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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 2, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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after jaycee dugard was kidnapped by the garridos. you'll hear after the video a police investigator get an cc1:sion from nancy garrido as to just how many times she and her husband had done something just like this. >> that's it. can you go all the way down? >> yes. >> let me see. i bet you can go down really easy, huh? >> yeah, like that is easy. >> let me see you do it. >> that light is on. >> oh, i don't know anything about that camera. >> you know, we talking less than 20, more than 20? >> it's got to be less than 20. >> somewhere between 10 and 20? >> maybe. >> reporter: now these videos were released in conjunction with a 162-page report by the district attorney. vern pearson says there is a lot of blame to go around for letting the dugard kidnapping go on for 18 years, but he reserves particular scorn for how much the prison and parole system relies on psychiatric
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evaluations of philipfill ill g to determine just how ill he was. they plan to lobby the state legislatures to change a law that forces parole boards to ignore the severity of a crime and only focus on a criminal's behavior in prison when making their decisions. raj? >> thank you. with the sluggish economy and dwindling police departments, this isn't really a big surprise. crime is up almost everywhere in the bay area. even skyrocketing in some parts of the bay area. it's been a deadly start to this year. some alarming figures to digest. through the end of july there have been 71 homicides in oakland and more than 300 reported shootings. oakland had 94 homicides in 2010. san jose has already passed last year's total of 20 homicides, and in san francisco, 29 people were killed. and there were 50 homicides in the city last year. with that in mind, thousands of people across the bay area are taking to the streets to take back their neighborhoods. >> national night out means more than just a block party and a
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barbecue. it's designed to unite communities and make the streets a little bit safer. jodi hernandez cc joins us from west oakland. hard to believe it started 28 years ago. is it working? are there any tangible results here? >> reporter: raj, people out here will tell you yes. they say since they've banded together several years ago, they have stopped a number of crimes from taking place. now though the national night parties don't officially begin for another hour, many people up the eady litcc1: barbecue, as you can see. i'll tell you, there will be a lot of sharing going on out here tonight, all in the name of neighborhood safety. >> let's get those coals going. >> okay. good. i'm going to have all the lemonade. >> reporter: angela livermore anet williams-cain are gearing up for their annual west oakland block party. it's become one of the most well attended in town and has made the street much safer. >> now that i know all of my
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neighbors, i -- i feel more secure. i know that people are watching out for me. know if i'm pulling in the driveway with my kids i can say, hey, ben -- >> reporter: getting to know who lives nearby is what people all across the bay area will be doing tonight at national night out gatherings. organizers say knowing your neighbors is key to combating crime. cc1: we know what our neighbors' patterns are and what their lives are like and they know what our lives are like, we're more able to lend a helping hand. and if we know how to access city services, we're more likely to pick up the phone and call when we should. >> reporter: banding together has never been more important for folks in oakland. so far 71 people have been killed this year. >> i'd be scared. my mom's scared. everyone's scared. the kids scared. >> reporter: tiffany riley's scared but determined to fight back. she picked up ice cream for her east oakland block party today. on the heels of losing lifelong friend, mother of four rose mcfadden, just yesterday in
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nearby richmond. >> that important that i want everyone to know that violence is not the answer. >> reporter: we are back here live in west oakland where you can see the chicken is already on the barbecue. again, the event doesn't officially get underway until 6:00. that's when the streets will be shut down and the real parties will begin. now oakland will host a record 559 gatherings this year, that's 100 more than last year. folks who live out history are really hoping they make a difference. in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. in other news tonight, antioch police are looking for the gunman who held up a barber shop yesterday and ordered a teenager to be his getaway driver. investigators say the teenager who did odd jobs at the barber shop walked in on the gunman who then ordered the boy to drive the barber's truck. that prompted an amber alert which was canceled after midnight when the teen and the truck were found a couple of miles away. barbara alhomes was relieved when the boy and his mother came
