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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  July 18, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: in the neighborhood where the shooting happened, emotions are raw. residents are outraged at what they say is police brutality. >> i'm trying to understand what the logic was behind killing him versus, you know, stunning him or shooting him in the leg or whatever if you had to shoot him. why did you have to kill him? >> we need police out here but we don't need them to persecute us. >> people are not upset they went after someone that broke the law but the way the young man was killed. >> the city's police chief says this is major setback in police relations with residents in bay view and plans on meeting with them later this week. >> i'll reassure the community as to what happened and demonstrate with certainty as to what the facts of this case are.
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>> reporter: a town hall meeting is planned for wednesday evening at the bayview opera house. the police chief will be there to discuss the shooting and answer questions from the communit community. >> thank you so much for the update. police suspect a turf war was at the center of a violent scene that killed a man and a woman in richmond last night. they were shot to death outside a house on bissell avenue and north street. police are looking into whether the violent acts are related. the woman killed has been identified. the man was 338 years old. not so fast a state senator from san francisco says top uc administrators shouldn't get pay raises while the rest of the state is struggling financial. last week the governing boards voted to hike pay for executives
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while raising student fees at the same time. the csu board of trustees awarded the new president of san diego state university a $400,000 salary, $100,000 more than his predecessor. today the senator said he would r re-introduce legislation to stop increases during budget years where there's difficulty. fewer people are carpooling in the south bay. the percentage of people carpooling continues to decrease despite hundreds of millions of dollars being spent to get you to share a ride. the number of those taking advantage of carpool lanes has dropped dramatically over the last 30 years. 10.1% of drivers in santa clara county carpool versus 11.2% in san mateo county. you can see figures for other areas. experts say it's harder to form
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a carpool because more people are living in the suburbs now and not in a central or business location. commuters on 101 in morganhill found themselves in a traffic mess. major slowdown. the trailer was loaded with produce and it took more than three hours to get another truck to the location and offload the produce on a new rig. there is no word tonight if anyone was injured and chp is still investigating how the accident happened. still to come at 6:00, big news out of silicon valley. >> a big layoff from the valley and a boost for the east bay coming up after the break in the tech and business report. and it's your chance to be a seismologist. how you can help spot earthquakes from your own home. that's next. the bay area is known as home of innovation and change but may lose our hold on the green industry. we'll explain. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff
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ranieri. one of the warmest days we've ved in or a week here across the bay area with low to mid 70s there in the south bay and even a few 80s today. tonight plenty of cinl weather down in the south bay a coming up, we'll talk about a seven-day forecast that's heating up.
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the next big one is something we're all aware could happen at any time. you may be sitting on the key as to when it could hit. >> reporter: stanford seismologists and scientists say that the more monitoring we have in the bay area, the more we'll learn about earthquakes and better chance of us getting an early warning even if just few a few seconds which is why they are asking you to become a quake
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catcher. kathy parks knows she lives in quake country so she's volunteering to be part of the quake catching network. this monitor is being installed in her palo alto home. any information will be sent to stanford through her computer. jesse lawrence is an assistant professor where the project is based. he hopes to install the tiny monitors in 1,000 bay area homes by the end of next year. >> the end goal of the quick catcher network is to be able to detect earthquakes faster and to understand earthquakes better with more measurements we can do better science and we can do it quicker. >> reporter: seismologists welcome more monitors but question the quality of the equipment. >> the $5 sensor i can guarantee you is not as good as $3,000 sensor that seismologists use
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for their data recording. >> reporter: collectively the information may help us receive an early alert seconds before a quake hits. if this project is successful, you may even see a quake capture app on your mobile phone in the near future to alert you about a quake. >> thank you. now to a cautionary tale out of the east bay. two toddlers were air lifted to children's hospital in oakland after taking a sip out of a water bottle that one of them picked up off the street. police say the liquid inside may have been cleaning fluid. the 2 1/2-year-old boy and his 19-month-old sister from brentwood were with their mother in san jose yesterday after seeing one of the kids holding the bottle, the mother grabbed it and put it in the storage compartment of their car door. she forgot to throw it away and when they got home and both boys
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took a sip and loss conscio consciousne consciousness. california has been named the nation's fastest growing area for green jobs. 11 metro areas made the top list of the study of clean energy jobs. the bay area city's making the list are san francisco at number success and san jose at number 26. california had the most clean jobs at more than 318,000 and contrary to what you might expect, the report lists los angeles as having about 35,000 more green jobs than san francisco. >> the bay area has always been perceived as a hub for clean energy but l.a. is making great strides due to suburban counties and desert counties that are in that metropolitan area where there are large scale solar plants being built that generate megawatts of electricity.
