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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 1, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> good monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. time to check the forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda in for christina. >> good morning. we're seeing low clouds to start off the morning but a pretty nice forecast, a cool one for august for inland spots, later today 50s through lunch time, should start to see 70s inland topping out today in the upper 70s close to 80 in san jose. mid-60s san francisco and upper 60s today around observe land. the weather looks pretty good. the 101 commute around the south bay maybe not so much. >> rob, we have the overnight accident that happened off 101, ma little da avenue, the southbound side of 101 at matilda, our photographer arrived on the scene and says that the lieutenant from the police department says that it should take a couple hours till
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they clean up this fuel spill, one of the big rigs, i think that's the one there, got into an accident and the fuel leaked. so we're looking at 7:00 for this ramp to reopen. you'll get off at pmatilda ther. >> we'll keep checking back. 5:01. this morning developing news on capitol hill. they say it's a done deal. president obama and congressional leaders agree on a plan to prevent the u.s. from defaulting. but it's really not a done deal yet. lawmakers must now vote for it. top democrats and republicans and the president are meeting on agreeing on more than $2 trillion in budget cuts, more than half of that from the military. the rest from tax reform and medicare. this will allow the country to borrow that much more. >> it will allow us to avoid default, it will allow us to pay our bills, it will allow us to
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start reducing our deficit in a responsible way. >> the united states of america will not for the first time in our history default on its obligations. >> the surface it looks like -- >> without agreement or if the government overspends, automatic budget cuts kick in. this morning democratic and republican leaders will meet with members to convince them to vote in favor of the plan. what do california lawmakers think and how will it affect the bay area? marla tellez is in the newsroom with the details. good morning. >> good morning. this could be a case of a short-term pain for long-term gain. the deal, if it is solidified, could mean cuts to federal aid and that could impact everything from education grants to medicaid. although the legislation doesn't cut such entitlement programs down the road it could lead states to trim spending that could hurt millions of poor,
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disabled and elderly. here in california senate members are already concerned about cuts to medical, which is our version of medicaid. that would affect the 7.5 million who depend on it. nancy pelosi is not sold on the deal, in fact, she has stopped short of giving the plan her public endorsement. >> we'll all have to take a look and we all may not be able to support it. >> they have to calculate not only what the best policy is for the country but what the best chances are for their survival. >> the other factor to keep in mind is the stock market, all eyes are on the u.s. this morning because of the possibility of a credit downgrade has investors still not so sure. i can tell you u.s. stock futures jumped right after president obama signaled they have a deal. in fact, this morning dow futures are up 166 points and major indexes in asia and europe also rose sharply. i also have calls in to both congresswoman nancy pelosi and
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senator barbara boxer. we're going to see what they have to say. i can tell you that senator boxer supports the deal outright. i'll tell what you she says about it in my next report. >> we'll look forward to that. thank you, marla. for all of the latest on the debt ceiling deal and how it will affect us here, check out our political blog on nbc bay area. type prop zero in the search bar. >> new this morning, a violent night in richmond where police are looking for suspects who shot two people. right now police are on the scene at eighth street and nevin avenue where damian trujillo joins us now with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. still a very active crime scene. police are behind me collecting evidence here at the barrett terrace apartment complex, one witness who did not want to go on camera did tell me that an innocent bystander was killed early this morning. there is a body lying on the sidewalk in front of the police cars now, the witness told me
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that it is a female who has been shot dead. we don't know the condition of the second victim. we're across the street from kaiser hospital. but again, police still doing their investigating, not giving us too much information at this point. we are at the barrett terrace apartment complex, it's in richmond's iron triangle. the shooting comes more than a week after police chief here announced the formation of a joint task force with the contra costa county sheriff's office. the tasks for is to address the region's gang problems, it was formed in response to murders in richmond in the month of july. today's shootings on 8th and nevin are three blocks away from the latest homicide and also comes on the heels of national night out, tomorrow is where a lot of communities across the country come out and try to stomp out the violence. here in richmond they have their work cut out for them. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> thank you, damian. three shooting victims, no
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suspects this morning. this morning three people including a 16-year-old boy are dead, the victims of three separate killings in one night in oakland. the violence started just before midnight saturday when a boy was shot while walking near the intersection of sunnyside street and 92nd. that boy died after going through surgery at highland hospital. while that boy was in the hospital paramedics were trying to save the life after 26-year-old woman shot near 30th and telegraph. investigators believe she may have been attacked in west oakland. then 15 minutes later across town a 21-year-old man was shot on 87th avenue near "g" street. he died at a hospital. 70 people have been killed so far in oakland this year, oakland police and crimestoppers are offering a $10,000 reward in each case for information leading to an arrest. >> the two bay area hikers detained in iran have resumed their fourth trial in tehran. so far no verdict.
