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tv   Today  NBC  July 28, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning, boiling point. the house set to vote on the gop's debt ceiling bill. the democrats have promised to block it. this morning, brian williams goes behind the scenes on capitol hill. exclusive access to the power player, the key issues and the last-minute wrangling. a deluge from don. tropical storm don churns through the u.s. mainland in the gulf of mexico. this morning when and where it's expected to make landfall. ♪ >> and this game show host injured himself chasing down a burglar at a san francisco hotel room.
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who is alex trebek? we're going to hear from him about his heroic effort, today, thursday, july 28, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> this is "today" with matt lauer and ann curry. live from studio 1a in rockefeller mraz. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm ann curry. >> i'm matt lauer. how about alex trebek did doing his captain america routine, huh? didn't end that well. we'll talk about that later. for weeks, even months, this bitter fight raging on capitol hill. fight raging on capitol hill. the house is expected to vote on one proposal to cut spending and raise that debt ceiling. >> house speaker john boehner's plan is facing stiff competition from the democrats and his own party. is it have any real chance of
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passing? we'll have a chance to talk to the speaker just ahead. the murder case against drew peterson in jail accused of killing his third wife, but now experts say the case may never make it to trial. we'll explain why. also, a single mother pulled over and thrown in jail and she would remain there for seven months faced with a mountain of evidence that seemed to prove that she had committed a series of crimes, but it turns out, that woman was the victim of an elaborate revenge plot allegedly orchestrated by her ex-boyfriend. she's going share her story in an exclusive live interview this morning. >> i want you to take a look at something. this is a lancome makeup ad featuring julia roberts. looks good. it's been banned in great britain along with christy turlington because the images were overly air brushed. fair or unfair. talk about that coming up. let's begin on thursday morning with the time ticking away to reach a deal for the debt ceiling. kelli o'donnell is our capitol hill correspondent.
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kelli, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. this is a test of john boehner's leadership. he delivered a blunt message to his own republican members to get in line. aides tell me they believe that was more credibility, that was their word, with some of the most conservative members when they retooled their proposal to raise the debt limit and cut spending by going deeper with the cuts, and now, after so much talk, that vote comes today. >> reporter: the politics of chronic gridlock hurts. >> i've had kidney stones that are easier to pass than this. >> reporter: and the prognosis from democrats is dire. >> the speaker's plan is on life support and it's time for him to pull the plug. >> reporter: but house speaker john boehner claims his debt limit plan has been revived after a big last-minute fix. republicans reworked the package and now it's projected to cut more. $917 billion over ten years.
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>> it is a test. this is a big step trying to get control of our deficit and our debt. >> reporter: in an interview with brian williams for sunday special "taking the hill, inside congress" boehner played down the loud opposition from some of his own members. >> mr. speaker, is it fair to say that you have a bit of a rebellion on your hands or do you feel -- >> i have a little bit of rebellion on my hands every day. it comes with the territory. >> you don't worry? >> never let them see you sweat. >> reporter: the speaker is getting heat from democrats too. more than 50 just signed a letter saying they would block his plan because it would force us once again to face the threat of default in five or six short months. majority leader harry reid wants to kill the boehner bill and replace it with his own. >> i'm disappointed. i care about john boehner. i think he's a good person. he's painted himself in a corner.
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>> reporter: they played this film clip from ben affleck's bank robber movie "the town" to fire up their members and then upset democrats jumped at the chance to show it again. >> i'm going to hurt some people. >> this is a political fight, one in which they are more interested in scoring points and hurting the democrats and the president than they are to protecting the country from an economic catastrophe. >> from music to movie, it's gone viral. ♪ raise the debt ceiling raise the debt ceiling ♪ >> sorry if that's stuck in your headio your day all day today, but maybe art will influence life and there could be some movement today. if the house cannot get this through, we're back to the situation of can harry reid's plan somehow come to save the day if you will. there's a lot of uncertainty. house republicans still need to convince a small number of those who have been most resistant at least publicly and it will play out today.
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ann? kelly o'donnell, thank you for reporting on your story. brian williams spent time on capitol hill thursday talking to the major players of the special, "taking the hill inside congress." brian, good morning to you. >> ann, good morning. you should know, we had this scheduled for months and of course, the day for us to arrive on capitol hill with all of the cameras and journalists happened to arrive in the middle of this pinched battle. so there we were yesterday. >> you and i last time talked about your roots and a very humble part of this country. you go back to ohio, i imagine you're going to find some people who are thoroughly disgusted with what they see out of washington. are you prepared for that? >> of course i am. >> what do you tell them? >> this is a system of government that our founders gave us. no one ever said it would be pretty, but we've got two political parties in this town. we have very different beliefs
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in terms of what the appropriate role of the federal government should be in our country and our society. >> so that's the john boehner we saw yesterday. when they start saying this was supposed to be hard. the founders wanted this to be hard that means they have no clue where this process is going to end up. we heard that about six times yesterday in going from office to office with members of the leadership. it was quite extraordinary. >> you know in talking to boehner it's very interesting to hear your question to him and his answer. how much of the opposition is with his own party hindering the deal as far as you can tell? >> my first question to him is a lot of friends of his said, look, this isn't fair. he's supposed to be the head of one party. he's got several factions that he has to try to manage. he's on the other line on the white house. we saw only one white house official yesterday on the hill
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that there's a lot of talk in dc that this swung across town from the white house to the hill. we've got just a few days, however, the expression the whole world is watching. most important, all of the voters and viewers across the country are watching this. they're watching their national politicians many of them behaving badly. >> okay. they're also watching for any spirit of compromise. did you see any? >> well, one thing is compromise -- there will have to be compromise. the other thing we're just not seeing is agreement and boy, there's a lot of posturing going on. the age difference was notable. i think what we'll see in the days and hours to come is some of the folks that have been around a while and listened carefully to what john mccain said yesterday, folks that have been around a while kind of rise up and say this is how we do it, and this is how the system has saved us.
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that's the three amigos as they call themselves, graham, lieberman and mccain in their office yesterday and some of these old alliances may help bring about a plan in the end. >> meantime this, story does need a lighter nor and apparently you found some in the halls of congress. >> ann, i'm sitting there in the cafeteria in the office building waiting for a member of congress when darth walked up and darth vader comes up to me. i was minding my business and he gave me the two-handed death ray there that we recognize from the volkswagen commercial. the nicest kid, he's on the hill lobbying for children's hospitals, he had a heart ailment as the younger guy. so darth vader was the highlight of my day. >> and ours this morning. even darth vader has a good side. brian williams, thank you so much for showing us that.
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you can see the "dateline" special at 7:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 central here on nbc. >> fascinating to watch. now a check of the top stories from natalie morales at the news desk. >> good morning, matt and ann. good morning, everyone. new details about the arrest of self-confessed killer anders breivik. martin fletcher is in oslo with more. martin, good morning. >> reporter: police keep adding more fascinating details. two minutes after they finally made it to the island they found anders breivik in a forest clearing with his hands up, guns on the ground with ammunition. at first police were afraid to approach him. they were afraid that he was carrying a bomb, but he warrant. t the killer wanted to liver. >> >> he stalked the teenagers like a shooting gallery on an island near oslo. >> really helpless. >> 360 miles to the north, a mother said she experienced the worst hour of her life. 5:42 the afternoon.
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ann got the text message from hell. >> tell the police there's a maniac going around here and he's shooting. 16-year-old daughter jewel i was hiding among the rocks while the killer hunted the teenagers and shot them one by one. >> she says we're scared to death here. >> another text. >> she said i love you even though i quarrel with you sometimes, then i really almost broke down because that was so, so moving, so touching. >> for one hour, mother tried to hold it in as texts continued from the island of death. >> he's still shooting. >> and then at last, it's over. the killer surrendered to police. julia's brother had no idea as it was going on. later he said he found it rather odd to get a text message from his twin sister saying i love you. >> martin fletcher in oslo,
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thank you so much. >> outrage in new york city from first responders who became ill after working at ground zero. federal officials announced tuesday that those with cancer will continue to be excluded from the $2.8 billion federal fund allocated for them. the reason, officials say, there is no proven link between exposure to the world trade center site and cancer. first responders including those with cancer met with the funds' administrator's last night to protest the news. a film premiere in hollywood turned into a riot wednesday night. an unruly crowd threw bottles, vandalized cars and clashed with police in riot gear. the chaos erupted when police tried to disperse the hundreds who showed up for the film screening. let's head to wall street. melissa lee is at the new york stock exchange. are we expecting a repeat of wednesday's drop there, melissa? >> hard to say, natalie. investors are on edge both of debt concerns both in washington, d.c. and europe. the s&p 500 saw its biggest loss, one-day loss in about eight weeks.
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it is down 3% so far this week. while the markets are jittery there is concern in the bond market. if you look at the ten-year yield that remains firmly under 3% showing that investors are aren't really worried that the u.s. won't make good on its debt payments. 62 companies reporting including exxon and colgate. natalie? >> melissa lee at the new york stock exchange. thank you. it it looks like the florida marlins have a new, if unwanted mascot. this praying mantis made itself comfortable in the dugout, crawling on to clay hensley's shirt. they became pals so he left his buddy to scare somebody else. the bug pounced on him, clearly giving him the creeps. can't blame the guy. screaming like a little girl. like matt and al. >> very harmless thing, the praying mantis. >> oh, yeah. >> they're freaky looking, though. >> yeah, they are.
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>> it's okay. >> i'm sure that's the last time the pitcher will see that -- >> no, they'll do it over and over again. oh, no! meantime, on a difference note, we have a tropical storm to worry about today. >> it's a small one. we'll continue to watch it. but we're hoping it will bring some relief to the drought in southern texas. right now, tropical storm dawon. named after our meteorologist don zrk umekas. as the storm makes its way on shore early saturday morning, a mid strength tropical storm at 60 mile-per-hourings. bringing with it two or three inches of rain from corpus christi and houston to far inland to san antonio if it stays on track. wettest july on record. ten inches of rain this month. if that rain continues to fall
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today on in to this afternoon, they may be looking at another one to three inches from chicago >> once we lose the low clouds around the inner bay and the coastline a nice forecast. 80s and 90s around san jose, upper 80s, 95 morgan hill. 76. santa cruz, a nice place to beat some of the warm inland temperatures, 84 in petaluma. 95 vacaville. the forecast shows inland temperatures on the toasty side as we kick off the weekend. comfortable 60s and 70s around the inner bay. the item to watch for the weekend, some thundershowers. ght? >> right. >> stand by. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. the high profile murder case against drew peterson could be in jeopardy following a ruling. the illinois police sergeant is charge in the death of his third wife. kevin tibbles is live in chicago with details on that. kevin, what happen?
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a big blow to the prosecution in this case which had hoped to use a new illinois law allowing hearsay evidence to be use in court. now much of that evidence cannot be used against drew peterson. drew peterson has been behind bars since 2009, awaiting trial in connection of the death of his third wife, kathleen salvio. she was found in a bathtub with no water, while her death was ruled accidental, her body was exhumed and peterson arrested for murder. the appellate court has barred certain evidence from the upcoming trial. some legal experts speculate it may not be able to go forward. >> very disappointed out of our court system, makes a mockery out of everything that everybody stands for. >> peterson grabbed national headlines when his fourth wife, stacy, vanish in 2007.
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he even appeared on the "today" show proclaiming he had nothing to do with either case. >> can you look me straight in the eye and tell me you had nothing to do with the death of his third wife, kathy, or the disappearance of the fourth wife, stacy. >> i had nothing co-with either of those incidents. >> in 2009, illinois passed a law allowing for hearsay in a case where witnesses have been silenced. it was dubbed a drew law. but the latest ruling prohibits some of the hearsay evidence from being used against him, including statements salvio made against drew peterson to kill her. >> this looks like the casey anthony case, in which everyone's prior beliefs, not the evidence, tells them there's something wrong here. >> he's thrilled with the ruling.
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word-for-word was, that's great. it's about time. he wants to get to trial, he wants to get it over with. >> throughout, he never appears to shy away from publicity, peterson is planning to play in a movie star rob lowe as peterson. >> sure rob lowe isn't doing this for free. i'm sure lifetime isn't giving away the advertising time in the show. >> drew wants money. >> he's entitled to it. that's the american way. >> prosecutors in the case say they strongly disagree with the appellate court's decision. there's no word of whether they planned a further appeal. drew peterson could go to trial as early as september. matt? ken tibbleses in chicago. kevin, thank you very much. 18 after the hour. here's ann. thanks. alex trebek, long-time host of the quiz show, "jeopardy" will
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have surgery tomorrow after chasing a burglar out of his hotel room. good morning. a terrifying thought for anyone to wake up and find someone going through their belongin belongings. this time the victim was alex trebek who was able to outsmart the burglar. >> what entered the country with bolivia? >> chile. >> sorry, it's peru. >> alex trebek had all of the answers as he hosted the geographic bee. in a san francisco hotel room, he found himself in a bit of "jeopardy". >> i woke up, saw a figure in our bedroom hotel room. thought i was dreaming. i realized immediately someone had been in the room. i put on my underwear and ran down the hall to see if i could
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find her. >> reporter: he did find her. when he got to her, he, well, quizzed her. >> she came out of the room where the ice machine is. and i said, what were you doing in the room. i wasn't in your room. what were you doing up there? i was visiting friend. i said, no you weren't. >> reporter: he was quick thinking but not as quick on his feet. he ended up on crutches after rupturing his achilles tendon after chasing the culprit. >> i crashed down but i hobbled back to the phone and informed security. >> reporter: police arrested 56-year-old lucinda moyers and charged her with burglary. he got most of the belongings back except some cash and a piece of jewelry. trebek hosted "jeopardy" since 1984, received an emmy award for lifetime achievement. and for game show host turned crime fighter, the correct
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response is "who is alex trebek". >> eight rounds in the championships. >> true to his reputation, the unflappable host fought through the pain using the podium to hide his injuries. >> you're going to be tempted to blurt out responses. if you do,ly have to chase you out. >> lucinda moyers told a local station that she was arrested based on her record and because trebek is a celebrity. she's still in jail and she will have a court appearance later today. as for trebek, the 71-year-old is having surgery tomorrow and will be in a cast for six weeks. ann? >> thank you so much. a great sense of humor. give that man a cape, right? >> exactly. >> i could have lived the entire rest of my life without knowing he sleeps in the nude. >> that's fine. >> that's what you took away? >> got stuck right there in that part of the story. >> can't remove it from the brain. it's in there. >> what is, "what is wrong with
7:22 am
that"? >> we wish him the best with a surgery and speedy recovery. >> that's right. about.cc1:lot to talk including we have the crime novel, the single mother who spent seven months behind bars after she was framed by her exboyfriend for a crime she didn't commit. the story in a live interview, but first
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not sure what that's about. coming up, air brush outrage. why ads are being banned in great britain. the woman who owns 1200 pairs of shoes. we're going get a close look at them and meet her. but first, get your news and weather.