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>> a green job produces goods and services with an environmental benefituchs a jobs that attempt to prevent or minimize pollution. city leaders may improve stringent green building standards. the city council considers the proposal tomorrow. all new construction and home add-on projects costing $20,000 or more would be required to have one or more energy efficient upgrades. options include installing ceiling insulation, toilets using less water and energy efficient windows. nue new rules would take place ary 1st. it would be toughest policies in california. the big story across the country, one of them, it is hot. in the bay area relatively cool but most everywhere else can we say scorching? the national weather service declared excessive heat warnings
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in at least 14 states today. temperatures are near or above 100 degrees. combined that with humidity and you know the drill. it's a mess. >> just the high humidity. the heat you can deal with. the humidity makes it hard to breathe. >> we walk outside tof the car and hits wet. i didn't even run yet. >> the elderly to pets to livestock are being affected and no letup is in sight over the next week. we bring in jeff ranieri. for the first time here at nbc we can say janelle wang is in with us. >> it's nice to fill in with you guys. >> janelle is one of our new evening anchors here. after the 5:00 news, janelle was here. her first day on our air. happy to have her. 5:00 news ends and everyone starts clapping. do we ever get applause? >> never. what's up with that? >> it's my first day. tomorrow no clapping. it was okay.
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thank you. it's good to be here. it's a beautiful forecast. i love it. you're doing a great job. >> thank you. >> i love the sunny skies. >> all right. it's really nice out there. great to have you here. you too. >> thank you. >> let's get a look right now at the weather maps and what we're following as you can see our radar scans around and the san francisco giants right here on nbc bay area tonight at 7:00 p.m. and we'll have that zo1ncast coming up for you as we om ind a what you're going to find here is that fog is starting to increase right out there at at&t park along with our coverage and entire comcast sports team. winds westerly at 12. after the sun today we are looking at patchy fog tonight. if you are heading out in the next half hour, bring layers. it will get cool. one other thing we want to bring in is breaking news happening in the phoenix area. another dust storm also known as haboob is currently happening. strong thunderstorms right across phoenix. it's actually producing a lot of
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downdrafts lifting up a lot of sand in the atmosphere. we'll have some really dramatic video that's coming into us right now. take a look at this as this wall of sand, you know, this dust storm, this cloud about 2 1/2 miles high is completely enveloping phoenix right now. flights have been halted. power is out in many cases for people and if they left their windows open, this is going to be quite a bit of damage and this comes only weeks after they had another dust storm producing millions of dollars in damage. if you do have a flight heading to phoenix, a connecting flight tonight, that is something you want to watch out for. all right. very, very dramatic video there. let's bring you back to weather here in the bay area. what we'll find as we continue throughout the next couple days is some comfortable weather. much warmer than we had this time last week. 80 in san jose. 79 in concord. 69 in san francisco. also right now still very warm here from sunnyvale down to san jose. what we'll see happening tonight
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is fog developing at the coastline and we do have this weak storm system to the north that will stay there. it's producing showers near eureka but on a northerly trek which will keep it well away from us and keep us with our dry and seasonal fog pattern building. high pressure offshore will warm us up this week. we'll let you know how hot my seven-day forecast gets and bring you updates on the phoenix dust storm if needed throughout the show. >> thanks so much. a silicon valley giant announces layoffs. do we know how many jobs are from here in the bay area? >> cisco is not saying how many job cuts will be from its local offices but you can bet it will feel like a lot. it's the largest private sector employer in san jose but it has been struggling. cisco today saying it will cut 6,500 jobs from its payroll. that's close to 9% of the cisco workforce. 2,000 cuts coming from early retirement plans. cisco closed down its flip
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camera division earlier this year laying off 500 people in the process. while cisco struggles, another tech giant thrives. ibm announcing stronger than expected earnings tonight. that along with a good future outlook sending sharesnd to an all-time high. we'll see if ibm turns the markets around tomorrow morning because today was another rough one. stocks slumping on concerns about america's debt situation. money now flowing out of equities and into gold which closed the day above $1,600 an ounce. tonight we begin a week-long series of stories from the east bay. it's an area that is known more for bad news but we found lots of businesses big and small making good news as in job creation, innovation and a better reputation. we begin in my own hometown of oakland with a tech company giving you entertainment on the go. ♪ >> it's not the first place you
