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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  July 26, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: jessica, it is a touch and go situation. almost five hours after this fire first started, you can see the fire is still raging on here. more than 50 fire personnel are still on the ground and still struggling to put these flames out. >> i mean, earlier there was flaming tornadoes on the inside. it was just so extreme. it was amazing. >> reporter: fire raging and a large plume of smoke shooting into the skies above fairfield. >> just huge black smoke. i've never seen a fire that was this black. it was so black you could barely see the sun. so, hi to come out and check it out. >> reporter: the fire started around 1:00 tuesday afternoon. the macro plastics on huntington drive, facility producing plastic bins. fire officials confirm the six-alarm blaze started in a storage facility. >> the area involved is a huge storage area for these
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containers ready to be shipped out. that was a storage area for them. something happened to ignite them. they're made of polypropylene plastic. when that gets going, gets ignited, as you can see, puts out black smoke and looks similar to flammable liquid fire because it's basically a hydrocarbon. that's the problem. >> reporter: while it's too early to tell what toxic problems the blaze may cause, air quality and environmental officials are here on scene and residents are being asked to stay away. >> we've asked everyone within a mile radius at least to shelter in place. that means turn down your air conditioners, close your doors and windows and stay inside. >> any time you get a chemical fire like this, it's concern for your health and concern for the environment. >> reporter: now, we've -- excuse me. we've just been told the shelter in place order has been lifted. no one has been injured in this blaze but you can see behind me here, this fire is still raging and fire officials again are struggling to put it out. we will be here all evening long and have an update for you
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coming up at 11:00. for now, we're live in fairfield, nbc bay area news. >> likes like a very difficult situation for firefighters. thank you. let's bring you up to date exactly on how everything unfolded today. people across the east bay, up to sacramento, could see the smoke from the six-alarm warehouse fire. this going on all this afternoon, filled with plastics and petroleum-based plastics. it's very difficult to contain with water and having to use also some foam. now, despite all the smoke and flames, the fire only burned a storage yard at macro plastics. did not spread to any other buildings. a shelter in place order was in effect for people in one-mile radius of the warehouse. it has since been lifted. no reports of injuries to report, which is great news. our other developing story tonight, a traffic headache in the south bay as a major freeway was shut down for more than two hours. parts of 237 came to a standstill. a deadly big rig crashed in
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sunnyvale killing the driver. 237 at matilda. crews are just nownt getting th vehicle off the road. this is in the heart of the silicon valley bringing in kris sanchez who's been tracking the story. what exactly happened? seems like the lanes are wide open, at least going in one direction? >> reporter: aat least going in one direction is right. westbound lane are all completely open. we're just seeing the last of the clean-up from that big rig crash here on the lanes that were headed eastbound. these eastbound lanes is where that big rig driver was driving when witnesses say it looked like he had a blowout, lost control of the vehicle, crashed into the center divide, which then projected part of the vehicle into the other lanes of traffic going in the other direction. that really complicated the clean-up and putting out the fire, which also erupted as well. now, there was one person in the cab of that truck. though when investigators first arrived here, the chp couldn't tell whether or not there was another person inside because of the veracity of that fire.
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once they put it out, the coroner arrived on the scene and did confirm that the driver was the only person who died in this crash. they're not releasing the name of the trucking company because they want to make sure that they don't alarm families that, perhaps, are not involved in this. the truck appeared to be carrying a lot of dirt or concrete pieces but still that fire was hot and fast. >> big rig tire blew out, the truck lost control, and then overturned, trapping the driver and then subsequently caught fire. and he was trapped inside. >> reporter: again, all of the westbound lanes are open for traffic. once again, we are waiting for about 6:15 is the expectation for all of these eastbound lanes to reopen. if you can see behind me there, they were waiting for a final dump truck which they expected a few minute ago but it got caught up in the snarled traffic at 101 and 237.
