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tv   Today  NBC  July 25, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. breaking news. the suspect who killed more than 90 people in norway appears in court as a young survivor who was trapped in a house when the gunman walked in and opened fire, shooting her, shares her dramatic story. where's the progress? eight days left to find a way to raise the debt ceiling. lawmakers remain at odds with no deal in sight. now there are serious concerns that jitters will start to show on wall street. and a father's grief. amy winehouse's dad greets his daughter's fans this morning outside the london home where she died as investigators try to determine what caused her untimely death. today, monday, july 25th, 2011.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this monday morning. i'm ann curry. >> i'm lester holt in for matt this morning. this morning's court appearance by the man who confessed to that tragic mass killing in oslo, norway, has now been closed to the public. >> authorities didn't want to give anders breivik a platform to speak out. but through his attorney he said he wanted his attacks to trigger what he called an anti-muslim revolution in his country. today's arraignment comes hours after the victims were mourned at an emotional memorial. we'll have the late nest a live report. also, a scary encounter for a group of teenagers who gathered for survival skills in alaska. the boys were crossing a stream when attacked by a brown bear. two of them were badly injured.
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we're going to get details coming up. also this morning, a fresh blow to a mother who lost her 4-year-old son in a hit-and-run accident. it happened as their family was crossing the street. the driver, who admitted he had been drinking, served just six months. but now the mom could spend up to three years in prison after she was convicted of, among other things, failing to use the crosswalk. we will be talking to her exclusively this morning. the big 40, the milestone birthday that makes people squirm. but now some women are seizing the day and giving it a brand new meaning. we're going to explore that further. let's begin with the latest on that deadly shooting rampage in norway. nbc's martin fletcher is in oslo this morning. martin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. anders breivik is in court right now being arraigned on charges of terrorism. meanwhile here at oslo cathedral, this has become the center of mourning. this drama is just what the confessed killer wants, to focus attention on his call
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for a christian war to defend europe against muslim domination. at noon local time today all of norway paused for a minute's silence in memory of the victims who died for one man's obsession. and at sunday's memorial in the oslo cathedral, king harold and queen sonya cried with their people. a nation shocked, listening with horror to the survivors of the massacre. >> he looked like a police officer. he had all the clothes and the gun and everything. >> the shooting was like fireworks or something. it sounded like fireworks. >> reporter: as breivik's lawyer said breivik planned the attack for months, but why? rarely has an alleged mass can kill ears motives been so clearly laid out. only two hours before allegedly setting off the massive bomb
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that killed seven in oslo city center and then driving, according to the police, to the island and hunting down and killing at least 86 teenagers, breivik, 32 years old, posted a manifesto on the internet. 1,500 pages. the work, he said, of several years. in the very first sentence breivik wrote, "it is better to kill too many than not enough. later, "we do not want to do this but we are left with no choice." and his chilling final thought, "i believe this will be my last entry. it is now friday, july 22nd." and then breivik set off on his murderous rampage. breivik's lawyer told nbc news breivik wanted a platform for his political views. >> this is the start of a revolution that will change the western world. >> reporter: breivik wants to stop muslims from emigrating to europe, to end european attempts to have different people live side by side, what they call multiculturalism.
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breivik also wrote that in 2002 he formed a cabal of right-wingers from eight european countries. now the concerns are europe are who are they, did they act alone, and is there another breivik out there? >> martin, thank you. one woman was on the island and survived after she was shot in the leg. good morning to you. let me first ask you what was the first sign of trouble? >> it was the shooting from the -- from one of the side of the -- on the island. i heard, yes. and then i didn't understand what was happening. >> you were on a hill. and you ran, i understand, into a house. and you were trapped inside this house with some other young people, some young women. tell us exactly what happened.
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>> i was just in a small room in the main house. and when the man come into the house, we heard shooting inside, everybody ran out, windows, doors, from inside the room. but some people were trapped in the room, in the corner. and when he come in from a door, he start shooting on the people on the floor. and then three survived. >> three survived of how many in the room? i understand you were shot in the leg? >> yes. ten people were shot in that room. >> some of these -- some of these young women, i understand, were young girls, really, and you're just 16 years old, i understand. some of these girls were your friends. can you describe just sort of how you're able to be speaking
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to us given what you've witnessed? >> i don't understand what happened, too, so that's why i'm so cold right now. i think the feelings will come later. >> so you're in a state of shock, which is -- which is very understandable. as you are witnessing your country's state of mourning, your entire country is in mourning, you're also hearing this information that this accused shooter, this gunman, had a manifesto and that he was anti-islam, anti-multiculturalism. what is your reaction when you hear what motivated the gunman? >> i think it's horrible.
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and it's horrible that my friends was killed. i was shocked because i believe in a multicultural norway. for my beliefs. >> i see. have you been able to understand how it was that one gunman could kill and wound so many people on the island? >> not really. just -- i didn't know it was so many before the day after. it's hard to know that he was in a policeman suit, so he attracted people and said things okay, therefore many walked to him and got shot. >> did you look outside the window of the room after you
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were shot, or did you stay hidden? do you think that you're alive because you pretended to be dead? >> i think i'm alive because i pretended to be dead. i had a woman lying over my body, and i lied under her until the police come to the main building and get us to the hospital. so everyone was -- the three people that was alive in the room was just lying. we didn't know how many people that was shooting, so we didn't know if they were coming back or just leaving us. >> well, ingvild, we're glad to speak to you. and we wish you every luck in your recovery. i know -- i want you to know that the whole world is so sad for what has happened in norway. our best to you, dear. >> thanks. it is now 7:09. here's lester. >> quite a young lady that's
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been through a lot. now to washington where there is plenty of blame but still no deal to raise the debt ceiling. time is running out with the deadline now just eight days away. capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell has the latest for us. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. the deadline they set for themselves keeps slipping. now speaker boehner says he hopes to have some kind of proposal to show his members when they get back to washington this afternoon around 2:00. majority leader harry reid says he thought he had an alternative ready to go of $2.7 trillion in deficit reduction. but so far, it's a no-go. no deal yet. the word went out to house republicans in a conference call on sunday led by speaker john boehner, a pep talk and call for unity after this message on fox news. i would prefer to have a bipartisan approach to solve this problem. if that's not possible, i and my republican colleagues in the
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house are prepared to move on our own. >> reporter: no deadline needed for the washington blame game. treasury secretary tim geithner laid it on tea party republicans. >> the problem is they have a vocal, loud, frankly irresponsible minority in their party who want to take this country to the edge of default, and that is not acceptable. >> reporter: aides say boehner told his members to prepare themselves to give. he said, it's going to require some of you to make some sacrifices. while the speaker accused democrats of playing politics over their demand that a debt ceiling increase must last beyond the 2012 election. >> i know the president is worried about his next election. but, my god, shouldn't we be worried about the country? >> reporter: democrats don't want a rerun of this mess during the president's re-election year. but republicans want two steps, raise the debt ceiling by $1 trillion now with equal cuts and vote to raise it again next year if a second big chunk of cuts is made. >> it must be extended in a way
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that gives certainty to the economy in 2013 and not some short-term gimmick where we're right back in this fix. >> reporter: and beyond the debt dilemma, house democrats have another problem to deal with this morning -- a scandal. seven-term oregon congressman david wu has been accused of an unwanted sexual encounter by the daughter of a longtime friend. nancy wu is speaking this morning calling on the ethics committee to initiate investigation into the allegations against congressman wu. she said, with deep disappointment and sad. we're told he is not going to seek re-election, but there are democrats calling for his resignation. lester, thank you. an autopsy is being conducted today to determine how grammy winning artist amy winehouse died. the 27-year-old singer/songwriter was found dead inside her london home on saturday.
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stephanie gosk is in london with the latest on this story. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. i'm live in camden. this is really the heart of london's music scene. it's where amy winehouse died. it's where her apartment is. she also often performed here. this morning her parents visited that apartment. fans have been gathering since they heard the news on saturday. her father spoke with reporters. he said he is absolutely devastated at her loss. her parents would not comment on speculation that she died of a drug overdose. this neighborhood has been attracting musicians for decades now. it is gritty. it's alternative. she fit right in. ♪ it was a rapid rise to fame and a familiar tragic struggle with all that came with it. ♪ you know that i'm no good
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amy winehouse's first album was released in 2003, not that long ago. she was only 20 years old. ♪ but it was "back to black," the second release, that launched the singer/songwriter's short career. nominated for six grammys, it won five. ♪ try to make me go to rehab and i say no, no, no ♪ but those words would become the young star's undoing. tempted by drugs and then debilitated by addiction. >> no one said, amy, you've got to do this, you've got to go to this doctor, you've got to do this, you've got to do that, you're killing me, you're killing your mum, none of it worked. >> reporter: on saturday winehouse died in her london home despite rescue workers' attempts to revive her. the cause of death is still unknown, but tabloids are filled with speculation of a drug overdose. winehouse went in and out of rehab. but ultimately, she couldn't beat it.
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in belgrade this spring the kickoff performance of a comeback tour was disastrous. her timing was off, she slurred lyrics, seemed drunk. the crowd booed. many left before it was over. she grew up in north london picking up a love of music from her father. her early favorites were sinatra and thelonius monk. her own music would eventually rely heavily on jazz but often with hip-hop and r&b flare. >> amy winehouse combined elements of jazz and rhythm and blues and blues in a modern setting. and, thus, was reminiscent of some of the great female vocalists. she was one of the rare true artists of our time. >> reporter: the british newspapers are filled with speculation. today some of these reports conflicting, one saying that there was no drug paraphernalia found in her apartment, others saying she had gone on a 36-hour
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binge. the police say it's too early to speculate. later today the coroners will perform a postmortem. >> stephanie gosk, thank you. however she did, very tragic. 27 years old. >> very sad story. a lot of people wanting to help her. she rejected help sometimes, took it at others. coming up later we're going to talk to a couple of people who have been down this road of addiction and talk about how difficult it is. but the sense that there really is never a lost cause. always find a way. we'll get to that a bit later on. we want to get a check of the other top stories. natalie morales is at the news desk. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the maid accusing dominique strauss-kahn of sexually assaulting her in a manhattan hotel room is speaking out publicly for the first time. the 32-year-old tells "newsweek" she was nervous and so afraid during the alleged incident and that she wants the former imf chief to go to jail. attorneys for strauss-kahn responded, saying it is time for this, quote, unseemly circus to end.
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the first same-sex marriages took place across new york state on sunday from niagara falls to manhattan city hall. new york becomes the sixth state to legalize gay marriage. word this morning that two americans are among the at least 36 people killed over the weekend in that train crash in eastern china. some 200 others were injured. the accident happened when lightning struck one train causing it to lose power and stall on the tracks. moments later it was smashed from behind by a second train coming from the same direction. two men charged with severely beating a san francisco giant's fan faced a judge for the first time today. luis sanchez and marvin norwood are accused of beating 42-year-old paramedic bryan stow during the opening day game between the giants and dodgers back in march. several teenagers are recovering this morning after being mauled by a bear over the weekend in the alaska wilderness opinion they were rescued sunday.
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the 17-year-old of denver was one of the youths on the trip who was attacked and received life-threatening injuries. his parents say they're just happy he's going to recover. >> i was so happy that he wanted to do it, that he wanted to get out there and do this backpacking and have this adventure. it's great stuff. and there are risks. so we're just thankful and relieved that he's okay. >> in all, four teens were hurt, but two only suffered minor injuries. they were participating in a survival skills leadership program. and a history-making win at the tour de france on sunday. cadel evans is the first australian ever to win the race in cycling. he crossed the finish line on the champs elysees saying it was really incredible. he won it in the time trials. 7:18. back over to ann, lester, and al. 2,100 miles, three weeks, quite an accomplishment. >> meantime this morning, we're enjoying the color purple. >> not the movie or the book.
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in any event, we've got the color red online on our map but not as big an area as it was over the weekend. you can see the heat, watches, warnings and advisories from texas to iowa. today kansas city, 95, 105 in waco, laredo, 102. big area of high pressure dominating. it's stuck right now in the south. but as we move on toward the end of the week it builds back into the east. that means the mid atlantic and northeast will be under the gun again for more record-breaking heat. here's what's lapping in your neck of the woods. >> good morning to you. we've got a nice day shaping up. temperatures below the seasonal averages. we're going to see a lot of fog for first part of the day. it will clear out making way to mostly sunny sky. 6 three in san francisco, 79 in fremont. 77 in san jose. we warm up each day this week all the way through the weekend. this weekend it's going to look hotter. as we head throughout the next
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couple days we climb. today not too bad. 80 degrees. >> and that's your latest weather. now to the harsh scrutiny being placed on the dna evidence used to convict american college student amanda knox of murder. keith miller is in perugia, italy with the latest on this story. >> good morning, ann. this is the beginning of the end of amanda knox's long battle in court to win her freedom. and in he's final days of testimony, it's all about the dr dna. the underground courtroom bunker built to prosecute mafia was packed. when court was in session, knox visibly stiffened. this is the last chance for the justice she says she deserves. then a forensic scientists pointed by the court to review the dna evidence testified about the results to convict knox and her former boyfriend, failed to conform to international
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standards. specifically, the knife allegedly used to murder knox's roommate, an exchange student from england, could not be retested as there wasn't enough dna material to analyze. and another key piece of evidence, dna allegedly matching knox's co-defendant is too contaminated to evaluate. >> we are hearing very minute fine details. mistakes that were quite obviously made. >> reporter: in her new book on the case "the fatal gift of beauty" the author claims knox was the victim of a rush to judgment. >> it was impossible to find anyone in perugia in 2009 who didn't believe that this girl had been the ring leader of a diabolical sex game. >> reporter: the 24-year-old from seattle, washington, just celebrated her fourth birthday behind bars with a cappuccino. her mother hopes knox can spend her next birthday back home with family and friends. >> she's definitely more hopeful that she will be spending
7:22 am
christmases and everything from, you know, now on at home. >> reporter: in the closing stages of the trial, the defense team will also raise the issue of motive. the prosecution originally claimed this was a crime linked to a sex game gone wrong, but that theory was never proved in court. the fall back motive, did knox murder her roommate in a jealous rage, seems to have fallen flat. and this case remain on the front pages here because basically the testimony in these closing days seems to point to the innocence of a young woman wrongly convicted. ann? >> all right, keith miller this morning. keith, thanks. coming up next, why would a mother drive drunk and high with her young children and nieces in the car? we're going to talk to her sister-in-law about the controversial new documentary on that deadly wrong-way crash. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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>> good monday morning to you. 7:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning a man is dead and another fighting for his life after an overnight shooting outside of a restaurant in east palo alto. it comes as the city is trying to get a handle on an uptic in violence. christie smith is live on the road with the latest. >> reporter: east palo alto police expect to be wrapping up in about an hour now. they are gathering evidence from the back parking lot on east bayshore road where two men were shot, ages 18 and 19, the 19-year-old died. no suspect information. this is the third fatal shooting
7:27 am
this month in the city that has seen a dramatic increase in violence recently. and it comes at a time when police are targeting hot spots working with other police agencies to try and curb street level violence. police are asking any one with information to give them a call. reporting live, christie smith. now back to you. >> thank you very much. notice it's overcast. i want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. we have a little fog this morning as well. down to two miles visibility in santa rosa. take it easy. highs looking comfortable, in the 50s, only headed to the upper 70s, low 80s, even in the warmest cities. 80 in gilroy. 77 in san jose. 79 in fremont. seven-day outlook tells the story. we climb all the way through the weekend. let's check your drive with mike inouye. >> the south bay we're seeing a couple of accidents, a motorcycle accident northbound 101. we've seen a couple of those.