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state media says the legal process is over and a verdict will be issued soon. no date was announced for that. shane bauer and josh fattal were arrested with sarah shourd back in july 2009 when the three allegedly crossed the unmarked border hiking. shourd was released in september due to ill health after posting $500,000 bail. all three deny spying charges and say they crossed the border unintentionally. let's check the forecast for today. meteorologist rob mayeda is in for christina. >> pretty nice forecast for the afternoon if you like sunshine. 56 in san francisco. we've got low clouds all the way to livermore but they are higher off the ground. closer to 2,000 feet. we have 50s and 60s and yes, a good healthy sea breeze. that's going to keep the marine air in solano county for the afternoon. so it's the first day of august
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but the temperatures not looking like the calendar. still moisture reaching the sierra. could see one more day of thundershowers south of lake tahoe. most of that moisture which caused huge thunderstorms over the weekend heading off to the east. around the bay area today, warmest place is low 80s inland. livermore, only 83, san jose on the borderline of maybe upper 70s to low 80s as you get down closer to morgan hill, san francisco in the 60s and 70s around petaluma. your seven-day forecast, we'll warm up slightly, then cool off as the sea breeze turns stronger. let's hope the morning commute is starting to shape up. >> fingers crossed, rob. we have a lot of activity. highway 4 last wednesday, thursday, friday, slow through pittsburg, speeds coming down early so holding up so far but we don't see things slowing until about 5:30. looking here the 580, 2,000-foot
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ceilings, not a problem for visibility unless you have a 2,000-foot high car. not a lot of those in the bay area. seen those at car shows. the south bay, the northbound traffic, sensors moving nicely. the accident still that closure southbound 101 and matilda. 237, take past the scene. a live look as well. 880 past the coliseum. on the right side you see flashing lights. this is about the time they are clearing the construction from oak street up to downtown. likely these crews here signaling that they are getting ready to clear construction and do a rolling traffic break. >> to help move things. >> expect slowing. >> good to know. going to the grocery store you hit one of those corners and you see a sample lady. >> i look for those. >> it's lunch for me sometimes. usually costco is known to be like that. what would you do if you could try wine when you buy your
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groceries? soon you may be able to. at a safeway store in san francisco. a lot of people who live near the store market street are receiving notices that the store is seeking an instructional tasting license. i need more coffee. the license allows wholesalers in stores to hand out the wine samples. there is a wine bar in livermore and several safeways around the country are building these wine tasting stations. so i would imagine that they would kind of -- >> i don't want to make light but you have to be careful already 18 parking lot. if there is wine tasting going on. >> i imagine they don't give you a lot. >> shopping carts. >> you have to card people. a lot to look into, obviously. a bay area soldier's world war ii journal washes ashore. continents away from where it
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>> welcome back everyone. what a beautiful live look outside at the bay bridge this morning. traffic looking pretty light but it's still early on a monday morning. yes, it is. early on a monday morning. 5:13. new car options make parking less of a hassle. can you really lose weight by eating at the cheesecake factory? questions we all need answered.