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think of when you think high tech but just up the road from silicon valley, oakland is attracting new companies with innovation and jobs. >> you go in here and pick season two. >> among them a startup blending a piece of hardware that looks like a coaster along with mobile software and an app to let you stream just about anything from the internet to your own devices. >> you have all kinds of ideas about what you love as content. you should be able to choose anything. once you choose that anything, you should be able to play it wherever you want on any tv screen, speaker, staereos,
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device. >> orb is growing and hiring. if joe costello looks familiar, it's because he had a big hit as ceo of cadence design systems in silicon valley and now he's in oakland. >> there's a tremendous amount of talent who is available to wants to live in this part of the bay. >> reporter: some call it the pandora effect. others say that oakland is just a cool place to work. >> it's really starting to change. there's a group of technical companies that get together on a regular basis here in oakland. pandora is the big success story because they have gone public recently which is fantastic but there are really scores of technology companies here in the oakland area. >> reporter: in a world where streaming content is king, some of the brightest minds are coming here to oakland to start things up. orb launched the orb live app. you can get tv to go. tomorrow night we return to the east bay to meet some enterprising young people who
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want to dress you up. >> thanks. very interesting story. we look forward to it. many of us are responsible for taking care of older relatives but budget cuts are taking away one of the best resources that serves thousands of californians. up next, a look at the fight to roll back these cuts. could the key to weight loss really be in your own hands? what you'll want to know before you sit down to eat dinnet.
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welcome back. the california state budget is under strcrutiny tonight. they will look at budget cuts for adult day care for seriously disabled. disability rights activists are suing to stop cuts. it would eliminate services for 30,000 people enrolled in programs. this affects a lot of people. one in four families is responsible for a disabled, elderly or frail relative. >> administration made a
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decision to extend the deadline for elimination on a month to month basis, which i think argues that they're not prepared with a transition plan that is sufficient to take care of all of these individuals. >> the state's decision to stop funding could be a violation of the americans with disabilities act. a well known musician is in the middle of a feud in marin county but there's been a resolution in this. a popular hiking trail that was closed because it ran through his property is now being rebuilt to bypass his property. in 2008 metallica's band player put up a trail. now 680 feet above sea level in san rafael work is progressing on a new trail that could be open as soon as next spring. the views are spectacular and even james agrees and is
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allowing the county to access his property to build the trail. layoffs that will cripple parts of the state's judicial system are on the way. the details behind the cuts and bay area city that will be impacted the most. she may be free but one california man is looking for casey anthony. he's a bounty hunter. we'll explain next. animal's life?ld you what it took to keep this bald eagle alive. slow-cooked pork culent with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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beginning in october when you look fing for help at your local courthouse, you will find fewer employees and major long lines. county courthouses are being forced to layoff staff and operate on less money. traci grant shows us why some say it takes a lot of time and money to handle routine court procedures and it will increase.
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>> she feels like her dad is not coming around on purpose. >> reporter: he's struggling to spend more time with his little girl and longer it takes to resolve his custody issues the more impact it will have on her. based on what san francisco superior court presiding judge announced today, young and others trying to handle everything from a divorce to a traffic ticket might end up waiting a long time. >> for san franciscoians justice will barely be assessable and will certainly not be swift. >> reporter: feinstein says san francisco superior court will lay off 200 employees. 40% of its staff. the state cut $350 million from the entire judicial branch last month and 310 million from a court construction fund. as a result, this courthouse is facing a $13.75 million deficit for this fiscal year and other bay area courthouses are facing between $3 million and $7 million in cuts. >> are you losing your job?
