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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 15, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> reporter: they are not giving up. the family of missing nursing student michelle le is launching their sixth search starting this morning. we'll be live with her brother coming up in a live report. >> out of control, a bay area driver plows through a wall, flips onto a parked car, plus an art heist that first sounded like the plot of a movie of the week now turning into an epic miniseries a live look outside this morning. it's friday, july 15th. this is today in the "bay area living."
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>> good morning. let's get a forecast with christina loren. happy friday to you. >> happy friday. spirits run high on fridays. we're looking good so far. more of the same of what we saw yesterday in the weather department. we have changes on the way as of this weekend. we're so close, one more business day to get through. i've got the weekend forecast coming up in minutes. mike's busy. what are you doing out there? >> you know, well, the game boy battery is out so we're looking over there. there were a couple of accidents. not on the east bay side. this is the north bay. the earlier accident cleared, still a couple of flashing lights. 19th avenue, the northbound side, the right lane is blocked after 280 so watch for activity. i'll let you know if things clear or if they are going to last. >> thank you. this morning the family of missing student michelle le still hopeful that she will be
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found safe nearly a month after she was last seen. for more a new search is set to start today. let's turn to christie smith in hayward. good morning. >> reporter: this isn't the first time that family and volunteers have gathered at a small community center behind this fence and behind that roll-up door, looking for michelle le, the nursing student went missing on may 27th and here with us this morning is her brother michael. good morning. thanks for being out here at such an early hour. hayward police classified this as a homicide but they haven't given a lot of details. you guys keep going. >> right. we still haven't found her yet. we've done six searches, five searches, this is the sixth one and we still have no clues to where she is, so we're hopeful. we're hopeful that she is alive out there. >> reporter: the last time we were out here you were in the nils canyon area. can you say where you're going
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to be in >> we'll be doubling up on several of the areas we searched before. i'm not too sure. i wasn't actually the one scouting some of the areas but i believe we'll be doubling up. we'll be going down to the creek and some of the other areas that we searched. >> are you still in touch with hayward police on a regular base snis have they been able to tell you anything new? >> they call every day. they can help in any way but in regards to the case they can't say much at this point. >> you need volunteers to come down at 8:00 and class kids is helping out, folks get an orientation before they head out. >> yeah. we have brad dennis with class kids, and we need all of the volunteers we can get. there's no way we can bring michelle home without the help of the community and the public support. >> thank you. and of course we wish you are all the best f. you are interested in helping, wanted to put that information out there where you can be.
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starting at 8:00 this morning. the search is today, friday, and also saturday at 25350 cypress avenue, here in hayward. this is all day from 8 to 5. you want to also, if you're coming down make sure you dress to search. you want to wear closed toed shoes and pants. the reward is now at $100,000. christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you. we'll make sure to get that on facebook and our website. a bay area woman alive after her car landed upside-down after going airborne. the woman's car crushed at the corner of twin peaks boulevard and clayton. the 65-year-old driver lost control of her car, hit a parked car, then crashed through a wall of a carport, flipped over, landed on top of another parked car. she's in the hospital with
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serious injuries but no one else was injured in that crash. >> also this morning the people in marin city are demanding increased security near a bus stop after six robberies in one month. the latest happened in the middle of the day tuesday on terners drive. most of the other muggings reported since 16th of june have happened at night. county lawmakers say they are looking at improving the lighting at the marin bus hub. that work could start in september and wrap up by thanksgiving. >> new cameras will be installed in an oakland neighborhood in the hopes of catching crooks. about 30 will be installed inside and outside businesses in the fruitvale neighborhood including the otea restaurant where robbers shot and killed the owner in april. those cameras will cover a two-square-mile area on
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international boulevard, fruitvale avenue and meantime, in oakland's rock ridge neighborhood police are trying to catch the person who dumped a woman's body in the street and lit it on fire. neighbors are leaving flowers at the spot where the woman's body was found yesterday on ivanhoe road. police say the woman's body is burned. she appears to be hispanic in her 20s. >> any one with information call the oakland police department. sometimes that tip can be small. you may have seen something that looked out of the ordinary around that time this morning so sometimes very small tips lead to the arrest. >> police say the woman was likely killed somewhere else and dumped in rock ridge in the early morning hours. and officers suspect they probably chose the neighborhood because it's dark and secluded during those hours. >> friends and family will remember the life of a teenage girl who died after drinking at