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"today in the bay's" nicole lapin live with all of the details for us. good morning. >> hey, very good morning. asian and european markets are rising across the board on the news of a u.s. debt deal buoyed that the u.s. is unlikely to default. the plan includes raising the debt ceiling in a two-part reduction plan. $900 billion spending cut effective immediately. the plan will be voted on later on today. there are concerns that the democrats may not support the pl plan. >> you know what, your mike is -- it's not off, it's really crackly so we're having trouble hearing. we'll try to iron that out. we want the most, you know, clear beautiful shot of you we can get. thank you. let's move on a little bit.
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santa cruz police are look forge suspect who is vandalized 50 cars. owners woke up saturday to find their cars had been covered in graffiti. detectives are still trying to track down the suspects. when they are found it's possible they will face hate crime charges as well as felony vandalism. >> in san francisco, some people living in vernal heights trying to get to the root of a problem that is plaguing the neighborhood. people who keep and grow expensive plants are experiencing an increase in botanical theft. some claim they have been hit multiple times in the last year. san francisco examiner reports thieves are after succulents, possibly because that type of plant is considered more expensive and easy to resale. many of the victims are working through an online blog hoping to catch the plant bandits. they want succulents, go to arizona.
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mavericks servering legend jeff clark, a showdown with his ex-wife over the surfing competition. both clark and his ex-wife catherine kelly are expected to submit duelling applications today with the san mateo harbor commission. the fight is over a single event permit to host the mavericks surfing event next winter. kelly and her group promise a better turnout than last year, clark wants to host a smaller competition with out a lot of the corporate fanfare. >> time to check the forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda. clear out there? >> you know, at least ground level things are looking pretty good. no problems in terms of driving across the bridges with fog but we have low clouds, a little higher up. we're calling it overcast skies all the way into livermore. 56 in san francisco. the sea breeze pumping in some of the low clouds in parts of the bay. 60 in oakland. northwest wind, san jose, a mild
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start, 61 degrees, northwest wind at three miles per hour. 50s outside for the morning, then to the afternoon we'll see temperatures running quite cool for the beginning of august. southwest wind at 23 in fairfield. the marine air reaching all the way to sacramento which is good news for air quality. in the green across the board, our inland valleys you do not see this often unless you have a strong sea breeze going. big game for the giants, they take on the diamondbacks, now two games back i believe of the giants in first place. so first pitch temperatures in the 60s, cooling off as the low clouds return later on into the 50s later on through the game. the sierra has been quite active the last few days. we have heavy thundershowers, even rain across southern california, some clouds building up on the coastal range. but now most of the weather is now heading off to the east, the wind aloft switching more southwesterly so most of that moisture should move to the east of lake tahoe after today. if you are traveling into southern california you'll see numbers in the 70s around
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san diego, 80s around los angeles so hot temperatures here but they kind of stop once you reach the central valleys. in the upper 90s around fresno and bakersfield. temperatures in the upper 70s. and look at the numbers inland. sacramento 89, 7 day for south lake tahoe a chance of an afternoon thundershower. bay area temperatures climbing mostly into the 70s to low 80s inland. most of these temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees below average for this time of year. 60s for san francisco and oakland as we move to the north bay, you saw santa rosa, 75 degrees, about 83 in vacaville, 74 for petaluma. seven-day forecast, keeps things mild, a warming trend we're talking about only into the mid to upper 80s inland for the middle of the week. the sea bree picks up and we cool off the second half of the week approaching the weekend. >> sounds good. thank you. it's 5:18 now. this morning a journal from world war ii is back in the hands of its rightful owners after a journey that spans
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several oceans and almost seven decades. a couple from new zealand delivered the journal to kathy in fremont over the weekend. it was first discovered on a wharf in wellington, new zeal d new zealand, 69 years ago. the family who found it kept it on a book shelf in their home  ever since. it turn out that journal was one of delmar grant's who served in the battle of guadalcanal in 1942. he died 18 years ago but his wife kathy still alive. she says reading the journal is bringing back memories of her husband and teaching her things she never knew about him. >> how does it make you feel listening to it? proud? >> it was very difficult, and of course i thought to myself you know, no wonder he was a nervous wreck. >> kathy and delmar met as pen pals during the war and they met
5:20 am
in person in 1948. what a love story. 5:19. coming up, calimari catastrophe. how 100,000 people almost went home hungry. >> a million robots expected to build ipads. we'll tell you about it. >> i could talk about dozens of cars on 880. picking up the construction as well. y on the rails.als de
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>> this is a live look outside this morning on a monday morning. pretty nice temperatures for this week. we've got rob in house to fill us in. and as always, mike inouye to help you through the morning commute. let's check in with him. >> good morning. i have the trains, there are minor delays.