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>> we don't know. we haven't received our notices so we're just kind of all waiting on pins and needles to find that out. >> reporter: by october, san francisco superior court plans to close 25 courtrooms, 12 civil trial departments, one juvenile traffic department and a long ri list of others. >> we have a multiyear structural deficit that no amount of one-time fixes will solve. >> reporter: if state lawmakers don't come up with a long-term solution, the courthouses will face another list of cuts in canada. in san francisco, traci grant, nbc bay area news. plans are moving forward to merge the fire departments of four cities on the peninsula. the pilot program would combine millbrae and san bruno fire departments with central county fire. so far city councils in all four cities have approved the plan as a way to cut costs. still to be determined is just
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how to go about making the consolidation work and where to build two new firestations. now to a follow-up on a story we first brought you late last week. almost two dozen san jose firefighters recently laid off headed back to work today. thanks to a grant from fema and the department of homeland security, 22 firefighters started training again. they were among 49 firefighters laid off last april because of budget cuts. the firefighters will go through about six weeks of retraining before they can return to work. casey anthony remains in hiding after being released from jail in the wee hours of yesterday morning but she could be back in court soon. a bounty hunter from sacramento says he plans to sue casey anthony and her attorney over expenses he racked up searching for anthony's daughter. less thonard padilla said they that caylee was dead but hill hired him to find her. >> not only did he mislead us,
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he conned us. he did a good job. he knew where the body was all along and she never had been missing and was never lost. >> a legal expert says padilla's claim would be tricky to prove in court and anthony's lawyer could countersue claiming padilla actually profited by being involved in this high-profile case. poor communication between two state agencies is costing california taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. that's the conclusion of a state audit of california's sex offender commitment program. the report shows that the department of corrections is referring far too many sex offenders to the mental health department. it says that in the last four years just one percent of those offenders needed to be committed. >> close to half of those, 45%, had been referred in the past and many of them were just parole violators that were being again referred to mental health for an assessment when they already determined that they were not a sexually violent
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predator. >> the department of corrections needs to do a better job screening inmates before they refer them. they hired dozens of contractors each year to evaluate offenders. the whistle blower who brought down part of rupert murdoch's media empire was found dead at his home. british police say that his death is not considered suspicious. news of the incident comes days after rupert murdoch accepted the resignations of four high profile staff members including number two man at scotland yard. as for murdoch, he ran ads in u.k. neighborhoods over the weekend saying he was "deeply sorry for his reporters hacking the phone of a murdered little girl." >> those of us who take on the most difficult jobs clearly have to stand up and be counted when things go wrong. >> tomorrow rupert murdoch, his son james and rebecca brooks,
6:36 pm
former chief executive of murdoch's british media holdings are scheduled to answer questions about the scandal from british lawmakers. the secret to losing weight at the restaurant? bring your own fork. a new study found that people who used a larger fork for bigger bites ate less than those who used a smaller fork. the psychology behind that, authors of the study found that people who visually saw they were making a dent in the food on their plate found they ate less. it worked at the restaurant because people at home had different goals. >> a risk factor for second-hand smoke. teens exposed to cigarette smoke have higher incidents of hearing loss. experts say hearing loss early in life can lead to problems with development and functioning. a bald eagle is alive thanks to veterinarian's decision to
6:37 pm
perform mouth to beak cpr on the bird. he was injured after being hit by a car. the eagle is recovering from a dislocated shoulder and a paralyzed right leg. patriot stopped breathing while under anesthesia. that's when the vet jumd in and performed cpr on the bald eagle. >> wow. that's amazing. >> mouth to beak. >> that's intense training there. a high profile california ceo is at the center of a deadly mystery. what investigators are learning after the deaths of a millionaire's girlfriend and son and bizarre circumstances surrounding them. the topic central to marital bliss. it's not just being talked about here. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. 80s in the south bay. san jose only officially 72. san francisco with 61. tonight mainly clear skies in the east bay. we'll call it cool. and then as we look ahead to our
6:38 pm
seven-day forecast, we'll let you know when 90-degree j heat returns comingeap.
