered what happened. the pilot comes on and says we've been clipped by the plane behind us. >> it looked close and just clipped it. the tip of the wing just was
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sheered off and i think the whole tail section, like the tail fin came off of the other plane. >> the delta jet was headed to amsterdam, the other to raleigh-durham. the wing of the delta jet clipped the tail of the smaller plane. a gruesome sight in the bay area. some woke up this morning to find a burning body in the middle of the road. tonight, we're getting some answers. it happened in the rock ridge neighborhood. we bring in cheryl hurd. this is tragic for the victim and families but horrifying for the neighbors. what's the latest? >> reporter: a gruesome reminder of what was discovered here, a burned out area right where the body was found. now, this neighborhood is located right near the freeway, and the folks who live around here say a body found here is something they will not forget for a very long time. >> may he rest in peace, may
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your family feel the love of god and know peace, too. so sorry. >> reporter: helen miller and her neighbor left these flowers at the exact spot where a burning body was discovered thursday morning in the 500 block of ivan hoe road. >> sometimes we get burglarized because we're near the freeway. so things happen. >> reporter: police received calls at 4:40 in the morning. >> we got many calls. some people were not able to identify what it was burning in the street and other people did think that it was a body. >> reporter: the woman was badly burned. it's believed she's in her early to mid 20s, possibly hispanic. >> anyone with information please call the oakland police department. you may have seen something sma looked out of the ordinary around that time this morning. so sometimes very small tips lead to the arrest. >> reporter: and those two live here just off of highway 24 are
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hoping for that big arrest. the neighborhood is monitored by a private security company and folks we talked to are very concerned. >> just unusual. it's one of those odd occurrences that hopefully they'll be able to explain soon. >> there's a lot going on in oakland. there's a concern that the police department is lacking funding. and so this is -- i don't think this has anything to do with that. i think it's a true anomaly. >> reporter: again, police need your help. tips are needed. if you have any information, contact the oakland police department. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. put a leash on pg&e or we'll see you in court, that's the message to state regulators. a letter of intent was sent demanding tighter scrutiny of pipelines to prevent another explosion.
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pg&e operated the san bruno transmission line. that notice sent today is the first step in a potential lawsuit that would force california and the feds to enforce pipeline safety laws. she's tired of running from the law. a woman charged with stealing a car with a baby still inside said that's why she decided to turn herself in to police. she walked into the morgan hill police station on monday after almost six weeks on the run. she was arraigned yesterday on charges of kidnapping, child endangerment and theft. police say her along with another suspect stole the car from this food bank on may 31st. most likely they didn't know a baby happened to be inside of that car when they stole it. police found the car and the baby safe a short while later in salinas. we need more time, that's the stance from the white house on dismantling don't ask, don't
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tell. the obama administration is asking a federal appeals court to reconsider an order to immediately end the policy that prevents gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military. last week, a court of appeals ruled the policy was no longer enforceable. the doj wants a more gradual end to the policy. a controversial change is headed to california classrooms. the history of the gay community will now be included in lesson plans. governor brown signed the bill today, making california the first state in the country requiring gay history be covered in scho.ol reaction from parents? mixed. >> great. i think it's dynamite. it's about time. >> the only recourse that parents have is to take their children out of the government school system. >> supporters say the bill will teach students to be more accepting of gays, but opponents say it's imposing homosexuality on families. a reminder to keep your
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children secure near those windows. a 5-year-old boy is receiving medical treatment after falling from a second story window in brettwood. authorities say the boy fell from an apartment in the 800 block of cardinal court, next to the dear ridge golf course. police tell us the child suffered a broken leg and had to be airlifted to a hospital. he's now at uc davis medical center. the boy's mother says she heard him playing with the window screen but was too late to pull him away before the fall. it's the most popular movie in franchise history. tonight, lining up and staying up late to say goodbye to the favorite wizard of all, harry potter. we'll be there with them. some people were trying to get to him, so we happened to be in the boat, so we swung around and grabbed him. >> california's rivers, more dangerous than ever before.