7:28 am
so more motorcycles hitting the road as warmer weather kicks in. no injuries reported as well as the accident clearing from hellier. the east shore freeway recovering greatly. a disabled vehicle, the only issue slow from hercules and 4 through about university avenue. the metering lights are on, minor backup at the toll plaza. >> thank you. for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc morning news on facebook.
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morning, july 25th, 2011. our friends on rockefeller plaza, the northeast is getting a little respite from this heat wave. people are waving to their friends back home. meantime, inside studio 1-a, i'm ann curry and this is lasester holt. the latest on the tragic story of a wrong-way accident here in new york state that left a family divided. a mother who police say was drunk and high, crashed her minivan killing herself, her
7:31 am
daughter, three nieces, and three other people. now a controversial new documentary exploring this case, we will have detail on that and also talk to the woman's sister-in-law just ahead. plus, another tragedy. it's about a 4-year-old boy hit and killed as he crossed the street with his mother. now in a twist that has outraged some in the community. that woman has been convicted on charges tied to the case and could spend more time in jail than the driver who killed her son. she will speak out exclusively. >> all right. we are also going to get to a special series on what it means to women to turn 40. coming up, why more women are celebrating instead of hiding from that major milestone. coming up, all kinds of great things, marathons, go out for a spa day. hopefully inspire some of our listeners. >> enjoy. a lot to get to. let's begin the half hour with more of the untimely death of the singer of amy winehouse and the demon she battled. peter alexander is in london with more. peter, good morning. >> reporter: lester, good
7:32 am
morning to you. autopsy results are expected as early as later this afternoon. a formal investigation, an inquest, will also begin this afternoon. just a short time here outside amy winehouse's home. we did see for the first time from her parents, they came, mitch, her mother, and mom janice, visiting this location as well as all the fans that have come here over the last 48 hours. her dad said he was both devastated and speechless by his daughter's loss. now as you come back out live, you can see that massive memorial that has grown here over the last 48 hours. fans of amy winehouse leaving behind flowers, cards, candles, as well as alcoholic drinks and cigarettes being left here. winehouse had a very public well documented battle with drugs and alcohol. the question this morning is could anything have been done to save her? stumbling, incoherent, and disoriented. amy winehouse was clearly in no
7:33 am
shape to perform in serbia in june, her tour canceled. a month later at age 27 she was dead. >> i think a lot of people knew she was headed down this path. ♪ >> reporter: it was her 2006 grammy-winning "back to black" album that made her a global sensation. >> ani think a lot of the pain d trouble in her life came right out as she sang. >> reporter: as her celebrity soared her life began to unravel. the young singer acknowledged addiction struggles with song "rehab" here in her u.s. tv debut on "the late show with david letterman." >> amy tried just about everything. there was crack, there was cocaine, there was pot. >> reporter: before long her personal missteps overshadowed her music. >> she was in and out of rehab. ever since the "back to black" album. >> reporter: there were run-ins with the law, public fights, emergency hospital trips. even a video that appear to show
7:34 am
her smoking crack cocaine. >> she was addicted to so many substances. >> reporter: winehouse also battled eating disorders and often looked gaunt and pale. >> amy's family tried numerous times to get her help. it never stuck. >> reporter: in 2009 her mother janice even spoke about fearing for her daughter's health. >> the need to rescue her is like enormous. i just want her to be okay. and i would do whatever it took. >> reporter: the downward spiral continued. >> many people are asking if amy winehouse could have been saved. i believe, yes, she could have had the circumstances been different. >> reporter: she now join what's many in the music world call the 27 club, along with fellow musicians, jimi hendrix, janice joplin, jim morrison, and curt cobain, all of whom died at just 27 years old. >> such a sad and familiar story. it will make her a legend of sorts but she could have been a much better legend. it's just a tragedy.
7:35 am
>> reporter: also today we're learn that amy winehouse's record label, island records, insisted she have weekly doctor visits. the last doctor veisit was here at her home at 8:00 p.m., the night before she died. >> peter alexander in london for us. thanks. we're joined by addiction expert and pat o'brien, tv personality and recovering addict. good morning to both of you. kristina, you had your own battles are alcohol and drug addiction. watching this story, all weekend long as i talk to people about amy winehouse, nobody was shocked. they were sad but everyone kind of shook their head as if they expected this to come. is there anything such as a lost cause when it komcomes to addicn and recovery? >> no n. my opinion, absolutely not. that's why i've dedicated my life to helping families. i was as hopeless as they come. 18 years ago i was homeless in the streets of san francisco eating in dumpsters and here i sit with you today.
7:36 am
>> you failed in recovery, didn't you? >> i don't believe there's failure in recovery. i also think it's so important to say right here right now that treatment also works. treatment is effective. treatment gets a bad rap in the media and i want to be very clear that when you use treatment for what it's used for, which is detoxification and stabilization, treatment is successful. >> there's treatment and there's what happens afterwards? >> we lose good people is the re-entry into their lives and folding back into a media mix or a pr firm, although they're good at selling image, they are not good at teaching individuals how to live sober. nortd to live sober behave to align ourselves with like-minded individuals that share the same thoughts and feelings and struggles. >> you deal primarily with people whose names we will never know. let's turn to pat o'brien. pat, you know what's like to live in a public way. and to almost be a punch line at times. how does that affect what is
7:37 am
already acknowledged a difficult strug until. >> lester, good morning. yeah, you've got to ignore the punch lines. i'm going to plagiarize russell who talked about amy, i hope that this allows people to look at alcoholism differently. it's a disease. you know, when i was in detroit, i almost died. coming up on 100,000 days, and you know, 1,000 days, i was almost dead. very smart people would say to me, pat, just stop drinking. you can't stop. it's a disease. our brains are wired a little differently. you know, if someone has cancer, i battled that, too, you can't say to them, well, stop having cancer. but with cancer there is a solution. there are solutions that you can do. there is no cure for alcoholism. >> pat, how many times have you blown it, have you fallen off the wagon and have you ever reached the point where you're like, i just can't do this? >> i relapsed three times. public relapses.
7:38 am
i did stupid things and blackouts when i did them but i'm over that now. you can't get sober until you want to get sober and you have to have a structure and people around you that want you to get sober. there's no pill. there's no cure. and there's two things. there's alcohol and there's ism. you can stop drinking but then you have to take care of all the other thinks that go along with it. it's a lot of work but can be done. we talk about amy winehouse but 100,000 people died last year from alcohol-related diseases. get to the other story later and somebody who killed a family of four driving drunk. so it's not just celebrities. there are a lot of people out there suffering. >> christina, could amy winehouse, in your opinion, have been saves? >> i think -- i think there's hope for every addict and alcoholic that's suffering. it's really about after care and supportive, you know, support. after somebody leaves treatment. you know, i don't know amy winehouse and i don't know her story but i know addiction
7:39 am
better than i know anything else. when there's appropriate structure around somebody, yes. we recover and we tlif and we go on. >> your family at one point rejected you, said we love you but we can't be you anymore. how important is the family dynamic in getting people help? >> it's imperative. addiction doesn't just happen to individuals but to family systems. and when my family let me go and, yes, i merely died, but then letting me go i came to terms with my own disease. and i certainly -- i want to -- we have to remember that today, you know, a family woke up without their beloved child. >> sure. >> and it's so tragic. and in this is what happens to addiction. left untreated, people die. >> this is a good discussion. i'm glad we had it. thanks so much for being here. pat, as always, nice to have you here as well. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> lester, thank you so much. we've got some -- i guess you would say some pretty rabid dallas mavericks fans.
7:40 am
what's your name? >> gracie. >> emma. >> i hope that's makeup or else you've got to see a doctor. >> yeah. >> good. >> let's check your weather, shall we? and we're see that for today the week ahead below normal out west. in new england, the mid section of the country, showers and thunderstorms through the southeast. mid week period above normal temperatures spreading. staying cool out west. as we get toward the latter part of the week, much of the country above normal temperatures and showers in new england into the mississippi river valley. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good monday morning to you. well, this foggy start will probably make for a rough commute if you're waking up in san francisco. i do think inland locations will lose that cloud cover probably by about 9:30 today. we're going to see a nice day with temperatures maxing out in the upper 70s, low 80s. then we continue to climb all the way throughout the remainder of the week, getting hot in here thursday through sunday. up to 96 degrees.
7:41 am
o a much warmer weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. lester? up next, the controversial documentary taking a look at a tragic and deadly wrong-way accident here in new york state. we'll tell you more about it right after this.[ both this tas. [ both ] you just said... [ both ] you go first. [ both ] no, you. [ both ] i was just saying... [ both ] we did it again. [ both ] miniature pony. [ both ] rubber bands. [ both ] an elephant has four knees. i think you're pretty. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] introducing a brand-new taste in perfect harmony. mcdonald's new premium chicken sandwiches. a new chicken breast fillet with oven-roasted or home-style flavor on a new soft bakery-style bun. it's the simple joy of a delicious combination. ♪
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7:44 am
who police say was legally drunk. now a documentary takes us inside her life. nbc's jeff rosin is here with more. good morning. >> good morning. hbo documentary is controvers l controversial. part of the victim's family cooperated, the other half say they may not watch it. even the title "there's something wrong with aunt diane," the final words of a little girl killed in a crash. this is our first close-up look at brian schuller who was only 5 when his mother, sister, and cousins were all killed in a violent crash. brian was the lone survivor. >> he came home from rehab and i thought of spending my days with him, the story will never change. never ever change. >> reporter: mommy was diane schuller, she drove the family minivan the wrong way on new york's taconic parkway, slamming into an suv, killing all three
7:45 am
inside the suv, headed to their own family dinner. the schuller family was decimated, too. dianend her daughter were killed, along with all of her brother's kids. three young sisters. >> not moving. yeah, there's a whole bunch of kids. honestly, the car is smashed were just moments before the accident, one of the kids called home, worried. >> they're saying, aunt diane can't see. aunt diane can't -- something's wrong with aunt diane. >> reporter: toxicology reports show diane schuller was high on drugs and drunk be450i7hind the wheel. >> she's not an alcoholic. and my heart is at rest every night when i go to bed. >> reporter: from the beginning diane's husband defended her. that's why he allowed hbo full access now trying to clear her name. >> i want to know if you had a show on it, what they're saying is not true.
7:46 am
or i wouldn't be doing this. >> reporter: but diane's own brother, who lost his three daughters in the crash, declined to be interviewed for the documentary. his wife who is now pregnant again, told the "ladies home journal" the fact they used my daughter emma's last words as a title only makes it that much more painful. >> i just want to find out what happened. so when my son gets older he knows what happened to his mom. >> to this day diane schuller is vilified, even in death. so the documentary delves into her life pre-accident, who was she. friends call her a super mom who did everything from chaperone school events to manage her own full-sometime career as a cable tv executive. that spebl airs tonight on hbo. >> thanks so much, jeff. diane schuller's sister-in-law jay shuler is now joining us along with liz, the woman who made the hbo documentary. good morning to both of you. your brother says in the documentary i want to know
7:47 am
whether she had a stroke or not, i want to know what the real reason was behind this. this documentary doesn't say she has a stroke. it talks about the toxicology reports. so i want to ask you. you know, what more proof do you need to know that she was drunk and on drugs? >> i know it's very hard because you can't dispute science. but if you look back at the type of person she was and what -- she would never do such a thing. she would never be driving to her brother's house with his children in the car, with her children in the car, and driving drunk or drinking. where did she drink? when did she drink? how did she consume that much alcohol in that little bit of time? one and one isn't making two to us. and i just feel that i really want someone to find out what happened to her. >> so the documentary does not resolve the question that your brother wanted resolve. >> unfortunately. >> when you looked at this, you looked at this case for more
7:48 am
than a year in this documentary. what did you discover about diane that the family did not -- does not see in them, in their sister-in-law, for example? >> look, when something like this happen, when a tragedy of this magnitude happens, we have a need for answers, search for answers. some of those answers may not be findable. we did find, you know, that jay's and danny's stories about diane as a mother who was devoted and as a totally responsible executive were backed up by the people who knew her. you have that reality. and then you have the reality of what the toxicology reports said around the events of that day. how do you go about reconciling them. >> is it possible that she could have been a great mother, great person, was, as you described, the wonderful mother, who was also drinking? because the toxicology reports say there was twice the legal limit in her body?