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so, if you are leaving for this area any time soon, make sure you reroute around the area. save yourself the headache. use 101 or lawrence expressway to get where you need to go as soon as possible. if you're expecting somebody who is driving this route, then you might expect them to be late. by the way, the preliminary investigation indicates it might have been a blown out tire, so, perhaps, a good reminder for all of us to make sure our tires are properly inflated to reduce the risk. in sunnyvale, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. a very good reminder in terms of tire pressure. well, this is a sign of the times, isn't it? we don't use them as much as we used to. the local post offices. united states postmaster general announcing today more than 10% of the nation's post offices are in danger of being shut down. 13 of those post offices are here in the bay area. we bring in nbc's tracy who joins us in colma which could lose its only post office. >> reporter: raj, this is going to seem weird but technically
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the colma post station is in daley city but the colma border is a couple hundred feet that way. now, for many colma residents, this is the closest post office. and it could disappear. >> five years coming and doing business here and i have a p.o. box where i pick up my mail on a regular basis. >> reporter: but kevin cruz appears to be among the minority these day. even the united states post office aks its usage has been staedly declining for years. so much so the usps is studying 3700 post offices across the country to determine whether to close them down. the colma post office is one of them. >> oh, yeah? they will shut down this one? oh, it's very convenient for us because our house is there. >> reporter: but this has become much more convenient for people, online services that ensure you rarely have to visit the post office. like e-mail and banking.
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she doesn't remember the last time she bought a stamp. >> always online now. used to, i know, you are to mail and put a stamp. it's very convenient, just online. a day or two and you know your money going to be there. >> reporter: correspondence that only takes seconds to be delivered is all the latest the generation has ever known. frank says older colma residents grumble wouldn't are to travel far to get to another one? >> the cost to keep it open. it may not be that big of a deal. >> reporter: cruz admits he may be stuck in another era. he doesn't mind the lines and he doesn't want to move his post office box. >> i did just get a smartphone, but i still like sending it off. i feel safe with it. >> reporter: now, some of the people who aren't rooting for this post office point out that it certainly isn't going to win a spread in architectural digest. this is really just a storyfront.
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it appears there's just one full-time worker in this post office. that means longer lines, shorter hours. and there's an entire hour and 15 minutes in the middle of the day when that worker shuts the place down for a lunch break. live at colma post office in daley city, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, tracy. a new sex symbol arrived in silicon valley today, waiting for you to take it for a spin. like anything that is so desired, it does not come cheap. nbc bay area tech reporter is amongst first to get his hands on the newest electric car joining us live from san jose. what do you think in. >> reporter: pretty nice. it might even give the tesla some competition, which it should because, let's face it, here in the bay area, hybrids like this are not new and exciting anymore. the future is electric. but it's also expensive. so, competition is good. it's fast, it's sexy and it's
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not using any gas. it's the new karma from electric car mmaker fisker to company bod member ray lane. >> i love it. i mean, the performance, the handling and the performance, balance is incredible. >> reporter: with the 300 -mile range and capable of going 125 miles per hour, the karma, starting at 95,000, is an electric/gas hybrid that can go either way in style. >> i mean, it just handles like any high-end car. so, if you've driven a mercedes or a porsche, that's what it feels like. >> high performance, low impact on the environment. >> reporter: they give it a chance to go head to head against the already on the road tesla. and like tesla, physicifissker earning green stripes.
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>> solar stripes and an auxiliary battery to keep it cool, reclaimed wood from california forest fires, leather that comes from a thermal plant. >> reporter: with more electric cars here, we'll need more power to charge them. which is why silicon valley's solar city just unveiled its newest charger for your home or business. >> we're very excited about the adoption of electric vehicles. the largest contributor to our pollution is transportation. so, moving that off the road and moving that onto the grid is really important. >> reporter: it's not cheap but the fisker gives us two things right away, a cleaner road and more competition for your electric drive. if you'd like to get your hands on a karma, fisker is taking deposits. they say they will roll out more in the very near future. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> talk about good karma.