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>> good thursday morning to you. 7:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. two men are behind bars after punching the pilot in a plane bound for sfo of it it happened on the tarmac at miami international airport. damian trujillo is live at sfo this morning where american airlines flight 1755 finally landed at 2:00 this morning. good morning, damion. >> reporter: good morning. witnesses say it was a vie 0 lent confrontation between two passengers and the crew. here are the mug shots. they are jonathan bias and luis bias. jonathan told the pilot, quote,
7:27 am
when you get to san juan i'll have you killed. san juan is a capital of puerto rico. it started when the crew says one of them became unruly. the second passenger tried to intervene, then punched the pilot in the face. a scuffle ensued on the walkway back to the terminal from the gate. other passengers jumped in and tackled the suspects, before police arrived. we're told that the pilot in this incident is suffering from blurry vision and may be suffering ultimately from permanent damage. live at sfo, laura, back to you. >> thank you. 7:27 now. time to check the forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> we're seeing clear skies in san jose, 58 degrees, san francisco we're socked in by low clouds, some flight delays up to about a half hour for some arriving flights. due to the fog. cool afternoon, 60 in san francisco, 70s in oakland, 80s to 90s south of san jose. hot temperatures inland to kick off the week. cooler next week.
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a look at the commute. >> our friend from the cnbc side, mark called in and said the accident i'm following northbound 101 is causing a distraction. especially for the northbound side. folks on the southbound side are slowing a bit as well. a fire crew is on scene and ambulance, some minor injuries reported for this accident. three vehicles on the shoulder into mountain view and slowing through san jose. >> thank you very much. for the latest traffic and news updates like us on nbc bay area morning news on facebook. i'll have another local update in a half hour.
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it is 7:30 on a thursday morning. july 28, 2011. people out on the plaza this morning. lenny and all of his friends enjoying the pretty morning here in new york. by the way, supposed to stick around for 24 more hours. free for a live concert and one of the most popular rock bands for a long time, talking about journey on the plaza tomorrow morning. studio 1-a, matt lauer with ann curry. coming up, when it comes to air brushing photographs, how much is too much? >> that's the question we'll be addressing this morning.
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these ad campaigns featuring julia roberts and christie turlington have been banned in europe and some complaints. why people are complaining after this. also, the danger of not gaining enough weight during pregnancy. are images of celebrities looking trim and fit while expecting putting too much pressure on the average woman. details on that story as well. and a lot of people love their shoes. but we found one woman who takes her obsession to a whole new level. she owns, get this, 1200 pairs of shoes. she has to have three closets just to keep them all. we're going to get to meet her and we'll look at her shoes coming up this morning. >> a little out of control. no question. a woman who was arrest in jail for seven months for a series of crimes prosecutors now say she did not commit. we're going to talk to her exclusively in a moment. but first, natalie has her story. good morning again. >> good morning, matt. it's something out of a crime novel.
7:32 am
simonea was driving along when police pulled her over, cuffed her, and put her behind bars. she was charged with carrying out a series of armed robberies and police say they had a mountain of evidence against her. >> it is unreal. you do not think that things like this happen in real life. >> reporter: simona said what happened to her is unimaginable. it started five years ago when she started dating this man, gary rambertan. >> he seemed like a genuinely good person. never did i think that he was capable of anything like this. >> she says the relationship started to get rocky, but they stayed together. he began staying at her home. eventually she asked him to leave, but says he refused. on march 8, 2009, she said he attacked and raped her at home. he was arrested and released on bail pending trial. but soon after, prosecutors say he started plotting an elaborate
7:33 am
scheme against her. they say he recruited people to pose as robbery victims, showing them her photo, pictures of her jeep cherokee, and her license plate so they could give details to police. prosecutors say the web of lies was so detailed it all pointed to simona as a suspect. >> i'm driving along. the next thing i'm being asked to step out of the car and handcuffed me. no explanation whatsoever. literally, i thought i was going to drop dead right there. >> she insisted she was innocent, she said she had an alibi. surveillance photos that placed her at a connecticut casino at the time of one of the robberies. >> the only thing that i thought could have saved me didn't. >> reporter: she spent seven months in jail, and then in december of 2010, the break that changed everything. prosecutors say a police informant called in a tip that pointed to jerry rambertan. investigators say they linked
7:34 am
calls to his cell phone to people who say they were robbery victims. those supposed victims, prosecutors say, eventually confessed to police. >> so happy, so excited. but at the same time, i couldn't help but to be angry. >> charges were dropped and police arrested rambertan. he's in jail charged with rape, conspiracy, and tampering with a witness. he's pleading not guilty of all charges. >> jerry is not guilty of raping simona. he's innocent. while he was fighting the rape charges, his money disappeared from his account. and we believe that we're able to show that simona is the one that took the funds. >> reporter: as for the setup, the lawyers say other people were out to get her. >> other people who were involved were looking to have simona arrested because they had financial problems with simona. they had a beef with her. they were the ones that indicated that they would get
7:35 am
her back for what she did to them. >> reporter: the case is getting national attention. dan baleski has followed it from the beginning. >> one of the glaring lessons of this is reliance only on witness testimony can be very, very dangerous in a criminal case. witnesses can lie, witnesses can concoct elaborate stories. even police can be duped. >> reporter: and prosecutors say two of the people rambrattan hired to pose as the victims confessed to making up stories. meanwhile, his trial will begin in october. matt? thank you very much. simona is with us now exclusively along with her attorney, nick. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. when you were living with this guy, jerry, you had concerns about him. you were concerned about his personality. some of the stories he told you didn't add up. is that accurate? >> yeah. i just thought that he was -- i thought he lied a lot.
7:36 am
he didn't see any other harm in him though, you know? >> you didn't think he was dangerous. you just thought he was someone who stretched the truth? >> exactly. >> after the alleged rape took place and he was released on bail, you must have been terrified. >> i was, i couldn't go anywhere at all. and i couldn't leave the restaurant lapt and i had to be very careful because soon after he got released, i get visits, friends of his, people that we doet know would visit me at my restaurant asking me to drop charges against him. >> being lied to you. >> yes. yes. >> the day you're arrested. you're driving in your car, you're pulled over. police stopped you and said uh you know you did it, admit it? did you know what "it" was. >> when they arrested me, they didn't say anything. nothing was explained at all. they asked me to step out of the car and they needed to take me for some questioning.
7:37 am
and that's it. >> you end up in jail and spend quite a long time in there, you have a daughter. she's 12 or 11 at the time? >> she was 12. she's 13 now. >> so you're separated from your daughter, and you're sitting there in the jail which had to be an experience i can't imagine, you have a strong suspicion that this former boyfriend is somehow responsible for what you're going through. >> i knew from the day i was arrested because there's no other reason why i would be sitting through. i didn't do anything to be sitting there. >> you never committed a crime before. >> no. >> you're not the type to pull off an armed robbery, much less a series of armed robberies. >> exactly. >> so when you talked to the police, and say, look, i've been framed. they hear that every single day from everyone in jail. what was the reaction? >> i think they thought i was just trying to blame it on him. i really did it and i was being a drama queen. that's the reaction i got. it was totally ignored. they looked at me like i was crazy. >> no presumption of innocence
7:38 am
in your opinion in your case? >> no. >> nick, i'm trying to figure out how this could have happened. there was evidence. there was evidence that showed that she was actually somewhere else during the time one of the robberies occurred. there was a kind of grainy surveillance video that showed them at a casino. why was this not enough to convince the police that this was wrong. >> so much more than that. this was no brilliant plan. this was -- this was a man who was being prosecuted for raping her, a history of impersonating police officers which they knew about. and from the first daisy mona wa -- day, simona was telling them, this guy did this. we see it all the time. police have tunnel vision. prosecutors have tunnel vision. once they lock on, it's tough to get them off of it. if they had looked at all, they would have seen, this couldn't be true. >> simona, you're the one that's sitting out of jail and free. he's the one sitting behind bars awaiting trial on a slew of charges. are you confident he'll now be
7:39 am
convict? >> i hope so. >> but you don't have much faith in the justice system anymore, do you? >> how could i? i've been sitting in jail for seven months and telling them who was behind this from day one. they didn't listen. >> seven months away from her daughter, a loss of a job. i think your house to go to foreclosure? >> yeah. >> how did she get -- we say where do you go to get your reputation back. that and where does she go to get her life back? >> it's going be difficult. we're planning on filing civil rights claims in the fall. we're looking at the case very carefully and we're going to do our best to help her get her life back together. >> guys, thank you both very much. thank you for sharing your story. i appreciate it. 7:39, a check of the weather from al. today's weather is brought to you by tropicana. good morning, everybody. we've got a nice crowd. where are you guys from? south carolina. all right, very good. let's check the weather and see what south carolina's weather
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and everybody else. good news is, you're not seeing a lot of heat. but from dallas all the way up to chicago, we've got heat watches, heat warnings, and advisories as that heatave starts to spread again to 103 in dodge city, 104 in dallas. 27 days of 100 plus readings. nashville, music city getting up to 100. as you spread out, temperatures in the 100s in the southwest, 60s and 70s along the pacific northwest coast. showers in new york. strong storms possible from extreme northwestern pennsylvania all the way in to nebraska. sunshine in the pacific northwest. gorgeous day today. portland, oregon looking for here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> here's a look at our lunch time temperatures. 80s starting to pop up but staying cool on the coast where the low clouds are going to hang out and around san francisco, 68 a high today, mid 70s around oakland. 80s in san jose. inland around morgan hill and
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gilroy in the 90s, same for areas east of castro valley around the east bay so that is the forecast today. not much change to kick off the weekend. the item to watch, clouds that could kick off mountain thunder to the south. where are you guys from? nebraska. it's nebraska day today. that's right. don't forget, you can get your weather any time of the day or night on, on looib o on-line or the weather channel on cable. how to protect your money if the country's credit rating is downgraded. and the woman who owns 1200 pairs of shoes. 1200. but first, these messages. t
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♪ money, money, money >> back now at 7:44. surviving a possible downgrade as lawmakers wrangle over the debt ceiling, wall street is watching stocks plunge on tuesday with the dow falling 200 points. the s&p dropped 27 points, and the nasdaq tumbled 75 points. the worst day in five months. what do you need to do to protect your investments? jean chatzky is here to help us out. good morning. >> nice to see you. >> even if washington comes up with the deal, the u.s. credit rating is still likely to be downgraded. >> it's because the underlying problem here is the deficit. s&p basically said we need to see $4 trillion on the table in order to make us feel more stable, make us feel like the u.s. does deserve the triple a
7:46 am
rating it has. neither plan has that money. >> the bottom line is the indecision has hurt the markets and based on this, it's likely to hurt the economy. the question then comes what does this mean for everyday people? what should we be doing? >> you have to think about the country like a person whose credit score goes down. when the credit score goes down, it costs you more to borrow money. it costs more to borrow money, there's a trickle down effect. it costs companies and individuals. people and companies will have less money to hire, less money to spend. that's good for the economy overall. >> we want to protect our money. let's talk about the categories step-by-step. number one, what do we do about the investments if you're elderly or you need your hands on short-term cash. >> the key thing is the short-term cash. short-term cash, the money that you need in the next 6 to 12 months doesn't belong in the market. it never belong in the market. it seneeds to be in cash in saf
7:47 am
havens. that's true for the retirees that need that money to live on. you need to move it. >> mortgages? >> mortgages are tied pretty directly to the ten-year treasury. they haven't popped yet in any great degree. they're likely to go up by a half to a full percentage point. if you're refinancing, if you're buying, you want to lock in. >> credit cards? what do you do there? >> pay down your credit cd debt. again, there's a tie between these treasury rates and credit card underlying rates. if one goes up, the other is likely to follow. pay down your debt. >> you'll have to pay more eventually. student loans? >> max out your federal loans before heading to private loans because private loans are the ones most likely to suffer from this. >> okay. could this affect our purchasing power? >> absolutely. an effect on the dollar, so anything that's produced overseas may get more expensive, just another signal to americans that they have to watch their budget in times like this.
7:48 am
>> you come up with a little good news. it might not last forever? >> the volatility is the issue here. the fear is the issue here. if they get a plan, if they get results sooner rather than later, things should stabilize. >> it could take months or even years to -- >> for that credit rating to come back. >> jean chatzky. always good to talk to you. thank you for your perspective. >> sure. coming up, the controversy over the makeup ad featuring julia roberts and christie turlington. why they're now banned in britain after this. 6
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
we're back now at 7:50 with ads featuring julia roberts and christy turlington now banned by britain's advertising standards agency. not because they're offensive or because they're deemed overly air brushed. >> christy turlington ad that was banned too. >> a liberal member of parliament who says these images are inappropriate because there's excessive air brushing and digital manipulation. >> because they're advertising prubl products that are supposed to erase flaws, create flawless skin. if they're overly air brushed, actually it's not truth in advertising. >> that's what they say. on the basis of the evidence we've received, we couldn't accurate expect what the product
7:52 am
could achieve. >> we need one of those too. >> i do too. advertising standards authority. >> air brush. >> you're a kid. you have a track and all the toys they did all of this stuff and they didn't. >> oh, i know. exactly. by the way, the ridiculous part of this, julia roberts and christy turlington. >> beautiful women. >> aging amazingly well. if we could all look like that, right? >> yeah. >> no. >> well -- >> don't take a shot at me now. >> how about we zoom in. >> we -- by the way, earlier we -- we showed you the footage of the praying mantis on a pitcher in baseball and he freaked out. it reminds us of our favorite video of -- of a former anchor for nbc affiliate who had a gecko or a lizard jump on him. >> i think michael scott. >> not telling you what --
7:53 am
-oh !>> >> more from your local news. @w@7@g@'@7@7@g@g@g@g@g@g@'@7
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> good morning to you. 7:56 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. pg&e crews about to get to work in the san bruno neighborhood. that was devastated by last year's deadly pipeline explosion. marla tellez is live at the site this morning with what's happening in the glenn view neighborhood today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. i hung up the phone with a pg&e spokesman who says that two pg&e excavation crews should be out here any minute. they are due to be here at 8:00 this morning. their assignment as ordered by the public utilities commission t california puc, is dig up the abandoned section of pipe that was originally part of the gas line that exploded. this pipe has not been acttive since the mid 1950s. it will be turned over.
