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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  July 22, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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joining us. >> nearly four months of frustration and false leads, but now lapd says got itten it right. three people with a checkered criminal past have been arrested. and there's also a remarkable update with bryan stow himself. we have multiple reports tonight. jodi hernandez is at san francisco general, but we begin with vicky wynn. we both watched the news conference. interesting revelations about the suspects and the former suspect, correct? >> yeah, that's right. lapd chief made it clear giovanni ramirez is no longer a suspect, but three new sus secretaries are now in custody, two facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon. the department not releasing any photos yet, but saying 29-year-old louie sanchez, 30-year-old marvin norwood and doreen sanchez are the people responsible for the beating of bryan stow. the three were arrested early
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yesterday morning in two separate raids by lapd. louie and doreen are brother and sister and she is the long time partner of norwood. neighbors tell the paper the trio are family oriented and that they're surprised because both men often played baseball with their children in the neighborhood. but both men reportedly have records of domestic violence convictions as well as weapons and disturbing the peace convictions. chief beck opened his announcement today by saying, quote, in policing, it is just as important to exonerate the innocent as it is to implicate the guilty. while he didn't go so far as to apologize for the arrest of giovanni ramirez, he said that dozens of detectives expect thousands of hours working seven days a week to find the people who brutally attacked bryan stow and that the evidence led to the three people who are now in custody. >> they investigated more than 850 clues and interviewed over 600 people. we have tirelessly pursued the
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truth wherever it led us and without prejudice to the outcome. >> the individuals responsible for this senseless act of violence against an innocent man will be brought to justice. >> charges are still pending over doreen sanchez. the other two suspects remain in custody. >> thank you, vicky. >> and from the legal aspect in this case, to the medical one. and what could be very significant progress in the recovery of bryan. we first brought you some of the news last night during our newscast. today there were actually hearing from bryan's mom who as you can imagine is ex-static. jody her in i hernandez is live thapart of that story.
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he may have actually mouthed his own name to doctors yesterday? >> reporter: that's what we're haerg. his mother is absolutely thrilled. stow is here at sf general hospital, we understand he is alert, he recognizes his children, he even mouthed the word morning to his nurses today. >> making sure he had eye contact and he asked him, bryan, what is your last name and the doctor said he mouthed stow. oh, my gosh. we were -- everybody in this hospital is floating on a cloud. >> reporter: bryan stow's mother would barely contain her excitement as she told a los angeles radio reporter her son is showing remarkable improvement. >> he never has fully been out of his company marks he's been in a semistate there. the main thing that this was a sign that he was coming out of it. >> reporter: stow's family is also sharing the news online on a website designed to keep the public informed.
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they say he's alert, has given nurses the thumb's up and even mouthed his last name. a huge change from earlier this week when he suffered a seizure and had to undergo emergency surgery. his friends and colleagues at the american medical response where he works as a paramedic are thrilled the giants fan is showing improvement. >> great news to hear about how he's progressing. we'll keep praying for him. >> reporter: as for the new arrests, his mother says everything's coming together, but's the signs its brain's awakening that has her on cloud nine. >> they're just scratching their head with brian opr bryan. he's been a very unique patient. >> reporter: incredible news. of course so many people have been rooting to bryan stow. i logged on to a facebook page made in his honor and the comments are just flooding in. some people say they have tears in their eyes tonight. you can bet that the mood is it
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going to be very upbeat at at&t park as the giant takes on the brewers. reporting live in san francisco, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we wish his family the very best. we invite you to stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of bryan's case, how he's doing, not only just the case itself, but how bryan is doing. you can always logon to, we have the latest updates there for you. again, new tonight at 6:00, witnesses say the pilot of that small plane that crashed in watsonville earlier this month killing him and his family nearly escaped death. according to a preliminary report by the national transportation safety board, two witnesses said the plane rolled rapidly to the left about 500 feet above the runway after taking off at a steep angle. the plane nearly inverted and nose dived spiraling twice before appearing to recover. the plane eventually, though, touched ground and slid about
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130 feet into an unoccupied building at the watsonville community hospital. the family died on impact. the pilot had just received his license back this march. his wife and two sons were also on board. the cause of this crash remains under investigation. will there be a policy change at yosemite? no. mark rangers don't normally cite or fine visitors who disowe bat ir warnings signs and tuesday's presumed deaths won't change that. three members of a central valley church group had climbed over a metal railing to wade this a shallow pool above vernal fall when they were swept away. a park spokesman says with more than 750 miles of trails to patrol, rangers spend their time citing those who set illegal fires or commit vandalism. instead of watching for people ignoring warning signs. those who violate warning signs are simply instructed to stop their illegal behavior.