7:49 am
>> that to me alone makes me think -- how could that have happened? what could spark somebody at that point to all of a sudden decide at that moment on her way to her brother's, driving with the five kids, the phone call before saying everything was fine, we're on our way, and then a phone call saying something's wrong with aunt diane and the quotes that brian has said, that mommy's head hurt, she couldn't see? there's nothing that -- did you see her buy alcohol, did you see her do this, did you see her do that, there's so much unanswered. could anything -- i'm not saying anyone made any mistakes, but could anybody -- could have accident scene, anything that happened there altered anything? i know it sounds naive or gullible because of a fire, because of an exit -- >> she was suffering a tooth abscess. >> yes. could anything have done -- did anything to alter the results or anything like that? if we check every avenue first
7:50 am
and then maybe tell me, we've checked everything. >> this tragedy has fractured your family. and it's made it very difficult, that's part of the reason why this has been controversial, is the mother of the three girls who died, the three sisters who died, wrote in "ladies home journal" that she's upset that you used emma's last words, her daughter emma's last words, there's something wrong with d e diane, as the title of this documentary. >> had we known that that would have caused jackie pain, we would not not made that choice. we certainly did not wish that to happen for her. >> do you think your family will heal? >> we're trying. brian is really a good boy. and jackie and warren still have -- you know, they still reach out to brian and they -- they understand why we did. >> obviously this story is not resolved. we thank you for being here this morning to tell us, jay and liz,
7:51 am
what you can about it. and again, the documentary, "there's something wrong with diane" premiers tonight at 9:00 p.m. on hbo. paint and primer, paint supplies and... moving boxes. ♪ hey, i just finished painting in the kitchen. why is he still here? i think we should keep it. it speaks to me. [ voice ] don't paint me. he's gotta go. [ male announcer ] for quick, easy coverage, get glidden brilliance 2n1 paint and primer. performs like paint twice its price. plus other low prices every day on everything. save money. live better. walmart. ♪ would you like to be my friend? ♪ ♪ i can run just like the wind
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7:56 am
>> good morning to you. it's 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the two southern california men accuse of beating bryan stow will be in court. marla tellez. >> good morning. in about 30 minutes 29-year-old louie sanchez and 30-year-old marvin norwood will be arraigned in an l.a. superior courtroom. they face felon charges for the march 31 attack that left 42-year-old bryan stow with brain damage. after more investigating on thursday, detectives arrested the friends who were also fathers and neighbors in san bernardino county. officials say ticket sales receipts proved they were at the opening game between the giants and the dodgers back in march and seated near stow.
7:57 am
on friday the l.a. police chief exonerated giovanni ramirez who is the original suspect in this case. a third person was also arrested as an accessory to the crime. that person has already posted bail. now, today's arraignment scheduled for 8:30 this morning, laura, as for bryan stow he remains here at sf general in serious condition. >> thank you for the update, marla. 7:57. let's look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. back to work monday, we have nice weather for today. 70 degrees in oakland, 79 in concord and just 63 degrees in san francisco with a lot of fog. the good news is each day throughout the week we gradually tack on a couple more degrees, warming up through the weekend. a comfortable midsection of the week, 85 degrees by wednesday. we jump up to 90 by thursday. starts to get breezy with offshore flow driving our winds. that means less low cloud cover to start you out later on in the
7:58 am
week and sunny warm afternoons. let's get your drive, get you on the road with mike inouye. >> the south bay looking good. no major problems into the south bay, northbound, a new accident. a car took down a power pole affecting northbound 17. at least one lane blocked at bear creek. there you go, sensors showing slowing as you approach on the southbound direction as well. the east shore free, accidents cleared. also the north bay slow from novato into central san rafael. >> thank you. for the latest check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. i'll have a local up date in a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on this monday morning, the 25th of july, 2011. our crowd is full of smiles this morning. probably because the extreme heat we've been having over the past week has finally come to an end. it's nice here outside. and outside i'm ann curry along with lester holt and al roker. matt has the onning off. in this half hour, a very serious story. it's pretty much a tough story for any parent. >> it's a story about a mom. she crosses the street when her 4-year-old son was hit and killed.
8:01 am
in a strange twist, that mother may serve more time in prison for the accident than the monday convicted of killing her little boy. we'll talk to her exclusively in a few moments. also, make a turn and talk about people turning 40. and essentially having a new way of looking at it. you know, it used to be something you did not look forward to but a lot of women are saying that get that we're going to start doing things that inspire us and rethink how we look at turning 40. let's make it a celebration. we will be talking about that coming up. >> speaking about inspired and celebration. we've been following this story all year long for the past year. a young bride-to-be paralyzed in a freak accident at her bachelorette party. coming up, how she finally got the wedding of her dreams. >> look at that. look at that. beautiful girl. what a great attitude she has towards all of it. and great to hear from her. before we get to all of that, let's get to natalie morales. a check of the top stories this
8:02 am
morning. >> good morning again, everyone. this morning's court 57 experience for the man charged with friday's mass killing nsz norway was held behind closed doors. prosecutors feared that 32-year-old anders behring breivik would use a public hearing as a platform for his political views. breivik, self described anti-muslim crusader is accused of setting off a bomb in oslo and then going on a shooting rampage at a youth camp, killing more than 90 people. with bipartisan talks collapsing, democrats and republicans are moving on separate tracks today to prevent a u.s. debt default in eight days. house speaker john boehner is meeting with fellow republicans to discuss a short-term hike in the nation's borrowing limit. meantime, senate majority leader harry reid says she's working on his own package of spending cuts that would also increase the debt ceiling through next year. house democratic leader nancy pelosi is calling for an ethics negotiation of fellow
8:03 am
democrat david wu. a teenage family friend accused the seven-term congressman of unwanted sexual encounter. wu said he is not resigning but will not run for re-election. nearly 700 same-sex couples were married in new york city on monday. the first day such marriages were legal in new york state. opposition rallies were also held in several cities. new york is the sixth and largest state to legalize same-sex marriage. and now for a look at what's trending today, our quick round-up of what has you talking online. singer amy winehouse is a top search topic on google and yahoo!. autopsy being performed today to determine what killed the troubled 27-year-old grammy winner found dead on saturday. today her devastated parents thank fans gathered outside winehouse's london home. and the blogosphere sharing this image from nasa from the reservoir of water in the known universe. they discovered a black hole 10
8:04 am
billion light years away, surrounded by 100 trillion times more water than the earth contains. former playboy model jenny mccarthy is a hit on twitter after tweeting a picture from her 2002 prague pregnancy when she tipped the scales at 211 pounds. she, of course, lost all that and looks fantastic. 8:04 right now. let's go back outside to ann and lester. >> yeah. go, jenny. meantime, they say water, isn't water a sign of life. >> support life. >> how do they know that stuff? >> i don't know. meantime, we have mr. al in the crowd looking dapper. don't you love his purple today? >> don't you love this. who is that? we woke her up. >> valentino. >> how old? >> 10 months old. >> what a kocutie. let's check your weher. see what's happening. and you can see we've got wet we atrin mhegakts i way across e oklahoma area.
8:05 am
strong storms firing up there. a few clouds in the pacific northwest and some activity moving across the eastern great lakes where we have a risk of strong storms. much of new york state. and on into the new england area. wet weather along the southeastern atlantic states. back into montana. not a bad day in the pacific northwest. southern california, plenty of sunshine and 80. the heat will continue in texas . good morning to you. still have a mostly cloudy sky over the city of san jose but i think in about another hour and a half or so the sun will break through and leave us with partly cloudy conditions and then mostly sunny conditions by 4:00 p.m. and a high of 76 degrees. 63 in san francisco. you'll likely be dealing with the low cloud cover at the very earliest, maybe by noon you'll see the clouds break apart. as we head throughout the remainder of the week, we continue to warm up. hope you have a great day. >> that's your latest weather.
8:06 am
lesser? >> al, thanks. coming up next, the mother facing three years in prison after her 4-year-old son was hit and killed as they tried to cross a busy st. ancr: jennie-o took over a restaurant just for a day to show the world a better burger. now, millions of turkey burgers later, we're still out to win over burger lovers. woman: it's really good! man: the taste is great. ancr: just in time for the grilling season. n delicious burger. maman, i'm on my third one right now. it's awesome. woman: i would definitely have a turkey burger again. man: this is fantastic. ancr: grilling season is here. so come on. make the switch. look for jennie-o at a store near you. and join us at discover customersl are getting five percent
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8:11 am
boy and injured his mother. but neighbors remember it vividly. >> itself just a real horrible situation. i'm just hope that she will pull through it and make the best out of it. >> reporter: it was spring, last year. ry quell nelson and her three children just stepped off this bus in marietta, georgia, there was no crosswalk but the family moved ahead trying to make it across four lanes to make it home until a van rolled towards them, striking them in the street. witnesses say they didn't have a chance. >> a tan suv or a van turned on his light bright lights and just sped up the street. and he hit the little boy and the little boy flew up in the air. >> reporter: a.j. died. his mother and sister suffered minor injuries. the only child unharmed was a.j.'s 6-year-old sister. the driver never stopped to help but authorities eventually caught this man, his lawyers said at the time guy admitted to drinking alcohol earlier that day and was on pain medication and partially blind in one eye.
8:12 am
jerry guy pleaded guilty to one charge of hit and run, served six months in prison and released last year. he's now on probation. this isn't the first offense for him. he's had two prior convictions for hit and run. a.j.'s hom was also convicted. she now faces a possible sentence of three years in prison for second degree vehicular homicide, reckless conduct, failure to use a crosswalk. something that doesn't settle well with some local parents. >> it is her fault and it is his fault, but at the same time she suffered such a great loss so i just don't see what putting her in prison is going to do. >> reporter: one legal expert says in cases like these, fairness sometimes takes a backseat to the law. >> ms. nelson was shown no sympathy whatsoever by the system. this will live with her forever. >> reporter: what took place here took only a matter of seconds, but for one family, the horror will last much longer.
8:13 am
>> raquel nelson is with us along with her aunt loretta wilson. good morning. raquel, do you want to tell people, why didn't you use the crosswalk? >> well, let me explain here. you can see it's a busy street. the crosswalk, i think they determined it was .3 of a mile and even then coming home you had to cross another side street which is very dark in itself in order to get home. i was trying to hurry up and get home. so we wouldn't have to be in the dark. >> and now, with this situation being as it is, your reaction to the driver getting six months, serving six months, and now being on probation. >> i've had, like i said, to accept that he's gotten six months.
8:14 am
there's nothing i can do about it. and even though he has had a history of it, i know nobody gets up that day and says i'm going to kill a 4-year-old. so i've had to forgive that portion of it. however, i think to come after me so much harder than they did him, i say it's a slap in the face. this will never end for me. >> you face three years? >> i could. >> and what would that mean to you to face three years? >> it's three years away from the two that i have left, and the part of him that stays alive with me to a degree, other than remembering him. so that's the worse part for me,
8:15 am
is separation from the other two. >> do you feel that the jury treated you fairly? >> i don't think they could relate to what i was going through. i think that there was a lot of evidence that wasn't -- i can't say allowed to be presented but it all went very fast and many of the jurors -- actually all of the jurors, they've all said they've never ridden public transportation and they've never really been in my shoes. so i think there was maybe not a jury of peers, if that's what the statement is. >> when you say in your shoes, what do you mean by being in your shoes? >> well, as i said, they all mentioned they never had to ride public transportation or walk down a busy street. i'm sure they've had children,
8:16 am
but most of them probably weren't single mothers, either. >> you are hoping that the judge here is what you call a hero. >> yes. >> why? >> because i understand that she had to do her job. she can only judge the evidence and things that are brought before her. we are just hoping as a family that she is compassionate and let me niece remain with her other children, because she needs to be with her other children. she hasn't really had a chance to grieve yet. and i believe she needs to be able to continue with her life with my other nieces. >> this accident happened more than a year ago. you've not had a chance to grieve? >> in my own ways. it's been harder, you know, because of the situation because
8:17 am
it made me have to hold up just behind all the pressure of knowing that i possibly could not be with my other two children. >> do you relive that moment constantly or are you able to put it behind you the moment you crossed the street? >> you know, you're always going to relive it. you're always going to replay the moment. i guess it's hard to explain if you've never been through something like that, but you're always going to relive it. it may not be every second. then you're going to have to find times where you cannot let it dictate what's going on as far as at work it kind of takes my mind off of it and i've kind of had to push it away. >> is there anything you want to say about your 4-year-old boy?
8:18 am
>> other than the fact that i miss him a whole lot and i think my other two daughters are -- they've been able to survive the situation has given me something to move on for. i don't think i could have without my other two. >> raquel, thank you for talking to us. thank you, loretta, for being here as well. >> thank you. >> we'll be back right after this. it follows you wherever you go. it's a cloud of depression. and although you've been on an antidepressant for at least six weeks, you're frustrated that your depressive symptoms are still with you. seroquel xr, when added to an antidepressant, is approved for the treatment of major depressive disorder. for many, taking seroquel xr with an antidepressant
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8:23 am
you may remember their story. rachel was paralyzed at a freak accident at her bachelorette party. but she finally got to say i do to the love of her life. >> i, chris, take you rachel, to be no other than -- >> reporter: for rachel and chris, the journey down the aisle has been a long time coming. >> i, rachel, take you chris, to be no other than yourself. >> reporter: sitting down to face rachel, they finally exchanged self-written vows just a little over a year after their original wedding date was postponed when an accident left rachel in a wheelchair. >> as soon as i hit the water i felt my body just kind of stiffen up. i just went numb. i kind of heard a crack in my neck. >> reporter: that was the moment that changed rachel's life. she was at her bachelorette party when a friend pushed her into the pool, an innocent gesture that left her paralyzed. >> it was an accident, a freak accident. it could have happened to anyone. >> reporter: her uplifting spirit leaves a lasting
8:24 am
impression. >> it kind of prove what i've always known about her, she's positive and has a lot of energy since the moment i met her. >> reporter: for months chris carried rachel up the stairs in a house not built for her injuries. so together with george we surprised them with a home makeover that would make it easier for her to move around. and despite the changes in their daily lives, there was never a doubt that the two would get married. >> it was never what am i going to do next, it was what are we going to do next. >> i can't wait until the day when i can finally say i'm rachel chapman and this is my husband. >> mr. and mrs. rachel and chris chapman! >> reporter: last week rachel got a fantasy wedding thrown by 1-800-registry who saw their story. they provided video of the big event to nbc news. >> rachel very much wanted her and chris' wedding to be reflective of who they are as a
8:25 am
couple. their love is very easy to see. they live their vows longed before they ever said them. >> reporter: wheeled down the aisle by her father in the dress she originally planned on wearing, rachel made her way to chris surrounded by the warmth of family, friends, and sunshine. >> the person who has the biggest impact on my life, i can finally call mine. >> i love you so much. you're my best friend. ♪ >> give them a round of applause. >> rachel danced with her father to "sun rise sunset" and she twirled around with chris for the first time as husband and wife. now we're told the happy couple is off to fiji for their honeymoon. we wish them a wonderful life together. that's true love. >> they are truly in love. she's got a good one and he's got a good one as well. >> amazing young woman.