5:23 am
train number 1. they are waiting for the arrival so far it's five minutes late. got started late. you know how that goes for a monday morning. should be a delay getting into san jose, tor drivers in the south bay no major problem aside from this incident we track. 101, the southbound side right there south matillda off ramp. and we have a live crew on the scene. we're hearing 7:00 the expected time to reopen. you can take 237 off and take city streets. 101 in the northbound direction moves nicely out of the south bay. and heading to san mateo without delay the green cars here speeds close to 50 to 60. further north we get a live look at the golden gate bridge with a smooth drive and a clear view. you can see those all the way across the span from the north bay. talking about lower clouds but not foggy conditions. that's good news. things will change here. change your gas tank as well.
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our contest, we want to help you fill up your tank. you can pick up your scratch it ticket. a chance to win gas for life. if you don't keep that go to our facebook page and we'll give you a chance to win a $50 gift card. you have to pay more in tolls. >> mine's on e right now. it's 5:24. today is the first day of august, scott says actually a sad month ahead. >> cisco will lay off thousands this month. we expect most to be gone by the 11th, a week from thursday. cisco systems makes networking equipment, the stuff that makes the internet go. but it also dipped into other businesses like teleconferencing and other consumer devices and lost its way. tomorrow the san jose city council will vote on whether to let cisco off the hook on a promise to build more office buildings in san jose. other news, hackers have shut down the twitter account
5:25 am
belonging to confessed mass murderer anders breivik. a group claims responsibility. first adding tweets, then deleting his content. the last post by hackers we want anders to be forgotten, labeled like monster or maniac want do. then forget him. the head of foxcom that makes things told local local media he will bring a million robots over the next few years to the factories. a million. foxcom a huge employer in china. the largest factory has has many people in it as live in oakland. it would appear the robots are needed to help keep up. here in america we saw auto workers be replaced by robots, a cost issue. in this case it would appear what's really going on is it's a
5:26 am
matter of they need the extra help. they can't bring that many people in, they can afford them, they can't fit them. so in order to keep up with our demand for ipods, and ipads and what not, a million robots. >> sounds like a hollywood movie. probably is. >> what could possibly go wrong. >> still ahead how the gilroy garlic festival almost became the calimari crisis of 2011. candid camera meets red light green light. where cameras are going into action today
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>> good morning. i'm bob redell. why one east bay town is turning to microwaves onto clips. >> they knock at the door. thieves targeting your house while you're at work.