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while walking in some parts of berkeley getting a little dicey. police say there's been a surge in armed robberies on city streets just in the last month and many of those attacks happening right around the uc berkeley campus. tracy grant is live in berkeley with more on what is happening to people in their neighborhoods and what they need to know if they're out at night. especially campus kids. >> reporter: there have been confined a few incidents recently involving people walking down this street or in areas near uc berkeley south campus. and they've ended up with guns pointed in their faces and being ordered to turn over their belongings. now, three of these incidents were reported just this past sunday. >> i wouldn't think this area. this is a pretty quiet and kind of gentle area. >> reporter: many residents weren't aware that an armed robbery took place here at the intersection of tell gregraph ae and paerk street. a man approached two women walking down the street, pointed
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a handgun at them and demanded cash. it was just one of a number of ped pd armed robberies. >> there have been times i've left the library pretty late, maybe 11:00 at night by myself and have been waiting on a bus or something kind of at night alone. >> reporter: two more armed robberies took place just an hour and a half later on sunday. here on the 2300 block of grant street and not far away on the corner of hurst and chestnut. both involved young looking men brandishing guns. one couple gave a wallet, cell phone and church but another one chose to fight back and was pistol whipped. >> what would you do if somebody did pull a gun on you? >> i'd say here you go. take it. >> the descriptions vary, so we're not certain if it's one person or if it's multiple people. >> reporter: berkeley police say they're mapping the increase in robberies and trying to determine whether there are patterns. >> obviously in the areas that the incidents occurred, we'll
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increase patrols. and also to get information out to the public, that's very important. >> reporter: police say the best thing you request do is be cooperative with the robber while making yourself a good witness. this student agrees. >> i'd make sure that i would see all of his features, remember him. >> reporter: obviously walking alone is not the best idea. some of the people who were robbed on sunday actually were pairs of people walking together. but the one person who was walking alone was actually the one person who got hurt. live in berkeley, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. in more ra sheriff's deputy killed will be honored a week from day in san rafael. the 49-year-old was shot while trying to help a friend who received death threats from her ex-boyfriend.
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this happened on tuesday. police say the ex identify as thomas holleran shot the unarmed deputy twice in the chest. he was also shot and killed at the scene. plans to expand oakland zoo could be hitting a legal road block. two conservation groups are suing to halt the construction of a new veterinary hospital, animal exhibit and education center on about 50 acres of nolan park. they say the city council and zoo new to do a more thorough impact review.zoo saysment construction plans include protection for native plant and animal habitats. the expansion is expected to create dozens of jobs and bring this millions of dollars to the local economy but is on hold for now. in business and tech news, it's a cavse of good news/bad news as far as unemployment in the state of california. the good news is that nearly 29,000 jobs were added throughout the state. the bad new, the unemployment rate went up to 11.8%.
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california one of the few wrisp when looking across the country. >> it's a good step in the right direction. now what we need is something to really kick start the economy and get us into a full fledge job recovery mode. >> while the job growth in california is positive, it may not last. major companies with businesses here, cisco, lockheed and border, announced big layoffs this week. still ahead, a day of surfing at malibu leads to serious injuries for arnold schwartz neglect azenegger schwarzenegger's teenage son. why would i want to be in the cemetery business? why wouldn't i be? >> also coming up, 2 million people are buried there. but a person at the cemetery says takes great place for the living. we'll take you to the bay area's city of souls. nd at east bay company whose
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work on the ground is helping us see what is up in space. and i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. decent cooling across the bay area with 83 in san jose, san francisco 67. as we take a look right now dropping off along the coast with 60 in san francisco, we'll have details on how long this fog sticks around coming up.
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from the east bay into space, tonight we'll take you on an amazing tour of a bay area company that's literally aiming for the stars. >> this company is helping the space program see what's out scott budman has the final uninstallment. >> reporter: it's a company that can see its handy work in space but it actually does that work in the east bay.