8:26 am
just ahead, why turn 40g may not be such a bad thing after all. what some women are now doing to give that special birthday a much-needed makeover. we'll tell you about it, but first, your local news and weather. good morning to you. it's 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning a young girl is on the mend after being hit by a stray bullet during a slumber party in san francisco. the mother of 11-year-old linda tells the chronicle that her daughter is still in the hospital but doing better. on friday, linda was in bed when a bullet blasted through the window and hit her just above her heart. today police should release na e names of the persons involved in that shooting. we're going to take a quick break. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
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activate your 5% cash back today at, or at your local chase branch. good morning to you. it's 8:28. our temperatures are climbing into the 60s and we're expecting a comfortable day. 82 degrees in redwood city. that's it. average is about 88 degrees this time of year, even in the east bay. we're going to get quite a break. 79 degrees. that's it for concord. 80 in gilroy and 77 in san jose. your seven-day outlook continues to warm up as we head through the week. this will be the coolest day of the week. 83 degrees by tomorrow. let's check the traffic with
8:29 am
mike. east shore freeway, much better than before. a little slowing for 24 in either direction as you head through the tunnel. typical slowing on 680. slowing through the altamont pass. a lighter flow right here through antioch where highway 4 looks pretty good. recovering from a lou l in the east bay. south bay, activity still going on. 17 because of that accident there. back to you. thank you very much. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. another update in half an hour.
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on this monday morning, july 25th, 2011. always great to see the fans on the plaza. a chance to say hello. they will tell us later why they
8:31 am
are out on the plaza. in the meantime, i'm ann curry and al roker and matt has the morning off. >> to start off we've got superstar with us today, daniel craig is here to talk about "cowboys and aliens" and another project he's got lined up including the next installment of the james bond franchise. >> that's right. we have already passed the milestone. i'm almost right there. we're talking about turn 40g and how a lot of women are choosing it something to embrace and celebrate rather than to fear. why the big 4-0 may not be so bad after all. >> i think she busted both of us, not that we were hiding anything. >> we went past 40 a while ago. what day is the best day of the week for bargains, everything from gas to groceries to airline tickets? we're going to let you in on a secret. >> before we get to that, a check of the weather. it's nice to have these temperatures. it's sort of balmy. >> not quite as bad as last
8:32 am
week. as we show you for today, we're expecting a risk of strong storms upstate new york. also back through the plains. sunny skies through the southwest where temperatures again will top 100. and for tomorrow, we've got a risk of strong storms in the upper mississippi river valley. monsoonal moisture in the southwest. also in the southeast. sunny and warm in the northeast. thunderstorms in northern new good back to work monday to you. well, we're starting to see the clouds break apart in sunol. you can see that from the live picture here. we have a solid deck or the city of san francisco. as a result, you're only going to hit about 63 degrees in san francisco today. 82, though, for redwood city. 70 in santa cruz. mid-70s up in the east bay. we're going to look pretty nice today as we head throughout the remainder of the week, we warm up each and every day. this will be the coolest day of the week. up to 96 degrees next weekend. oh, yes, temperatures are warming up. and of course you want to
8:33 am
find out your weather any time of day or night, weather channel on cable or whether or up next, daniel craig on "cowboys and aliens," james bond. but first, this is "today" on nbc. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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8:35 am
daniel craig is perhaps best known as his role in bond james bond. while he gears up for his third installment of his "devil of franchise," his latest project is not the kind of action and adventu adventure, he stars in "cowboys and aliens" playing a stranger who wanders into an old western town with a secret that could save them all. daniel craig, good morning. you are a revelation in this movie as an american cowboy. >> thank you. >> i don't know how an english actor pulls off an american cowboy swagger. how did you do that?
8:36 am
and also the accent. >> i just watched lots of cowboy movies and stole everything i could, basically. >> from who? who did you watch? >> we watched everything from "stage coach" on wards. so but a lot of the westerns are my favorite and later. and then i got the chance to work with real cowboys and wranglers and i just watched the way they walked and talked and the way they held themselves. stole the bits i liked. >> well, it definitely worked for you because you pulled this together in how you walk and how you talk. and my sense is that there's a little bit of clint eastwood in this character and a little bit of john wayne. >> i didn't want to go through anything too specific, but i guess as long as the good bits, hopefully the good bits. >> you did a lot of stunt training, i understand, for the film. was there anything james bond didn't already know? >> well, the horse riding.
8:37 am
i hadn't done a lot. i had done a little on movies before but never anything at this -- giving me the chance to ride as much as this. i was on the horse every morning and most of the day. so i just -- that was the staubt training in itself. >> a lot of -- we just talked about the cowboys. the aliens part of this film, we don't have a clip of the actual aliens. we have a clips of some of the attacks. but the actual ailliens made me scream out loud. >> they did? good. >> how about you? >> i screamed out loud. >> really? like a little girl, you did? >> yes. i haven't seen it. i saw it the other night at comic-con at the premier, but i hadn't seen all the effects coming together. i was really looking forward to it. >> the aliens are ghastly. >> nasty. >> and i imagine this is a movie that combines them both and people are kind of going, uh, say what? both of them together. >> we sent out to make a
8:38 am
straight a western as we possibly could. that's one of the reasons i was so sort of tempted to do it was that having a conversation with the director and he just said, look, i want to make a straight western. i'm a big fan. i want to make as near to one of a classic western as we possibly could. and the aliens land. by the time that happens, people are sort of into this story and into these people, and it feels as real as it possibly can. >> meantime, as i mentioned you were also filming the third install i'm of your james bond character. is there anything you can tell me about it without having to kill me? >> well, we haven't started shooting yet. wa we're going to start shooting in november. we have a great cast. we have a great script. the film will come out next november, 201. >> i'm excited about that. >> i'm very excited a it. >> do you have to bulk up for that? you already look like -- i don't have to bulk up for much. i'm just going to get fit.
8:39 am
>> get fit. meantime, you were also in "the girl with the dragon tattoo" which is coming out and "dream house" with a woman you married last month. she's lovely. congratulations to you. >> thank you. >> well chosen. >> thank you. >> and you seem to be on kind of a -- i would say a major roll right now. how would you describe where you are in your life, given all of these movies, given all that's happened? >> i'm in a good place, i suppose. i'm just enjoying my work, and life's good. just -- i'm just getting along with things. >> you're on the kocover of magazines now. you did have hungry ears. >> a long ago. i've been working steadily for 20 years. i'm okay. >> do you still pinch yourself overall that's happened? >> all the time. >> yeah? >> all the time. sometimes it's -- i sometimes wonder how i got here.
8:40 am
a boy from liverpool playing a cowboy in a hollywood movie. >> where are you going from here? >> right now? back to bed. >> no. had to get you up early. i know. it's so nice of you to come in this early. no, do you want to direct? where are you heading? >> i don't know. i love acting. i get a kick out of it. there are plenty of directors i haven't worked with. i'm just going to crack on with that. >> lucky us. daniel craig. thank you so much for coming here and waking up and being with us this morning. the movie is called "cowboys and aliens," opens in theaters this friday. and coming up next, going all out for the big 4-0, what some women are doing to reinvent that milestone. ♪
8:41 am
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8:43 am
morning, facing 40. these days for many women the number itself has a different meaning than it did just a decade ago. nbc's aditi roy looks at how generation xers are reinventing 40. >> reporter: it used to be turning 40 symbolized the end of youth. now it's the beginning of something better. >> on my 40th i'm preparing for my first triathlon. >> reporter: jennifer allwood is racing towards 40. >> what a better gift for myself than giving myself the gift of health and fitness. >> reporter: it was a picture perfect birthday holiday in tuscany for dina's 40th. >> i wanted to be in a place when i turned 40 that i knew would not run out of wine. >> reporter: and for jennifer o'donnell, she's planning on celebrating 40 with a beach week followed by a spa day. >> i've always thought 40 was a big deal. >> reporter: entering a new decade and changing her old ways.
8:44 am
>> i definitely grew up thinking 40 was old. as you get closer, it's really not that old. >> reporter: turning 40 is a different experience for women these days. they're in the midst of raising kids, building their careers, and running their daily lives. and more and more, instead of dwelling on what's behind them, they're looking forward to what's to come. >> they are much more vibrant than their mothers or grandmothers were at this age. >> reporter: sharon jason writes about behavior and relationships for "usa today." in an article, she said sociology may explain why for generation xers, 40 is no longer middle age. >> a 40-year-old a few decades ago was sending a child to college. now they're having babies. >> i like to say i'm going to be 40 and fabulous. >> reporter: 40 wasn't always fabulous. not too long ago the mere thought was enough to spark tears. >> i'm going to be 40. >> when? >> some day.
8:45 am
>> reporter: but now, these women are redesigning their views on age. >> i'm more comfortable with myself. life is easier. >> reporter: it turns out 40 is more of a moving milestone. >> the older i get the younger 40 feels like. >> reporter: making old days seem blissfully out of reach. for "today," aditi roy, nbc news, los angeles. >> we are joined by three ladies who have all celebrated their 40th birthdays in style. sarah brokaw, licensed therapist and author of "fortitude" and tricia ash wood and amy nobly are co-authors of "i was a really good mom before i had kids." ladies, good morning. >> good morning. >> as i was mentioning, i am right there, almost there, and i know how i'm feeling getting ready to turn 40. but how is it that the women that you talked with in your book "fortitude," how did they feel about the big milestone? >> i think there's mixed emotions for many of these women. i think that there are a number of women who feel like, yes,
8:46 am
it's a great milestone, ready to celebrate, and also a lot of other women who feel like they didn't accomplish enough, they didn't reach certain traditional milestones they were supposed to reach at that certain age. definitely a mixture of emotions. that's what my experience has been as a therapist. >> amy, let me ask you because a lot of people are putting the pressure on me. what are going to do for the big 4-0, where is the birthday. there is a pressure to mark it in style, isn't there? >> we've interviewed hundreds of women for our first book "i was a really good mom before i had kids" -- >> we love the title. >> we asked them, one of the questions was, what is the best compliment we can get. we always heard over and over and over again to be a really good mom. we went back to those same women and asked the same question and their answers shifted as they approached 40, the best compliment was that they look younger than they are. that is another shift generationally. it weaves into, all right, i want to mark this, i want to
8:47 am
show the world i'm not my mom's 40. i'm young and vibrant and better than ever. >> this does represent a jump-start into what's my next chapter going to be? what do i want for my life and for my family and who am i? >> that's what i'm thinking. where do i go from here? >> that's exactly what i'm thinking. >> a lot of women don't ask those questions and they go and have big parties and celebrations and suddenly feel like myself, i felt completely blind-sided, like a big dark cloud came over me. i'm not prepared. i haven't asked myself questions yet. >> even though you two did the girlfriend getaways and parties, you said it hit you like a ton of bricks. >> it did. it was like a huge black cloud at the end of the day. >> great. >> something to look forward to. >> it's like you get a memo, congratulations, you're 40. act really excited about it and go have the party and then, boom, go figure out your life. have, you know, inspire your kids. find out what your whole purpose is in life. by the way, do it all while you look 28 years old.
8:48 am
>> sarah, how do we reconcile those expectations for us for a lot of us do that have that picture i'm going to have the house with the 2.2 kids and the backyard and that's going to be my life and the job and the career. but if you're not quite there and those expectations are still there. >> it seems it's going to be natural for us to have expectations. i think that's how we try to navigate our lives. but i do think it's essential for women to understand that there's no expiration dates. i think that life does happen on a continuum. so whatever milestone has been set by society, we don't necessarily have to reach the milestones at a certain age. >> right. >> i'm thinking about marriage, i'm thinking about kids, i'm thinking about changing jobs. i think if we give ourselves a break and say i know i'm going to reach a certain milestone at a certain point in my life, i just don't have to do it when society tells me to do it. >> it's very different as you mentioned, amy, 40 today and what our mom's 40 was, right? >> we're more empowered. the exciting part is you can reinvent any part of your life
8:49 am
at any given time, change your job, rethink your marriage, set a new goal for yourself. that's all. we really didn't watch our moms do that. that's exciting. >> when they ask you, trisha, 41, was it easier? >> absolutely. definitely easier. you go to work. you have to think about what your goals are and what you want for your future. it's important to take the time to do that for yourself. >> i say it's a great reason to celebrate. i'm planning a big celebration. sarah brokaw, tom brokaw's daughter, as well, trisha and amy. thank you both, all of you, so much. coming up tomorrow, sarah is going to be back with us at why some women hitting 40 are happy to be childless by choice. but up next, yankee's great, derek jeter. cc sabathia and rob
8:50 am
8:51 am
we're back we're back with some of the biggest names in brabl. knowledge yankees shortstop derek jeter, pitcher cc sabathia and second baseman robinson cano, here to tell us about a week long program in its third year. good morning. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> derek, tell us what you guys are doing. you're not just giving, your giving yourself. >> it's a great organization, it's a fun time. us as athletes, we have a platform and we can use that
8:52 am
platform to impact lives in a positive way. that's what hope week is all about. >> showing up places and doing stuff, right? with people. >> no question. i think, you know, you can give money but i think, you know, giving your time, that's something that makes it a lot more worthwhile. >> what is it like when you walk in, someone meets you for the first time and you're not just dropping off a check or doing something, you're actually rolling your sleeves up and working? >> it's fun. to be able to get out in the community and get away from baseball and step away and actually have an impact. >> robinson, this was a yankees thing for a while. but now it's spreading to other teams and starting to embrace this. do you hope this becomes a league-wide effort? >> yeah, i mean, this is how you make people happy. guys are smiling. and now the minnesota twins are doing it. >> we love you guys to come on every year and talk about hope week and what you're doing. derek, while you're here. 3,000 hits, a huge mark.