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tonight, staying safe and some important information for anyone going near the water. and the giants kick off the second half of their season with an extra inning thriller. good evening. some of the hottest wetter in california. only 70 in san jose. temperatures 20 degrees cooler than averages. clouds come back tonight and the giants come back tomorrow ire on nbc bayt rea. mores coming up. i
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a full moon, the perfect backdrop for the mystery and magic of the boy wizard, harry potter. tonight marks the beginning of the end of a film phenomena created around the world. the story of a boy who became a great wizard coming to its dramatic and final chapter. millions of fans get a first look at the finish of the popular film franchise from the celebrated author j.k. rauling. the first showing of the last
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potter movie has just wrapped up. this has cast a spell on so many faithful fans. >> reporter: a tough day at work. i got to watch a little bit of the film and it does not disappoint and the fans say they saved the best for last. that's why so many people lined up here all day long, waiting to be the first to say goodbye to those characters they literally grew up with. armed with wizard robes and dressed in hogwart school uniforms -- >> what did you bring with you? >> two blankets and pillows. >> reporter: they camped out at the i max theater. >> we got here at 4:30. >> reporter: rebecca robertson wouldn't miss this. but this will be different. >> it's hard now because i am
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three months pregnant, so i'm not sure if oil going to make it all the way through. i might fall asleep. >> reporter: different too because the opening of harry potter marks not only the end of the most successful film franchise in modern hollywood, but also the final chapter for a generation who grew up with the main characters. >> i think i started in middle school. so i grew up with the series and it's awesome being here. >> reporter: so to be a part of the magic one last time, tickets went fast. midnight showings at the tech museum are sold out. >> this sold out in 89d minutes. >> reporter: and more people waited in line. dressing the part. and reading passages from the book. >> i mean, i remember reading this book so fast. like in a night, like not even being able to put it down. >> reporter: and neither could millions of others.
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more than 450 million copies have sold to date, creating bookworms around the world and fans online. >> we have 9 million people. >> reporter: but now what will fans do? >> demand more from j.k. rauling. >> reporter: she said she will not write anymore harry potter novels, but the film studio and other partners are hoping to continue to cash in on the franchise with the sale of dvds, toys, theme parks, you name it. because as you can see, fans aren't going anywhere. live in santa lara, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> and you're going monday? >> monday i'm headed there. >> very nice. sit unfair to the kids now? a new proposal for a courtroom is unique to say the least. and some attorneys believe it treats children like terrorists. a blueprint shows defendants would stand in a glass box that
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has speakers and a microphone during court proceedings. some defense attorneys say it goes too far, treating juveniles like violent offenders. the court's officer said she was forced to come up with safe alternatives after the budget was slashed. her original plan for videoconferencing was rejected. the current plan is not finalized. safety first. school is out, the weather is heating up and more and more are jumping into the water to escape the heat. but a potentially relaxing day in the cool can quickly turn tragic. marianne favro joins us with some basic rules for waterproofing your entire family. >> reporter: surrounded by majestic views, the russian river lures thousands of kayakers, swimmers and waders every summer. but don't let the calm water watol you.
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the most recent was on the fourth of july, juan leon drowned trying to save his girlfriend who couldn't swim. captain terry churny was searching for his body when he heard a 13-year-old girl scream up river. >> she went under water one time and i was swimming up river to her. when she came back up, i grabbed her. >> reporter: minutes later, deanna rescued another young girl. and then -- >> a little boy started drowning. some people were trying to get to him. we were in the boat, so we got him. >> reporter: of the three kids that nearly drowned here july fourth, two of them could not swim at all and none were wearing a life vest. this sign warms of danger. >> watch your children. all three of the children that we rescued, we never did see their parents, which means no one was really watching. >> reporter: the only thing predictable about the river is it's unpredictable.
11:19 pm
this sand bar formed here for the first time in 20 years. now waders can be in two feet, take a few steps and find themselves in water ten feet deep that's slowing fast. >> i noticed there was a swift current here. >> we haven't had this kind of trouble that i can remember in the 31 years i've been here. >> reporter: enter tubes, and rafts give people a false sense of security and are no substitute for a coast guard approved life vest, drinking and swimming all increases your risk of drowning. with the rains, the water level is higher than usual, but you can still enjoy the russian river. >> seeing it right now and having heard the stories, we're wearing life jackets and being hyper vigilant. >> reporter: just allow common sense to be your lifeline. >> life jackets are key when you head to the river. >> you can't be too careful.