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tinsley, a division of lb int e integrated optical systems operates out of a huge warehouse. >> we've been here since 1926. >> reporter: setting and polishing mirrors for the james webb space telescope to accuracy he is of less than one millionth of an inch. >> this group is 130 people and we developed our own technology, our polishing robots to do the grinding and polishing. >> reporter: and it has good reason to be proud. the work done in here helps astronomers see and photograph objects in one has ever seen before in space at negative 440 degrees fahrenheit. >> the telescope is designed, mirrors are designed to collect light from the faintest obs that are up to 13.5 billion light years away.
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>> reporter: those image he eventually come back to us with photographs. proving nasa can call richmond for an out of this world project. in richmond, scott budman, nbc bay area news. tinsley was started back in 1926 by a uc berkeley professor. it's been based in richmond for decades and is currently working on several classified projects for nasa. well, google plus has enrolled 20 million users in just three weeks. the next step will be to lure more users with games and one blogger predicts google will charge pre-viders much less than facebook and apple and that would make game designers especially eager to play with google plus. a traffic issue on the gold engate is for a good cause. a project has closed the west
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side of the bridge normally used bicyclists causing a large increase in the amount of traffic on the east side. the striping will hopefully offer a little directional guidance to the multiuse path and help decrease the frustration and confusion from both riders and walkers. informational signs to alert bridge users of the crowded conditions have already been added and the striping will start as soon as possible. well, it won't quite be carmageddon, but it will be slow. parts of 101 here in the bay area will be closed this weekend. drivers near tully road will be diverted off the freeway. it will be shut down in both directions just after midnight tonight. the freeway will reopen at 5:30 in the morning. drivers will be detoured on to city streets and back on to 101 with overnight construction lasting until monday. >> also overnight construction in highway 4 on antioch. westbound lanes will be shut
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down at love ridge road late wednesday night as part of and ongoing project to widen that roadway. the roadway will be closed from 10:00 wednesday night until 3:30 thursday morning. on and off-ramps will also be closed in that area, so you need to plan ahead to make sure you have more time for your commute. okay. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. and do we see jeff anywhere here? >> oh, yes. we're working on our computers back here. >> there we go. i get nervous when i don't see you in our green screen. >> we can show you what it's like out across the bay area. right san francisco, the fog is moving in and coming up, we'll take a look you guys at how long this fog will stick around and what is it going to mean for your weekend forecast. we're fine tuning everything and i'll be back in just a few minutes. also ahead, "don't ask, don't tell" comes off the books. we'll have the bay area reaction to this big decision today. also ahead, got an apology?
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has our weekend buegun. >> unofficially. at least mentally. >> i'm there with you, too. it was hot out there today. 95 degrees in walnut creek from 86 from what we had throughout this week, 93 in livermore thursday, 85 yesterday. -or today, rather. so nonetheless, we did start to cool down with these cooling on shore winds coming across the bay area.
6:22 pm
also at 90 in los gatos. 67 in san francisco. outside right now, there's the fog stacking up to about 15 feet and that fog and on shore flow is helping to drop numbers everywhere at this point. currently 65 in san mateo, 79 in sunnyvale and 76 in san jose. on so let's get a look at our visible satellite. we do have the fog out here offshore and that will continue to build up true tonight and move on in as we head into tomorrow. this cooling on shore flow, winds right now 5-15 miles per hour, primarily out of the west that will keep fog here in the picture for tonight. mainly some patchy fog for inland spots in the east and also for the south bay. then as we come out here, a wider look, we do have the jet stream will take a little bit of a deep that will keep us in a keerl we dealer weekend flow. 5:00 a.m. on saturday, temperatures in the low to mid-50s. and by 10:00 and 11 k :011:00, . 2:00, we'll get in on eight, but
6:23 pm
definitely not a hot day for saturday. pretty comfortable. we have travel delays in the east coast. we have an approaching system producing severe weather. this will eventually help to put away this heat wave, but today 104 in central park, we're talking about setting all-time record highs and shattering records in some cases, as well. really unbelievable. coming up, we'll have a look at our san francisco giants forecast, they're playing tonight and i'll give you the latest. back to you. >> a big game for the giants tonight. thank you, jeff. the last chapter now in the borders 40 year history doesn't finish with a happy ending. now book lovers have lost a place to go and employees have lost a place to work. nbc bay area's kent willhoyt talked for buyers and severals to get a read on the latest signs of the time. >> reporter: the lines are long and so are the faces as borders continues out of business. for patrons like nan, the liquidation sale isn't what
6:24 pm
brought her here. >> this is really sad. this a cornerstone of palo alto and it's just unbelievable that it's just not going to be here. >> reporter: and sue remembers when big box stores like ders moved in challenging literary mom and pop. >> i used to work for an independent book seller here, and we noticed when borders moved in, more and moree people were buying books at the warehouse type bookstores. >> reporter: but since then, borders has failed to turn the page on technology has the chain has not turned a profit since 2006. are small bookstores going to benefit from border's demise? >> how it will affect us, i don't know that it will at all. we have a different clientele, although we welcome them, you know, any of their clients or customers, weeds be happy to help. >> reporter: and though that technology increases access to book, some reerds feel the electronic world seems a little cold. >> i love to be able to smell them and to see them. i love the colors.