8:53 am
has it settled in now? is this pressure off? >> it's settled in but it's over with. now we have to try to win some games. 3,000 hits, it was fun, but we're trying to win a division here. >> does it feel different now when you get to the plate now that you've passed that milestone? >> not at all. it's even harder to get a hit when you come up now. >> if you're past the halfway point right now, nip and tuck with the red sox here in the division. are you feeling another world series run? >> well, yeah, i mean, we have a great team. many people wonder about who is going to get the red sox. but still got a lot of games left, top of the season. we've got a great team. i think we're going to get them. >> any predictions, guys? >> playing hard. >> yeah, we don't make predictions out here. play hard and see what happens. >> you're making a lot of kids happy here. and you're making a lot of folks happy with hope week. we appreciate you all coming on. thanks for what you're doing.
8:54 am
enjoy the rest of the season. we're certainly enjoying it. >> thank you. >> our favorite week. >> last week when it was so hot out, we're usually sweating in the stands. i know it's got to be hotter on the field. how do you guys handle all that? >> al, you didn't say it was going to be that hot. >> he threw it back on you. >> ouch. >> no, it's a lot better. it's a lot easier to play when it's hot than when it's cold so i would rather have the warm weather. >> do you want to warm up with the kids some more? >> yes. >> great. thank you. thank you so much. >> boy, you guys are great. thank you so much. wow! back after this.
8:55 am
8:56 am
good monday morning to you. it's 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. four middle school boys are going to trial, accused of sexually assaulting four middle school students. the prosecutors say the boys broke away from the group before
8:57 am
the attack. the boys are all between the ages of 12 and 14 years. thr charged with falseim onprisntme imprisonment and battery. we'll have a look at the forecast right after this. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only cereals with box tops for education.
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last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts. good morning to you. it's now 8:58. we still have the low clouds hugging the coast and also overcast conditions inland this morning. won't last long, though. the cloud deck is already starting to break apart in places like livermore a high today of 79 degrees. as a result, just 63 degrees with fog. for the most part all day in the city of san francisco. 63 degrees. that's it for today. we continuously climb into the weekend. remember, for weather updates all day long, you can just add
8:59 am
me on facebook. back to you, laura. well, click away right now. thank you very much. check out our nbc bay area morning page on face boong. we'll have your local news and traffic updates for you there. have a great day. california's built the most expensive, most crowded, and least effective death penalty system in the nation. i'm susan shaw. the lawyer who wrote our death penalty law 33 years ago wants it abolished. a judge who opposed ten death sentences wants it abolished. and a former san quentin calls it inhe affective. victims' families suffer years of appeals. nbc bay area supports a new bill. sb 490 would give voters the choice to replace this arcane
9:00 am
capital punishment with life in prison, no parole. we're not tough on crime, we're tough on the taxpayer while police forces are being cut, the death penalty costs us $150 million a year. help support sb 0.49 tin debate. back now can more o back now with more of "today" on this monday morning. folks at rockefeller plaza having a good time meeting derek jeter, robinson cano and c.c. sabathia. they're here for yankees post week. coming up, we'll be talking about that situation in norway, we'll try to give you details about what happened, the suspect, the bombing and the mass shooting there. >> of course, we're all still
9:01 am
reacting to the death of amy winehouse. we'll give you the latest on the death of the troubled singer found dead at the age of 27. also, ways to save money during this troubled economy. there's one day in particular where you can save the most money from clothing to gasoline to groceries. later on, if you're trying to eat healthy and lose weight. some of the foods that you think are good for you, not so fast. we'll tell you which ones are good for you. and how you can avoid the ones you think are good. >> we thought we knew. >> by the way, derek jeter is -- over there. very exciting. let's get to natalie with a check of the morning top stories.
9:02 am
>> good morning, everyone. the suspect in norway's shooting spree had his first court hearing today. he was arraigned behind doors. breivik is accused of killing more than 70 people friday with a bombing in oslo and a shooting rampage at a youth camp. democrats and republicans are now working on two competing plans to prevent a u.s. debt default. john boehner's plan pairs a temporary boost in the borrowing limit with spends cuts. the plan from harry reid would increase the borrowing limit through next year. >> the tributes have been pouring in for amy winehouse who tragically was found dead on saturday. an autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death. peter alexander is in london with more. >> reporter: the autopsy results could be completed and released as early as this afternoon. an inquiry, a formal
9:03 am
investigation will also begin today. stumbling, incoherent and disoriented. amy winehouse was in no shape to perform in belgrade, serbia in june. booed off the stage, her tour cancelled. a month later, she was dead. >> i think a lot of people knew she was headed down this path. >> reporter: it was her 2006 grammy winning "back to black" album that made her a global sensation. sensation. >> i think a lot of the pain and trouble that was in her life just came right out when she sang. >> reporter: as her celebrity soared, her life began to unravel. the young singer acknowledged addiction struggles with the song "rehab" here in her u.s. tv debut. >> amy tried just about everything. i mean, there was crack, there was cocaine, there was pot. >> reporter: before long, her personal misteps over shashadow
9:04 am
her music. there were run-ins with the law, public fights, emergency hospital trips, even a video that appeared to show her smoking crack cocaine. in 2009 winehouse's mother janice even spoke about fearing for her daughter's health. >> the need to rescue her is like enormous. i just want her to be okay. and i will do whatever it took. >> reporter: she now joins what many in the music world call the 27 club, along with fellow musicians jimmy hendrix, janice joplin, jim morrison, and curt cobain. all of whom died at just 27 years old. today we're also learn that amy winehouse's record label insisted she have weekly doctor visits. we're told that last visit took place friday night at roughly 8:00 p.m., the night before she died. natalie? >> peter alexander there in london for us. thank you. the associated press is reporting that a deal has been
9:05 am
reached to end the four-month nfl players lockout. team owners overwhelmingly approved a proposal last week. the players' executive committee is meeting today. and the boy wizard was no match for a patriotic super hero at the box office. "captain america," opened on top with nearly $66 million intact sales. "harry potter and the deathly hallows, part 2" plunged to second place and "friends with benefits" was third. you're update. let's go back outside with ann, lester, and savannah. >> al, what are you finding? >> hey, folks from the weather channel here. very nice. we're all of a sudden showed up. who knew. let's check your weather see what's happening. this heat wave is strong, thank goodness, but we still have friends from texas all of the way into iowa dealing with extreme heat. some of these records possible. little rock, 99.
9:06 am
st. louis, 94. garden city, 95. san antonio, 99. the high pressure ridge has built out west. that's where the heat is concentrated. move into friday and look at this. it expands back into the northeast to east. and the mid atlantic states. so we've got temperatures that will be building back up into the 90s near 100 degrees once again toward the latter part of well, it's still mostly cloudy and a little bit foggy but we are seeing a little bit of improvement in san francisco. transamerica pyramid, you can see everything but the very tip top. let's show you what we're expecting at noon. same sky, 60 degrees, mostly cloudy at that time. by 4:00 p.m. we will break apart. elsewhere, a little warmer. upper 70s in the east bay. south bay, 77 degrees. today in san jose, we continuously climb as we head into this weekend. temps hot late week. and that's your latest weather. natalie?
9:07 am
>> al, thank you. now on "today's" money, hump day deals. everyone looks out for a bargain. did you though that smohopping a certain day of the week can save you money? we have great deals that you can find, starting this wednesday. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. >> we all clip coupons, a lot of us do, look for deals. actually shopping on a certain day of the week can save you as well. >> wednesday is where it's at. you know, timing is very important when you're trying to save money in this economy. and as we found out, that some retailers lower their prices on certain items on wednesday either because of supply/demand or trend. >> travel, groceries, we're going to talk about all of those. first up, gas. gas prices are up almost a dollar over last year. is wednesday the best day? >> wednesday morning according to a plooe free application to check out gas prices in your neighborhood. they found gas prices lower
9:08 am
their prices by five cents per gallon on wednesday because they're anticipating the rush on thursday, friday, and the weekend when there's more drivers on the road and they can amp up their prices on the weekend. so on hump day when it's usually slower, they lower the prices to get more drivers on to their -- who knew. fascinating. next, saving at the grocery store. you want to maximize the coupons you maybe clip. wednesday is the day to do it. >> according to it aggregates all the circulars throughout the country on one site. if you're at home and you want to know what the deals are at your local grocery store, check this website out. wednesday evening is great time to shop because isaisles like produce, bakery, meat aisle usually lower their prices around 8:00, 9:00 before the store closes because they want to get rid of anything they have to throw out. >> get ready for the weekend as well. okay. now, how about online shopping? and you say, again, the day of the week can depend on where
9:09 am
you're trying to save, right? >> sticking with wednesday since that's our theme. wednesday, according to, they looked at hover 300,000 deals from june of last year to june of this yearnd they found that on wednesday, women's sweaters and children's clothing experience their lowest prices, about 40% off, both of those categories. then if you're looking at monday, today is a great day to buy dresses and jewelry. >> okay. >> deepest discounts. tuesday is sports coats. thursday is shoes. friday is suits and -- suits and -- >> how do you remember all of that. >> sportswear. >> okay. so always good to look online and see where the deals are on specific days. and then the next thing, airline tickets. labor day is right around the corner. getting ready for vacation travel. >> a lot of us do book online. industry experts say wednesday, and you want to set your alarm clock for this. wednesday at 1:00 a.m. >> what? >> typically when prices reach
9:10 am
their rock bottom levels. that's because, so, you know, friday is usually when the airlines start to reduce their prices. but the prices continue to drop until wednesday. wednesday is rock bottom. and on wednesday around midnight the airlines will reload their computers to reflect the prices. the best prices from tuesday and they'll reoffer them on wednesday. but around 1:00 a.m. is usually when they hit the web and they last for about 24 hours so you do want to act fast. >> be sure to set that alarm clock. next, if you are booking tral as well. what about hotels? do you find deals wednesday as well? >> my tip is to start your research on wednesday. go to, expedia, orbit, and find out what is the best prices for the hotels you're interested in. then pick up the phone on sunday night and call the hotel and let them know that you're interested in staying there, that you found these other deals online. sunday night is great because you can probably get a manager on the phone, the weekend rush has quieted down and you might be able to negotiate your own
9:11 am
deal with the hotel directly using these other deals you found online as sort of, you know, a negotiating point. >> so it's only monday but we've got two days to get in the act to start saving for wednesday. >> head start. >> all right. great information. thank you. coming up next, ways to protect yourself from cyber criminals when you go online. and later, nutrition mistakes that can side track your diet. track your diet. my whole body hurt. it was an ongoing, deep pain. i didn't understand it. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
9:12 am
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9:15 am
this morning on "today's" consumer, outsmarting cyber crooks. according to consumer reports software designed to interfere with computers cost americans more than $2 billion last year. and you could be at risk. the current issue of "sharp smart" magazine talks about this. good morning, liz is a. >> good morning. >> we were just talking about it. so many people are nervous about this. they are aware that there are threats out there but a lot of us feel kind of helpless because we don't really know what to do about it. >> it's shocking how many people get effected by this every year. but the fact of the matter is most of us are lame ducks -- not lame ducks, sitting ducks, we should say because we're not doing enough to protect ourselves. and the truth is that there are a lot of very easy and free things you can do to lock down your computer and protect you. >> let's talk about some of your tips. the first one is install security software. i think a lot of people think,
9:16 am
gosh, it's probably expensive and they don't know what's the good kind to get. >> our laboratory tested almost two dozen of these anti-virus software packages. two of the ones we tested were among the best and they were free. >> okay. >> all you have to do is go to the websites of these companies, vira and avg and download the free versions of their software and you're protected. another thing you can do is go to and there you can also download some software that can help protect you against spam which also meeds to malwear and virus infection. >> we've got to keep our software updated. all of us gets notices on our computers. i confess i ignore that sometimes. >> don't ignore that. >> why? >> because they include updates that have additional privacy and security software that protect you. viruses are constantly mutating. so in order to keep up with it your operating systems need to be updated. whether you have a mac or
9:17 am
windows, do the updates. >> i love the next tip because we're all guilty of it. the easy password. >> is your password is password and you know who you are out there. >> yes. >> you need to change your password right away. >> i could get my sister's password or mom's password, if you use your middle name. >> or pet's name. any word in the dictionary is a bad password. what you want to do is actually mix up numbers, you know, capitals, you know, capitals in lower cases, symbols, even misspelled words and put them together with a number in the middle. that's the best way to do it. >> make up a word entirely. all right. you say be wary of e-mail links. >> from a friend or from your bank or pay pal, don't click on it because that's an easy way to get viruses. instead, if you think your bank is trying to contact you, go and call your bank or go to the url, go to the bank's website and then see if there's any
9:18 am
information. >> sometimes banks do actually contact you. just because you hear from the bank doesn't mean it's necessarily suspicious. >> well, rarely will they ask you to click on a link and ask you to click on a link and put in a password. >> let's talk about shredding deleted files. what do you mean by this? i thought if you hit delete, that's it, good-bye, it's over with. >> a lot of people are getting rid of computers. they go and delete all of their files. the fact of the matter is all those files still live on your hard drive. >> shred? >> get software, free soft awar by eraser. go to their website and that essentially shreds the deleted files to make sure they're completely gone. and then it's safe to donate that computer or get rid of it. >> can you do it manually if you know how to do it? it a matter to delete e-mails and go to the delete out of the >> it's free. no reason not to do it. >> the next recommendation is
9:19 am
regularly back up your data. any of us who have had a hard drive crash knows this is important. >> oh, yeah, you can lose photos, all of your personal information. a few easy ways to back up your data in case your computer has a virus is external hard drive or the thumb drives. but the best way to do it is with an online storage system. amazon has a system called cloud drive. the first five gigabytes is free. it's really worthwhile. >> rogue pop-ups, different from regular pop-ups? >> these rogue pop-ups will say, oh, you need to scan your computer, danger, virus, whatever. most of those things are bogus. but if you're concerned, turn off your computer and restart it and see if the message comes up again. >> quickly, you say people are worried about tracking. what is that? >> it's a creepy thing. ever go on a website and click over to another website and seems like ads are following you wherever you go on your computer? that's behavioral advertising.