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thank you very much. from the cal campus to state's high court, a law professor at uc-berkeley is governor brown's top pick. if confirmed he would be the governor's first appointee to the state supreme court during his current administration. he's not without some controversy, though. lu supported same-sex marriage and affirmative action is regarded as catalyst for republican filibuster of his nomination to the federal appeals court last year. today, though, the governor says he has the right person for the job. >> but there's no doubt in my mind that he has the background, the intellect and the vision to really help our california supreme court be, again, one of the great courts of the country. >> the nomination must be confirmed by state department. thousands of people in the bay area depend on programs to help take care of their elderly loved ones. we take a look at cuts to adult
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day care due to state budgets and state budget cuts and what it means for families here. plus, a new study today shows a wealth gap divided along racial line. coming up, we'll show you who's coming in last in the rat race. also, lights, camera and giants. hollywood at at&t park. we'll take a closer look at giants' new tv show and it appeals to more than just sports fans. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist live in berkeley. we're flying fish over 50 feet long have been spotted. flying kite fish. we'll have details and we'll take you inside this bad boy baw s.reonbc bay area news. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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it's a polarizing economy, the gap is widening between the rich and poor. there's one group that's struggling more than everyone.
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nbc bay area joins us from the news room with more. we're talking about a large chunk of not only the population here in the bay area but across the state. >> that's exactly right. we're talking about the hispanic population. a new study by pew research shows they're having the hardest time making ends meet. median income fell 66% with hispanics in california hit especially hard. the study which used data from census bureau found one quarters of hispanic households own nothing but a car and one-third have a zero or negative net worth. >> we knew in gross numbers that the poorer people were getting poorer and rich were getting richer and now we know that's skewed by ethnic identity so minority groups, especially hispanics but even blacks and asians are being disadvantaged in terms of the wealth of the nate nation vis-a-vis whites.
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>> here are other numbers. ace shans saw 54% drop. african-americans saw a 53% drop. caucasians are down 16%. the report says median wealth of hispanic is at the lowest point since they started collecting data in 1984. net worth of caucasians is 20% higher than both groups making wealth ratio more lopsided than ever. they attribute that to the housing market taking a nose dive. janelle wang, "nbc bay area news." charting a new course for charter schools. state lawmakers in sacramento are trying to get tough with some charter schools, pushing legislation that would improve academic performance and also meet diversity standards. a trio of bills are pushing for greater accountability. some want the schools to show their student demographics
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mirror neighborhood charter schools served. any school that fails to meet academic standards within seven years, according to legislation, would have to close. the three bills still require passage and a signature by the governor. former governor schwarzenegger vetoed similar legislation when he was in office. let's turn our attention to our chief meteorologist jeff who is not here in the studio. >> he's out flying a kite. >> joining us from the berkeley kite festival. i don't know what you're in, but it looks claustrophobic at this point. >> is he in the being on pus? >> reporter: no, some sort of a dragon thing. you're always telling me to go fly a kite, so i decided to actually come and do this today. we're inside of this 100-foot dragon. it's a preview of what's going to be coming up this weekend at berkeley kite festival. you can stand up inside of it. tom mccallister, you're joining me, pretty psychedelic. coming up, you'll have a lot of
6:18 pm
kites people can come and enjoy? >> absolutely, man. giant cats, dogs, just crazy, crazy stuff, food, music, free kite making for kids. you can't have more fun in a day. >> even if you're not somebody who goes out and flies kites every weekend or your kids have never tried it, this is the place to do it because there will be workshops. >> free workshops, hands-on demonstrations. you can just try it, man. if you don't like it, that's fine but you'll love it. >> the best part is it's absolutely free. if you want to come out and enjoy it, you will have shuttles from b.a.r.t. will people be able to get osd or just take a like? >> just take a look. we would have a long line if we would do that but we'll think about that for next year. >> exclusive vip pass as always. thank you so much. berkeley kite festival this weekend. we'll launch this sucker up in a minute so we'll let you get to that as we go ahead and look at graphics as we head throughout the tonight. we'll find patchy fog for the coastline and temperatures that
6:19 pm
are going to be cooling off into the 50s here. and then as we head throughout this upcoming weekend, we have a slight chance of maybe mountain thunderstorms up across portions of the sierra. as we head throughout the next 48 hours what we'll watch is high pressure building in the soesch from the southwest and that is basically going to help warm us up as we head throughout the back.nd with possible 90s coming for torrow, it's just going to be warm for us. you can see we'll start off with 50s for the north, south and east bay. and then by 10:00 and 11:00, those temperatures will be warming up into the 70s inland. the bay area, one of the best places to go and fly a kite, these winds that kick up 20 to 30 miles an hour, berkeley kite festival. it is absolutely free. you do have to pay for parking if you come out. that money that you pay for parking all goes to support local area charities. seven-day forecast shows that
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heat. as we head throughout the 90s, the forecast, you could say, is going to be soaring here as we head throughout saturday and sunday. raj and jessica, we pulled a few strings, so to speak, a lot of puns here, so i'm going to climb out of this dragon-like kite. it's so huge, you can climb out. unbelievable. we'll launch this up as it's over 100 feet long and over $4500. they are expensive. our official berkeley kite wranglers back there. let it go so we can see what this thing is like. i'm telling you, if you're not even a huge fan of kites, you've never thought about coming out here and doing this, this is something you have to see in person. it's beautiful. it's gorgeous. and no doubt the forecast looks perfect this weekend. we're going to have those winds 20 to 30 miles an hour. it's not going to be a problem about lifting this stuff off at all. i feel like i'm in a teletubby psychedelic thing going on behind me. >> very impressive, jeff. very. >> a live launch here on nbc bay area.