6:25 pm
so anything online, it's very veebt, b convenient, but it loses the love part of it for me. >> sbis evolving. it's a work in progress. it's changing. look at the music industry and what they went through ten years ago. and now i have actually have a daughter who is collecting lp records. so we're doing a turn about there. >> reporter: so is the last clap tefr t chapter being written in that member further down the road. >> i sure hope it isn't. well, got problems? the advertisers behind those got milk ads sure do. their latest ad has been deemed a dud and dumped. the controversial campaign immediately hit a snag when it was launched last week. it featured men apologizing for things they did or didn't do with the tag line saying, milk can help reduce the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome as the
6:26 pm
men were talking to their wives or significant others. advertising insiders say the campaign was enormous hit generating attention which advertising dollars just couldn't buy even if it had a not so happy ending. >> don't look at me on this one. still ahead at 6:00, developing news from norway after a bombing and shooting leave more than a dozen people dead in the most violence attacks there since world war i ii. also arnold schwarzenegger's son suffer as serious injury after a day of surfing. the latest on his condition. and a former manager of pg&e reveals what may have really happened to those missing pipeline records. >> reporter: another person is murdered in oakland bringing the death toll for 60 this year. buthy violent crime may actually be down.
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it may not be what people want to hear, but homicide rates are climbing and squikly quickly. some cities are seeing homicide rates well above where they were this time last year. but here's a startling statistic. experts tell us it could actually be worse. in fact it has been worse. nbc bay area's elyse kirchner is in oakland with more. were the one week after a mother's burning body is discovered on a street in rockridge, people and friends pay hair last respects. >> she feels like the police department has to be more secure of the city. >> reporter: the funeral service comes just hours after a 39-year-old man was shot and killed here in oain east oaklan bringing the death toll to 60
6:30 pm
this year, as compared to 49 at this time last year. also seemingly bad in other bay area cities like in richmond, where lee people were gunned down just this week and in san francisco, controversy has surrounded an officer-involved shooting. >> that's bad news, but it is not an unmitigated catastrophe. >> reporter: but uc berkeley law professor and crime expert says violent crime is actually at a historic low. >> so one of the reasons that there's a vulnerability to rates going up is that rates had been down and inexplicably down for a long period of time. >> reporter: and the statistics don't lie. in the early 90s, 175 people were killed in oakland compared to 60 this year. and in richmond, the number is now at 22 compared to around 60. and so far this year in san francisco, authorities say there were 29 homicides.