9:20 am
they're tracking your every move. that's kind of creepy. it's an invasion of your privacy. some of the browsers are including do not track software and you have to just activate it. >> lisa lee freeman, great advice for us computer surfers. thank you so much. coming up, chef to the royals, she is here with her favorite summer recipes using fruits of the season. but first, these messages. m they've been off limits to dieters since time began. not anymore. ♪ fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 calories, the only thing between you and chocolaty brownies is a nicely designed package. ♪ now you can have brownies again. new fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. ♪ oh, love me
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wine. [ female announcer ] now inspiring meals like grilled chicken asiago tortelloni. not bad for a tuesday. [ female announcer ] new stouffer's sautes for two. find more ways to get to the table at let's talk some more baseball. we think of natalie as a valuable team player here on the "today" show but she also proved herself a star athlete last friday in a heated softball game against a rival network morning show. i didn't know there were any. >> game face right there. >> natmo. talk about playing with heart, slides into home, breaking what could have been a tie. we went on to win, 15-0. >> it was -- was there a reason
9:24 am
to slide? not really. >> but because you could, that's why you slid. >> look at the action shot. i love it. >> i was safe. >> michael brooks, our umpire, safe. >> you were supposed to come but it was too hot. >> i lamed out. i had a friend who was leaving. i had to take him to lunch. but mark victor, our producer, pitching, shutout. >> shutout match for him. peter alexander, his two triples. >> did somebody die? >> i know. >> while we're playing this. >> yes. >> are we mourning the -- >> there's mark victor at bat. >> i guess this is why -- this is the theme that gma was playing. ♪ >> yeah. great sports. they were great sports. >> they were. >> fun day. >> even better sports because they lost! >> natalie is a good sport. we aren't so much. >> fantastic. >> "today" show team, way to go. >> good job, team. coming up -- >> how to avoid common
9:25 am
nutritional pitfalls that can sabotage your diet. >> the queen of soul aretha franklin will be here for a live performance. >> first your local news and weather. [ female announcer ] the great taste is clear. [ cellphone beeps ] [ jeff ] ooh! [ female announcer ] oscar mayer deli fresh turkey comes in a clear pack so the freshness you see is what you taste. only from oscar mayer. [ cellphone beeps ] your mother's coming? grandma's coming! [ son ] yay! yay! ♪ it doesn't get better than this ♪ introducing venus proskin with moisture rich shave gel bars
9:26 am
that create a layer of protection with every close stroke. leaving your skin beautifully smooth. new venus proskin moisture rich. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. tonight a teenager from richmond is coming home after living through a bear attack. over the weekend, a bear attacked a group of teenagers while they were crossing a river 120 miles north of anchorage. martin and the rest of the campers were finishing up a month-long survival course when the bear attacked. they were crossing the river single file when those at the front of the line screamed about a bear coming towards them. two teens got the worst of the attack and are now in the
9:27 am
hospital with life threatening injuries. martin managed to call his family shortly ever being rescued. >> the bear had chased him and he fell down and started kicking and all he could do was kick and pray. >> in all, the teenagers were mauled but all are alive. they set up camp, gave first le. rangers say aid, andth cled for. rangers sae y e bear was likely trying to defend her cub. weather and traffic after this. be
9:28 am
good morning to you. well, we're starting to warm up a little bit in the east and south bay valleys. we're seeing that sun shine through. still socked in with fog in san francisco. along the peninsula, that's the story for now. the sun will come out about 1:00 in the city of san francisco. that means we'll see a temperature around 63 degrees. elsewhere, upper 70s. 82 for los gatos. if you're looking for better beach days, hold off until
9:29 am
thursday. the 90s are in the mix. 92 degrees on friday. mike, you have a sigalert? >> i do. a serious accident. it's expected to take 30 minutes or more to clear. northbound, 680 approaching the canyon. two lanes are blocked. your two right lanes and there's a fuel leak. another 15 to 20 minutes as far as the original estimate from chp. the rest of the approach to the bay bridge, looking very nice right now. things sorting themselves out along the east shore freeway as well. back to you, laura. check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. another local news update in half an hour. have a great monday morning.
9:30 am
i'm really mad at you for what you did, but i'm mad at myself, too. i should not have jumped out of that car. i should have fought for you. because you fight for your soul mates. >> two of our favorite actors, steve carell and julianne moore starring in "crazy stupid love." it's getting a lot of buzz. the stars will be here to chat all about it tomorrow on "today." everybody wants to see it. >> i saw it. it's great. it's really adorable and funny and everything you want in a
9:31 am
movie. it's great. >> all right. >> two thumbs up. coming up in this half hour, we're going to switch gears on a more serious note and scary encounter for a group of teenagers who had gathered for a survival skills course in alaska. while they were there they were attacked by a brown bear. two were badly injured. we'll have details on how they're doing. also ahead, avoiding some common nutrition mistakes. a lot of us try to do the right thing, the restaurant, automatically exchange ground turkey for ground beef or turkey bacon instead of pork bacon. >> if it's turkey it's not bacon. >> okay. this segment is for you, al, because actually what we think is better for us sometimes is not the most nutritious or healthy choice. so we'll get into that and maybe there's pork bacon all in our future. we hope. >> i like turkey bacon. and speaking of healthy eating, one of the best things about summer the fruit that's in our summers. our own giada de laurentiis, or
9:32 am
shall we say lady de laurentiis. put your pink i cy up while you. she has a delicious suggestions on how to use them in salads. >> you're creeping us out. >> yeah. >> don't do the weather in that voice, okay? >> okay. >> you can still hear the lambs? anyway, i'm having a good chianti. >> where did you go, al? >> i don't know. below normal temperatures in new england, the early part of the week and out west, above normal in the mid section of the country and mid atlantic states. by mid week period, above normal temperatures creeping in the northeast. below normal temperatures out west. the latter part of the week, normal along the west coast but a good portion of the country above normal temperatures with higher humidity. showers and thunderstorms in the mid mississippi valley and the northe
9:33 am
good monday morning to you. well, we're starting to see some improvement from that really solid cloud deck situated over most of the bay area. you can make out the mountains surrounding san jose now. as we head throughout this afternoon, 63 degrees. 4:00 p.m. in the city. that's when you'll start to see the sun shine through. a pretty solid marine layer. 63 in san francisco. meanwhile, 82 in redwood city. up to the 90s once again as we head through the latter portion of this week and a much hotter weekend on tap. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. coming up next, a bear attacked a group of teenage boys in the alaska wilderness. we're going to find out howth'r.
9:34 am
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9:37 am
several teenagers are rofring today after being mauled by a bear in the alaska wilderness where they gathered for a survival skills course. as you can imagine their families are thankful they're alive. 17-year-old samuel of denver is in an anchorage hospital with two broken rib, collapsed lung and bite to the head, one of two students critically injured after being mauled by a grizzly bear over the weekend. all participating in the survival skills course conducted by the national outdoor leadership school when the bear attacked. >> in this case they stumbled upon a bear at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> it happened saturday at the talkeetna mountains. the group was in the process of crossing a river single file when the grizzly suddenly appeared with her bear cub nearby. >> the people at the line, the first two received the brunt of the bear attack. the bear also injured a couple
9:38 am
of these in the party. >> 18-year-old victor martin from california was one of five students to escape with minor injuries. he called his grandmother from the hospital. >> he was just telling me we need to pray for the other kids because were not as fortunate as they were. >> reporter: john said his son loved the outdoors despite the potential danger. >> i was so happy he wanted to do this, get out there and do this backpacking and have these adventures. it was great stuff. there are risks. and we're just so thankful and relieved that he's okay. >> hearing his voice, i was just so grateful for cell phones and all these other things that right from the er they could hand me a phone and say, you can talk to him, was just amazing. i just felt really greatful for that. >> and we're just glad that they are all going to be okay. coming up next, setting the record straight on some common nutrition mistakes right after these messages.
9:39 am
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9:42 am
this morning on "today's" health, smart choices for better nutrition. the rules for healthy eating are simple to understand but it's easy to be swayed by the newest fad or trickest trick. "looking light" contributor is here with a reality check. tonya, great to see you. a lot of us feel at this point we know what the healthy things are to choose in a restaurant or supermarket but sometimes we get a little misled, don't we? >> nutrition is such a science. it seems that one thing we heard yesterday changes the next day. it is important to keep up on the latest science. here today we're going to desspell some of the most common nutrition myths. >> eggs, it's a perception it's
9:43 am
better to eat brown eggs than white eggs. >> when it comes to both food brown is better, more nutrient dense. but in eggs there's no difference in the nutrition. the thing with brown eggs is that nutritionalwise, compared to white eggs, it is the same vitamins and nutrients and the same ratio of yolk to the whites. what the price difference has to do with this s. the size of hen. typically the hens that produce the brown eggs cost more to feed and that cost is passed on to the consumer. >> nutrition ali the same. what about those with omega 3 acids, are those better? >> those eggs do have an enhanced nutritional composition but those eggs are typically white but not brown. when it comes to eggs, listen to your wallet. >> a lot of people are drinking soy milk these days. >> soy milk is great for vegetarians who would like to get calcium into their diet. and rather than drinking cow's
9:44 am
milk they drink soy milk. the difference is it's not suspended the way it is in cow's milk. it cinches to the bottom of the carton. you can do it but it's important to shake the carton vigorously before pouring your glass. >> every time. >> every time to make sure you get the calcium. >> ground meat, i'm guilty of this. i pick ground turkey or turkey burger thinking that's got to be lighter in fat than ground beef. not so? >> if you're getting the turkey breast you are getting the leanest cut with only .5 grams in a quarter pound. but many cuts of turkey or ground turkey combine both the white meat and the dark meat. therefore, a quarter pound of turkey breast can contain as much as three grams of saturated fat compared to 2.5 sat chur rat is the chsaturated fat in surloin.
9:45 am
>> ask the waiter if it's only turkey breast, but if it's just says ground turkey, get the sir loin. >> a lot of people get turkey bacon thinking it's lighter in fat. >> i mean, there are some, you know, very fat can y. cuts of pork bacon that are thick but if you get the center cut turkey bacon -- excuse me, the pork bacon, there are leaner choices. 60 calories per slice. of course, turkey bacon is extremely lean, jenny o., there's very lean turkey bacon that's only 20 calories p per slice. but it's important to read the label. >> are you getting more salt if you choose the turkey bacon or ground turkey? >> not getting less salt with turkey bacon. nor on the flip side more with the pork bacon. it depends on the brand. once again, the label is going to help make the healthiest choice. >> vegetables, hard to believe
9:46 am
they're not perfect and healthy for you. boiling can boil away what is nutritional about them. >> i grew up with a grandmother who boiled all her vegetables. is issue is vegetables contain water soluble vitamins and they get leaked out and poured down the sink. at "cooking light" we found that when you either saute them or microwave them or steam them, you can maintain the vitamins. but when you boil them, you lose 55% of the vitamins. and they say that broccoli where they boiled broccoli for five minutes and 55% of the vitamins went down the strain drain. >> quickly, those vegetables have been dieting, people say i won't eat anything all afternoon. you say snacking is good. >> snacking is essential if you're trying to maintain your weight and energy levels. snack one to two times a day. snack should be one to 200 calories. we recommend low fat source of
9:47 am
calcium like cheese, high fiber nuts and low calorie fruit. >> or a bag of doritos. just kidding. thank you so much. coming up, some healthy recipes using the fruit of summer from her royal highness, giada de laurentiis.
9:48 am
9:49 am
♪ this morning we're cooking with giada, "today's" contributor, and chef giada de laurentiis. you find yourself with a fridge full of fresh fruit and no idea what to do with it? giada has creative and delicious recipes. good to see you. >> good morning. >> it's great going into the market now because there is so much in there. >> yeah. >> what's freshest right now? >> well, the berries are definitely in season and super sweet. this is the time to buy them. peaches, plums, apricots,
9:50 am
watermelon. when i was a kid this was my favorite time of the year. it tasted who it was supposed to taste like. >> stone fruit, sometimes you think it has to be rock hard. >> you need to touch it. you have to hold fruit. if it feels nice and heavy, it's full of juice. sometimes plums and stone fruit tends to be dry. then smell them. and then also just check to see if there's any blemishes or bruises on them. >> we make a jam. >> we're going to make a jam, yes. >> we're going to jam. >> we're going to jam. >> slow jam. >> especially with these colors, we should be m gentlemaning. anyhow, with the berries, they kind of rot very quickly. a lot of people tend to leave them out at room temperature in the heat, a lot of times it gets too hot. >> put them in the fridge? >> yeah. >> a lot of times i'll say don't put things in the fridge because it kills the flavor but berries, put them in the fridge or they
9:51 am
won't last. take a bunch of strawberries and blueberries. i make this mixed berry and thyme jam. go for it. then we use orange juice. you can do lemon. you can do some thyme. fresh thyme that you chop up. thyme is a hearty herb but a lot of people don't realize it's lemony. it works well with fruit. and then a whole cup of maple syrup. >> wow. >> yes. >> oh! >> i know, right? >> man. >> so the whole idea here is that you just kind of have to smash them a little bit. smash them before you add everything or smash them after. break them down a little bit and cook them for 15 minutes. >> how high? >> high heat. it should bubble. >> after 50 minutes it won't be quite this thick like jam yet but let it sit for half hour, it gets this thick. this can last up to six months. >> really? in the fridge? >> yeah. i do these kind of things and give it to people as gifts. it's awesome. dl you go. what do you think? >> that's fantastic.