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have, have, investigators are trying to put together the mystery of two deaths. a 6-year-old boy falls to his death and two days later a woman is found dead at the same mansion. we go to our nbc station in san diego for more on the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: wednesday homicide detectives spent hours at the mansion. thursday they brought out bags of evidence from items inside the home. friday night detectives were back. after spending days investigating they still have no answers and say it could be
6:41 pm
reeks before they have them. >> sometimes it's better for us to slow down an investigation when you go too fast you miss things. in this case we're being extremely methodical with this investigation and it could be up to weeks or even towards the end of the month. >> sergeant roy frank with the san diego county homicide unit says detectives are going over witness statements and evidence but there's one thing he believes will determine what happened to rebecca. >> it's my belief that forensics is really going to be a big part in this investigation. we believe that the forensics should tell us what happened on that day. >> that which include things like dna. wednesday a woman was found hanging from the second story balcony. hands and feet bound and she was nude. because circumstances are bizarre, they don't want to jump
6:42 pm
to conclusions. >> we have an open mind. we'll look at that evidence and that evidence will show us what happened which includes the trace evidence, dna evidence and even witness statements as well. >> i'm sure they will follow that all this week. >> our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> that's why we brought in janelle. >> you put me on the spot. >> i'm getting feedback on my facebook page. not even a posting about you a personal message. janelle is great. you can tell her i said so. >> thanks. >> that's from russ thatcher. >> thank you so much. it's so nice. >> let's get to our weather forecast tonight. so janelle is now joining us on 5:00 p.m. team filling in for jessica right now. we do have clouds and fog moving into the city. we'll talk more about this fog pattern and when 90-degree inmyr heatetbe rngurni will be returning in my seven-day coming right up. [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals
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with natural menthol. it's gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals.
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the number one reason couples fight is money. >> they're not talking about it much causing more fighting. many married couples don't do much financial planning for their future. most married couples avoid talking about finances all
6:45 pm
together let alone planning for their retirement. financial advisers say spouses giving the silent treatment to each other when it comes to their money doesn't make for a good marriage as their working years wind down. >> it's sad when they work for 20, 30, 40 years and can't have the retirement they want because they weren't planning enough. >> the latest economic downturn hasn't helped matters. retirement accounts take huge hits. the average person will have to delay retirement by five years because of the downturn in the economy. >> okay. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. janelle has been working on tv in the bay area for almost ten years and finally joining us on nbc here. what took her so long? >> about time. >> i'm making my rounds. this is where i'm going to work until i'm 75. >> make sure you saving in that 401(k).
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welcome, janelle. new team member on 5:00 p.m. news. we do have some cloud cover moving into the city. it's a lot cooler than it was this time last night. from oakland looking toward downtown also low cloud cover. 67. winds westerly at 21 miles per hour. much, much warmer today than it has been the last couple of days and because of that there is also a red flag fire warning across lake tahoe region. recreational activities up there, be cautious. winds are gusty. we're talking about dry conditions. at&t park, comcast sports net team is out there tonight. 7:00 p.m. right here on nbc. we do have the fog rolling in. much cooler as we mentioned than this time yesterday. if you are heading out there, maybe getting a late start, bring layers with you because it's going to get cool and fast. what we're still finding warmer weather in the south bay. 78 in san jose. 80 in sunnyvale. 78 in concord. mid 70s for those in santa rosa down to novato. find patchy fog for tonight and for tomorrow and a mix of 70s and some 80s and not too bad at
6:47 pm
least compared to this time last week. getting in on warmth and we'll get in on even more heat as we head into the seven-day forecast. my pressure building offshore. 80s inland. heading throughout wednesday, numbers go up even a bit more and then seven-day forecast i think you will like what's coming our way for the upcoming weekend. for tonight we talked about the fog that's building offshore. many of new san francisco already feeling impacts. by 11:00 p.m. low clouds in the east bay and south bay. by 6:00 a.m. we're starting off with that patchy fog that could even bring drizzle right near san francisco international airport and produce delays. by 11:00 a.m. the fog pushes back. another sunny day with temperatures right near average for this time of year. for tonight, 59 in san jose. 55 in fairfield. 52 in san rafael. 49 in santa rosa. as for tomorrow, we're going to go up to 74 in santa cruz. 82 in san jose. 82 in dublin.
6:48 pm
81n fremont. for the peninsula, we're going to turn things up slightly. 77 in san mateo. 80 in redwood city. san francisco in the 60s. it will feel like low 70s out there. inland, concord, fairfield and napa looking at low 80s and 79 in novato and 79 in santa rosa. on your seven-day forecast, you can of course get more at the weather channel on cable. you'll find the heat really gets turned up as we head into sunday with 90-degree temperatures possible but the next couple of days i managed to please you, janelle. 80-degree weather. >> anything above that i don't do well. i get very grouchy. unless you fan me constantly then i will be happy. >> you're high maintenance already. >> thanks, jeff. coming up, we're counting down toward the first pitch. giants and dodgers from at&t park. game right here on nbc bay area.