6:31 pm
in 1991, there were 95. he says it's hard to predict why the numbers dropped in the last two decades, but says he does know cutting staff at local police departments won't help us in the future. >> and when we do things like we reduce police resources, we're playing with fire. >> reporter: but he says if police departments like oakland here or richmond could add just one police officer per 1,000 citizens, crime rates would probably be reduced by half. in oakland, nbc bay area news. it's been a problem mounting for years, the tension in the bayview districts. today tense words as activists confronted the mayor. just six days after a fatal shooting involving police. >> i've been down here making sure we have social services down here, as well. >> and that's good, too. >> you know what i did with ms. westbrook and those programs
6:32 pm
that are were very important. >> right now, it's to stop killing these young -- >> years of frustration mounting here. last weekend's exchange of gunfire between the police and a seattle man continues to anger many in the bayview district even after last night's revelation that the deadly shot came from the man's own gun and not a police issued weapon. >> it surprises me what those forensics say. so i'm probably like everybody else, i went, wow, and what really happened and how we can try to understand that. at the same time, the commitment is still very high. we're going to keep every community in san francisco safe. >> reporter: mayor lee was in the bayview for a ground breaking ceremony for a new library. ez says it's a critical place for young people in the bayview area to learn in a saefr environment. new tonight at 6:00, you've heard of spreading the wellth. today the california judicial counsel set to work doing the
6:33 pm
opposite. the group which handles budgets and policy for california courts approved a plan to deal with the $350 million in budget cuts by the state this year. as a result, all the trial courts in the state will have to deal with 6% less in their operating budgets. superior court presiding judge says that means 25 courtrooms closed in her city. >> i'm angry and i'm angry because i have seen an executive and a legislature gut a branch that i care very much about that is supposed to be a separate co-equal branch of government. and within the branch, i've seen this burgeoning bureaucracy suck up tens of millions of dollars that our trial court funds. >> the counsel also voted to divert more than $50 million in funding for statewide court case management system. that project has consumed
6:34 pm
hundreds of millions of dollars over the past decade, but is still years from full implementation. federal documents in the investigation in to san bruno explosion are revealing another possible cause of that blast fp the 4,000 page report from the national traffic safety board contained information that a 10-inch long segment of pipe had defective welds. hear eat stunner, though. that piece located some 700 feet south of the section that actually exploded. the document says it would have been 1 o1300 pounds of pressurer square inch for cause a burst in a nonflawed pipe. pg&e released a statement thanking the agency foir its ongoing investigation. the son of arnold schwarzenegger was seriously injured during a surfing accident christopher suffered several broken bones and a
6:35 pm
collapsed lung after being hit by a large wave while body surfing sunday. he was initially hospitalized in intensity care, but his condition has been upgraded. they put out a joint statement thanking hospital staff for the care and they're asking for privacy during this very intense time. now to some developing news. norway was the victim of it worst violence since world war ii today. at least acceseven people are d of a taker bomb exploded in oslo followed by a shooting at a youth camp where police say at least ten more people were killed. jenelle huang hats more s more. >> reporter: in a wicked irony, the home of the nobel peace prize is reeling from a terror
6:36 pm
attack. the bombing took everyone by surprise in oslo when it ripped apart buildings friday afternoon. the area houses government offices and some of norway's largest newspapers. at least seven people died in the blast. it could have been much worse, but today is a national holiday. the prime minister who has an office here was fortunately working from home and was unharmed. a short time later, about 60 miles away, another massacre, this time at a youth camp on an island just outside of oslo. the prime minister was scheduled to visit the camp this weekend. witnesses say a suspect dressed as a police officer was asking the children for their identification papers when he suddenly opened fire with an automatic weapon. many of the victims were shot as they tried to swim away. at least ten people dead here. officials arrested the suspect and believe he's behind both of today's attacks. they are still trying to determine a motive. president obama immediately sent his condolences. >> i wanted to personally extend
6:37 pm
my condolences to the people of norway and it's a reminder that to the entire national community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring. >> reporter: right now as police continue to search for victims, they are not ruling out that more suspects could be involved. jenelle huang, nbc bay area news. a monumental decision in our nation's capital today. a victory for many here in the bay area. the ban on gays serving openly in the military will be lifted. president obama and military leaders today certifying the requirements for the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." gay and lesbian military veterans are celebrating in san francisco. retired veterans say they never thought they would see such a historic day. and aspiring military officers say it's about team freedom rings in the military. there was testimony before federal officials urging them to
6:38 pm
end the policy. "don't ask, don't tell" is an added burden in an already stressful environment. >> our service members especially those overseas are already under so much stress that putting these extra unnecessary and disrespectful stresses on their spirit quite frankly is dangerous for themselves and for the people around them. >> there is a 60 day waiting period before the dan is lifted, so it will be lifted in september. gay rights activists say service members should not come out until that waiting period is over. still ahead at 6:00, they're closing the stores at a legendary spot in the south bay. the final lap, the roller skating ring that's about to shut down. plus the city who has no problem living among the dead. and why they say cemeteries can educate us all. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. temperatures down here across the bay area with 83 in san jose
6:39 pm
and san francisco at 67. oakland 71. and as we head throughout tonight, we will look at cool conditions and also the fog coming back. stick around, you don't want to miss your san francisco giants weather. they're on the field tonight. hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year.