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by the shop today, but police whisked him away to help develop a police sketch. >> he was a kid that i've been helping out and being a big brother to. he would come around, and he would sweep the shop for us and run errands for us. you know, periodically. that's how he did business with us. >> reporter: alhomes is too shaken to appear on camera and is waiting for his truck to be returned by police. he adds his next step will be to improve security at his store. it has been an anxious and controversial two years for two u.c. berkeley grads who remain imprisoned in iran. they're waiting for a verdict. today, an iranian government spokesman said they will not tolerate any political pressure. the lawyer for shane bauer and josh fatal said the court will announce the verdict in a week. that dashes hopes for their immediate release after sunday's final hearing. the two deny the espionage charges and say they were only hiking in a scenic and largely peaceful area of northern iraq and did not knowingly cross into iran. the third hiker, sarah shourd,
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was released on humanitarian grounds. president obama wasted no time sieng the debt limit an hour after congress passed it. president obama says there must be changes to the tax code calling for the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share. he scolded lawmakers for pushing the country to the brink of financial chaos. >> it shouldn't take the risk of default, the risk of economic catastrophe to get folks in this town to work together and do their jobs. >> future cuts will be recommended by a special commission this fall. they are likely to come from so-called mandatory programs like federal retirement benefits, medicare, medicaid, and farm subsidies. [ applause ] despite the thunderous applause that greeted representative gabby giffords' dramatic return to the house floor last night, her spokesman said today she hasn't decided whether to return for
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re-election next year. following her vote on the debt ceiling bill, giffords met with her washington staff and will return to houston tonight for treatment. she's still undergoing outpatient therapy and focusing on her physical and mental recovery from the january assassination attempt that critically wounded her and killed six others. now that we have that debt deal in place, there's a lot of school of thought here that's out there that the stock market would now issue. the wrong school of thought today. >> business and tech reporter scott budman is here with more. i was thinking about this on the drive down -- should i invest in stocks or not too fast? >> if you didn't this morning -- you know, there was some optimism that if we had a deal it would clear out a little of the fog that we had been under when it comes to the stock market. the last couple of weeks have seen the market go down. problem is while we wanted to see a deal and no one wants to see other people making money more than we up on the set, it is nice that we have at least temporarily a deal in place. that said, when we did clear the fog, all we did was see better
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the kind of trouble that we're in on wall street and in our country. we have seen a very slow, practically stagnant economy. investors don't want to say that, they want to see growth. today we got the news that consumer spending dropped. that means fewer people are confident to shop, that hurts the economy. 12,000 on the dow. the broad s&p index down for the entire year. is there any silver lining here? that comes from the bay area. and tonight at 6:00, we'll tell you how washington came to silicon eyll today to ask us how we create so many jobs. janelle and raj? >> very interesting. thank you, scott. so many dimensions to the story. at 5:30 now, brian williams continues our coverage on the debt ceiling deal, and the impact it has on the 2012 presidential election. nightly news in about 20 minutes from now. the clock is winding down. hundreds of parents in the bay area are scrambling to get their kids vaccinated against whooping cough to comply with a new state law. >> scrambling because school starts in the next couple of weeks.
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today they brought out some heavy hitters. the state schools chief and one of the bearded giants. >> wonder who that is. >> nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us from the newsroom. i suppose it's fear the beard in a different sort of way, right? >> reporter: you can look at it that way. pediatricians getting lots of calls for last-minute appointments. that's no surprise. in the san jose school district alone, 3,000 students still need to get their whooping cough booster shot. and school starts august 15. [ coughing ] >> reporter: whooping cough is highly contagious and not something you want to share with the rest of your family, which is why many students are rolling up their sleeves and getting vaccinated again. >> when a student last got their whooping cough was likely around their 5th birthday. and the immunities from that vaccination has warn off. >> reporter: a new state law requires students entering grades 7 through 12 get a whooping cough booster in order to attend school this fall. dozens of students in the san jose unified school district turned in their proof today.