6:49 pm
jamie is joining us from the ballpark. >> good evening. you're one of my favorite people as well. as giants and dodgers renew their rivalry, there's always a lot of buzz in the air at at&t park and coming up next in sports we'll tell you why the giants have rivals ehect w they want thre.
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we're all excited moments away from giants taking on dodgers here at home. >> as we bring in scott, do we call them first place giants against bankrupt dodgers, can we go that far? >> it's getting close to that. that's fairly accurate. you know, it's just the latest chapter in the historically bitter rivalry between the giants and dodgers. blue crew in town to face a giants team that took three out of four from pads in san diego. orange and black three and a half games up. no one else is within nine games of the top. looks like a two-team race. jamie is live at at&t park to set the scene for monday night baseball. >> a lot was made of the giants heavy road schedule to start the season but now look where they are at. they have 37 of the remaining 66
6:53 pm
games here at at&t park. >> it's great. obviously we love playing at home. i love playing in front of our fans and get the extra energy that we need sometimes to help us get over the top. you know, there's no better place to play than here in san francisco right now. i know teams don't like coming in here this time of year due to the weather. hopefully we'll take advantage of both. >> it's huge. obviously the crowd behind us, electricity flowing through them comes onto us and we feel it and it inspires us to go play harder. >> despite posting the third best winning percentage in the major at homes this season, the skipper would like to see that more offense at at&t park. >> hard time scoring runs and we haven't scored over six runs here at home. that's an area that we will have to improve in the second half.
6:54 pm
>> that home heavy stretch starts tonight against rival dodgers here at home and despite the dodgers being 12 1/2 games behind the first place giants, players say there is still a rivalry there. >> maybe for the fans. but for us it doesn't matter who we're playing. we just want to go out and play well. we know that they have struggled through this year but that doesn't mean we don't take them seriously. >> definitely i think the players feed off of it and they are feeding off fans and off the rivalry that's been here for 60 years, 70 years. i think, you know, when you first come up as a rookie player you want to make it to the big leagues and establish yourself in the industry you're trying to be in and as you come and you're part of this -- you become a
6:55 pm
part of the rivalry and after whether it's a year or a couple series, you feed off the fans and the other players that have been around. >> the world champs will make a little detour during their next road trip. the team announced plans today to make a trip to the white house next monday to meet the president, barack obama, so he can congratulate the giants on their world series win and despite the extra travel time, the team is excited. >> it's going to be very special for all of us. it means you won the world series the year before. that's part of the deal that goes with it. and it's an honor and i certainly look forward to it. >> a lot of us are. it's not something everybody says they can do. it's going to be exciting. going to take advantage of it. take a lot of pictures. hopefully just suck up the memories and something i can pass onto my kids one day. >> i'm excited for the white
6:56 pm
house. it's going to be a good time. it will be tough travel but we'll deal with it and enjoy it. >> and we will take you along for the presidential ride. coming up next monday, i will travel with the team to the white house. document their trip so you can catch all of the coverage of course on nbc bay area. for now, giants and dodgers coming up in just a few moments right here. we send it back to you, scott. >> you get all of the tough gigs. giants/dodgers tonight and barack obama and white house next week. the game coming up in moments on nbc bay area and we'll have highlights tonight at 11:00 and over on comcast sports net bay area following the game sports net central extended highlights and postgame reaction. let's send it back now for our kntv studios. >> thank you. we'll see you tonight for half hour bay area sports coverage, you can watch the game on comcast sports net at 10:30. >> after the giants game, fire
6:57 pm
season may have met its match. scientists in the bay area may have stolen the secret to the fast moving destructive phenomenon that happens this time every year. see what they learned about the best way to kill fires kick tonight after the giants game on cnbc bay area news. >> that's what's next. giants and dodgers game one of the three-game set. another sellout crowd expected at at&t park. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. good job on your first day at nbc. >> thank you for get ting me through it. thanks for joining us. we'll see you later tonight. bye-bye. my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2.
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or maybe 8? my "me time" when everybody's takin' shots at me. [ male announcer ] discover you time anytime. mccafé your day with a mcdonald's frappé. smooth and icy caramel or mocha blended just for you and topped with a decadent drizzle.
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