7:57 am
it's going to be time before actual building can begin out here. that's because a spokesman tells me crews need to decommission line 132, the line that blew. it's not until that happens that the area can be paved over and construct can begin. laura, the first step of digging up the pipe is expected to take two days. the crews should be out of here by the weekend. >> good to know. thank you very much, marla. now let's look at the forecast for today. a peek at the weekend? >> and the temperatures we're going to see today are going to look a lot like this weekend with 80s and 90s showing up inland. 95 around concord and livermore. 80s for san jose and comfortable 60s for san francisco where i have the low clouds. patchy low clouds. 95 in vacaville. inland temperatures typical summer spread with 60s and 70s on the coast and 80s and 90s inland. as we kick off the weekend, a look at the morning commute, a tough one around 101.
7:58 am
>> that's right. big slowing northbound 101, mountain view as you pass by 237, getting off those freeways, slow. as you approach that backup, the accident and the scene has cleared over. 85, more folks hear about the backup they try to find an alternate. those expected to build as well. to the toll plaza, slow on the east shore out of richmond and the walnut creek internang change heading down to walnut creek and lafayette as well. >> thank you. 7:58 now. for the latest check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on this thursday morning, july 28, 2011. we're going to in the plaza. saying hi to their friends and family back home. tomorrow, this place will be rocking with the sounds of a band, journey will perform live here on the plaza. and we're very excited about that. meantime, i'm ann curry with matt lauer and al roker.
8:01 am
talking about when you're pregnant. there's a concern about the transition and how they look in their bodies. millions of women, of course, get pregnant and have to deal with this issue. now the question is, are celebrities who sport a baby bump, are they perhaps sending a dangerous message to average women. that coming up. >> most of us would love to have three roomy closets. well what if you had three closets who were rooms. this woman she got, just for shoes, three closets, 1200 pair of shoes. she's got so many pairs of shoes, she doesn't even remember buying some of them. we're going to meet her just ahead. also ahead, a quick follow-up to a story we brought you yesterday. frank rodriguez, a father of four from texas who has been on the sex offender's registry since he was 19 years old.
8:02 am
the reason back then when he was 19 and his future wife was only 15, they had sex. it landed him on the sex offenders' registry where he's now been for 15 years. well, they talked about how that has ruined his life over these past 15 years. so after the segment, we asked you to weigh in, should frank rodriguez be labeled as a sex offender? we got 53,000 people responding on our website. and here are the results. 93% of you said frank should not be labeled a sex offender. 4% said yes. 93.5% said no. and -- >> just to remind people, this affects it ability to find a job. how people feel about him. >> he had to register when he went on family vacations. it's been a dramatic -- it's had a dramatic impact on his life. >> is there anything that could change this? >> there's a law that's being considered to be change in texas
8:03 am
that might actually allow him to petition to be removed from that list. so we'll be following the story. >> a story in progress. get a check of the top stories. natalie is at the newsdesk, hey, natalie. good morning, matt, al, good morning, everyone. the house is scheduled to vote on john boehner's plan to raise the debt limit and prevent a government default next week. boehner scolded republicans to get in line behind the plan which he quickly reworked to increase spending cuts. democrats and president obama said boehner's plan doesn't stand a chance. the eyes of texas are on tropical storm don as it moves through the gulf of mexo and could bring some welcome rain to the drought-stricken lone star state. it's expected to make landfall in texas tomorrow. police in the suburb of washington, d.c. are warning young women to be on alert at shopping malls after a series of attacks. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has more. pete, good morning? natalie, police here in
8:04 am
fairfax county, virginia say they're looking for a man who has struck five times in the past five months, slashing at young women with a knife or a razor blade while they shop. the latest in a bizarre series of attacks came just this week. police say an 18-year-old woman was shopping at this mall in northern virginia on monday when she felt a sharp pain. >> hshe realized there was bleeding. someone snatched her, and caused about an inch and a half wound in her rearend. >> investigators say they believe the man seen in these surveillance photos is responsible for monday's attack and at least four others in the same area of northern virginia since february, all at popular retail stores. he's described as a heavy set latino man in his late 20s. >> the gentleman who has been trying to take advantage of them when he has an opportunity. and it's certainly very, very
8:05 am
unique situation and someone is out there doing that. >> reporter: so far, the attacks have produced superficial wounds. the victims have been in the late teens and early 20s. the attacker has struck in the late afternoon or evening when the stores are more likely to be busy, making it easier to melt away in to the crowd, natalie? >> pete williams in fairfax, hopefully they catch that guy, thank you. foreclosure activity slowed down in the largest metropolitan areas in the first half of the year. realty track says banks are taking longer to move against homeowners behind on their mortgages. and a look at what's trending today. a quick roundup on what has you talking on-line. the internet has a new action hero. deputy host alex trebek tore his achilles tendon while chasing down a female burglar from his san francisco hotel room. he faces surgery tomorrow. and some information you didn't need to know about trebek. the host admits he had to put on his underwear early wednesday
8:06 am
before that chase. the white house indulged in a classic internet prank known as rick rolling on tuesday. it had a tweet about a boring press conference that redirected it to a video of "never going to give you up." and the viral video has a new youtube hit of their own. the dance troup to create this mind bending music video for their song, "all is not lost." i could watch that one all day. it's 8:06 right now. go outside for a check of the weather with al. thanks so much, natalie. what's your name? >> marissa? >> and where are you guys from? >> cleveland. >> all right. m there you go. happy birthday, ladies. let's check the forecast. we're looking at tropical storm don, named after don nash,on our control a down in the
8:07 am
room. winds moving west-northwest at 10 miles per hour. it will make its way on shore start morning as a tropical storm. may bring about two or three inches of rain. some areas picking up a little bit more. litt of showers today through the gulf coast. strong storms possible from the dakotas all the way back to western pennsylvania and western new york. mid 70s to low 80s. 107 in phoenix, arizona today. and close thoerm, we're seeing all types of weather. we've got your 60s along the coast in san francisco. 70s around oakland towards hayward. 80s from fremont south. out towards morgan hill, we'll see highs in the 90s. same story in the trivalley and around your inland east bay locations. the seven-day forecast, the item to watch will be those mid level clouds out of the south. we'll watch that for thunder along the coastal areas for
8:08 am
areas south of monterrey. thank you so much. you think you have a lot of shoe? this morning, coming up, we're going to meet a woman who has 1200 pairs. that's right. that's back after this. [ male announcer ] walls can talk. but it's our job to make them say something interesting. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade... then break out our doing clothes and get rolling. let's use some paint that helps us get the job done in record time and makes a statement when we're finished. we're lowering the cost of a new favorite color. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. take your painting skills to the next level at one of our free paint workshops. ♪ ♪ oh, love me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just love me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just hold me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just kiss me ♪ oh oh oh
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weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. [ birds chirping ] ♪ mmm! hot fudge sundae?!? ♪ new wild strawberry?!? ♪ [ female announcer ] over 25 flavors of kellogg's pop-tarts... and they're all for fun & fun for all. pop-tarts. made for fun. back now at 8:11 on a thursday morning. all about the shoes here on the "today" show this morning.
8:12 am
the question, how many pairs of shoes do you own? 5, 10, 15, 20? you're about to meet one woman who owns 1200 pairs. amy robach is here with details on that. that's a lot of shoes. >> it is. the average woman spends $25,000 in her lifetime on shoes. the woman we're about to meet has spent thousands of dollars on one pair. she earns her living as a poker pro and she has a full house and three closets to get so many shoes. fergie said they define her. kelly rowling uses them as a form of seduction. >> i raise. >> and for 43-year-old poker queen beth shak, they're an obsession. >> it goes from 1200 to 1400. that's the number of shoes she owns, designer shoes. in fact, her shoe collection is so big, it's feature in the upcoming documentary, "god save
8:13 am
my shoes". >> you get to the point of safe limitation. that's why i gave away a few hundred pair. >> so are there shoes up here that you don't remember buying or you don't know you have? >> there are shoes that i definitely don't remember buying. but it's great because i pull them out and i feel like i got a new pair of shoes for free. >> but these shoes were anything but free. >> i love these. >> 700 of her 1200-pair shoe collection, they're the christian louibitan label. at an average price of $750, you can do the math. some are more than others. >> $4,000, probably? kind of crazy. >> how long did you wear these shoes. >> not a lot? >> i spent $40,000 on shoes and i have no place to live? i will literally be the old
8:14 am
woman who lived in her shoes. >> reporter: but to her credit, shak can afford her habit. >> i have poker winnings, i treat myself to a pair of shoes. >> looks like you've had quite a bit of poker earnings. >> yeah, i've done well with my poker. i don't have complaints. >> neither do the three children who admit they have inherited their mom's addiction. >> my brother and i each have 40, 50, 60 pair of sneakers. >> what about her 16-year-old daughter? does she say, hey, mom, look that way? take a pair of shoes and walk out? >> she can't, i'm a size 7 and she's a size 8. i'm so sorry for her. she can't even wear any of these. but part of me is really happy. >> do i need these? do i need these? no. >> need and no are not a part of shak's vocabulary.
8:15 am
♪ luck be a lady tonight ♪ >> if she wants them, she buys them, which we saw firsthand on a quick trip. in case you're doing the math on the price tag of her shoe collection. she wouldn't give us a number, but published reports put it at over half a million dollars. >> oh, my. it's a dream. >> you see the purple shoes she tried on. we -- we snagged them for a little while. i tell you, i had to walk down here barefoot. look how high that heel is. who can walk in that? >> natalie? >> you pulled them off. >> mine are high too. >> natalie's are as high as these. >> nice little share shoes. >> we don't do that. >> alex trebek sleeps in the nude. that's so -- let's -- let's go down the line. how many pair of shoes do you own? >> probably 15. >> 15? natalie? >> probably between 50 and 75, somewhere in that range?
8:16 am
>> i don't have a lot. >> they're easy for you. >> i thought it was 30. we're counting flip-flops. maybe more like 80. >> okay. >> yeah. >> but she wears those 30 to 80 in flip-flops. >> yeah. >> i don't know. >> how many do you -- >> i have about 50. >> 50? i probably have 30 to 35 pair of shoes. >> how many ties do you own? >> i have a ridiculous number of -- so do you. >> over 100? >> gosh yes. >> over 200? >> probably. >> over 300? >> i don't think 300. >> 300. under 300. >> under 300. >> ties not costing $1,000. >> yeah. >> not all of them are polka dotted. return those shoes. >> i am. right? up next, moms and baby weight are the images of some celebrities are a creating unrealistic expectations for the average woman. talk about that after this. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year.
8:17 am
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back now at 8:19. this morning on "today's moms" "a dangerous trend. pregnant women who gain very little weight over the course of nine months. we have more on this. good morning. >> good morning, ann. you see it virtually every time you open a magazine. celebrity with a barely there bump. expert say while those images may be glamorous they set unrealist goals for women trying to lose that baby fat. >> reporter: lisa loves being a mom. but after gaining a combined 70 pounds during two pregnancies she wasn't happy about her post-baby bulge. >> i absolutely felt blah. >> reporter: making things worse for her, glossy photo pictures of celebrity moms dropping weight in the blink of an eye. >> i saw other moms who had
8:21 am
babies the same time as i did and they were on the beach. i certainly was not ready to do that. >> reporter: these days those images aren't hard to find. celebrities whose baby bump looks more like a blip, staying fashionably thin throughout their pregnant. rach rachel zoe or victoria beck ham barely showing at 7 1/2 months pregnant. and then there's the well-documented rebound. >> she just had a baby. it's out of control. >> reporter: with millions watching, heidi klum strutted down the victoria secret catwalk six weeks after giving birth. bethenny frankel posed for "us" magazine one month after having her daughter. later talking to "today" about her body image. >> i was swollen. >> reporter: baby-there bumps are so common some maternity clothing sites are now selling
8:22 am
size zero. and workout gear moms can wear until their third try mesers. they say this sets unrealistic goals and giving lots of new moms the baby blues. >> more women are food this mythic notion they can be skinny right after giving birth or they should look skinny while pregnant, it absolutely can happen a devastating effect on a woman who's very highly conscious about her weight. >> reporter: add its extreme onlookers have created a buzz word, mommyrexia. doctors say if taken too far, gaining too few pregnancy pounds can also be bad for the baby. >> children may be at risk for developing long-term developmental issues and hypertension. >> reporter: she started working with a trainer who focuses on postpartum fitness. she's back to her pre-baby body
8:23 am
thanks to a healthy approach physically and mentally. >> don't be stressed about it because it will just come gradually. >> doctors stress a normal weight woman should gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy. and expect to be back in those skinny jeans a year after giving by the way. that's a far cry from what we saw often see with celebrity moms. >> that's a good idea to give yourself a year. that's especially good information for you, as i know you're expecting your own budgeted of joy. dr. katherine berndorf, and dr. nancy snyderman, nbc chief medical expert. good morning. risk of gaining too little? >> you starve your fetus. overeating and undereating, they're both bad. it's important to remember at a time we're talking about africa's greatest famine i find this vulgar, this whole idea thinking your body is deformed
8:24 am
while you're pregnant. >> do you think there's an unrealist standard set by celebrities? >> absolutely, absolutely. i think people want healthy babies. you have to be a healthy mom to have have a healthy baby and that means maintaining a healthy weight. >> the amount of weight you should have between 25 and 30 pounds, is that right? >> some women may gain 15 to 20 pound if they're light build. some gain more. i gained 40 pounds with each pregnancy. there are norms per woman. but the average is a 25, to 30 pounds. >> we want to stay healthy whoever we want to exercise -- >> oh, you can exercise. >> how much is too much? how much is too much? >> i think it depends on your build. it depends on your genetics. you can talk to your doctor about what's appropriate for you. and you want to stay within a range that makes sense. if you're losing too much or gaining too much, like you said, both are issues. >> it's hard to know especially the first time. >> if you already run 45 minutes a day, keep running 45 minutes a day. but don't start adding another aerobics class and this and that because you want to counter your
8:25 am
appetite or you think you should only gain seven or eight pounds. but exercise during pregnancy is absolutely normal, healthy, and frankly, it's good for you. >> how you think about it is important. do you have disordered thoughts about what you're eating and how you look? is your body image distorted? if you're feeling particularly obsessed about how you look, i don't look thin enough or i look too fat, talk to somebody about it. >> you know what makes me crazy about all this, we talk about julia roberts and the fact that she gets air brushed. then we talk about women during pregnancy who think their bodies are deformed. we have become coocoo about hating our bodies and the self-loathing. pregnancy should be nine months of root beer floats and bliss and deal with it afterwards. i think this is an upper east side white girl, obnoxious problem. >> strong statement. >> well, it's irritating to me. we want perfect babies. we want perfect bodies. we want perfect lives. i find the whole thing vulgar. >> i agree. >> vulgar. >> we can't glamourize a lethal
8:26 am
psychiatric disorder. anorexia, bulimia, i have women in my practice who vomit throughout pregnancy to maintain weight. that's not healthy. >> pregnancy should be one of the most -- >> celebrated. for the women who can't get pregnant right now, they're not good morning to you. 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the controversial circumcision ban rosed for the november ballot in san francisco faces a court challenge this morning. a superior court judge issued a tentative ruling saying the ballot measure must be withdrawn because it bes no legitimate purpose. scheduled to hold a hearing on the matter at 9:309 this morning, the measure prompted claims of discrimination from religions that honor the practice. the san francisco man who spearheaded that measure on the ballot will be in attendance for weday's hear. we'll tell you the results. 8:26 right now. weather and traffic after this.