6:21 pm
nice work. >> you're welcome. i'll be flying one later on. stick around. >> thanks. let's take you to the other side of the bay. at&t park looking a lot more like hollywood these days. the giants fame reaching well beyond the baseball diamond. >> it's amazing. every time we're at the ballpark there's always a film crew. not us local tv types. a national crew documenting what's happening behind the scenes. here's nbc bay area lauren scott who has a look at the new show and why it's appealing to more than just die-hard baseball fans. >>. >> reporter: at&t park is the place to see and be seen and china basin having a more hollywood feel goes well beyond a visit from notables actor and native benjamin brat. showtime, the cameras following giants are documenting this entire scene for a national audience. major league baseball productions is running the show. just like their counterpart at another league, nfl films, they're seeking to captivate the casual fan while giving
6:22 pm
die-hards plenty of unique looks at giants from behind the scenes. >> we want this to be a franchise. we want to do this every year. ideally, you know, the response within the industry and within the game is positive enough that it's something that we do every year with a different club and tell a different story or a different set of stories. >> reporter: producer danny field has been with mlb productions for nearly a decade and embraces the role of documenting what unfolds day to day. >> a part of the league, we work with all 30 clubs. we try and show the work that goes in. also to show their personalities and humanize them. >> reporter: some of this has involved following the players home for a look that only a major league production could provide. producer jason katz, who interfaces with the team, says this is a critical element to making the franchise more than just a show about baseball. >> this is one of the first times people can really see on a national level inside a baseball player's life. that's not saying just inside the clubhouse. this is seeing matt and jeremy
6:23 pm
at their home with their children. it's leaving their children and knowing i might not see their first step. that's a pretty big thing. that resonates. that doesn't just resonate with giant fans or men, it resonates with the general public. this is the first time we've done this broad scope thing. being there almost every day for six to eight months has been -- it's been sort of eye-opening on a bunch of levels. >> champion san francisco giants baseball. >> you can catch in depth off the cuff stories like this every week on "sports sunday" which airs at 11:30 p.m. it's a pretty cool show. >> it's nice to see them outside the ballpark with their family and kids. sheds new light. still ahead at 6:00, microbrew and microgrow? the new push to legalize pot and treat growers like beer brewers. also, despite more killings, the homicide rate rising and dozens of cuts to emergency personnel. we're going to talk to our political insider about why san jose voters are so skeptical of
6:24 pm
a sales tax to help save jobs for firefighters and polic [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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all right. we're going to talk about the dread t-word, taxes. republicans nationwide are talking about taxes. now we'll talk about the polls that show statewide resistance to more taxes in california as well. a new survey finds the same result in san jose as well. for more let's bring in nbc bay area political analyst larry r gerston. nobody likes to hear about taxes but you're finding with firefighters and police and unions, people are saying, we don't to want see taxes. >> it all starts with the fact that san jose has been in nothing but budget trouble for 11 straight years. they come up to july 1st, oh, another 100 million, 150
6:27 pm
million. ever year for the last 11 years do massive budget deficits they've had real trouble. the problem is simple in a lot of ways. first of all, the fact is we've had flat revenue and the state is giving us less and less money. well, when you have that combination, you're in trouble and it's put the third largest city in this state in a real bind. >> but, there have been so much attention to the fact they're in a mind. you know, we talk about it all the time. you see layoffs of the firefighters. still, people aren't convinced something needs to be done. is the perception the city is still humming along? >> well, that's what happens as a result of the survey. they decided to go ahead and see what the people feel, how they might feel about, perhaps, raising taxes a little bit so that they wouldn't have to lay off firefighters and police and librarians and shut down the pools and whatnot, okay? so, they -- out of the various ideas that were put forth, one, one came out. the best of all, one that would offer really one quarter cent sales tax increase over nine