9:52 am
>> doesn't have too strong of an herb flavor. very mild. >> a little bit. >> just a little bit. you know? >> a little extra watermelon. >> yes. wat watermel watermelon. a lot of people just eat it regular. this is a fun thing to do for kids and adults and parties in the summer. i take a skewer. cube the watermelon. put the watermelon all of the way down to the bottom so it can sit up straight and then do a basil leaf and a tomato. there you go. you can do another basil leaf. and then to make it fun, i just do a little square of feta. >> i thought that was -- >> you can do marshmallows, too. that's true. the kids would like that. and then do watermelon and end it with tomatoes if you want. you can do it with the cheese or without the cheese. what i like to do is drizzle a little bit -- we might have to do it just right here. look at this. this is balsamic vinegar and a little bit of sugar that's reduced down. >> some of that leftover maple
9:53 am
syrup. >> yes. or you can do the maple syrup, too. good point. back here. so we got a couple more things. salads. obviously very popular. i was trying to talk savannah into it this morning. arugula and bibb lettuce. raspberry and lemon juice. oops, not all over you. olive oil and salt and pepper. you can put the lid on and make a really nice raspberry vinaigrette. there you go. okay. >> okay. >> yep, there you go. >> yes! yes! >> turn it on. >> yes. i don't ever know which button it is. and then you end up with this. pour this over the greens. and i do a little something like pumpkin seeds. to make it a complete salad or with protein, i grill shrimp. look at the beautiful color. is that not beautiful? >> toss that? >> slightly tart, slightly sweet. that's your summer salad. >> and the classic short cake?
9:54 am
>> yes. short cake, you can buy them, you can do this on pound cake if you want. i take plums and peaches and apricots and cook them down with lemon juice and sugar. 15 minutes it falls apart like that. >> just in time. >> ah. love it. >> thank you. >> those are the ones you couldn't touch earlier today. there you go. >> we bow to you. >> actually you do that in the beginning. >> i meant to. i completely forgot. we're not worthy. >> delicious. >> yeah. >> giada delaw rent w de lauren >> with t. one and on, etha franklin.
9:55 am
9:56 am
good morning to you. 9:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's a difficult week ahead for the family and friends of a palo alto family killed in a firery
9:57 am
crash in canada. 49-year-old robert howard, his wife, anna marie diaz and their two daughters just started a three 46 week camping trip through the area on friday. a trailer tracker crashed head on. the driver reportedly walked away without any injuries. tragically, the family died. we spoke to relatives in palo alto who say that they are still in shock. >> it just seems impossible to be so full of life. he grew up in palo alto and attended stanford university. anna maria attended cal pali. all right. let's switch gears. 9:57 right now. a look at the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning. a nice day shaping up as we head through the next couple of days.
9:58 am
it will stay mild and the clouds are starting to break through in the east bay and south bay, much better down there. later on today, 63 in san francisco. 83 in santa rosa. elsewhere, about 82 degrees in redwood city and 70 degrees in oakland. as we wake up tomorrow, more clouds and fog until 10:30 am as we had head throughout the week. more sunshine in the afternoon. we'll make it a warmer afternoon. better days ahead. i promise you, we'll start to warm up. let's check your drive with mike. things got better but i didn't have a chance to change my maps. northbound 680, approaching the canyon. but this should clear up because the sigalert has just been cleared. it was going to be another hour before they cleared those lanes. no major slowing off the
9:59 am
peninsula. thank you very much. another update in half an hour. see you then. who's your car's? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotbe. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> we're so glad you're with us, it's fun-day monday, july 25th. hope you survived a a sweltering weekend in most of the country. somehow we survived. >> we made it. in studio 1a, you'll be tapping your toes, because aretha franklin -- >> the queen of soul. >> is in the house. >> let's hear something that will bring us back down memory
10:01 am
lane. ♪ just a little bit ♪ oh, yeah ♪ just a little bit ♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t ♪ find out what it means to me ♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t >> this is -- the 38th studio album. >> this is one of those songs that she sings that you're going to close your eyes. >> rolling stoen name her out of 100 greatest singers of all-time, the greatest of all-time. >> in the meantime, we've recovered. >> speak for yourself. >> tell the folks what we did. >> we were in rehoboth beach this weekend, we're shooting a piece that will air on thursday. we want to give you a little taste of what happens in rehoboth beach, delaware. >> not on a daily basis. >> there's something they call drag queen volleyball. >> if you take a close look at all of these guys and people --
10:02 am
everyone is dressed -- with their ta-tas were out and their nails were done. >> but enough about me. >> kathie lee somehow won. >> and i still don't know how that happened. >> but i had the geishas on that team. >> it was so hot on -- this was -- >> how hot was it? >> it felt like -- >> it felt, the heat index, i think it was about 116 degrees. and i've been there since 10:00 that morning. we had a lot of fun. we're going do show you the piece on thursday, what we can show, a nice home family television show. >> and we were at the browse about books store. >> it was an amazing group of people, a lot of fun. >> about 1,000 people. >> wow, a lot of people, huh? >> yeah. we only had two hour, because i had a plane to catch. but they said, you know, at the rate we were going, it was going
10:03 am
to take more like three hours to do it. so we rushed through, we're sorry, everybody, we didn't exactly get to sign every one. >> but to show you how hot it was, people were going to the hospital because they were getting second-degree burns on the bottom of their feet from the sand. it was scorching. we picked the weekend to go to rehoboth. >> but we played volleyball there. we don't care. one of the sad things that i think pretty much very few people are the least bit shocked by this, is that amy winehouse died over the weekend in london. it's not -- confirmed, what she died from. but most people are -- >> there's a lot of speculation. >> 27 years old. >> you know what's funny. she is younger than britney spears. britney spears is 29. when you look at her, she just seems like, obviously she seemed so much older in her singing and everything. but the funny thing is, you know, that rehab song that she did back in 2008 -- she won five grammys from that cd.
10:04 am
let's listen just so you can remember what she was known for. ♪ when i come back ♪ no, no, no ♪ i can't count the times ♪ and if my daddy thinks i'm fine ♪ ♪ send me to rehab ♪ i say no, no, no >> she had been to rehab before that song and when you look at her and ha she looked like -- >> the ravages of so many years of alcohol and drug abuse. we have a picture of her recently when she was on tour in europe and booed off the stage in serbia. to go from the pinnacle of success, winning five grammys. >> can you imagine? >> she's being booed. >> and they showed some views of her parents and how they were begging her to basically get off drugs. it was very, very, it was something she battled for such a long time. >> i can't even imagine the heartbreak of being a parent
10:05 am
with a child going through that. knowing all the dreams you had for them. the first time she probably picked up a hairbrush and started singing. it all seemed so innocent and sweet then. and having it declined. she had a couple of romances that had just broken her heart and devastated her. and the only solace she knew to go to was drugs and alcohol and her music. and by that time, she couldn't make music. that kind of despair. you wouldn't wish it on an enemy if you had one. i don't know. her father, who i didn't realize, he who had been a cab driver was supposed to be doing a concert right here in new york that day. ended up just getting on a plane and going right back. and of course, he said it was a shock. i can't imagine that it's a shock to a parent after they've watched -- the deterioration. >> i agree. >> so toxicology reports will probably come out in about six weeks. >> but i don't think it will be a surprise to anyone, either. >> i don't think so. we have some lighter news in
10:06 am
the pile. >> yes. >> now this one is a nasty piece of information, but you should know about it. real men wear dirty underwear is the headline. >> nobody told me that one. >> nearly half of the men surveyed have no problem wearing underwear they haven't washed many times. they rely solely on the sniff test. >> i'm going to throw up. >> that's what they do. >> hopefully they do the sniff test themselves and they don't ask somebody else to do their dirty work for them. that is repulsive. >> but men in relationships are cleaner than ones who are single. because they have to be, obviously. but it -- >> how often do they change their underwear, once a month? >> here's what they don't wash very often. jeans. >> well, a lot of women don't, either. >> and underwear. >> euw. >> hey, you. >> what do you say about that, sara? >> it's absolutely disgusting. that should be the bare minimum. it's like air.
10:07 am
clean your underwear. >> air it out, baby. >> i do think that's nasty. but that's the way it is. >> hope you're cheered up now. >> and if you aren't cheered up, here's some news for you, most people on monday mornings, according to a british study will not crack a smile until 11:16 a.m. >> who came up with that? >> i don't know. >> 11:16 a.m. >> they say on monday. >> and half of the people will be late for work, struggling to get up from the weekend. >> yeah. >> what did you do over the weekend? >> people get tired from partying. then they only get three and a half hours of work done on mondays. so they just, they work little because they have to ease in. you know what i mean? have lunch, discuss what happened over the weekend. there's a lot happening. >> this is no surprise, people 45 ato 54 will suffer and complain the most. >> here are the ways you can get
10:08 am
over that horrible, horrible feeling. >> don't get up. >> plan a vacation. have -- >> you can't afford a vacation any more. not to depress you any further, okay. >> buying chocolate or makeup. >> okay. that will work. >> online shopping. >> you can't afford it. >> having sex. >> we can afford that. >> watching tv. >> before eating dinner. >> what about lunch? or breakfast? >> at all. >> that will always be -- >> just because you have gast gastroenterology issues, come on. what's the point of a valentine's dinner where you have all the afro decent ydesia coffee -- >> first is the sex and then the dinner and then the going out. because everybody goes to sleep after that.
10:09 am
>> it's not having sex, it's making love. having sex sounds like two animals in the barn yard. >> it does? >> yes. >> i want to say hello to a couple of friends who are here. dean and gina who are friends from college. did you bid? >> they paid. >> for a good cause. >> thanks, ladies, for coming to see us. >> so, since i was in the rehoboth mood, one of my favorite things today. let's do yours. >> go, go, go. >> mine are called fling-flops. they're under $25 at it says happy hour and they're adorable. they've got a little martini on there and they come with their own little wine bag. >> i think it's better to take a bottle of wine in those. >> at the book signing, how many bottles of wine did we get? people kept showing up with
10:10 am
bottles of wine. why? >> they were like, hey, they kept down putting down bottles and we kept on opening them. and how about the lady who showed up with these? these are the wine glasses. >> we never looked more attractive. >> this is what they show up with. >> are you worried at all with all the people bringing us wine? >> no, nobody seems to care any more. because nobody is at work. everybody is at home and watching our show and not smiling, hopefully they crack a smile with us by 10:00, i hope. >> here's my favorite thing. this is by this company called fresh. it's lemon body lotion. try a little bit. >> this is like the fourth body lotion. >> i like the smells. >> okay. >> smell that. >> that is very, very nice. >> it's called fresh. and it's expensive. >> is it? >> $22.50. >> at >> what about you, sara?
10:11 am
>> we have a fan favorite. amanda from tampa, florida. this is her favorite thing. it's aveda cleansing mask. she said it smells fantastic, it makes your skin feel smooth and new and makes her pores look smaller. who wouldn't like that? >> was anybody on our website from rehoboth. >> there are a couple of pictures on here. we always have to get preapproval before we show pictures on here. >> are they like that? >> well we'll show them throughout the day. coming up next, don cheadle is in the house. >> no, the smell test. he smells good. >> and we're going to get up to date with all the celebrity news and gossip on today's buzz, but first, these messages. intfacial cleansering from neutrogena® naturals. developed with dermatologists... it's clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt and toxins
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you've been there. you pick out a makeup thinking it's your shade... until you actually try it out. now, i have a makeup that always gets it right. smart shade makeup instantly adjusts to match perfectly to your skin. almay smart shade makeup. only from almay. only for me. academy award nom-nated actor don cheadle stars in "the
10:15 am
guard" a tale of murder, blackmail, drug trafficking and royal police corruption. it's hysterical. >> it sounds juicy. cheadle plays a straight-laced policeman who must team up to take on an international drug-smuggling gang. >> got all that now? >> let's take a look. >> did you go up in the projects? >> what? >> did you go up in the projects? >> no, i did not grow up in the projects. it might surprise you to learn, sergeant boyle, that i actually come from a very privileged background. and by privileged, i mean prep schools, yale. i was a rhodes scholar. you don't even know what a rhodes scholar is. >> i do know what a rhodes scholar is. >> really? enlighten me. >> yes, kris kristofferson. >> this seems a little un-pc,
10:16 am
these clips. but you are saying that he's saying out loud what in some cases people are thinking. >> exactly. you know, someone said to me earlier. he said look, if he was really a racist, it wouldn't be funny. he's clearly trying to get a rise out of my character and there's a real affection between them that you come to realize by the middle of the film. >> but there is an ignorance, too, that people have about other people's culture. >> but he's not one of them. >> he's not one of them. >> but you don't know that at first. >> no. it's completely to see what button he can push. he's just trying to see if he can get a reaction out of this guy who is so straight-laced and stick up the you know what, a funny combination. >> is this a comedy all the way? >> all the way. it's a really, really funny movie. brendan is great in it and it's directed by john michael mcdonough. the same sort of dark, irish humor. >> well, they drink a lot of guinness there.
10:17 am
and i hear you became quite the fan of it yourself. >> i love the guiness in ireland. we had it every day. i'm getting a guinness flashback. >> did you shoot the whole movie in ireland? >> the whole thing in galway. >> tell us the plot of the movie? >> i play an fbi agent who comes over to galway ireland to try to follow this drug trafficking ring that may or may not come through the coastline. but he comes there. he doesn't think he's going to spend a lot of time there and runs into jerry boyle's character played by brendan gleason. who is completely out of his mind and they form this unholy alliance. >> and he's a small-town cop. and you kind of look down on him. because you're the fbi guy. >> what's great about it is the ignorance you're just talking about, it goes both ways. we think he's a small-town hick. and it's funny to see them throw
10:18 am
their misconceptions about each other back and forth. >> you are so interesting in the choices you make, don. because we've seen you all over the map. >> yes. >> i guess that's the fun of being an actor anyway. >> absolutely. what was it about the script, because usually it's the writing, isn't it? >> the script jumped off the page. so often we get movies and you read it and you go, i know what's going to happen, okay. i couldn't get ahead of this movie. i didn't know where it was going and i was laughing from the beginning to the end. >> and yet, they call it a western. >> yeah, it is. it really is, it's a sort of a tit for tat, with all of those spaghetti westerns, sergio leone. >> what else do you have cooking? >> a showtime series called "house of lies." i'll be doing 12 episodes of that. >> it's a comedy? >> yes, it's a comedy, but a showtime comedy. >> it's dark. >> yeah, it's that kind of
10:19 am
comedy. it's great, it's a lot of fun, like you said, i'm all over the map. i get to do a lot of creative stuff, the best thing about this business for me. >> you really do smell very good. >> thank you, i did check. >> you don't need to check, you're good. >> "the guard" opens this friday in theaters in new york and l.a to be the newest fan of the week. yourself sometimes cleanp after your dishcloth? bounty extra soft can help. it's super durable, and in this lab test bounty extra soft leaves this surface three times cleaner than a dishcloth. even with just one sheet. dnd super soft. bounty extra soft. in the pink pack. and try bounty napkins.