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that's important since bay area kids are already getting infected. >> whooping cough is spreading rapidly. we've had an outbreak recently. at san jose unified in january, february, we were seeing whopping cough at -- whooping cough at about one a week in the district where we have confirmed cases. >> reporter: today state schools chief tom torlakson encouraged parents to get students vaccinated. >> for the health of the students of california, please, all of us, reach out to friends, to family, to anybody we're connected with at work, at church, in our service clubs, let them know about this. >> reporter: giants pitcher and father sergio romo also encouraged parents to protect their kids. >> it's one of those things where we really, really need to stick together, come detective as a unit, as a team, like i do on the ball field. and let's get it done. this is -- this is no joke. >> reporter: you can check with your county health department to find out about upcoming free vaccination clinic. tomorrow from 4:00 to 7:00, students in the san jose school
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district grades 7 through 12 can come down to the district office and re-- and receive a free vaccination. doctors say it may be a hassle now, but the booster can protect your family in the future. here's where it gets tricky -- legislators approved a 30-day extension of the state law meaning students can show proof of the vaccine within 30 days after their first day of school. however, it's up to each district to decide whether to allow the 30-day extension, and some are not. they're still requiring students to have proof by the first day of school. be sure to check with your district to find out the exact deadline for your child. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, breast-feeding seems to breed controversy. tonight, there's new information it what hospitals aren't doing to help new moms master the craft. hold on. we're flying with the thunderbirds. bob riddell straps it in and
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tries flying with the air force. hopefully his stomach stays intact. the man who splattered a pie in the face of media mogul rupert murdoch learns his punishment next. good afternoon, i'mod chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. did you feel it today? yes, a little bit of warmth in the east bay with 89 in livermore, 87 in concord. still cool in san mateo with 69. we'll talk all about the fog coming back tonight. and yes, iven a cooling seven-day forecast, and we're well into august. that's coming up.
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it's an issue that faces new
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families. breast-feeding for new mothers doesn't always come naturally. and u.s. hospitals could be doing more to help them. >> that's according to a new report from the centers for disease control. cdc experts say breast-feeding has been shown to reduce the likelihood of childhood obesito, ear infections, and diabetes. the cdc says less than 4% of hospitals take all available steps to encourage nursing. the steps include allowing newborns to room with their mothers, following one moms after they leave the hospital, offering referrals to lactation specialists, and providing formula only when medically necessary. it's a hot-button topic that has been a constant debate among parents. do you or don't you let the kids climb into your bed? for years, parents were told that sharing the bed was a no-no. a new study from a group of researchers suggests the practice may not have any negative long-term effects. >> many other countries have been doing this for years, particularly in asia and africa. all of a sudden it's hit, the
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last 20 years in particular, our own country slowly. >> parents do need to be warned, though, that allowing infants to sleep in adult beds is dangerous because of sudden infant death syndrome. here it is, a pie in the face gets you six weeks in jail. the man who threw a plate of foam at media mogul rupert murdoch was sentenced today. jonathan may bowles pleaded guilty to assault. the 26-year-old british comedian hurled that foam pie at murdoch's face during his testimony before parliament. here's the incident a couple weeks ago. it was during the british phone hacking scandal. it was an alarming scene really, and the wife of the 80-year-old pink, the1:ssed incc left part of the screen, sprang into action, leaping to the aid of her husband. >> uh-huh. there's something in our newsroom -- not something, there's someone in our newsroom who flies faster and higher than anyone else. literally speaking. let's hope he kept his stomach intact. do we know the answer to that? >> yes, our own bob redell --yon ro, we'll find out.
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we'll find out. he was invited to fly with the thunderbirds in solano county, the best of the best. hang on for a wild ride. >> what do you tell people before they get into an f-16 or sit in the back seat? >> hold on. >> and don't throw up. >> permission to scream like a little girl. ahhhhh. we're upside down, right? >> slide your legs in. >> we climbed into the back seat while captain chris tin hubbard, call sign mother, took the stick of the fighter. one used by the u.s. air force thunderbirds flight demonstration team. >> one of the most maneuverable fighters that the u.s. military has. you ready to take off? >> i'm ready to rock and roll.c: >> next thing you know, we're screaming at 500 miles per hour. >> deep breath -- [ inaudible ] >> woohoo! >> look back. >> oh, my gosh. >> go ahead and tighten your life belt as tight as you can get it, until you feel comfortable. >> i feel comfortable.
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>> okay, hold on. a little bit of a push and -- >> whoa! >> hands -- and roll it. >> whoa! that's a good seat belt. >> it is a good seat belt. >> today's mission -- pull nine gs without passing out. the key is to keep the blood from draining from your brain. a g suit helps by squeezing the legs -- >> keep breathing. >> so do special breathing and muscle techniques. >> you ready to do this? >> i'm ready. >> take a deep breath. squeeze your lower body. >> squeezing. gosh. [ inaudible ] >> are you all right? >> yeah. >> good. >> can i try it now? you want to give me the stick? >> not if you started going gray. >> man, i won't be able to wear a speedo after this with all the butt squeezing i've been doing. thing, dn't need thiscc1: this plastic bag. >> i know.
