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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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i'm christie smith live in antioch where there's been a dramatic turn of events in a robbery and kidnapping that led to a statewide amber alert. turns out the teen involve has been arrested. i'll explain coming up in a live report. can you go all the way down? >> yes. >> let me see. >> they lured other girls in their van. why they did it, and the system that let them do it again and again. a college athlete arrested
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over saggy pants. 40,000 people say that's not good enough. we'll tell you what they plan to do about it today. you're looking at a live picture of the bay. it's wednesday, august 3rd, on "today in the bay." well, good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. let's get right to the medal. >> good morning. you did see the bay bridge or most of it, low clouds across the bay. 53 and temperatures like yesterday starting off mainly in the 50s around breakfast time. lunchtime in the 70s inland. but today we should see temperatures, probably the warmest this week, low 90s livermore, 67 in san francisco and 73 in oakland. in the north bay, though, we have to watch out for patchy fog for the morning commute. for a look at that, here is mike. >> an accident off 80, the latest update is a good one. accident car went off 80 freeway
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into a tree on the side of the road. it's been called off, no major injuries just property damage as you head south towards union city. i'll give awe better look at the rest of the commute including a big accident in the north bay coming up. mike, this morning a teenager boy who claimed he was the victim of an armed robbery is now the one behind bar. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in antioch. christie, the boy admitted to being in on the crime? >> reporter: yeah, you know, that's what they are saying, after he said he didn't want to talk to them after he popped up. we spoke with the barbershop owner before the arrest and he was really shaken up. at that point he didn't want to believe that the 16-year-old that worked here part time and that he helped out could possibly be involved in this. well, now it looks like the teen has admitted involvement in the robbery at al's barber shop here in antioch and apparent staged kidnapping. that according to police.
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hassan ford was the subject of a statewide amber alert monday after a man walked into the barber shop on west 18th with a sawed off shotgun and robbed the owner. when ford walked in, apparently he had been on an errand, the gunman ordered him into the barber shop owner's car. the next day the teen called family and friends and said that he had been freed. that according to police. last night, though, police say they served a search warrant on an apartment on lone tree way in antioch and arrest add 23-year-old man also believed to be the gunman involved. they say the search of a van on that property also turned up a shotgun they believe was used in the probe and also property they believe that was taken in the robbery as well. that's the latest from here, reporting live in antioch, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> christie, thank you. this morning never before seen video showing one of jaycee dugard's kidnappers luring a
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girl into a van and videotaping them stretching and posing. >> show me your split. let me see you now. can you go all the way down? >> yes. >> let me see. >> this video is intentionally blurred. the voice you hear is nancy garrido coaching a 5-year-old girl to do the splits in the back of her van. the girl in the video is not dugard. prosecutors say the video was taken in may 1993, two years after dugard was kidnapped. in an interrogation nancy garrido admitted she filmed the girls she said for the satisfaction of her husband, the convicted rapist, philip gua garrido. the district attorney says it shows how flawed the parole system is. >> repeatedly when he was released from custody after being convicted, he was able to manipulate psychologists and psychiatrists to basically do his bidding and recommend early releases on his behalf.
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>> the district attorney will release new information at the state capital. we'll have that for you later as well. this morning san mateo looking for a man who trailed a woman and her 2-year-old niece. the woman said she was pushing her niece in a stroller when a middle aged man jumped out of his car and exposed himself. the woman said she had seen the man following her earlier in the day. police are still looking for the man and the car he was driving, a four-door dark blue or possibly green 1990s model ford sedan. a fremont man injured while helping police investigate a burglary will get more than a million dollars to settle his lawsuit. 30-year-old man said he fractured his skull back in 2008. an officer had asked to help her find out if a thief had gotten into a pet store where he worked
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through a ventilator shaft. he got up on the roof and fell through a skylight. he'll get money from the shopping center. protesters demanding an apology from an airline that kicked a college student off a flight after wearing saggy pants on the plane. today the san francisco chapter of the naacp and other activists will deliver a petition with 40,000 signatures to the us airways ticket counter at sfo. in june a flight crew asked 20-year-old desean marman to pull up his pants before walking down the aisle of the airplane. marman refused saying he would do so when he got to his seat then argued with the pilot over the pants. he was kicked off the plane. in the process a police officer was injured. no criminal charges will be filed but his lawyers say he plans to sue the airline for racial discrimination. well, it's a done deal.