8:27 am
8:28 am
and welcome back at 8:28. here's a look at the forecast. 60s from san francisco out to the coast. 70s around oakland. 80s closer to san jose. towards morgan hill or east, numbers in the low 90s today and hotter out toward sacramento and chico. seven-day forecast shows the summer microclimate in full swing as we kick off the weekend. we'll see cooling as the seabreeze kicks up early next week.
8:29 am
>> another big issue for the very busy south bay. a big issue for 101 as you come towards 680. reports of an accident there and one of the people involved, the woman is trapped in one of the vehicles. fire crew is on the scene. causing quite a bit of delay in both directions. folks are slowing down on 101 just before the 680 interchange. an earlier accident at rengstorff. now slow approaching the scene, as well. >>:29 right now. check out bay area news on facebook. another update for you in half an hour.
8:30 am
♪ any way you want it that's the way you need it ♪ >> 8:30 now on a thursday morning. the 28th day of july, 2011. picture-perfect day here in new york city. keeping our fingers crossed we get another one just like this tomorrow morning. it on the plaza to enjoy the music of journey under sunny
8:31 am
skie skies. enjoying it? >> also -- okay. >> and your 90 pair of shoes. matt lauer along with ann curry, natalie morales and al roker. tasty treats, the one and only martha stewart. >> it's one of the best things about summer. a beautiful berry pie. and who else but martha stewart knows how to make that crust, how we delight our families. going to taste it ourselves coming up. i know, pie. >> great movies coming out right now. but coming up, movie reviews from a mom's perspective to see which releases are shelling out for tickets and a babysitter. and talk about what the kid
8:32 am
actually might sit through. >> use credit cards like airline miles, cash back purchases. you know that a lot of credit cards have hidden charges that you don't know about? we're going to reveal those to you in a little bit. >> well, good. >> the weather forecast, mr. roker. let's show you what you've got. coming up for more today, a list of strong storms from western new york all the way back to the western plains. beautiful in the pacific northwest. sunshine in the low 80s. rain in the gulf coast. for tomorrow, a slight risk of strong storms for the northeast. also through the central plains. tropical storm don will approach the gulf coast bringing rain there, sizzling weather elsewhere through texas. and moistur and you just saw on the national map some of that heat creeping closer to the bay area, certainly out to the central valley. temperatures close to 100 today. it's the tri-valley that has a chance of getting into the low
8:33 am
90s. we're talking los gatos towards morgan and gilroy. 80s san jose, 60 san francisco and 76 for oakland. forecast so keep those temperatures just about the same range to kick off the weekend, trending cooler early next week. >> 24 hours a day. get your weather on or on the weather channel on cable. let's go to uncle willie in dc. summertime and living is easy. every cat fish is delicious. happy birthday. i threw that in. and we have a birthday salute as the jam jar spins about. if you will, please, take a look. this is albert peterson, west windsor, new jersey. 100 years old. loves all sorts of current activities. keeps up and watches "meet the press," he's willing to do things and accept challenges. that's good, and change goes
8:34 am
along with it. ethel aspey of carmichaels, pennsylvania, 100 years old today. loves to watch the food network and tries to cook all of the recipes they have. takes a lot of skill to do that. george tretter of rockville, maryland. 100 years old today. and enjoys the tv and will celebrate the 75th anniversary with the sweetheart. how about that? mary hamilton, richmond, virginia, 104 years old. accomplished wonderful artist they tell me. and an average golfer. can't beat that. and -- omer johnson of russellville, alabama, 100 years old today. just brought a brand new tractor because he could help pick watermelons. they are heavy, pal, i know that story. and margaret chalmers from hyde
8:35 am
park, massachusetts. 108. and enjoys gardening, croch crocheting, and making all sorts of wonderful books of braille for the blind. that's it, that's all. all right, thanks so much. coming up, how to make the perfect pie with martha stewart. that's coming up. but first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
this morning on "martha on today," it's all about pies. they are a great way to use summer's freshest fruit. >> martha is here to show us how to make one kind of -- excuse me, dough, that will open the door to crimping, cutting, and crumbling the perfect crust. it's straight from the pages of "everyday food." good morning. >> good morning. >> how many pair of shoes do you own? >> not enough, obviously. i wear the same shoes for years. >> so what are we doing today?
8:38 am
why is this one kind of dough so important? >> it's the perfect pie crust. it's a simple recipe. and it will be on your website. and rolling it out, making unusual pretty crust. i think a pie should be pretty. it should be delicious. it should be fresh. it should be golden brown. and flavorful. >> do you always make your pies? do you go buy them at the supermarket. >> never. it's so easy to make a pie. >> so easy. >> you've never done a jiffy crust from the supermarket. >> it takes just as long to make a pie. it takes 15 seconds in the foot processor. >> all right, cool. >> we made the pie crust, we chilled it, we rolled it. this is a strawberry pie for you. and we've cut the crust, rolled it out, just fit the pie. and, look, you can use a pastry chip like that and make little cutouts. and you have to pick these out with a -- >> are the cutouts only for
8:39 am
aesthetic reasons? or do they help the pie vent a little also. >> it lets the steam come out and it's -- it's pretty. >> all right, so now you take this and you put it on top of it? >> carefully lift. and you can do -- we'll do a lattice too. so you put that on. >> nicely done, mr. lauer. look at you. look at that. >> and then you have to -- >> what do you do with the edges? >> crimp -- you have to match the edges. crumple it up a little bit. press down with your thumbs. you do that? >> i'll do that. when it comes to the filling, there's three ingredients, fruit, sugar, or something to thicken it. >> flour or corn starch. depending on what you like. you'll practice and you'll know. this is a simple one. this is a crumble pie. okay? i'll show you how to crimp. so you can do yours. and use your first two fingers or these two fingers. >> these two fingers. >> thumb and forefinger. >> thumb and forefinger. >> you can press like this. you can use your other thumb to press in. >> i see. that's simple.
8:40 am
>> see how you're doing it? >> yes, perfect. >> yea, terrific. >> and it does -- some people's fingers are too little. matt's are perfect. you can do your little peach pie. you're just crimping the edge. >> this is only for style, the difference. >> yeah, it's pretty. these are all of the different toppings. if you wadon't want to do that,y mom use add fork. look how pretty that was? >> you wash this right away? >> oh, yes. after you do your pretty crimping or -- i'll just finish crimping, use an egg wash that is one egg mixed with either water or milk. >> do it on top of this one also? >> you bet, do that with a brush. >> and then, sprinkle it with -- with sanding sugar. >> what is sanding sugar? >> it's a little coarser, shiny sugar. >> do you use regular sugar? >> you can. it will give it a taste. you get a sparkle. >> a bling. >> okay. get that to the hot oven. these fruit pies should bake at
8:41 am
375 to 425 and they should bubble in the center. when that's bubbling in the center, 45 minutes or so. >> right. >> then the pie is done. you have to crimp that. >> i will crimp that. it's good. but you have a crumble topping that -- >> this crumble topping. >> what's in there? >> light brown sugar, flour, butter, equal partings. >> interesting that really everything you're using is pretty simple in termings of s ingredients. >> that has to be. you flay the edge. >> too the lattice top is the -- >> i mixed my cherries. all your cherries are mixed. a tablespoon of sugar and a spa tablespoon of flower. >> to thicken. >> you use your cutter. do you have your cutter. you can use a ruler to cut this. if you get expert at it, you do it free hand. >> it's a little bit over a half an inch? >> a half an inch, yeah. then you lay these on. okay? but then you have to weave. >> you lift each one as you go
8:42 am
in and out of it. >> do it this way. >> i messed up. >> weave it. it looks pretty when it's woven. you lift up. >> put it under there. >> then -- >> yeah. and if you have a child who's really adept in the kitchen, this is a fun thing for a child to do. >> they're laughing at us. >> who are they laughing at? >> i don't have the patience for that. i would go with this one. >> but it looks pretty. then to finish this one off, you use your thumbs to press down each of the la 'tis strips, okay? >> do you cut the excess off? >> then you -- this is what i love. i hold the pie up like that and you cut off like this. see how neat that is? >> that's professionally done. >> you egg wash the top of that too? >> you egg wash the top. but you have to crimp to make it -- that doesn't look so pretty. i would crimp this like that. is that pretty? >> go down and take a look at some of it here. >> yeah. this is like a -- yeah, good
8:43 am
job. you did. >> thank you so much, martha. yea, yahoo!. >> perfect. >> don't put those on our beautiful table. >> okay, sorry. >> real quick. >> okay, this is a nectarine crumble pie. this is a blackberry pie with a cutout top. >> gorgeous. >> a yellow plum gallet. gorgeous. raspberry tart, tarts, pies, open faced, closed, they're delicious and perfect for summertime. >> we're all salivating. >> we wish you a happy birthday. >> yes, next week. don't wish me yet. next week. >> happy birthday. >> put this on next week. we want to crown you queen -- >> i'll wear this next week. happy birthday. >> no you won't. up next, reviews of the latest hollywood releases from a mom's perspective. but first this, is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
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today ice -- "today's" "two moms and a movie" is brought to you by windows 7. all you really need for college. back now for a special series, "two moms and a movie." we get movie reviews from a mom's perspective, which new releases, rather, are worth getting a babysitter for. which ones will your kids sit through? takes from alison bell, film critic for "more" magazine and comedian carrie riley. good morning, guys. we have three movies, "crazy stupid love," "cowboys & aliens." and "the mursmurf movie". >> my thought was the trailers were misleading. the trailer, even the poster, you go into it thinking it's going to be a raunchy r-rated sex romp. like "the 40-year virgin." it wasn't. it's a romantic comedy of people
8:47 am
over 40 with kids in a marriage. it's just misleading. >> but this is -- this is not a criticism of the advertising. let's talk about the movie. >> no, the advertisingadvertisi. the movie is okay. i like steve carell. there are two story lines i could have cared less about. i thought they should have wrapped it up earlier. >> i'm right to the party about ryan gosling and how hot he is. i would like to whole movie to be about him and emma stone. he's something else. >> he is something else. >> he's terrific. but this has got such a great cast wi cast. i'm not one of the moms that weighed in. i loved this. the babysitter story. it was just -- >> the wrapping up at the end. it feels all sitcom predictable. >> i would recommend seeing it with your girlfriends. >> i wasn't disappointed. >> you can't bring your husband? >> for you, you can? >> he owns a business and --
8:48 am
>> oh, no. >> getting back together. >> okay. >> without giving it away. >> i don't know. >> one thumbs down, one thumbs up. moving on, talking about "cowboys & aliens." this is a story with daniel greg and harrison ford. >> my husband looks like that, that's why. >> ha! >> beyond the obvious, what would you love about the movie or hate about it? you want to go? >> i loved it. first of all, it's james bond in chaps. what is better than that. he looks good. he had his shirt off the whole time, which he earned every penny in that paycheck. but in -- poor harrison ford. like he would have had that hot role like 20 years ago. >> but i applaud harrison ford. he did great. >> he was like indiana jones and hans solo. he was great. they play off of the other movie roles in a way that you could love the character but they were new character earles. personally, i could have done it without the aliens. >> i loved the aliens.
8:49 am
i like the mix of it. you like cowboys and aliens. >> no, i love the cowboy general r r regenre. >> i love the aliens. >> very serious. >> they looked great. >> they're aliens, they're not supposed to look great. >> i didn't think the special effects were amazing. and then the inside of the spaceship looked like a b movie set. >> okay. it's a huge hit. not going to say -- >> thumbs down? thumbs up? >> thumbs up. thumbs up for harrison and daniel. >> i was scared. i was actually scared. moving on, the last movie this morning, "the smurfs movie." it's so good! >> we went with our kids last night. one of mine hid under the seat from gargumel. i know how to swear in smurf. you know how? son of a smurf?
8:50 am
smurf you! their own world. the smurfs are protruding. there's a lot of information to be learned. >> perfect for young kids. >> it really is. "cowboys & aliens," not perfect for young kids. >> no. no. >> smurfs should be 5 and up. >> there you go, 5 and up. thank you so much for both of you. great advice. and still to come this morning, how to stay cool and stylish in this summer heat. but first this, is "today" on nbc. i love this job. you tell me what to see.