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yeah, buddy. >> all i can say is i'm glad you're on our side. >> that's right. >> thank you. the air force is very, very capable. the capability of the airplane, it's for a combat purpose. it's to continue to allow you and i to stand here on this tar manning and -- tarmac and talk about freedom and do what it is we desire and let our kids grow up and do whatever they dream to do, too. it's pretty cool. >> reporter: bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank goodness for the pilot. she was so calming, supportive. got him through it. >> for the record, bob said he was screaming like a little girl. he was screaming like a little boy. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. you love all that stuff, right? >> yeah. i'm still dizzy after watching that. that's a tough assignment. i loved when he asked if he was upside down or not. couldn't tell when he was spinning around. it was windy outside. anyone flying out of oakland or the san francisco national face wind1: couldcc delays across the tarmac. 71 degrees now at oakland. winds northwest at 16 miles per
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hour. has been gusting in the low 20s. definitely a fire wind here in and throughout the bay area with how dry, of course, it is this time of year. winds northwest at 22 miles per hour in san francisco. and currently 67 as we look across the bay bridge. we are currently dealing with fog-free conditions this northwesterly wind across most of the bay area. we've seen the winds cranking the most in the east bay. and that's where temperatures have popped up the most today with some warming in the east bay, 86 at livermore, 87 in concord. 9 in fairfield, and cooling across the peninsula. right down into san jose with currently a mix of 60s and 70s. tonight we'll find the fog mainly at the coastline. then as we head throughout wednesday, it's going to stay warm with wind in the hills, 10 to 20 miles per hour. it's still going to be trending mild here. we had this cooler flow here well up into the northwest, and it's just close enough that it's allowing us to not get any hot weather. it will stay warm for wednesday with 80s inland and more below average temperatures as we slide right into thursday. we're going to call it mild here
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for august. let's look at tonight. the fog comes back here to our coastal areas. but it will be just that. mainly at the coast. the fog and also patchy fog in the north bay. then of course by tomorrow afternoon, we're going to see this burn off yet again and have a lot of sunshine from san francisco right down to santa cruz. and this cooler than average air with us as we head throughout our wednesday forecast. 58 in san jose. 56 in fremont. 54 in san rafael. and for wednesday, 86 in santa teresa. 85 in san jose. los gatos, 84. 86 in dublin, and 88 in livermore. so yeah, sure, numbers are getting closer to averages. but don't let it fool you. coming up here in a few seconds, on my seven-day forecast, temperatures are going to drop again this week. 84 napa, 85 in kentfield, and up into santa rosa, 84, as well. more any time on the weather channel on cable and what you'll find on our seven-day forecast is temperatures in the 70s inland by thursday. 60s at the coast. then we'll go up a little more as we head throughout the
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upcoming weekend. i don't know what's going on since janelle -- since you got here, it's been 80s all the way. >> that's what she wanted. >> i know. >> i'm bringing sunshine. >> tinkering with my computer back there. >> are you saying she's a diva or just getting everything -- >> no. >> warm and fuzzy, bringing light to everybody. >> thanks. when we come back, a popular drink that you may enjoy might soon be off the shelves. >>beer. a onewbe. a new bill would ban a certain type of beer labeled too dangerous.
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they're pulling a certain type of beer off the shelves. the beer with caffeine won't be around anymore. uh-huh. governor brown signed a bill banning the beer because of health risks. california's the seventh state to ban caffeinated beer. many young people were hospitalized after drinking the alcohol milked with caffeine. the fda sent a letter to four
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major alcohol companies including the makers of four loco to stop producing the drinks with caffeine as a separate ingredient. the added caffeine masks the high alcohol content which can lead to binge drinking. believe it or not, it's back to school time. >> andanou yp h celome needy kids back to school in style. that's coming up.
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do you think your back-to-school shopping list is long? >> the bay area charity family giving tree is working to fill 18,000 backpacks with school supplies. volunteers are starting or sorting donated backpacks collected from bay area businesses and pete's coffee houses making sure schoolchildren have the right supplies. what they don't get donated in supplies they buy using contributions they get on line
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at the family $30 will help a student at some of the bay area's poorest schools. the family giving tree is also -- their goal is 18,000 backpacks. they're a bit shy, so go to >> a great organization. thank you very much.
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