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a slumber party. a memorial for takeami. she probably died after she and three friends got sick from drinking vodka that they snuck from a cabinet on saturday night during a sleep-over. it's possible she died after choking on her own vomit. they won't know for sure until reports come back. >> this morning san francisco city leaders calling for tougher safety laws a at notorious intersection after a ucfs shuttle bus slammed into a big rig car carrier. 52-year-old dr. kevin mack died in the crash at the intersection of octavia and oak, the psychiatrist was on his way to work. mack was ejected from the shuttle bus and pinned under the rig. the bay guardian reports he was not wearing a seat belt but none of the buses have them. some lawmakers say seat belts
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should be mandatory on buses in the city. >> the lights are timed in such a way on octavia, traffic's traveling 50 miles an hour, once they build up speed they have the lights timed all green. >> three other shuttle passengers were taken to nearby hospitals with minor injuries including the driver of the shuttle who was on paid leave during the investigation. an investigation into what went wrong after a near disaster on the runway in boston. a delta plane clipped the tail of a smaller regional jet at  logan international airport last night while taxiing. remarkably one passenger was the only one hurt, taken to the hospital as a precaution. plenty of passengers shaken up. >> i was half asleep, the next thing you know there's a bang, and we all wonder what happened, the pilot comes on says we've been clipped by the plane behind us. >> looked awfully close. just clipped it.
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and the tip of the wing just was sheared off. i think the tail section or like the tail fin came off of the other plane. >> more than 200 people were on board the bigger delta plane. 80 people on the smaller plane. >> the wine expert accused of stealing a picasso drawing from a san francisco gallery is now linked to a stolen art stash on the east coast. new york police say they found seven pricey pieces of art, all stolen at mark lugo's east coast apartment including another picasso. they say they got the search warrant after hearing lugo on a jail house phone asking a woman to help him clear art from his home. art experts are concerned that lugo is part of a ring of art thieves. >> it seems to me it would be unusual for someone to know that a drawing by picasso, a water color or drawing, that these would be something worth
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stealing. >> san francisco police arrested lugo after he was caught on surveillance tape walking down geary, at least that's the allegation, holding a picasso stolen from the weinstein gallery july 5. lugo is suspected of stealing expensive wine from a store in new jersey. it's friday. let's check in with christina loren and your weekend forecast. >> good morning to you. finally a friday, we're going to see much of the same as we had all week. foggy starts will make way to partly cloudy skies by the midsection of the day. and then as we round out the day in the afternoon and into the evening clear conditions over the bay area. we're going to see more after sea breeze. oakland, a little warmer for you. same goes for san francisco. we're not seeing as deem of a marine layer but what we're really working on is this ridge of high pressure. it's out in the eastern pacific. this is what's going to gradually warm us up each day, all the way throughout your weekend. so we've got warmer weather on the way if that's what you're waiting for. you want it to feel like sum e
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it's the middle of july and pay day friday no less. 57 degrees in hayward, 56 in sunnyvale and 54 degrees in san francisco. we're on the way to about 64 in san francisco, about 2 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. i think the sun will come through sooner as well, you had to wait until noon. 71 in los gatos. the fog will be so thick in spots could generate that drizzly mist so watch for that throughout the day and this morning in particular. we'll talk more about that coming up and we got that weekend forecast ready to go. let's check the drive with mike inouye. >> always thinking about that weekend forecast even on a monday. looking here to the city where we had the earlier accident. 19th. it has cleared from the roadway, good news because the traffic is light right now as it is throughout the maze, but as you leave that area eastbound 24, just getting to the caldecott tunnel reports of a disabled vehicle. so watching for slowing, we don't see any yet very light volume. a live look at the upper deck,
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shows a smooth drive with the headlights into the city. the flashing lights on the screen, that's the typical construction blocking a lane as you get out of the city heading to the "s" curve. a light volume now. we're looking for this to build over the next couple of hours. >> mike, thank you. coming up our search engines replacing your brain's memory. how google embers brur ain forgets. what was i saying again?