6:28 pm
years. that captured 57%. 57%. that's it for a nine-year period. the problem here, even though it got 57%, more than the simple majority, general sales tax requires -- >> when you go to the polls, it does not come up -- >> that's right. it's soft. half of the people who say we vote yes are actually firm supporters. in other words, the votes aren't there. >> so, the votes aren't there. again, it goes back to my question. is it just people are complacent, people are unwilling because of their fear of putting more money out there or is it a combination of also saying, hey, the city needs to live within their means if i'm living within my means as well in. >> a couple of things. as we mentioned, they have already laid off hundreds of police and firefighters. we know it's real. to other cities -- here's the odd part. while other cities are reeling from the great recession, san jose has done comparatively well. unemployment here is a couple points below the state average
6:29 pm
when we look at property values in san claire ka county, they've been raising. what's going on? we get the answer. the voters just don't believe it. they don't think it's a serious problem. they don't think it warrants a tax increase on their end. most of them seem to feel that way. as a result, as a result uction, we're going to keep taxes where they are. we can expect with another $78 million deficit approaching this july 1st -- next july 1st, there will be more layoffs. >> until the situation gets worse, they won't believe it. thanks for spelling it out for us. we want to show you now a live look at that massive warehouse fire in fairfield tonight. it's been going on for hours. flames still out there. embers still smoldering. it's a plastic warehouse. we'll have a live update from our view on the scene coming up in a moment.
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we want to get back to our developing story. that six-alarm warehouse fire in fairfield. it's been burning for several hours now. a big section of the bay area and the east bay was able to see the black smoke for the last few hours. in fact, all the way as east as sacramento you could see the smoke. it could be seen 45 miles away. we want to bring in nbc bay area alease who brings us afew feet from the firefighters are battling the blaze. we should say first and foremost, no structures outside of this warehouse have been damaged, correct, and no injuries thus far? >> absolutely correct, raj. that's the good news. fire officials tell me they've been able to contain this blaze to just this area but they've been dealing with several mraerups throughout the day. you can see that's what's happening right now. another flareup, flames raging on, causing a huge plume of smoke throughout the sky here. the six-alarm blaze started around 1:00 this afternoon here at macro plastics facility on
6:33 pm
huntington drive in fairfield. they produce plastic bins used by major fruit packers throughout the state. and are used for harvesting, shipping and storing fruits and vegetables. according to fire officials, the fire started in a storage fa si facility behind the warehouse. they were doing some repair work in that area earlier today. it's unclear if that sparked the fire. air quality and environmental officials are also here on scene, but, again, too early to say what toxic problems this blaze may cause. but as a precaution, city officials are advising residents to stay indoors and stay -- >> okay. we have some technical issues. she's right there at the scene of this blaze. once again, it was blazing out of control for so many hours, but about an hour ago, firefighters said they have it under control. no structures have been damaged other than this plastics factory there in fairfield. the only issue now is the
6:34 pm
possible toxic fumes and air quality in the surrounding 10 to 20 miles of this area in fairfield. reporting live from that fire in fairfield. well, don't ignore what's happening in washington and sack money because most likely it directly affect you. tonight care for the elderly, mom and dad getting older. crucial programs and centers might be cut leaving plenty of bay area families out of luck. here's nbc bay area jody hernandez. >> reporter: every weekday the folks at guardian adult day health center care for more than 100 seniors who are too sick and frail to look after themselves. >> they're fed, they're given two meals a day, they've given their medications, they're given treatments, their blood sugar is taken, they're given insulin. what will happen to them? >> reporter: that's the question many are asking. after lawmakers eliminated the state's adult day health program during budget cuts.