5:29 am
plus, i'll take crime fighting for 100. a woman accused of breaking into alex trebek's hotel room has her day in court. why the charges could land her in prison for the rest of her life. beautiful bay bridge on this monday, august 1. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. 5:29 now. time to check the forecast with meteorologist rob mayeda in for christina. >> good morning. pretty nice start to the morning so far at least. we're not seeing much in the way of fog. we've got overcast skies. not much of a breeze. the weekend you probably saw the monster cloud tops to the east. we had thunder over the sierra. the moisture continues to move south of lake tahoe but moving further from the bay area through the afternoon so we don't have to worry about
5:30 am
showers building over the coastal range. lots of overcast skies for the morning. lunch time 60s and 70s, not warming up much, you can see the numbers low 80s around concord and livermore. 79 san jose. 60s around san francisco and oakland. see if folks are able to drive 60 miles per hour on the morning commute. >> rob, in oakland, yeah, you're fine. most of the south bay you are as well. if you are trying to get off at matilda avenue off southbound 101 you'll slow because of flashing lights and a closure. a better idea where that is. matilda avenue off ramp, from southbound 101 closed for possibly an hour and a half. that's the latest we hear from sunnyvale pd, live pictures on the scene. there is a fuel spill. a big rig got into an accident. traffic starting to build a bit past the denny's off 101, and the westbound or south bound direction, depending on the direction you're using. southbound on north matilda is
5:31 am
closed because of that spill and cleanup. this is an issue for surface streets but not 101. 237. >> good advice. thank you. 5:30 now. deal or no deal. president obama and congressional leaders agreed on a plan to prevent the u.s. from defaulting. in order for it to be a done deal, lawmakers must now approve it and some say the plan still has holes. where do our local leaders stand? senator boxer is in favor of the deal. in a statement she says this agreement would help us avoid a catastrophic default and keep republicans from holding the full faith and credit of the united states hostage. house minority leader nancy pelosi says she is planning to meet with democratic house members this morning, stopping short of giving the plan her public endorsement. we're of course following all of the latest developments as this happens and we're going to take you live to capitol hill coming up in a few minutes.
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>> richmond police are on the scene of a double shooting this morning. there are few details to report now but investigators are on the scene to collect evidence and also they continue to look for two suspects still on the loose. damian trujillo joins us live from the scene in richmond. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the homicide investigators are still in control of the crime scene behind me. i can tell you there is a body lying on the sidewalk in front of those police cars. witnesses at the scene tell me it's a 25-year-old woman, mother of four children, a church going person they said, a very kind person with a good heart, an innocent bystander is what they tell me as far as what happened mere here. we're in the iron triangle of richmond across from kaiser hospital. this is the barrett terrace apartment complex. i understand there are some surveillance cameras in the parking lot where this murder
5:33 am
happened early this morning. not sure if it captured anything. police are not giving us too much information at this time understandably. this is a homicide investigation. it's going to take time for them to sort through all of the evidence. there are shell casings on the ground, we're not sure if there were eyewitnesss. security personnel are on the grounds of this complex and they have been speaking with investigators as well as they try to determine what happened here. the last month i should say, july had been a violent month in the city of richmond, i'm told that there were about 12 killings here in the city of richmond. that's why the police braus ougn gang experts. at least one person dead at the scene, not sure about the condition of a second possible victim in this case. police are looking for the shooter or shooters.
5:34 am
damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. 5:33 now. belmont police say brazen burglars are breaking into homes while people are at work. they are knocking on doors in central belmont. if no one answers they break in stealing jewelry and electronics. last week there were seven burglaries or attempted in belmont between 9:00 in the morning and 6:00 at night. neighbors remain on edge and they are voicing concerns at neighborhood watch meetings. >> it leaves your nerves raw and we're locking the doors and paying much more attention even for short periods of time that windows aren't open and all of those things. >> police say the spree isn't happening just in belmont. they have similar reports in other communities including orinda in the east bay. 5:34. the question, when will the woman accused of stealing alex trebek's cash and jewelry be in
5:35 am