8:51 am
8:52 am
we're back at 8:51. and this morning on leonard's look, mike leonard learns the fine art of being a statue. ♪ everywhere i go ♪ i will always know >> if the early bird truly does catch the worm, then why would anybody believe all good things come to those who wait? if time really is money, then what's in it for those who stop to smell the roses? and are we supposed to hit the ground running? or hold our horses? go for broke? or savor the moment? no wonder we're stressed, giving all of the conflicted advice on how to live our lives to the full els. in chicago, even the statues send mixed messages. how many times have we been told the best way to earn a buck is by showing some hustle,
8:53 am
aggressiveness, willingness to pound the pavement and look busy. that might be true in most cases but not to trish rowland or her mentor harold lee who work opposite sides of downtown chicago's main thoroughfare, michigan avenue. this is the job. it's how i make my living. >> reporter: and this is how one turns doing nothing in to an art form. >> the art of being a statue. >> reporter: art, of course, demands some serious pondering. so cue the ponderers. notice the broke neoclassical man wrist influence and how suddenly it toys with the psychology of our inner most fears. >> yeah, everything you do in life is psychology. >> reporter: now examine the artistic technique and how it speaks to our most basic and primal fizz logical needs. >> i only let myself take a deep breath once every ten minutes,
8:54 am
that's really hard. >> a great art critic needs time to probe for what is profound and meaningful, but, due to the extreme superficiality of my boss, who will go nameless, i have three minutes until the bell tolls on this story. let's deal with the basics, harold, in your 26 years as a statue, what can you tell us about the economic benefit package? >> i do make some good money. i made $300 sunday, 6 1/2 hours, sometimes i'll make $30. >> reporter: trish, could you have foreseen working as a statue prior to the elimination of your corporate job a few years back? >> never, no. but you run across things in life and you should always try new things because you never know what you'll run into that you love and find a new career. > >> reporter: a stable career offering steady work, lots of idle time, and the freedom to
8:55 am
break for lunch when ever the mood hits, a situation that takes some getting used to. once upon a time, it was the career that led to the statue, now it's the other way around. for most of recorded history, statues stay put. now they go home at night. with this still a bit alarming to some commuters. >> still had this myself. >> reporter: yeah, well, i guess it's better to be safe than sorry, except when nothing ventured means nothing gained. for today, mike leonard, nbc news, chicago. >> i wonder if they miss a spot when they're putting on that silver paint. >> i can't get over the fact that they don't breathe -- >> swallow, breathe, take a deep breath. >> take a deep breath. >> goes on in europe, right? >> yeah. >> it kind of answers your inner most need to sort of stare at people. >> we have the person who does it in the statue of liberty also on a hot day. >> yeah. just ahead, the hidden perks
8:56 am
you're not taking advantage of when it comes to your credit good morning to you. 8:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. santa clara deputies are now looking into how two people wound up dead inside a house near los gatos. deputies got the call about 8:30. they say both bodies belonged to people who live on clara street.
8:57 am
deputies are so as far not releasing the victims' names. the parolee wrongly accused of attacking giants fan bryan stow is asked to be released from prison. attorneys for ramirez filed papers seeking immediate release and say the parole board caved into public pressure when it ordered him to return to jail on a parole violation. police found a gun in his home while searching for evidence connected to the beat. last week they exonerated ramir ramirez. a quick break. we'll be right back.
8:58 am
8:58. more problems for the south bay. we're looking at southbound 101
8:59 am
approaching 6 2/80, the interchange. still the accident where they're removing someone from care causing slowdowns in the northbound direction heading over towards rings storve because of the earlier accident there.
9:00 am
back to "today" on thursday morning. it's 28th day of july, 2011. nice day here in new york city. maybe a little bit more humid than it has been in the last day or so. but that's okay. we're not going to whine. yes, we will. we'll whine a little bit. anyway, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry, savannah guthrie, and al roker. how is it that complaining? >> alex trebek. >> that's right. yes. we're going to get into that. >> yes. meanwhile, coming up in a little while, the power professionals are back. >> yes, we're going to go over some of the hot topics, one of
9:01 am
which is the dsk accuser announcing a public media campaign coming out identifying herself. was it a good public relations move? was it a good legal move? talk about that. a new study that makes the places to travel and finds that the u.s. is the place where people visit here in the other places, they gained the most weight. the u.s. beats out italy, france, all of the great places with food. >> usa! usa! >> weigh in on all of those issues. >> then we all know about some of the credit card perks like cash-back programs or mileage programs with the airlines, but there are some hidden perks that you may not know about. we are going to tell you about them in the fine print that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars a car rentals to travel insurance. find out if they offer you these deals. >> with the rising temperatures, we might want tips from bobby thomas on things like heat-proof
9:02 am
makeup, health-proof makeup. clothing and accessories to help you beat the heat. hear from her coming up this morning. if i could interrupt and give you your moment of bliss. >> interrupt yourself? >> yes, before you started to say something, i wanted to show this face, that's your moment of bliss this morning. what's his name? >> cole. >> cole. >> six months tomorrow. beautiful. >> okay. >> there you are. >> al has that same green jump suit. >> hand in my mouth. >> we've got a lot to get to. let's go inside. natalie has all of the headlines. hi, nat. >> good morning, matt, savannah, good morning, everybody. the house is expected to vote on john boehner's plan to cut spending and raise the debt ceiling. even if it passes, it's said to have a little chance senate and the house threatens a veto. the white house warned of catastrophic consequences if there is no debt deal by tuesday. norway said it will set up an independent commission to investigate the massacre reviewing that country's
9:03 am
security services to see what lessons could be learned about the response of the tragedy. police expect to interrogate anders breivik tomorrow. in somalia half of the population is going hungry. the world food program is sending in almost 25 -- 75 tons of food over the next few days. the region is in the midst of the worst drought it has seen in 60 years. hundreds of people crash with police last night outside of the same chinese theater in hollywood. they were forced to leave a film premiere when officials said the theater was overcrowded. two people were arrested. and "jeopardy" host alex trebek is going to have surgery on his achilles tendon. he was injured chasing down a burglar who stole cash and a bracelet out of his hotel room. people are moving out of rural america and in to cities. rural america accounts for 16% of the u.s. population.
9:04 am
that is the lowest ever. police and road crews use push brooms this morning in australia to corral a surprised visitor. there, a five-foot crocodile emerged from a storm drain. a wild life ranger captured it and took it away on the front seat of his suv. not exactly sure i'd like having someone like that in the passenger seat next to me. a crocodile, a friend. four minutes past the hour. go back outside to mr. roker. >> all right, thank you so much. it's no joke, you came from 1,000 oaks to hug ann. oh, ann? ann curry? this lady came 1,000 miles -- from 1,000 oaks for a hug from you? >> there you go? >> because you know what, i give a good hug, baby, come on. >> and hug it out. >> yeah! i like it. let's check your weather. suddenly a pulls into the crowd. oh, my gosh. we'll show you right now,ly we have tropical storm don right
9:05 am
now. 545 miles east-southeast of corpus christi, texas, winds at ten miles per hour. should come on shore sometime early saturday morning as an immediate william storm. all in all, not too bad. 60 mile-per-hour winds, rainfall amounts, anywhere from 2 to maybe 5 inches of rain between corpus christi as far east as houston and maybe up to san antonio. chicago o'hare getting dumped right now. the wettest july on rofrecord. storms keep training in omaha to grand rapids. that's san jose right now, sunshine in the south bay. 64 degrees. completely different story around the golden gate bridge. it's a foggy commute. folks still using headlights southbound across the bridge. we will see low clouds keeping things cool around san francisco and the coast. 60s there.
9:06 am
770s oakland. 90s popping up around morgan hill, gilroy. not much change to kick off the weekend. a stronger seabreeze cools us off early next week. > and that's your latest weather. savannah? ♪ i've been taking care of business ♪ >> now to "today's professionals," a panel of power players talking about the stories and surveys that are important to you. star jones, an attorney, author, and tv personality. donny deutsch is chairman of deutsche incorporated, a multibillion dollar advertising agency. and dr. nancy schneiderman is a doctor. >> billion dollar option. >> she's got a nice skill. >> supersmart. >> nbc's chief medical editor. quite fired up already this morning. >> yes. >> here we go. let's start with the accuser of dominique strauss kahn. she came forward and told her story. she had a rape allegation
9:07 am
against him. was this a good legal move? >> the prosecution has pretty much let her know and everybody else know that they're moving toward dismissing the case. it feels the final desperate move of somebody who was out of moves, quite frankly. she told what i saw as a convincing story of the sexual incident. there's a whole lot wrong with her credibility. but as a prosecutor, i always evaluated things based on whether or not they had details. and i think that the sexual allegation, the rape, if you will, had details layered to it. it didn't sound like lies to me. everything else in her life may have sounded like a lie. >> but ultimately, this interview was designed to place public pressure on the prosecutor. >> absolutely. >> looking not to press charges or pursue the charges because of the credibility issue. donny, ho howe do you think sh came through as a public
9:08 am
relations move. >> we live in a 15-minute world, legality aside, we live in the world now that people want the spotlight on them whether it's good or bad. it's something -- >> that's what you think it feels. >> part of it was -- >> i don't think the rape victim ever wants it spotlight. >> i know part of this could be -- i've got to cash in on this. not saying whether her stories or true or not true. but we now know -- the light goes on, everybody -- whether it makes sense or not, we're trained -- the media world is training people, shine the light on me, whether it's stupid or not. >> the victims have been shield in the past and there's been the law to shield identities. the fact she steps forward against the legality or the marketing aspects but one of the thing is that her narrative has changed. people who undergo a sexual attack, they don't have a linear narrative right off of the bat. so the fact that there are discrepancies, at least to someone who's sort of been there, i was attacked in college, i couldn't put the narrative together for quite sometime.
9:09 am
so i think that doesn't matter. now, the fact that she's lied before about how many kids she had and -- maybe those are survival skills. i don't know. let's talk about -- >> why? >> you raise a good point that a person who has been traumatized may get some facts wrong in terms of the narrative. but, star, as you know, this is a person who prosecutors feel lied to the grand jury, lied to them, and lied about a prior allegation of rape. isn't that the deathnail for prosecution. >> it is not. i've tried a case where a crack head prostitute fell asleep in the middle of her testimony and i got a conviction. that's not -- it's not a death nail in any way. and remember one thing -- a lying, cheating, sneaky, maybe prostitute african immigrant who is a crack head could be a rape victim. and that is the thing that we all need to rebel. >> no question there. there's no perfect victim. let's move on to an air brushing controversy. donny, this one is going to you. overseas, they pulled a couple of ads featuring julia roberts
9:10 am
and christy turlington on the basis that they've been so overly air brushed and we can show them to you that it's not truth in advertising. donny? >> i'm aghast. i can't believe it. i'm ashamed that i'm a part of this industry. look this, is a fantasy -- in movies, we like people a certain way. who cares? we are selling -- what you are -- >> i'm buying it. >> but you're a big girl. you're a big girl. so tired of advertisers being blamed because we set this idealistic world up. and ironically, we're the most successful campaigns right now is a dove campaign that shows very real, very -- you know, not perfect-looking women. so i don't think it's smart marketing. but i'm kind of -- children of parents being rendered helpless by the heinous magazine people because we -- we change what julia roberts look like. >> everyone knows that's not a real photo. i don't want more government in my life. >> one more instance of i'm so tired of blurred haplessness of
9:11 am
our public of what the media does, politicians do, people can make their own decisionings. >> that does not look like the mo most egregious example of air brushing. >> i talked to cindy crawford. she told me, star, tell women i don't wake up cindy crawford every day. they make me to cindy crawford. no one should think the face you see in the advertisements are ones that you can achieve. because i can't achieve it with the help. >> air brushing superskinny is a dangerous thing. >> i agree 100%. we move on, divorce on the decline. this is surprising. among the gen-x generation i put myself in, divorce is declining. you have a theory? >> i'm a baby-boomer, you're a g erge n-x. we're going to rebel against his or her parents. divorce rate is going up, they don't want to be together. kids are going to say i don't like the way you lived your
9:12 am
life. i live my differently. i was the wild child in my house. i have two of the straightest girls you will ever meet. they're rebelling. it's a classic. >> two things at play. it's economic. a lot of people can't cut the pie in half. there are a lot of people who are -- they simply can't do it. it's not an option. >> filing taxes separately. >> number two, kids who grow up from divorce and who have suffered through it said it's not going to happen to me. and they stay together for the kids. someone who's divorced and a happy, great dad, a great relationship with my kid's mom. first choice is a happy marriage under the same roof. two happy parents. second choice, two happy parents apart. third choice, two unhappy parents with kids. >> where do you come down? is it better to stay together to keep the family unit together, even if the parents are miserable? >> they're making the house hold miserable, it's not better to stay together. it's more about making sure that the people in the house, your
9:13 am
children, can look to their mother and father and say this is the kind of woman and man that i want to be. >> happy parents, happy children. >> all right, next topic. american overload. i love this topic. they put together a map for people coming overseas, the different countries. where did you gain the most weight on vacation? >> usa! >> we like our 13-inch plates. >> absolutely. the portions are bigger. >> when i'm on vacation in europe, i can lose 8 to 10 pounds. i walk down the street in new york and i'm going to gain. >> america beat out italy, france. >> tell you one of the scariest things, if you look to india, this is a new obese, wealthy part of the world. the indians now with increased money to society, increased food. the wealthy are becoming fat. and i mean a real obese issue. you go to india, you're going to overeat. >> you go to see, you go down to disney world, you see parents and kids eating turkey legs. they're walking around the place
9:14 am
like fred flintstone with turkey legs. >> what is that? >> and fried ice cream. >> i mean, yeah. i know. >> yeah. >> okay. hang on. >> we have to remember we have these urban deserts where you can't get fresh foods and in a foreign country, especially in italy and places in europe, you can really walk down the street and ghetto may toes and -- >> europeans are -- >> yeah. >> even if you're walking around all day, we live a more sedentary life style. move on to kids and cell phones. a new study out. a lot of talk about whether cell phones causes brain cancer. this studies there is no risk. >> there is no evidence. i want to underscore. there is no scientific evidence that cell phones cause cancer. for all of the people who write me and say i'm wrong. show me the proof, there is no proof. there's some increase of cancer
9:15 am
scientific study, well eel report it. but right now there's none. >> how long that -- >> i have a very precocious 8-year-old who by the way is not getting a cell phone. who desperately wants one. i'm a believer in a certain age 10 and 11 for safety and limited numbers on the phone. but i have such an issue with kids being too connected all the time in everything. whether it's ichat, this -- it may not be causing brain cancer but a kind of social cancer. >> i agree. >> too much connectivity for kids. >> what's the right age, though? >> if you think about it for a minute, if you have one of the kids that gets taken to school by their mom or dad or care giver and then they're in school, then they've got afterschool programs and then they're home with their family. who the heck they need though call? i mean, in fact, it's about a latch key kid that's going to be alone -- >> yeah. >> obviously -- >> my mom used to say don't stay out after midnight. no good ever comes of it. no good happens after midnight. >> yeah.
9:16 am
>> and you know what? we don't need to be hearing about that. actually, good segue. moving into after midnight. alex trebek, host of "the jeopar jeopardy" show woke up in the middle of the night with a burglar in his room and he leapt out of bed to chase down the burglar. but first, he shared he had to put on his underwear. >> there's a female burglar in his hotel room that happened to steal his cash and his wallet? and his jewelry. >> and other things. he went to go and chase the person down. >> naked. >> but the key fact is he said i put on my underwear and then i ran after him. donny, i almost hate to ask you, is this a common practice? for men? >> i -- i, myself, sleep au naturale. sometimes i get chilly i put on a t-shirt. i feel comfortable. when my kids are at my house, i have some shorts on when i'm sleeping.