6:35 pm
yesterday, the governor vetoed a bill that would have kept the program afloat. >> that is sad. that is sad. look at all the people who needs it. >> reporter: arlene worries what will happen to her 85-year-old mother who is legally blind and suffers from dementia if the center closes. >> for my mom and the people who need it. they need a facility like this. you know, the nursing, the exercise, everything. it's their home. >> reporter: seniors like jose they can't imagine life without the support they get at guardian. >> i wouldn't be the same. i would be down. >> frankly, i'm angry as all blazes about that. >> reporter: the people who run adult day health programs say the fight's not over. they're hoping for a miracle before the funds run dry on december 1st. in the east bay, jody hernandez,
6:36 pm
"nbc bay area news." a helicopter at forefront of today's sweep of an east bay park where one, maybe two gunmen are believed to have been protecting a marijuana grow operation. police officer says he was fired on last night when on patrol there. they say they fired a high-powered rifle. by this afternoon, they're guessing those gunmen were long gone. leaders of the park police say they'll return with reinforcement to eradicate those plants. >> this area here, where it's a watershed area, a lot of that area is off limits to the public so it keeps public out. there are some hiking trails in the area. but it keeps them away from the people. these people really don't want to be found. >> now, police say they'll need a lot of outside help to scour that rugged canyon area. a bay area roller derby league is out of cash after two members got robbed at gunpoint on july 9th. the men stole thousands of dollars from the two roller derby girls as they were
6:37 pm
returning from a championship event in richmond. the volunteer run derby girls program is working with police to catch the thieves. they're asking the public for donations to help recover their losses. the league members were not hurt during the armed robbery. one of the hottest events in the country lives up to its reputation. >> we're going to tell you about the big milestone for burning man this year. plus, forget firepower. how about bird power? the new plan to fight off aggressive seagulls you always see at at&t park. >> reporter: and good evening, live in berkeley getting ready for the berkeley kite festival this weekend. size, it's not always everything, right? this big bad boy they're letting me fly? well, yeah, size maybe is everything. we'll talk about these large kites and how you can enjoy all of this plus your warming forecast coming right up. oh, yeah.
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are you ready for burning man? so are a lot of people. a ticket to burning man festival is a hot commodity. for the first time in it's 25-year history, tickets are sold out. scalpers are capital idzing. ticket start around $200 back in january and then increased to $350, but now that the ticket are gone and sold out, they're going for three times face value on stubhub meaning tickets are selling for as much as 1200 bucks. organizers are not saying how many ticket they sold but they cut it off to keep it under control. last year it hosted more than 50,000 people. friends and family of singer amy winehouse paid respects to her at a private memorial service in london.
6:41 pm
kelly osbourne wore her hair in a beehive in tribute to her old friend. winehouse's father spoke at the service today saying he wanted to celebrate his daughter's life. he told stories about how head-strong she was as a child and also told those gathered today that winehouse had recently found love and beaten her drug dependency, although he did say that she was struggling to control her drinking. a little girl from washington state has made a big difference in a very short time. when rachel beckwith turned 9 years old last month, she told everyone, i don't want any presents. instead, donate to a fund to bring clean water to poor countries. she was about $80 short of her $300 goal when she blew out her birthday kajd. but when she was critically injured in a freak car accident last week, thousands were inspired by her wish and donations came pouring in. by saturday, when her parents removed her from life support, thanks to social media, which
6:42 pm
helped boost rachel's water fund to more than $250,000. incredible how word spreads now. >> making a great difference in life and in death. all right. well, let's turn things out to jeff ranieri joining us live, flying a kite. i thought you were going to fly a kite today, too? >> well, i had my hands on those controls earlier. we'll show you some amazing kites coming up in a little bit. right now, we're taking a live look across the san francisco bay as fog rolls in with temperatures in the 60s. we'll let you know about some major heat coming back in my seven day forecast and we'll talk about the berkeley kite festival in a few minutes. coming up in sports, it is a playoff rematch precisely nine months in the making. the giants and phillies out in philadelphia. but a surprise start for one san francisco pitcher in place of tim lincecum. it did not begin well. highlights and a full update next. at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save.