court? the answer today. lucinda moyers face as pair of counts for a dlaer inside alex trebek's room. if she's convicted it would be her third strike under state law. trebek claims before he hosted the world championship he awoke to a woman stealing cash and a bracelet. the host of tv's "jeopardy" is recovering following surgery. commuters driving through napa might want to be careful when approaching an intersection. starting today the city is removing red light camera operations. no citations will be issued during the 30-day warning period but expect $476 fine once that grace period is over. the council voted to renew the 3-year-old program for another
5:36 am
year. >> your commute in the north bay could take longer this morning. caltrans is repaving segments of interstate 580 which runs through marin county. work will be done by the 580/101 interchange to the west end of the richmond/san really bridge. several lanes will be closed from 8:00 in the evening to 6:00 in the morning. the westbound on ramp from san quentin will also be closed at certain times. a one of a kind program to protect cyclists. pleasanton is using microwave technology. a lot of communities are watching closely to see how effective it is. bob redell is live in pleasanton with a look at how it works. thanks for finally coming back to work, bob. >> reporter: someone had to do it. good morning. for years the technology has been around, able to detect cars in intersections and then acrust just the lights accordingly. say keep the green light on
5:37 am
longer. but that same technology has not been able to do the same for bicyclists. pleasanton is the first to change that and you're looking at the new technology that they installed at least at several intersections. it's called an intersector. it looks like a radar gun but it uses microwave technology to detect and track a bicyclist. they can tell the difference between the larger signature of a car and the smaller profile of a concern. it can keep it on longer so that the bicyclist can get out of the intersection instead of being a sitting duck. it cuts down on red light running and the same is basically to keep bicyclists safer. the city started testing this at this intersection back in january. the trial went so well
5:38 am
transportation engineers here decided to install at six other intersections. if this second phase goes well it's possible to become standard for most if not all of the intersections. each unit runs 4,000 to $5,000. the herald reporting that the test went so well that other cities that are also interested in acquiring just to see how it went here. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> welcome back from vacation, too. good to see you. he came back to pretty nice weather. check in with rob with a look at the forecast for today. >> the forecast looking pretty good. pleasanton may be one of the warmer spots. a nice day for a bike ride once we lose the low clouds. we're in the 50s and 60s now and yes, the wind blowing through fairfield. the marine air reaching almost to stockton and sacramento so
5:39 am
the bay area temperatures are going to run mild. good for air quality, exercising or cycling. nothing but green on the board so this is as good as it gets for air quality during the summer months. to the east we have some opportunities for thunder later on today south lake tahoe. all of the huge thunderstorms we saw over weekend which flared up across southern california and the sierra, more of that moving further off to the east. around the bay area, the first day of august, not going to give up to august-like expectations. talking mid 80s. that's the hottest around the bay area. upper 70s to near 80. if you like today, i think you'll like the seven-day forecast. not much change. a little warmer toward the middle of the week, then cooling as the sea breeze kicks on for the weekend. how about that. free ocean air conditioning for everyone. that's great. >> we'll take free anything. looking to highway 4, that's free of major congestion so far for the next few minutes.
5:40 am
58, antioch and bay point. showing up over the next 20 minutes. the last few days really suffered. a smooth drive out of the altamont pass. 15 minute drive so a little build for that as well. volume. four-minute delay before train number one. minor delay. we're looking at the approach to the maze. no delays there. the upper deck construction cleared. then the lower deck to treasure island that will clear up. no major slowing because of that as well. the giants playing tonight. keep that in mind if you want to get home out of the area, plan on slowing as is tradition around gametime or just before. we're looking at a live shot. then a's on the other side. they aren't playing today but we give them equal time. actually the volume picking up as well.
5:41 am
you see more life heading south. a little glow. a dirty lens. >> dirty lens and smell of garlic? anybody go to the festival? >> i think we smelled it. >> you know what, the festival almost came to a halt. we've got all of the details here right now. the garlic festival almost ran out of calimari. >> no. >> i know. the festival president tells the gilroy president they almost had panic levels on sunday. by 11:00 there was no calimari. >> well, listen to this. before that 1,000 pounds of calimari found twine warehouses. wonder how long they were in there. >> the good thing, no one went home hungry. >> that's good. what were you planning before? >> four hours. >> kri sis av
5:42 am
exactly. acy. 5:41 now.