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our greatest model year yet is wrapping up.
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it is time for our fan of the week. when we surprise a lucky viewer at home, who is an outstanding fan. >> and they really deserve it. as always, miss sara haines is here to announce the incredibly lucky viewer. >> this might be the best part of my job. so without further ado, we need the drum roll, it makes it official. our winner is, carly colson from ashford, pennsylvania, carly watches us on wgal, and she looks forward to starting each day watching kathie lee and hoda
10:23 am
while drinking her coffee. the show helps her stay connected to her mother who lives miles away. they started talking after each episode and talk about their favorite parts. >> the favorite part of the show -- usually, they talk because it makes her feel like she's sitting talking to her girlfriends. her baby boy got in the habit of napping during the fourth hour. hopefully we didn't put him to sleep. she loves sharing kathie lee's book, "party animals" with him. congratulations karlie and for being such a great fan, we are sending you to the beautiful scottsdale, arizona, where you'll enjoy four days and three nights at the jw marriott camelback resort and spa, it includes round-trip airfare for two, furnished by scottsdale convention and visitors bureau. including two spa treatments and a tomkat desert adventure.
10:24 am
furnished by jw marriott camelback resort and spa. >> remember we had the chef from there? >> yes. >> it was terrific. it was amazing. so they're in for some fine dining as well. >> if you want to be our next fan of the week. and it could be you, go to our website, for your chance to be the next one. >> still ahead, the legendary aretha franklin is going to sing live for us. she's got her 38th studio album out. and we'll bring you up to date with the latest studio buzz. >> he lost almost 300 pounds, what the newest member of the joy fit club looks like now. so digiorno comes with boneless wings now?
10:25 am
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good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. an inside job. that's what investigators are calling the largest high-tech heist in history. two men were arrested for $37 million of computer chips worked at unigen corporation. the men of san jose joined the company before the heist. the uchlt nigen spokesperson said that he showed up for work the day after the heist. the two along with the other defendants will appear in court on wednesday to face charges.
10:27 am
if convicted, each could face life in prison. investigators are still trying to track down six other people they believe helped with that heist. the fatal shooting of a homeless man by a b.a.r.t. police officer will face extra scrutiny today. they will review the july shooting when it meets today. this is video of the shooting released on thursday. b.a.r.t. says 35-year-old charles hill was shot and killed after he attacked officers with a knife and an open bottle. a quick break. weather and traffic after this.
10:28 am
10:29 am
good morning to you. welcome back. there is the morning layer situated over the south bay. clouds breaking apart. the sun is shining through making for a really nice day. because we had to wait so long for the sunshine, it's only going to be 77 in san jose. 70 degrees in oakland. things are going to be mostly cloudy for the most part today. in san francisco, just 63 degrees is the high. each and every day this week, though, we climb in temperature. the 90s are back as of thursday. let's check your drive with mike. christina, things are looking really nice. earlier problems on the east shore freeway had big backups into the berkeley and no metering lights now. very easy dry approaching both ends of the bay. still slow southbound from the airport in san bruno to 93, the san mateo bridge. a live look of that bridge shows a nice look away from 101 heading towards 880.
10:30 am
the sky is starting to clear but still some haze around the bay area. no other problems. >> thank you so much, mike. 10:29 right now. for the latest updates, check out nbc bay area morning news oa cebook. see you tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. we're back on this fun-day monday, with today's buzz and all the entertainment news you need to know to move on with your week. >> here to dish, who else but andy cohen, the host of "watch what happens live" on bravo. >> how you doing? >> great, so excited for aretha. >> yeah. >> some sad news over the weekend, amy winehouse died. >> it didn't shock a lot of people. >> i can't say that it did. and the latest reports are that she was on quite a binge for the last week and in the last 24 hours of her life she had bought ecstacy and heroin and cocaine
10:31 am
and katamine. >> what's that? >> a drug that's a horse tranquilizer, known as special k. >> if it could put a horse to sleep, what could it do to a person? >> that's true. >> that's all alleged. >> those are the reports. so now we hear, i don't want to go to rehab, no, no, no. i guess that song -- we, you will never be able to hear that song again and think of this tragedy -- >> i agree. >> nobody seems to learn if all of this. you know, each time, every couple of weeks it seems like there's another 27-year-old person who had it all and we find dead. because they think it's not going to happen to them. >> and her parents were publicly begging her on tv over and over to stop. >> i know, it's just tragic. >> and arnold versus maria. >> that's another tragedy. >> exactly. they had a tragedy in their family last week. their son, christopher, who is
10:32 am
13, had a really bad either boogie-boarding or surfing accident. i almost said booger. and you laughed. >> i did not. >> this was bad and he's still hospitalized, actually. >> he's going to be okay. >> during this time, arnold's response to maria's divorce was, was, he filed and he signed. and apparently the documents that he signed said i'm not giving you any child support, and you have to pay, i'm not paying your legal fees. which then resulted in a cavalcade of bad pr. >> and he doesn't need that. >> then he went back and said, no, no, i just signed these papers and i didn't know what they said. and actually i will give her child support. >> and he will pay her legal fees. >> yeah. >> so "glee," a lot of people were heartbroken when they found out some of the main characters on "glee" will graduate and will be off the show. but they may not be off?
10:33 am
>> the word is from comic-con, that leah michelle and the guy who played chris. is that they will be seniors and graduate, but they will stay on the show in some capacity. we don't know how yet. >> andy, if you could verify this. the premiere episode is going to be about them dreaming what they want in their life. what they want going forward. but they might be following their career paths. >> true. >> you're right, kathie. >> right, andy? >> i'm confirming what kathie said. >> kim kardashian's bachelorette and bachelor party time? >> they had matching bachelorette and bachelor parties in vegas, at clubs that seem to be kind of next door to each other. there they are at kim's bachelorette party. and then kim crashed the fiance's bachelor party. his cake said property of kim kardashian for life.
10:34 am
adorable. kris humphries. >> and she came for a little smooch. >> anyway, okay. what happens in vegas in that situation, might not stay in vegas. >> yeah, it will air on the show. >> it's almost time for aretha. you can catch andy tonight, a special episode of "watch ha happens live" with neil patrick harris. >> up next, he lost almost 300 pounds, the latest inductee into the joy fit club will tell us how he did it. ♪ ♪
10:35 am
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10:38 am
it is monday, and time for another installment of look at me now, the joy fit club. >> we're getting ready to meet the newest member of the club, 35-year-old darren williams. but first, let's take a look at his story. >> hi, i'm darren, i'm 35. and i've struggled with my weight my entire life. growing up overweight was very embarrassing at times. i've always been an avid sports fan. but even though i had athletic talent, my weight kept me from ever succeeding in sports. food provided me happiness, allowing me to forget the other troubles i was facing with my weight. i continued to add ten to 20 pounds a year and reached my peak at 452 pounds at the age of 32. it was april of 2008 and i was
10:39 am
scared to death that my daughter would grow up without her father. she was three years old at the time. my family deserved better and so did i. i joined anytime fitness, because it is open 24 hours a day, i had no more reasons i tracked my progress daily. i reduced calories gradually and shifted to cooking my own meals at home. today, i weigh in at 155 pounds. and run six to seven miles a day. there is nothing greater than being able to be here for my daughter, and provide her with an active and enjoyable lifestyle. >> wow, hey, joy. >> you know what's really cool about this story, darren came from a family that had a long history of overweight. and if he would have continued with his heavy ways, his daughter probably would have had a weight issue. her kids would have had a weight issue. he broke the chain. >> it's a cycle. >> yeah, and he changed it for all future generations, they're
10:40 am
on this great health track now. >> show us what he was eating. >> the biggest change he made was preplanning for meals. he used to eat impulsively whatever was there. fast food, well over 1500 calories. off of the pizza buffet, pepperoni, dessert pizza. >> that's what we need in this culture. >> this is well over 2,000 calories. he brown-bags it now. he plans it out the night before. ham and cheese sandwich. some baked chips, a piece of fruit. >> let's see darren's "before" picture. come on, darren, let's see you now! >> are you ready? >> wow! [ cheers and applause ] >> where's darren? where did you go? you look awesome, by the way. >> thank you very much. >> can you believe that? >> it is, to go back and see those pictures, it's amazing. >> and he's an exercise fanatic now, too. >> now you're one of those. >> five days a week. >> go, darren.
10:41 am
>> your wife and daughter are behind you. and i know they were watching that piece. >> what a change it must have made for them. >> i did it for my daughter, i wanted to be there when she grows up. >> coming up, how about a work-cation. >> you balance work and play while you're away. >> wow! [ vet ] your turn max. [ cat ] inside and out. and i'm not the only one who thinks so...right doc? [ female announcer ] vets agree, a healthy check up starts inside. our breakthrough iams premium protection formula is developed with vets... ...with cutting edge ingredients for the lifelong health of your pet. [ cat ] what a surprise... straight as again! [ female announcer ] iams premium protection. our most advanced iams nutrition. ever. [ cat ] oh, i'm not in your way, am i doc? i...[yawns] am an iams cat.
10:42 am
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taking a vacation can help recharge your batteries and benefit your body, mind and soul. but many of us lack the time or money to take a real one. >> how about combining work with play and bringing the family along on a business trip? it's called a work-cation. we have a career coach and the author of "the go-getter girl's guide." and we have a today show contributor and president of the company, harriet cole.
10:46 am
>> hi, we've got some cynics here, right? >> on the surface, it doesn't seem like a great idea. because if you're the mom and you're trying to split your time between work and the kids, it would seem difficult to do. >> yes, as you know i have a baby who is six months old. for us, you've heard the phrase, it's not a vacation, it's a change of location, right? >> with a 6-month-old. >> but your husband is working, you're working a little bit, taking care of your kid. but you're in a new place, you get to share new experiences. it's a bit of an adventure. >> just to stroll along a different boulevard. >> exactly. >> and it's a write-off if it's a business trip. >> it is. >> you can't write the baby off. >> well, you can't write off a vacation. you can write off your business expenses, but one of the tricky things we were talking about is when you go, and you're going with your business, your expenses can be paid for by your company, not your husband, not your child. not breakfast, not the extra taxi. and you're tempted to kind of
10:47 am
squeeze it in. because then it makes it more affordable. but you need to be cut and dried about what is a business expense and what is not. >> you think emotionally it's a good idea. is it really beneficial to try to combine those two together? >> today, a lot of people can't afford to take a separate trip. and when i was growing up, the one trip our family would take would be to my father's law convention. we would get in the car, three girls, we would have our matching dresses, our rules at the table. how you greet people. you have to have all that stuff straight so that your family is on board with how they are going to behave when they're there, or else it could really be a drag. >> you could add on a day before or a day extra and then make it feel more of something you could look forward to. >> absolutely. to pick up onnor point, you don't want to do this if you're not a very independent kind of traveler. because the person who is working has to be working and you can't be someone who whines or nags. >> yes. >> and should you tell your
10:48 am
boss, hey, look, by the way i'm bringing my family. or keep your work and family separate and do your thing? >> i say don't hide it. but you don't need to send a memo announcing that you're doing it. >> i say you don't send a memo, but you talk about it in advance, because some trips are not appropriate to bring your family. you need to figure out if it's okay with your boss, if it's okay with the agenda. and you look at the agenda in advance. the itinerary and where can you fit in time for your family. and if you can't, don't bring them. >> chances are, if you're the kind of employee that's already doing your job very well, not making trouble anywhere. don't you think most employers will be very lenient about it. >> some business trips are, you know, 12 hours of work. and if that's what it is, it's not appropriate for you to bring your family. >> well the museums are open all day. >> and you should have that talk with your family. here's the busy. be honest. but i'll meet you for an hour. >> right. and here's the dress code and
10:49 am
here's all the things we're going to do. here's what the fun will be. you have to build in fun. for the working question, it could feel like a lot of extra work because you're working for your family and your job. >> well, why you're not leaving d.c.? >> because aretha franklin is going to be singing! >> up next, the one and only, aretha franklin sings for us. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] if you're ready for more from your tv service
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the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> with 18 grammys and an amazing catalog of music. "rolling stone's" top 100 singers of all time the top of the list, aretha franklin is
10:53 am
undisputed queen of soul. >> her 38th album was released this spring and one critic wrote that it boasts some of aretha's most acrobatic and robust vocals in years. >> and you're here to perform for us? >> absolutely. >> take it away. >> how long, we've been waiting. kathie lee and hoda. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ my darling ♪ ooh darling ♪ how long i have waited for you ♪ ♪ need your touch
10:54 am
♪ tell me how much ♪ just trust me ♪ we both knew this would be ♪ darling, oh darling ♪ darling you are mine ♪ your touches, i'm blushing ♪ i felt your touch ♪ now you're here ♪ this is our love ♪ my open eyes ♪ i waited here ♪ to be held close ♪ let go all of your fears ♪ my darling ♪ my darling
10:55 am
♪ darling ♪ you are first ♪ your touches, i'm blushing ♪ you are the one that quenches my thirst ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ mmmmm ♪ oh yeah ♪ you're a king of a man ♪ i'm hoping, darling ♪ darling ♪ if you i will be yours ♪ my darling ♪ ooh, my darling ♪ darling darling darling ♪ you are the first
10:56 am
♪ touching, yeah, i'm blushing ♪ you are the one that quenches my thirst ♪ ♪ yes you are ♪ ooh, baby, baby, baby [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> that's aretha. oh, unbelievable. >> that was awesome. >> this is available exclusively at walmart. you're not going to be able to get this unless you go to your local walmart. >> yes, >> that is a terrific song. >> are you singing it for anyone in particular? >> yes. >> oh. >> no names, please. >> but he knows. >> he knows. >> aretha, we wish you the best of luck, not that you need it.
10:57 am
thank you so much, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you all so much. tomorrow, we have natalie cole with us. >> she's a good friend of yours, right? >> yes. >> and greg allman. >> yes. >> and greg allman. >> and cooking with giada. -- captions by vitac --
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