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the country no longer in eminent danger of default but the deal will have a major impact on programs and services in california. the plan calls for more lawmakers to cut federal spending by more than $2 trillion over 10 years. that means some state programs are at risk including nutritional programs, federal funding for high-speed rail, clean drinking programs as well. these are, i believe, the cuts you're seeing. keep in mind, no cuts have been laid out just yet. congress will decide on the first round of cuts in the coming months. health alert. ground turkey blamed for a salmonella outbreak has killed one person in sacramento and others nationwide. since march 26 sick after eating turkey products, san diego, riverside. so far federal inspectors have
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not been able to track down the source of the outbreak or what brands are affected so no official recall. >> what is actually helping us is the strain of salmonella is an unusual one and that helps us a little in our detective work trying to trace it back. >> doctors say you should use a meat thermometers to make sure you're cooking turkey to an internal temperature of 165 fahrenheit. christina has the week off so rob is in. >> reporter: look out in the north bay, we do have patchy fog that could slow your commute. mike is keeping an eye on that. 56 san francisco with low clouds around the bay bridge and golden gate bridge this morning. enoakland at 56 degrees, mostly 50s across the board this morning. not quite as cold as we've got low clouds in gilroy, napa and santa rosa, sea breeze in solano county. we will see temperatures warming up a little more in pleasant on
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o, livermore. not much change for san francisco. highs again upper 60s. 73 in oakland, 82 santa rosa, 76 for santa cruz. as we head to the north bay, low 80s around pet lumm, a and 93 for sacramento. today probably the warmest day we'll see for the rest of the workweek. the sea breeze will turn stronger tomorrow which means cooler temperatures as we approach the upcoming weekend. >> first of all look at the maze, approach to san francisco. that's looking nice. giants playing 12:45, midday game so expect noontime traffic in the city also volume over the bay bridge. that's a main commute spot. i'll take you way north, slowing in san rafael for construction. a sig alert and full closure that started last night at 8:15, an accident involving a tanker truck. someone died in the accident, also a fuel spill that has to be cleaned up. chp gave us an update. they are looking at noon until
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this will clear up, 128 between 101 and cloverdale boulevard. that is an issue way north further north than healdsburg. golden gate bridge in the city, lower clouds but fog not on the deck yet. can you see lights across, light volume from marin county to the city. in the city from the east bay a smooth drive, a few headlights heading into the city. no delays, clouds touching the tops of the towers and flashing lights on the bottom. scott, we have a construction zone traditional san francisco to treasure island slower speeds through the curve, more chp watching speeds as well. >> thank you, mike. a food fight brewing over a taco truck parked on the east side. the truck sits on the front of the home on march street offers $1 tacos, which as you can imagine attracts plenty of people. the truck popped up. some neighbors say an eyesore,
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others say okay as long as the truck's operator follows the law. >> people don't need problems. if they are within the law, let them exist. you know, people should find better things to do with their time than complain about other people. >> the operator of the truck says he has a permit, a business license, and presumably permission from the homeowner as well. today he'll meet with code enforcement investigators to see if he can keep that taco truck running. the future of the taco truck will be decided tomorrow. coming up, the new law kicking caffeine kick out of alcohol, plus a $400 lunch, perfect for people with a taste of adventure. tell you about the new location of "the french laundry." >> for traffic and wets w us out on facebook, nbc bay area news. you're looking at a live picture.
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welcome back to you as we take a live picture of 880, looks like some slower traffic expected at 4:44. we'll check in with mike. governor jerry brown signed a new law banning caffeinated beer because of health risks. the author of the bill says fruity drinks have high alcohol content but are aimed at young people and make it easy to drink too much. health experts say the caffeine
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masks the high alcohol content and that can lead to binge drinking. another bill signed into law, a little more beer positive, it's going to make it easier for breweries to have tasting rooms. small brewers will no longer have to follow expensive safety rules like the ones restaurants have to follow. wineries have been exempt from those rules since 1985. another airline offering refunds plus concerns over the sluggish start to the week on wall street. for more on that and news before the bell, it's nicole lapin live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> hey, concerns to put it lightly. i hope investors were listening to drinking stories, some may need it after yesterday. futures are higher this morning after yesterday's massive selloff, investors appear to be ignoring the end of the debt ceiling to focus on growing concerns about the u.s. economy. after getting a weak manufacturing report on monday, scott, you know this is where it started, we got data showing consumer spending was dropping,
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new worries about europe's debt crisis in italy and spain specifically. on that news asian markets fell overnight. europe a bit higher but flat. we do get data that could drive on credit sector hiring a precursor for friday's big jobs report. to recap dismal market action, the dow dropped 265 points, 11,80067 is where we closed. that is the eighth straight day for losses on the dow. the dow hasn't dropped nine days in a row since 1978, and the nasdaq tanked 75 points, 2669 is where we closed there basically giving back all of their gains for the year on the s&p 500. also making headlines this morning us airways is joining delta in offering passengers direct refunds for taxes they paid on tickets before the faa shut down july 23rd. the taxes can add $60 or more on a round-trip ticket, for example, most airlines raised their fares by the same amount,
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travelers are paying pretty much the same amount. that's all we have today. >> thank you very much, nicole. soon you can show how environmentally friendly you are. whale license plate getting revamped. here is the license plate we all know and here is the newly designed plate. the update is a result of a legal battle between the california coastal commission and the artist who designed the original plate. the artist donated the image for the original whale tail in 1967 but now wants a 20% cut of the sales. they changed it. the vanity plate raised $60 million for environmental projects across the state. if you want more information, don't google whale tail. >> in terms of the license plate issue there. temperatures in terms of the 50s this morning. still patchy fog in a few spots, especially across the north bay,
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look out for that for the morning drive from santa rosa. winds at 23 miles per hour. if you want to find warmer weather and you have vacation plans into mexico or baja, hurricane eugene, winds at 115 miles per hour moving away from the coast. shouldn't be much of an issue for baja and points southward. we don't have thunderstorms in the forecast finally around the sierra. high country around yosemite looking good as action heads to the east. around the bay 63, san francisco 73 in oakland, 83 in san jose today. for the tri-valley places like pleasanton and livermore, probably the warmest day we're going to see over the next seven days as you see in the seven-day forecast. the sea breeze is going to kick in big time for tomorrow. we'll see temperatures dropping 5 to 10 degrees. a very cool first weekend of august ahead. scott. >> 4:48, enjoying french food about to get more expensive but served with a side of adventure. the chef is bringing bay area's top rated french laundry across
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the pond for a 10-day pop-up restaurant inside the famous harrods department store in london. they will serve a nine-course lunch and dinner for 250 pounds, about $400. the restaurant will pop up october 1st and you can book reservations starting september 1st. coming up a peaceful rally rocked by an explosion. what caused a fireball that sent a burn victim to the hospital. mallets versus rackets, bike polo scene going through growing pains in san francisco. why their plan to expand isn't getting love from the tennis crowd. a growth in traffic for highway 24, right now smooth through caldecott, green speeds mean go. show you yesterday and what we expect in today's commute. did you see bob redell's ride? go to facebook.