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and glitter. so much glitter. just south of san francisco is the permanent resting place for more than 2 million people. >> we say there are more dead people than people who are am live. they call it the city of souls. mike anderson sat down with one of the accept tearians who gives us a behind the scenes look. ♪
6:42 pm
>> it's located just south of san francisco and is the city of souls. with 17 cemeteries, we have over 2 million people buried here with less than 2,000 people who are alive. the town motto is it's great to be alive in colma. i grew up in southern california. and at a teenager, i would give out tours of the movie stars' graves. i found cemeteries to be enjoyable, very quiet, contemplate differen contempla contemplateive places. it's interesting working at a cemetery. i have my hand in pretty much every aspect of the operation. from very first call, informing of us a death, to making sure that the service goes off properly a
6:43 pm
properly. we deal with a lot of graef, but you also deal with families as time goes by and you help them to get through their grief and you establish a lot of great relationships. ♪ there seems to be an irrational fear of cemeteries. i'm in the really dead people all day. i don't see it that way. i've never met a ghost. a number of people ask me why i would ever want to be in the cemetery business. and the answer is simple. i ask them why wouldn't i want to be? it's a wonderful place to get to know people and to get to know the history and heritage of a community. >> fascinating story. a great perspective there. >> i think its neat. in europe, people go all the time because there's so many history. but there have so many neat things. >> how are we looking for the
6:44 pm
weekend? >> cool and some fog to roll right in throughout colma. right now the fog is right here across oakland where temperatures are starting to drop off. we'll have details on how cool those numbers will go this weekend in just a few minutes. and for comcast sports net, we're ready to rock and roll. it's orange friday at at&t park as the giants host the brewers. it's all coming up. plus the latest on jeff keppinger, tnewest giant. a live report coming up. don't worry, tiny people. o is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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6:46 pm
no more roller skating. the end of an era at a south bay roller ring. after three decades in business, cal skate set to close it doors at the end of the month. we stopped by to talk with people who grew up skating there and who now bring their own kids to the roller rink. >> it's wonderful. i've been here going skating since i was a little kid. and to be now with my children here in cal skate skating can with them is wonderful. >> cal skate is one of the few roller rinks with a hardwood floor. it was installed 25 years ago. i am a great roller skater.
6:47 pm
>> you love roller skating? >> i love to go around and do the shuffle and go backward. >> well, we have up a kell more days before it closes. >> i say field train trip. >> you got bring the flip cam. and that's one spot that doesn't need any remodeling. it looks just as good as it did 25 years ago. i've got my facebook open and we're talking about the cool and the hot air coming in and out here across the bay area. my favorite comment from clint saying whatever is clever. i like that. no matter what we say, he'll be happy with it. of course you can always head to my facebook and link to it as all right. let's get a look at where numbers did cool down. we have 87 in livermore, but numbers off 5 to 8 degree from yesterday. 67 in san francisco. so most of the cooling occurred at the coastline and right across the peninsula. right now san francisco 71 and we do have those clouds starting to roll right into the city. which does bring us to our next
6:48 pm
point. san francisco giants taking on the brewers tonight. and, yes, it's very typical here weather for the giants. let's hope it plays towards their advantage. we're looking at patchy fog rolling in and temperatures also on the cooler side with 50s, winds out of the west at 13 miles per hour. back there in brewers territory, they were dealing with all-time record setting heat, so maybe this whole temperature thing will throw them off. the numbers will continue to drop tonight. already 60s in hayward. 76 in san jose and 81 in livermore. tonight the fog does return at the coastline and for this weekend, we'll just skate right along with some average temperatures. and then ahead in our seven day forecast, we are talking about some heat, some 90 degree weather, that will be making its way back. so for tonight, there's the fog. it's having an easy time moving on in. hot air will stay well off toward the south. as we continue in this foggy pattern the next 48 hours, so that will mean 80s inland instead of those 90s.