5:43 am
there it is. the "mystery spot". not a mammal in this household is willing to lay claim to its origin. we may never know. let that sink in, people. we may never know. but now? now is not the timr blame. now is the time for action. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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>> in washington this morning, the news everyone's been waiting to hear, it's a deal. but, it's not a done deal yet. the white house and congressional leaders must now convince their colleagues to vote for debt ceiling plan. tracie potts joins us live from washington with the latest on the possible vote today. what are you hearing so far this morning? >> well, what we're hearing is that the most important part of the day, the morning, are the caucus immediameetings. these are important because the democratic and the republican leaders who worked out this deal with the white house have to go back and sit down with their respective caucuses, rank and file members and say these are the details, this is why we think you should vote for it. in some cases they face an
5:45 am
uphill battle. they are looking at nearly $1 trillion in cuts that would allow us to immediately raise the debt ceiling that much more. a panel of democrats an republicans in the fall to recommend a 1.5 trillion in cuts. some of the bigger issues that they were unable to agree on now. if they can't come up with something, if congress doesn't pass it, automatic cuts would go into place and they made it difficult for congress to change this deal. that's where we are. we're looking at votes today, possibly as late as tomorrow. but they are trying to beat this midnight deadline. for more on what the effects would be locally, we're talking about federal dollars that flow into california and local departments there. let's go live to marla tellez, she's going to tell us more about the local effect. >> reporter: good morning. thank you for that. i'm going to speak to reaction, i hung up the phone with senator barbara boxer's office.
5:46 am
as soon as president obama signals a deal could be reached soon, senator boxer released this statement in favor of the deal saying quote, this agreement would help us to avoid a catastrophic default and keep republicans from holding the full faith and credit of the united states hostage. in that regard it seems she's right as far as the stock market is concerned, u.s. stock futures are up this morning. the dow futures up almost 1.5% and major stock indexes in asia and europe are up sharply. here's where state lawmakers are concerned, worried that cuts to federal aid that could affect meals on wheels and the big one, medical, which is california's version of medicaid. the new deal could lead states to trim spending to such programs. perhaps this is partly right. nancy pelosi is not sold on the deal yet.
5:47 am
>> we'll all have to take a lookment we may not all support it. >> they have to calculate not only what the best policy is for the country but also the chance for survival. >> reporter: the talk about how the deal could hurt cash strapped states, at this point it's only speculation as the deal is not done. that's why we're staying on top of this. tracy alluded to, mitch mcconnell and harry reid, they are going to present the deal to their caucuses at 11:00 eastern time so that happens at 8:00 this morning. a vote is expected after that. >> we're closely watching this. thank you. 5:47 now. we're also watching the skies. at least rob mayeda is in. >> pretty nice start except if you want sunshine you probably want to head inland. a lot of low clouds hanging on to the coast. 50s and 60s outside and of course the sea breeze is going
5:48 am
to keep our temperatures pretty mild as we head to the afternoon. 56 san francisco. livermore 57. we do have lots of low clouds this morning that have pushed inland. you'll find them over the altamont pass. the winds southwest at 23 and we like wind. a check of the air quality forecast. thanks for the sea breeze, things are pretty good, nothing close to a spare the air day as winds keep things stirred up. we have the giants taking on the diamondbacks back in town. we'll see temperatures a whopping 40 degrees cooler than what they see in phoenix. so let's see how the diamondbacks do with our weather. you can see we've got thundershowers leaving the sierra, we had a wild weekend but as the moisture continues to push to the east i think we'll see less in terms of thundershowers across the sierra. the bay area, lots of low clouds, by afternoon we'll see
5:49 am
70s inland but not hot for this time of year. only seeing low to mid 80s. upper 70s near san jose. seven-day forecast, warmed up for the middle part of the week. we cool down approaching the weekend ahead. >> thank you very much. it's 5:49 now. this month expect more lights and sirens along the bay bridge. the chp will be out to make sure you stay within the speed limit. sensors built into the bridge show cars typically drive about 10 miles an hour over the speed limit. that's usually during off-peak hours. it's dangerous especially because of all of the construction on the bridge. expect more patrol cars on the bridge throughout the month. work will begin to cover the crater left after the san bruno explosion. pg&e will cement off the underground pipes, then fix other nearby lines.