9:17 am
>> sorry, nancy. go on. >> but -- >> equal time. >> i like to sleep naked. >> i make sure that i have some clothes on that i stay in a hotel in los angeles. sometimes they can have little earthquakes in the middle of the night and you don't want to have to be there -- >> i wouldn't chase a burglar down the hotel hallway, i'm sorry. >> i did ask her. she hasn't volunteered. >> how i sleep at night? >> you'll never know. >> footed pajamas, scarf. >> i'm taking a beating. i want a serious answer. what do you sleep in at night? >> star jones, donny deutsch, nancy schneiderman. always a pleasure. >> this is not -- what happened to -- >> by the way, this is how fantasies go on, deutsche. >> yeah. >> we don't need the boys at home. >> yeah. >> if you have a question or an idea for next week's panel, they're so shy. let's get them out of their shell. and to our website, or tweet us @todayshow. from shopping to traveling. hidden card perks to save you
9:18 am
big buckles. and later, beating the heat and staying pretty in the hot tub. makeup tips for summer. but first, these messages. i'll never tell.
9:19 am
[ female announcer ] there's stuff around your house. but we don't make stuff. we make ovens. dual fuel double ovens. and they bake so evenly, so perfectly, that now, delicious is something you can depend on. we only make things for one room. the best room. your kitchen. we're devoted to it, delighted by it, and you can feel it in everything we make. nobody knows the kitchen like kitchenaid. to talk about our blueberry juice drinks. they're made with my sweet, ripe blueberries, so they're good for you -- taste real good, too!
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let's whip up a sample. or just try this. [ chuckles ] this morning on "today's consumer," hidden credit card perks. you know about cash back rewards and airline miles. there are benefits you could shell out big bucks for that are offered for free. an nbc financial analyst. good to see you. >> good to see you. traveling, there's a lot of offers out there. >> yes. trip cancellation insurance, for example, that protects you and your family against forfeited, unused, nonrefundable payments you put on your credit card if your trip is cancelled or interrupted, you're set on that front. karental insurance. a lot of people forget about it and they duplicate the coverage at the counter. they don't know they're covered. >> it's scary that you do it. that your credit card may -- >> you buy the additional damage coverage there. probably don't need that. you have lost luggage insurance
9:21 am
as well. if your luggage is missing for an extended period of time, you could be reimbursed up to $3,000 for those essentials. >> travel assistance? what's that? >> if you're traveling abroad in particular, if you need help finding a doctor, if you lost your prescription medications, some of the higher end cards offer medical evacuations, assistance. roadside assistance is part of the perks as well. if you lose your card or you need a replacement card, emergency cash, they're out there to help. >> if you're doing some shopping, you may find there's some discounts on your credit card as well. >> issuers have teamed up with merchants from walmart to sears, for example. and they'll offer free shipping or 5% to 10% cashback bonuses on your purchases when you make them on-line. this is an interesting perk as well. some of the credit cards offer you discount or free admission to museums, theme parks. you have preferred seating, concerts, to shows, the broadway shows, sporting events.
9:22 am
american express is great on that front. these are the perks that are available on a number of cards, not just the high end, not just the platinum. >> go to the card websites and check it out. >> or go to to see what's out there. >> consumer protection? >> comsumers protection a lot of people don't know about like price protection, for example. if you buy something and you find that same item is lower at another retailer, a card company, like citi, may refund the difference up to the certain amount. you also have protection. so if you go out and buy something and, you know, it's -- it's someone else has again a cheaper price that's out there. but then the extended warranty protection kicks in as well. a lot of people don't know about that one in particular. we're covered. we spend $1 billion on warranties. people don't know they're covered. >> the damage and theft protection as well. >> yes. >> appreciate it. coming up next, what's italian cooking without good tomatoes? you could lose one of them. then today's kitchen.
9:23 am
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coming up, beauty tips to help you stay nd>> a nd a at the beach with coda and kathie lee. >> but first your local news and weather. ♪ [ gertrude ] you do look good. [ maude ] well...if you insist. [ norma ] how can i say "no" to you? [ betsy ] you know my weakness. [ gertrude ] real good. [ norma ] you're so sweet. [ maude ] you're so salty. [ betsy ] irresistible. [ female announcer ] vitongn ck ina ss? ernae' thers betts ay be satfy your cravings,
9:26 am
twice a day with special k. enjoy something sweet... and something salty and still stay on track. ♪ so go ahead and embrace snacking with special k. good morning to you. it's 9:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. two men are in custody this morning after a late night police chase that spanned several freeways. the chase ended in lathrop in the central valley just before 11:00 last night. but they're not the murder suspects officers thought they were chasing. turns out the car was connected to murders in east palo alto and grand junction, colorado but the men inside were not. officers are looking for jamie cardenas and fidel silva accused in two separate shootings.
9:27 am
they're also accused of a triple shooting in grand junction. last night's chase began just before 8:00 in newark where police spotted that car. the driver took off to 237, then doubled back to 880 north driving all the way to oakland, snaking on to 980. then on the end 580 till they were stopped near tracy. suspects ended up on interstate 5 where police used spike strips to stop the car. not clear why the m were driving e murder suspt's car. we're going to take a quick break.
9:28 am
pleasant start to the morning around the bay area. 50s around san francisco and oakland, 60s inland. ocean air pushing towards fairfield but the cloud cover the reason why san francisco and oakland not warming up as quickly as san jose. low clouds on the coast but not as far as inland as the last few days. low 90s out towards the
9:29 am
trivalley. 60s for san francisco. your seven-day forecast shows our inland spots will see a fairly hot start to the weekend. >> the south bay is looking slow. only in the northern portions, san jose, 101 still dragging. accident activity still around mckie on the southbound side and still slow from that point northbound in towards 237. an accident on 880 off of 237 heading towards the earlier scene in rengstorff. so there's that ripple effect, slower drives and people are trying to get around the area. the san mateo, haze and a little fog on the peninsula. >> thank you very much. for the latest traffic and news updates check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. another update for you in half an hour.
9:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ friday is almost here, finally and tomorrow on our summer concert stage journey will be treating us to the sounds -- >> what happened? that was so funny. >> i was thinking of the video we showed earlier. kicking off our weekend in style. so if you're here in the neighborhood, stop on by. savannah and i will be watching it today and we'll break out some journey t-shirts. >> that's right. we have an '80s groove on.
9:31 am
>> and the journey. >> you're okay now? you're back with us. >> we've been watching that video of the preying plantis. it's hilarious. >> coming up in this half hour, bobby thomas is here and she'll have secrets for how to melt-proof your makeup to clothes that will actually keep you cool, she says. >> we'll introduce you to an inspirational young man, 11 years old and he's racing for a cure and battling a condition that's very common, neurofiber mutosis and he is getting big-name support to raise awareness. we'll have his remarkable story. >> when you think about summer and usually you think juicy tomatoes and who is more juicy than the scato family. >> hey, hey, hey, hey! >> where are the juicy tomatoes? >> oh, my gosh. >> they're cheeky. >> they may be juicy, but they have a lot of hang on them, too.
9:32 am
we'll whip up an italian feast. >> a little extra cheese on that, too. >> first, al, you have a check of the weather for us. >> let's show you what's happening for today. yo we have lots of sunshine in the northeast and we do have strong storms making their way from the western great lakes on into the central plains, sun shine and beautiful weather in the pacific northwest and it will be sizzling and hot into texas. tropical storm don approaches the southern texas coastline and we have a slight risk in the central plains and also strong storms and later on in the northeast tomorrow. plenty of sunshine through the at least around san jose, sunshine right now. 64 degrees. east wind at five miles per hour. san francisco and oakland, you can see the low clouds towards san francisco, redwood city, northward still locked in by low clouds. a lot of low clouds on the coastline. that is the reason that we'll see 60s around san francisco and
9:33 am
the coast today while inland spots. make a run at the low 80s to maybe local 90s out towards the tri-valley and 95 in morgan hill. 95 in vacaville. the weekend starting off a little bit hot for inland valleys. alex trebek. >> and still laughing. >> all right, al, thanks. >> the worst part of that story is he didn't have his underwear on, right? >> let's not even get into that. this cannot go anywhere good. thank you very much, al, for the weather. natalie, hang in there. >> coming up, al's up g me up. >> i know he is. >> cool beauty routines right after this. up. >> he is. cool beauty routines after this. the most fuel-efficient full-line automaker. take advantage of the summer's best selection and the year's biggest deals on our most popular models. don't miss the perfect opportunity to get the toyota you've always wanted. plus, every new toyota comes with toyotacare, a complimentary maintenance plan with roadside assistance. toyota's nationwide clearance event ends soon. hurry in today before time runs out!
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oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this morning on "today's beauty," looking good during the scorching days of summer from your makeup to keeping cool in your clothing, today's style editor bob i thomas has helpful tips for you. good morning. >> good morning. this is the number one question you seem to be getting a lot these days, these hot summer
9:38 am
heat wave days. >> everybody is e-mails about what can do i to beat the heat when it comes to be cool and look cool. >> you're thinking about being stylish. >> one, i do have tips. i'm wearing one. a layering basic that's sheer, and i know you may see this on the rack and think how could i wear that? you can turn a strapless dress like this or a white weekend dress instantly into an office-appropriate look. linen blazer is great, but this is something else you can do to keep yourself cool. >> keep it with the sheers. >> you are covered up, but you are able to wear loose stuff. >> another cool clothing tip here. >> something that we're seeing everywhere, these sort of fun asymmetrical hemlines, if you have a longer skirt or dress, tuck it up under the waistband and create a shorter silhouette. use a safety pin to create the illusion of something that's more ruched.
9:39 am
people always tell you to wear light and loose clothing. >> they don't make you feel light and loose. >> another way to give you a flattering silhouette because this kind of looks like a pj top is to add a long necklace. an ultra-long necklace will create shape and instantly dress up if you take a shot of the whole look, it will make something that looks very light and loose that could potentially be too casual a little dressier and give you that line down. >> little more refined. >> also our next thing over here, there's clothing for men and women. >> yeah. >> that are keeping you cooler. >> this is a line from jockey called stay cool, they claim to keep you 3% cooler and they have patented technology to wick away moisture and keep you cooler. so this is great to start with your foundation. >> let's move over to melt-proofing your makeup. i think a lot of women probably have this issue where nothing seems to stay on, right? first thing you say is to minimize how much you're
9:40 am
applying to your face, right? >> you start the beauty routine and tend to put layers on. first and foremost, get a multitasker. i have everything on the website. this is by estee lauder there. this is going to actually take care of evening out your skin tone, spf, minimizing your pores. this beauty cream is also another all in one wonder. >> you can go without found dagdz, too? >> you can go to a pressed mineral powder because that will give you the coverage and it is water resisterant. you could go for a swim. another thing when it comes to your ice, i don't use eyeliner and a lot of women do and that's when it ends up smudging down and pencils are wax py. this is mac and use an eye shadow, but what you need is a round-tipped brush to give you that kind of control. >> moving over here. let's talk about some of the
9:41 am
other items for beating your body heat. shoes. it's hard to keep your feet cool. >> a couple of dollars at the drugstore will go a long way. silver ion will fight not only the moisture and bacteria. you also have these are fantastic. these are summer soles. men and women, you can cut them to fit and it will go a long way. or for girls like me that have girlfriends. >> lots of girlfriends. >> this is a cool product. this is a bra liner and put them on inside and it will absorb extra moisture and if you're in a pinch and i know the guys are going to cringe. >> they didn't cringe when they saw you do that. >> if you're in a pinch use a panty liner that you can cit stick on the inside and under your arms. block it now is fantastic. this can go on the inside of your shirt like you see here. >> that's a good idea. >> ladies can do that, too, to avoid the makeup that gets on. these are so great. these purse-sized deodorants and
9:42 am
one of my favorites. upon this is korres yogurt which keeps you cool after the sun, but anti-monkey butt. do not laugh, it's the name. this is a cult favorite. soldiers in iraq and afghanistan have logged -- >> anti-monkey butt. >> it gives you a red booty and this has calamine lotion. >> i'm just the messenger, people, but this is amazing. >> okay. i learned way too butt about monkey butt. bob i thomas, thank you. >> still to come, they're crazy for tomatoes. just plain old crazy, the scato family whipping up italian recipes, but first these messages. ♪ i can run just like the wind ♪ i will hide up in that tree ♪ no one will ever find me ♪ wish this day would never end ♪ ♪ would you like to be my friend? ♪
9:43 am
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9:46 am
kraft singles. we're rich in calcium to help build 'em up strong. ooh, watch out, bad guys. kraft singles. the american cheese. to you by kraft single, the american cheese. as opposed to john scotto, the italian cheese. this morning in "today's kitchen" using fresh tomatoes of the summer with the scotto family, john, marilyn and elaina are here to show us how to make a seasonal feast. good to see you guys. >> good morning. today we're starting with artichokes and everyone thinks it is so hard to peel an artichoke. it isn't. cut off the stem. >> right. >> i try to get it down as much as possible to take off all the
9:47 am
thorns and then all you have to do is get a little scissor and cut the little thorns off on the side. >> that's a lot of work. >> it's not! it's not! it's not. when you eat it, it is so good. bang it and get all your frustrations out. >> beat it up! >> open it up and you know, with all of them you have to get your frustrations out. open it up in the middle and take the choke out. when you do, the choke is this middle section. >> okay. >> and you put it in lemon and water so it doesn't change colors. put it in a pot. >> right. >> and it poaches. >> oh, okay. >> and we cook it for an hour, but in the water, it has to have salt, lemon and some herbs to take the bitterness out of the artichoke. >> what you will put in the middle in the place of the choke is -- >> from choke to joke. >> i'm the stuffer.
9:48 am
johnny stuffer. so now i'm going stuff it with tomatoes. we have red onions. we have basil. >> yes. >> right. >> salt. pepper. >> and what's the dressing? >> olive oil and vinegar, mix it all. >> balsamic. >> balsamic, okay? now we get it and here's the hard part. we stuff it. >> that's the hard part. >> wait! and then we have our pasta al forno with bread crumbs. >> very nice. >> and we're moving on now. >> that's amore! >> and we have veal. >> so you have these veal chops at home and you're trying to figure out what to do, let's think dinner time. we've taken the veal chop and we're now pounding. people can use a cloth. or the saran wrap so you can throw it out everywhere. you want to throw it out
9:49 am
afterwards, either. we've pounded it. >> very thin. right. >> and then we'll sautee it with vegetables. i'll use the same pan and olive oil that we used to sautee the paillard. peppers. >> red and yellow peppers. onions. >> and the cherry tomatoes, they're in season. >> please. a little salt. pepper. we'll sautee that probably for two or three minutes. >> okay. once we've done that, we'll take the topping. >> i guess that's done already. >> it's two minutes on each side. you want color on each side and we're done with it. >> because it is so thin. >> we'll top that with this, balsamic vinegar. >> that looks amazing. >> mouth watering good. we love it! okay. no meal is complete without dessert. we have elaina here and we're making an ice cream dessert. what is this?