6:49 pm
and then sunday we'll look at afternoon sun coming back after we get throughout this fog. so as we head throughout tomorrow, the fog about pushes back by 11:00 a.m. and for tonight, we're looking at 57 in los gatos and redwood city. as for saturday, 84 in morgan hill, 85 in gilroy. and as we continue right up into the peninsula and also san francisco, looking at 84 in palo alto and 68 in san francisco. 68 in richmond and 8 mid-80s right into the north bay. and of course you can always get more on this anytime on on the weather channel on cable. on our seven day forecast, we stay with a steady pattern of those mid and upper 80s the next couple of days. and then possibly some 90 degree heat by next thursday and friday. so looks good the next couple days. >> thank you, jeff. >> i see you wrote fantastic for next friday. >> you have good eyes there.
6:50 pm
>> we're all going roller skating. >> i'll go for that. >> let's get to sports. henry, what happened here? tonight is nbc night yet we're working, you're working. we're nbc. >> only some nbc people were invited. >> i want to talk to jessica. my main girl. she loves roller skating. jess characterization i love roller skating. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> invite me. i've got moves readied to go. with milwaukee in town, the giants will try to get something brewing tonight. giants and brewers at 7:15. this will be the giants' 100 gait game of the season. the orange and black are sitting in first place four games ahead of the diamondbacks. the brewers are also in first
6:51 pm
place. jamie has more on the newerest giant, jeff keppinger. >> reporter: jaw, jeff keppinger has never before played on a winning team. so you can bet he's excited to play. he's batting second and that's where he feels the most comfortable. >> i'm a good contact guy, so i like to hit and runs. i like to sac bunts, do the little things that move runners around. i like setting the table for the guys behind me. so it's a spot i've always been in and i feel really comfortable with it. >> he'll be a situational hitter. he doesn't strike out a whole lot. he doesn't walk a whole lot which means he puts the bat on the ball. and he knows which pitches he wants to swing in, why he wants to swing at them. and he'll move guys over when he needs to. >> he's a guy that can handle the bat. he doesn't strike out much. you can hit and run with him.
6:52 pm
he can keep rallies going. hit behind a run arer. when you have a guy that can handle the bat the way he does, i think the two hole suits him just right. >> reporter: and we do have a quick buster posey update for you. he did have surgery today to remove the screws in his ankle. everything went according to plan. it will be a while before he can put any weight on it. reporting live from at&t park for nbc bay area. >> very nice job. over to the as visiting the yankees. they have's lost ten straight to the guys in pinstripes. in the bottom of the third, two on, yanks up 5-2. nick swisher hits a three run shot. then michael wertz, seven battebatter s later, mark teixeria with a grand slam.
6:53 pm
it's 14-7 and a beat down going on right now. lawyers from both sides of mfl nfl dispute are expected to work through the weekend in hopes p lifting the lockout. the players are not expecting to vote on the owners approved proposal until next week. we'll keep you updated on that. today roger goodell and demaurice smith attended a funeral for myra kraft, the wife of the patriots owner bob kraft. more news for you, 49ers are doing their best to say in shape. several of the players met in san francisco for run light drill. alex smith has helped coordinate the workouts and no surprise here, he says guys are frustrated and ready to get back to work. >> i've been reading about it like everybody else. we do get updates from our reps, but we're not there. we don't know all the redetails of how everything has gone down. so, no, we're out of the loop like everybody else.
6:54 pm
we do talk to our player rep, buts's stu it's tough on get a . if you're not there, you don't know what's going on. so for the most part, it's just keeping us posted when this thing finally wraps up. >> so we still have a lockout, but the raiders free agent working up a sweat, ozawa built houses for houses for humanity. joining him from the children the as with a college tour for scholars. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. >> that was just a few minutes, but for a full 30 minutes of bay area sports coverage, you can watch comcast sports net central tonight at 10:30 with the entire gang. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste
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meet an outspoken grandmother taking a stand against criminals. her secret weapon tonight at 11:00 after "dateline." vicky joins us to let us know at 7:00. >> the arrest in the bryan stow case and the positive news on the healing front, new signs of progress for stow and the emotional reaction from his mother. plus hear from the man charged with taking a hard look at b.a.r.t. police and making changes. we'll ask him what's changes at b.a.r.t. pd. >> we'll see you at 7 ob a:00 a we'll see you again at 11:00. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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