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>> the time is 4:44. this is a live look at the metrian people are inside watching the final harry potter movie. they had a 3:30 showing. fans across the bay area are turning in to mark the beginning of the end of the wildly popular series. we caught up with plenty of fans camping out at the imax theater in santa clara waiting to snag seats and tickets went fast. ticket takers say tickets sold out in under 90 minutes. >> i think i started in middle school and so i grew up with this series. it's awesome. being here. >> i am three months pregnant so i'm not sure if i'm going to make it all the way through, i might fall asleep. >> the movie is expected to bring in $150 million this weekend alone. it's already brought in $40 million in advance ticket sales. >> google reports block buster
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earnings and a buy-out deal could be in the works. for more on that let's turn to nicole lapin. good morning. >> hey, good morning. futures are higher after the blow-out numbers from google after a down day yesterday, ben bernanke taking some of the air out of the markets as the central bank is not ready to take further action to boost the u.s. economy. more worries about the fight over the u.s. debt limit as s&p is joining in saying it could cut the nation's credit rating if no deal is reached and soon. we get a lot of data this morning, consumer prices, industrial production, consumer sentiment. and watch google stock after the numbers last night. to recap some of the market action the dow falling 54, 12,437 is where we closed the nasdaq, off 34 to 2762. it's beginning to sound like a broken record. another month, another drop in
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sales of video games this time down 10% in june. consumers have let out a collective yawn at the lackluster lineup of new games. demand continues to dry up for the once popular console, the nintendo wii. this may be a personal question. you think you can do better at president obama's job than he can and congress in solving the budget woes and staving off a possible debt default? a lot of folks are saying yes. there is a new video game that's different that gives you a chance to be a budget hero. seriously. it's an update of the original that came out in 2008. it's developed by the woodrow wilson center so it shows players how hard it is to carry out their grand budget plans. do you extend the bush era tax cuts trying to keep everybody happen and keep the government afloat and from going broke. this is perhaps the coolest,
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scott, and nerdiest thing i found all morning and i've bun up awhile. >> you got to make it balance. >> yeah. >> have a great weekend. thank you. see you monday. search engine aren't making us dumber but are changing the way we think according to a new study in today's edition of the journal science. the study points to something they call the google effect. the gist is that your memory is letting go of things that are easily found on line. you are more likely to remember where you found the information rather than the information itself. or as the "mercury news" puts it so well, we're outsourcing search from our brains to our computers. >> the good news is your brain is still able to remember the important stuff that you can't find easily online. >> let's check win christina and the weekend forecast. good morning. >> speak for yourself, buddy. good morning to you. we're looking good today. if you like this cooldown, this break from the really extreme
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pg&e bill it's going to continue. especially in the south bay and the east bay. we're seeing the best weather. temperatures in the 70s once again. a little bit of fog at the coast this morning but it's going to clear out earlier than it did yesterday and that means even if you work and live in san francisco you're going to see the sunshine through quite a bit earlier than yesterday. really nice second half of the day. so we're going to progress and continue to clear out all the way through the weekend into next week and then temperatures start to ramp up at the end of next week. got your seven-day moments away. 57 in hayward, 55 in sunnyvale, oak town at 55 degrees, and fairfield checking in with 56. relatively uniform numbers because we have mostly cloudy skies, that's what you notice on the way to work when the sun comes up. once we lose all of that fog when it starts to burn off especially inland. 73 in livermore, a nice day for you. 64 degrees in san francisco. hey, that's not too bad. we could see temperatures much, much warmer. i think we're going to see a
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couple of triple digits at the end of next week as temperatures continue to rise. take a look at this gradual warm-up we're going to see. 79 degrees by monday. tuesday really nice. and then we jump up to 88 degrees on wednesday as high pressure builds in really, really quickly. 88 degrees wednesday, 90 thursday, maybe some triple digits on friday. so, enjoy this cooldown. it's not going to last that much longer. i don't know, what do you think? you want the heat, don't you. >> no, i love it. i think this 70s thing is perfect. that's why i live in northern california. it's fantastic. >> good man. >> coming up, an elderly woman dice after a crash with a bread cart. who the family says should pay the price for that. and free wi-fi with a ticket to ride. the first in the country program hitting the road in the south bay. >> wi-fi is good when you ride, not when you drive. for 580, clear drive so far heading through castro valley.