9:50 am
affogato. >> that means in italian to drown in. we'll drown our ice cream or gelato in good stuff. very old school. start with chocolate syrup. would you give me cream soda? >> the whole thing? >> yes. go for it. >> then we'll add espresso. >> i like the sound of that. >> then we'll mix it up. >> stir it? >> yes. >> that's the only thing i'm qualified to do. >> i thought you said i forgoto. >> it means you're drowning in it. >> you know, you kids should get out more. it's a beautiful country. so we're going to pour it into a little ice cream. >> and any ice cream would work? >> sure. >> and we're going to add a little whipped cream on top. >> what's this? well, that is amaretto.
9:51 am
exactly. so we shave chocolate, a little bit of cinnamon and then we'll add a little bit of amaretto. >> just kidding. and now i'm going give you guys a little shot of something. >> pass these around. >> oh, my. >> it's almost the weekend, we can celebrate. >> it's noon time somewhere. >> like a dressed uproot beer float. >> and you can put a little chocolate on top. very simple recipe. >> it's okay. i've got mine! >> thank you, sir. >> affogato. >> oh! a couple of these and i'll forgoto. wow! okay. i'll remember you! mary, john, anthony, elaina, thank you so much. the recipes are on our website on we're back in a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
>> thankso
9:53 am
9:54 am
still to come on "today," hoda and kathie lee hit the road and the beach. they're going to show you their wild time together coming up. >> we're hoping. >> we're saying. >> watch out rehoboth. who cares? relationships and dating from a man's standpoint. >> oh! >> in all humor, there is truth. >> thank you. have a good summer? >> great. >> there we go. >> we love this. we will never forget about this. >> forget about it! >> oh, i'm sorry. >> first your local news and weather. >> have a great day! tomorrow, journey, live. get ready to rock with america's
9:55 am
all-time favorite. the toyota summer concert series, only on "today" on nbc.
9:56 am
good morning to you. it's 9:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a warning for parents this morning. a los altos police are looking
9:57 am
for a man who exposed himself to a 13-year-old girl on monday near grant road and richardson avenue. the girl had a lemonade stand at the intersection when the man pulled up in blake ford f series pickup truck. he drove off towards foothill expressway. south bay woman accused of busting into a home, trying to grab a girl from her mother's arms will be in court today. were 26-year-old mayra flores will be arraigned on attempted kidnapping and burglary charges. the girl was playing in the front yard when flores tried to coax the toddler away with candy. the two ran inside and flores allegedly followed trying to pull the child away from her mother. the mother called 911. happier news. let's get to the forecast this morning. >> the forecast at least for san jose looks good. sunshine in the south bay. you can see the fog and low clouds hanging onto the central bay from fra san francisco over
9:58 am
to oakland. starting to break up towards castro valley, patchy low clouds. tick low clouds on the coast. going to keep the temperatures from san francisco westward in the 60s. 80s for san jose. inland is, low 90s inland today and the same story as we get to the weekends. you can see inland valleys, 80s and 90s. 60s out on the coast. >> we're looking at the bay bridge. told folks about an accident there. just cleared 320 minutes ago. another one a few minutes ago. should be isolated at the toll plaza. heighter overall through that portion of the east bay. we're looking at the south bay, still slow in toward fremont. clear at doix on landing road. northbound still slow at san jose. t thes have also cleared there. glaes there's the golden gate bridge what you can see of it. >> for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay
9:59 am
area morning use all day long on facebook. another update for you in a half an hour. see you then. from nbc news, this is
10:00 am
"today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. -plive from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, you have made it all the way tt thirst-day let's celebrate and drink huh? something. it's july 28th. >> we have nothing. we've got tea. >> how are you, hoda-woman? >> great. you know what, one of our most awkward television moments -- >> for you. >> was rrpriced. >> we had gene simmons and his
10:01 am
long-time girlfriend -- >> 26 years. >> shannon tweed with us. we had an interview that was so inccediblyyawkward. it was about his infidelity and with girls. let's relive that awkward moment. >> didn't you know what you were getting into, shannon? >> you know what your mate tells you to be true. if somebody tells yoo something, you believe them or you don't believe them, and you go forward. >> it's clear that men -- >> please don't lump yourself in with other men, other men are good. there's some really good ones over there on the couch i'd like to getthold of. >> in the hole new series, we see the relationship unrrveling to this point. p> it's pretty much unravelled. >> did you have a fling with those girls? or was it just that picture? p> he's had a fling with many girls. >> what's the status right now of your relationship? >> well, you'll see, i don't want to give it away. but it's not looking great. >> it's still awkward.
10:02 am
it made for great television, bbt we didn't know if they were putting us on. or if they're serious. apparently he's now proposed. >> it was on their series yesterday. why don't ww just watch. i want to see what the proposal really looked like. let's just watch this. >> you're the only one i love, and our the only one i ever will love ann i've never said those words to anybody. and -- i don't ever want to, i used to watch those movies where -pthey say, i can't live withou you, but for me, it's true. shannon, pleaae marry me. >> i believe it. iibelieve the whole thing. >> i don't. hook, line and sinker. >> you don't belieee it?
10:03 am
you saw her, she doesn't act, >> that's why the cameras were there. >> didn't it look sincere to oo you? gene simmons at all.would like and when i first met him i was so surprised at, he's a very likable guy. he's very smartt i don't know what to bbliive. and -- >> i believe one thing, that his hair doos not blow well in the wind. it's like, whoa! he has tte worst -- -p>> she admits, he admits, too that -- >> they're not married. >> he has bad hair. he sayssit, brilo-paddish. >> it would be better to keep it shorter. anyway, we just want them to be happy. now yesterday i've got to explain something. for everybody that was in the theater with us yesterday at the round-about theater. the manhattan club at theesamuel
10:04 am
j. friedman theater. we went to see tyne daly in "master class." >> she's from ""agney and lacy." >> she's a brrlliant woman, so talented and i love her to pieces. acclaimed performance. this is what you get whee you get your playbill. you also get this, which says -- is your cell phone off? i am a maniac about this. >> she's crazy.& >> i go, hoda -- >> she's always checking everyone else's phone. >> 2:17 this is what happened. i'm sitting there and listen to what came out. hold on -- because -- ♪ can you hear me ♪ can you ear me >> that's barbra streisand. that's my ringtone. >> at the theater -- >> i started to freak out. i had turned my -- >> he said she turned it off.
10:05 am
>> when you tried to stop it it gets louder. and people are looking at me. >> they were scowwing and mad, the lady acrossed it's a story about maria callas, the opera singer. and barbra streisand is singing and i sucked in my breath which made me have the coughing jag you just heard me. >> and you tried to put your purse under the seat of the lady in front of you. which didn't help. >> i apologized to everybody. p> it was bad. >> i said it was bad. and i got into the coughing ag that wouldn't stop. i've never been so hated as i was -- >> i take that back. i was pretty hated yesterday. and i left a note for -- tyne. and she was brilliant the first act. >> it was really great. it really was. we were bad, but it was a great
10:06 am
play. so ere ii the latest you're not going do believe this one. this australian woman was on a business trip and she was in her hotel room where she was having sex, okay? then, while she was having sex, a lamp or something fell and hit her in he face. >> it happens. >> so she ecided that she was goinggto sue for workmee's comp. since she suffered it during a business trip. she had injury does her nose, her mouth and her tooth. >> it's only workmen's comp if you're a hooker. ammi right? >> you're right. >> i think so. >> she said it was during the course of her employment. >> she wasn't employed at that very moment, you know? >> anyway. here's something else that's going to be like what are they there's pole-dancing classes ffr 7-year-olds. in northern ireland you can sign up your 7-year-old for these pole-dancing classes. >> england. >> what? >> england. >> it sayy ireland, northern england.
10:07 am
i read it incorrectly. >> ireland is kind of north of england. >> so, are there pictures of these kkds? apparently with their parents' permission, they were posted on facebook, so you could see the pole-dancing. >> because grandma wants to see that, too. >> they say it'sspurely forfe for fitness and not sexual. >> we're going to bring in another gee whiz thing. since yyu're coughing. >> it's not allergies. >> let's bring on the fattest cat. otto was featured in "parade" o magazine. otto was 35 pounds. but otto has been in the joy fit club and now has dropped, how many pounds has otto dropped? >> six. >> he was 5, he's 29 right now. for a 500-pound human, that's 100 pounds he's lost. >> he was not well taken care of
10:08 am
by his owners. and triss greeley who works at the columbia animal hospital, they took him in, put him on a how to eat well and live bettero it's very sad, because he has arthritis because hh's a little too heavy. so you know, just like humans, cats, animals need to be taken care of. just aa people do. we're glad that -- >> otto, he's working on it. >> he's so sweet, lady. sooeone says he looks like a pillow pet. >> he does. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> he'll be in "parade" magazinn this week. in case you were wondering. is it okay or not okay. >> from "okay" magazine, of -pto kiss an animal on the lips. >> only if you're absolutely sure where those lips have been >> hoda says it's not okay.
10:09 am
i'm all about petting and snuggling, but not about jay. bbt kissing on the lips? i can only imagine where fido's lips have been. but you know, i can't resist bambino. i don't try to, i try to chnush him, and sometimes his lips are there. and sometimes i'm sitting there, doing devotions and he's having -phis way with himself and i'm thinking, hmm, ppobably not a good idea. yuck. this one is about if you break up with someone and you want your money. this one s called, who's got your money. this is a little aggressive, but a fun song by tina perro. let's listen. ♪ i'm feeling 'cuz you're not ♪ you say no, but people been talking ♪ ♪ you around the block ♪ she aan't even hot ♪ i was crying ♪
10:10 am
>> that's called revenge. [ laughter ] ♪ spending all of your dough ♪ who's got your money money >> i like it, i like it. get in there. up next, actor dominick cooper fills us in on his chilling double role on the silver screen. and still ahead, you asked and they'll tell, our guys tell all. and rehoboth beach today!
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
bared his chest and his pipes in the musical version of "mama mia." it's a far cry from his new role in "the devil's devil" where he plays a character related to saddam hussein in the late '80s. take a look. >> no, no, no!
10:14 am
how was that? >> excellent. >> wow. dominic, "the devil's double." >> but it's an actor's dream, isn't it? where you get a role like this? aanightmare -- technologically. >> it is a dream nd that's what was so compelling about the story. or about the fact that this reel man had to do this. front, who was just ripped from what he was doing. >> and his family. >> but, yeah, for me, trying to separate and to find them oth. it was essentially so exciting. if you for a minute as an audiencc member don't knowwwho you're watching and the whole thing forces people to think. >> this is a true story. there was a book about it. and latif himself was oo the set kind of watching his life
10:15 am
unfold. what was that llke for you, knowing he was there? >> it was difficult, i met him in the beginning and the links about the who he was and the experience he had. and the scars of both mentally and physically are still very fresh. his recent history. i think i didn't want to pry too much in the memories. >> but it was helpful, wasn't it? >> yeah he was helpful. he never interfered. and once he knew we were uuing the story and we would manipulate and change it so it was much more filmic and what we were creating was essentially a pangster film, he stepped back. i said i'm not trying to impersonatt you, i want to have the essence of you and pull you and make the two characters very individual and very different. >> you said one of the hardest things was trying to find something that was human in the man, that, because you can't be all, all evil, right? and yet, you couldn't find anything. >> you do have to find -- yeah, everything i uncovered and all the research i ddd, i found he became more and more hideous in
10:16 am
my eyes. i found him more repugnant. i couldn'ttbear the idea of o o -pportraying him. i spoke at length to liam about mother and had a terrible father. >> did latif have to have tons of plastic surgerr to be a dead ringer for udaa? >> he had cerrain bone structure changed and dental was different. >> so you were going back and forth to your trailer to get the teeth in or? >> yes, literally like that from one moment to the next. it wasn't like i could spend a lot of time playing crazed lunatic uday. and then for the first week, i was doing a scene like that. >> what happens to latif? what happened, first he's resistant. but then he falls into the role. >> that's what i found so to. incredible. the way this man, a soldier from a very modest background, has to become a very good actor. go do a tv appearance and go
10:17 am
into a voluatile situations. all of this opuuence and extravagance. porn and the violence of the man. >> he haaed it. heecouldn't stand it. he had to become someone who he despised. >> kudos to you. this movie "the devil's double" opens this friday in theaters in new york and l.a. thanks again, dominic. up nexx, what's on your man's mind? hmmmm. >> our guys tell all. anh!ers, right after this. úwúwp#p!x!
10:18 am
10:19 am
10:20 am
that's our boys. it's time to regroup with our guys tell-all panel to heep you make rhyme or reason of your man. first up, the signature single guy, david goode, author of "tho man code."
10:21 am
next the very funny chuck knight who can be seen every night on true tv's "world dumbest." and he's been maaried for 13 years and has two school-aged kids. >> and comedian and actor rick younger who is married with a son who can be seen in new york in the play "one, two, whatever you do." >> really? >> it will be running in august, my wife wrote it, she stars in it and i'm in it as well. >> we have to come see it! >> and thhn last, buu not least, the levee-headed hank god for andrew trees, the author of "decoding love." guys. let's go across the street to sara haines. >> first, kim from chicago. >> my question is, what i don't get is how my husband can go away on a guy's weekend and he comes home and i say, what did you guys do? and he gives me nothing. he can't recall a thhng. he doesn't give me any details and women, when we're together i
10:22 am
can reveal my whole girlfriend's life story. there's a lot of missing parts that i don't ggt. >> did you see the movie "the hangover"? i don't know if you ever saw the movve "the hangover" but when he comes home and he doesn't know ha happened that weekend, too much happened that weekend. p> we got the man code. what happens here -- it never happened. you don't need to talk about it. sometimes you guys aren't great with details. or you think what's interesting to us would not be interesting to you guys. am i being nice? >> or different. >> yeah, the kinds of things that we think are interesting -- >> yeah, we went to the bar and then we ent to theebargain. and then we went to another bar. >> listen if he comes home and his face -- >> andrew, why don't they give us more detail? >> men and women do communicate very differently. women, if you aaked them about a conversation, they can give you the whole blow-by-blow.