5:50 am
then the 72-foot long, 26-foot wide crater will be covered. starting next week. as you may remember an underground natural gas pipe blew up in september, killing eight and destroying 38 homes. it's 5:50. it's a bird, it's a plane, actually it's bob in a plane. the new horizons he's exploring. >> coming up the unlimited plan becomes limited. what's going on? we'll talk about it in tech today. >> slowing because traffic is a little limited southbound 101 through san rafael because of overnight construction. i have a closure off 101 in the south bay. the latest and the alternates i can suggest for you.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
>> welcome back everyone. new this morning, oh, yes, a live look outside from the south bay. blue skies, nice temperatures in the works. first day of august. can you believe it already. where is the year going. where's the traffic going as well? >> it's right here, laura. right here. that's where everybody's hanging out. less than 20 minutes since the last check and there, circled the zone, we see a big slowing below 20 miles per hour from a to love ridge. 62 down a bit. that's the legal limit but it was about 65, 68 at times through bay point so we may see the early slowing again through walnut creek. watch for that. the south bay a smooth drive. a blip at 101. 87 also northbound so. we'll watch for downtown slowing over the next half hour. this incident on the southbound side of 101 continues to have the closure for the matilda
5:54 am
avenue off ramp. that has been closed because of an accident. a big rig off the freeway. the freeway is fine. matilda avenue closed tor at least an hour. photographer showing us a lot of activity for the cleanup and this portion of matilda, it's closed in that direction as you head away from the freeway on north matilda avenue. we'll follow that. so far light volume on this surface street. the travel into the city, keep in mind we have lower deck construction, you see the flashing lights that continues for about another 15 to 20 minutes. you'll want to lower your speeds. more patrols. you lower the speed, but now someone's going to call you on it. laura said, as laura says, we do. >> if i can convince my kids of that. 5:54. your unlimited data plan has
5:55 am
limits. scott, i don't think at&t understands what un means. >> they understand that unlimited data is killing them. at&t has done away with unlimited data plans for new subscribers. and friday it said it would start slowing the connections of the top 5% of users who use the most data. they call that throttling. you'll get a warning from at&t before it takes the word un out of your unlimited plan. we're talking a lot about the budget deal. don't let this fact get lost. the latest numbers on the u.s. economy show the gdp, everything you and i produce, grew less than a half percent, that's a breath away from recession. what propped up the economy so far, government spending. what's going away? government spending. >> no it's not. >> you'll see. >> remember i showed you pictures of a fake apple store in china? what does this remind you of? >> that looks like ikea.
5:56 am
>> it's not technically a fake ikea store. in the same town -- all of those -- it's from swedish chinese. in the same town where they found those apple stores they have found this ikea store or sort of. we can't call it fake. it's called furniture 11. it happens to be a furniture store with blue and white logos. >> interesting. wow. so i guess the watch will continue. >> what would be next? i'm not sure. >> 5:56. when you're trying to quench that need for speed you esper head to the roller coaster or push the needle fast legal limit. not our own bob redell. look at this. up to 9 fouz feet in a fighter jet over travis air force base.
5:57 am
nowhere near control. it's bob redell. some of our military's best united states air force thunderbirds. look at that. they performed this weekend at the air power expo over fairfield. >> when you're on a regular airplane and you're doing the conversation of what you do for a living, and someone doesn't know you. what do they say? >> i try to talk about them because a lot of people are wow, amazing but the funny thing it's not that amazing. anybody can do it. especially for little kids. if this is is something they want to do, work hard and set their goals. >> we're going to hear more and find out how did he progress. looks pretty good. we'll have the full report from bob tomorrow morning.
5:58 am
int webag ghrit back. ♪
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