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you can do something extraordinary. join your neighbors and the american red cross and help save the day when the next disaster strikes, when a neighbor's house burns down, if someone needs lifesaving blood or the comfort of a helping hand. hope.
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support the american red cross and help save the day. visit >> 4:53 as we take a live picture from space and the international space station. the family of an elderly san bruno woman suing boudin bakery after a bread cart crash they say led to her death. the family's attorney says the woman's health started to fade after she was knocked to the ground by a cart full of bread pushed by an employee at sfo. the family says the 71-year-old's shoulder was
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broken in the crash. her condition deteriorated after. the family is also naming the city of san francisco in the lawsuit because it runs the airport. no public comment from the bakery or the city. >> we have a lot of stuff going on. highly qualified professionals working in the newsroom this morning. a deep bench. marla is there with a look at what's going on. >> who wrote that? good morning, scott. good morning to you at home. we're going to follow the renewed efforts to find a missing hayward nursing student this morning. plus, live at nasa ames to talk with the astronauts and the space shuttle "atlantis" including rex wallheim working on problem computers that could have an impact on their return home. it's potter mania, people flocking overnight. you can expect box office records to fall. despite the oakland a's record
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this weekend they are going to b be two to quit. pick up one of these. >> fantastic. you have to show it to us. >> a little hayward time. >> outstanding. thank you. you now have free access to wi-fi if you catch the light rail in the south bay. the valley transportation authority says wi-fi service is now up and running a week after testing. the vta says it's the first mass transit agency in the world to offer all 4-g wireless to passengers which is only fitting since its lines run through the heart of silicon valley. express buses should it also get the free wi-fi by early 2012. be thankful you live in northern california this weekend and every weekend, the one of southern california's busiest interstates will be shut down this weekend for construction. they call it carmageddon, a 10-mile stretch of the 405 will be shut down for 53 hours while construction crews tear down the
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mulholland drive overpass in west l.a., this is a live picture. the 405 runs 70 miles from san fernando valley to irvine, to l.a.x. as well. you probably know it as the freeway that o.j. simpson drove back in 1994. mike joins us now. i said the 405. >> correct. >> we do that when we refer to -- >> when we have to. >> scott, i lived for 10 years down there. >> sorry. >> i can switch vernaculars. i have written a report on the website, search for carmageddon. we're in northern california. some want to know about that. you heard of universal studios, it's going to affect you as well. we're looking to the roadways locally though and no carmageddon here. the disabled vehicle, it has been cleared from the area just past the caldecott tunnel. in the main commute direction,
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67 looking good right now. yesterday the commute wasn't quite so bad as wednesday. we're looking for a lighter flow but we'll watch it. bay point has been a sticking point lately so we'll watch that portion of highway 4 as well. >> thank you. coming up, fewer officers patrolling the streets of oakland as the budget crunch putting your safety at risk. a confession in the shooting death of an east bay musician. what the 19-year-old suspect reportedly told chp officers whe caught
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>> new video fueling the fire in the fight over san francisco's pension reform. >> reporter: new this morning, the family of missing nursing student michelle le not giving up hope. they are launching their sixth search this morning. i'm christie smith coming up you'll hear from her


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