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>> let's bring in jeff ranieri. looks like a good weekend to do all sorts of that stuff. >> get outside and the life jackets most important and the water temperatures running very, very cold, especially up near lake tahoe. today we had the low to mid 70s in the south bay. 65 in redwood city. 65 in san francisco. and tonight, oh, yes, our content producers putting together this spectacular video of the moon as that cloud cover was able to clear for just enough time to get a look at that full moon. our next phase will be the last quarter phase as we head into july 22. let's move on to the current numbers. we're going to see more 40s here expected in the north bay. 55 in santa rosa. 58 in hayward and 56 in livermore. it's this ongoing trend of cooler than average temperatures that will be with us again tomorrow morning, producing fog
11:21 pm
and drizzle right around san francisco international airport. throughout friday, we'll look at 70s returning inland. so still about 10 to 15 degrees off the mark. it's a cool, stubborn trough of low pressure staying with us. it is combining with the fog at the lower levels to keep us about 20 degrees below average. while we' see warming here for the weekend, it's not going to be hot by any means. so 6:00 a.m., the coverage of fog is widespread, north bay, east bay, south bay, everyone looking at the low cloud cover and we'll get in on the low visibilities and that possible drizzle. by 11:00 a.m., it's still a slow burnoff for friday. but a sweet finish to the workweek as we are expecting sunshine for concord, livermore and san jose. as for tonight and the morning hours, low 50s, los gatos at 47. and tomorrow, the giants take on
11:22 pm
the padres. and raj mathai is going to be heading down there, right, raj? >> first thing in the morning. >> 7 3 in san jose. concord, napa, low to mid 70s. 76 in santa rosa. on your seven-day forecast, you can get more on the weather channel on cable. a gradual warmup by tuesday, wednesday and thursday next week. temperatures close to 90 s.grdewebe l k'lac wit bh your sports and more news coming up after this. bbq pulled pork sub. ® tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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good evening. tonight's sports, themed with world champs. we'll tell you about the hot dog eater in a second, but first, baseball's defending title holders starting off the second half of their season, the giants in san diego tonight. top of 9th, good guys down 1-0. no more. this is huff's ninth of the season, ties this game at 1-1.
11:29 pm
we're going to extras. in the 12th, bases juiced, two outs, mike fontenot walks, burris scores. 2-1 giants. next batter, sandoval with the single. two score. sandoval's hitting streak now at 22 games. the giants win their ninth extra inning game this season 6-2 the final. >> go figure. you figure we're going to come out here and jump-start the offense and it wasn't happening. what a big at-bat by fontenot, he comes in there and takes a really good at-bat, gets the run in and busts loose there. we're going to have to get bettner situations where we have to get the runners in with less than two outs. that's just the way we've been playing all year long. >> don't forget tomorrow, tim lincecum gets the start, the second of this four-game san diego set to broadcast right
11:30 pm
here on nbc bay area. coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. sharp. a surprise procedure today as the oakland a's announced after the fact that lefty brett anderson had successful tommy john's surgery on his throwing elbow. anderson was 3-6 in 13 starts but will miss the rest of this season. typical recoveries can last up to 18 months. to golf. the british open and on the 16th. it is a par 3, but he needs only a single shot. the hole in one is the third of his career and check this afterwards, the american said "i'm not very excited at all. i'm just going home to sleep." no sleep in our studios this afternoon as world champion hot dog eater joey chestnut took on two of our staffers in an ice cream sandwich eating contest. that's greg right there, the championship belt around his waist. jaws, as they call him, chestnut
11:31 pm
took down the of those ice cream sandwiches. 12 times 250, 3,000 calories, all of that in just over 90 seconds. you can hear that treadmill cranking tomorrow. >> for 24 hours to get rid of 3,000 calories. absolutely. >> thank you. >> back in a moment. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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okay, jeff ranieri is here. as we do every thursday night, we begin our weekend. >> okay, see you later. we begin our weekend right here on the seven-day forecast. looking at 77 inland. for saturday and sunday, upper 80s. and we turn it up with near 90 degrees. perfect for your vacation coming up, jessica. >> i'm headed to the beach. >> and going to harry potter, as well. ou ndomorrow.


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