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it's 4:52 as we take a look at the production booth there. welcome back to you. a brentwood man recovering from second and third degree burns after an accident at national night out on belfour road tuesday night. a local restaurant sponsored an event, brought a mobile diner to cater food. the worker went to investigate a
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hissing noise and a 5 gallon propane tank exploded, it ignited the diesel. no other words of any other injuries. more than 30 million across the country participated in yesterday's 28th annual national night out. oakland held 560 parties that shattered last year's total. well, we have reporters in all areas of the bay area. a look at what they are working on. >> reporter: we're following up on the arrest of the antioch teenager the subject of an amber alert. christie smith will have that in a bit. san francisco mayor ed lee looking more and more like a candidate with another public appearance today. but who exactly is funding whose push for mayor? bob redell is looking into that. he'll be live from san francisco. scary side effects to funding mates. marla tellez on a project in
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palo alto this morning with more on the possible impact of you, the air traveler. we'll see you in a few minutes. thank you. a blue blooded sport with a blue-collar twist. over the last few years a growing number are mounting two-wheeled steeds, san francisco's growing bike polo team is outgrog the park. organizers have their sights set on a bigger spread. the city's park department is in the midst of a massive overhaul. bike polo advocates have hired a designer to draft plans for a new court. the group's idea could displace some of the tennis courts. the idea not getting much love from the tennis crowd. >> these courts are almost historic. you come out here saturday morning before 8:00 these courts are already full. you don't see that anywhere else, not even golden gate park.
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>> the parks department taking input on the park's plans. they are holding a thursday night meeting to hear the community's suggestions. mike, a sport that's been around hundreds of years displaced by bike polo. >> that segue polo. >> they do that in cupertino. it's geeky fun. >> it is geeky fun and more people have bikes than segues. see how that goes. looking over here, you don't want to go to this spot. 580 and 880 all right through oakland, in castro valley eastbound pinehurst road at redwood road a tree down. obviously the weather wouldn't be such that we look at severe conditions. there is a tree down so avoid eastbound hein hurst, a surface street. no issues for 680 or 580, 680 through dublin and out of the altamont pass, 40 minutes. a lighter volume. we saw good slowing through livermore. not good if you're in it but a fair amount of slowing for the
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tri-valley commute. back to you. >> power out in the willow area. no stoplights you can tell. >> not that i know of but i'll follow up and get the update before they head out the door. >> if they head out the door, the alarm is going off. rob joins with us a nice forecast. >> a pleasant forecast as we jump to the morning hours temperatures hanging on through the 50s through breakfast time, lunchtime temperatures in the 70s inland. still have the low clouds sticking around places west of the golden gate today, 60s on the coast, 80s in san jose, some low 90s around pleasanton and livermore, not too hot for august. temperatures this time tomorrow will be trending cooler as the sea breeze turns stronger. that looks like a mild start to the weekend ahead. scott. >> all right. thank you, much. coming up sales are down. sales tax could be going up in one bay area city. the infamous santa who wound up on the naughty lis at macy's found dead in his hotel room. for news, weather and traffic updates check us out on
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facebook. search nbc bay area morning news. "today in the bay" starts in two minutes.
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new this morning, the faa shutdown was supposed to give airline passengers a little break on airfare, but that's not doing to happen. good morning, i'm marla tellez. i'm going to explain why and what the airlines have to do with it coming up. good morning, i'm christie smith, live in antioch with a kidnapping and robbery has taken a dramatic turn. a teenager involved has now been arrested. we'll explain coming up in a live report. and dealing with the deficit by raising taxes. the city that will soon ask voters to up the sales tax rate. taking a live look outside, beautiful bay bridge


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