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don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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giant always draw a crowd when they play at home, but now they've got these flying party crashers that are just making a mess of ballpark. >> we're talking about the seagulls and pigeons who can't wait for a free meal. now they're coming during the games, like during the eighth inning.
6:45 pm
they just come in now. he shows us the unusual new plan to get them to try to fly the coop. >> reporter: several seventh inning rituals taking place during giants home games at at&t park. there's a good stretch. a group singalong and the circling of the seagulls. but the giants say their seagull problem is beginning to cause quite a flap around the stadium. scavengers are showing up earlier and taking more liberties. >> if there's a food source available and nobody's stopping them from doing it, they'll be there. >> reporter: help could soon be taking wing. >> i'll present it to him and let him stoop at it and switch it out of his way. >> reporter: the giant are considering hiring a falcon rue trooefr. >> you use the falcons and hawks where you can't use any other type of bird abatement, where you don't want to kill them. >> reporter: in between jobs, chasing seagulls from a half moon bay landfill, jim of wing
6:46 pm
master falconry demonstrated the terror-inducing run of a falcon named 37. >> falcons and hawks, i like to talk about is like a marathon runner. they're slim and trim, but they're very, very strong. >> reporter: the company uses falcons and hawks to intimidate birds from landfills, shopping malls and even resorts. >> the one on the right is a falcon and the left is -- >> reporter: wing master owner steve says the key is training his birds to train the seagulls. >> what they'll interrupt is there's a falcon in hunt in the area and grab your kids and lets get out of here. >> reporter: a stadium full of people presents a few challenges. for instance, he says his birds would be trained to intimidate but not attack. >> it's the presence of the falcon in an aggressive flight mode that actually stimulates that fear factor in the seagull. >> reporter: the giants say
6:47 pm
they're weighing the options, including trying to get falcons to set up house in a light pole or anything else for that matter that will roll up the welcome mat on the stadium's most opportunistic fans. "nbc bay area news." >> must be the home of the falcons so must be confusing. >> the seagulls invade at the end of every game. >> there was one drinking wine. did you see that? >> we're in san francisco. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri, our chief meteorologist enjoying another fun day out in the field. the berkeley kite festival in. >> yes. do i have you in a transyet? with this psychedelic kite behind me? you will only watch nbc bay area every night. >> yes, jeff. >> yeah, yeah, right behind me, we are looking at this pretty psychedelic kite spinning around. probably nothing like you've ever seen before. this is one of many kites you'll be seeing this upcoming weekend.
6:48 pm
tom, the man in charge of the whole festival, is lining this kite, manning it right now. tell us about what we can expect this weekend if people want to come out. >> it's going to be great. kite making for kids, food, music, buy a kite, bring your own, free shuttle buss from north berkeley, come out and have a great time. enjoy the weather. >> what are we looking at right here? this is a unique looking kite. like a parachute on its side. >> 30 feet in diameter. really a beautiful piece, like a kaleidoscope. over 5,000 pieces of individual cloth going into the making of this. >> you don't want to look at it too long. i got dizzy. my kite wrangler, what's your name? >> john. >> what are you doing without sleeves on your shirt? >> they get in the way. >> and you're an official kite wrangler, you don't need sleeves. >> nobody ever noticed that before. >> let's get to our weather maps. the next 48 hours, you guys are doing great stuff out here tone. what we're going to find is fog coming back and that onshore flow but take a look at this.