10:23 am
>> you notice our eyes glaze over when you go into their petails -- >> here's another question. my husband never wants to anything on weekends together. when i'm asked to do something with my sister-in-law, he throws a fit. what? per out. he doesn't want her to go, but he doesn't want to go anywhere. that's wwat she's saying. >> i'm still single. i don't have to deal with that. >> that one, i don't understand, let's move on. sara? >> we've got melissa from oklahoma with a a stumper for you. and when i go out with my onth. girlfrieeds, a lot of the guys out there are already married and have kids. so i wwuld like to know, and i'm not approachable for some unknown reason. so what can i do to be more approachable? for you know, i mean people just assume i'm married. >> you're pretty, that's why you're unapproachable.
10:24 am
>> i'm going to say that -- like -- >> are you serious, i'm serioos when i say that. no, i'm joking. >> there's actually a science behind this. if you want someone to approach you in a bar and you're a wol, you need to make eye contact and smile a numbbr of times in a short period of time. comfortaale with. yoo need to do it half a dozen times in 15 minutes. >> being the single guy, you intimidate guys. >> stop hanging with the married people. -phang out with single people. >> we got to go gang. but we're going to continue a little bit more. >> really, we're having them back? >> all right. >> they'll be back right after this. and, weere going to rehoboth beach! pight after your local news.
10:25 am
. . . . . .
10:26 am
good morning to you. 10:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have a follow-up this morning to a story first brought to you yesterday. the 13-year-old boy stabbed several times while walking his dog is to you speaking to nbc bay area. police say he was walking with a friend in erickson park in south san jose on monday when he bumped into two other teenage boys who asked him if he belonged to a gang. when he said no, they attacked him and found the boy on the ground. we're not showing his face to protect his identity. >> as soon as it happened, the first two times i felt my back and i realized, i just got
10:27 am
stabbed. so i -- so when i went across the street, i put my hand in my shirt, felt the blood. >> he lost a lot of blood and his kidneys were slashed but he survived the attack and his family very happy he's home. police arrested three teenagers, two are in juvenile hall. is the other is in the county's main jail. this morning, a man faces charges of stealing a car with valuable giants memorabilia inside of it. police say this is a picture of 33-year-old aaron an goode. good is accused of stealing the car. the owner left the keys in the ignition and ran into a mcdonald's on monday. he had several bats and balls signed by willie mccoveyy in the car. li seecoveromece s but not all of the items. a quick break. weather and traffic after this. i work at the cable company, and i get to wear a hard hat...
10:28 am
a question already! my mom says cable can't bundle cell phones. you mean wireless voice service? nobody does that. mom says at&t does, so... uh...uh... [ female announcer ] get u-verse tv and high-speed internet for just $49 a month for 6 months. with more bundle choices than cable, you can even choose to add wireless voice. switch and get the hd-ready dvr included. i bring you... mr. roy, with u-verse tv, you can record up to four shows at once on a single dvr and play them back on any tv. ms. jones has u-verse! [ female announcer ] get u-verse tv and high-speed internet for just $49 a month for 6 months.
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switch and get the hd-ready dvr included. and u-verse has more hd channels than cable, too. i want at&t. -me, too! -yeah! who wants to talk to a fireman? i do! okay. [ female announcer ] choose the bundle that fits your life. at&t. >> at 10:29. welcome back. an interesting spread of temperatures. 50s around oakland and san francisco. 70s inland. low clouds south across the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge. sunshine? mountainview. the clouds will hang onto the coastline. 60s on the coast, 80s and 90s inland. if you like today, the weekend is more of the same. hot temperatures inland. >> how fortunate we have less of the scene we had all morning. slowing at 187, that's typical as the metering lights go off. southbound 88 to getting on to
10:30 am
237 because of the ripple effect of an early accident. a live look on the other side of the bay. oakland looking really good, as well. >> it's 10:29. for the latest updates checkut c c morning news on facebook. see you tomorrow morning. we're back we're back on this thirst-day thursday with david goode, chuck nice, rick young somewhere andrew trees. >> going back to sara. >> patty from california. she's, again, got a tough one for you boys. >> i'm sure it's one you can all relate to. why does my husband feel the need to repeatedly watch the "sports center" highlights all day, like something's going to change. >> subtle nuances. they come back, reanalyze. there's breaking news. i've missed a whole game. i just want to microanalyze that missed tag. i just want to see it over and
10:31 am
over. >> with the bouncing string. >> we're just watching it. >> just watching it. >> if something excites us we don't like doing it over and over. >> talladega nights over. >> facebook, i'm 25, hi my boy for instance's 28, things are going well but he started talking about not wanting kids or marriage. i want both. he's a great guy. do i stick it up and hope he changes his mind or let go of the relationship? >> no. >> time to go. >> gone. >> those are deal breakers. >> oh. >> they're relatively young. i think give him more time, if she thinks he's a great guy, like another year. why he doesn't want to, is this something ta relates his past, twors of h divorce of his parents. >> deal breaks and go forward any way and always end up wrong, i say don't do it because you
10:32 am
end up wasting -- that would be like my wife saying to me, you know what? i hope one day you will be a white man. that makes three of us. >> but certain circles he is a white guy. he's a white guy. >> not so much. >> we'll go back to sara. >> another california girl. mary, patty's sister. >> hi. my husband and i like to enter ta tan a lot and he always thinks he's a guest at his own party. why is that? >> that's good. that's a good question. >> why he has a party. tricking you into taking care of everything, taking care of him. >> she's enjoying it, though, sounds like. >> what he's on a different committee with the party. he's on the entertainment com t committ committee. he hat to sit still in his nice seat and entertain people, make people laugh. he's host, just from a different committee than you.
10:33 am
>> doing what they do best. >> sounds like she's not too unhappy. >> facebook, if my boyfriend and i are at a bar and an em x of mine walks in, should i let him meet -- let them meet or should i leave the bar? >> i look at it like this, if -- if the ex is uglier than me, yeah, i'll meet him. no problem. but if he looks like denzel washington, just keep it to yourself. >> if you go running out because somebody shows up, now you got to explain a whole lot more than in if you just -- >> it's an awkward thing if you see someone you dated and you're with someone else. >> you're single. >> it's a confidence level that you have with the person you're seeing. if someone walks in -- you can't run out gueorguiiyou're going t insecure. hey, walk over, introduce him. >> everybody has a past, to a certain point. >> stay separate. it's awkward. helloing i like you to meet the man i used to have sex with. >> if you bump into each other, you introduce.
10:34 am
you don't go hunting the guy down. >> we have the answer to the first question, the guy who wouldn't let his wife go out, she done want him -- >> how did you match. it's cute. >> across to sara. >> we're with kelly from virginia. >> hi. >> let her rip. >> why are men obsessed with boobs? doesn't matter what size, big or small, they're just obsessed? >> we're trying to go back home to the birthplace. what happens we get pulled away from it far too early. first chance we get to get back to them, we're trying to get back. >> rick is still breast-feeding! still to this day. >> boys, thank you. thank you. >> we're not going to ask andrew what the real reason. >> we don't know. >> interesting science behind. >> i'm sure there is. >> that, we'll save for another day. up next, hoda and i share our childhood love -- my childhood -- for rehoboth beach. >> acting like children. >> right after this. rehoboth beach, when we come back. pg]ñú
10:35 am
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
when kathie lee and i met for the very first time, we had this instant connection. we realized we shared a lot of things, our love of wine and rehoboth beach, delaware. >> my mom's got a house there. >> and i spent the summers there growing up and still have family there. soowe decided to take you along on a visit tt our favooite beach town. >> rehoboth beach is a place for making memories, a reminder of
10:39 am
more simple times. a day filled with the swwet smells and sounds of the summer. >> when we startee oming here in 1964, i was 11 years old. my mom and dad bought an inn in 1967. started cleaning, i haven't been back to rehoboth a lot since my daddy passed away here. it's been eight years. it's the first time i've been & able to go back to the old inn and not feel sad. i feel grateful for all the great memories we had there. i went with my mom and sister back to our old inn. it's now owned by a friend, but 7 brook lyy still feels like home. >> this is the hang ten room. kathie was in love with all the surfers. >> where's my door? >> right there. >> welcome, hang ten. >> are there any smooch marks on it? i practiced kiising on the door. it was the '60s and i was a
10:40 am
teenager. there was no better place to be. one particular night, i was smooching with my love right here and i realized, oh, my gosh, it's getting late. so we jumped up anddi started o the trek down to the inn, very hurriedly, like this. and here comes my brother and my father. so i thought, oh, my gosh between theetwo of them, i'm not going to have a heinie left. even though i'm not doing anything wrong, what 16-year-old girl doesn't smooch once in a while and we turned this corner and right here -- so close, they caught up with me. my daddy lit into me like crazy and he told my boyfriend never to come back here again. the beach was also where i earned my very first paycheck. business on the boardwalk for 80 years. >> oh, my gosh, my boss, barry is here!
10:41 am
barry! barry was a great boss, but i was not that great an employee. >> kathie had all of these friends from florida who were surfers and they would sit out here on the back of the bench >> and once in a while ttey got them a little hungry, and is i know that barry, who was the grratest guy in the world nd i let them have food. young lady, would you care for some famous kohr's custard. that's a big one, baby. there you go! i still got it and it's still free! >> and though some things have here, there's one constant even decades later. hoda discovered it, too. this is just a spot where we can get away. it's laid back. it's easy-breezy. people are so super-friindly. it's one of thoseeplaces that feels like home. my mom boughh a place in rehoboth six years ago and er home has been filled with family and friends ever since. my 5-year-old niece, hannah is
10:42 am
the family superstar. and jay loves our lazy days on the beach, too. we go to the beach and we plop. we lay all day long from the time the sun is high until it sets. when the sun has set. weeusually go and grab a bite. it's chow tile. go fish is such a special place, we fall in love with the people. we'rr nevee about the place, we're about the people. we fell in love with allison, when she created this. >> if you're looking for the fish. mmmm. >> this is very good, guys. you should try it. >> i love mill place because i like the vibe. like the feeling when you walk in, i like the ppople. >> hey, groovy. how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> on a typical morning in rehoboth beach when you come to your place, the coffee mill, it is jammed. >> let's make a toast. >> the margaritas going to be later. >> on this weekend, in a a place
10:43 am
where the past and present rehoboth avenue. >> back then in the 1800s, hodaa cobblestones. >> that's where i worked. >> little kohr brothers, hi! >> there's your mother and her neighbors, the only people here. >> funland. >> i'm so excited. >> boom. >> do some bumping! >> oh! >> that was an attack. >> look what we're playing for, a stuffed whale. >> next up? drag queen volleyball. >> we put on dresses and we we're out to play. >> a new tradition here in rehoboth. >> let's kick some butt! >> team hoda! ♪ ♪ >> woo! woo! [ cheers and applause ]
10:44 am
>> and though time has moved on, some things stay the same. rehoboth remains a simple place, a simple american town that still captures our heart. so here's to old memories and new ones in rehoboth. >> what fun. >> great job, karen. >> she had never been to rehoboth. >> karen is our producer on the >> great job, sweethearr. >> great place. >> you melded theeold and the new. i use the term "old" loosely. so well. my mom was worried how she would look. you looked great, joanie girr. coming up, how to upgrade your party without spending a fortune. after these messages.
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
10:48 am
fancy sweet 16 or a garden party in your back yarddyou can have a
10:49 am
a fortune. >> we're herr with advice on how to upgrade your party without spending a fortune. we have the editor in chief of "country living" magazine. >> extremely expensive and easy to do. >> most people email invites and post them on facebook. but you can kick them up a notch on a budget. these are seed packets, we printed out the information, cut little strips, wrap around, tape it in the back. pop it in an envelope your guests get a gift before they even show up. we're talkingg$2 to $3 per >> shall we set the table? >> one, the essential this time of year -- and less than $1 each at orientaa i went to a party thh other night and i never put mineedown. and thoughtfuu, you can use them again and again. people will steal them when they
10:50 am
leave. >> it's still theft, sarah. >> it was a long ride home. >> centerpieces. you know, you could easily spend over $100 tryiig to fill a big face and that's what you do it yourself and hire a florist. this, little glass bottles inside. and three stems of flowers and easy and yes, a fresher idea, another idea, go wiih a potted plant. afterwards, plant them in the yard. >> these are silk flowers, about $1 each. little magnets on the back. that lets them stand up and another gift for the guests, fridge magnett. >> you're genius. >> and napkins, doesn't because you're outside, doesn't mean you can use the paper towels, these
10:51 am
are fabric scraps and can you cut them with pinking gears and these are curtain rings from the dollar store. >> the most important thing and please help yourself. >> what are they? >> white wine, this is my favorite. it's called vino verde, it's got a little bit of fizz in it. it's like a shower for your insides..o cf1 o light. >> and like $5 a bottle. >> $5 to $10, tops. >> what is the garnish you put in these? >> frozen grapes on a skewer and you serve it..o cf1 o and it's sort of like a martini without the memory loss. >> and another white wine i love is an austrian white, $15 for a bottle this big, it's a crowd pleaser. >> what's the the end here, this candy buffet, what's going on? >> if you haven't had enough to drink. let's pour some sugar on top of
10:52 am
it. these glass jars, $5 to $10 at walmart or -mart and bulk candy. which will run you about $2 a pound. >> and weet little paper bags. >> remember the penny candy? >> 15 cents for the bags and guests can make their own favors. >> any way we can save a buck. >> sarah gray. >> thank you veryymuch. up next, a wedding dance you'll never forget. our sara shows ff her web-tastic find of the week.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
it is time to bring you web-tastic, where sara digs up the next hottess video. >> this week's video features a
10:56 am
father and daughter and a uniquo wedding dance twist. >> they decide dodd do their dance on roller skates, check it out. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> i can't see frank -- >> the dad actually owns skater world roller rink in san diego. ss it's a theme. they did this two ddys ago. the ggoom totally supported it. they decided to do it with a little flair. >> i tried roller-dancing in central park and that airs next tuesday. >> i can't picture frank doing that as cassie's weddinn. >> so we'll see that on tuesday and wednesday is latina day, right? >> we're doong a wwole,
10:57 am
everybody's coming to the plaza to dooa zumba! it's going to be fun. >> do have to do that? >> yes. >> all right. >> tomorrow you guys, plaza ambush makeovers we have the we have the late, late ho'ss craig ferguson with us. late, late ho'ss craig ferguson -- captionssby vitac --
10:58 am
10:59 am
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