6:49 pm
as we head to the upcoming weekend we'll see a warm-up and we will have to wait for sierra thunder coming our way. high pressure moving in from the southwest will help to warm things up over the next 48 hours, slowly and surely, however at the coastline it's going to stay pretty cool right into the upcoming weekend. so, what can we expect as we head throughout the next 48 hours? well, we're going to start off with those numbers in the 50s for tomorrow morning. and then as we head throughout the afternoon hours on our wednesday, we'll see numbers in the low to mid-80s here for the east and also for the south bay. once again, it's berkeley kite festival happening this saturday and sunday, starting at 10 a.m. both days. the best part, i'm not sure if we mentioned this, it is absolutely free. if you want to drive out here, the parking does cost $10 but that money goes towards helping local charities right out here in the berkeley area. again, happening at the berkeley marina. pretty amazing. as we get a look at our seven-day forecast in a bit,
6:50 pm
what we'll find is temperatures in the 90s inland by friday, saturday and sunday. still going to be cool here at the coastline for the berkeley kite festival. what else do you expect this time of the year? the cool air and the wind and temperatures in the 60s, bring a jacket if you're coming out here. it's going to be chilly. we also have our seven-day forecast. you guys are feeling a little crabby today, huh? >> because it's free! >> yes. they're feeling a little crabby even though it's sunny. i'm not sure why. the good thing is this event is absolutely free. how are you doing back here? >> great. >> i think they're all a little cold. they're not saying too much, guys. >> because you have them hypnotized with your spinning kite. you hypnotized everybody. >> i just love having them hold icons. feels so powerful. hold this sunshine and stand there, please. >> okay, thank you, jeff. >> let's get to sports.
6:51 pm
brody joins us from comcast sports news room. a big night going on, especially for the giants bs right? >> yeah, raj. let's go ahead and start the rumor that president obama got tim lincecum sick. what am i talking about? when coworkers describe you as looking horrible but it's probably not the best idea to continue your day on the job, especially if you are giants pitcher tim lincecum dealing with stomach flu this afternoon, he was scratched just about 90 minutes before first pitch in favor of barry zito. the game itself is a rematch of the nlcs last year, giants and phillies. zito coming off a bad start and things did not get off to a good start to him tonight. bottom of the first, two on, two out, game tied 1-1 before raul ibanez hit this. bottom of the fourth, john mayberry jr., solo shot to left center. 5-1, phils opening this up. bottom of the sixth, no outs, chase utley, line drive off
6:52 pm
center field wall. andres torres going to make a great effort but it's going to cost him. bouncing off the wall and into no man's land. the inside-the-park home run for utley. 6-1, phillies. utley's third career inside the parker. philadelphia goes on to win 7-2 over the giants. training camp for the 49ers does not officially begin until friday but early this morning the lockout locks came off for good as players returned to work at team headquarters in santa clara. you can only imagine how hard the front office is working to secure free agents but as for the players, they are literally stoked about the first day of school. >> i was so excited that we could come back today, so i just got up here and tried to get the playbook in my hand and talk to the coaches, let them see my face, let them see that i'm in the best shape i've ever been, got the 13-pack up. never heard of that, but it's 13 because i'm still missing one. it's a little off. i'm working on it. >> very excited. very excited to get in there and start working with coach
6:53 pm
harbaugh. i need every minute i can get with him. >> it's like the first day of school. everybody's excited. just organizing my locker. just excited. >> i'm just wide-eyed to everything, taking in as much information as i can. today's the first day we'll be able to meet with the coaches, so i'm excited about that. >> quarterback andrew is headed for the nfl. we already knew that. today, however, stanford's junior-to-be says this upcoming season will be his final campaign on the farm as he will forego senior year for the nfl draft. so, how does he view the farewell tour? >> when you're a quarterback that's had some success and you come back to a team that's, you know, you're going to have to -- it's part of the job, you know. all the attention you get, so handle it, you know, hopefully like a pro. that's what i've been trying to do. >> the focal point of every team is the quarterback and having a quarterback that we know and that we trust and that will work his butt off, we got him in
6:54 pm
place, that helps me a lot. now we just concentrate on what goes on around him. but i think it's been great, a big part of my transition. >> the a's taking on tampa bay in the second of a four-game set tonight at oakland coliseum. i'll give you a little trivia here. one team right now is second in all of baseball since the all-star break with a .308 average. guys, any guesses? >> let's see. >> that's not fair. he has a big advantage. >> say, it raj, say, it raj. the a's. >> there you go. >> that's not fair. >> thanks. >> you need to feed me the info before. >> through the ear piece, through the ear piece for her. >> i'll call you next time. >> call me. for a full half hour of bay sports coverage including the a's and giants, you can watch comcast at 10:rtscasteher out of sports but not the other way around. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
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